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***** problem of counterfeit drugs has reached epic proportions in nations throughout the world. Counterfeit drugs can lead to social health crises and a host ***** o*****r problems related to smuggling ***** crime. The purpose of this discussion is to analyze the mechanisms by which National Drug Regulatory Authorities in "Developing" Nations and "Developed" Nations Address Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Issues with emphasis on Regulatory Authorities in Nigeria and the United States. Let us beg***** our discussion by defining Counterfeit pharmaceuticals and the impact on ***** United States and Nigeria.

***** of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and the problems they cause in the ***** States ***** Nigeria

According to ***** Ameri***** Food and Drug administration (FDA) counterfeit drugs are defined as fake medicine that may be contaminated or contain the incorrect or no active ingredients (Consumer Education: Counterfeit Medicine). According ***** the World Health organization researchers have found an abund*****ce of ***** drugs throughout the globe. The most common counterfeit ***** were homemade counterfeits, mislabeled measurements and insufficient active ingredients. The World Health Organization reports that Counterfeit medicines are deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled medicines with respect to identity *****/***** source...Counterfeiting applies ***** both branded and generic products, ***** ranges from the illegal use ***** copyrighted commercial brands to manufacturing fake medicines. Counterfeiting is a far more pronounced problem in developing countries. National measures alone have not been proven adequate to combat this activity (Counterfeit *****s)."

According to Pisik (2002), the World ***** Organization has found that one in four of the doses of medicine consumed in developing ***** were substandard. ***** proportion of substandard drugs being ***** in developed countries is one in ten doses. In their f*****dings the World Health organization also noted a difference in ***** types ***** ***** that ***** be*****g counterfeited. For instance, in the developed countries the ***** of ***** being counterfeited were considered ***** be lifestyle drugs which include steroids, herbal remedies and hormones (Counterfeit Medicines). The damage done by such drugs ***** usually not lethal (Are You Sure Your Medicine Is Genuine? 2004). However, in developing countries the ***** that ***** counterfeited are used to treat serious diseases ***** as malaria ***** AIDS. The article fur*****r reports ***** "At best, the regular use of substandard or counterfeit medicines leads to therapeutic failure or drug resistance," the WHO said. "In many cases, it can lead ***** death (Pisik 2002)."

***** Un*****ed Nations reports that on the c*****tinent of Africa, the counterfeit ***** problem is rampant. The UN asserts that the abundance of ***** drugs in ***** is closely related to the AIDS epidemic and the high cost and limited availability of ***** life susta*****ing drugs ***** people desperately need. In an article entitled "Take a stand on drugs, African leaders told"

Antiretroviral drugs are prolonging the life ***** those infected ***** the virus in other parts of the world. In Africa the ***** of these drugs poses the greatest single challenge to individuals and health care systems. They are ***** only putting a barrier between rich and


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