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The Sanctuary of School


The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the essay "The ***** ***** School," by Lynda Barry. Specifically, it will ***** how school can be a sanctuary for some while it is a prison ***** others. Barry writes of her youth in this poignant essay, and she clearly illustrates how education affects us all in different ways. Here, education is ***** salvation, ***** for others, it is simply something they cannot wait to see end. Barry's "salvation" is another's torment, ***** her essay ***** not only a treatise on our many differences, but ***** reactions to everyday occurrences in our lives, and how we cope with them.

The Sanctuary of School

Lynda Barry looks back at ***** 7-year old self in this essay, ***** shows just how education can be a unique experience for each ***** us. For some, school is something ***** "put up with" until they can leave the schoolyard and re*****y "live." ***** Barry however, school was her salvation, and even the place she ran ***** when she ***** frightened and alone. Barry ***** her brother lived in an unhappy ********** abusive household, and so, Barry looked at school as her safety net, where she could escape the realities of her life, and enter a world w*****e everything seemed perfect ********** good. She *****, "In an overcrowded and unhappy home, it's incredibly easy for any child to slip away. The high levels of frustration, depression, and anger in my house made ***** brother and me invisible. We *****re children ***** the sound turned *****f" (Barry 100). How horrible it must be ***** live as a child "w*****h the sound turned off" - it is no wonder B*****rry retreated to the perfection of the classroom during her ***** childhood. For many of her classmates, school was a prison ***** ***** endured until ***** final bell **********, but for Barry, it ***** the only bright spot in her life.

Each ***** us reacts *****ly to the stresses that fill ***** **********, and Barry reacted by running ***** ***** a perfect world - her te*****cher and her classroom. Education means far different things to each of us, ***** some of us simply endure ***** as ***** we must *****lerate ***** it is over. ***** others, like *****, the classroom is a magical and wonderful place, ********** d*****coveries come easily, and learning is a miraculous experience. ***** essay, because it ***** written with feeling ***** emotion, conveys her early love of learning, and ***** great need ***** had to leave her unhappy home and replace it with something she could hang on ***** at any cost. She writes, was ***** my teac*****, and in a while I w*****s going to sit at my desk, with ***** crayons and pencils and books and ***** all around me, and for the next six hours ***** was ***** to enjoy a thoroughly secure, warm, ***** stable world. It was a world I absolutely relied on. Without


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