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Consumer Behavior in Travel Literature Review

… Familial determinants of buying behavior are even stronger than a trusted relationship forged between a merchant and a client (Davidow). Because of this link to the social background of the consumer, a seller can either make many customers through one… [read more]

Simulation of Thor Motorcycles Essay

… Simulation of Thorr Motorcycle

Thorr case study

Three major phases: Analysis

Phase 1 "Where is the thunder" situation

Thorr is positioned at the higher price end of the motorcycle market, with a strong lifestyle-based image. Sales are going down because Thorr's core demographic of older purchasers is now aging out of the market for motorcycles. Younger consumers, with less disposable income, are choosing cheaper vehicles.

Thor must ensure that it has a secure customer base in the future. It must look ahead. However, it does not want to ignore its past, and the value provided by its past successes and reputation for quality.

Additionally, Thor's reputation for providing quality service has become questionable. As service as well as manufacturing quality was once considered a core attribute of the brand, to fully live up to its reputation, it must seek to improve this dimension of the Thorr motorcycle experience as well.

My recommended solution, including why

Emphasize the high-end lifestyle embodied by Thorr for younger consumers. Thorr cannot compete upon price. Quality engineering and services are necessary to emphasize, given that they are an integral component of justifying high-end pricing.

The results

This is correct -- diluting quality would dilute the longstanding reputation of Thorr and Thorr should not abandon the quality-based values that made it great.

Phase 2 "Revving up the marketing" situation

Thorr must be repositioned in the new, younger more price-conscious marketplace as a quality brand.

My recommended solution, including why

Offering financing to younger consumers makes Thorr more affordable. Offering better services and higher, long-lasting quality in a manner younger consumers can afford is an ideal solution to justifying Thorr's higher prices. Promoting the Thorr brand through marketing venues like product placement in Hollywood movies can generate excitement about Thorr.

The results

Demand has increased, due to the new financing strategy. Customer opinions of services provided have improved. Perception of the brand's quality has also improved, due to better product placement in newer and more attractive venues, and improvements in service.

Phase 3 "Revved up" situation

Lifestyle image is even higher than before, as is the perception of quality and service, as well as vehicle engineering. Sales have increased, and even though there is still dissatisfaction with the high price of Thorr motorcycles, offering financing has made them more affordable.

My recommended solution, including why

The company should continue with its current strategy of high quality, high-level service, and maintaining a strong perception that Thorr is a high-quality brand.

The results

The re-positioning has been judged a success. Thorr must continue to build upon its brand image and core attributes in the future,… [read more]

Advertising Give Women Impossible Expectations and Empty Promises Essay

… ¶ … individuals are inundated with countless numbers of advertisements in a variety of formats. As we surf the web we see advertisements posted on websites, receive advertisements in our email, and see personalized advertisements on social networking sites. These… [read more]

Pricing Structures Term Paper

… Pricing Structures

The company has to select a specific pricing structure from the following set of five distinctive pricing strategies, as revealed below:

New-Product Pricing

Differential Pricing

Psychological Pricing

Product-line Pricing, and Promotional Pricing

Each pricing strategy is characterized by its own advantages and disadvantages and the final decision has to be based on the comprehension of these features, as well as on the identification of the specific strategy which best serves the current needs of the organization. In this order of ideas, the following lines reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the five pricing strategies:

New-Product Pricing


Reveals an increased ability to quickly attain the established objective. Specifically, if the scope is that of selling the product to as many customers as possible, the implementation of a lower retail price would attract customers. Also, the scope of quick profitability can be attained with the aid of a higher retail price.


The main disadvantage is that the new product pricing strategy manages to attain organizational goals only on the short-term. As the sensation of novelty wears off, it reduces the ability of the continued pricing strategy to attain the initial goal. If for instance the goal was that of increasing market share through lower prices, the outcome would be that of decreased profitability. Vice versa, if the goal was that of increasing profits through high retail prices, the outcome would be that of lowered sales as a result of decreased customer access to the product or the simple unwillingness to pay more for a product.

The strategy has to be changed and replaced with a more sustainable one in the long-term. The procedure implies additional costs and additional complexities.

2. Differential Pricing


Considers and reflects the differences between products and the mechanisms involved in their manufacturing and sale. This advantage makes the strategy applicable in the establishment of the retail prices used in the traditional sales method as well as in the televised sale.


Not suitable when only implemented by a single organization, to sell the same product through specific channels. Often, the products sold through telemarketing retail at prices higher than the same products in stores, meaning as such that people would seek the product in stores, and the televised effort would be a simply advertising one.

