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Marketing Management Discussion Question Answers Essay

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Marketing Management

Discussion question answers of Marketing issues

Do you believe that prices should reflect the value that consumers are willing to pay or should prices primarily reflect the cost involved in making a product or service. Defend your answer?

Prices should reflect the cost of involved in making a product or service. This is due to any business that… [read more]

Sales Marketing Publicity Research Paper

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This is quite a bit different from publicity especially, but even from public relations. Public relations there is some control over the message, but the message is usually communicated through an intermediary. For example, a website might report on a public relations press release. Publicity there is very little control over the message, or the audience. Malaysian Airlines has received… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communications Programs (IMC) Research Paper

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Integrated marketing communication is part of a creative process, which is characterized by a communication model (Lisa, 2011).

Creative advertising ensures that consumer habits evolve. It involves testing new boundaries of communication, and this will have a positive impact on IMC. A brand is the information that consumers have emotional or imagined association. Tools used to build brands like creative advertising or presentation of goods in supermarket shelves, gives a channel in which delivering brand information is effective. Advertising should include promotional disciplines and through IMC combination, there is certainty that a good customer relationship is maintained. Similarly, message is passed effectively, sales, profit increase, and different IMC strategies are properly incorporated for excellent results.


Advertisement is of great value when incorporated to IMC program, hence should work in combination with IMC. This is because IMC programs include a combination of certain tools, which require communication for customers to be thoroughly informed about the brand or product. The aim of IMC is customer retention, creating and maintaining good customer relationships; for this to be successful advertisement has to be incorporated (Kitchen and Schultz, 2009). Advertisements link marketers, customers and consumers and sometimes allow communication for relevant feedback from both sides. Instant feedback or direct feedback is important as it helps marketers to make appropriate adjustments according to customer feedback. It eventually ensures that the marketer's aim of making profit is achieved. Marketing helps in understanding consumer behavior hence very valuable to IMC, in achieving the target of creating good customer relationships. They will know the needs and wants of customers hence they will know what the communications program will need to change or reinforce.

Communication is the major factor in IMC and for communication to be successful advertisement and has to take place through various channels. Communication creates awareness, customer trust with certain brands hence creating good customer relationships. Marketers have branding in their unit, and it is the core of a business because branding drives everything else. Therefore, there must be a close alignment between branding units and marketing communicators for a business to be successful. The real asset of a company is not the brand but the loyalty of customers to brand. A strategic role by marketing is the impacts by specific campaigns, which change the way consumers, think about particular products and sometimes even consider the way these products or services exist (Studies, 2012).

There should be integration and creativity as it ensures coordination, which, hence ensures elements of coordination are strategic. Advertisement helps to provide shortcuts about what a brand is and demonstrates professionalism on part of brand owner. Proper marketing should be ensured to prevent wasted efforts on the MIC program.


Firms have a common goal of increasing sales and profit; despite these common goals, firms are often at odds. Marketing complain about poor led by sales, and in turn, sales complain about quality of leads generated by marketing hence causing these odds. These disconnections can have damaging effects, which cause delays, wasted… [read more]

Marketing Advertising Marketing Plan

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Advertising is part of the marketing mix that is designed to persuade a consumer to purchase something. Of course, there are many ways of doing this, and the "science" of this media has certainly evolved in the last century. Advertising is subliminal, sophisticated, pervasive, covert, overt, and a seminal part of the contemporary world. Advertising is particularly important within the market niche of fast food -- particularly when a company tries to compete with the giant mega corporations of McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Jack-in-the-Box, founded in 1951, has over 2,100 locations that primarily serve the western part of the United States. The e coli scare of 1993 hurt the company, which lost millions of dollars as a result. However, after the scare, the company came out with a new marketing strategy, menu add ons, and a number of safety issues designed to assure the public of the restaurant's safety (See, for example, "Jack in the box," 2009).

Jack in the box Mini Sirloin Burger Commercial -- to launch a new product, the Mini Sirloin Burger, Jack in the box turns towards a combination of humor, anachronism, and disproportion, the audience is drawn into -- "Oh my, look at that." The ad is not serious, but it is meant to be discussed, meant to be remembered. The idea that the "mini-burger" would come from a mini-cow, rustled by a mini-wrangler on a mini-horse, but still have the taste of the maxi. Thus, no difference in taste, but now on the bandwagon for the "slider." The Table below represents the analysis of the commercial from a Marketing/Advertising Perspective:




Message Strategy

Combination Conative and Promotional

Certainly, designed to inspire clients to run to the nearest JIB and purchase the mini burgers. However, the message strategy supports the continual "Jack" promotions (witness end) and the notion that the little guy can be "bigger" than the big guy.


Emotional -- How cute, repetition, and cleverness

The idea of being cute makes the consumer pay attention -- the whimsical nature makes it noticed, and discussed.

Creative Brief


The magical realism view involves not sex, in this case, but nostalgia -- the idea of the range, the cowboy life, and the honesty of the lone range comes through.

Leverage Point

Assumption of culture

The western is a cultural icon in American entertainment -- it brings back the idea of simplicity -- yet new taste and the idea of ensuring the JIB will do what the customer wants. In this case, the nostalgia plus the picture of juicy mini-burgers leverages the entertainment value with reality.

Executional Framework

Dramatization with use of magical realism

The audience does not expect the "miniaturization" of cows, cowboys, horses, or the ranch. It is a dramatization of the old "Spaghetti" westerns, but with a twist to remember.



Jack ends the commercial…… [read more]

Sales and Marketing Research Proposal

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Sales and Marketing

To the Heads of the Sales and Marketing Departments of Widgets, Inc.:

It has been observed that an unfortunate tension exists between the sales and marketing teams of our organization. On the surface, this seems difficult to understand. After all, theoretically, members of these teams should be the 'best' at communicating, of all of the organization's employees. Our jobs involve working with the public and conveying why our products are of such high quality, and are so desirable. However, there is a fundamental difference of approach between the two departments, even though we all have the same goal. By merging our strengths and overcoming our differences, the sales and marketing departments can both enrich their reputations within the company as well as corporate revenue.

Marketing people tend to be numbers-driven in terms of determining what appeals to consumers. If they notice that consumers within a certain demographic have proved to be highly responsive to an appeal to their pocketbooks in their studies of consumer psychology, then that is the approach they will focus on when designing an advertising campaign. If the target demographic for a new product is that of the coveted 18- to 34-year-old market segment, they will be determined to use the Internet as a vehicle for reaching the public, given the data they have compiled about patterns of web-surfing behavior amongst younger people. Salespeople, in contrast, tend to focus more on people on a one-on-one basis. Perhaps this is because so many individuals in the department began in the retail sales department. When appealing to people, salesmen and women tend to trust their 'gut' instinct about what worked to sell to individuals, when they were involved in selling the product on the front lines to consumers. Salespeople are inclined to trust personalized, hard-selling persuasive techniques, and rely on their emotions as to what feels right.

Marketing people are more apt focus on metrics about buying behavior, such as business school studies about how consumers move through the store and how lighting may influence buyer's purchases -- these concerns are seldom the main focus of…… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Advertising PR Online Essay

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Marketing Communication

I must admit that I cannot imagine my life without the mass media. In addition to entertainment, almost everything I know about the world is the result of the mass media. The electronic media is particularly important in providing information. Through newsgroups and newsletters I can connect with people throughout the world and find out about their way of life and their belief systems. In addition, the news is updated almost by the minute by sites such as BBC and other news media on the Internet. Of course, the mass media is great for entertainment too, and I have all the celebrity and movie information I need at my fingertips either via remote control or keyboard. It is hard to imagine that anything that is so much fun could be bad. One disadvantage could be the tendency to believe as fact what is in fact only opinion. A person should be very careful about applying critical thinking to the mass media.

I cannot imagine my life without a cell phone. Not only does it keep me in touch with friends and family, but it is also a great potential business tool. A parent can stay in touch with a teenager who is out at night or with teachers. In the case of accident or injury, cell phones provide ready contact to people who can help. Of course cell phones also have their disadvantages. Taking a call during a date or a lecture for example has become the newest trend in bad manners. On the whole, I believe that cell phones are extremely useful and I don't want to be without them.

1. Motorola's communication objectives were to reach the global community via their product. They also wished to change their somewhat less than exciting image towards something that would appeal to a younger population group. As such, they studied and adopted many of the language trends among young people, and also…… [read more]

Advertising and Promotion Research Paper

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Advertising & Promotion

The role of the advertising agency is an important one, because it is focused on ensuring that a company or individual is marketed correctly to the public (Altstiel & Grow, 2006). Without the right kind of marketing, any company or individual that is trying to sell a product or service could fall by the wayside. This could… [read more]

Components of IMC Research Paper

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Components of IMC

Components of an Integrated Marketing Communications Program

The breadth and depth of traditional and online marketing channels continues to proliferate. The greater the growth of these traditional and online channels, the more urgent the need to synchronize them all to a common objective corporate-wide (Caemmerer, 2009). The foundational elements of marketing including advertising, public relations, sales promotion and a myriad of other marketing activities all must integrate to a common objective to ensure consistency and focus (Kliatchko, 2005) as the characteristics, depth and extent of marketing strategies continue to become more complex and focused, the need for an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program and strategy become critical to the success of any firm. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the components of an IMC, identify strategies that evaluate the effectiveness of an IMC, and analysis and provide recommendations on the value of each component of an IMC strategy.

Defining Integrated Marketing Campaign Components

From the most complex consumer-focused IMC strategies to those that are oriented from one business to another all share seven core components. These include the foundation or the specific definition of the product and market, including an assessment of consumer behavior and market dynamics (McArthur, Griffin, 1997). Additional components include the corporate culture, brand focus, consumer experience, communication tools, promotional tools and integration tools. Each of these seven components must be aligned across traditional or offline and digital online ones as well if an IMC strategy is going to attain tis objectives (McArthur, Griffin, 1997). Of these seven components of an IMC, the most critical is the corporate culture, as that will determine the extent to which an organization will willingly embrace change or not (Gonring, 1994). The influence of a transformational leader is critical for ensuring cultural alignment within an organization (Caemmerer, 2009). Transformational leaders have the ability to orchestrate the many aspects of an IMC strategy while also ensuring everyone responsible for its execution has a very strong sense of ownership and accountability of results (Howard, 2002) Studies of exceptional customer experiences also underscore how critical it is for a company to cultivate a strong customer-driven culture, as it serves as the foundation of successful integration of marketing strategies and tactics (McArthur, Griffin, 1997). Companies who excel at IMC strategies successfully combine foundational elements of marketing, galvanizing them with strong leadership and a culture that is strongly customer-driven. All of these factors together combine to also create a very strong brand focus, as exemplified by Disney's execution of IMC strategies and the resulting high levels of brand equity produced and maintained (Broadcasting & Cable, 2012).

Additional IMC components include communication tools, promotional tools and integration tools. Taken together these are the unifying elements of any successful IMC strategy (McArthur, Griffin, 1997). They also act to galvanize strategies across offline and online communications and marketing channels. The communications tools are the most visible component of any IMC strategy, encompassing both offline or traditional media and online media channels (Gonring, 1994). The… [read more]

Media Advertising: Posting Research Paper

Research Paper  |  3 pages (1,054 words)
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00 and the $0.98 for max bid suggested by Facebook). Finally, specify the amount of time for which the ad should run.

Step 4: Ad Review

The ad, as it will appear once posted, is displayed, incorporating the information input in all the previous sections. Changes can still be made at this stage (Catholics Democrats, 2008).

Step 5: Order Placement

Facebook already has, in its possession, Sushi Fashion's credit card details; hence there is no need to provide such again when placing the order (Catholic Democrats, 2008). One may be required to wait a few hours before the ad begins running, since Facebook does "reserve the right to approve the ads" (Catholic Democrats, 2008).

The ad's performance can be checked by comparing the number of times it has run, against the number of clicks it has received through the Ads Manager application (Catholic Democrats, 2008).

Part Three

Through the Facebook page post ads advertising option, the ad, once posted on the Sushi Fashions Fan Page, will "get additional paid distribution among fans, friends of fans, or even non-fans within the sidebar or newsfeed" (Social Media Today, 2013).

Despite the wide coverage, advertising through Facebook does not lack its share of risks. The most significant ones are;

Losses -- there is a significant risk of incurring losses, especially because past campaigns have shown that the CTR (click-through rate) for Facebook ads by users is extremely low, and is not reflective of the advertising costs (VanHoose, 2011). In 2010, for instance, the ad CTR was only 0.051%, almost half the standard CTR (VanHoose, 2011).

Cybercrime -- unscrupulous imposters masquerading as Sushi Fashion officials could develop their own page in the business' name, and use it to conduct illegal or redundant activities; a factor that could impact negatively on the business' reputation and profitability (VanHoose, 2011).

Loss of privacy -- Facebook redesigns its site several times every year, and each time it does, users' privacy settings are changed to default with no notification, literally publicizing all the information regarding a user. A business requires some degree of confidentiality, which if not observed, could give away valuable information to competitors (VanHoose, 2011).

