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Corporate Form of the Business Term Paper

Term Paper  |  7 pages (2,247 words)
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From the accounting scandals of Enron and Arthur Anderson, to the collapse of WorldCom, the collapse of the mortgage and financial industries, to the outrages of AIG and Bernie Madoff, the headlines are littered with such scandals and failures, and yet, they keep occurring. All of these situations call into question the real purpose of business ethics. Three authors note,… [read more]

E-Commerce and Business Process Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (2,340 words)
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Consumer-to-Peer Networks (C-to-P) business designs are focused on the interaction between peers in online networks and revolves around exchange of online services between peers.

Business Models within Growing e-commerce Areas

How the Web and also the Internet Modified Enterprise: Structure, Strategy, along with Procedure

Further classifications of e-commerce models are done below (completed based on transaction partners):

Figure: Types of… [read more]

Ecommerce in Developing Countries Research Paper

Research Paper  |  6 pages (2,046 words)
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eCommerce in Developing Countries

What are the most important ideas in the two articles?

Both articles and their extensive empirical and theoretical research have a wealth of insights and intelligence that brings e-commerce into a more realistic and pragmatic perspective. Starting with Exploring E-commerce benefits for businesses in a developing country (Molla, Heeks, 2007) that authors explain how they have… [read more]

Corporation Existed? Establishing Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,432 words)
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Members of this type of stakeholders are viewed as owners and private risk takers and are the foundation of a free society.

The other type of stakeholder, according to Novak, is based upon the socialist model where each stakeholder considers himself to be entitled to make demands on the system and to receive these demands. Novak argues that Britain is… [read more]

Business Plan for a Financial Business Plan

Business Plan  |  25 pages (6,850 words)
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Therefore, CleanDivision will have to set new international strategies while setting up its business in new geographical locations.

B4: Management Structure:

The ownership of the CleanDivision business is in the hands of both the partners. Michael Kothakota is the majority shareholder in the firm with 51% shares whereas Mike Programmer is the second major shareholder with 49% shares. The Management… [read more]

E-Commerce and Business Redesign Term Paper

Term Paper  |  9 pages (3,744 words)
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Customer loyalty is especially important to the banking business in general. Most people need a real reason to change banks. David Gefen [16] found that customer loyalty to a specific online vendor increased with perceived better service quality both directly and through increased trust.

In the beginning e-businesses were centered on using the latest technical bells and whistles to attract… [read more]

E-Commerce Business SWOT

SWOT  |  4 pages (1,467 words)
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E-Commerce: Strategy and Considerations

A SWOT team analysis can be incredibly useful to help highlight the goals and motivations of a particular business. When it comes to the task of taking my small business online to develop an ecommerce site, the potential benefits are indeed staggering. However, the online marketplace is a formidable environment and it's still important to consider… [read more]

Ecommerce E-Commerce or E-Business Essay

Essay  |  1 pages (383 words)
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This wait time closes the door for many impulse purchases as well as for purchases that are needed immediately. Yet, if you have enough time to wait for a product and you already know what you want, online shoppers can generally save a considerable amount of money by comparing prices and shopping online.

SWOT Analysis

Figure 1 - http://www.urbangardensolutions.ca/

The website chosen, Urban Garden Solutions, is a great example of a small website that generates its business by serving a niche market. Its target market is composed of people in urban settings that would like grow their own fruits and vegetables but might not know how. Thus the value added portion of this business is generated by helping this target market by offering a niche product offering, recipes, and instructions to help people get going.


Niche Oriented





Limited Products

Rudimentary Web Site


Diversify Products

Develop Site

More Marketing


More Competition

Lack of Exposure

People Purchasing Locally… [read more]

Legal Protection for E-Commerce Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (650 words)
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Copyright law

This is a law that offers intangible rights offered by statute to the original individual bearing a given literacy or artistic production. The right incorporates authors, musicians, composers, publishers, and many other artistic individuals. The law protects Internet users from infringing into the rights and reputations of these individuals in the Internet market. The law offers the originators of the productions to have all the dominion and right to protect their devices within their reach. Copyright can only be done under specialized cases that give all attention and right to the owner of the devices in the market. Internet use opens ways for many individuals to engage in copyright activities that have not been approved by the law.

