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Smart Marketing: Effects of Databases and Algorithmic Term Paper

… Smart Marketing: Effects of Databases and Algorithmic Advertising

, computer, and store advertisements are just a few ways the public is exposed to marketing on a regular basis. Buying in this way seems to be a full-time job: always the… [read more]

Graves Enterprises Marketing Graves Enterprise Marketing Strategy Research Proposal

… Graves Enterprises Marketing

Graves Enterprise Marketing Strategy

Graves Enterprises Marketing Strategy

As the newly installed Vice President of Marketing for Graves Enterprises, the focus over the next year is to double sales in both the company's commercial and consumer floor care product line. With the research materials in hand there is considerable scrutiny and analysis necessary to determine the efficacy of the proposed Graves marketing plan. The consumer plan emphasis is on the design of a new "safe, effective, and eco-friendly" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.) floor cleaning product which will have a price premium attached to it. Second, a private label cleaner will be introduced to be sold in big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart. On the commercial side the focus is on expanding opportunities to hospitals and nursing homes with a specialty anti-bacterial product release and a "repackaging of the existing Skid-No-More floor wax" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). Again with these offerings there is an expected price increase to reflect a premier product with unique features. The recommendations of the marketing team though must work in the context of the fundamentals of consumer and business behavior and purchasing patterns to include the "Four P's- product, price, place, and promotion-marketing scholar and teacher Philip Kotler's mainstay marketing model" (Borneman, J. November 2004).

Question I

The proposal of the marketing team initiates with the "development of a new product line that is promoted as safe, effective, and eco-friendly" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). This product line will also carry a 1.5 times higher price point reflective of its environmental friendly aspects, and is expected to generate a 2 times profit increase (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). Additionally the company will market a private label of this new product as means of more effectively competing in the industry, as well as tapping into new retail outlets including Wal-Mart and Advance Auto Parts. Without question "successfully introducing new products or services into the market is vital to the long-term growth a company" (Luan, Y. & Sudhir, K. June 2010). Graves has several strategic product features which at present they are not utilizing as competitive advantages: "a unique, proprietary chemical cleaner that cleans "dry" which helps to reduce mold" (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.), a hypoallergenic formula and Scotchguard stain protection (Graves Enterprises Case Study. N.D.). An important question is whether the new product line will incorporate these features and whether they will be highlighted as part of the marketing mix. Any effort made to differentiate the Graves product from rivals Kleen Floor Products must be part of the marketing strategy. Of Kotler's Four P's,… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

… Integrated Marketing Communications

The 5- step consumer decision-making model is very important in marketing. You just saw an ad that told you that you could purchase an energy efficient major appliance before 4/30 & receive a rebate from the government.… [read more]

Marketing Plan for MNC Molex Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for MNC - Molex

Marketing Plan for MNC -- Molex

Strategic Situation Summary

In the context of a more and more dynamic industry and a more and more demanding consumer base, electronics manufacturers develop and employ various strategies… [read more]

Etextbooks Marketing Plan for E-Textbooks Business Plan

… eTextbooks

Marketing Plan for E-Textbooks

The intent of this section of the marketing plan is to define which type of software will be used, the marketing strategy, sales tactics, advertising and promotions and incentives that will be relied on in launching the new venture.

E-Textbook Software and Platform

It is recommended that the proposed venture participate in the Digital Text Platform (DTP) from, which has online tools available for the creation of e-textbooks from HTML in real-time. Once created the e-textbooks can be uploaded into the Kindle Store and resold there in addition to being resold on individual publisher's sites. This alleviates the need of staying up-to-date with each version of Adobe Acrobat or comparable digital content application. In 2009 launched the Kindle DX which has a 9.7" display, global wireless for downloading of most e-textbooks in less than a minute, and orientation support to match how the reader has the Kindle positioned. The greatest benefit however of going with the Amazon DTP Program is the tight integration of the Kindle DX platform to the e-textbook format produced as part of their online publishing process. All of these factors support the decision to partner with and join their DTP program, publishing through their online production tools.

Marketing Strategy

Approximately 60% of all e-textbook publishers have partners with to have their texts produced for the Kindle DX Platform. As a result Amazon is promoting its site as the premier source of e-textbooks worldwide which is generating traffic to the site from college and university course planners, professors and students. By aligning with the industry leading platform the proposed venture gets a higher level of credibility than if the decision was made to produced PDFs and put them on a website for downloading for example. The Kindle DX platform, with its wide screen, ability to search entire books for key phrases and concepts, and compatibility to the DTP Program standard also ensures a consistent user experience for every customer of the new venture as well. The marketing strategy needs to be then based on attaining credibility as an e-textbook provider rapidly based on an alliance with Amazon and their DTP Program. Second, ensuring a consistent user experience is critically important and that can be attained using the Amazon Kindle DX and Amazon e-textbook program. Third, the e-textbooks need to be authored by experts in their fields so that the quality of the content stands on its own and… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Program Marketing Plan

… Cafe Adobe Part II

Group IMC Program Proposal Component II

Integrated Marketing Communication Program

Overall Creative Strategy -- Creative Brief

The current campaign is rather scattered, with ads running in a local Gay & Lesbian publication, radio ads in the Houston press, website and billboard promotions, localized activities. The objective of any new or enhanced strategy would be to broaden the client base by focusing dollars more on high return promotions. The localized nature of the company means that Cafe Adobe wants to be seen as "THE" restaurant alternative for a broader spectrum: for families dining out and having fun; for Mexican-Americans to have an authentic meal, and for any sporting team, or any adult group to use the restaurant as a place to meet, have a few drinks, eat, and have a good time. Billboards accomplish a great deal of top of mind resonance, and if individuals click on Adobe's website, they are offered free appetizer coupons.

Target Audience - the primary target market for Cafe Adobe is adults 21+ with or without families who wish to enjoy a mid-range ethnic meal; ethnic Mexican-Americans who want a night out with authentic food and Spanish speaking staff; and young families wanting a non-fast food experience for their children. Research notes that food is a significant part of the Mexican-American tradition, and even those at the lower end of the economic spectrum will opt for a more authentic atmosphere than fast-food. Cafe Adobe has also made it known that they are gay/lesbian friendly, and welcome people of all persuasions into their "home."

2. Message Theme -- Primary thematic focus is on authenticity (Tex-Mex as well as traditional Mexican dishes) at a reasonable price in a friendly atmosphere. Mi casa e su Casa, the idea that you are being invited into their home to partake of food and drink, and conviviality. Why dine fast-food Mexican when for about the same money you can have freshly prepared and authentic meals? Additionally, with numerous food and drink specials based on seasonal delicacies (e.g. camarones (shrimp) in season; interesting avocado dishes, etc. As well as a large selection of quality tequilas, the restaurant can be a watering-hole as well as a dining spot).

