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Agnosia, meaning literally 'without knowledge', is a perceptual disorder, often caused as a result of stroke, dementia, or other neurological disorders which result in the inability to recognize people or objects, even when basic sensory modalities, such as vision, are intact. This includes being unable to recognize an object by sight (visual agnosia), by sound (auditory agnosia) or touch ( . . . .

An Evaluation Report on Target Corporation and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc


The companies being analyzed are Target Corporation and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. They are general merchandise retailers. They compete in the large-store general merchandise market, especially in the discount store segment and the US geographic market.

Target Corporation's Store Brands in multiple . . . .

The Absence of Feudal Tradition in American Society

The phenomenon of feudal tradition never reached America. In the book "The Liberal Tradition in America," political science professor Louis Hartz of Harvard University says, "The absence of feudalism [in America] is a basic factor in accounting for the pervasive liberalism of the American political climate." The system of feudalism . . . .

Copyright Infringement & the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998

This paper looks into the issues of copyright infringement and circumvention of technology with reference to Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The author of this paper has carefully studied the law in question and has focused on various issues connected with this legislation. DMCA is a highly . . . .

Locke and Rousseau on the Question of Inequality

John Locke's Second Treatise of Government argues that "men are naturally free" (55). In other words, Locke believed that humans, in their natural state, and prior to the creation of civil society, would have been a kind of sovereign entity, possessing a set of natural rights prescribed by God and nature, and those rights would have . . . .

macro analytical approaches of Marx and Durkheim regarding democratic republics, freedom, & equality

This paper looks at the question on how the macro analytical approaches that were discussed by Marx and Durkheim are applied to the attitudes of freedom and democratic republics and how it affects the equality of society. Bibliography cites four sources

How might the macro- . . . .

Philip Glass Biography


Philip Glass is certainly the world's finest identified living serious composer owing to vast amounts of American recording contracts. He has a readily exclusive, if ever controversial, style that is both imitated and parodied the world over. He is familiar to pop audiences, crossover audiences, new music audiences, opera audiences and . . . .

The South Korean Economy, 1992 to 2002:

Nation in Search of its Place in the International Economy

In 1992, South Koreans could look back on 40 years of economic growth and feel confident in their future. The country that had staggered out of the smoke and misery of World War II an economic basket case, stood in 1992 as a model of prosperity and economic innovation. Only three . . . .

The War for Cuban Conquest

In 1883, Frederick Jackson Turner gave a speech to the World's Columbian Exposition, introducing what is now known as the "Turner thesis" of American history. This thesis says "continental expansion...was the driving, dynamic factor of American progress. Without [it] America's political and social institutions would stagnate. If one adhered to this way of . . . .

Westward Expansion

When one thinks of the expansion of the American West, the event most likely to come to mind is the California Gold Rush of 1849. While that did boost California's population by 80,000 eager prospectors, there remained an awful lot of land between the Pacific Coast and, say, St. Louis, Missouri. The young United States started exploring the vast landmass to the west . . . .

Search for 'Nutrition For A Healthy Body' could lead to Analysis Paralysis!

There has been a lot of social attention on 'right nutrition' in recent years, leading to experimenting in different types of foods including herbal preparations. While I have no doubt that such heightened social consciousness and continued scientific investigation will ultimately benefit humankind, right now . . . .

SEC Internet Exercise - Kmart Corporation

The company that I have chosen to research is the Kmart Corporation. They operate in the retail-variety stores sector. Their main headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan with retail outlets primarily situated in the Midwest. Their ticker symbol is KM.

Question 1.

The company's most recent 10-K was filed with the SEC on May 15, . . . .

Critique of The Broken Spears


This essay is a critique of the book The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of America, edited by Miguel Leon-Portilla (Beacon Press, 1992).

Broken Spears tells the Aztec peoples' account of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Throughout history, the conquest has been told from the viewpoint of the conquistadors . . . .

The Relationship between Emily Bronte's Heathcliff and Catherine: Passions of love and hate.

The classic novel Wuthering Heights is as long-lived as the spirits of its main characters, Catherine and Heathcliff. Emily Bronte has an ability to articulate the story through the skillful and creative use of mystery, her undaunted capability to challenge social boundaries, and her heartfelt . . . .

