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Product Viability: Watch Your Health Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,331 words)
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Watch Your Health

To check the viability of a product named "Watch Your Health" which is designed to monitor heart beat to serve as an "electronic coach" for medical patients and fitness conscious population.

General Nutrition Centers or GNC is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based American commercial enterprise which has in past mostly focused on the… [read more]

Financials How Does Little Monsters Business Plan

Business Plan  |  2 pages (580 words)
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I think it is highly unlikely that the product will be adopted by parents as a substitute for orally-ingested children's vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements.

2. Do the financial statements support the body of the plan and do they seem realistic based on the body of the plan?

Advertising is going to be a major part of the marketing plan because parents need to be convinced of the safety of the transdermal patch for use with children. The business plan allots approximately $150,000 for print, media, and signage advertising costs for the first year. Forecast expenditures on advertising for subsequent years increase radically across a five-year period, as follows: FY1 $150,000; FY2 $187,000; FY3 $400,000; FY4 $500,000; FY5 $750,000. Advertising expenses are expected to increase along with production costs in response to increased demand. It is rational to expect advertising costs to be greater in the first several years of a product launch, particularly when the product has a credibility hurdle to overcome. Possibly, social media and word-of-mouth can help to stimulate growth sufficiently to make a moderate advertising budget work for the first few years. The Income Statement for Fiscal Year 2012 only shows income for only three months. Advertising costs jump in October, apparently in expectation that the fit of the Little Monsters theme with Halloween will cause seasonal lift of the brand. For example, in 2012, advertising rose from in $4,914 in September to $30, 214, with a similar pattern in subsequent years.

Organization and Take-Home

3. What purpose does the Executive Summary serve, and how did this team do with it?

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the main sections of the business plan and begins to answer key questions about the product and… [read more]

Brand Communication Management on Organic Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  2 pages (709 words)
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The marketing mix plays a more important part than is generally suggested in the literature. The communication of non-price product attributes to the niche market. Small samples limit the generalizations beyond the companies and comparable firms in the U.S. textile and apparel/clothing industry. Niche marketing is a promising competitive strategy for mature industries as well to enter specialized markets (Serrat 2010, 2-3).

Organic brand positioning is a reactive strategy because it requires you to listen to your customers, but it's also an effective strategy. To position any brand, niche or not, one needs to look at everything in totality affects a brand image and therefore the customers' perception of the brand. From customer service to pricing and advertising, every part of an organization has some effect on the customers' overall perception of your brand. This leads to factors that affect organic brand positioning including (Martin, Stewart, and Shashi 2005).

It is now more important than ever before to use the brand matrix and hierarchy so that one can visually perceive the relationships between product and brand relationships brand architecture guidelines. It will therefore help a company to adopt a strong customer focus, avoid over-branding, establish rules and conventions for branding, selectively employing sub-brands as means of complementing and strengthening brands, to selectively extend brands to establish new brand equity and enhance existing brand equity. Unless one understands these relationships, it is impossible to properly market and advertise products or to support products properly for customers.


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Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand

Equity. New York, NY: Prentice Hall. p503-563.

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Communication, and Perceived Brand Meaning: The Transfer of Purposive, Goal -- Oriented Brand Meaning to Brand Extensions. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. 33 (1), 275-294.

Nirmalya, K and Steenkamp, J. (2007). Private label strategy: how to meet the store brand challenge. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business Press. p207.

Serrat, G. (2010). New-Age Branding and the Public Sector. Available:


Last…… [read more]

Brand Communication Management on Organic Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  3 pages (870 words)
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Core brand association means that marketers should try to create five to six associations particular to their organic brand which can grab the attention of the consumer and whenever they go to purchase the product these associations can come into the minds of the consumers (LePla & Parker, 1999, p. iii).

Most of the companies often cheat the buyers by simply attaching the tag of organic to their brands however when anyone looks at the ingredient's list of the brand then they come to the conclusion that companies have placed the game with them. Therefore it should be realized by the big multinational companies that once the consumer get dissatisfied then he or she is going to tell about this phenomenon to his fellow beings which is going to damage the brand image in the long-term. However there are also some companies which have promoted their organic brands in a very competitive way and they have also made sure that the ingredients which have been told in the advertisement are also present in the literal sense (Nobre, Becker & Brito, 2010).

Purity organic juices can be considered as an example of such a brand which is promoted in a suitable manner as far as category of organic brands is concerned. It is one of those brands for which the company has worked closely with the farms from where the raw organic material has taken. This point has also been highlighted in their advertisement as well. The CEO of Pacific Organic Produce and the founder of Purity Organic Juices has also talked about his organic brand in the commercial which highlights the fact that company considers the importance of such products and they have indulged their top management for the promotion of the product. The advertisement also highlighted the Purity Organic Juice's organic certification which further strengthens trust of the people over the composition of the brand (Abratt & Bick, 2003).

Like Purity Organic Juices there are also some other organic products which are promoted in a very suitable way. One of them is Lipton Green Tea. Most of the people who are interested in the weight loss or natural health are interested in this particular category that is green tea. As far as the promotion of Lipton Green Tea is concerned they have highlighted in their advertisement the concept of health by showing the acts of exercise. The ingredients mentioned in the advertisement also reflect the brand's closeness to the nature. Young models were used for the advertisement which reflects… [read more]

Branding and New Product Development Marketing Plan

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Branding and New Product Development

One of the biggest challenges for marketing any product is determining how to ensure that the message reaches the target audience. The best way to achieve this objective is to look at the underlying strategy and decide the most effective approach that can be utilized. In these case studies we will be examining, these factors and how to reach out to customers are an essential part of any business.

What is the product evaluation?

A product evaluation is when you are looking at the merchandise and determining the various attributes of what is being delivered. These include: the price, the market, possible challenges with providing it and the strengths of product. In the case of the hospital that we are looking at, their evaluation is going to be based on: the demographics of customers, possible government regulations, the costs and the profitability for the organization. These different elements are important, because they will help an entity to determine the economic viability of their merchandise and the possible challenges they could face in delivering it.

1B. Should the new division make evaluations the same way as our divisions that make goods?

No. This is because the new division is going to be focused on effective marketing and delivering the product to customers. This means that they cannot utilize the same kind of strategy. As, this will prevent them from: offering the best services available and adapting to the changes that are occurring in the industry. Therefore, there needs to be an approach taken that will allow the new division to most effectively respond to the needs of customers. The only way that this can be achieved is by taking a different approach when it comes to product evaluations.

1C. Why or why not?