Legal or technological solutions that might enhance the transaction of business via the Internet

Internet businesses have become successful with the use of Internet transactions. There is no way in which such businesses can stop using the Internet as the main channel of transmission. One of the legal and technical undertakings that can be used to improve Internet transaction is setting up legal protocols. These protocols offer security measures together with equitable approaches that ensure maximum security and legal acceptance in the business world. Internet security protocols can be set up in order to strike understanding of the uses and consequences of having their use under check. Legal approaches that can be involved include information measures that ensure that every undertaking within the structured services. Moreover, the entire society involved with Internet businesses should have laws and regulations that dictate what is supposed to be done at any place and time while accessing Internet business transactions (Qin, 2007).


Plotkin, M.E., Wells, B., & Wimmer, K.A. (2003). E-commerce law & business. New York,

NY: Aspen.

Qin, Z. (2007). Introduction to E-commerce. Berlin: Springer…… [read more]

Sustainable Business Development Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,129 words)
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Sustainable Business Development

The notion of sustainability has been growing in importance in the global discourse as individuals and decision makers agree on one particular thing: we need to grow in a way that will allow future generations to have their own opportunities as well. With that in mind, sustainable business development becomes a way in which businesses, corporations, multinationals and other economic entities correlate and connect to the concept of sustainability.

This paper will aim to analyze this through the definitions given to sustainable business development and to the way that these definitions actually describe the way companies develop in a sustainable manner. The overall purpose of the paper will be, at the end, to deliver a personal interpretation of sustainable business development and its application in practice.

One direction of definitions of sustainable business development point out that this is a strategy that more and more businesses have adopted that helps them "prosper in sustainable way" (Ethical Marketing Firm website, 2010). This means that sustainable business development is, in one definition, directly linked to profitability. As such, sustainable business development is a way that companies develop taking into consideration "ethical standards" (Ethical Marketing Firm website, 2010).

According to this definition, sustainable business development ties into the main objective of the company, profit maximization, and the relationship between the two is ensured by the customers, who are now care more about the environment and the workers who produce the goods they buy, thus becoming more savvy when it comes to picking providers that take these issues into consideration in the way they grow their business and make profits.

Sustainable business development is also an instrument which marries "economic efficiency with environmental excellence to ensure continued economic growth, while consuming the world's resources and protecting its environment in a way that did not compromise the needs of the future generation" (Stigson, 2000). There are several parts to this definition that are worth discussing.

First of all, sustainable business development is about relating economic efficiency with environmental excellence. Even more extensive than the previous definition that referred to the connection between profitability and sustainability, this definition shows that this relationship goes both ways: the company cannot damage its economic efficiency because of the need to develop in a sustainable manner, but definitely needs to take into consideration the environment when making its business decisions, in a balanced approach.

The second part of this definition relates to the way the company uses resources. A sustainable business development means that the company is using resources in a way that will not damage the capacity of future generations to use what the planet offers them or for them to develop in a way that is consistent with their own aspirations. Bottom line, it means that the company is seriously taking into consideration the fact that resources are limited and that, any time that this is possible, it is advisable for alternative resources to be chosen.

Finally, this definition, as several others, also looks at… [read more]

Business Case Study

Case Study  |  3 pages (906 words)
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Negative Comments About Children

How do you respond? Is the customer's viewpoint ethical?

I would first start by re-examining our branding and marketing strategy. It seems as though the cafe has made a concerted effort to attempt to foster a community which welcomes children and which makes family feel at home. The coffee shop was not created around a brand that appealed to young and hip students or young and hip urban professionals without children. Thus, this customer's remark represents dissatisfaction by someone who is not even a part of our target demographic. This customer is expressing a fair opinion, as some people genuinely do not like children. However, for the business to acquiesce to the customer's remark would require it to change part of the brand imaging that makes it so compelling. Thus, the business can only respond by saying that we are sorry the client had a bad experience, but that we welcome people of all ages to our stores.

How do you encourage an open line of communication with your customers and still maintain an open forum on your Web site?

