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Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a branch in Wichita, Kansas, AmosWEB is an Internet-based resource for all things concerning the world of economics. Offered by ***** LLC the site was established in April 1, 2000 to publish ***** information and instructional *****s through the World Wide Web. The best feature of the web***** is the touch ***** whimsy. Almost any economic topic, including the Elasticity of Demand and Supply, is discussed from several different aspects, but from a humorous perspective. Web pages within Amosweb include:

As for its authenticity or reliability, Amos*****.com is currently maintained by Amos Kmiec. The site cons*****tently ranks in the top 10 percent of ***** websites on the Internet (according to, with the most popular resource being the Glossary feature, which gives a full explanation of hundreds ***** micro***** terms. ***** principle author and content developer of AmosWEB is Orley M. Amos, PhD, a Professor of Economics at Oklahoma State University. In addition, Assistant Professor of Economics at California St*****e University, An*****nio Avalos is also a frequent contributor.***** http://www.economicindic*****

In contrast to A**********, which ***** ***** privately, this site is maintained by the US Bureau ***** Labor Statistics making it more reliable and trustworthy. The web***** contains data sets and ***** about a v*****riety of economic variables. The site actually provides some ***** ***** statistics to support the claims made on numerous ecomomic and political web*****s. ***** of supply, price, and income can be researched according to those statistics that shed light on the ********** change in price ***** demand, such as CPI.

Ec*****omic is the same type of website as ***** BLS, however it is ***** by the Economics and Stat*****tics *****dm*****istration at the U.S. Department of Commerce, which provides a host ***** key daily economic releases and indicators form the ***** of Economic Analysis and ***** ***** Census Bureau. An example ***** some of these are:

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services, Advance Report on Durable Goods, Construction Put in Place, Corporate Pr*****its, Current Account Balance (International Transactions), Gross Domestic Product, Personal Income and Outlays. The site provides a free service ***** will email economic data **********mation as it rele*****ed.

All three sites together offer the commentary ***** facts needed to make an informed decision about ***** direction and state of the


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