The reason why, is because the hospital needs to have a division that will be able to understand the marketplace differently. Where, executives can comprehend what transformations are taking place. The only way that they can achieve this objective is to focus on how they can address these issues through: having the new division analyzing the various products or services another way. Once this occurs, it will allow them to effectively adapt to the various shifts and respond to the underlying needs of customers.

2A. What type of product do boxer shorts belong to (New to the world product, new product lines, me-too products etc.)

The type of category that the boxer shorts belong to is: me to products. The reason why, is because there are already a number of manufacturers. What is making them different is that they have unique designs that will allow them standout in the minds of consumers. This will create a situation where others have to own this item, based on them seeing or hearing about someone else utilizing them.

2B. To what extent do you believe following statement is true: With marketing people like those at Joe Boxer, we do not need great new product concepts or… [read more]

Creating Opportunities for Sustainable Marketing Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,237 words)
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For instance, Von Glinow and Mohrman emphasize that, "The paradoxical implication for marketers is that, although they have to know more about technologies and applications, the useful life of their knowledge and experience is growing shorter, making it extremely difficult to develop a sustainable marketing advantage over competitors" (1999, p. 124). Given the accelerating pace of information availability, identifying opportunities… [read more]

Acquaints the Reader With a Proposed Essay

Essay  |  10 pages (3,271 words)
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¶ … acquaints the reader with a proposed set of marketing strategies of a fresh breakfast cereal brand of Australian Fruit Pty Ltd.; named as Crispy Fruit. Australian Fruit Pty Ltd. is one of the top competitive organizations in the health and nutritional foods industry in Australia. It has always served the Australian consumers with a large variety of nutritional… [read more]

Rental Car Retention Program Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,272 words)
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Rental Car Retention Program - The rental car industry is quite competitive and complex and, since more and more companies are placing employees on fixed budgets, there is greater competition for the dollar. To effectively design a loyalty program that will meet the needs of a majority, certain information must be collected:

What is the typical business travel like? Demographics, etc.

What are the most important things for a business traveler regarding their rental car?

Which company do they currently prefer and why?

Of a list of incentives, what numerical rank do each of these have by way of importance (dollar discount, coupons for mileage or partner restaurants, free hotel upgrades, free size upgrades, vacation packages for personal use based on volume, better business rates, easier check-in/checkout, travel assistance, etc.)

Are those needs being met now? If so, how -- if not, why? (How to identify, 2010).

Then, research could occur using 4-5 focus groups in major travel cities. Business travelers have very little time, so using online conferencing technologies, prescreening the invitees, and partner with other companies who have similar interests might incentivize the participation. Once the qualitative portion of the data is collected, we will have a basic understanding of what the client needs. Then, to make the results far more meaningful, we will need to collect a larger quantitative sample from different regions, demographic groups, and since we are international, countries. This will be done using several survey methods, each with a small coupon attached to make it worth the client's time. For example:

Place a survey in every car rented for x period of time, attach a coupon or spiff to survey if completed, or even a few dollars off the rental.

For every client that we already have an email, send out an email survey, again, with a quick spiff.

Then, analyze the data and form a more appropriate retention program focusing on basic needs from respondents (Evans and Stroll, 2006; Kiley, 2005).

Part 2 -- Clock Manufacture - Market segmentation is a way to differentiate a group so that the seller of goods or services does not concentrate on the entire universe, but on a group of high potential customers that are more likely to purchase the product. In the case of a clock and watch manufacturer, we would need to know the quality and price point of products to be completely accurate. In this scenario, though, we will assume a higher end approach. Research shows us that over ae of people prefer durability, status, and product quality in watches and clocks. So, the segmentation for this audience would be based on some clear demographic notions (Yankelovich, 1964):

Age -- Men and women 30+

Income Level -- Likely middle high to high income levels. Lower income levels might be content with inexpensive, throw away products, and are less interested in paying more for high quality.

Educational Level -- Probably college or college plus professional degree; assumes higher success ratio and fancier dresser.

Profession --… [read more]

Credibility to the Receiver's Ability Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (617 words)
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, 2011).

Given the advantages of a credible source, researchers have studied various aspects of the concept. Their research has focused on the question of whether there are elements in advertisement that can be manipulated to improve source credibility. Initial results of studies directed toward this question show that consumers are more likely to believe non-profit organizations, government sources, and independent testing groups as being more credible than paid sponsors. Similarly, including additional information asserting professional qualifications, such as third party seals, helps a company improve its perceived credibility (Clow et al., 2011).

In spite of these and similar findings, many communications do not use a source other than the company itself; others use unknown spokespersons. By contrast, research suggests that messages delivered by attractive or popular sources can potentially achieve higher attention and recall. For this reason, advertisers often use celebrities as spokespeople. Celebrity spokespeople are more likely to be effective when they personify a key product attribute. What is important is that the spokesperson has credibility. Consumers trust friends more than strangers or salespeople, and people who are not paid to endorse a product are viewed as more trustworthy that people who are paid. (CiteMan.com, 2008).

In conclusion, a significant amount of research has shown the importance of source credibility when the consumer interprets an advertising message. Expertise, believability, likeability, and trustworthiness all affect how the consumer receives the message.

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Person Goes or Whatever a Person Sees Essay

Essay  |  5 pages (1,614 words)
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¶ … person goes or whatever a person sees, reads or hears, whether from billboards on the streets or subways to advertisements on the Internet, television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the images that are always apparent are mostly scantily clad men and women with physiques and looks that are "to die for." The media seem to be projecting the message… [read more]

Communication Skills Dear Steve Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (481 words)
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For example, you wrote "at the request of the conversation that occurred with you, I have taken the liberty to commence prioritizing the furniture pieces that seemed to have the most impressive routine sales during the initial and final weeks of the sales quarter." My question to you, Steve, is what? What did you say? What did you mean? Come on dude, this is me you're talking to. How about trying something like this; "You mentioned the need to know what furniture items are selling the best, I will send you a list tomorrow of the most recent sales figures by piece." Isn't that a lot better?

Finally you supplied me with a sign off that only a mother could love. Wouldn't it have been much shorter and sweeter to have just written; "if you have any questions, give me a call or email"?

I appreciate the fact that you are hard at work, and you are diligently attempting to help us sell more furniture, it is appreciated. Next time perhaps you could use some good communication skills and send me a short, concise email that provides me with a message that is not confusing. If you need anything or have any questions, please call or email me.

