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Write a five-page paper on the use of amoxicillan vs. penicillin for use in adults with strep throat.


Consult at least five sources of information.


Amoxicillan and Penicillan are both systemic antibacterials administered to adults for strep throat.


This paper will examine the use . . . .

Introduction to the Global Positioning Satellites

The Theory of the Global Positioning Satellites

The History of Global Positioning Satellites

The First Global Positioning Satellite

Transmission Functions of the Global Positioning Satellites

Reception of Information from Global Positioning Satellites

Advantages of the Global Positioning Satellites . . . .


Air pollution pertains to substances and gases in the air that threaten health and life. Among these are pollutants and irritants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide; particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic substances and some natural substances, like pollen. But most of the pollution comes from the by-products of industrialization - . . . .

Diversity and Organisms

1. Phylogeny is the patterns of lineage branching, produced by the true evolutionary history of the organisms being considered (UCMP Web site). Speciation is the changes in related organisms to the point where they are different enough to be considered separate species. This occurs when populations of one species are separated and adapt to their new physiological . . . .

Genetic Engineering


The alteration of the genetic structure of any organism is done by means of Genetic engineering that provides characters beneficial or pleasing to the individual performing the alternation. In other words it is a treatment of the DNA or RNA pool (Sarah. 2002). For instance, the most greatly well known example of genetic engineering is the sheep . . . .

Part One: Botox ® - What is it?

Part Two: Botox ® - What is it used for?

Part Three: Botox ® - Can anything bad happen?

Part Four: Botox ® - Looking toward the future.

Part One: Botox ® - What is it?

Botox, which is the trade name for botulinum toxin, is produced by a bacterium that has been identified for hundreds of years. Professor Emile Pierre van . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the problem of ocean pollution, and how it is affecting marine life. It will also look at what is being done to control pollution in the United States and around the world.


There are numerous pollutants . . . .

Efficiency of antibiotic resistance gene transfer mechanisms upon exposure to triclosan


Triclosan has become the latest buzz word in the grocery store. It is being hailed as the ultimate biocide and finds its way into many everyday products such as toothpaste and hand soap. Mass media produced a great amount of hype and convinced the general public that this was . . . .

Introduction: Carnivorous Plants

Botany, the study of plants, can be a tedious subject given the numerous varieties of plants that are available to study, along with their similarities, and redundancy. However, a bright spot in the plant community is the carnivorous plants, the meat-eaters - the gory plants that science fiction novels are made about. There are almost 600 species of . . . .

Impacts of Pesticide Use on the Environment in the United States


Managing pests, such as weeds, insects, plant diseases, and nematodes, has been on of the greatest challenges in both agricultural and nonagricultural environments throughout history.

Mainstream use of synthetic pesticides in the United States began shortly after the World War II, during a time . . . .

West Indian Manatee

Table 1: Taxonomy of West Indian Manatee: (Lefebvre, O'Shea, Rathbun, and Best ©1989)

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Sirenia

Family: Trichechidae

Genus: Trichechus

Species: manatus

Common Name: Manatee

General Information:

The West Indian Manatee is the common name for . . . .


Part 1

1. You have been asked to investigate a microorganism that is causing crop failure in rice. Preliminary investigations indicate it is one of the types of organisms we classify as microbes. Describe all the characteristics you could use to determine if the organism is in the Domain Bacteria or the Protista Kingdom within the Domain Eukarya.

Organisms of the . . . .

The "E"-Word

The word "evolution" in pre-Darwinian times refers to something much different than Darwin wanted to convey through his theories. In this time the term was used to refer to the view of life in early-nineteenth century biology. The general terminology used for this concept included terms such as transformation, transmutation, and the development hypothesis.

Thus . . . .

Natural Selection

Question 1.

Factors such as competition, habitat, food supply, and the number of predators determined the changes in the pollenpeepers. The changes in the birds were different on each island depending on how they differed from the original conditions. For example on the mainland and on Windsor Island, the number of predators went from high to medium over the . . . .


Journeys Of War

The two novels, A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo and In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason, both concern the Vietnam war and its devastating effects on individual lives. In these novels the main characters, Caputo (A Rumor of War) and Sam (In Country) both undergo a journey towards greater understanding of the war and their lives. Joseph Campbell describes the . . . .

