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Advertising and Sales Strategy for a Travel Agent Franchise Marketing Plan

… However, a cost effective approach will also include the setting up of social networking media, and the use of advertising though the media sites, which can be undertaken in a highly targeted manner for as little as $1 a day (Facebook, 2014), but more may be advisable. The use of the local newspaper or radio can also be cost effective.


Aim of Advertising

The aim of the advertising will be to generate leads or enquiries. Most potential cruisers want to talk to an agent before they book a holiday; this is a common trait with any potentially high cost purchase (Dickinson & Vladimir, 2007). Therefore it is enquires that are the most important stage, as without these the travel agent will not make sales. With a closing rate that a good, (but not excellent) agent may have of 40% (Dickinson & Vladimir, 2007), and a desire to sell 100 cruises in a year, the marketing should generate 250 serous leads in a year, or 5 a week.


Sales Plan


Distribution Channel

The sales plan will start with the decision to make sales direct to the customer. Dickinson & Vladimir, (2007) note that most cruisers want to talk to a sales agent or travel agent before booking, so a direct channel may be the best approach. This will allow the travel agent to get top know the customers and find out what they want to make sure they are being sold the right cruise. It is also a distribution medium that may help to create longer term relationship so cruisers will once again return to the same agent for subsequent cruise bookings.


Sales Forecast

A forecast can be made for the expected level of sales in the new franchise, it is estimated that there will be 100 sales in the first year, with an average cruise value of $5,000, and from this the agency will earn an average of 14% commission, giving revenue for the firm of $70,000. It may also be estimated that the following year there will be a 20% increase as past customers return and more new customers are obtained.


Sales Budget

The sales budget will need to be managed carefully and kept low due to the initial low revenue. The direct sales strategy will rely on the investor/owner going it alone in the first few years, so they will not have any wages or salaries to pay to others. However, it may be assumed that they do need to draw a wage, and this will be estimated at $35,000. The travel agency is one that can be home based, so overhead and administrative costs may be kept to a minimum, but there will still need to be telephone costs, postage and paperwork, insurance etc. This is estimated at $10,000 per annum.

Table 1; Sales budget



Salary draw




Admin costs


Net revenue



Sales Process

The sale process will usually take place over the telephone, and… [read more]

Advertising to Sales Promotion Ratio Term Paper

… Marketing-Sales

The advertising to sales promotion ratio has changed during the past decade from what was once a 60:40 ratio, to what is now a 75:25 ratio. Reasons behind this change include the fact that it is a much more competitive marketplace overall, and that companies must compete for sales in an aggressive manner. Another measurement to consider is the Lifetime Value of Marketing Model that values the dollars spent on advertising over the life of a particular product, not just the life of the ad campaign itself.

"The so-called Lifetime Value of Marketing Model makes a strong case for sharper advertising copy, a higher advertising-to-sales dollar ratio." (Neff 2000-page 4) Most for profit business' consistently study industry trends, and are copiously aware of the costs of producing and selling their product. If studies show that more profits can be generated by spending additional advertising dollars on each sale, then most business' will likely spend those dollars.

Another factor to consider as to why the ratio has changed so dramatically is… [read more]

Database Marketing, Sales Force Automation Term Paper

… In a recent survey, Best Practices noted that financial companies often use sales force automation to improve prospects. A financial services company may use sales force automation to successfully improve product lists, leading to sales. In this situation, the techniques… [read more]

Marketing Research Paper

… Marketing

Discuss the aspects of the elements of the communication mix include: advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity/public relations and personal selling.) Define each and discuss the pros and cons of the individual elements.

The creation of an effective integrated marketing communications strategy requires the coordination of advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations (PR) and personal selling all aimed at a common goal. The greater the level of synchronization across these elements the greater the potential of strategies being effective and goals being attained (Kitchen, Kim, Schultz, 2008). The role of social media has accelerated the need for synchronizing each of these specific components together into a concerted and focused effort (Mangold, Faulds, 2009). With the high need for coordination in mind each of the elements of the communication mix are defined including their strengths and weaknesses. Advertising's strengths include being able to quickly define and sustain a brand's value proposition, be instrumental in launching a new product, define competition position and value, and define the value of products by benefits rather than just features. The cons or negatives of advertising include cost, lack of precise targeting in print-based advertising, and the need to repetitively advertising to see any long-term effects. Direct marketing's strengths include ease of tracking results (Hester, 2009), cost efficiency, control over creative messaging, and fast time to deploy. The negatives or cons of direct marketing is that consumers are beginning to view it as spam, the lack of quality in specific direct marketing programs is hurting the entire industry, and postal costs are again expected to increase which will increase the costs of this strategy. Sales promotion's strengths include the ability to directly impact the initial trial of a product, the ability to create targeted strategies across print and online channels (Wakolbinger, Denk, Oberecker, 2009) and the advantage of precisely targeting the sales promotion to specific audiences. The cons or negatives are first the costs, which can become very high if a product trail is involved. Second, the timeframes for executing sales promotions and the need to keep campaigns running continuously for this strategy to be effective is significant. Third, sales promotions must be tailored to specific audiences to be effective over time. Public relations' strengths include the ability to create a company's reputations relatively inexpensively by building relationships with key influencers, create greater brand awareness through print and online-based PR strategies, and precisely target specific audiences with messaging and key concepts. The cons or negatives of PR are that it often comes across as insincere and can cost company credibility if not done well. Second, PR needs to be genuine and promote real news, not press releases about events or programs made up just for publicity. Third, PR must be consistent as branding is to deliver… [read more]

Marketing Organic Chocolate Bars the Selected New Thesis

… Marketing Organic Chocolate Bars

The selected new product for development is a line of organic chocolate candy bars which will be branded under the name Everyday. The organic chocolate market currently totals $70.8 million, just a small fraction of the overall chocolate market which is about $6 billion in the United States alone (Organic chocolate booming in U.S.). Given that sales of organic foods will increase by 71% from 2006 to 2011 (Knudson, 2007), the growth prospects for organic chocolate should be equally promising.