Demetri… [read more]

Edible Greeting Card Business 3rd Research Paper

Research Paper  |  3 pages (951 words)
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¶ … Tactics

Based on the mission of becoming the leader in edible greeting cards, our strategic plan involves select marketing and information technology tools. The SWOT analysis highlighted key areas of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Based on this analysis, we have developed a strategic plan that is workable and immediately implementable. We are also committed to being an industry leader in terms of ethical product sourcing. Our strategic planning reflects are core commitments to consumers and our ethical goals.

Our primary marketing tactics will best be outlined in a thorough marketing plan. Specific tactics include product packaging and presentation; strategic product placement; optimal product pricing; and positioning the edible greeting cards as luxury ethical products. This strategy will allow our company to eventually expand into other areas related to edible greeting cards such as cupcakes or performance art greeting cards using local artists.

Until then, we will develop an initial line of edible greeting cards that includes a few special occasion and public holiday cards. These cards will be strategically placed and positioned in gourmet food stores, department stores, and select retail outlets such as Whole Foods. A company history and mission statement will be printed on a small reusable tag. Customers will learn about the fair trade origins of the products they are consuming: where their chocolate, sugar, and vanilla were sourced from and possibly even the names of the farms. Other value-added services include the donations offered to social justice organizations from every edible greeting card purchase. We will also be developing a loyalty club as part of our strategic marketing plan. The loyalty club will offer customers discounts on some orders, and give them previews for new edible greeting cards. Moreover, the loyalty club will be part of our overall marketing strategy because it allows us to gain valuable data. The data will be used as a method of monitoring and controlling our strategic plan. We will be able to find out which areas of our plan need improvement because of the customer feedback.

We will also keep track of sales and purchase orders from different stores to find out which retail outlets are best serving our target demographic. Our Website will be the primary area in which information technology is used as a strategic measure. The Website serves several different but interrelated functions: as an online store from where customers can purchase custom-designed and standard edible greeting cards; a venue at which customers can learn about our company, our values, and our mission; a networking portal for customers to find out about charitable organizations; and a way for us to keep in touch with consumers. As we measure consumer traffic to our Website and track purchasing patterns, we can then decide whether to invest more in wholesaling our edible greeting cards to retail outlets or investing more in our…… [read more]

Arrington on Advertising Robert Article Review

Article Review  |  2 pages (647 words)
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Take the question of body image issues in young women. These are clearly culturally induced, as there are plenty of societies in which being rail-thin like a runway model is hardly a cultural ideal of beauty. So the ideal of beauty must be learned from somewhere, and that is culture. If we could safely lay the disorders of all anorexics and bulimics to some extent on an exaggerated standard of taste which is promoted in advertising's images of women (admittedly a big if), then does this not give a very different picture of what kind of impingement upon "autonomy" might be entailed in advertising? The worst effect that Arrington can imagine from an extremely persuasive advertisement would be a "subliminal technique which drove us all to purchase Lear jets" instead of food, essentially living beyond our means.

Arrington's article dates from 1982, so it is possible that it also predates another major fact which invalidates his entire conclusion: did Hayek believe that the concept of autonomy applied to children, or does Arrington? Surely no definition of autonomy could extend to a child, incapable of feeding himself or earning money on her own. Yet there is a brisk and booming business of things marketed directly to small children. Is this a form of unfair manipulation? I think that it is. But in 1982 it is possible that no-one had tapped into the commercial potential of raising desires in a five-year-old child for specific brand name products, and so Arrington hardly foresaw the point. There is a reason why (for example) in the decade after Arrington published this article, the U.S.A. placed a legal ban on tobacco using cartoons in advertising, because it represented a technique shown to lure in underage consumers in an attempt to get them addicted earlier. The fact that the companies did so even after knowing of the health risks that smoking can cause shows us how little…… [read more]

Programs Result in Greater "Targeting Discussion and Results Chapter

Discussion and Results Chapter  |  1 pages (321 words)
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Without knowing more about this application, the target market would probably be anyone old enough to have gone through puberty and would therefore represent a mass marketing approach.

The 'Ambush Advertising' engaged in by Claria is a form of niche marketing, because internet users would be confronted by competitor pop-up ads after navigating to a defined product or services website. The example provided in the case study is an OfficeMax pop-up ad appearing over the Staples website. Although a percentage of people navigating to the Staples website could be merely 'window' shopping or doing research on products and prices, this is still far from a mass marketing approach. The negative attribution unwelcome and irritating pop-up ads could be garnering from some users though, could be undermining any advantage that niche marketing provides to an ambush advertising strategy. For example, young kids might not be as annoyed as older adults by the intrusiveness of…… [read more]

Laundry Detergent 91 Oz Essay

Essay  |  7 pages (1,783 words)
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This product is at a stage in its life where it is comfortably positioned as the brand to seek for fresh scent. It has obtained the status it was looking for. This doesn't mean there is no room for growth but the growth that it obtained in last two decades may no longer be possible because it is already a market leader.


Gain is not declining because P&G is trying hard not to allow the product to go into decline phase. It is doing so by focusing on the development of newer and fresher scents and by developing new variants regularly. Currently the Gain portfolio includes, "Original Fresh, Island Fresh (R), Fresh Awakenings (TM), Gain Plus a Touch of Softness (R), Gain Joyful Expressions and Gain HE and Gain with Bleach Alternative - Outdoor Sunshine (R). Gain also offers liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets." This kind of variety has allowed Gain to stay in the growth and maturity stages and it has been able to avoid decline.


"Procter and Gamble announced Gain as its 23rd multi-billion dollar product." Accessed online 4th April 2011 from http://www.pginvestor.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=104574&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1048290&highlight=

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Byron. E. P&G Puts Up Its Dukes Over Pricing Wall Street Journal. APRIL 29, 2010

Gartner case study 2002.P&G building smarter supply chain. [read more]

Company Analysis on K-Swiss Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,132 words)
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Company Description

K-Swiss is an American footwear company, traded on the NASDAQ exchanged under the ticker symbol KSWS. The company is a niche player in the industry. The athletic footwear industry in the U.S. was worth $12.39 billion in 2008 (SGMA, 2009). K-Swiss had U.S. revenues of $99 million, which implies a 0.8% market share. The company also had international sales of $110 million, for total revenues of $209 million (2009 Annual Report). Compared with its competitors, K-Swiss has a relatively limited product line. The company competes primarily in the Tennis, Classic and has recently added Running to its lineup (2009 Annual Report).

