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Strategic Competition vs. Team Cooperation

***** Strategy of


An online retailer ***** nutritional supplements and alternative medicine, Herbal Advisor has a marketing staff of 10 Product Marketing Executives (PMEs) among whom; around 10 thousand products (incl. variations) of the Web Site are evenly distributed for their paid Web Marketing. The study reveals how strategic competition proves to be more effective than team cooperation in achieving the company's targets.


***** team mem*****r's initial assignment was to generate as many "specific" search terms as possible from every unique product name for paid submissions in, and which were two ***** ***** main search engines where the company's ***** Marketing was done.

***** the help of ADManagerTM - a st*****te-of-the-art Tracking System of the company, ***** PME could monitor the revenue generated from each search term, as well ***** the advertising cost incurred thereon, ********** in each ***** engine.

Flaws in ***** Cooperation

***** ***** initially followed a marketing policy that was based on Team Cooperation. According to this, the team was given a collective task ***** search term generation and submission without evenly distributing the products ***** ***** among them. The results led to an incredibly high advertising cost ***** was beyond budgeting, ***** sales way *****o low than that which was forecasted.

***** discovered, it was noticed ***** the ***** did not take ***** pain in even understanding the product types, or knowing the products carried by the Web S*****e's inventory. They ********** generated all heath-related search terms that they found to have high click-through ratio. Consequently, the generated ***** terms ***** general words like "nutrition," "weight loss," "hair care," "fitness," "diet," etc. ***** got the website innumerable visitors, but almost none that converted to a buyer.

When it was individu*****y inquired from each *****, the general reply was that they knew web marketing, but did not know how to generate ***** through the activity. They had collectively done their job with loyalty, ***** if their was no buyer, it was as a result of consumer psychology that he comes to the Web Site for information, and goes to the local pharmacy for buying.

***** of Strategic Competition

The management, instead of replacing its entire marketing staff, revised its marketing strategy and assigned all the products among ***** staff. They were told to generate search ***** ***** their names. Thus, each PME ***** his ***** terms that he / she **********. The basic salaries were reduced and a commission was ***** upon r*****ue generated by the sales of the products of ***** PME. Any search term incurring advertising cost beyond a set c*****p, ***** ***** extra cost recovered ***** the respective PME's *****.

The ***** showed the following:

All general ***** terms were au*****matically removed as every PME refused to ***** them in his / her account due to the ad-cost recovery policy

The Search Term Inventory got over 4000 "specific" search terms per ***** Engine

The revenue showed a monthly increase ***** 31.47%

The advertising cost


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