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Managerial Leadership

1. Problem identification

***** my opinion, finding a problem in such ***** case study is strictly related to whether you agree with the LMX theory or not. In this sense, stimulating a cert*****in part of your personnel may be considered efficient ***** less efficient, in which case there ***** be a problem.

However, ***** several issues that should be discussing when referring ***** the way Jim is applying ***** LMX theory. First of all, the permanent and main reason for ***** he is using the in-group personnel is that he "doesn't have to do it himself" or because ***** is reticent about stepping up front. Th***** doesn't seem to me to be a leader-like attitude. Using in-gro***** people for certain jobs ***** be directed towards increasing the overall efficiency rather than covering up for *****self as leader.

********** second thing that should be discussed is related to compensation and motivation for the job. All of the rewards the in-group ***** get are appraisals, general recognition, a close relationship ***** the boss. ***** general, we would expect this kind of compensations to be doubled by material ones, ***** ********** as ***** possible future promotions. In my opinion, ***** forms of reward that ***** has ********** using may have a limited period of effectiveness.

2. Manage*****nt practices and behavior

***** is quite clear that Jim Madison prefers to delegate most of his work, especially to a few trusted employees ***** he has formed a speci*****l ***** with. T***** ***** be seen as a positive practice, ***** we may consider that a manager's task is, first of all, to organize ***** coordinate ***** than to actually do the work himself.

***** the other hand, as I have already mentioned here above, Jim seems to ***** one of those managers ***** wants to be involved ***** little as possible in everyth*****g that gets done, ***** he ***** ***** afraid of the blame he might take lest something goes wrong. *************** may be, in my *****, a ***** personality trait ***** may take *****f some of the efficiency of the methods he is using

3. ***** Analys*****

As I have mentioned *****fore, this *****icular organization is not necessarily having a *****. I am asserting ***** because none ***** the indicators that may show *****re is a problem are present. Indeed, the company ***** functioning *****ly, the public and clients benefiting from the services provided are satisfied and, just as important, the employees ***** satisfied, both with *****ir positions ***** the way they see themselves in the *****. It is clear that the people working with Jim Madison are satisfied ***** the ***** he is performing as a supervisor.

However, it m*****y be ***** case ***** this is only momentary. It ***** difficult to believe that the ***** in the in-group will re***** content with ***** rewards they are receiving for their extra services. There ***** ***** be no sign ***** in the ***** this will change and it is difficult to keep people


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