K-Swiss has its roots in tennis shoes, and considers this to be its strongest category. It recently re-introduced its Classic shoe in order to compete in the industry's second-largest segment. The company attempts to compete as a differentiated producer, positioning itself somewhat away from the major brands. Brand positioning tactics include styling and exclusivity. The company does use celebrity endorsement in its niches, a common practice in the athletic footwear industry.

According to MSN Moneycentral (2011), the company lost $68.21 million in 2010, after earning revenues of $216.99 million. K-Swiss has seen declining revenues in each of the past fives, attributable to a combination of general industry slowdown (SGMA, 2009) and firm-specific weakness. Sales in 2006 were $489 million, so the most recent figure represents a decline of 55.6% in the past five years. The company has failed to downsize its operations in response to this revenue decline, with its selling/general/administrative (SGA) expense being $131.91 million in 2010 compared with $130.81 million in 2006. The 2010 figure represents 60.8% of revenue while the 2006 figure was just 26.7% of revenue. The company has lost money in each of the past two years and has seen its profits decline in at least the past five years consecutive (MSN Moneycentral, 2011).

K-Swiss currently trades at $11.55, which is in the middle of its 52-week range ($8.75 - $14.53). The company in 2009 stopped paying a dividend to its shareholders, a reflection of its ongoing weakness (Marcus, 2009). The company's current stock price therefore reflects some degree of investor optimism with respect to either future dividends or future stock price appreciations, neither of which is congruent with the firm's performance of the past five years.

The company does have a healthy balance sheet, however. Its current ratio is 7.13. K-Swiss has no debt. The company's equity is 81.5% of its capital structure. This balance sheet performance is out of character for a company that has struggled as much as K-Swiss, but it demonstrates that the company successfully saved for a rainy day. While it has struggled for a couple of years it has the financial ability to do so, a key source of internal strength for the company. K-Swiss' conservative approach to finances will help buy it time to fashion a turnaround strategy.

The Athletic Footwear Industry

The athletic footwear industry was worth $12.95 billion in the U.S. alone… [read more]

Barriers to the Growth of E-Marketing Term Paper

Term Paper  |  7 pages (2,513 words)
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Barriers to the growth of e-marketing e-marketing

Barriers to the growth of e-marketing

The field of marketing has been revolutionized by the internet and the world of online networking and commence. On the one hand these new platforms and technologies have increased the potential and effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns. On the other hand, these technologies have also… [read more]

Coca-Cola Gone Flat SWOT

SWOT  |  3 pages (1,071 words)
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Coca Cola: Gone Flat

The future of Coca-Cola seems quite bleak from where it stands today. The company has recently asked former executive E. Neville Isdell to step out of retirement and come back to the organization so it can progress in the market. Unfortunately, the article depicts Coca-Cola as a company that still relies on marketing itself as a carbonated soda brand, and refusing to branch outside like PepsiCo has and continues to do. It seems the regression of Coca-Cola is because it refuses to evolve and morph its brand name to involve other products like food, tea, and other grocery items that would help the company grow. The company is fixated on still being a carbonated drink company with limited changes, and as Isdell said, "we are not talking about radical change in strategy…we are talking about a dramatic change in execution." Isdell plans to involve itself in the launching of an energy drink in January, but still keeping within the realm of beverage because he recognizes people are moving away from soda to other drinks. Although PepsiCo is dominating in various aspects of the market like vitamin waters and teas and snacks, Coca-Cola is still a respected brand that generates an excess amount of profits, for example, $5 billion dollars in 2004. Despite the want and desire in keeping the old ways, Coca-Cola are manufacturing new methods in keeping the brand with respect to carbonated drinks as much as possible, with hopes of success and retaining consumer loyalty.

The SWOT analysis includes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and techniques in revitalizing the Coca-Cola organization. The strengths are the company is still one of the most powerful brands recognized today, and it still generates numerous amounts of profit a year; still a "cash cow." Despite its conservative strategies and methods in terms of diversifying the brand's market, they are heading towards the right direction in terms of expanding beverage options. Isdell has and is looking into different drinks, aside from soda, such as the energy drink launched in January known as Full Throttle. Despite the downward spiral of the Coca-Cola company in terms of ambition and creativity, the brand still has numerous loyalists who continue to enjoy the carbonated beverage, and believe in the product. An additional strength is the organization's classic soda makes up 82% of market sales on a worldwide level, which is more than Pepsi. Due to the experience Isdell has prior with Coca-Cola, he brings to the table experience and innovation, which he showed in the 1980s. No company is without any weaknesses and the Coca-Cola company has quite a number. First, it is the unwillingness of the organization to modify the way it conducts business and its beliefs to cater to the consumers. The company refuses to bend to the consumers need for other things than soda, like coffee and tea and juice. The model of Coca-Cola needs to be rethought and altered but the company refuses to do that. The organization refuses to… [read more]

Corning's Five Stage Gate Process Essay

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Five-Stage Model

Corning's five stage gate process

Corning's five-stage stage-gate process

According to market research analyst Sidharth Thakur's article on "Analyzing Corning's five-stage stage-gate process" the first stage of the Corning method begins with a preliminary phase of "discovering opportunities and using these opportunities to generate ideas for new products" through brainstorming (Thakur 2010). The first, formal stage of 'scoping' is a more disciplined framing of the organization's needs and ambitions. It involves comparing the proposed project against existing rival products in the market, and finding ways to gain an edge over the existing competition. The second stage involves building the business proposal and more specifically defining the nature of the new product. Only after the target market is established and the likely competition is identified can the third, documentation stage commence in which concrete details about the product are hammered out. The third stage also involves the actual designing of the product, coupled with outlining the manufacturing processes and establishing the overall marketing strategy. During the fourth stage of testing and validation of the product model and its marketing, the final version of the design is refined out. Then, this is followed by bringing the process to a conclusion, where the product is actually released or 'launched' (Thakur 2010).

Corning's model has been used by many major organizations, including the tool manufacturer Black & Decker. B&D used the five stage process when designing a universal motor for all B&D tools. During the pre-planning phase, B&D determined that it had to cut production costs to compete with less expensive offshore manufacturers in the power tool industry and that a universal motor would increase efficiency, streamline production and decrease input costs (Gunu 2010). There was a clear need for the product, one which would satisfy B&D's need to reduce prices as well as consumer demand for more economic yet high-quality designs. Likewise, the Schwann Food Company regularly uses the model to compete in the competitive food and beverage industry. Honing product strategy and unified marketing is a critical aspect of the Corning model, and branding of new niche products to suite ever-changing consumer needs is lifeblood of the food industry (Schneider 2005).