Internet advertising has significant large-scale benefits, outweighing the costs and associated risks; which is why it still remains a fundamental marketing strategy for most business units (VanHoose, 2011). First, internet marketing enables the realization of scale economies. Since people who have access to the internet are in a position to view an online ad as many times as they wish, "the expense of putting the ad in place can be divided by a large number of consumers to yield a lower" per-consumer average cost (VanHoose, 2011 p. 192).

A second advantage is that internet advertising makes it possible to customize ads and target selected groups (VanHoose, 2011). It is possible to identify a target group, their browsing patterns, as well as buying patterns using cookies and then design ads in a manner that incorporates these elements (VanHoose, 2011).


Catholic Democrats. (2008).… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Program Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  2 pages (909 words)
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Cafe Adobe Part II

Group IMC Program Proposal Component II

Integrated Marketing Communication Program

Overall Creative Strategy -- Creative Brief

The current campaign is rather scattered, with ads running in a local Gay & Lesbian publication, radio ads in the Houston press, website and billboard promotions, localized activities. The objective of any new or enhanced strategy would be to broaden the client base by focusing dollars more on high return promotions. The localized nature of the company means that Cafe Adobe wants to be seen as "THE" restaurant alternative for a broader spectrum: for families dining out and having fun; for Mexican-Americans to have an authentic meal, and for any sporting team, or any adult group to use the restaurant as a place to meet, have a few drinks, eat, and have a good time. Billboards accomplish a great deal of top of mind resonance, and if individuals click on Adobe's website, they are offered free appetizer coupons.

Target Audience - the primary target market for Cafe Adobe is adults 21+ with or without families who wish to enjoy a mid-range ethnic meal; ethnic Mexican-Americans who want a night out with authentic food and Spanish speaking staff; and young families wanting a non-fast food experience for their children. Research notes that food is a significant part of the Mexican-American tradition, and even those at the lower end of the economic spectrum will opt for a more authentic atmosphere than fast-food. Cafe Adobe has also made it known that they are gay/lesbian friendly, and welcome people of all persuasions into their "home."

2. Message Theme -- Primary thematic focus is on authenticity (Tex-Mex as well as traditional Mexican dishes) at a reasonable price in a friendly atmosphere. Mi casa e su Casa, the idea that you are being invited into their home to partake of food and drink, and conviviality. Why dine fast-food Mexican when for about the same money you can have freshly prepared and authentic meals? Additionally, with numerous food and drink specials based on seasonal delicacies (e.g. camarones (shrimp) in season; interesting avocado dishes, etc. As well as a large selection of quality tequilas, the restaurant can be a watering-hole as well as a dining spot).

3. Support -- it will be important to showcase the theme through support. Testimonials, taste tests, and pricing comparisons may be used. Continued push at the local-local event market (e.g. neighborhood fairs, sales, events, concerts, etc. school fund raisers) anything to push the local/local idea..

4. Constraints -- Billboard advertising seems effective in that it gets the name and tagline out to the community; along with the website and coupons. The constraints are balancing the idea of a watering hole with the family atmosphere, which is…… [read more]

Etextbooks Marketing Plan for E-Textbooks the Intent Business Plan

Business Plan  |  3 pages (820 words)
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Marketing Plan for E-Textbooks

The intent of this section of the marketing plan is to define which type of software will be used, the marketing strategy, sales tactics, advertising and promotions and incentives that will be relied on in launching the new venture.

E-Textbook Software and Platform

It is recommended that the proposed venture participate in the Digital Text Platform (DTP) from Amazon.com, which has online tools available for the creation of e-textbooks from HTML in real-time. Once created the e-textbooks can be uploaded into the Kindle Store and resold there in addition to being resold on individual publisher's sites. This alleviates the need of staying up-to-date with each version of Adobe Acrobat or comparable digital content application. In 2009 Amazon.com launched the Kindle DX which has a 9.7" display, global wireless for downloading of most e-textbooks in less than a minute, and orientation support to match how the reader has the Kindle positioned. The greatest benefit however of going with the Amazon DTP Program is the tight integration of the Kindle DX platform to the e-textbook format produced as part of their online publishing process. All of these factors support the decision to partner with Amazon.com and join their DTP program, publishing through their online production tools.

Marketing Strategy

Approximately 60% of all e-textbook publishers have partners with Amazon.com to have their texts produced for the Kindle DX Platform. As a result Amazon is promoting its site as the premier source of e-textbooks worldwide which is generating traffic to the site from college and university course planners, professors and students. By aligning with the industry leading platform the proposed venture gets a higher level of credibility than if the decision was made to produced PDFs and put them on a website for downloading for example. The Kindle DX platform, with its wide screen, ability to search entire books for key phrases and concepts, and compatibility to the DTP Program standard also ensures a consistent user experience for every customer of the new venture as well. The marketing strategy needs to be then based on attaining credibility as an e-textbook provider rapidly based on an alliance with Amazon and their DTP Program. Second, ensuring a consistent user experience is critically important and that can be attained using the Amazon Kindle DX and Amazon e-textbook program. Third, the e-textbooks need to be authored by experts in their fields so that the quality of the content stands on its own and…… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (1,311 words)
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Integrated Marketing Communications

The 5- step consumer decision-making model is very important in marketing. You just saw an ad that told you that you could purchase an energy efficient major appliance before 4/30 & receive a rebate from the government. It reminded you that you have been thinking about needing a new stove. With this being the 1st step, describe what the consumer is doing in each subsequent step & identify what marketers can do in each of the 5 steps to influence the consumer. Have at least two non-traditional marketing & two sales promotion elements that the marketer could use.

Decision Making Process

Problem recognition -- (Consumer) Current stove is almost 20 years old, and while it is working it is not very energy efficient, especially the oven. It is old enough that it does not have any of the automatic sensing tools as well. (Marketer) Marketing responsibility at this stage is to encourage removing older, energy "hog" appliances for better performance and efficiency. Think green! Examples are advertisements that ask questions like: how can you do your part to save energy? What happens to your utility bill when you cook at home? Can you save money and be responsible by purchasing a new appliance? Television or print media most likely vehicles to impart this. Sales promotion = Offer Free Energy Audit and in-home consultation.(During energy audit have technician look at other kitchen appliances, but don't neglect water-heater, washer-dryer; in many older homes all appliances were purchased at the same time, and therefore might all need to be replaced).

2) Information Search

Internal -- Consumer looking at their ability to afford and logistics.

External - Which store or location for purchase. Which brand? Why, benefits and features. (Marketer) -- Work with local banks or credit unions to provide incentive financing; have better interest rates if they replace more than one appliance, offer ways to allow rebates to go directly to loan, etc. Work on extended package deals to provide incentives for total household energy savings.

3) Evaluation Alternatives -- (Consumer) -- Brand x or y, features needed, price range, time of payback (even with rebate) (Marketer) -- add on incentives, if stove, give promotional incentives purchase new microwave or refrigerator -- matching sets, etc.

4) Purchase decision -- (Consumer) -- Able to afford, attend sales event or schedule in-home consultation, choose model, sign contract, arrange for delivery -- (Marketer) -- Solidify brands with best ROI by giving consumer added reason to buy, run sales on older models, make arrangements with factor for special deals on matching sets.

5) Post purchase behavior -- (Consumer) -- Extended warranty purchase, customer satisfaction survey. (Marketer) -- Work with local chef or cooking schools to offer free classes on using new appliances; seminars in cooking x, y, or z; prizes and make the events seem extra special because of purchase. Enhance reasons for extended warranty. Offer stickers that indicate "Certified Energy Savings Household."

State clearly what the goal of the ad is. What are… [read more]

Graves Enterprises Marketing Graves Enterprise Marketing Strategy Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  3 pages (870 words)
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Graves Enterprises Marketing

Graves Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Graves Enterprises Marketing Strategy

As the newly installed Vice President of Marketing for Graves Enterprises, the focus over the next year is to double sales in both the company's commercial and consumer floor care product line. With the research materials in hand there is considerable scrutiny and analysis necessary to determine the efficacy of the proposed Graves marketing plan. The consumer plan emphasis is on the design of a new "safe, effective, and eco-friendly" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.) floor cleaning product which will have a price premium attached to it. Second, a private label cleaner will be introduced to be sold in big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart. On the commercial side the focus is on expanding opportunities to hospitals and nursing homes with a specialty anti-bacterial product release and a "repackaging of the existing Skid-No-More floor wax" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). Again with these offerings there is an expected price increase to reflect a premier product with unique features. The recommendations of the marketing team though must work in the context of the fundamentals of consumer and business behavior and purchasing patterns to include the "Four P's- product, price, place, and promotion-marketing scholar and teacher Philip Kotler's mainstay marketing model" (Borneman, J. November 2004).

Question I

The proposal of the marketing team initiates with the "development of a new product line that is promoted as safe, effective, and eco-friendly" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). This product line will also carry a 1.5 times higher price point reflective of its environmental friendly aspects, and is expected to generate a 2 times profit increase (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). Additionally the company will market a private label of this new product as means of more effectively competing in the industry, as well as tapping into new retail outlets including Wal-Mart and Advance Auto Parts. Without question "successfully introducing new products or services into the market is vital to the long-term growth a company" (Luan, Y. & Sudhir, K. June 2010). Graves has several strategic product features which at present they are not utilizing as competitive advantages: "a unique, proprietary chemical cleaner that cleans "dry" which helps to reduce mold" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.), a hypoallergenic formula and Scotchguard stain protection (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). An important question is whether the new product line will incorporate these features and whether they will be highlighted as part of the marketing mix. Any effort made to differentiate the Graves product from rivals Kleen Floor Products must be part of the marketing strategy. Of Kotler's Four P's,…… [read more]

Smart Marketing: Effects of Databases and Algorithmic Term Paper

Term Paper  |  8 pages (2,792 words)
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Smart Marketing: Effects of Databases and Algorithmic Advertising

, computer, and store advertisements are just a few ways the public is exposed to marketing on a regular basis. Buying in this way seems to be a full-time job: always the advertiser is turning the average person into an important consumer. The morality of the advertiser's intelligence in making the public… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (936 words)
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An improved reputation will for instance raise the interest of more business partners and the communities. Means in which this could be accomplished include interviews within the local media or the featuring of organizational leaders within television shows for the local press.

(5) Online communications -- in order to appeal to the younger audience, it is compulsory to also address it within the virtual community. This method is once again useful as it allows the company to promote itself and to familiarize the virtual consumer with the XYZ products even before the company actually launches its operations and its products within the Indian market.

Despite the high levels of professionalism with which the marketing campaign is being constructed and implemented, fact remains that the uniqueness of the Indian market could raise some impediments to customers' acceptance. The lines below present examples of elements from the political, social and cultural field that could impact the marketing communications mix.

(1) Political: the Indian authorities, like any other national representatives across the globe, have strived to protect their national sectors by imposing taxes on exports. In more recent times however, the political field in India is working on ensuring higher levels of market liberalization. This virtually means that both tariff and non-tariff barriers are being gradually lifted. Otherwise put, XYZ Inc. will be able to freely air its campaign, without being forced to subject to restrictions. Nevertheless, fact remains that the legislation in India is fairly different from the one in the United States, meaning as such that the company should hire consultants specialized in the issues of expansion within the Indian market.

(2) Social: India is globally recognized for its hi-tech affluences as more and more representatives of the young generation get jobs in IT; this aspect means that the customer base is highly educated from a technological standpoint and it is as such rather pretentious. In the context of XYZ's marketing campaigns, this feature translates into the necessity for the company to construct a strong online campaign, with multiple features. A poorly constructed website, with low interaction abilities, with sales or IT specialists that do not reply to the emails of the viewers or the lack of sufficient information will from the start create consumers' reticence to the product and the company.

(3) Cultural: the respect for the Indian culture is pivotal for the success of XYZ. Aside the obvious element of language correspondence, the success of the company's campaign is pegged to its ability to respect region and the geographic religion, as well as social nuances (Williams, 2008).


Twitchell, J.B., 1996, Adcult USA: Triumph of Advertising in American Culture, Columbia University Press, ISBN 0231103255

Williams, G., 2008, 3 Ways to Kill a Deal in India,…… [read more]

Marketing a Market Leader in Pharmaceuticals Thesis

Thesis  |  3 pages (1,031 words)
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A market leader in pharmaceuticals should emphasize in its marketing strategy its competitors primarily and the consumers secondarily. There are two main reasons for this. As an industry leader, the company should strive to portray itself as ahead of its competitors. Strategies recommended include using the advantage in economies of scale to undercut competitor's pricing and achieve greater distribution through the health care system. Brand extensions can help to defend market position against the threat of competition (no author, 2009). Pharmaceuticals also give direct benefits to consumers. Moreover, when consumers search for pharmaceuticals they often compare different brands against each other. Therefore, a brand can attain competitive advantage by communicating more effectively to the consumer about the benefits of its products.

