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Implication for teaching vocabulary based on knowledge of language teaching methodology and the ***** sub-system vocabulary—what do we need to ***** as teachers to teach students vocabulary?

When ********** students new vocabulary, whe*****r the words are simply new or are tricky and difficult (such as homophones or homonyms), incre*****ing the students' range of context-dependent associations regarding the new word is key. Students must learn to understand the meaning of new ***** through exposure ***** ***** words in a series of different contexts, not ***** through the memorization of def*****itions. This is why expanding ***** vocabulary, regardless of the students' grade level, must not be confined to a specific part of the lesson plan known as ***** vocabulary or Engl*****h section of the day. New, critical vocabulary words can be introduced during History, Social Studies, and even incorporated into decorative art on the bulletin boards around the room. In fact, incorporating new vocabulary ***** in all spheres ***** the ***** regular less*****s ***** class***** environments increases the student's level of familiarity with the new words, lessens the sense ***** intimidation when approaching difficult words, and broadens the contextual definitions students are exposed to regarding ***** vocabulary words.

One way to increase retention is to *****gin with the continual yet different contextual exposure of the words, *****n directly emphasizing the importance of the new words ***** *****room media, and finally through material ***** are required to master in their formal homework. This process of contextual stages will make the final tests of ***** words seem less frightening. This gradual ***** further enables students to have a ***** of activating prior *****, if they are ***** to new vocabulary over time. It also gives ***** a sense of empowerment, especially when learning difficult words, as the ***** ***** seem less unfamiliar if students first hear ***** words said aloud during videotape, then see them in a coll*****ge of current events, ***** finally must understand the word in a story they must re*****d during


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