Maintaining an open forum on the website is absolutely essential for the good of the company in general. It gives all present and potential customers a sense of honesty and full disclosure. This helps all parties in participation feel as though there is a sense of openness and a certain degree of liberty of self-expression. When there's a feeling of censorship, it can make all parties involved feel as though there is something to hide, a fact which generally does not bode well for the company. Responding to all comments with fairness and with a sense of positivity is the strongest means of dealing with all remarks that customers post.

The Broadway Cafe needs to take advantage of e-business strategies if it wants to remain competitive. Create a document that discusses the many e-business strategies that the Broadway Cafe could use to increase revenue. Be sure to focus on the different areas of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, sales, customer service, and human resources.

3. Explain how understanding e-business can help you achieve success in each of these areas. A few questions you might want to address include

Instilling a legitimate and self-standing e-business strategy at the Broadway Cafe is absolutely essential. This will allow the cafe to have a dual platform to strengthen its level of stability and to allow it to become even stronger. This will also help by increasing traffic both online and in person to the store. One way of doing this is by having merchandise being sold online. Customers should be able to purchase coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee-makers, coffee-mugs and other materials…… [read more]

Businesses Are the Cornerstone Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,907 words)
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As globalization continues its rapid advance, LLCs will also be very advantageous to foreign investors. LLCs do not have the ownership restrictions of S Corporations making them ideal business structures for foreign investors.

For U.S. federal income tax purposes, an LLC is treated by default as a pass-through entity. If there is only one member in the company, the LLC… [read more]

Optimal Business Forms for Taxation Purposes Research Paper

Research Paper  |  21 pages (5,934 words)
Style: Chicago  |  Bibliography Sources: 20


¶ … optimal business forms for taxation purposes in recent years has compelled many businesses to form limited liability companies (LLCs) or S Corporations. Both of these alternatives provide some measures of preferential treatment depending on the unique circumstances of the entities involved, but LLCs in particular have emerged as the alternative of choice for many companies of all sizes… [read more]

Organization Behavior Business Ethics Essay

Essay  |  5 pages (1,659 words)
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Business ethics may be different when they are discussed for the home country as compared to a foreign country. For example, an organization may utilize the abundant natural resources in its home country without any restrictions. But on the other hand when it enters the new market, it may be totally restricted to consume those natural resources due to their scarcity. If the organization respects the society values, it will avoid using those resources. But if it ignores their high level of scarcity, it will be against the business ethics in that foreign market.

A similar practice is to dump the industrial waste into the sea. Governments of some countries allow the business corporations to dump their waste material into nearby seas. But these corporations must realize that this permission is not given by the government of every country. They must carefully analyze the business environment, the behavior of government towards business organizations, and its concern for environmental protection in the country before entering into that country for business purposes.


Business organizations are supposed to follow the business ethics and respect the social and moral norms of the society in which they conduct their business. However, some organizations ignore these norms by adopting such profit-maximization techniques and behaviors that are illegal and unacceptable in the eyes of their Society and the Law.

Based on the arguments presented in this paper in support of the business ethics principles, it can be concluded that business organizations must be strictly constrained with the social norms of a society so that they do not spoil these norms and values. Those who ignore these norms and keep their business running against them, have to bear heavy losses due to boycotts, criticism, and a stained public image. In order to survive in the industry competitively, ensure a sustainable future, and win the stakeholders' confidence, business organizations should not use any profit-maximization techniques or behaviors that may be unacceptable or illegal in the eyes of the society. They should keep their operations running within the set ethical limits and…… [read more]

E-Commerce Placement, Security, and Fulfillment Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (543 words)
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E-Commerce Placement, Security, And Fulfillment

The introduction of e-commerce has helped to redefine how businesses operate, how they are set up, and subsequently how they interact with consumers. The rise of e-commerce has forced manufacturers to reconsider how they operate. Companies must consider placement, security, and fulfillment when implementing new commercial strategies.

Several methods of distribution and placement can be employed to deliver goods and services from manufacturer to consumer. The ability to market products via e-commerce allows for the globalization of a good or service. The placement of brick and mortar stores relies heavily on the economic health of an area, as well as the potential for market growth in a geographical location. Unlike brick and mortar stores, product availability is not an issue when purchasing from an e-business. Because brick and mortar stores can only sell the inventory they have on hand, purchasing goods and services directly from the manufacturer allows the consumer to purchase directly from the inventory they have in stock at the warehouse, or manufacturing plant. Purchasing goods and services through the product website also provides access to goods and services not available in the brick and mortar stores.

