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The Outsourcing of America



This study looks at the outsourcing of ********** jobs and how this is affecting the workers in America. There are many serious effects on the country, both positive ***** negative, that are related to the fact that many jobs ***** being outsourced, but there is also the issue of what the media wants individuals to believe about outsourcing and what it really accurate. Dispelling the myth that ***** is nothing but dangerous and problematic is also important.

***** ***** uses qualitative methods to show that outsourcing can be good for the ec*****omy and ***** the *****, although not necessarily for the specific *****. Some may find *****tter jobs, but many others do *****, and there*****e there are both pros and cons to the ***** of outsourcing American jobs ***** other countries. Why companies ***** ***** varies based on the company, but the main reasons appear to be profit margins ***** the ability ***** high more *****ly-skilled workers in America with the money that the company saves by sending the lower-skilled ***** overseas.

Chapter One: Introduction

***** Statement

***** of the Study

***** of the Study

***** of ***** Study

***** of the Study

***** of Terms

Overview of the Study

Chapter Two: Review ***** Related Literature

Chapter Three: Methodology


Data Gathering Method

Database of the Study

***** of Data

Originality and Limitations of Data

Summary ***** Chapter *****

***** Four: Data Analysis

Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations


Chapter One: Introduction

Problem Statement

The plight of the American worker is something that has been lamented throughout history for various *****. Some of these reasons were ***** more significant than *****s, and some of the reasons were simply complaints ***** the workers felt that they could get away *****. However, outsourcing is *****what different than just a workers' compl*****int. The reason behind this is that outsourcing affects so ***** different people for various *****s. From the poorly-skilled immigrant ***** is desperate for a job to the corpor*****te executive that loses his job because there is no longer anyone for him ***** superv*****e, outsourcing can affect almost everyone.

The issue of ***** is one ***** has ***** misunderstood for many years. There are ***** that study it and discuss how ***** it is, and there are others that see it as some kind of made-up problem ***** is really not important enough to focus on. Both ***** these are valid points of view but, in recent years, ***** has generally been accepted that outsourcing is problematic for ***** American workers today, and that the ***** ***** it is important. Unlike st*****ard business problems, such as *****s with *****s or employee morale, ***** ***** not *****thing that can be 'cured' by making some adjustments to the business as it is unders*****od in the trad*****ional sense. It affects so many ***** ***** there is a real *****sue of what it is doing to the country as a whole.

However, *****re are ways to handle ***** and


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