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Why milk and dairy products are so high these days

The Rising Cost of Milk and Dairy Products

It is no secret that ***** and ***** products are becoming more expensive, almost with each passing day. People ***** spending more just to get the same amount ***** food, and places like churches and food banks and soup kitchens are having difficulty getting enough donations to help those who need it most. In add*****ion to ***** donations being down the demand ***** rising, because even middle class people are beginning ***** have problems putting food on the table. People ***** o*****rwise would be fine are seeing their bank accounts depleted and they ***** struggling to pay their mortgages. On *****p of that, the ***** costs are making life even more difficult. All food seems to ***** going up in price, but milk ***** dairy products are ***** largest markers ***** what is happening ***** the economy. There are many places in ***** country where a gallon of milk ***** more than six dollars, for example, which was completely unheard of only a very few short years ago.

One of the ma***** reasons that the cost of milk and dairy products is so ***** is due to the ***** gas prices. ***** are *****ny different reasons why ***** prices are rising so rapidly and it often depends on who one asks this particular question of. Many economic analysts share different views about the rise of gas prices and the media has also spent a gre*****t deal of time covering this issue. There is something about rising ***** prices on the news, in ***** papers, ***** on the *****ternet almost constantly and it is ***** for Americans to avoid the issue or stop being reminded of ***** when they read or watch television, or when ***** get on ***** computers to look at the news of the day. It is ***** difficult for Americans to ********** about this issue every ***** they drive their cars or pull up to the gas station because every mile they ***** reminds them that they are spending more m*****y ***** they used ***** be to make the trip to work, drive ***** kids to school, and countless other things. Every time they fuel their ***** they are reminded that ***** ***** are still on the *****.

Many people believe that ***** fact that America is basically at war with the Middle East right now is the reason ***** gas prices have r*****en so high (Joyner, 2005). This may be part of the *****, ***** it is not all ***** the ***** *****hind the rising gas prices. How much a b*****rrel of oil costs has a lot to do w*****h *****ether ***** prices are rising, and since much of the oil comes from the Middle East, it is a factor. However, there ***** gas st*****ions across the ***** that do ***** buy ga*****line from the Middle East, and instead purchase it ***** gasoline suppliers and oil ***** that


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