The advent of e-commerce has also raised awareness of web security and many e-business must take extreme care and implement security. Traditionally, network security focused on keeping "intruders" out through the use of firewalls, selective access can be achieved through authorization and authentication processes in web applications. In order to avoid having to code security features into every application, role-based access control infrastructure software can be implemented. The implementation of these role-based access control software allows for…… [read more]

Business Entity Regulations Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (562 words)
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Business Entity Regulations in California

There are many business information codes in California that regulate the process of filing, processing and maintaining documents related to domestic financial corporations. The corporation's section of the California government is responsible for reviewing the actions and business transactions of corporations. Among the business information codes governing corporations include the California Corporations Code which is a general code covering the following: stock corporations, nonprofit corporations, public benefit corporations, mutual benefit corporations and foreign or out of state corporations (Secretary of State, 2005).

The California Corporation's Commission can be reached via the Sacramento office located at 1500 11th Street, Sacramento CA 95814. The office currently provides document filing support, legal review, information retrieval and copies, status updates, and a statement of filings office distinctly for filings only. Corporations may also process documents or acquire information via the San Francisco or Los Angeles regional offices.

To obtain an annual filing report for a corporation currently registered in California a consumer can gain online access via the California Business Search or by ordering a status report or copy of the filing report from the state by filling out a business entities records form (Secretary of State, 2005). Copies of filed statements can also be requested by mail or in person via the Sacramento office of the Secretary of state (Secretary of State, 2005).

New Business Entity Regulations

To start a new corporation or business within the state there are many rules and regulations a business will have to address. There are multiple sources available for new businesses to help with filing requirements (Secretary of State, 2005). Most new businesses will have to start with a blueprint of their business…… [read more]

Managerial Impact on Small Businesses Context Term Paper

Term Paper  |  55 pages (16,627 words)
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Managerial Impact on Small Businesses

Context of the Problem

Today, all businesses are made up of two kinds of constituents: the physical and the non-physical (virtual). The physical constituents are objects such as machinery, building, along with people; the non-physical (virtual) constituents are objects such as information in relation to clients, intelligence in relation to how to get the optimum… [read more]

Internet Business Plan Business Plan

Business Plan  |  15 pages (7,291 words)
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Internet Business Plan

What does the 'Internet' mean? The Internet is nothing but a global connection comprising of more than millions of computers, linking more than 100 countries from all over the world into a network of a sharing and an exchange of data and information and news and opinions and many other things. There is an important difference between… [read more]

Business Plan for Main Golfing Business Plan

Business Plan  |  8 pages (2,264 words)
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With more than 2,000 established businesses in the market without a quality Web site, the first factor is met.

The company's target market includes (but is not limited to) hotels, motels, travel agencies, tourist attractions, tourism-related retail stores, guided tour companies, resorts, campgrounds, and local restaurants. Each of these establishments has the opportunity to make their business more customer-oriented and… [read more]

Aid to Dependent Corporations Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (948 words)
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As far as my reasoning goes I feel that such important issues, which have great implications for the people, should be handled in a better way. Firstly the government should not sell away all its intellectual properties and with it its say in the operational details of the companies who deliver the services to the public. There should be some kind of supervision and control which the government should exercise to make sure that these vital medical facilities are easily obtainable to the layman instead of their being exploited by the purely profit oriented approach of the private firms. (As was the case in 'Bristol-Myers'). In this way the government can ensure that the ordinary taxpayer would receive the benefits rather than being at the mercy of these profit mongering organizations.

Another contentious issue is the exploitation in the name of subsidization. Though subsidization is offered to boost business I am sure that we have reached a point where it is being used as a means of exploitation. From the past statistics it is plainly obvious that subsidization has resulted in a gross misappropriation of federal resources and loss of revenue. For example in 1995 the government lost around $67 billion in tax in the form of subsidies given to the poor people (which is justified) and what is even more astounding is the fact that in the same period government's subsidy to corporate sectors and the affluent community exceeded $242 billions. [Chuck Collins] I really agree with the author that subsidization has only helped the wealthy people become wealthier. It is thus clear that the government needs to carefully assess all these important considerations before sanctioning aids and special privileges to business corporations.


