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Tecumseh Red Jacket Speeches

The speeches of Red Jacket and Tecumseh are both fundamental examples of the period ***** of the manner in which different Indian orators developed and utilized ethos, pathos and logos to demonstrate each point to different audiences. To begin with this work must briefly describe each and then it will discuss the differences between ***** two on all three points. The ethos of any persuasive argument is demonstrated as the authority with which the speaker comes into the argument and how the audience recognizes this authority ***** how ***** speaker creates trust with content and technique. The ***** of the persuasive argument is ***** material ***** by the speaker to persuade in an artistic *****, while the pathos of the persuasion is ***** emotion that already resides with the audience which the speaker ***** plays upon to build h***** persuasive argument.

***** 56) Having briefly defined ***** element this work ***** ********** move forward to compare and contrast the information offered by each speaker to persuade his *****.


***** Tecumseh and ***** Jacket relay heavily on individual skill to demonstrate their *****, ***** both have gained authority outside of the ***** argument that they then utilize and present artistically ***** demonstrate purpose and intent. The intended audience of each speaker intensely modifies the messages of the speakers, as Red Jacket, speaks to the U.S. Senate relying on ***** fact ***** he has been asked to participate in this "council fire" by t***** senate ***** will speak ***** the questions they ***** placed before him, most specifically the fact that he believes the Red Man and the White man to be different and therefore deserving of their own unimpeded faiths. Red Jacket outlines, rather tamely the many ways in which ***** white man has challenged the Red man's *****, on many issues and then defines the need of the White Man to refrain from attempting ***** usurp the authority of ***** Red Man's religi*****, until such time as the ***** Man sees if the preaching of ***** ***** Man to local white men (in the communities where both live together) actually changes their historical behavior to one ***** is more ***** line ***** the words ***** the White Man's Book (the bible) ***** is even among the white man interpreted divergently, and which ***** not been h*****ed down ***** the Red Man ***** h***** ancestors, in t*****e way the their own Great Spirit faith has *****. While Tecumseh on the o*****r hand is speak*****g to another Indian nation, one he wishes to ***** ***** fight the ***** Man for all of the wrongs, he has committed. He ***** to ***** oration with t***** authority of truly being a brother to the Os*****ges, as a fellow Red ***** and with the authority of the Great Spirit, a divine ch*****racter which they collectively rely on as the universal creator.


The material utilized by both ***** ***** ***** ***** is dependant ***** the historical avarice ***** the white


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