3. Support -- it will be important to showcase the theme through support. Testimonials, taste tests, and pricing comparisons may be used. Continued push at the local-local event market (e.g. neighborhood fairs, sales, events, concerts, etc. school fund raisers) anything to push the local/local idea..

4. Constraints -- Billboard advertising seems effective in that it gets the name and tagline out to the community; along with the website and coupons. The constraints are balancing the idea of a watering hole with the family atmosphere, which is… [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

… An improved reputation will for instance raise the interest of more business partners and the communities. Means in which this could be accomplished include interviews within the local media or the featuring of organizational leaders within television shows for the local press.

(5) Online communications -- in order to appeal to the younger audience, it is compulsory to also address it within the virtual community. This method is once again useful as it allows the company to promote itself and to familiarize the virtual consumer with the XYZ products even before the company actually launches its operations and its products within the Indian market.

Despite the high levels of professionalism with which the marketing campaign is being constructed and implemented, fact remains that the uniqueness of the Indian market could raise some impediments to customers' acceptance. The lines below present examples of elements from the political, social and cultural field that could impact the marketing communications mix.

(1) Political: the Indian authorities, like any other national representatives across the globe, have strived to protect their national sectors by imposing taxes on exports. In more recent times however, the political field in India is working on ensuring higher levels of market liberalization. This virtually means that both tariff and non-tariff barriers are being gradually lifted. Otherwise put, XYZ Inc. will be able to freely air its campaign, without being forced to subject to restrictions. Nevertheless, fact remains that the legislation in India is fairly different from the one in the United States, meaning as such that the company should hire consultants specialized in the issues of expansion within the Indian market.

(2) Social: India is globally recognized for its hi-tech affluences as more and more representatives of the young generation get jobs in IT; this aspect means that the customer base is highly educated from a technological standpoint and it is as such rather pretentious. In the context of XYZ's marketing campaigns, this feature translates into the necessity for the company to construct a strong online campaign, with multiple features. A poorly constructed website, with low interaction abilities, with sales or IT specialists that do not reply to the emails of the viewers or the lack of sufficient information will from the start create consumers' reticence to the product and the company.

(3) Cultural: the respect for the Indian culture is pivotal for the success of XYZ. Aside the obvious element of language correspondence, the success of the company's campaign is pegged to its ability to respect region and the geographic religion, as well as social nuances (Williams, 2008).


Twitchell, J.B., 1996, Adcult USA: Triumph of Advertising in American Culture, Columbia University Press, ISBN 0231103255

Williams, G., 2008, 3 Ways to Kill a Deal in India,… [read more]

Marketing a Market Leader in Pharmaceuticals Thesis

… Marketing

A market leader in pharmaceuticals should emphasize in its marketing strategy its competitors primarily and the consumers secondarily. There are two main reasons for this. As an industry leader, the company should strive to portray itself as ahead of… [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

… Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused… [read more]

Preparing a Marketing Plan for Terry's Group Novelty Chocolates by Analyzing a Particular Case Term Paper

… ¶ … Marketing Plan for Terry's Group (novelty chocolates) by analyzing a particular case

Marketing Plan for Terry's Group

Terry's Group is a New York-based company, operating throughout the entire world and activating in the food industry by producing high… [read more]

Advertising on Specialty Channels Term Paper

… ¶ … advertising on specialty channels. Discuss how both large national advertisers and small local companies might use cable TV effectively in their media plans.

Specialty channels have made it possible to more precisely segment prospects for a product or… [read more]

Advertising Manager Term Paper

… Advertising manager of a large firm asked you - the vice president of marketing - to approve a $500,000 increase in the advertising budget for one of the company's brands. She predicts that the additional $500,000 in advertising will increase the brand's sales by $2,000,000. Even if you were 100% sure that her prediction was correct. Question: What Additional Information Is Still Need Before Making a Decision?

There is an abundance of information required before making a decision to invest $500,000 to gain an incremental $2,000,000 in sales, even if there appears to be a high level of certainty this could actually occur. First, personally I would be suspect about the certainty of the cause-and-effect of this specific investment yielding these specific results. First, it's critical that the demand elasticity of the product be first defined, which can be difficult to do, and second, how will the $500,000 increase in the budget impact the perception of pricing and is the pricing optimized already? This is a critical question and needs to be resolved as price optimization, when coordinated with the large investment of an advertising budget, can yield significant results (Retail Pricing 2006).

Then there is the entire aspect of the execution of the program, and the current state of lead generation and escalation systems, including the use of… [read more]

Marketing Strategy Are Market Driven, the Quantitative Term Paper

… ¶ … marketing strategy are market driven, the quantitative description of the market followed by their expectations are the motivating forces which mold the strategies and the policies of the company. The company during its operation has to monitor and… [read more]

Sales and Marketing Management Term Paper

… Sales and Marketing Management

Summary of "Stars in the Making," by Elana Harris

For years, the practice of sales and marketing seemed to be somewhat like magic, with no way to teach people how to do it or what makes… [read more]

Marketing Mix an Integrated Term Paper

… Public relations can also help the consumer gain understanding of the company and its message. This is especially important because there is a limit to the believability of advertising messages, with most consumers natural skeptical of anything stated in an advertisement. Effective public relations can overcome this hurdle because the message is not presented in an advertising format and will not be perceived as trying to indicate any specific message. In this way, an overall message about the company can be communicate, but in a subtle way where the consumer is able to come to their own conclusion. Finally, an effective public relations strategy will help to build trust in the company. This will be important in developing a strong relationship with the consumer.

The final consideration is how to measure the effectiveness of the integrated marketing communication strategy. Since the strategy is aimed at building relationships with customers and gaining customer loyalty, the main measurement will involve determining the customer return rates. With personal selling providing direct contact with customers, this will be able to be measured and reported by sales staff without the requirement for complicated research activities. It will also be important to utilize concept testing, which is used to "explore the targeted consumer's response to a potential ad or campaign" (Belch & Belch 1999, p. 292). Concept testing will be utilized via focus groups to determine the response of consumers and to ensure that the advertisements and public relations activities communicate the desired message. Finally, surveys of individuals in the target group will be completed periodically to determine how the company is perceived by the target market.


Belch, G.E., & Belch, M.A. (1999). Advertising and Promotion. Boston, MA: McGraw Hill.

King, S. (1991). Brand-building in the 1990's. Journal of Marketing Management, 7, pp. 3-13.

Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Brown, L, & Adam, S. (1998). Marketing. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Kotler, P., Chandler, P., Gibbs, R., & McColl, R. (1999). Marketing. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:… [read more]

Marketing and Sales Business Functions Term Paper

… ¶ … marketing and sales business functions. In what other areas might descriptive research be used?

Descriptive research, including observations of consumer behavior (for example 'taste tests') or surveys of consumer behavior (such as questionnaires about consumers' buying patterns) can provide a description of current market behavior of a likely target population of a new product, or provide an explanation of buying patterns to marketing and sales teams designing a new campaign. Descriptive research can provide a record of the number of times something occurs, or frequency of a behavior. (Ryerson, 2005) As it lends itself to statistical calculations such as determining the average number of occurrences or central tendencies, can also be used in observed scientific psychological or biological studies of a human or animal population's behavior patterns.

DQ3. What are the differences between a symptom and a problem?

A symptom, such as a patient feeling cold all of the time, cannot be fully solved unless the doctor or patient's treatment team at the hospital knows the problem or the symptom's cause. If the person lives in an unheated house in the winter, the symptom of feeling cold can be immediately treated by putting the patient a warm room and getting the patient public assistance for better housing. However, if a person feels cold because they are underweight, the problem can only… [read more]

Marketing Management Marketing Mix Product Marketing Plan

… The online or the soft versions will be sent to the specific organizers who respond to our mails and ask for further clarification. The hard copies will be passed on to the individual organizers who will be visited in the… [read more]

What Affects the Marketing Environment Essay

… Contractual system

Under this system, the different pieces of channels of distribution continue their operation as individual entities. Businesses go into contractual relationships together with other distribution elements in the channel with each of their duties and benefits pointed out before anything.

Administered system

These systems use neither formal contractual nor corporate ownership of the channel of distribution. Here, one member of the distribution channel collects enough power through sheer size in order to effectively control the other activities that are carried out by other channels of distribution (Dontigney, 2006).

Although advertising has become more common in health care, it is still a tactic that generates concern and criticism. The Alliance for Health Care Strategy and Marketing developed a set of voluntary guidelines regarding the concerns and issues that should be considered in health care advertising. There are several guidelines for Health Care Advertising;

Information that can be disclosed in an advertisement includes; general information of a healthcare facility such as its name, location, contacts, facilities and accommodation provided, and charges. The professional services that are available in the healthcare facility can also be disclosed. Accreditation or award announcement such as recognized certification that the healthcare facility has received. On the other hand there is information that is not permitted in advertisement such as comparison either direct or indirect between healthcare facilities. Using superlatives such as latest, the best, state of the art when it comes to describing the services that are available in a facility is not allowed. Testimonials that have been given by patients can not be printed or publicized. Healthcare facilities are also not allowed to use celebrities to promote heir services. The healthcare facilities are also not allowed to display human tissue specimen and photographs such as excised lesions from patients or biopsy parts in their advertisement. Media that is approved for healthcare advertisements are newspapers, magazines, directories, billboards, brochures, banners, and websites.


Suttle, R. (2009).Examples of Product Life Cycle Phases. Retrieved June 120, 2014 from

Dontigney, E. (2006).Three Types of Vertical Marketing Systems. Retrieved June 120, 2014 from [read more]

Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Case Study

… Strengths

Strong Brand


Heavily Capitalized

Customer Loyalty


Environmental Supply Chain Issues

Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

Internal Management Issues


Grow Market Share

Find New Product Niches

Continue to Diversify Current Product Mix


Competitive Industry Pressures

Negative Publicity


V. Competitor Analysis

Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. In this market Apple must compete with major market players such as IBM, Dell, HP and Toshiba. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity. In regards to the smartphone market, the iPhone also faces a high level of competition and Apple is continually competing with companies such as Motorola, Palm, Blackberry, and number of manufactures that have all devoted their operating systems to the Android-Based platform. In each of these markets, Apple's key to success so far is that it has been to differentiate its products and services so that they add value to the consumer, either through brand power or functionality, at offer superior value to the consumer.

VI. Environmental Analysis

Porters Five Force Model

Current Rivalry

Apple's currently rivalry is significantly high; both with the most recently Android-Based phones and the PC world with the introduction of the Windows 8 brand tablets, smartphones, and PCs. With regard to the PC industry, price competition has become one of the dominant factors which makes Apple vulnerable since it is more of a luxury item.

Threat of New Entrants

Apple operates on so many different fronts that the threat of entrants is pretty high; although Apple barely ever knows from which direction. There are many high-tech firms that are constantly innovating and putting pressure on Apple's product mix.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Apple's bargaining power with suppliers is relatively high. Apple's current suppliers are behooved to Apple for a core of its business. Therefore, Apple can virtually dictate terms to its suppliers.

Bargaining Power of Buyers

The bargaining power of buyers is high with the exception of those that are locked-in to the Apple platform. The switching costs to some consumers that are only familiar with the Apple platform might prevent them from considering substitute products.

Threat of Substitute Products

Apple's products are very well differentiated from the rest of the market and this is their niche. However, Apple must continue to perpetually innovate to be able to maintain this niche.

VII. Conclusion

Apple is definitely one of the world's premier brands. Its international marketing program will represent the success or failure of it continued growth as its domestic market has become well saturated. Apple must maintain a unified message across cultural boundaries yet offer some flexibility to appeal to regional preferences. However, Apple's appeal, through differentiation, is pretty universal and there should not have to be much customization in the… [read more]

Role of Information Systems in Marketing Term Paper

… The variance analysis examines the reasons for overages of costs and underages of costs; (Harmon, 2003) (6) Sales analysis -- this is used to examine the distribution of a firm's "sales by region, product, brand, sales territory as well as other matters. (Harmon, 2003) (7) Sales Forecasting -- this is utilized for developing estimates of sales according to product, region, sales territory and other such information. (Harmon, 2003, p. 7) (8) Sales force productivity -- This is utilized in conducting an assessment of the sales force of the organization. (9) Advertising analysis -- this is a method utilized for advertising "effectiveness, media choices and brand awareness." (Harmon, 2003, p. 8) (10) Distribution -- This tool is used for conducting an analysis of channel decisions "from economic and strategies perspectives. (11) Simulation. Simulates decision making under various strategic scenarios. (12) Satisfaction of Customers -- This tool analyzes the issues of the expectations of customer as compared to with outcomes of the product. (Harmon, 2003, p. 8)

