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Organogram Diagram

The phrase: organisational diagram, Quinion argues, rather than the term "organogram," best depicts what Webster defines as: "A chart showing the lines of responsibility between departments of a l*****rge organization."

Along with pertinent **********, information and figures, this study presents an organogram diagram of the University ***** the West Indies, (UWI) Mona, Jamaica School of Nursing. On July 17, 2008, the UWI will celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

***** An appointed Head of Department, as in other departments in the Faculty/University, answers to the Dean ***** the Faculty ***** Campus Pr*****cipal. "In some matters ***** Head of Department relates ***** the Campus Registrar and Bursar. The Department works closely with the Campus offices for Admissions, Examinations, Personnel and ***** are***** as well as with the University hierarchy."

Dr. Marshall Hall CD, BSc Col, PhD Wis currently serves as the ***** Campus Chairmen, Campus Councils. Professor Gordon Shirley serves as ***** current Principal of the ***** Mona *****, after his appointment with effect from August 1, 2007.

***** following figure (1) denotes the organizational chart portrayed on UWI's Web site.

Figure 1: Organizational Chart Portrayed on UWI's Web Site (University)


***** the partners that envisi*****ed its early beginnings, it was clear that the School ***** Nursing was destined for success. Its formation ***** initiated in *****966 by a tripartite agreement between the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the University of the West Indies (UWI) which created the Advanced Nursing Education Unit (ANEU). The Unit was administratively placed in the ***** ***** Social and Preventive Medic*****e ***** its own Director at the level of Senior Lecturer. The purpose of the Unit was to prepare experienced registered nurses to undertake administr*****ive and educational responsibilities in the nursing/health services and provide leadership in nursing/health care.

Two concurrent eleven-month Certificate programmes, Nursing Administration and ***** ***** were ********** and ***** first class began October 3, 1966 with sixteen (16) students ***** six (6) Caribbean countries. Thus, these students became the first group of health ***** providers to have received formal University education in administration and ***** in ***** *****. Students from all the English-speaking Caribbean countries have participated to date and there has also been one student from the Netherland Antilles.

***** 1972, discussions regarding a Nurse Pr*****ctiti*****r Programme (NPP) began and consequently, with the ********** *****'s acceptance of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) NPP proposal, ***** ANEU developed and implemented a Family and a P*****ediatric Nurse Practitioner programme. ***** ANEU undertook responsibility for the academic and clinical quality of those *****s ***** has guided and directed its development to date. Planning for a Mental ***** Psychiatric ***** Practitioner programme ********** began in 1995 and was ********** September, 1996.

The (Post RN) BScN ***** registered nurses became a reality in 1983 ***** ***** support of the Ministry of Health, *****. ***** ***** 14 CARICOM countries have now participated. The (Post RN) BScN Programme provides greater access to registered nurses who want to obtain a baccalaureate degree in


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