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Social change

How has technology changed or impacted Geography, Demography, Ecology, Economics and Stratification? What stimulates "Social Change?" Are all societies equal when change occurs? Why or why not?

Technology ***** lessened the barriers that geography places upon commerce. Companies can outsource labor to India, pay workers the going rate, and due to cheaper labor input costs, provide American consumers with less expensive goods. Because of technology, ***** can be shipped all over the world, and we can enjoy oranges from Sicily in the middle of winter. Goods can be sold via e-Bay ***** over ***** world. As the world grows smaller, people move farther away from their families, as they are more aw***** ***** opportunities far ***** wide. Demographically, more affluent people have fewer children, and provide more material comforts for those children. The ecology may be heating up because of global warming, but in the short term, technology has provided humanity with many economic pleasures, although it has also widened the gap between the developing and the developed ***** in terms ***** standards of living. Still, China and India may be catching up, deploying ***** ***** labor costs and large populations to an economic advantage. The world has grown more stratified, but the poor have grown more *****are, through the media, of ***** extent ***** the divide between the haves and have-nots.

Social ***** may originate in material changes, like changes in climate, *****, or population numbers, but the subsequent social changes spawn further social changes unplanned by the crea*****rs of the material change, ***** a shift to ***** more sedentary society, ***** result of the ubiquity of ***** Internet at home and work. Societies are all ********** affected ***** change, ***** not all ***** society benefits from technological progress. Technology has enriched the lives of Americas who ***** able ***** afford computers, but for those families ***** cannot, the educational divide between children who grow up ***** computers and those who do not, once consider*****, now becomes seismic in terms of ***** necessary job skills the poor are deprived of, and some ***** may never overcome this early obstacle to their


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