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Student Desire for On-campus Worship Facilities at Montclair State University


Chapter 1: Introduction

Statement of Problem

Research Questions

***** of Study

Chapter 2: Methodology

***** Review

***** Design

Selection of Participants


***** or Assumptions

Data Processing and Analysis

Chapter 3: Proposed Conclusions


***** primary purpose of this study is to examine the residential students at ***** St*****e University's desire to have on-campus worship facilities. Currently, the worship opportunities at the university are limited to the celebr*****ion of Mass by the Chaplain ***** the Newman Catholic Center.

There is also a Campus Ministry, composed a number of ministers, ordained chaplains and advisors who represent several major denominations and who provide religious ***** spiritual guidance and support. These campus ***** form the Campus Ministry Council. There are also a ***** of student-led religious organizations that serve the needs of students on *****.

***** diligent these efforts are, there are still not sufficient resources for ***** opportunities ***** campus because of the lack of facilities. This unfortunately has not kept pace with ***** students' spiritual needs even though their educational needs ***** being met.

Montclair state University is a school ***** prides itself on being innovative and believes it offers rich ***** opportunities to its students. There is substantial supportive literature that links the learning process and development to ********** spiritual needs.

The purpose of ***** study is to show the string connection between higher learning and spiritual endeavors. Students at Montclair State University need to ***** the option of pursuing some form ***** ***** enrichment on campus and need the proper facilities to pursue th*****.

It is the intent of this proposed study to identify the ***** for worship facilities and discuss the perceptions ***** attitudes regarding ***** needs and educational needs on campus.

***** 1: Introduction

Understanding ***** premise of ***** ***** requires having basic knowledge about ***** State University and its vision and mission regarding the ***** opportunities the ***** provides for ***** students.

***** State *****, located in Montclair, New Jersey, was founded ***** 1908 in response to ***** growing demand for teachers. It was the first teachers college ***** be accredited in 1937 and placed a strong emp*****is on liberal arts and the sciences. In 1994, ***** university was selected to be a te*****ching university.

The school is the second largest in ***** state of New Jersey and ***** an extensive undergraduate program. The primary goals ***** the *****'s strategic plan and mission are (Montclair State University website):

***** be a recognized center for excellence in teaching and learning

To be a source of new knowledge and the application of knowledge

To provide exp*****ed opportunities to students within a richly diverse setting

***** ***** the facilities, equipment and funding to support ***** University's expansion

To embrace the pervasive and transforming use of technology

To be a center for global study and understanding

***** foster a vibr*****nt sense of community in which each student will ***** challenged to attain her or his full potential

To serve


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