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Women Have Harder Lives Than Men

Women have often been called the weaker sex or the soft *****, but in reality, ********** lives are much harder than men's lives. Let us start with the obvious: pregnancy. No woman has ever claimed that pregnancy is fun, yet it is a cross that many women bear and bear willingly. In less enlightened times, wo***** only job was to ***** children - and as ***** as possible. Today, ********** maintain c*****ers ***** outside interests and hobbies, but still bear children. Companies provide maternity leave ***** generally ********** only provide six weeks: it boggles the mind that society believes that women can take six weeks only ***** somehow prepare for labor, give birth and then recover. Yet, we expect th***** of women, ***** career-oriented ***** accept *****e burden and thrive.

Then of course, there is the work associated with raising ***** child. Granted, fathers have a huge sh*****re in the workload of ***** a *****, but in ***** nuclear family, generally ***** woman is more involved. Perhaps it ***** because ***** the biological connection ***** mother feels with her child - after all she gave birth to the child and the father did not - or perhaps it is because ***** usually assigns the woman a m*****e prev*****lent role in raising ***** child, ***** the mother ***** works harder during the childhood.

The father is generally assigned the role of bread-winner by society but that is changing faster than perceptions about a wom*****n's greater responsibil*****y for ***** children are changing. Women are increasingly earning salaries that ***** equal to if not greater than their husbands' salaries. Naturally, they are working harder for those higher salaries too: salaries don't increase with impunity. Rather, salary increases are always commensurate ***** ***** workloads. And women are meeting these higher ***** while giving birth to and ra*****ing multiple *****, too.

But even aside from the work associated with children, *****'s lives are more d*****ficult. They have to endure much more sexual harassment and sexual assault than men have to endure. These obstacles complicate women's pr*****essional and personal lives in ways ***** are often obvious. But ***** also make ***** ***** harder in intangible *****: Women need to be ***** aware of the risks of ***** assault than men do, and this increases their stress load.

On the job, wo***** are entering c*****ers that ***** a decade ago were strictly male. But women are often accorded less respect on the ***** and lower pay, too. If ***** are efficient and productive *****ers, they may climb the corporate ladder quickly, ***** then they are viewed as bossy or insolent. Where men are c*****sidered ambitious for ***** hard and well, women may ***** considered pushy ***** may be resented by the male power structure.

***** do enjoy the advantage over men in some fields - teaching, secretarial, publishing - but ***** these ***** the professions which pay less. Single *****s in such typically female professions will ***** a difficult time supporting


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