Rather than establishing a high-end brand like other organic candy companies such as Dagoba, Green & Black, Lake Champlain, Chocolove and Newman's Own, this organic chocolate product line will try to serve as a similar product to popular non-organic candy bars. Therefore, Everyday candy bar types will mimic America's leading selling candy bars, Snickers, Hershey's Chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's, (Beirne, 2006). Our company will position the product line as a healthier alternative to popular candy bars, offering the same favorite flavors and providing more affordability and channel ubiquity than current organic substitutes. The overall goal is to increase the number of consumers who embrace organic chocolates and to also increase the frequency of purchases of organic chocolates. With its lower price than high-end organic brands and similarity to popular candy bars, Everyday should command share similar to the larger chocolate market than the present niche market for organic chocolate.

Everyday's mission is to ensure that all foods, including widely consumed candy bars, are healthy, nutritious, desirable and affordable. As such, Everyday will provide organic candy bars made entirely of natural ingredients that are free of artificial fertilizes and pesticides, and that offer the same types of options as leading non-organic candy bars for only a slightly greater price. Our strategy to achieve Everyday's mission and objectives is to focus on product, price, place and promotion.

Product: Like our organic competitors, all products will be made with natural ingredients. However, unlike the competition, candy bar types will mimic America's leading selling candy bars, Snickers, Hershey's Chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's, (Beirne, 2006).

Price: To increase affordability, price will be $1.75, a point midway between non-organic candy bars which sell for approximately $.75 and high-end organic candy bars which sell from between $2.50 to $4.00.

Place: Given lower margins, greater distribution will be key to the product's success.

This new product line will embrace the high-end and specialty food stores that organic chocolate companies currently focus on. However, unlike other organic chocolate products, Everyday will also seek out ubiquity in supermarkets, drug stores and mass merchandisers such as… [read more]

Marketing a Market Follower Is a Company Term Paper

… Marketing

A market follower is a company that is comfortable not taking the lead in a market share system, they are happy taking a part of the market share without incurring the costs of a market leader in the process.… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communications Term Paper

… The latter helps company to better assesses the response of consumers. It is more economical as it is selective in its audience. The creation of promotional messages is easier as companies are well informed of characteristics and needs of their audience. Reckitt Benckiser uses this form of promotion especially for its pharmaceutical products such as Gaviscon, Bonjela, Temgesic (injections and tablets) and new ones. The cards explaining the products, along with the samples are mailed to doctors. However, as it is strategy used by most pharmaceutical companies n it can very confusing, annoying and difficult for doctors to examine all of them and respond to them. Hence, Reckitt Benckiser may not always get its desired amount of response.

Another form of promotion is personal selling, whereby a member of the sales team of the company tries to persuade and sell a product directly, in a person -- to person contact. The advantages of this method, are that it allows the seller to better explain, persuade a product and answer any questions that consumer might have. In this way, the seller is able to get immediate feedback. Members of sale teams of Reckitt Benckiser visit doctors and chemist (for pharmaceutical products) and general shopkeepers to explain their news products and sell and examine the sale of the old products. On visiting, they also might offer bulk buying discounts to general buyers and give-aways to doctors such as prescription pads, calendars, thermometers etc. This helps them build a better relationship with their consumers. The disadvantages, however, are that these methods may not encouraged by the buyers and requires a great communication skills on sellers' part, because the entire selling depends upon the sellers' skills and attitude which may not be consistent and affect or hamper the image of the products being promoted.


1. Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications. Accessed online 29th Jan 2005: [read more]

Business Marketing Brand Manager Term Paper

… Beckman, Kurtz and Boone (1997) further note that market research provides information that identifies marketing problems and opportunities, allows marketing actions to be created, revised and assessed, monitors market performance and improves the overall effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Despite the… [read more]

Demand States in a Market Essay

… Demand States in a Market

There are eight possible states of demand within a given market -- negative demand, nonexistent demand, latent demand, declining demand, irregular demand, full demand, overfull demand and unwholesome demand. The negative demand means that the… [read more]

Sales as the Heart of Marketing Essay

… Sales as the Heart of Marketing

Sales is at the Center of Marketing

The worse the economic climate in an industry or economy, the greater the level of battling that goes on between marketing and sales for the direction of all customer-facing strategies. The current recession has just accentuated and exacerbated this issue, with sales winning the majority of the time due to their better understanding of customer needs. In debating if marketing or sales is actually driving marketing, it's clear that sales has more self-interest ins take in seeing lead generation, lead escalation, lead nurturing and sales cycles succeeding. A large proportion of sales' income is directly affected by the effectiveness and precision by which marketing strategies are executed, which leads to this group fighting to dominate the role in many companies (Paparoidamis, Guenzi, 2009). The tougher the economic climate the greater urgency sales professionals have to protect their current income and earn at least a proportion of their bonus (Turner, Lasserre, Beauchet, 2007).

Finding the Voice of the Customer and Acting on it

With so many digital channels and marketing techniques available for marketers to choose from and quantify their strategies to understand their effectiveness on target markets, the marketing profession could reach a level of precision never seen before. The role of digital marketing continues to be all-encompassing between upper and lower sales funnel analysis, providing a level of precision to marketing efforts that makes Return on Investment (ROI) possible to track and attain for each strategy or program (Edelman, 2010). Ironically, however marketers have adopted digital marketing so strongly that they have neglected to take into account those factors that cannot be quantified. The voice of the customer including their unmet needs, requirements, and needs for future products are seldom as neatly quantified as a digital marketing campaign defies this level of qualitative data capturing. Marketing has never been more quantified in its approach, measurable yet in this quantification the emotions, frustrations, concerns and needs of customers that defy quantification are often completely forgotten.