Corning's model ensures that a new product has actual,…… [read more]

Project Planning Project Management Music Festival Research Paper

Research Paper  |  6 pages (2,122 words)
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Project Planning

Project Management

Music Festival-Project Planning

Project background 'Fusion Entertainment, a UK-based music promoter, needs a project plan for a one-day music festival to be believed in Greenwich Park. The Project team is responsible to organize and implement the project plan.

Greenwich Park is an ex-hunting park in Greenwich and one of the major solitary green spaces in south… [read more]

Radio Television and Online Advertisements Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (740 words)
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Radio, Television and Online Advertisements

One of the most significant elements in a radio ad is the idea of ensuring that the consumer has a way of figuring out what's in it for them by listening to the radio advertisement. If one can catch the listener's attention and sell them on the rewards of the product or service throughout the ad, they will have fashioned a victorious radio advertisement. A good lead is vital for a triumphant radio advertisement. By grabbing the listener's attention early on in the ad, their interest will be provoked and the ad will be more victorious. An additional significant feature is the capability to plainly put forth the uniqueness of the product or service being talked about, so that it doesn't just mix together with the multitude of rivals, and can be kept in mind effortlessly by the listener (LaMarco, 2009).

A triumphant radio advertisement also has to be credible, and generate an association with the listener. By putting forth the features of the product or service being advertised in a manner that appears genuine, the advertiser is capable to construct trustworthiness with the listener. Ease is also imperative, since one usually has about sixty seconds or less to supply the listener with what is most imperative about the produce or service in a manner that lets them understand and keep in mind what they were told (LaMarco, 2009).

Success in a TV commercial is dependent upon a marketer's capability to capture attention by way of the effective utilization of revelation, action, excitement, comedy or moving human interest. Whatever strategy is used to catch viewers should balance a brand's image, hold up overall business goals, and facilitate smooth transitions all through the spot. Research has indicated that the most effectual television campaigns are those that generate a conversation, both about a product and its marketing. The most unforgettable ads are those that spectators can identify with (Lights, Camera, Action: Creating Effective TV Commercials, n.d.).

Effective TV ads make an emotional association with the target audience. Ads that stir spectators to strong feelings about a product and a company are more probable to lead to preferred action. Marketers make lasting impressions and enduring customers by…… [read more]

Managing Organizational Change Luft, A. , Mar Article Review

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Managing Organizational Change

Luft, a. (2010, Mar. 3) GM Announces Major Organizational Changes to North American Operations. Retrieved from: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2010/03/gm-announces-major-organizational-changes-to-gm-north-america-with-org-chart/

The main rationale for General Motors' organizational change focused on the functioning of its sales and marketing division. The historical combined sales and marketing organization became uncompetitive in a market place where faster sales created a better competitive edge. Faster sales also meant that better customer service was required. To accomplish these two goals, the company created a flatter structure, where qualified personnel were appointed into jobs that required specific expertise.

The focus therefore became singular, where marketing experts were concerned exclusively with creative strategies to showcase products, while sales and service personnel were focused exclusively upon working with customers and dealers. In this way, customer service became better, which in turn created a better competitive edge, as happy customers tend to spread favorable reports about a company.

External forces that drove this change were therefore increasing competition from other vehicle sales companies that worked hard to recover from the economic downturn. Internal forces were the drive to focus personnel expertise where these could best serve the company and potential customers. In effect, the developed structure would focus on creating a simplification of sales operations, where as few layers as possible exist between the executive in charge, the dealer, and the customer.

Shields, M. (2011, Jan. 12). Microsoft Makes Organizational Changes. MediaWeek. Retrieved from: http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/content_display/news/digital-downloads/broadband/e3ief59b53cf621e16315b39b6d6a1b8a79

Microsoft's change strategy had a more singular focus, with its rationale relating only to its advertising business. The main rationale for change was to differentiate the company's advertising division from other agencies such as the MSN portal.

Like GM, Microsoft made specific changes in the…… [read more]

Advertising Promotion Research Paper

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Snickers' Thirty-Second Television Commercial During the Super Bowl

Rosanne Bar and Richard Lewis teamed up during Super Bowl XLV. They participated in a thirty-second spot for Snickers, the candy bar, in front of the largest TV audience in history, according to the Nielsen Company -- an estimated 111 million people.

The ad starts out in a lumberyard; it is foggy, appear to be the Great Northwest. There are large tree trunks stacked up and ready to be run into the sawmill. Standing there wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt with a black sport jacket over the t-shirt is Lewis. He is holding a big chain saw and appears to be ready to carve into one of the huge tree trunks / logs when he stops.

"You know I'm just not feeling the wood cutting thing today," he whines, in his classic comedy act pouting / whiny voice. "What is the rush here?" Lewis asks. "Is there like a world wide shortage of gazebos?" He throws his hands up in the air; his foreman walks away disgusted.

Meantime a guy (obviously dressed for work in a lumber yard) with a bright yellow hard hat walks over to Lewis, and says, "Tony, eat a Snickers." He hands Lewis a Snickers bar. "Why?" Lewis asks, immediately opening the candy bar. "Because you get whiney when you're hungry," the hardhat guy tells him.

Lewis takes an aggressive bite out of the Snickers bar. The camera goes to the man who gave him the Snickers bar. "Better?" he asks, softly, almost out of character with the rough outdoor work scene. The camera switches quickly back to Lewis. But Lewis is now a big rough lumberyard worker with a heavy beard and a hard hat. "Better," says the Snickers-eating man.

Suddenly the camera switches to Roseanne Barr, standing 20 feet away from the two men. Wearing a dressy jacket and holding a smaller chainsaw, she yells, "Hey, my back hurts." A millisecond later, a huge tree log swings from stage right and hits Barr very hard, knocking her flat on the ground. Undaunted and apparently unhurt, but dirty, Barr, from a position…… [read more]

Exchange Relationship Research Paper

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Exchange Relationship

Marketing products and services where the customer does not necessarily want to be the consumer, yet due to circumstances of accident, illness or economic loss, is forced to, requires a delicate balance of fear and expertise-based marketing. To be effective in marketing solutions to these problems many face yet no one wants to admit to, trust is the most critical aspect of all. Creating unique value propositions that communicate and convincingly convey trust is crucial for profitable growth of these types of businesses (Urban, 2005)