In conclusion I am convinced that the generality of the current federal laws and rules pertaining to corporate taxing and financing has only proved to be an easy cushion for the wealthy corporate class to maximize their profits and avoid rightful taxes. With the existing subsidies, rules and stipulations it clearly transpires that it is only the average American who is bound and affected by the tax obligations while the so-called wealthy and the corporate giants are evading with impunity leaving a gaping deficit in our national budget. In order to enable the government to successfully implement national welfare schemes and to increase the federal revenue it is essential to amend the rules suitably to check the corporate subsidies. This would definitely ensure maximum tax revenue and hence contribute to the growth of economy of the nation on the whole.


Chuck Collins, "Dollars & Sense," 'Aid to dependent corporations: exposing federal handouts to the wealthy',…… [read more]

E-Commerce Walmart and Business Term Paper

Term Paper  |  12 pages (4,027 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 12


Using e-business, companies can pay their suppliers almost instantly. (Rekha, 2007)

E-business, however, reduces the level of reliability as the system depends a lot on things that have a probability of crashing. As a result, backups are made to ensure that important data is not lost. (Rekha, 2007)

The advent of e-commerce has also brought in a security risk. As… [read more]

Ethical and Legal Issues Term Paper

Term Paper  |  15 pages (4,942 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


Indeed, most online businesses are only keen to adhere to the minimum legal requirements, and hence few go beyond the set legal limits. A quick check reveals that to confirm the age of the buyer, most online businesses only demand that the said buyer ticks a box, whereby in so doing they verify that they are of a certain age.… [read more]

United Parcel Service (UPS) Strategic Research Paper

Research Paper  |  22 pages (6,817 words)
Bibliography Sources: 15


The company has acquired sufficient vehicles and airplanes that satisfy the demand for its services. This has ensured that the items to be delivered in different destinations are delivered on time boosting the levels of customer satisfaction in the business. This has acted as a major distinctive competitiveness for the company amidst the high competition that it faces from other… [read more]

Information System Term Paper

Term Paper  |  7 pages (1,894 words)
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These challenges include distance, culture, and resources.

There is also increase in the number of hours through which business entities and consumers interact in the market because of integration of information systems and technological management in the modern society. It is ideal to note that e-commerce focuses on utilizing the increased hours of executing the needs and preferences of the consumers and business entities. This is essential in the development of a competitive advantage over the players in the market and industry of operation. E-commerce has the ability to increase the volume of production, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by the consumers through integration of information systems for the purposes of effectiveness and efficiency. Increase in the number of hours of operation and efficiency in the distribution translate to doorstep delivery of the products and services with the aim of satisfying the needs and objectives of the consumers. Consumers have an opportunity to enjoy increased market size and coverage to satisfy their needs and preferences while avoiding the cumbersome queues especially during holidays. Consumers have the ability to shop for the products and services of need at the comfort of their homes because of the integration of the information systems to the development of the concept of e-commerce and globalization. This has been vital in the creation of ideal relationship and reputation within the market and industry of operation.

Information systems have also been essential in the generation of job opportunities in relation to the rapid development of the concept of e-commerce. This is vital in reducing the case of unemployment in the developing nations thus transformation of the global economy. Increase in the employment opportunities has been critical in increasing the revenues to the authorities as well as integration information systems to improve the living conditions of the citizens across the globe.


E-commerce is one of the advancements in the field of technology with the aim of offering adequate market coverage for satisfying the needs and preferences of the consumers. Information systems have played vital roles in enhancing the performance of the e-commerce in the global field as well as local entities. This has led to the increase in the volume of production and consumption because of the reduced challenges such as culture barriers and geographical distance. Information systems have also enhanced communication between entities and persons in the global market.… [read more]

Strategic Management Mcdonalds Mcdonald's Is the World Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,259 words)
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Strategic Management McDonalds


McDonald's is the world's largest fast food chain having presence in 119 countries with more than 34,000 outlets and restaurants. The major product offerings include of the company include Big Mac (hamburger), French fries, chicken sandwiches, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, desserts, soft drinks, milkshakes, soups, and breakfast items. It has currently employed more than 1.7 million people around the Globe. It was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a small Bar-B-Q restaurant in San Bernardino, California. At present, McDonald's is present in all the corners of the world and serves more than 69 million customers every day (McDonald's, 2013).