On this issue is where sales are taking control of marketing. Sales spend time with customers in person and can quickly interpret their emotions, from the frustration and unmet needs to the areas of a company's performance that delight them and get them to their goals. Sales understand how customers think in great depth and can quickly understand what needs they have. Sales managers and more senior sales professionals are so good at anticipating customer needs they can orchestrate the development of entire products… [read more]

Marketing Plan for Coca-Cola Marketing Plan

… The Marketing Mix for Coca-Cola:

Marketing mix constitutes all those strategies which are formulated and implemented with the core objective of presenting the company's product or service to its target customers in the most effective and competitive fashion. The Coca-Cola… [read more]

Black Thinking Advertising Agency- Business Business Plan

… Due to the stability in the political and economic conditions of the city, Birmingham houses many small businesses that can be potential customers to Black Thinking. Even new small businesses launching now and then can be helped by the company… [read more]

Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies Essay

… In terms of the four Ps of the marketing mix, Pepsi prices its items based on the amount and size. Prices of this company have been easily accepted by the public population. This increases the product's demand. Pepsi is a pro-at its promotion tactic (Smith & Taylor, 2009).

Pepsi has been doing promotion since its inception. The company does this in an effective and efficient manner to attract new customers while retaining existing customers. The promotion of Pepsi is composed of radio, television, billboards, internet, global events like World Cup and pamphlets (Palmer, 2012). As among the leading beverage company, Pepsi is easily available and accessible across the world. Obviously, Pepsi can be found everywhere because of the increasing demand for its products. The company has always established effective, and attraction strategies to attract its target market; packaging in football events with Pepsi products.

US Airways is a multinational corporation providing service items, flights in various destinations, within the transport sector. U.S. Airways marketing strategy entail quality of flights, flight services, executive class, various worldwide destinations, security, and years of experience, support facilities, and speed. As a brand, U.S. Airways provides comfortable and efficient transport to customers. In terms of product development, company is positioning in selecting the most appropriate strategy, has been recognized to be a strategic factor (Wensveen, 2011).

US Airways has been positioning itself as a high quality, high standard airline, and the leader in the category market. The company tries to fulfill all the diverse customer expectations and needs from the first class, economy class and business by offering various services (Palmer, 2012). U.S. Airways prides in the on-board menu, in terms wines, and foods and different lounges for first class clients contrary to its economy class. It provides business class seats, gold and silver cards for frequent customers and an executive lounge in all main airports. In addition, it offers customers with free drinks and food flights with exceptional service. The company has a unique two-in-flight magazine various radio channels, a collection of movies and TV programs for entertainment (Wensveen, 2011). It also flies the most convenient and busiest lines and airports from almost every country across the worldwide destinations.

US Airways has expanded its marketing by introducing effective pricing strategies, which cater for across the board clients. Price refers to the value put on the items exchanged in the process of marketing. Customers pay money to receive utility or satisfaction (Baines Fill & Page, 2013). Some neoclassical experts argued that utility is the bi-product of any economic activity. Therefore, U.S. Airways understands that it must set its prices in such a way, which encourages clients to perceive value of their belief in terms of money they have spent. The company sets prices based on the value offered and perceived by customers.

If prices exceed the perceived customer value, the U.S. Airways will lose potential clients and profits. On the contrary, if prices are lower than the perceived customer value, then it will be impossible… [read more]

Marketing Response There Are Several Significant Advantages Term Paper

… Marketing


There are several significant advantages of using qualitative measurements in marketing research. The most significant is the ability to capture the voice of customers that may have evaded the more structured, numerically-based approaches that force respondents to provide… [read more]

Marketing Plan for Brocade Comm's Mlxe Switch Router Marketing Plan

… Brocade MLX Routers

Marketing Plan

Brocade MLX Routers: Advertising

Marketing Plan

The high-speed routers have become the need of a common person in an era where high-speed internet connections are required to fulfill the high-scale objectives of large enterprises. Nowadays,… [read more]

Managing Advertising, Sales Promotion Term Paper

… Highly selective mailing lists can help marketers better direct their products and services so that consumers are more likely to show interest. For example, a direct mail campaign advertising $50,000 Bentley cars is not likely to have much impact in… [read more]

Marketing Grade Course Satisfaction Essay

… It caters in making a large target audience well aware of the product features and communicating the key benefits of the product to the consumers. Advertisements are thus considered as the traffic drivers of a promotion. Advertising messages provide an understanding of how the audience members can take part in a promotion and benefit from the advantages offered by it. Advertising provides a means to measure the overall response and results of the promotion campaign. In an online advertising campaign, the number of clicks on banner ads and number of website visitors can be tracked in order to measure the popularity and success rate of a product launch.

Apart from creating awareness, advertising plays a significant role in building brand personality and image. Advertising produces a psychological effect which has an impact on the mental disposition of the audience, so that they purchase the advertised product. Thus advertisements act as stimulators developing brand preferences among the consumers, which results in enhanced levels of customer satisfaction (Tellis 508). Moreover, advertising encourages innovation and new product development which ultimately reduces the risk of the product becoming obsolete. In a nutshell advertising is basically a form of communication which has the basic responsibility of delivering the information to the target audience. This stimulates demand by providing information regarding the availability of the product, discounts offered and the expectation of the fulfillment of latent and aroused needs. Advertising also lends a hand in supporting other promotion mix elements, which include preselling and helping the sales pro-motion and personal selling activities (Tellis 510).

Question 4

Integrated Marketing Communication and its Role in a Firm's Marketing Strategy

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is defined as a planning process aimed at assuring that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time. The goal of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) revolves around integrating all the elements of corporation. It actually combines advertising, sales, customer service, public relations, direct marketing, sales support, etc. into a singular, unified force instead of having them work as different departments having no coordination and cooperation with each other. IMC was actually developed for attaining consistency across marketing communications disciplines and media. Integrated Marketing Communication strategies comprise of figuring out the target audience, developing objectives and budgets, analyzing social, competitive, cultural and technological issues, and eventually evaluating them and retrieving feedback regarding the effectiveness of promotional strategies adopted.