A market follower in a mature market should focus on comparisons with its competitors. The marketing message should convey the reasons why consumers should switch from the leading brand to the following brand. This can mainly be done by demonstrating direct superiority over the leading brand in terms of the qualities consumers value the most.

A market nicher in interior design needs to have a wholly customer-centric message. The service is tailored to each customer. The customers are not interested in mass market offerings so benchmarking against industry leaders is irrelevant. Additionally, the entire service is focused around meeting the customer's needs so the message needs to convey this.

A market challenger in this scenario needs to build economies of scale in order to compete. They must do this with a combination strategy that not only demonstrates superiority to the leading product but also conveys a strong sense of direct benefit to the consumer. In this industry, it is imperative that the firm be seen as the best company with the best products -- anything less and they will fail to achieve the economies of scale needed to effectively compete.

2. The resort should price the services separately. The willingness to pay factor is important to consider here (Rao, 2009). The consumer typically sets their hotel budget, but the activities budget is separate. Thus, if the hotel adopts a pure-bundle strategy, the higher room price will be perceived as a lower value than competing hotels. While the extra services provide higher value, if the consumer is not interested in those services, they will base their views on the higher room rate, not the package of services. In order to build repeat business and longer stays, the hotel must have its rooms at a price point that is perceived as competitive. Consumers do not mind having to pay for certain types of extra services. By leaving those services to the consumer's option, the hotel would maintain its value proposition, and still be able to capture significant revenues from those services, since guests are not averse to paying for extras like volcano tours, massages and scuba diving.

3. Before making a decision, there are several points of information I would need. The first is with respect to our usual performance… [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

Essay  |  10 pages (3,102 words)
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Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact… [read more]

Preparing a Marketing Plan for Terry's Group Novelty Chocolates by Analyzing a Particular Case Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,660 words)
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¶ … Marketing Plan for Terry's Group (novelty chocolates) by analyzing a particular case

Marketing Plan for Terry's Group

Terry's Group is a New York-based company, operating throughout the entire world and activating in the food industry by producing high quality chocolate products for over two centuries. Today, the company is integrant part of United Biscuits, which desires to become… [read more]

Advertising on Specialty Channels Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (1,196 words)
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¶ … advertising on specialty channels. Discuss how both large national advertisers and small local companies might use cable TV effectively in their media plans.

Specialty channels have made it possible to more precisely segment prospects for a product or service based on their specific interests. Specialty channels attract highly unique and differentiated audiences, many of which share common demographic and psychographic profiles, making advertising on these channels the most efficient approach to reaching specific prospects of interest. Compared to the national channels that have a very wide demographic base that requires a correspondingly broader message, specialty channels offer large national advertisers and local companies alike the opportunity to reach more precisely defined audiences with more focused messages. These specialty channels then a much more effective at reaching a specific audience than the larger national channels.

Explain why advertisers of products such as cosmetics or women's clothing would choose to advertise in magazines such as Flare, Elm Street, or Chatelaine.

Each of these magazines and their accompanying websites approach women's perceptions of themselves as independent, autonomous, self-confident and high achieving from a slightly different vantage point, yet all are affirming of women's self-concept as being self-confident, decisive and strong. Because each of these magazines and their websites speak to women about how they feel about themselves, it's most likely that manufacturers of cosmetics and women's clothing would choose to advertise both in print and online in each of them with slightly different strategies. The messaging of each of these publications and their websites is slightly different with varying degrees of career, fashion, lifestyle, physical fitness, in addition to many other topics of interest to women, yet all share in promoting a healthy self-image of women as high achievers. For cosmetics and women's clothing companies, advertising in each of these magazines and their websites is most likely critical to their overall marketing strategies.

Discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with advertising in movie theatres. For what types of products and/or services might these media be most effective?

Increasingly mainstream advertisers are turning to advertising in movie theatres to accentuate and further strengthen their advertising strategies. While there are the disadvantages of being perceived as an irritant to movie goers and also the high cost, there are many advantages to advertising in movie theatres. These include highly targeted exposure to specific audiences, as many theatre chains now allow for specific advertisements to be placed on specific movies whose audiences can be predicted along demographics and psychographic variables. There is also the advantage of capitalizing on the mood within a movie theatre of anticipated entertainment. American Suzuki was able to capitalize on the mood within theatres with their advertising during the holiday season of 2007 tying in their motorcycle and sports utility vehicle (SUV) brands, using a storyline that accentuated the strengths of their motorcycle line and the XL7 SUV line the company launched in the Fall of 2007. Additional advantages of advertising in move theatres are higher levels of retention and recall of… [read more]

Advertising Manager Term Paper

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Advertising manager of a large firm asked you - the vice president of marketing - to approve a $500,000 increase in the advertising budget for one of the company's brands. She predicts that the additional $500,000 in advertising will increase the brand's sales by $2,000,000. Even if you were 100% sure that her prediction was correct. Question: What Additional Information Is Still Need Before Making a Decision?

There is an abundance of information required before making a decision to invest $500,000 to gain an incremental $2,000,000 in sales, even if there appears to be a high level of certainty this could actually occur. First, personally I would be suspect about the certainty of the cause-and-effect of this specific investment yielding these specific results. First, it's critical that the demand elasticity of the product be first defined, which can be difficult to do, and second, how will the $500,000 increase in the budget impact the perception of pricing and is the pricing optimized already? This is a critical question and needs to be resolved as price optimization, when coordinated with the large investment of an advertising budget, can yield significant results (Retail Pricing 2006).

Then there is the entire aspect of the execution of the program, and the current state of lead generation and escalation systems, including the use of…… [read more]

Marketing Strategy Are Market Driven, the Quantitative Term Paper

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¶ … marketing strategy are market driven, the quantitative description of the market followed by their expectations are the motivating forces which mold the strategies and the policies of the company. The company during its operation has to monitor and control the public demand, followed by the standards of the goods being demanded. The standards of the goods being sold… [read more]

Sales and Marketing Management Term Paper

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Sales and Marketing Management

Summary of "Stars in the Making," by Elana Harris

For years, the practice of sales and marketing seemed to be somewhat like magic, with no way to teach people how to do it or what makes a good representative. Literature in recent years, such as "Stars in the Making," a 2001 article by Elana Harris, serves to demystify the process of turning new salespeople into, in effect, "sales stars."

In Harris' article, she makes the point that there are ways to mentor, motivate, and lead new salespeople to their full potential as salespeople; this point is cleverly proven by success stories from such luminary companies as Bausch & Lomb and others. Perhaps the most important message that Harris puts forth in "Stars in the Making" is that training, motivation and development of the skills needed for overcoming challenges are keys to the growth of salespeople over the long-term. Because of this, Harris continues, sales managers must be coaches or mentors to their team members as well.

Simply put, in conclusion, "Stars in the Making" proves that success in sales is attainable for those who put forth the effort, when properly led by managers who likewise make an effort to mentor their "future stars."

Relevance of "Stars in the Making"

Elana Harris' article is extremely relevant, especially given the bad reputation that selling has been given over the years, not only from the viewpoint of the customer, but also from the viewpoint of those who are looking at career choices. A great deal of this bad reputation and misconceptions about sales have been based in the past upon unprofessional, unethical salespeople, led by managers who were even worse. However, Harris takes the sales profession, the development of competent and ethical salespeople, and their management to a higher level of professionalism and credibility, making this article relevant to a professional selling career from several key points-of-view.

To begin, Harris gains credibility in her article by explaining that while there are basically a handful of born salespeople who make their quotas and do well without much coaching or skill sharpening, there are those who simply need more mentoring and training to bring out their full potential. This explanation is something that an aspiring sales professional, or even someone looking for a valid career choice, can hold onto as a highly valuable piece of information, for it shows that sales excellence is not always magic, but is a skill that can be honed and developed.

Especially relevant for sales managers was information that explained how important it is for salespeople to be given all of the tools and training that they will need to realize top productivity as salespeople, and furthermore, all of this can be done in a professional setting and that salespeople add a great deal of value to the buying process. This concept also relates Harris' article to another key reference on the sales profession, the book "Selling: The Profession" by David J. Lill.

Lill's book is… [read more]

Role of Sales and Marketing in the Lodging Industry Research Proposal

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Lodging industry, sales and marketing play important roles in the survival of individual lodging operations and the industry as a whole. Indeed, the two work together to create a platform for business success in the industry. At the basis of this, according to O'Neill, Hanson and Mattila (2008, p. 355), is customer equity. This means that marketing is driven by customer-centered approaches, which in turn drives sales.

Specifically in the hospitality industry, this means that the relationship between marketing and sales should be investigated to determine the exact drivers of sales in the marketing mix. According to O'Neill, Hanson and Mattila (2008, p. 355), marketing is the direct driver of customer demand. Hence, this is one of the major investments in the lodging industry. According to the authors, marketing and sales expenses average 7.4% of revenues for full-service hotels and 7.9% of revenues for limited-service hotels. Indeed, the sheer volume of these expenses is second only to employee expenditures.

There is a close connection between marketing and sales. Marketing means providing potential customers with information about the lodging operation, its features, and its differentiation from other competitors in the market. Sales refers to further marketing features that occur after customers have been gained. Loyalty programs are an example of such expenses. Furthermore, the lodge needs to differentiate itself from others by means of "special" features such as welcome gifts to customers who book in.

Sales also refer to the excellence of service provided for customers who have been gained. Great expenses are incurred to ensure that the service and products provided at lodges are excellent. This includes expenses such as training personnel and employing specific personnel to attract further customers and retain existing ones. While marketing is therefore used as an initial customer incentive, sales mean that further incentives are created to retain those who already have experience of the lodge in question. This dynamic, in turn, drives competition and provides the industry with the means of its survival.

Market segmentation, targeting, and positioning are also important factors in the marketing process. According to Rudra (n.d.), all markets are made up of segments. This is the result of differential factors among consumer characteristics and their buying behavior. In the lodging industry, this generally relates to budget. Consumers who need lodging are usually those who are on holidays or those who are on business trips. These provide two main segments for the markets. Within these two segments, there are further budget segments, ranging from low to higher and top tier segments.

In the lodging industry, market segmentation would then depend upon the type of consumer that the lodge is aiming to target. Families would most likely form part of the budget segment. Here, the lodge would seek to attract a high volume of consumers in order to gain as much as possible revenue from them. Means at their disposal to target this market would then be sales items such as loyalty programs and marketing items such as…… [read more]

Three Different Marketing and Sales Strategies Event Planners May Utilize to Reach Target Markets Term Paper

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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Event Planners

Recommended Marketing and Sales Strategies for Event Planners

Of the many marketing and sales strategies event planners rely on for reaching target markets and increasing attendance, three that show significant potential for generating results based on current research are discussed in this analysis. All three are reliant on communicating to potential event attendees… [read more]

Marketing Communication Plan for Re-Launched Cadbury Wispa Bar Marketing Plan

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¶ … relaunch of Cadbury's Wispa bar. Through case study examination and marketing communication planning, the study acknowledges successes surrounding the relaunch of the Cadbury Wispa bar, and aims to sustain and extend Wispa brand and product success. In particular, the study cites, for example, pull positioning strategy as a strategic tenet. Moreover, for organization of the study, the paper… [read more]

Marketing of a Sports Drink Marketing Plan

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In order to market this new sports drink, the different elements of the marketing mix need to be developed (Kotler & Keller, 2012) . The old four Ps include product, which here is a run-of-the-mill sports drink and a gimmicky bottle. The price will probably be premium. The positioning will have to be premium, and it will probably trade on the funky bottle. The promotion is likely going to focus on this message as well, and with the distribution being saturation in order to match the promotions of competitors. Thus, the product will be utilizing a differentiated strategy. Budget-wise, this is something that will compete against national firms with large marketing warchests, so hopefully we are similarly equipped. Also, a P. that is not normally mentioned is important here -- patent. The bottle is the main source of competitive advantage, so that patent needs to have ironclad protection, making it difficult for competitors to develop anything even close to it. If we innovate and lose that advantage two months later, we're done.

Kotler and Keller support the idea of a new four Ps, which are people, processes, programs and performance. The idea behind people is that the people within the organization are key to success. So the first step in marketing this product is to put a good team together. The product itself is unspectacular -- most people already have refrigerators so the only thing this bottle does is make it a little more portable, for hiking, kayaking, etc. It is going to be priced higher than competing products, without adding much benefit to consumers, and it doesn't have half the brand that the major competitors have. We are going to need good people to sell this thing. On my team, I want people who have sold sports drinks, but I also want people who have sold products of little marginal utility for a premium price.