Pacetta and Xerox


Frank Pacetta's title - Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up - pretty much says everything that one needs to know about his basic management philosophy, which he not only wrote about in this book but also used in his tenure at Xerox. Pacetta is a man who believes that good managers take a lot of responsibility for what does on with their workers, and part . . . .

Evidence for Miracles

Miracles exist. But perhaps they are only miracles to our eyes, because they seem to defy known laws of biology or physics. My thesis is that miracles are everywhere, from the tiniest single-celled organism up to the milky way, but that all miracles—those we understand and those we don't—follow natural laws. The universe itself could not exist without consistent . . . .



Write a six-page paper on the impact of a C.I.F. contract on determining price, exchanging property and risks and methods outlined under this type of contract.


Review current information on C.I.F. contracts.


C.I.F. contracts provide a usable agreement for international trade between different countries. It . . . .

Genetic Engineering


Genetic Engineering is a tool in the hands of man to break the species barriers to create a more productive and controllable world. This is a delicately balanced issue and unless we exercise enough restraint and responsibility we may end up endangering ourselves and all other forms of life.


Genetic Engineering is the science . . . .

This paper presents a detailed examination of the famous music composer Wolfgang Mozart and his life and death. The writer concentrates on the theories that have been put together regarding what may have killed the composer, including bad pork, bad heart and a jealous peer. There wee 12 sources used to complete this paper.


One of the greatest composers in history . . . .

The Measure of Knowledge

Views on the Nature of Knowledge: Social Scientists vs. Natural Scientists

What is knowledge? A simple question, or so most people would think. Knowledge is the accumulation of information on a given subject or subjects. It is a collection of facts, of things known to be true...or is it? The closer one looks, the more one comes to realize that there are . . . .

This paper presents a detailed examination of the Gulf War of 1991. The writer explores the history, the cause, and the war itself. The writer uses several sources to illustrate what the US government bas dints decision to go to war on and how well received that decision was by the American public.


As the US gears up for a probable attack on Iraq American minds turn . . . .

Air Pollution

Individual Action as a Solution to Preventing Air Pollution

Contrary to what most people say that air pollution is a complex problem that requires complex solutions, air pollution can actually be resolved through preventive measures and individual actions of the people in the society. Why the need for coordination of individual action? It is because a large amount . . . .


The natural environment is the source of all our resources for life. Environmental processes provide a wealth of services to the living world — providing us with air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat, as well as materials to use in our daily lives and natural beauty to enjoy.

Complex ecosystems with a wide variety of plants and animals tend to be more stable . . . .

Neoliberalist Theory of Economics

Neoliberalism is a new philosophy and thinking that stemmed its origin from economic theory. Neoliberalism adapted itself from the Neoclassical economics thought that was introduced by Adam Smith, which promotes the "liberalization" of capital markets in a society or nation. Also, Neoliberalism contrasts from Keynesian Economics, wherein economic . . . .

Precision Guided Munitions


In the history of twentieth century warfare, one of the most significant developments was the emergence of the precision weapon. This weapon is designed and directed against a single target. It either relies on external guidance or its own guidance system.1The precision weapon that has been launched from aircraft, submarines, ships and land . . . .

Isolation and Structure Determination of Biologically Active Natural Products Using Various Chromatographic Techniques









Chapter 1


Pharmacognosy - the branch of . . . .

Environmental Science

The World's Oceans

2. Introduction

3. The Economic Value of Oceans to Americans

3. Waste Dumping in our Oceans

4. Oil Contamination from Various Sources

5. Toxins and Trash Entering the Oceans

7. The Depleted Fisheries

10. The Vanishing Wetlands

11. Conclusion

12. References

13. Endnotes

. . . .

Career - Oceanographer

Definition of Oceanography

Oceanography is a career wherein you need to study all information about sea waters particularly the oceans. There is a requirement to study all the science fields. Oceanographers can specialize in several areas: physical oceanographers study the ocean currents, tides and circulation; geological oceanographers study the landforms . . . .

Oceanography is nothing but the study of all the different aspects of the biology, the physics and the chemistry of the Sea. It is the study of the ocean, which includes the integrated and deep seated knowledge of the sea, inclusive of its boundaries, its depths, its width, its marine life and its study, and many other similar areas of study. It also includes a study of the sea life. ( . . . .

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