Data mining techniques are reported to include such as the following: (1) Market Basket Analysis; (2) cluster analysis; (3) decision trees; (4) Query Tools; (5) Neutral Networks. (Harmon, 2003, p. 9) Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) is reported to be a type of analysis tools and tools that can be used to generate reports from large databases. These tools enable the reporting of data that is "partially aggregated…or full reports" and allows these to be stored in a format that is multidimensional and easy to access and analyze. Geographic Information Marketing Applications are reported to include the following stated applications: (1) Customer location -- linking customer behavioral data from the master files, subscription lists, support and warranty claims, transactions history and identity with time and location information. This is powerful information used in mapping and predicting consumer behavior." (Harmon, 2003, p. 10) (2) Geographic market information -- this can be used to link physical maps and marketing data using classification of country, city, ZIP code or Census tract; (3) Marketing activity location -- this links POS transactions, distribution patterns; direct response results; sales forecasts, advertising expense and other information to geographic location; (4) business location -- this labels business facilities on a map that enables a display of retail density, population density, buying power, and media coverage; (5) Marketing resource location -- this links the assets moving to the physical location using GPS from automobiles, trucks, aircraft and wireless devices. (Harmon, 2003, p. 10) Customer management systems are reported to include 'Sales Force Automation' which is a customer management tools used and reported as "one of the fastest growing elements of the Marketing Information System. The Sales Force Automation tools are integrated applications with the CRM system and involves "the application on information technology to the sales function…to the activities leading to a sale." (Harmon, 2003, p. 11) The field sales process is comprised by various steps leading to a sale and the Marketing Information System supports this process through generating leads, processing sales management and… [read more]

Marketing Research Explain the Difference Essay

… Marketing research that is descriptive provides data about an existing situation or state. For example, how consumers view a brand. An example of descriptive marketing research is a propensity score, which indicates how likely is a surveyed consumer to recommend a brand, use a brand, or buy a brand in the future. The diagnostic role of marketing research comes into play when, for example, a promotional campaign is not doing as well as planned and there is opportunity to make real-time changes -- but information about consumer perceptions and actions is needed. Marketing research that has a predictive function collects and synthesizes data for use in a model, for instance computer modeling for a product launch.

4. Marketing research has traditionally been associated with manufacturers of consumer goods. Today, we are experiencing an increasing number of organizations, both profit and nonprofit, using marketing research. Why do you think this trend exists? Give some examples.

Marketing research enables target market segmentation, which typically leads to increased consumer-brand engagement and increased sales. Technological advances have made it possible to collect masses of unstructured data (big data) that can be used for data-based marketing. Social media networking provides a steady stream of consumer information that an be used for deeper insight into customer preferences and needs. Also, the proliferation of products and services, much of which is advertised on digital or mobile platforms, puts an emphasis on differentiation by consumers. Inbound marketing also provides consumer information that can be applied to new promotions.

5. Why are secondary data sometimes preferred to primary data?

Secondary data is less expensive to gather, and if the population was very large in the original study, the data may be more accurate or more valuable [read more]

Culture and Marketing Strategy Research Paper

… The ad does not disclose that this athlete tried several times to become world beater before finally becoming a top notch athlete. The advert portrays the athlete as a champion in the road races and track events. Remember the Cutty Sark advert that failed to disclose that Ted Turner failed at his latest attempt at Yachting's America Cup. Just like the ad that tried to imply that anybody who rents Hertz can be successful like OJ Simpson, the ad implies that one can be successful by drinking this brand of whiskey. The ad uses this sports hero's publicity as the most convenient means to snare consumer's need to achieve. The product advertises itself in superlatives in a bid to make contact with the consumers needs to succeed because the brains behind this ad know that for many consumers, sales and bargains belong in this category of appeals. If you consume a brand that is consumed by successful and established individuals you are also bound to succeed just like them.

Consumer group that the ad excludes

The ad does not appeal to professional sportsmen. It also excludes people who for religious or health reasons do not take alcoholic drinks and would hate to see such advertisements spread all over.

The ad's relationship with cultural values

Sports as a profession disregard the use of drugs unless the drug is prescribed by a physician. Professionals sportsmen are also expected to behave in a certain way that cannot bring disrepute the sports fraternity. Alcohol just like any other drug impairs the normal functioning of our bodies and this can be detrimental to the careers of professional sportsmen. Using a sports personality to endorse a given brand of alcohol is a smack on the face of professional sportsmen and women. Quite a number of them may have wanted to taste this particular brand may be at social events but after seeing one of them used to endorse an alcoholic brand they might as well forego using this brand in totality. How on earth would embrace an idea whose intent is to cut short your career? The advertisers therefore stand to lose the market segment comprising soccer players, athletes, cyclists, baseball players, batsmen to mention but a few. Sportsmen have values they subscribe to that they would not want to be violated.

References List

Altstiel, T & Grow, J. (2006). Advertising Strategy: Creative Tactics From the Outside/In. CA:


Petracca, M. & Sorapure, M. (1998). Common Culture: Reading and Writing about American

Popular Culture. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

Statt, D. (1977). Understanding the Consumer -- A Psychological Approach. London: Macmillan


Duncan M., (2013). Johnnie Walker From the Future. [read more]

Lenovo FY Development Costs Launch Research Paper

… Lenovo


Development Costs

Launch & Market Costs

Forecasted Units Sold



Future Value



Probability Commercial

Probability Technical

The commercial success of this notebook is questionable, maybe moderate at best. These estimates show that the NPV is going to be over $10 million, but the ten-year life span for the new product does not seem realistic. The life cycle for a notebook computer is a lot less than ten years. So what will end up happening is that in the early years, we can realistically achieve the $400 price point, but after that we will have to discount in the competitive Western markets, and will have to sell for lower prices in emerging markets as well. If we analyze the numbers, the sales are spread out a fair bit, meaning that the ten-year life span is necessary to recoup a ten million NPV. The breakeven point is just over five years away, probably as long as we would want to try selling a new laptop model, again making this a risky project.

Another assumption with which I am uncomfortable is the 6% discount rate. While interest rates are low in the West, Lenovo is based in China, where inflation is running at a fairly high rate, and would be higher if the currency floated freely. So while Lenovo does get some financing from the West, I think its cost of capital is going to be quite a bit higher than 6%, just based on the cost of capital in China in general. A higher discount rate means that the future cash flows are going to be lower. Again, there is a real challenge here with respect to maintaining the $10 million NPV figure.

Part 2. The current Lenovo brand is already well-associated with notebook computers, and in fact it is one of the brand leaders (IDC, 2013). The key is that there needs to be a little cross-marketing, for example with the manufacturer of the operating system, which in this case is Microsoft. All of the competitors use this OS as well so the Lenovo brand has to be able to differentiate itself.

