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Rosa Lee

Of all the individuals examined in Leon Dash's Rosa *****: a Mother and Her Family ***** Urban America, Patty is perhaps the most difficult case in terms of treatment and recovery from her drug problem. More than any other single factor, Patty's environment, both in her adulthood and in her childhood, has contributed to her ***** dependency. The bond between Rosa Lee ***** her daughter is so strong that it has resulted in them choosing similar life paths. Dash repeated relays the idea that Patty's single most important goal throughout her childhood was to be like her mother. Rosa states, "She was just doing what she had seen me do and wanted to imitate me. She's been like that her whole life," (Dash 181). Patty's childhood ***** far ***** what most people would consider healthy, psychologically, yet rat***** than acting out in other potentially more aggressive ways, Patty chose to emulate her mother and stay as close to her ***** possible. Unfortunately, emulating Rosa ***** clearly led to other troubles—including drug abuse. From th***** point of view, it should be unders*****od *****at the most essential tactic in treating an individual ***** ***** would ***** the complete removal from her current social environment.

In many cases, ***** certainly in Patty's case, the dynamics ***** family life contribute ***** significantly to the subject's addictive behavior: "Even though *****s values are largely shaped by the surrounding subculture, ***** family plays an integral role in shaping the attitudes of its members toward drug *****," (Schlaadt 12). Typically, family settings within which drug abuse is common or accepted facilitate the spread of that practice to other ***** members. Th***** was clearly the ***** in Patty's introduction ***** heroin. Patty was first exposed to the drug by watching her brother and his girlfriend while hiding in his closet: "After Ronnie pushed the liquid in***** his ve*****, she watcher her bro*****r's worried frown change into a look of pleasure.... ***** refused to inject her that day. But, Patty told me, 'I knew then, "Well, I'm gonna try ***** one day,"'" (Dash 186). One of the major problems with being introduced to such a serious ***** *****t a young age is that ***** pain and suffering associated with growing-up in a drug abusing household *****es not simply end ***** *****: "If these children survive, it follows *****, particularly if they are girls, ***** their own adulthood. For example, ***** of ***** girls will, themselves, resort to substance abuse in adulthood," (Pagliaro 94). Depression is another major result ***** such a childhood. *****is effect c*****n manifest *****elf in further ***** use, or even in attempted suicide.

Studies have indicated ***** children raised by mothers who are substance *****rs are adversely affected cognitively, as well ***** physically and emotionally: "Starting from infancy, Cregler ***** Mark (1986) noted that, maternal substance ***** can adversely impact the care-giving environment, which, in turn, ***** have long-term negative effects on childhood cognitive development. In additi*****, the conflict and stress in a dysfunction*****l


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