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Is Justice For All Possible?

The issue of euthanasia is complicated because it revolves around death, liberty, and justice. Many people believe that choosing to die is irrational ***** should not be allowed. However, by preventing the choice ***** euthanasia, society is also preventing an individual's right to li*****rty and justice. If people have the right to choose how they w*****h to live their lives, then it only seems to be logical that ***** ***** be able to choose how they end their life. Because this is not allowed ***** happen, justice cannot ***** had by all. This paper will examine ***** justice is being ignored when it comes to *****.

When discussing euthanasia, we must discern between voluntary and nonvoluntary *****. Voluntary euthanasia is generally associated w*****h persons who are terminally ill ***** wish to ***** their lives due ***** insufferable pain. Nonvoluntary ***** is associated with mercy killing without the consent of ***** person who ***** ill. In many cases, family members can step in and give consent for such a killing ***** the ill ***** is unable to do so *****mselves. ***** addition, active euthanasia is when the ill person is administered a leth*****l injection. On the o*****r h*****, passive eut*****anasia involves not giving an ***** person what they would need to survive. Passive euth*****asia is not seen as *****; however, active euthan*****ia is. After all, in a case of passive euthanasia, the *****ctor does ***** do anything to cause ***** patient ***** *****. Most advocates for euthanasia are fighting for physicians to assist terminally ill patients.

More importantly, we ***** put personal feelings aside and look at the issue from ***** standpoint of the law. Observed through ***** scope, we can certainly see how justice is being denied ***** those who w*****h to die. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, says:

***** state shall make or enforce any law *****ich ***** abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United ********** nor shall any state deprive any person of *****, liberty, or property, without due process ***** law; nor deny ***** ***** person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of ***** laws. (LOC 1996)

***** this measure, every grown citizen ***** have the right to decide what he or she does with his or her body. ***** does not exclude anyone according ***** ***** or her ***** of health ***** wellness. There will always be ***** who believe that individuals ***** make wrong decisions. *****, just because it is viewed as ***** or inc*****rect by a particular segment of society, those individuals are not prevented ***** making *****m. In ***** of euthanasia, liberty ***** a major issue. Therefore, wishes pertaining to liberty should be honored. In short, it is unconstitutional ***** deny these individuals the right to make a ***** reg*****rding their own situations. As a result, ***** are left ***** the mercy of others that may not operate on what that individual wants. Th***** also strips the ***** of their


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