Processes, as described by Kotler and Keller, focuses on creativity and structure. In this case, the objective has to be to overcome the faddish nature of this product. Many people might give the product a try, but the key is to make sure they buy it again, and again. Obviously the product will need to be a part of that, but the marketing process is going to play a role. The team needs to ensure that it not only has a great idea to start, but that it continues to generate great ideas. Some of the advertising is going to be outsourced, but it is essential that the company puts up the right amount of money in order to secure the best agency to produce those eye-catching ads. In addition, we need to continuously be on top of the marketing information, getting the right feedback. We must always update the information. So again,…… [read more]

Culture and Advertising the Traditional Research Paper

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Society value these celebrities to the extent that they would want to look like them or act like them. This forces or dictates their reactions to television advertisement. Celebrities have set the bar high enough when it comes to television advertisement thus it is critical to adopt the use of this contemporary culture in order to relate to the target groups.

In press or mass media advertisement, billboards and newspapers are full of celebrities' picture to attract the attention of consumers or target groups. Celebrities coin business contract with companies and organizations in order to participate in such promotions. Since society knows these celebrities, they think and feel that the relationship of commodities and the famous persons make them who they are. "Various researches have focused on the frequency of African-American endorsers appearing in the magazine advertising, from the standpoint of product type, role portrayals, occupations, media type, and gender" (Brody et al., p 134). This raises their curiosity to try the products and services according to the promotions. This curiosity benefits the company through improvement in revenues and production levels. This explains why numerous football and wrestling stars participate in promotions or advertisements. Members of the society want to associate themselves with the celebrities by purchasing or procuring goods and items they help promote.

Meet- the -- audience advertisements oversee participation of celebrities who take the opportunity to help promote the commodities of the organization in the context. When celebrities accompany the promotional team, members of the society take it seriously, as they want to associate with their idol and mentor. This feeling and thought generate effective outcome in relation to the aims of the organization. These promotions and advertisement are in the manner to relay a picture to the society that these celebrities use the products. In order to appear like their idols, it is crucial to adopt the products by the society hence enhancement in the relationship with the commodities. Online advertisement also applies the use of celebrities in order to woe new and potential consumers to procure products and services. This would entail relaying the information to the society through the help of famous individuals (celebrities).

Advertisement has the impact of turning the interest of the target group to the subject of promotion. Advertisement allows the society to have clear insight on what is in the market. Advertisements also inform consumers on relevant product prices and variety of commodities at their disposal. This makes the celebrities crucial to have effective and efficient plan to reach the target group. Corporate culture has to understand the contemporary culture or modern trends to know the needs and preference of the society. This would enable corporate entities to reap the benefits of effective and efficient advertising through low cost of production and high revenues. The contemporary culture that proves to have a positive influence on the outcome of advertisement is celebrity. It acts as the important tool to reach the society in the context of the advertisement. This makes celebrities… [read more]

Marketing Mix an Integrated Term Paper

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Public relations can also help the consumer gain understanding of the company and its message. This is especially important because there is a limit to the believability of advertising messages, with most consumers natural skeptical of anything stated in an advertisement. Effective public relations can overcome this hurdle because the message is not presented in an advertising format and will not be perceived as trying to indicate any specific message. In this way, an overall message about the company can be communicate, but in a subtle way where the consumer is able to come to their own conclusion. Finally, an effective public relations strategy will help to build trust in the company. This will be important in developing a strong relationship with the consumer.

The final consideration is how to measure the effectiveness of the integrated marketing communication strategy. Since the strategy is aimed at building relationships with customers and gaining customer loyalty, the main measurement will involve determining the customer return rates. With personal selling providing direct contact with customers, this will be able to be measured and reported by sales staff without the requirement for complicated research activities. It will also be important to utilize concept testing, which is used to "explore the targeted consumer's response to a potential ad or campaign" (Belch & Belch 1999, p. 292). Concept testing will be utilized via focus groups to determine the response of consumers and to ensure that the advertisements and public relations activities communicate the desired message. Finally, surveys of individuals in the target group will be completed periodically to determine how the company is perceived by the target market.


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Kotler, P., Chandler, P., Gibbs, R., & McColl, R. (1999). Marketing. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:…… [read more]

Marketing and Sales Business Functions Term Paper

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¶ … marketing and sales business functions. In what other areas might descriptive research be used?

Descriptive research, including observations of consumer behavior (for example 'taste tests') or surveys of consumer behavior (such as questionnaires about consumers' buying patterns) can provide a description of current market behavior of a likely target population of a new product, or provide an explanation of buying patterns to marketing and sales teams designing a new campaign. Descriptive research can provide a record of the number of times something occurs, or frequency of a behavior. (Ryerson, 2005) As it lends itself to statistical calculations such as determining the average number of occurrences or central tendencies, can also be used in observed scientific psychological or biological studies of a human or animal population's behavior patterns.

DQ3. What are the differences between a symptom and a problem?

A symptom, such as a patient feeling cold all of the time, cannot be fully solved unless the doctor or patient's treatment team at the hospital knows the problem or the symptom's cause. If the person lives in an unheated house in the winter, the symptom of feeling cold can be immediately treated by putting the patient a warm room and getting the patient public assistance for better housing. However, if a person feels cold because they are underweight, the problem can only…… [read more]

Ethics in Marketing Research Paper

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Ethics in Marketing

There are a number of ethical issues in marketing today. These range from the messages that advertisers send -- especially to children -- to the ethics of marketing research. Marketers must be aware of all of these different issues, and be guided by high standards of ethics in order to fulfill their objectives without violating prevailing ethical codes.

Research Ethics

Akaah and Riordan (1989) outline the issues of ethics in marketing research. They point out that there are a number of issues in marketing research, including the preservation of anonymity, the implication of bias and other such issues. There is no external set of standards to which marketers can follow, so in general each organization must set its own standards. The authors note that there are three factors that influence how organization's approach the issue of marketing research ethics -- the extent of ethical problems within the organization in general, top management attitudes about ethics and the role in the organization of the market research department.

A code of ethics in the company should be established at the corporate level, and the research department should follow this code, while developing its own standards and guidelines. For example, minors should not be research subjects. Protocols should be followed with respect to informed consent. In addition, there needs to be procedures in place with respect to protecting the privacy of individuals in the research. If the company is to gather personal information, it needs to ensure that information is protected. Another issue is with respect to the payment of research subjects, which can create bias and perverse incentives. Marketing researchers must be aware of these issues and work to mitigate any potential negative outcomes from the work that they do.


One of the major ethical issues in marketing today is with respect to marketing to children. Children do not have fully developed minds and are therefore subject to marketing pitches to a greater degree than adults. This is not always an ethical issue, but when the product is not good for children -- be it cigarettes or fast food -- it creates an ethical dilemma for the marketer charged with reaching that market. Shrubsole (2012) notes that company's efforts to reach children have become more sophisticated and therefore harder to govern. The problem has become so bad that it is a political issue, and even the United Nations is getting involved, having now issue a set of business principles and children's rights that serve as a framework for marketing ethics with respect to selling to children.

Horovitz, (2011) notes that as restrictions are developed with respect to marketing to children, such a blending games and advertising content, in order to suck children into the marketing. This is tricky enough with adults, but children stand very little chance of resisting, and the result is usually the economic exploitation of the children for the gain on the company that is doing the selling.


Another issue is with dishonesty in… [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

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Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been… [read more]

Marketing Industry Introduces People Essay

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Regarding an individual's influence of personal sensations in buying a certain product, this is relevant in cases of physiological needs or health issues. For example, we are more likely to buy a beverage when we feel thirsty and food when we are hungry, both of the situations being dependent on bodily sensations. Therefore, we need to drink because we feel thirsty but, when we buy a specific beverage, with a clear inclination to favor one over another, then it is a case of wanting. Suppose we would have our lunch in a restaurant or even at work. The marketing industry would seek to benefit from that by advertising on the radio at noon time. Through this, it has created an opportunity of which the customers may become aware. Likewise, medication is usually prescribed by our doctor but there are less severe cases when we look to aspirin, for example, for head aches and the like. Therefore, taking the medicine is something we need to do to relieve the pain and not something we want to do.

The first step to consumer behavior is to acknowledge that a state of things is contradictory to our well being. From plain physiological needs of being either thirsty or hungry to more complex issues, more existential concerns, needs or wants shape our perspective of and over life. We want to be happy but also we need happiness because of the powerful positive emotion that influences the well being of our mental health. But something we need turns into something we want if and when we cannot afford to have what we need. People in some third world countries want clean water because this is a necessity for survival. And our desire is for them to have clean water because we also want them to survive. But when we are unable to fulfill this desire that influences other people's well being it also reflects on our personal state of mind. Therefore, wanting to see those people in full disposal of water facilities is our own psychological need that results from other's social needs.

In some cases, the line between need and want is very thin, like in the situation presented above. It is also complementary but, when addressing consumer behavior from an economic point-of-view, we find that we often want more than we need. We might put that on society's most consumerist behavior than ever before. Either way, wanting doesn't always lead to having which can indeed induce a restless emotion and further affect our situation. When we want something is not always because we need it but because of the idea that purchasing a specific item will complete something in our situation or self. When shops advertise for items on sale, we don't really asses whether we need them but act on a feeling of wanting. In this respect, the marketing industry has managed to induce us a feeling that we might actually need the item on sale and therefore we rush to purchase… [read more]

Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Research Paper

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Mochalicious Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy Mochalicious

The Company Profile

Mochalicious Coffee is based in Owasso City, Oklahoma, United States. It has successfully developed its brand image in the local market by providing the top quality coffee at very competitive rate. The company offers different flavor variations and seasonal offerings in its major product line.

The Mission Statement of Mochalicious Coffee:

Mochalicious Coffee aims to become the most preferred coffee brand in the United States on the basis of taste, variety, and quality of its coffee products as well as through superior customer services. The company also aims to become a strong entity in both operational and financial terms.

Marketing Strategies of Mochalicious Coffee

Branding Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee manufactures, promotes, and sells its coffee under its own brand name. With the passage of time, the brand image of the company is becoming stronger and more powerful in the Owasso city market. This brand image has become a competitive advantage of Mochalicious Coffee against its industry rivals.

ii. Pricing Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee offers a wide range of flavor variations in its coffee product. It has set very competitive price for all variations so that it can effectively encounter the pricing pressures from its competitors. The gradual increase in the prices of Mochalicious coffee products is due to the sudden shift in the raw material, technology, and operational costs in the United States.

iii. Distribution Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee has a strong and reliable distribution network across the local market. This network enables it to reach potential markets for the promotion and development of its business. The company pays attractive commission to the distributors and strategic business partners for their useful services.

Integrated Marketing Communications and Customer Satisfaction Plan

Mochalicious Coffee uses pull strategy to promote its products at different marketing mediums. The company considers customer satisfaction as an equally important source of business promotion in addition to the traditional promotional strategies. It takes feedback from the customers about the quality, taste, pricing, and distribution of its coffee products. The company's integrated marketing communication and customer satisfaction plan follows a well-defined path which contains a number of sales and marketing objectives. These objectives reflect both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the company's performance.

Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses

Mochalicious Coffee enjoys strong brand loyalty and customer appreciation in the local market. It is an operationally and financially stronger entity which has sufficient manufacturing capabilities to manufacture the top quality coffee products. The company also gives strong focus on customer satisfaction, quality management, research and development, and effective marketing efforts which are the key to a successful future in the industry.

Mochalicious Coffee also has certain weaknesses in its business operations. For instance, it has very limited operations in the local…… [read more]

E-Commerce Marketing Plan Term Paper

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This entails as many reciprocal links be built into the site as possible in order for the site to gain traction in the search rankings.

However the most interesting way to actively promote this website was identified to be with the assistance of a marketing model known as tribal marketing. Tribal marketing is an approach that organizes target markets into various groups or tribes. These tribes can represent various different types of group associations. For example, one group could be people who work together while another group could represent all the members who communicate on various websites. Therefore, members of a local art club might represent one tribe and an online network of people who love hand painted porcelain could represent another tribe.

Using this model the website can target different tribes through social media as well as direct email marketing. Once the tribal leader is identified, this individual should be offered incentives to join the new website. For example, the tribal leader might be offered free space online to host their individual online store in connection to the auction site. The idea is that once the tribal leader becomes a loyal customer then they will spread their experience to the rest of the tribe and the marketing promotion can spread in a viral manner and grow exponentially.

One example of the tribes that should be identified and target might be followers of a specific blog which covers art related discussions. The blogger could be approached with a special offer to help promote the new site. They could also be offered a financial incentive to spread the word amongst their followers through an affiliate program. Another tribe that is useful under this model would be non-profit organizations. The website could target these organizations and offer free services to host their auctions. This would serve as a strategic partnership since the non-profit organization would help promote the website through their members. Many other examples such as these exist and the website should target as many tribes as feasible possible by first rating the tribes potential and then reaching out to the tribal members with a special promotion. Using this strategy the website could exponentially grow traffic with a minimal marketing…… [read more]

Social Media Marketing Companies Marketing Plan

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Since, it is not necessary that particular software if runs good for one project will result in best for the other as well. Though, it is difficult to find ideal software that fulfills all of your requirements but you may make comparisons and choose the one that provides maximum benefits.