Importance of Strategic Plan for the Success of McDonald's

A strategic plan is important for McDonald's in defining and achieving its corporate and business level objectives in an effective and efficient way. Strategic planning can help McDonald's in matching its core competencies and distinctive capabilities with the most potential opportunities in the marketplace (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011). These opportunities can be availed in order to become stronger, more profitable, and competitive against industry rivals. A strategic plan serves as a roadmap for the top level management of the company on how they can proceed in the industry in a view to win the stakeholders' trust and confidence. It takes into account all the operational and functional areas which McDonald's needs to focus during its day-to-day business operations -- including finance, sales and marketing, human resources, production, supply chain, and customer relations. On the basis of strategic planning, the Company's management can better allocate financial, informational, physical, and human resources in different areas (Hill & Jones, 2012).

Mission Statement

The mission statement of McDonald's is to become the most favorite fast food brand among the worldwide customers by providing the top quality foods and beverages, rendering the most efficient customer services, and ensuring operational excellence in all the functional areas of the business. Thus, the mission statement of McDonald's encompasses its concern for all the primary stakeholders which can play an important role in its success. Customers -- the most important stakeholder of the company are given the highest priority in the mission statement due to their significant contribution in its sales and financial performance (McDonald's, 2013). On the whole, the mission statement of McDonald's guides its Management in setting the areas of priority and concerns in every type of strategic decision (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011).

The Vision Statement

The vision of McDonald's is to maintain its market leadership in the global fast food industry by continuously expanding its operations in the potential markets of the world. It also aims to become the strongest multinational corporation on the basis of financial position, customer base, supply chain and distribution network, and menu variety in both foods and beverages category. The vision statement of McDonald's supports its mission statement by highlighting its strategic or long-term objectives which it wants to achieve by satisfying the needs and expectations of its primary stakeholders; including customers, employees, supply… [read more]

Strategic Management Report Essay

Essay  |  7 pages (2,443 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 7


Strategic Management Report

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. It is one of the world's largest automakers on the basis of revenues, scale of operations, and vehicle production capacity. The major products of the company are automobiles, commercial vehicles, power engines, and motorcycles. It manufactures personal, luxury, and… [read more]

Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist Term Paper

Term Paper  |  10 pages (3,137 words)
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Purchase Decision Parameters:

Keeping in view these different business strategies of Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, a buyer can make choice among them depending upon his need, product availability, and his own available resources. For example, if he has to buy a new product which has just been offered by the manufacturer, he is more likely to find it on Amazon.com… [read more]

International Management When Businesses Go Term Paper

Term Paper  |  12 pages (3,571 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 12


After establishing its presence in these cities of the country, Fast Communications can expand its operations to other cities and towns in order to grow on a continuous basis.

4. Technological Forces:

Fast Communications operates in the telecommunication industry. Therefore, it not only has to make huge investments on Research and Development in its own country, but also has to… [read more]

Tax Managing the S Corporation Research Paper

Research Paper  |  10 pages (3,207 words)
Bibliography Sources: 10


It does not matter that no transition from one type of corporation to another occurred, what matters is that the gain was transmitted. Due to the nature of an S corporation, the government is very particular in how a company became an S corporation and that they are reporting all of the assets that they should. However, even though the… [read more]

E-Commerce and Globalization Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (640 words)
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E-Commerce and Globalization

Over the last two decades, e-commerce has experienced exponential growth as businesses seek to capitalize on the growing popularity of the internet. In this text, I analyze how e-commerce is applied in McDonald's and how the organization can derive competitive advantage from e-commerce. Further, I describe the function of electronic commerce with a special emphasis on McDonald's.

