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International Business Environment

*****. Introduction

Today's micro and macroenvironments are developing at rapid paces, ***** which ***** sometimes difficult to keep up with. The modific*****ions in all socio-cultural, economic, technological or political backgrounds are affect*****g all features of the everyday life, forcing the individual to adapt along. Some ***** these modifications have made the life of the individual easier, whereas others ***** hardened it. Probably the most relevant examples in this instance are *****fered by the ***** field. Innovations such as steam vacuums or dish washers have improved ***** qual*****y of life, ***** personal computers and laptops (when used mainly for online communications and gaming) have damaged the relationship between parents and their offspring, further deepening the gap between generations.

The list of positive and negative modifications ***** ***** affected the individual and the society is endless, but what must be, however, remembered ***** that most of these modifications are generated by the forces of globalization. Ultimately then, one should discuss these ***** in light of the contemporaneous society. Great emphasis has yet been placed on the topics of globalizati***** and the specialized literature is filled with praises as well as disclaims. One way to address the issues of globalization is an analysis through the lens of a quote:

Globalisation and the result*****g increase in competition harm people, as international companies play one government against another to get the best deal possible. Meanwhile, governments continually ask for greater concessions from their citizens, demanding that they work harder and longer for less pay."

2. About Globalization

***** term globalization emerged during the 1980s ***** gained popularity *****out the 1990s, becoming a buzzword of the ***** society. A first ********** to define the term ***** "envisaged a situation in which in*****mation travelling at electronic speeds would replace language with instant non-verbal communication, creating an 'all-at-onceness.' [...] ***** globalized world is one of increasing **********, where ***** media enable ***** in d*****parate locations to experience events simultaneously" (Ray, 2007, p.1). Justin Ervin and Zachary Smith (2008) strive to ***** the concept of globalization from a broader perspective, ***** in their venture, employ the fact that ***** ***** is no longer isolated, ***** that he becomes affected by the "actions of distant others" (p.2).

Globalization101 website defines the ***** as "a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a ***** driven ***** ***** tr*****de and investment and aided by information technology. This process ***** effects on the environment, on culture, ***** ***** systems, on economic development ***** prosperity, and on human physical ********** in societies around ***** world."

***** conclude the findings in ***** specialised literature, ***** could be simply defined ***** a ***** in which inform*****tion ***** practices transcend the national boundaries and manage to affect individuals in various geographic locations. To better expla*****, ***** ***** information could belong to the ********** of sociology, culture, *****s, politics or ***** and ***** ***** ***** particular fields in ***** country.

The forces of globalization have generated numerous implications,


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