Marketing Solutions to Difficult, Embarrassing Problems

Consumers don't want to be told about how effective the functional components or attributes of a given product are, they want assurance that they can trust the solution the product offers. This assurance forms the foundation of what a trusted advisor role is in the selling process (Urban, 2005). No one for example purchases a home dialysis machine purely on its technical merits, especially fi it is for an aging loved one who must have it to survive (Langreth, 2008). Instead, the purchase decision is anchored in trust, transparency of the product, and authenticity it will deliver the results needed to keep the relative alive. Home healthcare's cornerstone of success is becoming a trusted advisor in the selling and service process (Langreth, 2008). Without trust, the entire selling process stops and nothing gets done. The same holds true for those choosing a funeral home after the passing of a loved one. The last concern many have is how the casket was manufactured . Instead, those in grief are looking for assurance that they are making the right decisions with regard to how they manage this process, and that they are doing it "right" and getting all the proper items taken care of. All of this is a tremendous amount of work, and under grief, it is made even more difficult. What is needed then is more of a…… [read more]

Management the Product That I Am Proposing Essay

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The product that I am proposing is a golf ball and smartphone app combination. The golf ball will be a standard ball, but equipped with a tiny tracking device embedded in the ball. The ball will give off a signal that can be read by a smartphone device, over wireless phone waves. The application will be loaded onto the device, and allow the user to track all balls in the area with that frequency. The result of this is that golfers will be able to track their lost balls, even in the woods or other off-course areas. Both the ball and the app will be known by a singular brand name -- Tracker. This makes for a simpler message for the consumer: Tracker Ball + Tracker App = No Lost Balls.

The target market for this product will be golfers, typically those who play the game for fun and make extensive use of gadgets. These golfers are typically male, between the ages of 28-48, and they are generally fairly affluent. They are likely to have a college education and be employed in a professional discipline. They golf frequently, but are not seriously golfers and typically play the game for fun rather than sport. These consumers spend between $1,000 - $10,000 per year on their golf hobby. They may or may not be a member of a private club, but they are likely to have taken a golf vacation in the past. Most have been golfing for a number of years, and view it as a social outlet as well as an outdoor pastime.

The area has demographics favorable to this venture. The demographics of the area skew towards a median age of 35.6 and a GDP per capita of $45,670. The workforce has a relatively high proportion of professionals, a function of the local industry clusters. There are 27 golf courses in the greater area, and this provides an…… [read more]

Level Management Position in a Marketing Department Essay

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¶ … level management position in a marketing department. The practice of marketing has become important in the current business environment. This is probably because of the consumerism phenomenon that takes place in most developed countries. As a consequence, companies' activity is focused on developing products and services, on promoting them, and on distributing them. Therefore, marketing specialists must develop strategies intended to increase the volume of sales of their companies. Given the importance of the aspects involved in the marketing process, people hired in marketing departments are expected to possess a series of skills and abilities. In the case of management positions, the requirements are even higher and also refer to leadership and management skills.








Maintain relationship with customers

Maintain relationship with suppliers







Collaborate to developing marketing strategy







4. Identify potential markets







5. Provide product research and development ideas

Tasks are represented by units of work, or sets of activities required in order to produce certain results (McNamara, 2010). As one may observe from the table presented above regarding the importance and difficulty of tasks assigned to an entry level management position in the marketing department, the most important task for this position is represented by the employee's collaboration with the marketing manager, the marketing department, and other departments in developing the company's marketing strategy. The EFIL of this task is 18.

This task is followed by the task regarding maintaining the relationship with the company's customers. Given the fact that the company's activity and strategy are oriented towards satisfying customers, identifying their needs, and increasing their loyalty level, this task is an important one, which explains its EFIL of 11. Although there are other employees that fulfill this task, the entry level management position within the marketing department assumes a direct relationship with customers and involves negotiation skills.

Another important task for this position is represented by maintaining the relationship with suppliers, with an EFIL of 7. This means that the company values its suppliers, and has assigned employees to maintain this relationship. In other words, the people dealing with this task must ensure that suppliers are satisfied with the prices they established with the company, that they are able to fulfill the deals, and that they are able to satisfy the company's supply needs in case the demand for the company's products increases.

There are other tasks required by this position, like identifying potential markets and participating with ideas in the product research and development process. Although these tasks are very important to the company's marketing strategy, this position is less involved in these tasks and activities in comparison with…… [read more]

Consumer Activists What Can We Learn Literature Review Chapter

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Consumer activists are every much a part of modern day life. On the one hand, they attack corporations for deceiving and perverting a simple-minded public; on the other hand, they denounce consumers for their attachment to a frivolous and insipid materialism. This essay claims that in order for corporations to protect themselves from consumer activists and in order for them… [read more]

Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee Research Paper

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Starbuck's Christmas Blend Coffee

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is known globally for its exceptional channel management, new location planning, research & development, and fair trade supply chain practices (Starbucks Investor Relations). Over the history of Starbucks' existence, there are products that quickly gain a strong employee following and become favorites inside the company before being launched to customers through the hundreds of… [read more]

Influence of Facebook on Society Essay

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¶ … Society

Facebook has over 123 million users (Hovland & Wolburg 76). Moreover, nearly 70% of adults online use social media, especially individuals in their 20s (76). Media sights such as Facebook are an important part of today's society. When consumers are asked about what media means to them, they usually answer that it provides them with information and entertainment (76). Individuals are no doubt getting something from the phenomenon of Facebook. The total time spent on social networks grew a whopping 63% in 2008 around the world, but Facebook was in a completely different league (Kirkpatrick 274). "It outdistanced every other service Nielsen measured. Time spent on Facebook had increased 566% in a year, to 20.5 billion minutes" (274). Facebook is not only being used for networking with "friends," however. These days, traditional advertising is becoming an antiquated concept. Social networking on Facebook is becoming the most relevant way for companies to communicate with their consumers, which at the same time, extends their reach and their impact.

Companies now use and need Facebook to help them become relevant to their customers. Companies can use Facebook to increase their brand presence via sharing information about their company, posting pictures, and uploading videos; all these are ways that companies can create excitement about who they are and what they do (Shih xi). For many people who advertise using Facebook, they claim that it doesn't feel like traditional advertising because it is all coming from friends (81).

The Internet has caused an information overload when it comes to advertising. It is oftentimes quite difficult for companies to differentiate their advertising messages because of this and thus potential customers find it difficult to find what they are looking for. Facebook changes all of this…… [read more]

How Effective Christmas Windows at the Stores Essay

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¶ … Christmas Windows in Stores

The use of Christmas windows in stores is highly effective in strengthening brand recognition and promoting products over their lifecycles. The use of Christmas windows has been going on for over a century, and the sophistication of those at Lord and Taylor, Barney's and others tell stories and sell products at the same time. These window displays during the holidays are often interlinked with a story theme designed to evoke emotions that the store wants associated with their brands. The joy of giving gifts, enjoying time with family friends, and creating situations where people can readily see they having fun is the goal of the store displays. Studies indicate that these displays are effective at increasing sales of products featured in them, and has also been an effective strategy for turning around lagging sales of older products (Su, Myra, 1992).