The common advantages that social media marketing tools offer are real time accessibility, saves time, aligns organization, easier decision making, provides opportunity to spot favorable trends and keeps focus on central goals. However, it is hard to find all features in one software so you would have to make an analysis first that what you actually requires and then choose the right tool for marketing business.

For example, if you want to have an access to best reporting features then SproutSocial is the tool that can help you a lot in business marketing. It has number of other features as well in addition to advanced reporting. You can make comparisons with competitors' success rate by using this software. It quickly takes a snapshot and makes comparisons for mentions, influence, followers gained and engagement on Twitter. One must keep on looking for the better tools for the social media marketing since better tools will bring better results. (Zeckman)

Mid-Course Adjustments to Social Media Marketing Campaign

The trends in the marketing world changes every now and then and in order to keep pace with the modern world, it is important to deploy latest techniques for your business. Similarly, different softwares are introduced from time to time that helps to increase the efficiency of social media marketing. Therefore, one must keep the edge to adjust changes in the marketing plan. For example, if the business needs to improve the number of visitors to the page and so increase the sales then one may introduce different techniques to achieve the social media marketing objectives. Similarly, if the business is not receiving expected return on investment then marketing team would have to increase their efforts and apply some new strategies like marketers may increase the market research efforts by setting online prediction markets and other social media marketing applications.

Longer Term Metrics

Engagement Duration is one of the longer term metrics that requires major adjustments in marketing strategies. In order to increase the engagement duration, most of the businesses add in videos, podcasts and other social media tools to the blogs or pages. There are several marketing strategies practiced on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media sites.

Similarly, customer loyalty, size of network and number of subscriptions measures whether the organizational goals are met properly and if they require adjustments in the marketing plan. Since, these metrics are the basic and the long-term measures of marketing plan so managers must focus on them.

It is always recommended to the marketing managers that keep on looking over the efforts that are working and the ones that are failing and then make decisions accordingly which changes are required in the plan.


Heidi Cohen . (2011,… [read more]

Marketing Mix Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  2 pages (608 words)
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Many of these retailers also have online components, which would also increase the online presence of the product.

Nike has often been successful in partnering with schools and other businesses to promote its products. Directly working with schools as part of the marketing initiative would be yet another way to use 'place' in an effective manner. For example, Nike could construct exclusive deals with schools that were attempting to fight the obesity epidemic by offering low-cost pedometers to students at a discount, so the children could track their daily steps. This would create a built-in clientele for the product as well as arouse interest about the pedometer in the community, given the publicity it would likely generate.

Nike could also send out information to physicians, suggesting the pedometer as part of the 'prescription' for a healthy lifestyle of patients seeking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Walking, along with a healthy diet, is a drug-free method to facilitate weight loss. Many physicians are concerned about the rise in weight-related, chronic conditions amongst their patients, and there are also questions about the advisability of automatically using drugs to treat conditions such as pre-diabetes and obesity. Using a pedometer is an excellent, measurable, and realistic fashion to get a sense of how much activity is going on in a patient's life and can give both doctors and patients a sense of how they need to modify their diet and exercise program for optimal health.

Works Cited

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Marketing Sports Drink in Today Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  3 pages (1,048 words)
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This respect for consumers translates into more effective marketing strategies.

"Processes" refers to the recognition and appreciation of the discipline, creativity, and structure that is brought into the marketing strategies for products (Kotler and Keller, 2012, p.25). Openness to innovative and unique ideas with regard to format and content of marketing strategies may help the company develop more state-of -- the art concepts for marketing that could provide a competitive edge. Kotler and Keller (2012) indicated that establishing processes that effectively guide activity is an integral component to the development and maintenance of long-term business relationships that are mutually beneficial. By remaining open to creative input from all staff within the company and encouraging dialogue and discussions about marketing activities, the company is more likely to develop and implement more effective, far-reaching marketing strategies.

The third "P" is "Programs," which includes all of the consumer-directed activities associated with the company (Kotler and Keller, 2012, p.25). This includes all activities related to the more traditional marketing mix of product, price, promotion, and place. In regards to product, the company could emphasize the stay-cool feature of the drink container, and develop a brand name that captures the essence of the drink. The quality of the beverage itself could also be highlighted with a focus on scientific evidence of effectiveness. The price component of the marketing mix involves the development of an appropriate list price. This could be done through comparison studies of similar sports drink products being offered by competition, and setting price in a similar range. Promotion involves advertising, public relations, and direct marketing. Effective promotion could be achieved by developing sales campaigns directed at the young, athletic demographic. Promotion activities could be effectively executed through social networking, television ads, and direct marketing at sporting events. The final component, place, refers to the locations for the sales and marketing of the product. The sports drink could most effectively be marketed in locations where physically active people are more likely to be present, such as college campuses or workout facilities.

The final "P" involved in effective holistic marketing management is performance (Kotler and Keller, 2012, p.25). This involves measures that can be used to accurately reflect financial and non-financial implications associated with the product including, profitability, brand equity, and social responsibility. Studies could be conducted to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for the sports drink by assessing financial reports before and after advertising campaigns in order to ensure that the marketing campaigns are effective in content as well as target market segment.


Kotler, P., Keller, K.L. (2012). Marketing Management, 14th Edition. Prentice Hall, Inc. ISBN: 0-13-600998-0.

Snell, P.G., Ward, R., Kandaswami, C., Stohs, S.J. (2010). Comparative effects of selected non-caffeinated rehydration sports drinks on short-term performance following moderate dehydration. Journal of International Sports Nutrition. 7, 28. Retrieved 15 April 2012 from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2936297/?tool=pubmed.

Ballistreri, M.C., Corradi-Webster, C.M. (2008). Consumption of energy drinks among physical education students. Revista latino-americana de enfermagem, 16, 558-64. Retrieved 15 April 2012 from http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0104-11692008000700009&lng=en&nrm=iso&tlng=en.… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  6 pages (1,666 words)
Bibliography Sources: 5


The brochure is interactive and makes provision of video clips, 360-degree products views and useful information on key features that distinguish John Deere's leading lines of riding equipment.


John Deere Company's promotion mix is dependent upon mass selling of its products across various sectors and on a global basis. While the Deere company typically focuses on the agricultural market, it is also focusing on the average homeowner with its new mower line available in some retail stores including Home Depot and Lowes. There is a broad range of target audience for the John Deere company including agricultural, forestry, residential and even toys. The John Deere company positions its products through branding as well as expansion into the retail market most recently. There is a great deal of publicity about the John Deer Company and its products including television, magazine, billboard, and online internet and web marketing. In addition, the John Deere Company has partnered with other large brands for marketing purposes. The marketing mix is one that is evidencing how successful it is through revenue growth for the John Deere company. Deere is expanding worldwide and has a large and loyal base of customers.


The John Deere Company has a highly integrated and highly successful market mix that reaches many sectors of the economy and many customers in various industries and pursuits. The success is evidenced by the company's revenue increases and its global expansion.


Frazier, Mya (2005) John Deere Cultivates Its Image. Advertising Age. 25 July 2005. Retrieved from: http://adage.com/article/news/john-deere-cultivates-image/104052/

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John Deere Uses Technology and Hands-On Experience to Reach Customer (2011) John Deere News Releases. Retrieved from: http://www.deere.com/wps/dcom/en_US/corporate/our_company/news_and_media/press_releases/2011/common/2011apr06_mowermatch.page?

Munier, Aastroem (nd) It makes 2.0 business sense. The business branding network. Retrieved from: http://aastroem-munier-bbn.com/documents/AMBBN-White-Paper-Web-2-0.pdf

Woollston, Gary (2011) Case study: Energy, Engagement, and Direction in a multi-national and multi-product environment. Retrieved from: http://www.ocp.co.uk/_Attachments/Resources/223_S4.pdf… [read more]

Marketing Metrics and Contingency Plan Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  2 pages (698 words)
Bibliography Sources: 2


When talking of metrics, it will also be assumed that decision such as pricing and budget will also be made with the knowledge of metrics such as the contribution margin of each sale and the break even point. These metrics can be gathered from the internal management accounting information regarding costs.

Contingency Planning

If the sales targets and/or profit targets are not met, it is essential that the firm has a contingency plan. There are several plans which may be suggested; from the export of the products to another cold area where there are many older cars, such as Russia. However, this may be a challenging contingency plan, and could be expensive to implement, so may be more suited to an expansion plan for a latter date.

The alternative may be to look for a contingency plan in terms of the pricing and the channels of distribution. As the product is already being offered at a low price with the target market in mind, reducing this further may not be the best move if it impacts the potential profitability and extends the payback period. The use of alternate channels may be viable; outlets such as TV shopping channels, or the use of infomercials, where the product can be shown and demonstrated. This will increase the exposure of the target market to the product, and may allow for a larger quality of sales from a few sources. This may require an adjustment on the wholesale price is sold through the TV shopping channels, but with the quantity of sales it may be beneficial. Therefore, the primary contingency plan will be an expansion of sales channels.


Farris, Paul W; Bendle, Neil T; Pfeifer, Phillip E; Reibstein, David J, (2010), Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, Prentice Hall

Jeffery, M, (2010), Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know, John Wiley & Sons

Kotler Philip;…… [read more]

Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  6 pages (1,725 words)
Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 2


Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse

Marketing Plan

BluePrint is a juice company that has made a huge hit in sale of juices and nut bars. The company sells organic juice from different fruits and also offers juice mixes for their consumers. Apart from encouraging consumers to see through the juice detox program, the company is also determined to change how… [read more]

Marketing Models Review Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,477 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


Product decisions that touch on branding and packaging are very important from the promotional perspective because the name of a brand and how it is packaged communicates a product's attributes. A brand name that communicates a product's attributes and meaning should be chosen to create and maintain brand equity (Handlin, 2014). A product with brand equity is considered to be… [read more]

Marketing Strategy the House Brand Research Paper

Research Paper  |  6 pages (1,884 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


Thus, both luxury and value will be key characteristics that will be promoted. This will be a promotion-focused campaign as we are seeking to launch this product and win market share from existing competitors.

Other Factors

There is a low involvement learning need. Consumers already have a pretty good understanding of what ice cream is, so we're good there. Consumers will need to rediscover this product in the sense that they will now be exposed to it outside of the Target context. This is accomplished through greater awareness, in particular of the new distribution. After you sell them on Archer Farms, you need a tagline that mentions that the product is available "at your local grocery store" or "at finer grocery stores nationwide" so that consumers realize it is not just a Target brand any more. There is expected to be an increase in consumption of Archer Farms ice cream as the result of this initiative. If there was no expectation of increased consumption, we would be insane to spend this money increasing production, distribution and promotion of it. Our marketing and the increased distribution are going to be major factors in increasing consumption.

This campaign is going to basically reintroduce Archer Farms to the national audience and ask them to see the product as a viable national ice cream brand rather than a Target house brand. This campaign will establish a brand position as a product of affordable luxury, or aspirational status, in order to build a niche in between mainstream ice cream and the established luxury brands. As we are trying to win customers from the two major market segments, the target market is around 160 million people and that necessitates a "go big or go home" approach to diffusion, promotion and all other aspects of this launch.


Akdeniz, M., Calantone, R. & Voorhees, C. (2013). Signaling quality: An examination of the effects of marketing -- and nonmarketing -- controlled signals on perceptions of automotive brand quality. Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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US Census Bureau. (2012). 2012 national population projections: Summary tables. U.S. Census Bureau.…… [read more]

Marketing Involvement Consumer Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,968 words)
Bibliography Sources: 5


The evoked set is the shortlist, and all marketers want to be on that list. When it was recommended to advertise one resort when a person was looking at a competitor, that was an attempt to move from the inert set to the evoked set. Now, with each person being distinct, the key is that you always want to be in the evoked set. Also important is that if you are to end up in the inept set, then do not waste your time pursuing those consumers. This is a simple matter of qualifying customers. A high end resort is going to be in the inept set for a lot of consumers who simply cannot afford it -- that's fine, as long as the high end resort does not waste its time and money pursuing those consumers. It needs to identify consumers who have it in the inert set and move them to evoked, and then convert on those consumers who have the resort in the evoked set by making a pitch that matches with their needs. The perceptual map shows how different resorts might be viewed by a consumer. The key to winning the consumer is to find a spot away from the bottom left, and preferably away from other key competitors as well. That indicates that the perception of the resort is unique, and it will therefore have an easier time winning business in a hypercompetitive market.


Brisoux, J. & Laroche, M. (1981). Evoked set and composition: An empirical investigation under a routinized response behavior situation. Advances in Consumer Research. Vol. 8 (1981) 357-361.

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Lin, L. & Chen, C. (2006). The influence of country-of-origin image, product knowledge, and product involvement on consumer purchase decisions: An empirical study of insurance and catering services in Taiwan. Journal of Consumer Marketing. Vol. 23 (2006) 248-265.

Martin, C. (1998). Relationship marketing: A high-involvement product attribute approach. Journal of Product & Brand Management Vol. 7 (1) 6-26.

