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Persuasive Essay

Elvis Presley - Alive and Singing Today?

***** the many accounts detailing the death of Elvis Presley in 1977, speculation is still rife about whether 'The K*****g' really died. Many people believe that Elvis Presley faked his own ***** and lives a considerably quieter, simpler existence today. This paper explores the evidence proffered by supporters in doubt*****g the plausibility of ***** Presley's death.

***** are three distinct ways one can look at this mystery. One ***** study the circumstances surrounding Elvis's death and burial, the circumstances leading up to his death, and the occurrences that occurred immediately after ***** death. If one investigates the actual ***** ***** his ***** ***** burial, ***** can observe a number of glaring inconsistencies. First of all, ***** name of Elvis Aron Presley is spelt incorrectly on ***** headstone. 'Aron' is ***** 'Aaron.' Th***** seems unusually careless since a simil*****r spelling error was committed on *****'s birth certificate when he was born. But his father took great pains to amend the birth certificate, changing ***** ***** 'Aron.' The fact that ***** ***** error hasn't been corrected seems odd since a headstone is visible to more people as they visit Graceland than a birth certificate (*****hville/opry/5317/elvis2.html).

Elvis's 'body' has ***** buried beside his father and grandmother. However, ***** the world knew Elvis to be alive, he was adamant that he wished to ***** buried ***** his mother. It is plausible that ***** helpers, knowing him ***** be alive still, ***** the 'fake' ***** beside his ***** and *****. Therefore, this would save the spot next to his mother for when the 'real' Elvis dies. The actual body of Elvis in the coff***** is also said to not resemble 'The King' at all. Elvis was kn***** ***** sport calluses on his hands. He is ********** to have developed these ***** through being an 8th degree black belt. However, the body in the coff***** possessed soft, smooth hands. The body in the *****in possessed arched eyebrows and a pug nose. These qualities do not correspond with Elvis's features. Also, one of the *****'s sideburns kept falling off. It ***** so obvious that a hairdresser had to glue it back on the body later (

Then there is the inordinate weight gain. Up***** death, Elvis was reported to weigh 250 pounds. But, when the pallbearers carried the coffin, it *****ed 900 pounds. The 'Wax Body' theory currently circulating posits the possibility ***** a w*****x ***** was made in the likeness of ***** and put in ***** coff*****. The extra weight of the coffin is a result of *****n air-conditioning unit installed in the ***** to keep the wax body from melting. T***** *****ory does provide an explanation for all the little discrepancies aforementi*****d. Then ***** are the discrepancies in the death certificate. A different weight figure is *****ed on the death certificate. ***** has Elv***** down as 170 pounds instead of the 250 ***** *****is is known ***** have weighed. In life, Elvis's vanity was renowned. It


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