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Plumpy Nut

The Plumpy Nut: The Next Generation Solution to World Hunger

Introduction/Background to Problem

***** and malnourishment is a const*****nt problem plaguing underdeveloped countries and war ********** countries throughout the world. Malnutrition is a common ***** resulting when inadequate dietary intake ***** chronic ***** disease is rampant (Odland, 1998). While not as prevalent in developed countries, poverty-stricken or war torn countries generally accept some level of malnutrition as a fact of life. Malnutrition results in various harmful side effects including increased infant and maternal mortality rates. There are multiple categories ***** ***** to consider. Protein malnutrition and deficiencies in various micronutrients also qualify as malnutrition (Odl*****, 1998). Micronutrient deficiencies are especially problematic for women who are pregnant and young children throughout the world (Odland, *****). Most of the vitam*****s and minerals that people need are gathered from adequate intake from the diet; yet ***** World Health Organization estimates "that 51 percent ***** the children in develop*****g ***** ***** anemic," suggesting that micronutrient ***** are quite rampant (Odland, 1998:96).

Improving the Nutritional Health of Children

There are many fac*****rs ***** interplay to affect the "nutritional health ***** children" including a mo*****r's "social or economic status, access to food, availability of safe water and good sanitation" (Odland, 1998: 96). Good nutrition is ********** considered "a basic human right" hence the ***** Health Organization and several other agencies have consistently worked to uncover new methods of providing children and women in particular with "adequate, nutritious ***** and safe drinking *****" practices which ultimately will help combat child and maternal *****, ***** and mal***** (Odland, 1998: *****). A ***** product is making headlines in the fight against malnutrition and ***** hunger. Th***** product, referred ***** as ***** "***** nut" may help resolve ***** ***** the current obstacles ***** organizations are facing to providing ***** nourishment and support ***** children in ***** torn, disease ridden or poverty stricken countries.

***** Plumpy Nut: A Solution to Hunger new product called the Plumpy Nut may provide hope f***** undernourished *****, particularly those in under***** countries. As Wines (2005) *****es in his article, "Forti*****ied Food Paste Combats Starvation" Doctors are now us*****g a nutrition*****l supplement derived from peanut butter to save lives in *****developed countries. The Plumpy nut provide "is sav*****g lives" in ***** ********** Niger experiencing recent hunger crisis (Wines, 2005). The product, ***** comes in a silvery foil package ***** size of two grasp*****g baby hands" contains a ********** 500 calories (Wines, 2005). ***** fortified peanut ***** is "stuffed with milk, vitamins and minerals" (Wines, 2005). Parents are instructed to provide infants with ***** packets of the product each day and allow their baby to grow. Thus far malnourished children are realizing significant results, gaining as much as two pounds in a single week on the product (*****, 2005).

Traditi*****ally malnutrition treatment involved hospitalizing children and nourishing them with IV infusions of fortified *****, then sending children home for further recovery. Use of milk however is expensive at best and milk tends ***** spoil. Another


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