The brand strategy therefore needs to emphasize how Lenovo is now the market leader in laptops and how it offers incredible value. This will place emphasis on the established positioning of Lenovo within the marketplace, especially vs. its closest competitors. This is… [read more]

Promotion Colgate Kitchen Entrees Term Paper

… Promotion

Colgate Kitchen Entrees was listed as one of the biggest product flops of all-time (Daily Finance, 2013). The product was launched in 1982, and enjoyed no success at all. The product was frozen food, and the idea behind it… [read more]

Marketing IMC for the HP Marketing Plan

… The lessons will allow for feedback, and new lessons or tutorials will be released every week. The empowerment will be supported though social networking media, including a highly interactive Facebook page where users can get advice and tips. The users will also receive an invitation to join the 'exclusive' Slater users group, which will be an online forum with a unique URL, where they will get advance notice of new apps that may be useful and new on their slate, as well as be able to give feedback on their experiences.

Slide 4

The initial print advertisement will support the idea of empowerment, with the tag line for whoever you are and whatever you want to do. The bottom of the advert will give details of where support and tutorials can be found, including the company Slate web page, the Facebook page, the You Tube channel. The advert may also incorporate a QR code. Later advertisements will build in this idea and show different uses.

Slide 5

The TV advertising will focus in the different uses, how people will benefit from having a Slate. The storyboard above show how this may be achieved, obviously Beanie may be changed for another character, showing real people using the tablet. The advert will start with an individual looking lost, and then pan to another, who looks confident and empowered, using their slate, with screen shots of the Slate inserted and showing the way it is used. This may include accessing local knowledge and looking up information, using the Slater for entertainment, which may show the individual on transport watching a film, they may then see something newsworthy and take a picture. They then edit the image on the Slate and send it to a new outlet, and receive payment. The Slate is shown as up-to-date and useful, a tool for users to make their life easier.

Later advertisements may include feedback from real users, saying how useful they find the device, especially after using the online tutorials, helping them get the most out of their Slate.

Slide 6

Bill boards will use a similar strategy to the print advertisements. They will be placed in areas where there is a lot of passing traffic, areas where there is a high level of congestion and location near shopping and office areas. The key is to ensure not only that the location have a [read more]

Advertising Creative Principles Essay

… Management Information Systems

Creative Principles

Advertising: Creative Principles

Advertising is the art of selling. It is not only colors, graphics and visuals that are increasingly becoming the central focus of advertisements today. The gender differences are used in advertisement since… [read more]

Marketing Plan Relaunch Essay

… Marketing Plan Reluanch

Re-launch Plan for the RSP-150 Solar Power Maintainer

Re-launch Plan Goals and Milestones

Implicit in the re-launch of any existing product or service is the need to more closely define its unique value proposition (UVP), competitive and… [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Company Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is for Starbucks, to guide the company to its revenue and growth objectives. The plan focuses on the cash cow market on the United States and the high growth market of China as twin means… [read more]

Marketing Plan of My Company Term Paper

… Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Business plan of Mochalicious

Business PLAN i

This assignment is based on the new business of a coffee shop, which is going to be opened in Australia, where people love to drink coffee, and it is… [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Sleep Center Marketing Plan

… Marketing

Monitoring and Evaluation

There are a number of good performance measures that can be used to test the effectiveness of a marketing plan. Indirect measures include revenues (have they increased?) or profits (did high-margin customers increase?). For the most part, however, measures about the effectiveness of a marketing plan should be based on marketing-specific metrics.

For Dr. Sleep, this likely involves customer surveys, non-customer surveys and analysis of sales data. The surveys can be used to reveal a wide range of information. Brand exposure is a key area of concern, and can be best measured with a survey of people how are in the target market, but are not currently customers. It is valuable to know how much exposure the brand has. Additionally, these same respondents can be questioned about their likeliness to use such a service in general. This is because while the respondent is captured is a good opportunity to learn about the likelihood of non-customers to become customers.

Surveys of customers can focus less on brand exposure (they've heard of us) and more on other metrics. It is valuable to know how well the marketing program sold people and convinced them to become customers. It is worth testing the influence of different elements of the marketing plan. For example, was it simply enough to plant the seed of seeing a sleep therapy service that convinced them to spend their money with Dr. Sleep? Or, were they already considering a similar service and some element of the marketing plan (price, etc.) convinced them to choose Dr. Sleep over other competitors.

In addition, customer satisfaction surveys can test the effectiveness of the product/service offering itself in the marketing mix. In a sense, we do not need repeat customers, since that would imply failure on our part, but we do want referrals. Thus, we can… [read more]

Societal Marketing Concepts Term Paper

… Societal Marketing Concepts

Over the last several years, social marketing has become an important concept that is increasingly utilized to reach out to new customers. This is because this medium has grown exponentially with more people using it as a… [read more]

Impact of Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness of Small Businesses Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness of Small Businesses

Limitation and Delimitation


Results and Major Findings


Word of Mouth

Communicating with Customers


Implications of Study in Organization

Attracting New Customers Right When They want to… [read more]

Marketing Spin to Match Essay

… I would be the first person ever in my family to obtain a graduate degree.

Q2. What are the contributions you will make to the program and how will your experience and expectations benefit classmates and the EMBA program?

My unique perspective would enable me to contribute a multifaceted cultural and historical perspective to the history and practice of business. My formal marketing career began in 1989 so I have witnessed firsthand the dramatic historical shift that occurred with the transition from pre-Internet to post-Internet marketing. This has made me uniquely aware of the differences between marketing in the 20th century and marketing in the 21st century. I pride myself in being forward-thinking and while I have worked to promote products via more traditional marketing channels, I am acutely aware of the shift that has occurred in marketing in terms of how products and services are showcased and how consumers relate to those services and products. Branding and brand definitions have changed and become more interactive and relationship-based. However, the human elements of managing workers and clients through cross-functional teams and in B2B and B2C relationships still are based upon timeless principles of customer segmentation and demonstrated value.

I have also worked in a variety of high-pressured settings, both for advertising agencies and for corporate clients in fields spanning from telecommunications to the food industry. I would be an invaluable resource for my student colleagues who were interested about exploring new career paths and help them understand the similarities and differences between different occupational settings in the field of marketing. Also, on a personal level, marketing requires the ability to be both 'left brained' in terms of keeping an eye on technical specifications and the bottom line but also to be 'right brained' enough to see the world from a completely different perspective. I believe I exhibit both of these qualities in my skill set and character profile and hope to use my organizational and communication skills to be an asset in the classroom. [read more]

30 60 90 Day Sales Plan Business Development Specialist Marketing Plan

… ¶ … Sales Plan for a Business Development Specialist

Day Plan

Define monthly goals for discovery calls, product demonstrations and cold calls and include in for tracking and review.

