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Lost Boys of the Sudan

***** are the implications of ***** video "The Lost ***** of the Sudan"?

"The ***** Boys ***** the Sudan" is not merely an expose of the violence occurring in this African region. It also forces American viewers to confront the disparity between their own lives and the ***** of the ********** in the video. By humanizing and personalizing an underreported national tragedy, the documentary demands that the viewers show more care and concern about what is happening in ***** Sudan and also that Americans take responsibility for how the prosperity of America is founded upon a world economy still divided between ***** developing and the developed world.

The Sudanese refugee children ***** ***** film were brought up to be herders, to live an agrarian life. They assumed they would live as their parents had lived. Perhaps some Americans ***** unaware of how industrialization had ***** touched many regions ***** Africa, until seeing the film. Then, an ethnic conflict tore the boy's region apart. The ********** of the film ********** how genocide ***** not just something that happened in ***** p*****t, but continues to happen **********. When the boys come to America, through the generous efforts of relief organizations, ***** boys must ***** just learn a new language but ad***** to a society where cars and supermarkets are a way of *****. The boys also enter a far more diverse society, where even *****-*****ns judge skin tone ***** color differently than their own society. The ***** conflicts that spawned genocide are not present, but America itself is divided in its own way.

The *****, close-knit at the beginning of the film, grow **********r and farther ***** as the faster-paced, more spre***** out American existence divides **********. They are ***** 'lost' in the sense that *****y have been transported away from a situation that did not offer them a future, ***** the acculturation process into America is a loss to the *****, of ***** original culture ***** way of life. Genocide ***** not kill them, or their culture, but even escaping ***** genocide they experience a loss of ***** sense of cultural and *****


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