Many organizations today use IMC as a pivotal part of their marketing strategy. Instead of dividing marketing communications into separate groups which hardly communicate with each other, organizations are now diverting their strategies towards integrating all marketing disciplines under one umbrella. This makes every communication consistent with one message, sharing the same strategy. The adoption of IMC in a firm's marketing strategy is the first step towards attaining the purpose of marketing which revolves around generating revenue, increased market share, driving preference to purchase, and building brand awareness.

Works Cited

Kotler, Philip,… [read more]

Point of Purchase Pop Advertising Essay

… ¶ … Purchase Advertising

Typically, a point-of-purchase advertising objective falls into one of six categories: developing awareness and improving attitudes, generating trial, stimulating an impulse purchase, remind/repeat purchase stimulation, new usage idea/repeat purchase stimulation or brand differentiation (Liljenwall, 2004). This paper discusses my experience with two of these, generating trial and developing awareness and improving attitudes. My experience generating trials was positive while the attempt to develop awareness was not.

Cosmetics companies are very good at generating trails of their products. Most recently, I visited Lancome's makeup counter at Macy's and was offered a free gift set with any Lancome purchase of $29.50 or more. According to Schultz, Robinson, and Petrison (1997), this is an example of a near-pack promotion where an item is offered free or for an additional charge at the point of purchase. These authors mention that near-packs are very effective at generating trial for other items in a product line. I agree with this statement and add that it's very good at getting a shopper who is just browsing to move forward and make a purchase. After seeing the offer on signs displayed above the counter, I bought an item, a moisturizer, which I was only thinking about purchasing, in order to receive the free gift. Furthermore, I discovered that I really like one of the items in the gift set, a Lancome lipstick that I had never bought before and probably would have never tried without the point-of-purchase advertising. As a result, I will probably purchase this item in the future. The advertising was in no way annoying. I viewed it as an unobtrusive offer that would allow me to sample some free products. I would strongly advise marketing executives at cosmetics firms to conduct this type of advertising frequently, changing gift pack items so that consumers try more and more items. Cosmetics have high markups, so getting the consumer to buy additional products is well worth the cost of offering the additional samples. However, I believe the downside of near packs for cosmetics is that consumers may hold off making purchases until a promotion is in place.

Recently, my car broke down and I had to rent a car. The rental car agent at Hertz spent a lot of time trying to get me to purchase the company insurance as well as a costly prepaid gas option where I would purchase a tank… [read more]

Sports Marketing Nike's Marketing Strategy Thesis

… Nike's Marketing Strategy

Nike, the world's largest athletic wear company, has developed a sophisticated marketing strategy that supports its vision of inspiring athletes. At the core of their strategy is the concept, developed by co-founder Bill Bowerman, that "if you… [read more]

Marketing the Most Important Difference Between Sales Research Paper

… ¶ … Marketing

The most important difference between sales promotion and advertising is perhaps given by the scope of each of these actions. In general, sales promotion are destined to encouraging short-term sales of a certain product or portfolio of products, while advertising is generally a long-term action meant to encourage sales from a certain brand over a longer period of time and build confidence with potential consumers. At the same time, the incentive that each of the two actions provides for the customer is different. In the case of sales promotion, the incentive is almost exclusively the price or rather the perceived bargain that the client will have by purchasing the product being promoted. On the other hand, in advertising, the incentive is quite often emotional or otherwise related to the product.

Sales promotions are useful generally around a holiday, because people have an incentive to maximize their volume of purchases during that period of time and a… [read more]

Marketing Plan for Du Maurier Cigarette Brand Imperial Tobacco Canada Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for DuMaurier Cigarette Brand - Imperial Tobacco Canada

Du Maurier Marketing Plan

Situation Analysis

Market Situation

Macro environment

Demographic Situation in Canada

Economic Situation

Political-Legal Situation

Ecological Situation

Socio - Cultural Situation

Technological Situation

Competitive Situation

Opportunities and… [read more]

IMC Strategy Exploring Research Paper

… The downside of promotional strategies are their lack of permanence and relatively quick lifecycles, lack of measures on effectiveness, and long-term timeframes often needed to shut them off (Johnston, Tennens, 2005).

Publicity and public relations (PR) are among the most critical aspects of any IMC, in that they share the most relevant and valuable information about a given product or service with the target market of prospective customers. PR looks much easier than it is to do well. The pros of a strong PR campaign as part of an IMC strategy are its ability to create greater name awareness, act as a catalyst of the entire IMC strategy, and also underscore the unique value proposition of the products or services being sold (Johnston, Tennens, 2005). The cons of PR are its imprecise nature, as it will often not be directly applicable to all prospects all the time, it's lack of measurability, and the short lifecycle of this strategy in the context of selling Anantachart, 2004).

Personal selling is the most critically important aspect of the IMC strategy as all elements are designed to enable a sale to be made. The pros of having this as part of an IMC strategy are its immediate revenue implications, continued development of customer relationships, and immediate feedback from customers on how a given product or service is meeting their needs or not (Holm, 2006). The downside of personal selling is that it is often very expensive, can take a long time to accomplish on costly products, and requires constant training to enable a sales team to do it effectively.


Anantachart, S. (2004). Integrated Marketing Communications and market planning: Their implications to brand equity building. Journal of Promotion Management, 11(1), 101-125.

Holm, O. (2006). Integrated marketing communication: From tactics to strategy. Corporate Communications, 11(1), 23-33.

Johnston, M., & Tennens, M.… [read more]

Nwp Marketing Natural Way Products Term Paper

… To broaden potential customer base and earn money from their sites (NMI, 2010).