Meet with each Senior Sales Manager and determine their 30, 60 and 90 days objective, their yearly quota, and their expectations of what a Business Development Specialist assists them with.

Meet with the VP of Marketing and discuss the role of Business Development Specialist to see how best my role and their department can work together. Goals of this meeting are to also discuss how best to use collateral and other marketing materials throughout the sales process, and to see which marketing meetings that Business Development Specialists need to be involved in.

Meet with product marketing and product management to gain insights into products and services, and understand their competitive positioning in the market.

Create sales support plans for each Senior Sales Manager as a result of activities during the month and define a project plan for each. It is anticipated each Senior Sales Manager will have significantly different needs and will need completely different support strategies as a result.… [read more]

Islamic Marketing Strategy Article

… (Miller, 1996) This is to differentiate the Islamic production process such that the Islamic process considers the impact the product would have on the whole society. Thus, more importance is given to the welfare of the society and satisfying human… [read more]

Oakley Pro-Lenses Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Besides providing modern glasses, we will also create special glasses according to our clients' preferences, using customization at an affordable price.

What differentiates our product from others offered by our market is the innovative technology. Our interest is to surprise the customers with unique, smart glasses which will make not only look good but will also save time and avoid stress. These types of glasses are intended for people who want both themselves and their lifestyle to be unique and modern.


Even though for Oakley Prolenses we don't have direct competitors; our competition is an indirect one, being represented by the well-known brands of sunglasses such as a Ray-Ban, Prada, Polaroid etc.


Our objective is to promote a new type of sunglasses: smart, modern, having a unique technology especially designed for people who are open-minded, having a busy lifestyle, full of energy and who know that technology can make your day! Also, another objective is to increase our market share, becoming the leaders on the market.

Oakley ProLenses wants to make an easier and more comfortable life for all consumers. Considering that the product is new on the market and doesn't have any competition, one of Oakley's objectives is to be the market leader in sun glasses and to implement the latest technology.


In order to have success, Oakley Pro-Lenses needs to position itself in the mind of the consumer as a high-quality product. We want our product to catch the interest of those passing by, even though they are not even looking for this product: this is why we intend to open our own small shop in the center of each city. Another channel of distribution will be represented by our online web page, through which we will transmit our customers all necessary information about the products: price, products catalogues, transportation.


As we mentioned earlier, we considered that our product addresses mainly tyoung people in who have an active lifestyle. But we want a wider variety of people to be familiar with our brand. This is why we decided to adopt an out of home (outdoor) media type, meaning we will try to reach people in public places through flyers. The main purpose of these flyers will be first of all, to announce the opening of our shop, taking into account that people should be aware that we provide a different kind of product. Also, we want to transmit the main reason for which people should visit our store: our sun glasses are unique.

Considering our innovative product, we must take into consideration sales promotion techniques in order to attract more clients. This is why we planned an attention-getting consumer promotion, through which we will offer those purchasing our product a free pair of normal Oakley sunglasses.

Market Strategy

Therefore, considering our product, we decided to choose pricing as a strategy. This means that we will pay careful attention to regular sunglasses offered by the competition earlier in the project (considering that they are selling… [read more]

Marketing Mix and Kindle Fire Essay

… This can best be seen with the pricing strategies of the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, which are both priced at $159 and offer almost identical features. The competition between these two tablet providers forces them to meet each other's prices. As such, the consumer is left to determine which tablet he or she will purchase based on other factors such as brand loyalty, personal selling, or word-of-mouth advertising.

While the bargaining power of sellers is relatively high, the bargaining power of buyers is relatively low to medium. Amazon must price its products so that the consumer is happy with the pricing and they do not look to any of Amazon's competitors for less expensive substitutes. However, many times, product pricing is not determined by Amazon itself and instead determined by the bargaining power of its competitors. As such, the competition between suppliers benefits the consumer.

The last force that must be analyzed is the amount of competition Amazon's Kindle Fire experiences from rival service providers. As stated previously, the competition between the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet is relatively high. Because of this, the Kindle Fire almost immediately meets any pricing change among its competitors. This high level of competition requires the Kindle Fire to constantly be monitoring how its competitors perform and any new services or products that are introduced into the market.

Using the marketing mix in conjunction with the analysis of Porter's five forces allows a marketing specialist to come up with a marketing plan that is tailored to the company offering the product and tailored to the demographic the product is being marketed to.


Colbert, F., Nantel, J., Bilodeau, S., Rich, J.D. (2001). Marketing Culture and the Arts. 2nd

Edition. Quebec: Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC).

Kindle Fire. (2012). Accessed 5 November 2012, from

Kingsley-Hughes, A. (2012, 5 May). Kindle Fire is the iPad's latest casualty. Forbes. Accessed 5 November 2012, from

Nook Tablet. (n.d.). Barnes and Noble.… [read more]

Sponsorship Proposal Essay

… Sponsorship Proposal

Marketing Plan

Go-Go Music Show is a live music performance that has established itself as a premier event in Washington DC. The event, which is now entering its 31st jubilee, showcases remarkable performances from renowned artists across the… [read more]

Marketing a Concise Executive Summary Essay

… a. The expected drawbacks of the recommended solution and the key major impediment

By targeting one specific market, Rosso would be branding his product accordingly. Choosing one option prevents him from slanting his product to numerous other categories of consumers that may be interested in buying the product.

More so, Rosso will be theoretically targeting a small population -- hipster -- who like to consider themselves unique. To be unique, this necessitates that the brand not be widely diffused. Rosso is intending to do that but it also spells less sales. This is reinforced by the fact that Rosso is targeting a luxury market. In other words, Rosso has so tightly limited his market that he may be limiting his sales too. The brand -- and the work involved (including the original TV and print advertisements) -- will potentially be expensive. We would hope that Rosso makes some profit as a result… [read more]

Marketing Environment: Based on the Specific Source Essay

… Marketing Environment:

Based on the specific source used, marketing can be described in various ways though it basically refers to the process of planning and executing the formation, pricing, promotion, and allocation of ideas, products, and services to develop exchanges that meet individual and organizational objectives. Notably, this process of establishing a market for products and/or services is dependent on market research. Generally, the marketing process is geared towards the fulfillment of a firm's objectives while providing a means for fulfilling the needs and demands of customers as well as stakeholders. Notably, the fulfillment of the stockholders' and customers' needs is also driven towards providing a means of profit for the organization.

