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School Violence Cause and Effects


A) Introduction

B) Causes of School Violence

*****) Bullying

*****) Gun and violence Culture

C) Effects of Violence

1) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

*****) ***** of Bullying

*****) Conclusion

***** ***** Cause ***** Effects


***** violence has become a disturbing development over the last few years. The increasing incidence ***** violent behavior from students ***** undermined the safe learning environment of our nation's schools. Incidences ***** student ***** behavior that have resulted in fatal consequences have been reported worldwide especially ***** ***** last decade. ***** enormity of the problem is evident ***** such horrific incidents as the columbine school massacre which took 15 lives and ***** Robert Steinhaeuser (Germany) rampage that claimed 16 lives in the ***** campus. Analyzing the cause for such violent behavior ***** the effect it has on ***** *****s, teachers and the commun*****y is necessary for devising strategies to prevent the recurrence of ***** incidents in future. Let us explore the reasons for such violent ***** from young students ***** its effect in a little detail.

********** ***** School Violence

***** of ***** primary reasons for the ***** incidents that occur in our schools is bullying. Bullying by definition means, "exposing a person repeatedly, and over time, ***** negative actions on the part of one or more students" [Coy, 2001]. Unable to withst***** the mental torture and agony suffered at the hands of ***** bullies the affected student resorts to violence as a fin*****l measure. A careful study ***** many school violence related ***** has revealed that the attacker had a previous history of being targeted, marginalized and bullied regularly by some of his ***** mates. The disconcerting ***** of the problem is ***** teachers do not do much to control bullying inside the school campus. "Many teachers see bullying as a normal, natural part of growing up and are therefore indifferent when they ***** it occur." [Coy, 2001]. Being ridiculed on a regular bas***** the student builds up a feeling of helplessness, l*****liness and shame ***** finally develops into hostility. In the absence of any real s*****port or emotional outlet ***** harassed ***** silently suffers until such time when the silence gives way to violence.

***** and violence *****

***** other ********** for the increasing ***** violence is the prevailing gun culture. The ease ***** availability of guns implies that any d*****turbed youth may manage to get his hands on the dangerous weap*****. At the same time in some instances it is also the lack of responsible and precautionary behavior by parents ***** young children gain access to fatal weapons. Media too on ***** part holds a fair degree of responsibility. There is so much violence being portrayed in ***** TV, movies, ***** even video games meant for children. Researchers have found out that the present video games with very high degrees ***** interactive violence may have a considerable effect in triggering violent behavior among children. The fact ***** the two offenders in columbine school incident were interested


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