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***** A Total Safety Management System

*****: An Introduction

Total Safety Management System or TSM enables an organization to develop interrelated processes ***** provide personnel with a consistently s*****fe work environment in which to provide the best product and services (DOE, 8). According to Goetsch (2005) TSM is "a perform*****nce-oriented approach to safety management that involves the total organization" (1). This means that a ***** involves integrated processes and procedures ***** ensure ***** total health ***** well being of all employees within an *****.

There are many advantages a TSM system h*****s to offer an org*****ization. Among the more commonly cited advantages of a TSM include improved employee morale, improved motivation, greater productivity and increased safety on and ********** the job. Employees that feel safe are ***** likely ***** remain productive and loyal than those who are threatened in the workplace. Besides an investment in time *****d tra*****ing, there are relatively few disadvantages a TSM ***** has to offer. These ideas and more are discussed below.

Advantages of ***** *****s In Business

***** systems ***** organizati*****s various benefits. Perhaps the most important advantage an organization stands to gain by adopting a TSM is improved productivity and efficiency (Pierce, 2000). When implemented correctly a TSM system should help organizations maintain and promote a ********** and ***** environment for employees to work in. TSM encourages among other things (1) peak per*****mance among employees, (2) performance-based action and (3) continual steps *****ward improvement (Goetsch, 2005). A TSM offers companies multiple *****s. One it ensures employees are competent and adequately trained to perform the tasks at h*****. It also ensures an org*****ization easily identifies safety requirements and st*****ards and monitors ********** in the *****.

***** also enables individuals within ***** corporation to have clear responsibilities ***** roles with regard to *****, and ensures they are competent with respect to the level of responsibility they carry ***** the organization (*****, *****2). It also *****s employees and ***** organization balance priorities. An ***** willing to adopt a TSM ***** subsequently assigns accountability ***** certain individuals for an org*****izations environment health ***** *****-being. ***** also encourages individuals and teams of individuals in the organization to establ*****h common goals and objectives ***** respect to organizational safety. ***** in turn improves team spirit, camaraderie and confidence in the organizations ability to support employee objectives and safety.

Kincaid (2002) points out that an effective TSM system will develop ***** standards in language that is plain and clear so that all employees are capable of adopting safety ***** as a normal part of business. An organization that utilizes a ***** and treats safety "like it is truly important" ***** ***** multiple advantages over competitors in ***** because it will offer ***** improved safety and better health *****ance in the workplace (Kincaid, 34). Employees who are aware of hazards on the job are less likely to engage in behaviors or activ*****ies that will result in harm or decreased *****. Time and time again *****s have noted that close attention to safety


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