Marketing for the Hershey Company:

The Hershey Company is largest producer of quality chocolate within the North American region and the worldwide leader in chocolate and sugar confectionary. In addition to chocolate and confectionary goods, the firm's principal product groups include food and beverage enhancers like baking ingredients, and mint and gum refreshment items ("The Hershey Company," 2009). Throughout its global operations, the company functions as a single reportable portion in producing, marketing, selling, and distributing several packages of its variety of products in over 80 brand names.

The Hershey Company has divided the selling and marketing of the organization into three different segments i.e. Hershey North America, Global Marketing Group, and Hershey International. These segments are responsible for leveraging the firm's marketing and sales leadership in America and Canada, focus on important strategic growth areas in international markets, and develop capabilities that maximizes on unique customer trends. Notably, the company's marketplace extends from its supply chain to the customers enjoying the goods.

Marketing Environment Forces:

In its marketing initiatives, the Hershey Company product and services is likely to be impacted by some marketing environment forces. The three marketing environment forces that will impact the firm's marketing of products and services include economic, societal, and technological factors. The societal forces are factors that basically contribute to changing demands for a product or service. The Hershey Company will be affected by societal forces because marketers have the task of providing products or services that the society wants while lessening what they don't want. As a result, marketers are responsible for change products or services based on the changing societal needs. For instance, the society has become increasingly concerned with the need for healthy diet products that contribute to the need for manufacturing sugar-free, minimal fat, and lessened calorie offerings in the chocolate industry (Sena, n.d.).

The likelihood of the impact of economic forces originates from the need for marketers to change their marketing mix as the economy undergoes through various stages of the product life cycle. In most cases, the buyer patterns and behaviors are different depending on underlying conditions of economic growth. Some… [read more]

International Marketing Communication Perspective Research Paper

… To build a healthy relationship between a buyer and a seller there ought to be a clear understanding between the two parties.


In international marketing cultural diversity is a key requirement for the marketing personnel handling cross border advertisements. The diversity will ensure that the advertising plans are in line with the regulations in the multiple countries different marketing efforts will be run. In this case, the UAE has a number of similarities with Indonesia. Both countries are predominantly Muslim. As a result, the demand for a Halal Certification in any food product is pertinent. However, the approach of implementation of a marketing program may vary to fit into the detailed regulation of the two countries.


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Marketing Management Essay

… Marketing Management

The following are several links to the recent controversy over Chick-Fil -- a stance on same-sex marriage. Please read each article and summarize in 2 paragraphs if you feel Chick-Fil -- a stance hindered or helped sales?

The… [read more]

Customer Segmentation Literature Review

… Almost all the customers in the segment have access to available forms of communication. The producer can use the internet to promote the product. The use of the internet ensures that the customer has access to all products produced by the company. Magazines and newspapers are among the print media used for advertisement. Television advertisements made by the company and aired regularly to ensure that many people view the advertisement. The use of the internet is the most efficient mode of communication especially among the high-income earners. Television advertisements are effective among the middle-income earners. Printed media is a favorable mode of advertisement among low-income earners (Bailey, Baines, Wilson, & Clark, 2009).

Customers respond differently to the advertisement made by the producer. The customers who use the internet frequently ask questions through the website. The use of the website enables customers to evaluate the features of the product. The company uses customer care representatives to interact with the customers. This mode of communication is preferred to its reliability and cost effectiveness. The customers who prefer television advertisement follow up the advertisement by calling the number displayed on the screen or visiting the company's website. Low-income users may read more about the product from the printed media and contact the producer through telephone calls and social media. The company can carry out a survey to evaluate the source of the information about the product. This survey will enable the company to market its products through appropriate means that suit the customers in the segment. The management can also collect information from the follow up to improve the advertisement used (Dibb & Simkin, 2009).

Customer segmentation plan

This is the mode of marketing where the organization evaluates the available segments in the market and the effective way to communicate. Communicating to customers for marketing research ensures that the right information is collected. The management can evaluate the use the internet to evaluate the number of customers visiting the website to determine its traffic. Understanding the segment market and the appropriate mode of advertising to use saves the organization money. Toyota's position in the global market is credited to extensive advertising and promotion of its products. The company mainly uses the internet to communicate with its customers. This mode of communication enables the company to market its products over a wide geographical area.

The communication between the customers and company representatives improves brand awareness and customer relations. The company has benefited from the use of the internet to produce products that address the needs of the customer. The internet has enabled the company to penetrate the market, which has promoted sales. The company has been able to venture into new markets by producing products that are suited for a segment in the market. Demand for off-road vehicles in Africa is among the success stories of the company. The demand for cheap off-road vehicles has enabled the manufacture to cater for this niche market and gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the… [read more]

Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced Business Proposal

… Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced in Marketing

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Product Strategy

Pricing strategy

Promotional Strategy

Market Targeting

Companies have to come up with marketing strategies consistent with an organization's strategy because absence of a marketing strategy undermines… [read more]

Marketing Internet TV -- Present Term Paper

… Studies reveal that prominent placements can negatively impact brand attitudes of viewers who report high levels of program liking (Cowley & Barron, 2008). Furthermore, when a product is placed more subtlety into the content there is far less risk of a negative experience.

However, some of the most blatant product placement advertisements have also been successful. One excellent example of product placement can be provided by the Transformer movie series. General Motors provided the cars that were used in a movie about vehicles that transform into evil-fighting robots (Movie Biz, 2007). In this arrangement GM did not even have to pay for their cars to be included in the film. Rather they provided roughly a million dollars' worth of vehicles and equipment as well as agreed to pay for some of the movies promotional material that featured their vehicles.

The GM cars in the movie are actually the central characters which are somewhat abnormal for most product placement projects. The amount of exposure that the brand gained through this medium is enormous since the movie became a blockbuster and the central characters were the heroes of the film. The target audience was composed of the younger demographics and the movie presented the cars as "cool" (Associated Press, 2007). Although, this demographic is the target, the movie also works to influence the opinions of other demographics such as the baby boomers who still wish to be "cool."


With the exponentially expanding use of the internet for content delivery, advertisers will have to become more creative to deliver a message. Most consumers now have technology that allows them to block marketing interruptions and the future of the thirty second add is grim at best. Utilizing product placements directly in the content is one option to bypass the role that technology is playing. Yet the research based on the effectiveness of product placements is fairly mixed and still developing. There have been many successful uses of the medium however there have been an equal number of failures. Some consumers exude negative responses to a brand if it is blatantly being marketed in their favorite programming; while others are more responsive when a product enters their favorite programming. Furthermore, it was also identified that, in general, the more subtle the placement is then the less likely it is to have a negative response. However, if it is too subtle then the consumer might not even notice it. The combinations of these factors make product placement a complex route for marketing and still one that is being developed.

