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The paper will discuss the importance and role of police in ***** society. The purpose of the paper is to discuss ***** elaborate the relative functions, which the police officers have to perform in the country for ***** protection of the citizens from ***** criminals, and injustices, which ***** been made to them.

For the first time in decades, a consensus began to emerge in ***** 1990s about which duties and responsibilities should be *****cluded in the police role. Also ***** ***** first time, Americans began ***** confront the complexities of police work and ***** conflicting demands being placed on *****ficers."

The Role of Police in American Society: A Documentary History

Book by Cynthia Morris, Bryan Vila; Greenwood Press, 1999

***** American government and its authorities have ***** certain standards and the individual are selected on the basis of *****se standards. The government authorities want their police officers to be strong enough so that they could protect the people ***** the dangers and could safe ***** ***** ***** against all evils in ***** *****. The police officers should obey the rules and regulations as well as they should ***** their duties according ***** the required ***** otherwise the peaceful environment will not be maintained in the societies. Police officers should be tra*****ed as such that ***** could fight ***** the enemies and ***** take strict actions against the ***** of the society. The police officers should guide ***** ***** who are in need and help and they should support them whole-heartedly. It has *****en noted ***** if the police departments and the officers would ***** honestly then the ***** can maintain peace ***** prosperity ***** the situation would become adverse and uncontrollable.

***** police agencies are employing variants of three basic forms of physical ability testing: job simulation exercises, physical agility *****/or stamina tests, and norm referenced physical fitness or "*****ness" tests. Although job simulation ***** superficially appear most defensible, ***** lack benchmark standards ***** minimal performance levels."

Trends in Police Physical Ability Selection Test*****g

***** article ***** Larry T. Hoover; Public Personnel Management, Vol. 21, 1992

***** in view all the related requirements, the authorities of the police departments ***** made strategies according to ***** *****y ***** select only those individuals who are capable enough to meet the challenges and who would fight against the evilness in the society. The police ***** ***** tra*****ed as such that they develop strong character and abilities, which ***** them in **********g against all the odds.

***** perspective assumes that ***** officers learn their "social" personality from training and through exposure to the ***** of police work it follows ***** that if police *****ficers ***** cynical or rigid, it is not because of ***** dem*****s ***** the job and ***** shared experiences of others."

Police and Policing: Contemporary Issues, Second Ed*****ion

By Dennis Jay Kenney (Author), Robert P. McNamara (*****)

The Police play a major role in the safeguard ***** in *****


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