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observation of Middle School child—"Joanne" case study in the quick matur*****g quality of today's youth of a ten-year-old girl (Observation done a middle school during student's lunch period)

Section I


Jo*****nne" (pseudonym) is a ten-year-old young woman of Greek-American extraction. Her father is a *****, naturalized during his adolescence in the city of Chicago. ***** mo*****r is a Greek immigrant. Joanne has been a resident ***** the area for most of her own life and education, however she frequently travels to Greece during the summers. At home, she speaks both ***** and English. Her mother is only fluent in Greek, and her father expresses difficulty in communication in both languages, according to his own report, depending on the length of time he has spent in either area. He ***** travels ***** business back and ********** to Greece, and has done so all of his life, having minimal contact with his daughter and wife at both *****s. He ***** one other daughter from a previous marriage whom ***** has minimal interaction *****. However, Joanne is the ***** child within ***** household at the present time. At the time of the observation, her fa*****r had just left the home on travel (although he made himself available briefly before the observation), and thus ***** was speaking mainly Greek at *****, ***** mainly English in *****.

***** a middle school student, Joanne was evaluated dur*****g lunch period in the context of ***** classroom environment, at a local suburban public school often design*****ed as 'middle class.' This observation ***** conduced at the time, in this area, to give an idea of how Joanne related to her peers on an interpers*****al level, as well as her level of academic development. According to her parents, whom were conferred with before and after ***** ***** to obtain permission and to obtain furt***** data regarding the young woman, Joanne's educational development h***** not been all t*****at they have desired. They wished she ***** d***** better, not so much in terms of her grades, which were all A's ***** Bs, but in ***** extracurricular pursuits in ballet and tennis, and also in ***** of the interest ***** s*****ed in school. They felt they had to push her very hard to succeed.

Regardless, Joanne's teac*****s expressed strong confidence in Joanne's ability, saying that she was slightly above her grade ***** in mathematics, although her language skills were somewhat deficient, partially, perhaps as a result of ***** bilingual home environment. She exhibited unusual prowess in the small foreign language component offered by the school in Spanish, although such displays are ***** unusual ***** *****s from multilingual **********, *****n that ***** cognitive areas of the brain devoted to language development in a v*****riety ***** areas are stimulated in a consistent and early fashion ***** a way ***** ***** might not be for all individuals.

Section II

Description of Development and *****

***** was observed during lunch ***** in the computer room of her school, check*****g and sending her email. She sat with


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