Works Cited

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Google TV. (2012). How it works. Retrieved July 22, 2012, from Google TV:

Google TV. (2012). What you can watch. Retrieved July 22,… [read more]

Nike Women Sporty Jeans Marketing Plan

… Nike Women Sporty Jeans

Marketing Plan: Nike Women Sporty Jean

Nike is a significant company in the athletic clothing market. While it is most closely associated with shoes, the company also offers other clothing options for those who need and… [read more]

Advergaming and Mobile Advertising Research Paper

… Advergaming and Mobile Advertising

Of the many companies successfully using advergames in 2012, one of the clear leaders is the Walt Disney Company. As the company has over a dozen brands or characters they actively market with many of them worth well over $1B in sales annually (Rocks, 2007), Disney has a rich legacy and series of branding assets to draw from in creating their advergames and integrating them to mobile strategies. Their most pervasive theme is the use of Mickey and Minnie in various adventures and scenarios meant to make them more familiar to the youngest members of their customer base, typically those children below 5 years of age. The games are designed to allow for adult supervision. Disney hasn't integrated all games to mobile marketing, yet many of the ones specifically designed for generating interest in the amusement parks globally have this unique attribute (Edwards, Grover, 2011).

Analysis of the Mickey and Minnie Block Blast Game

The Mickey and Minnie Block Blast Game is designed to get young prospective customers involved in the basic tactile functions necessary to navigate the more complex Disney games while making the characters recognizable in the context of the Disney brand. The needs of educating consumers about what Mickey and Minnie are doing to feed their dog Pluto (showing responsibility for taking care of pets) and the need for quickly reaction times to win at games are both illustrated in this game. Disney is also attempting to show how a team can work together to accomplish more, with immediate feedback on progress. The concept of shared task ownership necessary for accomplishment is also communicated in the game. Disney is deliberately creating these fundamental concepts of human behavior to make the game acceptable and attractive to parents, who are the decision-makers on this game used by children. The game is also is designed to bring the person playing it into the lives of each character in a fun and playful way, showing how each person's reaction and effort pays off. The game succeeds in creating the opportunity for a prospective customer to find their role in a Disney series of brands, and at the very least finding their favorite character.

Second, the game makes excellent use of the Disney core branding assets, not overdoing their presentation but making the customer experience and usability of the game highly effective. The game also relied on the traditional, iconic imaging of Disney by having even the cursor appear as Disney ears as the load progress continues. All aspects of the game are aligned to create a memorable and fun experience for the player, in addition to showing them that the light, colorful and bright world of Disney is intuitively easy and inviting to visit. All of these factors together are also meant to further underscore how… [read more]

Holistic Relationship Marketing Essay

… In doing and creating all these systems to better support customer relations and external relationship marketing these same businesses began to notice a missing link in the process, which was that employees who were not happy and invested found it… [read more]

Breathalyzer the Overall Strategy Is to Increase Marketing Plan

… Breathalyzer

The overall strategy is to increase awareness of the product, and to increase penetration of the market.

The product is a one-time use breathalyzer, a device that gives a reading of blood alcohol content (BAC) to the user.

The objectives of the marketing strategy are to create a strong brand, build a stronger customer base and increase sales.

Market Analysis

There are two target markets. The first consists of bar owners, who will then make the product available to patrons. The second consists of males aged 21-40. This demographic is the most likely to drink outside of the home in the type of quantities that will facilitate inebriation. Primarily middle class customers will be targeted

The end user for both target markets will consist of males, aged 21-40, middle income, high school or college completion, all ethnicities.

The psychographic will include people who are heavy drinkers, but who are responsible, or perhaps who have had trouble before with too much drinking and driving.

3. This is not really a niche market -- the company only makes 95 cents per unit gross so selling high volume is imperative.

B. 1. There are a wide range of breathalyzers for sale, at a wide range of prices. For five bucks, there are no competitors in that price range but cheap keychain models sell for around $10.

2. The main strength of the company is the ability to produce this product so cheaply. The brand is unknown, there is no set distribution, and product quality is probably low compared to other competitors.… [read more]

Marketing Communication Strategy Case Case Study

… Zara's marketing strategy is also unique; it lacks image advertising and does so far less than its competitors; instead relying on word of mouth and the store's reputation as its marketing campaign. The international fashion company has also been extremely good at adapting itself for different countries, masking itself and its humble Spanish origin.

Question 3: Do you think Zara's marketing communication strategy of a lack of image advertising and promotion compared to competitors in the same category is a sensible one?

Zara's lack of a marketing communication strategy seems to be absolutely foolish, but may work in its particular sector through word of mouth and location alone. By being in the vicinity of other stores similar to Zara, business is inevitably split between the two, and Zara is able to benefit from no mass advertising budget like the other stores put forward. By centering its stores in highly visible shopping districts wherever it opens, Zara has been able to maintain constant expansion and growth for 20 years. If an advertising and image campaign were started, it is difficult to decide what would set Zara apart from its competitors, as taking a decisive campaign to label itself one way or another may alter the future of the entire Zara brand. Zara refuses to use celebrities as their competitor H&M has employed, as celebrities are hardly representations of a brand anymore and are mostly representing themselves and their own endeavors at any given time. Zara's lack of marketing strategy may just be a result of its fast growth and international focus, without centering on a base for support the brand is… [read more]

Mobile Marketing in Hotels Introduction

… Mobile Marketing in Hotels

In the research information presented in this chapter, the author will map out issues with regard to mobile networks and their use in marketing in hotels. A literature review, research objectives, the research problem and research… [read more]

Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign What Do You Think Essay

… Anti-Drug Marketing Campaign

What do you think of the design of the advertising pretest?

The advertising pretest seems to have been seriously flawed in at least two specific ways. First, the main point of the entire project was to determine… [read more]

Use of Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market Research Proposal

… ¶ … Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market

Facebook is highly popular in the UK market today, just as it is in many other areas of the world. That has not always been the case, because Facebook has not… [read more]

Marketing Dollar Scan Triad Research Paper

… Marketing Dollar Scan


Dollar Scan will provide a convenient and affordable service that will allow students, business, people, and private consumers to convert hard-copy documents into digital format. It is a service that enables consumers to do something that… [read more]

Marketing Management While the Pharmaceutical Essay

… Ultimately, the hotel would be in a better position to sustain future profitability and customer loyalty.

Question 3

Even if I was completely confident in the recommendation of my associate in the advertising firm, there is still quite a bit… [read more]

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