Everyone loves a good story and the best Christmas windows tell holiday tales that are rich win moments of pure emotion that evoke positive feelings in those that see them. What is noticeable about the window exhibits this year is the heavy reliance on nostalgic themes that would make baby boomers readily identify with the past holidays of their lives. This can be seen in the many windows that are retro to the 1960s and 1960s Christmas scenes and the tie-in to the favorite theme of so many window designers, Victorian England. The stories are all based on wonder and excitement of the holidays as a child, hoping to draw in baby boomer shoppers with the products that are discreetly featured in the windows. It is an interesting blend of nostalgia and marketing with the products featured being futuristic. It is as if the store is saying to the potential customers…… [read more]

Consumer Behavior in Travel Literature Review Chapter

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Familial determinants of buying behavior are even stronger than a trusted relationship forged between a merchant and a client (Davidow). Because of this link to the social background of the consumer, a seller can either make many customers through one transaction, or defeat that possibility completely (Salegna & Goodwin). How a buyer views a transaction can have myriad rippling effects.… [read more]

Simulation of Thor Motorcycles Essay

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Simulation of Thorr Motorcycle

Thorr case study

Three major phases: Analysis

Phase 1 "Where is the thunder" situation

Thorr is positioned at the higher price end of the motorcycle market, with a strong lifestyle-based image. Sales are going down because Thorr's core demographic of older purchasers is now aging out of the market for motorcycles. Younger consumers, with less disposable income, are choosing cheaper vehicles.

Thor must ensure that it has a secure customer base in the future. It must look ahead. However, it does not want to ignore its past, and the value provided by its past successes and reputation for quality.

Additionally, Thor's reputation for providing quality service has become questionable. As service as well as manufacturing quality was once considered a core attribute of the brand, to fully live up to its reputation, it must seek to improve this dimension of the Thorr motorcycle experience as well.

My recommended solution, including why

Emphasize the high-end lifestyle embodied by Thorr for younger consumers. Thorr cannot compete upon price. Quality engineering and services are necessary to emphasize, given that they are an integral component of justifying high-end pricing.

The results

This is correct -- diluting quality would dilute the longstanding reputation of Thorr and Thorr should not abandon the quality-based values that made it great.

Phase 2 "Revving up the marketing" situation

Thorr must be repositioned in the new, younger more price-conscious marketplace as a quality brand.

My recommended solution, including why

Offering financing to younger consumers makes Thorr more affordable. Offering better services and higher, long-lasting quality in a manner younger consumers can afford is an ideal solution to justifying Thorr's higher prices. Promoting the Thorr brand through marketing venues like product placement in Hollywood movies can generate excitement about Thorr.

The results

Demand has increased, due to the new financing strategy. Customer opinions of services provided have improved. Perception of the brand's quality has also improved, due to better product placement in newer and more attractive venues, and improvements in service.

Phase 3 "Revved up" situation

Lifestyle image is even higher than before, as is the perception of quality and service, as well as vehicle engineering. Sales have increased, and even though there is still dissatisfaction with the high price of Thorr motorcycles, offering financing has made them more affordable.

My recommended solution, including why

The company should continue with its current strategy of high quality, high-level service, and maintaining a strong perception that Thorr is a high-quality brand.

The results

The re-positioning has been judged a success. Thorr must continue to build upon its brand image and core attributes in the future,…… [read more]

Advertising Give Women Impossible Expectations and Empty Promises Essay

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¶ … individuals are inundated with countless numbers of advertisements in a variety of formats. As we surf the web we see advertisements posted on websites, receive advertisements in our email, and see personalized advertisements on social networking sites. These types of ads are not really new, they are just presented in a new medium, and have not by any… [read more]

Pricing Structures Term Paper

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Pricing Structures

The company has to select a specific pricing structure from the following set of five distinctive pricing strategies, as revealed below:

New-Product Pricing

Differential Pricing

Psychological Pricing

Product-line Pricing, and Promotional Pricing

Each pricing strategy is characterized by its own advantages and disadvantages and the final decision has to be based on the comprehension of these features, as well as on the identification of the specific strategy which best serves the current needs of the organization. In this order of ideas, the following lines reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the five pricing strategies:

New-Product Pricing


Reveals an increased ability to quickly attain the established objective. Specifically, if the scope is that of selling the product to as many customers as possible, the implementation of a lower retail price would attract customers. Also, the scope of quick profitability can be attained with the aid of a higher retail price.


The main disadvantage is that the new product pricing strategy manages to attain organizational goals only on the short-term. As the sensation of novelty wears off, it reduces the ability of the continued pricing strategy to attain the initial goal. If for instance the goal was that of increasing market share through lower prices, the outcome would be that of decreased profitability. Vice versa, if the goal was that of increasing profits through high retail prices, the outcome would be that of lowered sales as a result of decreased customer access to the product or the simple unwillingness to pay more for a product.

The strategy has to be changed and replaced with a more sustainable one in the long-term. The procedure implies additional costs and additional complexities.

2. Differential Pricing


Considers and reflects the differences between products and the mechanisms involved in their manufacturing and sale. This advantage makes the strategy applicable in the establishment of the retail prices used in the traditional sales method as well as in the televised sale.


Not suitable when only implemented by a single organization, to sell the same product through specific channels. Often, the products sold through telemarketing retail at prices higher than the same products in stores, meaning as such that people would seek the product in stores, and the televised effort would be a simply advertising one.