Banners, tastefully designed and placed on relevant, high-traffic sites and venues, such as environmental and organic/natural product forums and newsgroups (Demers, 2010).


Television/YouTube. Although television advertisements can be costly, those on local television are relatively cost-effective. Also, usage of streaming media sites such as YouTube can cause a product or person to "go viral" in hours, expanding visibility exponentially.

Choose airtime on TV carefully, to maximize return. Showings of nature programs, local business programs, and documentaries would likely be good time slots to schedule advertisements.

Create a series of short videos to release on YouTube and social networks. One featuring the company vision and mission, one detailing manufacturing techniques and ingredients, and one or more for each branch of the product line would allow bite-sized chunks of information for the viewer (NMI, 2010).

Create a natural products channel, and invite other merchants in similar product and service lines to participate by adding their own videos -- and followers -- to the channel. Add popular videos periodically to drive up visitor rates, but do not choose anything out of line with the company philosophy or which could diminish their credibility (NMI, 2010).


Print Advertising. This should be utilized judiciously, in keeping with the company's environmental impact focus. All advertisement should be printed on recycled paper and not mass-produced; emphasis should be on quality (Demers, 2010).

Brochures/pamphlets in natural food/health stores; in naturopathic/complementary health medical offices, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and dermatologists

Ads in local magazines, trade papers, and newspapers. Solicit a feature from the lifestyle or local economy section, to profile the company more publicly.

Contact print and online magazines and publications which are relevant to the product field and place ads and/or stories.


Report Conclusions

Natural Way Products is a company with a unique and special product which can be attractive to a diverse group of demographics. Through sensitive and detailed usage of alternative marketing strategies they can increase their market share and expand to new markets, capitalizing on their strengths.


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2011 from http://jeffreydemers. com/marketing-strategies/?p=71

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from http://newhope360. com/organic-consumers-share-values-not-demographics

OrganicExpo. (2010). Organics everyday choice for Australians. Retrieved March… [read more]

Marketing Plan Consists SWOT

… Victory Motorcycles

The marketing plan for Victory involves a slight increase in spending over the next few years. Three pro forma statements are presented for the marketing plan. Victory represents 3% of Polaris' business, and Polaris spent $111 million on marketing last year, so an estimate of Victory's marketing budget is $3.33 million. As we seek to increase Victory sales by between 20-40% by region, this budget will experience a corollary increase.

Pro Forma Marketing Budget


Marketing administrative

Dealer support


Pro Forma Breakeven Analysis

Increase in marketing costs





Avg sale price per unit





# of additional units required

Pro Forma Sales Forecast

Increase in U.S. Sales





Increase in Europe Sales





Total New Sales Expected





Breakeven Sales needed





Increase above breakeven





In order to achieve these results, there are a number of controls that must be put into place. The first of these comes with implementation. The strategy that has been proposed consists of a strong increase in marketing spending. In order to implement this spending increase, two marketing units will be created -- one each for North America and Europe -- and within these subunits will be created to specifically target the female market. The spending will be focused on the best media to reach our core demographic, so there will be little change in the types of media we utilize, but to implement this plan will entail greater saturation of these media types and an increase in the number of media outlets used in marketing.

As the pro-form budget indicates, this new marketing plan will entail… [read more]

Marketing Analysis AVON Term Paper

… Company Description

In business since 1886, Avon Products is one of the world's largest cosmetic companies with over $10 billion in revenue. Avon markets its products using a direct selling model. Through its 5.4 million independent Avon Sales Representatives the… [read more]

Marketing Plan of the Business of Web Media Contents Monetization Software B2b Business Plan

… Business Plan

Section V. The Marketing Plan

Overall Marketing Strategy

The proposed new venture's Web content monetization system has the ability to quickly transform idle digital assets and content into cash. Differentiated from its competitors by the ability to personalize… [read more]

Segmentation Targeting Positioning Advertising Marketing PR Distribution Logistics Research Proposal

… Marketing

Market Segmentation

The market for any product can be defined as a group of people who has sufficient purchasing power, authority, and willingness to buy the product in question. The market segmentation stage will directly determine the following section… [read more]

Media Plan for Retail Chain Steve and Barry Thesis

… Business - Advertising


Background and History of the Steve and Barry's Business Model: Partners Steve Shore and Barry Prevor were childhood friends who opened their first retail casual clothing store near Detroit, Michigan in… [read more]

Marketing Plan Sweet Treats Coffee Shop and Bars Term Paper

… Marketing plan: Sweet treats coffee shop & bars

Sweettreats Marketing Plan

During the recent years, the restaurants industry has been met with great increases in both demand as well as offer. And the coffee shop sector has not been an… [read more]

Does Technology Affect Marketing? Term Paper


The objective of this work is to develop knowledge relating to the marketing discipline historically and to the present and in terms of the future. The question this work seeks to answer is whether new… [read more]

Urban Marketing and Event Planning Term Paper

… Urban Marketing & Event Planning

Dushane Urban Marketing Consultants is a start up company concentrating in making a connection between urban consumers and corporate America with live advertising, event production, cross promotions, and creative consulting. The company offers high-quality creative… [read more]

Advertising Has a Significant Role Essay

… This effect could not have been achieved with a mere textual form of advertising.

One look at the graphical advertisement of Weston automobiles (website) the consumer is made aware of the different types of automobile accessories that the company produces. The various types of product like the 'Sports mans CPS" grill guard, Front bumber guard, rear bumper guard, safari light bar guard, etc. are all neatly explained by separate graphical details. The individual graphical product descriptions are complemented by explanatory text, which describes the visual depiction in a little detail and highlights the differences in the product features, leaving the consumer with all the information that is necessary for him to make a choice. Achieving this objective without the use of graphical representation is quite impossible. (With so many product varieties).