McNamara, S. (2014). Consumer involvement theory. AdCracker. Retrieved March 10, 2014 from http://www.adcracker.com/involvement/Consumer_Involvement_Theory.htm

Appendix A: Examples of low involvement products

There's a reason they stick this close to the cashier

So low involvement you can go your whole life without actually purchasing one!

If you thought about it, you'd never buy this junk.

Appendix B: Examples of Medium Involvement Products

If you seek out the cage free, you're thinking on a medium level!

Appendix C: Examples of high involvement purchases

Cars- a high involvement purchase

Houses -- don't rush into that purchase.

Looks easy, but…… [read more]

Promotional Strategy Book Report

Book Report  |  5 pages (1,477 words)
Bibliography Sources: 0


Given the expenditures needed to mount an effective campaign, it is essential that advertising generate or reinforce positive attitudes rather than negative ones.

The major types of advertising are institutional advertising (which tie in with corporate identity and advocacy-type advertising), product advertising (pioneering, competitive, comparative). 'Pioneering' advertising stresses the newness of the product and its unexpected benefits. Competitive advertising generates… [read more]

Communication and Effect on Sales Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,188 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


This made the campaigns relevant to people that wanted to be highly involved or even those who just wanted to be part of the fun. Therefore, the campaign was successful as it was able to reach a huge audience.

In order to make sure that the promotion is successful an organization should be on the ground and know the behavior of the customers towards the promotion. In this case, Coke was successful because they listened to what their consumers were doing with the campaign so as to be able to surprise, uphold the momentum and spark future conversations all through the campaign period (Marketing, 2012).

Once Coca-Cola decided on how the message would reach its target audience, they came up with a strategy on how the information was going to reach the audience. The medium chosen to convey the information on the campaign was appropriate. The share a coke campaign story broke on the pages of newspapers followed by a flow of other marketing trade coverage. There was also television campaigns that featured photos of volunteers that shared their names aired in sports such as football and rugby leagues.

Many people associate with celebrities and media and therefore using these would be effective in a campaign. Coke was successful since they involved key media and celebrity influencers who have a large social media footprint. They sent them personalized seeding kits containing coke products with their names and campaign messages so that they could share with their fans. This made customers more aware of the campaign since they associated it with people they like.

For an advertisement to be useful the consumers have to have something they can associate the advertisement with. Coke created songs that were broadcasted on air nationally. These songs were then used by consumers as inspiration for connecting through facebook. The consumers were also invited to send a name of their friend that was then projected on a live iconic Coca-Cola sign. The internet is also a very good tool that is sued for advertising. Coca-Cola used a key internet tool; social media for its advertisement. Participation and mass sharing was conducted through facebook providing the consumers with tools to connect and share a coke.

This campaign exceeded its initial expectations, with millions of people getting together to share a coke both virtually and literally. The consumption of coke by young adults went up during the campaign which made 2011 the most successful summer coke has ever experienced. This campaign also changed attitudes as teens stated that it gave them a positive impression of the coke brand (Marketing, 2012).

It is important to evaluate communication and sales effects in markets. This is because through this evaluation an organization is going to gauge whether the promotion to be used is going to be successful or not. This evaluation is also going to assist in finding out the most appropriate promotion tools that are effective within the particular market. It is also useful since it helps in gathering information… [read more]

Marketing Plan for MNC Molex Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  10 pages (3,535 words)
Bibliography Sources: 15


Marketing Plan for MNC - Molex

Marketing Plan for MNC -- Molex

Strategic Situation Summary

In the context of a more and more dynamic industry and a more and more demanding consumer base, electronics manufacturers develop and employ various strategies that answer to the emergent challenges. One particular means of responding to the new requirements and consolidating a competitive position… [read more]

Neopets Global Marketing Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (2,025 words)
Bibliography Sources: 5


Neo Pets Case Study

NeoPets Case Study


Company history

Company philosophy

Type of company culture and market suitability (Is NeoPets Suited for launching this new line?)

What is the Youth Market?

Definition and Characteristics of the Youth Market

Importance of the Youth Market

Trends of the Youth Market

What are some of the marketing methodologies that will help Neo-Pets?… [read more]

Theoretical Perspective on Advertising Term Paper

Term Paper  |  15 pages (4,304 words)
Bibliography Sources: 20


¶ … Advertising and Functions and Objectives of Advertising


The general division in the social sciences in terms of theoretical schools of thought has its own influences in other allied functions of management and social science profession. Advertising as marketing concept has also been a beneficiary of this division in both positive and negative ways hence the term advertisement… [read more]

Apple Computers Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  10 pages (3,133 words)
Bibliography Sources: 10


Apple is a marketer of computers and other personal electronics. The company has been highly successful of late. It utilizes a strategy based around innovation and differentiation. The company has a number of key strengths, including a strong brand, a rock solid balance sheet and a culture that supports innovation. There are strong growth opportunities -- overseas, domestically and perhaps… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies (IMC) Consist Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (878 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


Integrated Marketing Communications strategies (IMC) consist of communicating a consistent and positive message at all contact points. IMC has grown in importance for several reasons. First, IMC allows a firm to foster long-term relationships with customers. Give an example of a company that implements IMC. What do they do well? What should they improve? Explain and justify your answer.

The Walt Disney Company's planning, coordinating, executing and monitoring of their Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies are among the best in the world. Disney integrates marketing communications strategies at the content, character, messaging and visual levels deliberately to increase cross-selling and up-selling of their merchandise. Their near-obsession with excelling at IMC strategies is directly tied to the company's need to continually gain incremental revenue to fuel their growth (Corporate Executive Board, 2001). Disney in fact perfected IMC strategies from an entertainment standpoint and is taking these lessons learned online with digital content (Schmelzer, 2005). This can be seen in Disney Online, their many microsites and the global reach the company has in Asian and European markets. Disney has been able to successful implement the model shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Based on analysis of a Citigroup Investment Brief (Citigroup, 2006)

For all the areas Disney excels at in planning, executing and monitoring their IMC strategies they have failed miserably in other cultures including France and initially in Hong Kong (Balfour, Einhorn, 2009) (Marr, Fowler, 2006). In the case of EuroDisney, Disney company senior management often brought in seasoned Disney executives from the U.S., who clearly did not understand the local culture, needs of employees or even the preferences for food and concessions (Curwen, 1995). Disney is often considered highly ethnocentric in the marketing communication and expansion strategies as a result of the initial failure of Euro Disney and the many challenges of getting Disneyland Hong Kong up and running. For global IMC strategies to be effective they must compensate exceptionally well and transparently to the needs of each individual culture (Balmer, Greyser, 2006). Clearly the Walt Disney Company struggles with this.

2. Importance of Communications Program Objective Setting. Does Bates Manor Furniture have a communication objective? What should it be? How will communications objectives assist in prioritizing promotion tools and budget setting?

Bates Manor Furniture has the primary objective of driving up awareness and nurturing the entire AIDA model to generate sales leads that can be transformed into new customers and revenue. The company however has taken too broad of an approach with their communications objective setting and as a result has not been able to attain its objectives. What is needed is more of a targeted communications program…… [read more]

Advertising Plan on Trufocal Eyeglasses Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  3 pages (848 words)
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Advertising Plan on TruFocal Eyeglasses

TruFocals are a new set of glasses which strive to maximize the advantages of traditional glasses, while limiting their disadvantages. The scope of this endeavor is that of constructing an advertising plan for the promotion of the glasses. The starting point is represented by the analysis of the industry, followed by the statement of the advertising objectives, the identification of the target market, the construction of the creative strategy and the selection of the media plan.

The competition

The glasses industry is dynamic and continually impacted by change. Economic agents have to respond to changing consumer demands, as well as integrate the latest technological developments. This specifically means that revenues in the industry are sensitive to a series of threats. The demand for eye glasses is generated by changing life style as well as natural processes of aging. In the United States, the industry is growing due to more eye demanding activities, as well as the aging of the population.

The TruFocal eyeglasses face competition from three distinctive sets of products: bi-focals, progressives and multiple glasses. Each is however characterized by its own limitations, such as tremendous hassle and frustrations with multiple glasses, distorted vision with progressives or limited focal frame with the bi-focals.

3. Advertising objectives

The scope of the advertising campaign is that of familiarizing the customer base with the product. The initial effort in this direction is that of identifying the target market and communicating them the existence of the TruFocal eyeglasses. The objective of the communication process is that of raising awareness of the benefits the new eyeglasses generate for the consumers. The result -- and true purpose of the advertising campaign -- would be that of a generated demand for the products. This would subsequently lead to sales and as such organizational revenues.

4. Target market

The TruFocal eyeglasses address the specific customer market formed from individuals older than 45 -- both genders -- who ware glasses. In effect however, the prospected customers have to ware glasses for eye conditions associated with aging and as a result of a natural process, rather that the consumers who ware glasses as a result of an innate condition, such as astigmatism.

5. Creative strategy

The creative strategy is composed of a series of elements, such as the positioning strategy, the core message to be delivered, the creative recommendations, the advertising appeals or the executions. Each of these components is briefly discussed below:

a) Positioning

The product would be positioned as an innovative and long searched for solution.…… [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Sport Product Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,230 words)
Bibliography Sources: 8


Marketing Plan for a sport product

The modern day society is often criticized for its unhealthy life style. The incidence of cancers or blood pressure related illnesses is increasing at alarming rates and a large portion of the diseases is correlated with an unhealthy life style marked primarily by the lack of physical exercise or by the inadequate nutrition. People… [read more]

Defining Marketing Terms Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,736 words)
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Marketing Terms

Advertising - a series of strategies aimed at increasing the awareness of a company's brand in addition to its products and services. Advertising is both digital and in print, with digital forms beginning to dominate in the 21st century due to their ability to be measured and analyzed.

Advertising objective -- the series of measurable accomplishments that define… [read more]

Marketing in Healthcare Management Case Study

Case Study  |  11 pages (3,563 words)
Bibliography Sources: 15


Marketing in Healthcare Management

Over recent years, the healthcare industry has faced significant changes. Today, managers struggle to maintain the standard of healthcare through the effective and efficient management of resources. Yang (2010) notes "that the concept of marketing have been transformed from transaction marketing into relationship marketing" (p. 235). According to the American Marketing Association, marketing includes the processes… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication IMC Strategies Thesis

Thesis  |  5 pages (1,895 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategies at FedEx Cor

Today, FedEx Corp. (hereinafter alternatively "FedEx" or "the company") it the world's largest express transportation company and offers its customers and businesses a wide range of transportation, e-commerce and business services. The company generates about $38 billion in revenues each year and provides integrated business applications globally under the highly respected FedEx… [read more]

Advertising and Word of Mouth on Consumer Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  22 pages (9,576 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 50


¶ … Advertising and Word of Mouth on Consumer Decision-Making When Selecting Mobile Phone Service Provider in Kuwait.

"Can you hear me now?"

Verizon's popular TV advertisement's tag line, "Can you hear me now?" stresses the value of hearing what someone has to say. What happened to Josh Vondran, however, according to Andy Piper (2008) in the article, "Stolen phone… [read more]

Business Plan for Marketing and Advertising Organization Business Plan

Business Plan  |  17 pages (4,641 words)
Bibliography Sources: 10


Business Plan for Marketing and Advertising Organization Creativity Sure

Company Description

Mission Statement

Offers to Customers

Organizational Goals

Industry Analysis


PEST Analysis

Marketing Analysis

Target Market

SWOT Analysis

Marketing Mix

Business Model and Resources

Business Risks and Business Strategy

Planning and Financial Considerations

The contemporaneous business community is characterized by numerous features, one of the most notable of its… [read more]

International Marketing an Emerging Thesis

Thesis  |  4 pages (1,266 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


International Marketing

An emerging criterion onto which the marketing campaigns are built more recently revolves around geographic features. This is useful in the context of international operations as it helps the organization best address the diverse needs of its actual and potential customers (Graham and Cateora, 2006). To best understand how this practice is being implemented by international organizations, one should take the example of three organizations and their marketing schemes.

Nike: Brief company profile

Nike was established in 1972 by a former athlete who had a strong desire to design more comfortable shoes. Based in Oregon, the company soon became an international success, mostly due to its strong marketing campaigns and well implemented brand. Nike Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality sports shoes, apparel and accessories. They currently employ 32,500 individuals and register annual sales of $18,627 million (Hoovers, 2008). The organization has outsourced its manufacturing operations to less developed countries; marketing and design remain to be conducted within the United States.

Nike: Scope of operations, Marketing strategy for each of the regions in which it operates

The primary aim of Nike's marketing operations is to capture the attention and raise the interest of the consumer; they intrigue the audience and as such create the desire to purchase. In 2006, Nike created a marketing campaign in Germany with the occasion of the FIFA World Cup. The Joga Bonito (Play Beautiful) was focused on rediscovering the beauty of football. Another campaign relating to football was created this year, in Spain, as the Euro 2008 commenced. In the United States, Nike recently attempted to increase sales of women's apparel by developing a video with dance instructions from pop singer Rhiana (Nike Inc. Website, 2008).

