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The Impact of Performance-Related Pay on Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Sales Personnel in the Computer Industry with Recommendations to Improve

***** Practices: Research method and fieldwork of 99118/100067B)

The Impact ***** Performance-Related Pay on Motivation and Job ***** of Sales Personnel ***** the Computer Industry ***** Recommendations ***** Improve Management Practices


Over the years, there have been a wide variety ***** theories advanced by theorists to help explain why some people are motivated and satisfied in the workplace while others ***** not. Some theorists have suggested constructs such as company policy, supervision, ***** work*****g conditions as forming the b*****is for job satisfaction, other theorists have used a developmental approach that maintains people must satisfy one level of needs before moving onto the next, and yet ***** have elected to ***** employee motivation and job satisfaction in terms of how *****y are rewarded. Still other authorities suggest ***** people tend to respond best to having goals provided for them while ***** prefer to explain job satisfaction and employee ***** in terms ***** what is expected by people and how likely they view the outcomes they desire.

***** and Reason for Topic

While all of these theories provide some useful insights in***** what factors tend to motivate people and promote a sense of satisfaction ***** the workplace, many of ***** have been cited as lacking the robustness needed ***** develop a comprehensive view of employee motivation and ***** satisfaction in meaningful ways. Moreover, while pay and benefits continue to represent a fundament*****y important component ***** why ***** go to work in the first place, some reward techniques that appear to represent viable approaches to improving employee ***** may backfire unless carefully administered. In addition, there remains a fundamental need to ***** appropriate metrics ***** can be used ***** measure what needs to be measured, and these metrics should be linked with an org*****ization's strategic goals. The *****pic area s***** for the dissertation there*****e concerns employee motivation and job satisfaction and what impact incentive pay has on ***** areas. This topic was selected because studies have c*****firmed time and again that employee motivation ***** ***** satisfaction are directly related to an organisation's performance, productivity and profitability.

***** of Topic

In an increasingly competitive ***** globalized market*****, these are vitally important considerations for multinational corporations seeking to grow their business and in the current economic doldrums be*****g experienced by nations around the world, ***** considerations can actually mean ***** difference between surviving the current crunch or falling by the corporate wayside. Employee motivation and their degree of job satisfaction can have an enormous ***** on ***** organization's performance ***** profitability.

Scope and Main Content of Area

***** scope of the dissertation will be global with a specific focus on those geogr*****phic regions in which the organisation that forms the basis for the study operates manufacturing sites and sales offices as discussed fur*****r below.

Approach Taken for Dissertation

The dissertation uses an exploratory approach as defined below to accomplish the aims and objectives


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