Furthermore the company conducts electronic business through its website. Only when the customer is apprised of all the minor details he will go along with the purchase of the product. Graphical representation of the products gives the customer a feeling of seeing the product (as he does in a shop) and gives him sufficient product information to make the purchase. Even today companies like Dell, Compaq realize a part of their sale from their online sales system wherein they provide a graphical picture of the computer along with product details. In future the trend is definitely towards ecommerce and we can be sure that graphical designing would be the major mode of advertising.


The secret of successful business lies not only in developing cost effective and quality products but also in intelligent promotion of the same in this cutthroat competition. Achieving a good market share rests on the increasing reach out of our products. Graphical presentations are self-explanatory and give a clear picture of the features of the product. A well-informed consumer is most likely to buy the product and the use of graphics achieves the purpose. Graphical advertising is indispensable in this world of electronic commerce wherein the customer is more inclined to buy a well described product from the click of the mouse rather than visit the shop. Hence we can conclude that in today's business world the more informed a customer, the more chances of realizing a sale and this more than emphasizes the importance of intelligent graphical product advertising. [read more]

Health Care Marketing Essay

… This method can be traced back to early 1970s when automakers in the United States of America were in locked in the middle of the trouble that they found themselves in due to the changes that occurred in the demographic trends. The consumers then were older hence they inclined to buy anything the Americans produced since had not forgotten about the bombarding of the Pearl of Harbor during the second world war, so they could not by Japanese vehicles, but this was not the case with the younger generation who bought the Japanese vehicles. Another thing is that Japanese vehicles have continued to develop a better reputation over the years.

The method of segmenting by geography, tend to suggest where the customers are located, how they can be reached and the kind of products they buy in the locations where they are located. It is essential as far as selling goes. For instance a seller is willing to open up a local store, they are most likely to carry a research that will help them in determining which geographical location will best suit their full potential. For example if they are willing to put up a high-end restaurant then they should locate it near local college or country club.

Segmenting by psychographics is always what the customers think about and the values that the organization sets, it also looks on how the customers live their lives. It offers to fulfill the gaps that are left by specific demographic groups. The information from psychographic segmentation can be used to innovate and make other products. It can also be used to make the customers to believe in the products hence making them their preferred choices over a long period of time.


Eric N. Berkowitz, (2006). The Essentials of Health Care Marketing, 2nd ed. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Retrieved on June 24, 2014.

Juan Guillermo Tornoe, (2008) "Hispanic Marketing Basics: Segmentation of the Hispanic Market. Retrieved on June 24, 2014 [read more]

Recruiting a Marketing Manager Professional Writing

… A second strategy is using a hiring team. In this strategy, the Pleasant Manor management would need to put together a team to hire the marketing manager. This team needs to be knowledgeable of the requirements of the position and best recruiting practices. The team will be involved with sourcing and selection of the candidates.

The company could also decide to go with headhunting as a recruitment strategy. Using this strategy, the company would use a person, possible the chief executive officer, as the chief recruiter. This person in consultation with industry experts would identify suitable persons for the position and use his networking skills to contact and attract the person. This is the best strategy for Pleasant Manor for several reasons. First is that it is cheap in terms of costs and also uses previous successes of potential candidates as their selling points for hiring.


The job description for the marketing manager chosen for Pleasant Manor is modeled against job descriptions developed for marketing managers expected to play the same role. The skills for the marketing manager are those that marketing managers in general need to be successful in their positions. According to Schuler, Farr & Smith (1993)'s social validity model, the personal relationship that exists between the applicant and the person conducting selection greatly affects the person's decision to accept the position. This is the major reason why the headhunting process is chosen for Pleasant Manor. This method also has a lower cost because it does not involve placing advertisements in mass media that are often expensive or other similar strategies to increase visibility of the vacancy.


Barksdale, H.C., Goldstucker, J.L., & DeLaune, J.W. (1995). Marketing information: a professional reference guide. Atlanta, Georgia: Georgia State University Business Press.

Bennett, R. (2007). Sources and use of marketing information by marketing managers. Journal of Documentation, 63(5), 702-726. doi: 10.1108/00220410710827763

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Roberts, G. (1997). Recruitment and Selection: A Competency Approach. Wimbledon, London: Institute of Personnel and Development.


Job description


Responsibility for handling all marketing activities for Pleasant Manor. Covering internal and external promotion, advertising, and marketing activities, and relations with clients, including developing creative marketing strategies for Pleasant Manor.

Key responsibilities

Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for Pleasant Manor to meet agreed goals and objectives,

Evaluate market conditions, consumer satisfaction, competitor data, and success of the marketing plan regularly,

Oversee all advertising, marketing, and promotional activities of the organization, and Deliver all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities within the agreed budget.

Relationships and roles

Report directly to chief executive officer and board of directors regarding all marketing activities,

Build trust and value for consumers, and Direct marketing staff on activities to be conducted.


At least five (5) years experience in marketing preferably in adult day care centers, skilled nursing facilities, or nursing homes,

Experience developing, implementing, and delivering on marketing objectives,

An in depth understanding… [read more]

Marketing Mix Analysis of the Relationship Research Paper

… Marketing Mix Analysis

Analysis of the Relationship Between the Marketing Mix and Brand Equity in the High Technology Industry

Brand equity is earned over years and for many companies, decades of consistent execution and the continual exceeding of customers' expectations.… [read more]

IMC Program Research Paper

… ¶ … Future of Advertising and Its Impact on Integrated Marketing Communications Programs

The traditional strategies marketers use to attract, sell and serve prospective customers and retain existing ones are going through a systemic, fundamental change today. The long-held beliefs… [read more]

Cross-Border Alliances Are Defined as Strategic Partnerships Essay

… Cross-border alliances are defined as strategic partnerships which are formed between two or more firms, which are from different countries with the purpose of pursuing the mutual interests by sharing their capabilities and resources. They give an organization flexibility to… [read more]

