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Pakistan FDI and Portfolio Investment


Without a doubt, the tone of foreign investment in P*****kistan's economy has been reset by President Pervez Musharraf's willingness to act as an ally to America in that country's "war on terror." American President Bush and Musharraf have reaffirmed the obligation to streng*****n financial bonds between the two countries ***** their political bonds have been twined *****gether after the terrorist attacks ***** September 11, 2001.

***** President George W. Bush ***** President Pervez Musharraf met in New York on September 22, 2004 they reaffirmed their commitment to widening and strengthening the American-Pakistan economic relationship in staying in line with the concepts and goals agreed to in their meet*****g at Camp David in June last year.

***** to the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, "The ***** Presidents reviewed progress in ***** global ***** on terror, ***** pledged to continue working together, ensuring ***** the appropriate resources are available. President Bush expressed appreciation for Pakistan's efforts in this *****a. They also welcomed the progress of the Joint Working Group on Terrorism and law Enforcement and ***** to fur*****r strengthen bilateral cooperati***** in ***** regard.

President Musharraf highlighted the need for addressing the underlying causes that have given rise to disaffection and frustration in ***** Islamic world. In this connection, he recalled his concept of Enlightened Moderation which envisages cooperation of the United States and other leading ***** powers in finding solutions to long st*****ing issues that affect the Muslim world." (Weekly *****, 2004)

***** a large degree, this means opening up ***** Muslim world ***** foreign investment, starting with America's newest ***** in the region, Pakistan. The consensus ***** the presidents was that economic inequity breeds hatred and violence, so one of the critical manners in which to slow the spread ***** terror is through ***** cooperation *****, from America's end, ass*****tance to *****.

Musharraf and Bush al***** reiterated ********** cooperation to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and committed to sustain full ***** towards this end.

***** importantly, the two leaders discussed ***** importance of building security and prosperity in the region. ***** noted the urgency of maintaining a safe environment for fair elections in Afghanistan and President Bush thanked President Musharraf for his efforts in support ***** out-of-country voting in Pakistan.

***** a direct economic agenda, "President Bush noted ***** significant economic progress that Pakistan has made ***** recent years, ***** ***** U.S. ***** for Pakistan's efforts to ***** reform and growth. He reiterated the U.S. Administration pledge of $3 billion over five years ***** help in important areas such as ***** and the social sector. President Musharraf ***** appreciation for ***** support to Pakistan's social sec*****r, ***** development and poverty reduction programs." (Weekly Compilation, 2004)

The two presidents reiterated *****ir commitment to further expand ***** trade and investment, which essentially forms the topic of this paper.

*****, President Musharraf repeated his focus on democracy and his intent to strengthen the country's democratic instituti*****s ***** bring sustainable democracy to Pakistan.

In return


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