I recently read two articles: "Calcium potentiates the effect of estrogen and calcitonin on bone mass," (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998) and "Calcium and Osteoporosis" (New Zealand Vegetarian Society web site). Both articles, while dealing with the same issue, had differing viewpoints leading to my concluding that there are many more variables involved in the prevention of . . . .

Let's Cook It Right by Adelle Davis

This is an essay on Let's Cook It Right by Adelle Davis. It discusses the author's method, the book's structure, negative and positive criticism of the book and general evaluation.

Let's Cook it Right

Adelle Davis studied at Purdue University, graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, and received her Master's Degree in . . . .

College may seem like the domain of teens and twenty-somethings who attend a university immediately following high school. Campuses are filled with fraternities and sororities and social events that cater to the young. Going to college in the fourth decade of life offers a far different experience, on some levels more rewarding. Removed from the fray of drunken parties, going back to school as . . . .

For more than a century, the United States judicial system has honored the policy that children and adults do not have the same psychological and emotional capacities and should therefore be treated differently when tried for a crime. With the exception of extremely malicious acts performed by juveniles, the court system has separated juveniles from adults in trials.

Recently, . . . .



What is Nutrition?

Good Nutrition

Important Food Elements


Benefits of Good Nutrition

Nutrition for a Healthy Body

Nutrition for a Healthy Mind

Nutrition for the Future



What is Nutrition?

The most basic definition of . . . .

A Survey of Algae Species Used in Artemia Culture

The history of aquaculture has a long history, dating back to the ancient Mayan, Chinese and Egyptian Cultures. However, the history of shrimp production has a more recent beginning in history. The first shrimp were artificially spawned and reared by Fuginaga in Juapan in 1934.

In 1963 these techniques were first employed in the . . . .

how computers have influenced business & the commercial work environment

This paper considers how computers have influenced the workplace environment, how they may give a competitive advantage or add value. The paper also considers how the value may not be as great as perceived by considering the productivity paradox. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Computers in the Work . . . .

Arthritic conditions found within the joints of the body: their causes, treatment, current research, and what effect they have on athletic participation.

Chapter One: Problem Statement

Chapter Two: Literature Review


Types of Arthritis 4

Osteoarthritis 5

Rheumatoid Arthritis 5

Psoriatic Arthritis 7

Causes of Arthritis 7

. . . .

Education programs institutions and various other organizations are granted approval by government appointed bodies for the type of services being offered to the community. This is known as the accreditation process, which is required in order to give quality services to the society. This paper focuses on the role and significance of the accreditation process.







Condition of airline industry after Sept. 11

TFRs and general aviation

TFRs without information 7

TFRs and business at busy airports

TFRs Circles

TFRs and young pilots

4.7 TFRs: an . . . .

US Domestic Policy Making


Coordinated by the Domestic Policy Council (DPC), the domestic policy-making process in the White House offers policy advice to the President. This Council in addition works to make certain that the proposal of domestic policy are synchronized as well as constant throughout federal agencies. Furthermore, the execution of these domestic . . . .

Part I

Were the statements made to Moose Horn Police officers admissible at trial, since no Miranda warnings were given to the defendant at any time?

In the case of Sleazy vs. The state of decency the statements made by the defendant were not admissible in court because the officers did not inform Sleazy of his Miranda rights. These rights should have been stated to the defendant . . . .

Marketing Mix in Successful Business


According to the Oxford Dictionary of Business, marketing is defined as "the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, products, and services to create exchanges that will satisfy the needs of individuals and organizations." (Dictionary of Business) The marketing of a product . . . .

Personal Philosophy on Supervision and Evaluation believe that supervising and evaluating trainees is a necessary part of the education system, required to ensure the quality of staff in the public education sector. However, for this evaluation to be most beneficial it should be treated as an opportunity for improvement, not as an opportunity to find out what you have been doing wrong. With a . . . .

Research Proposal on the Genetics of Obesity

Introduction of Problem

This research proposal is designed to examine the affects of obesity from a genetic standpoint. Many studies have been done to discover what health risks obesity plays in the adult health of America's population but this study will determine if it is truly genetics that cause obesity in some or is the lifestyle . . . .

Health Systems Administration


In a managed mental health care system, the unnecessary utilization of equipment and accessories is restricted at the care provider stage. This is done by a chain of monetary incentives and by directly managing the care proceeds. For instance, managed mental health care decreases cost comparatively by changing the treatment setup from . . . .

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