Nike: Differences among the company's marketing strategies per region

The main difference between the marketing campaigns in each region is given by the variety of messages sent by each campaign. In Spain for instance, the message referred to a better understanding between team and crowd; in Germany, the audience was invited to discover the beauty of football and in the United States, the women were given the opportunity to stay cool and fresh.

Nike: Similarities among the company's marketing strategies per region

All Nike's campaigns are based on its brand and they all have the ultimate purpose of increasing sales. Aside from this, most of the advertisements feature well-known athletes, football or basketball players, and a wide variety of sports personalities. Also, all campaigns try to deliver a strong message. The latest tendency in Nike's marketing campaigns is to focus on delivering a message that would often make the world a better place.

Danone: Brief company profile

Groupe Danone (also known as Danon in the United States) is a French-based organization, activating in the food industry. They were founded in 1919 in Paris and they now operate across a wide multitude of countries, selling dairy, baby food and water products. The organization currently operates with a total of 76,044 employees and registers annual sales of $18,805… [read more]

Marketing Firm Should Enlist the Assistance Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (665 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 2


Marketing firm should enlist the assistance of an advertising firm once the other key marketing tasks have been completed. The role of the agency is to present your company and products in the best possible light to the public. Therefore the firm should already have formulated a business strategy, and from that strategy identifying key opportunities for their products or services. An analysis of potential target markets should have been conducted, with primary and secondary target markets identified. The media by which these markets can be reached should have also been examined. This will assist in the process of selecting an advertising firm.

Additionally, the company needs to have their distribution channels identified and deals made. Essentially, the firm should be ready to take the product to market before selecting an advertising firm. The ad campaign, after all, will only be effective if the company can clearly communicate to the advertising firm the product, the market, how they expect that market to be reached, and where the consumers can make a purchase.

There should be specific targets in terms of sales, market penetration, profit and other key issues. All of these will ultimately be communicated to the agency explicitly, as this will help them devise the best possible campaign.

Some of the important criteria to consider when selecting an advertising firm are its capabilities, its ability to work as a partner with the firm, and the strength of its creative. Agency presentations are a great way to evaluate the latter, since they often focus on that aspect. However, a more strategic approach can be taken to evaluate the agency's strength on other issues. For example, it may be worthwhile to test an agency's depth. While presentations are often put together by experienced staff, much of the work once the account is secured may be done by less experienced staff.

The ability of the agency to work as a partner is also critical. The firm should measure the agency's ability to ask the…… [read more]

Marketing Report: Preliminary Overview on a Positive Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (984 words)
Bibliography Sources: 0


Marketing Report: Preliminary Overview

On a positive note, the company's current focus on small appliances targeted to consumers meshes well with the current rise in interest in cooking. Lifestyle channels such as the Food Network, shows like "Top Chef" and the popularity of magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Rachel Ray, and Cook's Illustrated and their website counterparts all show an expanded interest in using high-quality cooking appliances in home kitchens. The currently softening economy may seem to bode ill for high-end luxury merchandise, but it also may mean that consumers are likely to be eating out less often, and that even wealthier consumers may have a greater interest in staying home and cooking. The rise in popularity of warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club may bring a similar rise in the demand for refrigerators, in the company's larger appliance division.

First of all, more detailed analysis is needed to see if indeed the company's reputation for higher-end appliances are what draw people to buy its products, and are the top sellers. Then, a typical profile of the user of the company's products in general, and of specific products produced in its different lines should be created. Branding and creating a unique niche remains critical at this juncture of the company's development, even though it is not a new company. Its brand concept is continuing to evolve.

One possibility is to see if the company products can garner placement in cooking shows that target the company's main audience. If viewers see, for example, the company's food processer used on a challenge on "Top Chef," they are more likely to buy that food processer to recreate the recipe at home, or simply to consider the item they need a new one. Getting a celebrity spokesperson that embodies the brand would be a natural outgrowth of such appearances. A spokesperson can enable consumers to put a face to a brand name, and encourage product loyalty in a variety of product arenas, not simply one.

However, to gain such a niche, the company must substantively overhaul both the technology and design of all of its core products, and eliminate the outdated products that expend unnecessary revenue in production and dilute the value of the brand. A visually interesting and television-friendly product is necessary, to catch the eye of the consumer and to justify the added cost of the product, since the company is not marketing a 'value' brand. Given that higher-end consumers usually want the most technically sophisticated and visually arresting products to justify the premium they are paying, it is critical that the company regain its status as a cutting-edge company. It must begin to generate positive 'buzz' about the products, through word-of-mouth, and placement on television programs, magazines, and other venues.

It is also possible that product placement in lifestyle magazines for its profitable laundry machines, after these products likewise get a design and technical overhaul, might be an area to explore.. Again,…… [read more]

Advertising and Promotion Term Paper

Term Paper  |  10 pages (4,560 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 0


Advertising and Promotion

Letter of transmittal to CEO

I hope that the analysis will be helpful and the recommendations insightful for the development of the company during the next fiscal year.

Best regards, 2. Title page

Microsoft's approach to PR and advertising. Developing the brand through anew IMC.

Microsoft has managed to obtain its current position of global leader in… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communications Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts Term Paper

Term Paper  |  12 pages (3,418 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 20


Integrated Marketing Communications: Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

The concept of Integrated Marketing Communications is a relatively new one, which arose from the need to constantly adapt to the changes affecting both the micro and macro environments. In addition, the emergence of the IMC is a direct consequence of the increased attention placed on marketing… [read more]

Sales Force Management Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,635 words)
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Sales Force Management

The use of scanner data collected at the time of checkout in supermarket has increased dramatically in sales analysis. One company has recruited families nationwide to participate in a panel study. When a shopper enters the checkout lane, he or she gives the clerk a plastic card that is passed over the scanner. All items purchased that… [read more]

Tourer Marketing Bureau Analysis Case Study

Case Study  |  8 pages (2,637 words)
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Tourer Marketing Bureau Case Study Analysis

The Touring Marketing Bureau Case Study

Situational analysis

The organization which benefited from the PR company's services was the Touring Promotional Association (TPA). The latter encompassed nine UK-based enterprises which manufactured caravans, a product category which had become a sort of 'rara avis' within the framework of the British touristic landscape, in 1996. Thus,… [read more]

Marketing Dollar Scan Triad Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,159 words)
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Marketing Dollar Scan


Dollar Scan will provide a convenient and affordable service that will allow students, business, people, and private consumers to convert hard-copy documents into digital format. It is a service that enables consumers to do something that they could not otherwise accomplish without investing significant amounts of money in expensive hardware required for this process. It works… [read more]

Use of Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  12 pages (4,255 words)
Bibliography Sources: 20


¶ … Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market

Facebook is highly popular in the UK market today, just as it is in many other areas of the world. That has not always been the case, because Facebook has not been a social media tool for that long. In addition, when it first came out it was only for colleges… [read more]

Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign What Do You Think Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,074 words)
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Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign

What do you think of the design of the advertising pretest?

The advertising pretest seems to have been seriously flawed in at least two specific ways. First, the main point of the entire project was to determine which would be the best and most effective possible message to prevent teenage drug use. By setting up the pretest to separate a prevention strategy and a curtailment strategy, the researchers weekend the potential value of the project. Initially, they had no basis for knowing how many teens already use drugs and how many do not yet use drugs. Obviously, a prevention strategy is comparatively less useful than a curtailment strategy in connection with teenagers who already use drugs; likewise, a curtailment strategy is comparatively less useful than a prevention strategy in connection with teenagers who do not already take drugs.

Instead of arbitrarily assigning some groups of subjects to the prevention message testing and others to the curtailment message testing, they should have exposed all of the test subjects to both messages. Thereafter, if they wanted to pursue the research further, they should have selected subjects who responded more positively to each approach to the different messages within that same approach. It is likely that this methodology would have provided test groups in which teenagers who already used drugs were more likely to be in one group (the group that selected the curtailment messages) and teenagers who do not already use drugs were more likely to be in the other group (the group that selected the prevention messages).

Second, the questionnaire contained two questions that served no purpose because they presupposed the responses or they merely confirmed that the subjects understood the message rather than whether or not the message was likely to be more or less effective than an alternate message with the same meaning. Specifically, there is absolutely no point to asking the subjects whether they thought the message would "help people avoid drugs" or "help people get off drugs." By definition, the messages that provided prevention content begged an affirmative response to the first of those questions (Question # 6). Likewise, the message that provided the curtailment content begged an affirmative response to the second of those questions (Question $7).

Better questions (posed to subjects who each viewed at least one prevention message and one curtailment message) might have asked "Which advertisement do you think would be more effective?" And "Which advertisement do you think would be more effective?" without any explicit reference to whether or not the advertisement corresponded to a prevention or a curtailment theme.

What conclusions, if any, can we draw from the results?

To the extent any meaningful conclusions can be drawn from the study, one might conclude the following:

(1) The more effective messaging approach to prevention would be the Basketball advertisement and not the Mall advertisement.

(2) The more effective messaging approach to curtailment would be the Grave advertisement and not the Loved Ones advertisement.

(3) In a study of… [read more]

Mobile Marketing in Hotels Introduction Chapter

Introduction Chapter  |  5 pages (1,662 words)
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Mobile Marketing in Hotels

In the research information presented in this chapter, the author will map out issues with regard to mobile networks and their use in marketing in hotels. A literature review, research objectives, the research problem and research questions are listed as well as the research methodology and the directions for more research in application development are mapped… [read more]

Marketing Communication Strategy Case Case Study

Case Study  |  6 pages (1,575 words)
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Zara's marketing strategy is also unique; it lacks image advertising and does so far less than its competitors; instead relying on word of mouth and the store's reputation as its marketing campaign. The international fashion company has also been extremely good at adapting itself for different countries, masking itself and its humble Spanish origin.

Question 3: Do you think Zara's marketing communication strategy of a lack of image advertising and promotion compared to competitors in the same category is a sensible one?

Zara's lack of a marketing communication strategy seems to be absolutely foolish, but may work in its particular sector through word of mouth and location alone. By being in the vicinity of other stores similar to Zara, business is inevitably split between the two, and Zara is able to benefit from no mass advertising budget like the other stores put forward. By centering its stores in highly visible shopping districts wherever it opens, Zara has been able to maintain constant expansion and growth for 20 years. If an advertising and image campaign were started, it is difficult to decide what would set Zara apart from its competitors, as taking a decisive campaign to label itself one way or another may alter the future of the entire Zara brand. Zara refuses to use celebrities as their competitor H&M has employed, as celebrities are hardly representations of a brand anymore and are mostly representing themselves and their own endeavors at any given time. Zara's lack of marketing strategy may just be a result of its fast growth and international focus, without centering on a base for support the brand is…… [read more]

Breathalyzer the Overall Strategy Is to Increase Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  2 pages (518 words)
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The overall strategy is to increase awareness of the product, and to increase penetration of the market.

The product is a one-time use breathalyzer, a device that gives a reading of blood alcohol content (BAC) to the user.

The objectives of the marketing strategy are to create a strong brand, build a stronger customer base and increase sales.

Market Analysis

There are two target markets. The first consists of bar owners, who will then make the product available to patrons. The second consists of males aged 21-40. This demographic is the most likely to drink outside of the home in the type of quantities that will facilitate inebriation. Primarily middle class customers will be targeted

The end user for both target markets will consist of males, aged 21-40, middle income, high school or college completion, all ethnicities.

The psychographic will include people who are heavy drinkers, but who are responsible, or perhaps who have had trouble before with too much drinking and driving.

3. This is not really a niche market -- the company only makes 95 cents per unit gross so selling high volume is imperative.

B. 1. There are a wide range of breathalyzers for sale, at a wide range of prices. For five bucks, there are no competitors in that price range but cheap keychain models sell for around $10.

2. The main strength of the company is the ability to produce this product so cheaply. The brand is unknown, there is no set distribution, and product quality is probably low compared to other competitors.…… [read more]

Online Marketing Ace Hardware Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,199 words)
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These networks take the leg work out of pursuing individual sites by recruiting and managing the affiliate sites, providing an administration platform to monitor results, providing the tracking code required to make the entire process work, serving advertisements on behalf of the merchant and acting as a central affiliate payment center.

The Web version of print advertising includes banners, towers and pop-ups placed on appropriate Web sites. Just like print advertisements, these online techniques are designed to generate traffic, increase brand awareness and generate leads and sales (Background: History of Internet advertising, 2003). Cost per thousand pages viewed is only about $5 on the Internet. This may appear to be a good deal in contrast to print advertising, but closer examination of click-through-rates, how many times the advertisements are clicked on, and conversion rates, the number of completed sales that occur as a direct consequence of advertisement referrals, reveal that online advertising isn't as effective as print advertising.