3. Psychological Pricing


Draws higher numbers of customers…… [read more]

Communication Analysis for Gillette's New Product Fusion Proglide Research Paper

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Gillette, a division of Procter & Gamble, released its Gillette Fusion ProGlide on June 6, 2010. This product is a brand extension of the original Gillette Fusion that was launched in 2006. There have been a couple of other extensions of this brand before. As typical with a new Gillette product, the launch was paired with an intensive advertising campaign.… [read more]

Hallstead Jewelers Harvard Business Case Review 9, 107 060 Case Study

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Hallstead Jewelers

To determine the breakeven points, the company must analyze its variable and fixed costs in relation to its average ticket. The variable costs are the COGS, the selling expense and the commissions. The other costs are fixed, given that advertising levels are not strongly tied to the sales figures, nor is administrative expense. The breakeven point in tickets is calculated by dividing the fixed costs by the contribution per ticket. The breakeven point in dollars is calculated by multiplying the breakeven number of tickets by the average ticket. For 2003, 2004 and 2006 this is as follows:


Breakeven Analysis





Avg ticket




Variable costs % of sales

Average Variable Costs




Contribution per ticket




Fixed Costs




Breakeven point ($)




Breakeven point (tickets)




At Hallstead, the variable costs as a percentage of sales have steadily increased. The average ticket has decreased and as a result the contribution per ticket has decreased. When this is combined with higher fixed costs, the company's breakeven point has increased significantly. The implication for this is that although the new location has seen an increase in volume, that volume increase has not been sufficient enough to cover the increased costs associated with operating the new store.

The margin of safety has decreased steadily over the course of the past few years at Hallstead, as illustrated below, on an extension of the previous chart:

Breakeven Analysis




Breakeven point (tickets)




Actual # of tickets

Margin of Safety


These changes have been caused by a combination of a higher cost structure, lower average ticket and higher variable costs per ticket.

Graphically, the 2007 breakeven analysis can be represented as follows:

2. The prospective 2007 figures were calculated on the 2006 figure for variable costs per ticket, which was $1,351.11. Fixed costs were assumed to hold the same for 2007. This gives the following figures:


Breakeven Analysis




Avg ticket


Variable costs % of sales


Average Variable Costs


Contribution per ticket


Fixed Costs


Breakeven point ($)


Breakeven point (tickets)


Actual # of tickets

Margin of Safety


The new breakeven point is 38,549 units. This occurred because the 10% reduction in prices under the consultant's recommendation resulted in only a miniscule increase in the number of tickets. The price reduction wiped out most of the contribution margin per ticket, which dramatically increases the breakeven point. The new breakeven point in dollars would be $53,880,000.

3. Sales commissions represent $536,000 of cost, or $77.71 in variable costs per sale. If it is assumed that sales levels would not be affected by this change, and otherwise 2007 figures would be the same as 2006 figures, the new breakeven volume would be 6423 tickets, or $9,975,637 in volume. Gretchen's doubts are reasonable, however. Eliminating commission would almost certainly result in a reduction in… [read more]

Nivea Case Study

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Nivea Case Study

Describe what is meant for Nivea to be considered 'consumer led' and if they are? (5 marks)

In the context of the case study, it actually has two meanings. The first is that of geographic proximately to their customers. The second way this term is used in the case study is from a perceptual, preference, promotional and… [read more]

Victory Motorcycles SWOT

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Victory Motorcycles

The mission for Victory Motorcycles is to dominate the cruising bike segment of the North American motorcycle market.

There are a number of objectives for the company with respect to marketing. The first is to be the market leader in cruising bikes. The second is to double the company's current share of the U.S. motorcycle market in one year. This follows on the 83% increase in sales year over year that Victory saw in Q1 of 2010 (U.S. Rider News, 2010). Sales outside North America, which currently account for 25% of all sales, are to be increased to 30%.

Financially, Victory contributes significant profit to Polaris. The objectives of the new marketing plan are to increase this profit contribution to the parent company. Polaris profits should increase from $3.48 per diluted share to $4.00 per diluted share for the next fiscal year as the result of these increases. The recent strengthening of the euro should have positive currency impacts on our bottom line, so it is desired that the company increase European sales by 40% over the coming year, which should increase our total sales outside North America and help achieve profit objectives.

There are two primary target markets for the Victory marketing campaign. The first is Europe, where the company has seen strong growth and where the currency is strong at present relative to the U.S. dollar. Within North America, Victory will seek to improve its share among consumers 45-65, a core demographic for Victory's line of cruising bikes. Both males and females will be targeted within this demographic. Although Victory's current customer base is 95% male, it is felt that there is considerable market potential within both of these markets, in particular at younger ages when the wives of current customers may join their husbands on a cruiser tour (WRN, 2007). The target market is relatively wealthy and loves life on the road. Our marketing strategy will continue to reflect the values of these consumers.

Victory Motorcycles have been traditionally positioned as luxury products,…… [read more]

Global Conditions E-Business and Marketing Term Paper

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Branding of on Online Fashion Institute

In defining the branding strategy for an online university tutoring for students studying high-end couture clothing design, the decision to pursue a brand name one that created specifically for the school or a functional one has far-reaching effects on advertising effectiveness and awareness. The decision needs to be based on the innate strengths and value that the school can deliver to students, exceeding their expectations consistently in the process. The foundation of any effective branding strategy is one that effectively promotes the customer experience in terms of expectations while underscoring that expectation with strong emotion (Leventhal, 22). In defining the brand of the online university, there must be a focus on delivering the core value of what education offers, which is freedom to get to career and educational goals.

Defining the Brand Strategy for the Proposed Online University

For any brand to be effective it must immediately connect with the perceptions, values and beliefs of the target audience and potential customers of interest, it must be intuitive and emotive in its approach to be effective (Phau, Cheong, 220, 221). Instead of concentrating on just the functional benefits or the purely logical aspects of a service, say for example in this instance the focus just on the courses in the online university, drastically reduces the impact of a branding strategy (Leventhal, 21). Studies also indicate that attempting to extend a common brand through associations and implied values is unproductive and loses its impact over time as the primary brand gets diluted…… [read more]

Pricing Consideration and Approaches Essay

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¶ … Sue Mitchell, we learn of the stiff pricing competition between major retailers and how this has been hurting or improving the sales each year. The article aptly titled "The battle of the big and cheap" focuses on pricing strategies of Woolworth that has been competing with Kmart to keep prices competitive and to consistently offer lower prices than the competition. However this has not proved to be a profitable strategy since in 2010, Woolworth saw significant drop in sales after experiencing some positive growth in 2009.

The main pricing approach for Woolworths has been driven by competition. They focus on external factors such as the competitor and their pricing moves to adjust their prices accordingly. Their main competitor has been Kmart and following its lead has helped Woolworths attract customers' attention to its everyday low prices. However with Kmart moving to rounded figures for pricing and slashing its products from 75,000 to 45,000, it has been able to earn a significant edge over Woolworths where pricing competition is concerned.

Woolworths chooses not to follow in the same footsteps and hence has not slashed product line or adopted rounded pricing method. It's more focused on keeping the costs down in order to be able to pass on the savings to the customers while offering them a much wider variety of products. Woolworths is not…… [read more]