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Letter of Complaint

***** Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to inform you of a problem with courses at IIT. I have paid $15,000 every year to attend IIT as a part time student and expect a very high quality education in return. For the most part, ***** has been the case. However, some of the classes have poor instructors ***** little in-depth subject knowledge and teaching experience.

***** particular, I don't feel that I learned much from the class taught by James Cameron. He didn't spend ***** ***** preparing class material; most ***** his lectures came directly from the NRC Web site. There weren't any handouts in the class. **********, Mr. Cameron gave us the NCR Web address and even referred ***** directly to the ***** for test questions. T***** was a problem bec*****use I had expected ***** learn more than NRC regulation.

The very premise of Mr. Cameron's class was violated through his *****s. For example, questions related to the ********** of regulation had little academic value. Most questions were subjective short essays that did ***** to test to the knowledge of the student. They were also mundane and irrelevant to practical experience when they should have been related ***** real-world problems. And, as mentioned earlier, test questions were repeated directly from their sources.

IIT is a high quality distance learning school, but this *****. Cameron's course was a total waste of time and money. I do not believe I should pay a lot of tuition for *****n instructor who ***** to ***** without proper preparation and who read material from NCR sources. In fact, it appeared that he didn't ***** any time outside of class preparing lessons. During class, he just ***** the PowerPoint slides, ********** without any attempt to explain them. He often appeared to be pondering what the slides meant. When asked questions, Mr. Cameron explained things **********. He ***** spent too time trying to figure out how to load PowerPoint files. Under *****se conditions, it's impossible to expect students to underst***** the lectures.

Consider the following chronological *****ts as evidence that I have received unfair treatment.

*****. 26-***** begin - Sept. 9. 2004-PHYS 573 class *****s

Dr. Howard did not send out an email in*****ming students ***** ***** Cameron was a new instructor who is teaching at the university level for the first time until *****ember 16, well after *****es began.

Nov. 05 - last day for official withdrawal

No student knew grading standards ***** this time

No homework had been graded at this time

The first mid-term was on Nov. 4, ***** I did not receive any response from the ***** ***** *****. 24, 2004 at 10:40 pm when he gave me an E ***** ***** *****. I had sent many e-mails to t***** instructor asking for my mid-term grade, but he said th***** it ***** still under review.

Throughout t***** term

Mr. ***** read from an overhead projector *****at displayed small, blurry words and he often covered the words


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