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Instructional Design offers teachers a number of advantages and disadvantages. Instructional design can provide a framework and allow the coordination of assessment, objectives and teaching. However, instructional ***** can be limited by weak learning objectives, ***** potentially supersede real concerns over learning. Despite these *****, instructional design is a valuable teaching tool.

Instructional design can ***** defined as "***** the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of instruction. Instructional design models typically specify a method, that if followed will facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude to the recipient or acquirer ***** the instruction" (Wikipedia). While instructive, this definition does little to reveal the true nature of ********** design. A simpler definition may be of instructional design ***** "***** systematic process of translating general principles ***** learning and instruction in***** plans f***** instructional materials and learning" (McNeil).

Cognitive learning theory *****s the largest single in*****luence on instructi*****al design in today's educational environment (McGriff). Overall, cognitive theories have an emphasis on the learner, and focus on the cognitive processes and representations that occur within the learner (Smith and Ragan).

Instructional ***** has a num*****r of advantages, including providing a fr*****mework for creating learning plans, creating coordination between designers and *****, and *****s for the designer to coordinate objectives, activities and assessments. There are some limitations to instructional design, however, as when ***** goals ***** poorly defined or not defined at all. Further, it is imp*****tant not to confuse learning with building or designing through instructional design (Rieber).

Teachers can use ***** design to help define their curricula, from developing learning objectives, ***** creating *****, to defining assessments. *****s such, instructional design can help teachers create an organized, thorough instructional experience.

In conclusion, instructional ***** is a ***** ***** tool, despite a number ***** d**********dvantages. Overall, instructional design can be valuable in provid*****g a fr*****mework to help teachers ***** assessment, *****, and teaching strategies.


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