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National Security Council

***** History

***** power of Hitler were beginning to influenced other people and for this reason the Nazi group ***** formed. During World War II, the USSR ***** the United Stated became an alliance in eliminating and stopping Hitler and ***** Axis Power from continuing to influence ***** people and country. This alliance became successful with the defeat ***** Hitler. In 1945, ***** Cold War began and the ideological differences of the two super power countries resurfaced. Roosevelt continued to doubt the leadership ***** Stalin because he knew that ***** might be t***** nex***** Hitler in believing in the communism system. Soon, Trumann replaced Roosevelt as ***** new President of the United *****. Even ***** ***** did not trust Stalin ***** he feared that ***** rest of the European ***** might be conquered by Stalin. For this reason, he decided to establish a group of securing his n*****tion and other democratic countries. The National Security Council in the United States was ***** ***** protect the security ***** *****ir country as well as the foreign policy and ***** was established under ***** Natioanl Security Act of 1947.

***** and Members ***** the ***** States

National ***** Council is an executive body which coordinates national security issues and typically includes the heads ***** departments involved in diplomacy and defense with a sm*****ll staff (Wikipedia, 2006). The most famous NSC is the United States National Security Council, but *****y also exist in Russia, **********, and the Republic of China on Taiwan (Wikipedia, 2006). Here are ***** informati***** ***** what consists in the council as b*****ed on Wikipedia (2006):

Chair President of the United States

Regular Attendees Vice *****

Secretary of State

Secretary of the Treasury

Secretary of Defense

Asst. to the President for National Security Affairs

Military Advisor Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ***** Staff

Intelligence ***** Direc*****r of ***** Intelligence

Additional Participants Chief of Staff to the *****

Counsel to the President

***** to ***** President for Economic Policy

Administration of National Security Council

The National Security Council had been reorganized so many times because ***** different administrations. Each administration had its own ways of handling the *****. The following were the past presidents who because the head ***** NSC during each term.

Truman Administration, 1947-1953

***** National ***** Act of 1947 created ***** National Security Council under the chairmanship ***** the President, with only the following seven officials as permanent members: the President, the Secretaries of State, Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, and ***** Chairman of the National Security Resources Board (The White House, *****).

***** 1949, events reinforced the need for better coordination ***** ***** security *****: NATO was *****med, military assistance for Europe was begun, the Soviet Union detonated an atomic bomb, and the Communists gained control in China (***** White House, 2006).

Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1961

President Eisenhower made use of ***** NSC as ***** ***** important division ***** his *****. T***** is where he got all the in*****mation in terms of policy and security affairs.


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