Brand Equity Describe the Roles and Objectives Research Paper

… Brand Equity

Describe the roles and objectives of a brand manager and a brand management team

Brand, or product, management is the other principal area of corporate advertising and in recent years has become one of the dominant fields of… [read more]

Strategic Planning in Marketing Literature Review Chapter

… (Smith, Berry, and Pulford,1999, p. 11)

The work of Rossiter and Bellman (2005) presents a six-step model of marketing communications, which includes: (1) brand positioning; (2) campaign objectives; (3) creative strategy; (4) promotion strategy; (5) media strategy; and (6) campaign management. (p.77)

Kelly (1993) reported that the primary changes in the advertising environment are such that have been: (1) a decrease in the effect of advertising through the mass media due to more diversified and fragmented social change; (2) an increase in the number of advertising channels due to the introduction of digital communication and other diversified multimedia; (3) an increase in the number of advertising agencies due to the diversification and specialization of the entire area of marketing communication; and (4) an increased expectation by clients of their ability to better estimate the efficiency of their advertising budgets. (Kim, Han, and Schultz, 2004, p.2)

The work of Conway, Ward, Lewis and Bernhardt (2007) entitled "Internet Crisis Potential: The Important of a Strategic Approach to Marketing Communications" reports "communications professionals should gain knowledge and expertise of using and understanding the Internet medium." (p.1) It is necessary that the importance of strategy in management of the ICP be communicated to all levels in the organization. (Conway, Ward, Lewis and Bernhardt, 2007, p.1)


Conway, T., Ward, M., Lewis, G., and Bernhardt, A. (2007) Internet Crisis Potential: The Importance of a Strategic Approach to Marketing Communications. Journal of Marketing Communications. 13:3 Sept 2007. Retrieved from:

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Rossiter, JR and Bellman, S. (2005) Marketing Communications: Theory and Applications. Pearson Education: Australia. Retrieved from:

Smith, PR, Berry, C. And Pulford, A. (1999) Strategic Marketing Communications: New Ways to Build and Integrate Communications. Kogan Page Publishers, 1999. Retrieved from: [read more]

Product Strategy Addresses Issues of Branding Term Paper

… ¶ … product strategy addresses issues of branding, product features and positioning. The product has a couple of key selling features. The first is the coloring. This coloring will help to differentiate Wow Butter from other peanut butters on the… [read more]

Internet Marketing Project Book Report

… Internet Marketing


Market Analysis


Web traffic plan


Recommended sites


Convenience survey




Recently a social networking site aimed at graduate and undergraduate students at CQUniversity Australia was begun as a Facebook page. The upstart… [read more]

Sales Persuading the Next Generation of Workers Thesis

… Sales

Persuading the next generation of workers to persuade: Why a sales job is an ideal first job for a recent graduate

"Sell, sell, sell." From the moment a student leaves his or her university, a young graduate is faced… [read more]

Marketing Budget During Economic Crisis Thesis

… Marketing Budget During Economic Crisis

The marketing operations have come to play a pivotal role within economic entities. As the customer is placed at the core of corporate actions, the marketing team is the one to ensure a full satisfaction… [read more]

Ethnic Marketing Term Paper

… Ethnic Minority Marketing Strategy of McDonald's

As the United Kingdom becomes racially and ethnically more diverse, it becomes evermore important for organizations to consider minority segments in their marketing strategies (Cui & Choudhury, 2001; Nwanko & Lindrage, 1998). In 2001,… [read more]

Marketing Mix Is a Model of Crafting Term Paper

… ¶ … marketing mix is a model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies and elements that improve the efficiency of the selling process. The model was developed by Neil Borden (Borden, N. 1964) who first started using the phrase in… [read more]

Sales Management: Strategies Customers Are Motivated Term Paper

… Sales Management: Strategies

Customers are motivated to buy a company's product when a company's sales staff is motivated by the correct managerial techniques. But what strategies can sales managers use to properly motivate and manage salespeople in the field? Bluntly,… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communications Term Paper

… Integrated Marketing Communication - IMC has been the buzzword of present day marketing concept, which is devised to employ all aspects of marketing communication like advertisement, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing in unison, instead of making each of… [read more]

Marketing Internal Influences on Gateway Plasma Tvs Term Paper

… Marketing

Internal Influences on Gateway Plasma TVs

This phase of the marketing experience revolves around the perceived impact of various internal influences on consumers as they are convinced to purchase Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions. The report looks at various aspects… [read more]

Buzz Marketing Term Paper

… Buzz Marketing

This report attempts to provide insight and to characterize the four major promotional methods in terms of what each accomplishes, when they should or should not be used and how effective each is if used properly. The report will also try to explain how traditional Word-of-Mouth promotion works. And finally, the report reviews and gives opinions on recent articles about Buzz Marketing and Word-of-Mouth marketing. The opinions will attempt to answer if this type of marketing is ethical since marketers attempt to conceal their identity and intentions.

Traditional Word-of-Mouth

Organizations the world over are just now beginning to understand the idea that they may be able to control the powers of Word-of-Mouth marketing. "But buzz is no longer a hit-or-miss proposition used exclusively by fringe marketers. These days, plenty of big players are trying hard to systematize buzz techniques." (Khermouch & Green, 2001) the odds are good that almost every product is more influenced by Word-of-Mouth marketing than any other marketing form including television and radio advertising. Businesses have traditionally worked on the idea of saturating the markets with marketing materials, events, and salespeople but the facts show that how consumers talk about a product or service with each other is really what decides if it is bought or not. "Word of mouth is the reality that intervenes between your communication and sales." (Silverman, 1997)

The Internet has become the biggest marketing spectrum in the history of man because of the communication advances of email and chat. The internet is as important an invention as the printing press because both of these mediums provide an ability to pass on opinions and other word-of-mouth marketing ideals. For example, one would think that the idea of promoting 'Intel Inside' would be a boom for computer sales. The Intel brand name is by far one of the most successful technological products. But the concept of Word-of-Mouth made the 'Intel Inside' an instant nightmare in the early 1990's. The company had produced a chip that was supposed to be the fastest yet and everything was going well. But some computer geeks found a problem with the chip and they did what they felt was their civic duty. They brought the problem to the company's attention.