3. Psychological Pricing


Draws higher numbers of customers… [read more]

Communication Analysis for Gillette's New Product Fusion Proglide Research Paper

… Gillette, a division of Procter & Gamble, released its Gillette Fusion ProGlide on June 6, 2010. This product is a brand extension of the original Gillette Fusion that was launched in 2006. There have been a couple of other extensions… [read more]

Hallstead Jewelers Harvard Business Case Review 9, 107 060 Case Study

… Hallstead Jewelers

To determine the breakeven points, the company must analyze its variable and fixed costs in relation to its average ticket. The variable costs are the COGS, the selling expense and the commissions. The other costs are fixed, given… [read more]

Nivea Case Study

… Nivea Case Study

Describe what is meant for Nivea to be considered 'consumer led' and if they are? (5 marks)

In the context of the case study, it actually has two meanings. The first is that of geographic proximately to… [read more]

Victory Motorcycles SWOT

… Victory Motorcycles

The mission for Victory Motorcycles is to dominate the cruising bike segment of the North American motorcycle market.

There are a number of objectives for the company with respect to marketing. The first is to be the market leader in cruising bikes. The second is to double the company's current share of the U.S. motorcycle market in one year. This follows on the 83% increase in sales year over year that Victory saw in Q1 of 2010 (U.S. Rider News, 2010). Sales outside North America, which currently account for 25% of all sales, are to be increased to 30%.

Financially, Victory contributes significant profit to Polaris. The objectives of the new marketing plan are to increase this profit contribution to the parent company. Polaris profits should increase from $3.48 per diluted share to $4.00 per diluted share for the next fiscal year as the result of these increases. The recent strengthening of the euro should have positive currency impacts on our bottom line, so it is desired that the company increase European sales by 40% over the coming year, which should increase our total sales outside North America and help achieve profit objectives.

There are two primary target markets for the Victory marketing campaign. The first is Europe, where the company has seen strong growth and where the currency is strong at present relative to the U.S. dollar. Within North America, Victory will seek to improve its share among consumers 45-65, a core demographic for Victory's line of cruising bikes. Both males and females will be targeted within this demographic. Although Victory's current customer base is 95% male, it is felt that there is considerable market potential within both of these markets, in particular at younger ages when the wives of current customers may join their husbands on a cruiser tour (WRN, 2007). The target market is relatively wealthy and loves life on the road. Our marketing strategy will continue to reflect the values of these consumers.

Victory Motorcycles have been traditionally positioned as luxury products,… [read more]

Global Conditions E-Business and Marketing Term Paper

… Branding of on Online Fashion Institute

In defining the branding strategy for an online university tutoring for students studying high-end couture clothing design, the decision to pursue a brand name one that created specifically for the school or a functional one has far-reaching effects on advertising effectiveness and awareness. The decision needs to be based on the innate strengths and value that the school can deliver to students, exceeding their expectations consistently in the process. The foundation of any effective branding strategy is one that effectively promotes the customer experience in terms of expectations while underscoring that expectation with strong emotion (Leventhal, 22). In defining the brand of the online university, there must be a focus on delivering the core value of what education offers, which is freedom to get to career and educational goals.

Defining the Brand Strategy for the Proposed Online University

For any brand to be effective it must immediately connect with the perceptions, values and beliefs of the target audience and potential customers of interest, it must be intuitive and emotive in its approach to be effective (Phau, Cheong, 220, 221). Instead of concentrating on just the functional benefits or the purely logical aspects of a service, say for example in this instance the focus just on the courses in the online university, drastically reduces the impact of a branding strategy (Leventhal, 21). Studies also indicate that attempting to extend a common brand through associations and implied values is unproductive and loses its impact over time as the primary brand gets diluted… [read more]

Pricing Consideration and Approaches Essay

… ¶ … Sue Mitchell, we learn of the stiff pricing competition between major retailers and how this has been hurting or improving the sales each year. The article aptly titled "The battle of the big and cheap" focuses on pricing strategies of Woolworth that has been competing with Kmart to keep prices competitive and to consistently offer lower prices than the competition. However this has not proved to be a profitable strategy since in 2010, Woolworth saw significant drop in sales after experiencing some positive growth in 2009.

The main pricing approach for Woolworths has been driven by competition. They focus on external factors such as the competitor and their pricing moves to adjust their prices accordingly. Their main competitor has been Kmart and following its lead has helped Woolworths attract customers' attention to its everyday low prices. However with Kmart moving to rounded figures for pricing and slashing its products from 75,000 to 45,000, it has been able to earn a significant edge over Woolworths where pricing competition is concerned.

Woolworths chooses not to follow in the same footsteps and hence has not slashed product line or adopted rounded pricing method. It's more focused on keeping the costs down in order to be able to pass on the savings to the customers while offering them a much wider variety of products. Woolworths is not… [read more]

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