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Marriage and the family

The institution of marriage and the ***** is a contentious topic in contemporary society for a number of reasons. One ***** ***** most important *****sues under debate is the decline of marriage and the family in society. Research studies clearly show that the ***** of marriage as well as the cohesion of the family is seriously threatened in modern society. The very ideals ***** ***** are being questioned by many young people who feel that marriage no longer serves a necessary purpose in society. The institution of the ***** is also being affected by this questioning and ***** various arguments which suggest that the conventional structure of ***** family is socially or culturally relative and not a necessary ideal to strive f*****.

However it ***** my contention that marriage and the family are essential ***** vital cornerstones of any modem society. The fact ***** these ********** are being debated is in itself ***** ***** a negative factor. Healthy debate and the search for improvements and possible alternatives are part ***** the growth and development in society. What is more worrying is that the ideals of marriage and family are being discredited us "un*****" and "old-fashioned" by ***** people and on many levels. The demise of ***** and the ***** will, in my opinion, mean the destruction of civilized *****.

***** indicates ***** in terms of statistics there is certainly real cause for alarm with regard to marriage and the family. The marriage rate in the United States ***** at an all-time low. The figures ***** 1999 show that there were.86 marriages per 1,000 citizens ***** 1999. The divorce rate for the same year was 4.1 ***** 1,000 of the population. (Maher B. 2003. p. 56) The increase can be seen in ***** these figures are almost twice those recorded in 1966. Furthermore re***** has *****rojected that married couples have about a 50 percent chance ***** divorce. Researchers project *****. "According to the U.S. Census *****ureau, 20 percent of first marriages end within 5 years and 33 percent ***** 10 years. Over one million children annually experience *****ir parents' *****." (Maher B. 2003. p. 56) Consequently there ***** also been in increase Cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births. "In 2000, ***** were 4.7 million cohabiting *****, compared with 500,000 in 1970." (***** B. 2003. p. 56)

***** above *****, which ***** be bolstered by many more reports and studies, indicate a centr*****l reason why the institution of marriage and the ***** cannot be al*****ed to disintegrate. Besides the many religious, moral ***** ethical *****s that surround this debate there is the primary issue of child care and development that is *****ing *****ly affected by the current trends. As ***** above ***** state: "Over ***** million ***** annually experience their ***** divorce." This has serious implications ***** society,

As Bridget Maher states in her study Patching Up the American Family, "Married couples who have previously cohabited have a much hig***** incidence of divorce, domestic violence, and communication problems than couples


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