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***** purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the book "The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson," by Mark Twain. Specifically, it will trace the different types of irony that Twain used in the book. What are they, and why did Twain use them? Twain's use of irony throughout Pudd'nhead Wilson vividly illustrates Twain's feelings on race, religi*****, and small town America, and helps bring his characters to life.


***** virtuous, and you will be eccentric." - Mark Twain

The story of Pudd'nhead Wilson seems simple enough at first glance. David "Pudd'nhead" ***** comes to the ***** town ***** Dawson's L*****ing to begin a career as an at*****rney, but ***** townspeople do not understand him, or ***** sense of hum*****, and they ostracize him. He does not get work ***** an attorney, and has to take odd jobs around town. He ***** an interest in fingerprinting, and studies that in his off time.

***** Land*****g is an idyllic town, "***** was a snug little collection of modest one-*****nd two-storey frame dwellings whose whitewashed exteriors were almost concealed from sight ***** climbing tangles ***** rose-vines, honeysuckles, and morning-glories" (Twain 5), except it ***** a town that allows slavery. Roxy is a sl*****ve woman who lives in *****, works for a prominent family, the Driscolls, and looks white. She gives birth to a child who is one-sixteenth black, ***** can pass for *****. She trades her ***** with her master's child, who was born on ***** same day. Her child is now called "Tom," and she raises her ***** son as a bl*****ck *****, ***** is now called "Chambers." She knows that ***** ***** ***** be raised as white, and have a better life than she could give *****.

***** central ********** of the book are evident ***** ***** start of the novel, ***** ***** are anything but *****. The action all takes place in this small town, where newcomers are not welcome.

***** ***** reader is first introduced to the world of Dawson's Landing, everything appears to be in order and everyone is carefully controlled: women are firmly deposited in their "sphere," Afri*****-Americans know their "place," ***** the upper cl*****s treats the lower strata of society with benign neglect (Skandera-Trombley).

Immediately we see ***** views on slavery, and ironies ***** still ex*****ted after the emancipation ***** slaves at the end of the Civil War. ***** wrote this book in the 1890s, when ***** had been outlawed for over thirty years. He set it in the 1830s, when ***** was ***** legal, to show that even though slaves were free, *****hing much had changed. Blacks were still treated as second-class citizens, not much differently than he portrays ********** in the novel.

Even though Tom is raised as a member ***** the Driscoll family with every advantage, he does ***** turn out well. ***** begins a ***** of robbing ho*****s to pay back gambling debts he owes. In another ironic twist, the gambling debt he *****, $200,


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