The company chose to ignore the issue and moved along with their new product's scheduled release. What Intel could not have imagined was the power of the Internet and the Word-of-Mouth. Those two computer geeks had the entire world laughing and criticizing Intel because of the problems associated with the new chip. Ironically, in 1999 the company again discovered a problem with… [read more]

Marketing Management: 1980's to Present Term Paper

… The corporations of the 1980's were large contributors to the community and civic organizations. In 1986 charitable contributions amounted to $4.5 billion.

The focus in the 1980's was on the customer. Retails expenditures in 1990 were as follows:

However by the year 2000 the following was reported:

(Adapted from Fleming, Martin, Retailer Report, August 2000)

The decade of the 1980's witnessed the world's garbage piling high needing better management and competition was heating up on a global basis as well. Ecology, previously unspoken in most households, quickly became a new household word.

Reaching the consumer was done through television as the media of the 1980's reported in a survey that the average American was watching thirty or more hours of television each week.

Globalism, spurred on by the expanding marketplace of the 1980's transformed into today's multinational enterprise or international business. Presently the U.S. is involved in several trade blocs and the marketplace itself has transformed. The "High Street" retailer is in vogue not only for the convenience but also for the productive streamlining provided in this type of marketing of consumer goods.

Spending patterns from 1999 to 2000 was varied with housing and food expenditures rising 2.8%. Spending on food at home rose 3.6% while eating out expenditures were reported at 1.0%. Apparel spending, services, transportation and health care expenditures rose 5.5 to 6.5%. Entertainment reported decreases of 1.5% and personal insurance and pensions expenditures reported a decrease of 2.1%.

With the cold war behind and the Iraq war on the forefront consumer spending is unpredictable. During the 2004 election year the high-technology market is feeling the squeeze. High -- technology spending is reported to have dropped drastically in the year 2004. Competition is fierce on the global market with many of the third world countries beginning to compete fiercely, most noticeably the Latin-American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the four member nations of the trading bloc for free trade in that area.


"Consumer Expenditures in Consumer spending patterns varied in 2000" (2002) USDL 01-480, 2000."

Pretorius, SJJ " University of Praetoria" [Online] available at: / 01chapter1.pdf

Business and Society: Corporate Strategy, Public Policy and Ethics (1988) McGraw-Hill Publishing.

Bonoma, et al. (1990) Marketing Management Text and Cases. Richard J. Erwin, Inc. Illinois.

Bonoma, et al. (1990) Marketing Management Text and Cases. Richard J. Erwin, Inc. Illinois.









FMCG 44%

Diverse 13%

Furniture 9%

Men's wear 6%

Shoeware 4%

Pharmaceutical 8%

Jewlery 5%

Appliances 1%

Ladies wear 10%

Furniture 9%… [read more]

Future of Brands Research Paper

… Future of Brands

The ability to infuse a unique identity into a given product or service, and have that identity resonate long-term and deliver valuable market differentiation, positioning, sales and long-term loyalty is the essence of effective branding. Dr. David… [read more]

Social Media Advertising Advantages Dissertation

… Social Media Advertising

Advantages of Social Media Advertising/Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises

The use of social media as a marketing and advertising platform extends far beyond the it industry and theoretical determinations of consumer trends and audience size, and… [read more]

Need of Swarovski's Customer in the Digital World Literature Review

… ¶ … Swarovski's customer in the digital world.

The review of the literatures reveals that marketing and promotion strategies that Swarovski could employ to achieve market advantages. The study reviews the literatures on experiential marketing for luxury brand, emotional brand… [read more]

Clean Edge Razor Case Study

… The evaluation also considered costs involved in implementing an alternative solution, costs such as manufacturing, production, advertising, marketing and any cannibalization that could result with marketing strategy adopted by Paramount, and benefits Paramount will receive by implementing an alternative solution such as increased market share with target customers resulting in increased profitability, enhanced brand name equity for Paramount and utilizing Paramount existing products to gain market share among "Maintenance users."


Nevertheless, it is recommended to introduce the product to niche market since in the long run this decision yield more constant profits and less financial impact for the company. In fact, by introducing this product to the niche market, it gives Paramount an opportunity for higher profit margins when new premium products are launched within the super premium segment. Also, the existing products can be retained and used to target maintenance users (moderate consumers). Of course, we must keep in mind that by choosing this route, the strategic implementation of a niche market product launch would mean that the product reach would not be as extensive and thus the perceived value of the product brand would not be as robust since we are not introducing it to the masses but rather a specific niche market. Therefore, although this is a less aggressive approach of marketing the product, and indeed yield a much milder growth forecast, the growth span is more predictable and stable with relatively manageable financial impact than the lather.

Based on the chosen positioning strategy in using the niche market route, it is recommended to use "Paramount Clean Edge" as a brand name that lay on Paramount's recognizable name as well as industry leader in personal care product. Thus, using both Paramount along with Clean Edge, brings a strong brand awareness and the notion of technological innovation to potential first time consumers from other competitive brands as well as mainstream consumers. By adopting this name, the company can continue to retain and gain more market share into mainstream users thus ultimately allowing the establishment of quality innovation and technology as… [read more]

Social Advertisement Social Advertising Essay

… Social Advertisement

Social advertising

This paper will delve into the reality of social advertising, detailing a brief historical background of the same, proceeding to look at the nature of social advertising in the present age and the techniques that are… [read more]

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