Unfortunately, Internet advertisements have proven to be far more disappointing than their print counterparts for a variety of reasons, with two of the more important ones being too much consumer exposure combined with the large amount of distraction on the Internet. As a result, average click-through rates for Internet advertisements have plummeted to only approximately 0.5%, and this optimistic rate is only true provided that the advertisement meets the following optimal conditions (Background: History of Internet advertising, 2003):

The advertisement is well targeted.

The advertisement has unusually good content and design.

Demographic and psychological customer profiling has been used.

The advertisement has been optimized by repeated testing

Even more important than click-through rates are conversion rates, with an industry average of only one percent. So, the low cost for pages viewed must be weighed with the actual results of the views, revealing potentially low return on investment for online advertising that isn't well planned.

As discussed in this paper, the Web site and e-mail present new and affordable options for unparalled personalization and targeted marketing. Combine this with the ubiquity of presence offered by Web site optimization, affiliate marketing and to a lesser extent online advertising and Ace Hardware has a recipe for market success. However, the company should never lose site of the fact that Internet marketing is a compliment to rather than a replacement for traditional marketing. The issues raised with online advertising only underscore how important other advertising vehicles such radio, television and newspapers still are in the marketing strategy. After all, Ace Hardware is both a brick-and-more company as well as an online B2C company and, for this reason, needs to engage in both online and traditional marketing approaches. And, any good marketing strategy leverages all techniques available to develop the best way to reach consumers.


Background: History of Internet advertising, (2003). Retrieved February 11, 2005 from Web site: http://www.ecommerce-digest.com/online-advertising-study.html

Geld, S.F. Cost savings between traditional marketing and Internet marketing. Retrieved February 11, 2005 from Web site: http://www.internetworldstats.com/articles/art042.htm

Hughes, A.M.. How the Web has changed database marketing.… [read more]

Buyer Behavior and Sales Promotion Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (1,075 words)
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Buyer Behavior and Sales Promotion


Generation Y refers to all the youth born in the 80s and 90s. However some include those born in the late 70s i.e. 1978 onwards to date. Mostly Generation Y refers to the people who are born between 1977 and 1994. There has been no official consensus on the matter of dates and who all to include and who to exclude from the definition of Generation Y or as at times knows as "Generation Why" or the Echo Boomer generation (Wikipedia). The previous generation, known as Generation X was much different types of consumers as compared to Generation Y, whose ideology is purely to buy. They exhibit a culture of consumerism and their behavior and nature is much different than the previous generations. Hence marketing to Generation Y includes the analysis of their choices and marketing for products in an appealing way to ensure maximum consumerism.

The buyer behavior has changed considerably with Generation Y and image is not the top priority with them these days. They are highly influenced by rock bands, rappers, celebrities and sports figures. Teens that are highly conscious about the new trend make full use of the media including the internet to get an insight of what's new and what's in. They check for the latest fashions, services and products and aim to get them as soon as possible. Being influenced by sports celebrities, many advertisers have used these figures in the promotion of their products. "Over the years, advertisers have paid famous athletes millions of dollars to endorse their products" (Alan J. Bush et al., p.108). Although Generation Y does shop online, they however prefer going to stores and buying products from there. They expect honesty and verification therefore one cannot introduce them to a product without backing it up with evidence of its performance. Their obsessions should be learnt about and their interests should be known. They are trend setters and opt for the best that is available.

The positioning in the mass is highly important if the product is to be sold to the Generation Y "Positioning is a perceptual location. It's where your product or service fits into the marketplace. Effective positioning puts you first in line in the minds of potential customers" (Jan Welborn-Nichols). The environment in which Generation Y have grown up in has been a media oriented one and thus they can detect ploys right away. This would ruin the organization's reputation and positioning in their sights and they will avoid their products always. Generation Y will opt for products that have a standing and positioning. They do not want out dated products or products by companies who are not known, or have a bad reputation as far as their product line is concerned. Therefore it is important for organizations to have a positive review regarding their products in the media and it is essential for them to back up their claims. "Marketing to Generation Y is not simply… [read more]

Advergaming and Mobile Advertising Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (939 words)
Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 2


Advergaming and Mobile Advertising

Of the many companies successfully using advergames in 2012, one of the clear leaders is the Walt Disney Company. As the company has over a dozen brands or characters they actively market with many of them worth well over $1B in sales annually (Rocks, 2007), Disney has a rich legacy and series of branding assets to draw from in creating their advergames and integrating them to mobile strategies. Their most pervasive theme is the use of Mickey and Minnie in various adventures and scenarios meant to make them more familiar to the youngest members of their customer base, typically those children below 5 years of age. The games are designed to allow for adult supervision. Disney hasn't integrated all games to mobile marketing, yet many of the ones specifically designed for generating interest in the amusement parks globally have this unique attribute (Edwards, Grover, 2011).

Analysis of the Mickey and Minnie Block Blast Game

The Mickey and Minnie Block Blast Game is designed to get young prospective customers involved in the basic tactile functions necessary to navigate the more complex Disney games while making the characters recognizable in the context of the Disney brand. The needs of educating consumers about what Mickey and Minnie are doing to feed their dog Pluto (showing responsibility for taking care of pets) and the need for quickly reaction times to win at games are both illustrated in this game. Disney is also attempting to show how a team can work together to accomplish more, with immediate feedback on progress. The concept of shared task ownership necessary for accomplishment is also communicated in the game. Disney is deliberately creating these fundamental concepts of human behavior to make the game acceptable and attractive to parents, who are the decision-makers on this game used by children. The game is also is designed to bring the person playing it into the lives of each character in a fun and playful way, showing how each person's reaction and effort pays off. The game succeeds in creating the opportunity for a prospective customer to find their role in a Disney series of brands, and at the very least finding their favorite character.

Second, the game makes excellent use of the Disney core branding assets, not overdoing their presentation but making the customer experience and usability of the game highly effective. The game also relied on the traditional, iconic imaging of Disney by having even the cursor appear as Disney ears as the load progress continues. All aspects of the game are aligned to create a memorable and fun experience for the player, in addition to showing them that the light, colorful and bright world of Disney is intuitively easy and inviting to visit. All of these factors together are also meant to further underscore how…… [read more]

Subliminal Advertising Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,601 words)
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Subliminal Advertising has been one of the most alluring features of the marketing industry since 1950s, when moviegoers were allegedly exposed to the surreptitious signals while they watched a movie. Some alarmists claim that the American public is being constantly bombarded with subliminal messages that sell products and political messages, or simply induce a state of mind. In fact, Russian… [read more]

Nike Women Sporty Jeans Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan  |  16 pages (5,060 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 10


Nike Women Sporty Jeans

Marketing Plan: Nike Women Sporty Jean

Nike is a significant company in the athletic clothing market. While it is most closely associated with shoes, the company also offers other clothing options for those who need and want work-out gear, running shorts, and other options (Nike, 2012). However, Nike is more than just an athletic brand. The… [read more]

Advertising, Point-Of-Sale Literature, Exhibiting at Trade Shows Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,347 words)
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advertising, point-of-sale literature, exhibiting at trade shows and through a co-Op advertising program. Its factory employs more than 400 people and operates at 85% capacity.

Despite growth in its sales and profitability, CIMA executives are concerned that future growth prospects for existing product lines are limited. CIMA has experienced growing competition from foreign competitors who are offering good products at lower prices. CIMA's management's concerns are not entirely speculative -- the company recently lost approximately $130,000 in sales from two retailers who decided to stock a cheaper competitor.

Quite simply, CIMA needs new avenues of growth but management can not seem to agree on what those avenues should be. Company president Margaret Simon is concerned that CIMA is not targeting segments of the market that have the strongest growth potential, such as the weekender segment, which prefers a lower cost boot for less rigorous hiking than that which is undertaken by mountaineers or serious hikers. The weekender market has heavier competition and has been entered by major shoe retailers such as Nike and Reebok.

Executive Vice President Anthony Simon believes that CIMA should stay in its core markets -- mountaineers and serious hikers -- and simply offer some new, lower cost models that would compete with the foreign boot manufacturers. The proposals offered by Margaret and Anthony Simon both entail roughly half a million dollars in product development and capital costs.

CIMA also is considering whether it should expand its distribution chain. The company has historically shunned mail-order catalogues because they compete with retailers, who handle the bulk of CIMA sales, but company management is reconsidering this position.

Major Strategic Alternatives

CIMA has a number of major strategic alternatives at its disposal. The first option, obviously, is to do nothing. There will always be less expensive alternatives in any market, and CIMA has been experiencing uninterrupted growth. The anticipated market stagnation has not yet occurred. The advantage of this alternative is that it does not require additional capital expenditures or major strategic shifts. The downside is that if the projected stagnation occurs, CIMA may react too late.

The second alternative is to aggressively target the weekender market. The advantage of this strategy is that it places CIMA in a growing, vibrant market with strong sales potential. The downsides are that it could impair CIMA's reputation for producing high-end boots; it would require an investment of half a million dollars for product development and capital costs; and it forces CIMA to compete with major manufacturers, such as Nike and Reebok.

The third alternative is to introduce new, less expensive models in CIMA's core mountaineering and serious hiker markets. The advantage of this alternative is that it keeps CIMA in its core markets; allows for some sales growth; helps CIMA compete against lower priced foreign manufacturers; and does not impair CIMA's reputation for producing high-end boots. The downside of this alternative is that it would require an investment of half a million dollars for product development and capital costs, and it offers… [read more]

Sales Promotion Product Life Cycle Term Paper

Term Paper  |  10 pages (2,775 words)
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Sales Promotion and Product Life Cycle

The aim of this paper will be to analyze the variation of the promotion techniques, as a component of the marketing mix, across the product life cycle. The thesis of the paper is that the promotion instruments and messages for the customers vary significantly across the product life cycle, as the company is trying… [read more]

Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced Business Proposal

Business Proposal  |  6 pages (1,836 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced in Marketing

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Product Strategy

Pricing strategy

Promotional Strategy

Market Targeting

Companies have to come up with marketing strategies consistent with an organization's strategy because absence of a marketing strategy undermines such companies' effort to attract customers. A company's marketing strategy must be one that ensures that the products and services… [read more]

Marketing Management Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,232 words)
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Marketing Management

The following are several links to the recent controversy over Chick-Fil -- a stance on same-sex marriage. Please read each article and summarize in 2 paragraphs if you feel Chick-Fil -- a stance hindered or helped sales?

The controversy of Chick-fil -- a CEO Dan Cathy stating he believes and supports the biblical definition of marriage and the immediate reactionary response from gay groups shows how just how divisive the issue of gay rights and marriage is in the United States. After reading Huffington Post and Washington Post, an interest paradox emerges. The stance of Dan Cathy against gay marriage and his support of organizations that promote the Christian definition of a family have become a lightening rod for gay rights activists. Reading between the lines of both articles one can't help but compare the assiduous pursuit of rights the gay activists are pursuing to the peaceful and reasoned approach of Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement of the last century. Comparing both, the gay rights activists appear to look for a slight or insult; they scour quotes from company and industry leaders looking for evidence of prejudice.

Within the context of this paradox is a huge sales windfall for Chick-fil-a. The attacks of the gay activists, instead of being presented with logic and reason as Dr. King would have done, are scattered in shotgun-like fashion across the media, where attention appears to be more important to activists than changing the sentiment of Dan Cathy. Widely perceived as an attack and with the prompting of former Governor Huckabee, the store set a record in sales during a day that was supposed to be a major boycott. This paradox just made Dan Cathy, his family and his employees -- everyone involved in the company -- richer, more financially stable and fiscally able to weather uncertainty. The attacks of the gay rights activists were not aimed at changing hearts and minds, it was meant to shame a conservative businessman who happens to believe in traditional marriage. Ironically when activists attack a brand people love, customers rush to the aid of the businesses they trust and admire. This is exactly what happened.

Question 2: Distinguish clearly between a marketing strategy and marketing mix. Use an example.

A marketing strategy requires the orchestration of multiple platforms, communication channels, both inline and offline, in addition to extensive use of multiple types of electronic and social media channels. A marketing mix is the combining of product, price, promotion and place or distribution to attain a marketing objective. An example of this would be the integrated marketing campaigns of Disney when a new film is released. Their marketing strategy often includes every form of digital and television communications channels, from their own network to local access channels, in addition to having extensive website and social media fan pages on Facebook created as well. All of these channels are coordinated to a common message and unique value proposition, or the key factors that… [read more]

International Marketing Communication Perspective Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,871 words)
Bibliography Sources: 15


To build a healthy relationship between a buyer and a seller there ought to be a clear understanding between the two parties.


In international marketing cultural diversity is a key requirement for the marketing personnel handling cross border advertisements. The diversity will ensure that the advertising plans are in line with the regulations in the multiple countries different marketing efforts will be run. In this case, the UAE has a number of similarities with Indonesia. Both countries are predominantly Muslim. As a result, the demand for a Halal Certification in any food product is pertinent. However, the approach of implementation of a marketing program may vary to fit into the detailed regulation of the two countries.


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