How E-Commerce is applied in McDonald's

In basic terms, e-commerce can be said to be the use of the internet for purposes of conducting business. Over time, McDonald's has come to embrace e-commerce in its mode of conducting business. In the year 2000, the company claimed a share of e-commerce by investing in food.com, an outfit that concerns itself with food delivery and takeout services (online). The deal according to McDonald's allowed the organization to connect its brands and clients in an innovative way (Enos 2000). It can also be noted that with such an alliance, McDonald's has over time been able to enhance home delivery services for its products.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has inspired significant innovations in a number of areas including inventory management and funds transfer (electronic). Reading the trends, McDonald's has been expanding its utilization of electronic payment systems starting with the acceptance of the cash-free keytag system earlier on in the year 2001 according to Mucaluso (2001) and most recently, the partnership with IBM which further enhanced the organization's cashless payment approaches.

How E-Commerce Can Provide Competitive Advantage for McDonald's

Essentially, competitive advantage can largely be taken to be the ability of an organization to stay ahead of the competition and in basic terms, it can be looked at in terms of product differentiation, focus and cost leadership as outlined by Michael Porter. For instance, by utilizing e-commerce strategies, McDonald's can bring down costs significantly in such a way that it attains cost leadership. Cost leadership is all about becoming a low-cost manufacturer…… [read more]

Financial E-Commerce Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  16 pages (4,332 words)
Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 6



The Impact of e-Commerce on Mass Customization and Revenue Growth

The progression of e-commerce continues to result in more innovative concepts, frameworks, and models of process integration and improvement being developed. One of the most fascinating is the ability to use e-commerce as the basis for fulfilling unique, one-of-a-kind customer requirements for products through mass customization while at the… [read more]

Business Ethics Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,352 words)
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Business Ethics

There are not too many greedy people who want to live a life of greed or the overwhelming desire to acquire and sit on top of piles of money (Putnam 2003). Most people just want to live in convenience, send their children to school and avoid financial stresses. The clash between principle and profit in business, win the struggle against the temptation of greed and make a principled stand may involve certain considerations and steps. The business person must be clear about his ethical principle or philosophy on money matters and this should be the foundation of his business. Then he must establish and confront what is most important in his life. Children form values from what their parents show and teach them. These values vary among individuals. Wants can be considered needs, and a person can learn and grow up to pursue wants and desires hard and never get satisfied. This tendency can dominate a person and spill over to his adult life or business. The pursuit of material acquisition can become the essence of his ethical decisions in business. Such a person must come to terms with his greedy attitude, which will eventually lead to his loss. He will lose customers and honest employees. But a person in business may not have to choose between principle and profits by developing the proper perspective or viewpoint regarding money and observe his ethical principle while making fair profits (Putnam).

Unprecedented major changes in society have been modifying the way people view the good life and among the forces shaping that view are globalization and the resulting cultural differences, new communication technologies rapidly transmitting information worldwide, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, and the decreasing autonomy of national governments (Ping 2001). More and more people expect business corporations to take the responsibility of addressing current social issues. Findings of studies revealed that there is a place for principles and profits and corporations have become more aware of their social responsibility. More and more businesses see that the key elements to competitiveness are employee productivity and innovation, when employees become most enthusiastic, productive and creative in evolving new ways of doing things. This requires an entirely new vision expressed in a mission statement, which details the values and principles to guide the organization. These will have to defocus from hard values, like profitability, accountability and efficiency, to more holistic values, such as freedom, fun and well-being of employees. Expected outcome will consist of better working environment for employees, which in turn, will result in increased profits from their greater productivity and innovation, a higher standing in the community through corporate involvement, and a new corporate image, which will attract more qualified people who want to work in a more fulfilling and empowering environment. This seems the time when business organizations must re-evaluate the way they do business and how they must chart the future (Ping).

Psychologists studied how creative professionals can remain true to their goals, art… [read more]

E-Commerce Name a Company Term Paper

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Name a company that has been a success in e-commerce. Why is it a success?

BASF Company is one of the many companies who have been successful on its e-commerce business. As early as 2004, the company has already earned more than 2.65 billion just on its e-commerce sales. Base on records, the said sale has gained an astounding 70% growth as compared the performance of the company during the same period of the year 2003.

The success of e-commerce of BASF Company can be attributed to the strategies that the management has used and has been continuously using. It strategically did not go with the internet hype that bombarded the new millennium.

Instead it opted to fine line the business' e-commerce structures first. All operating divisions of the company streamlined its e-commerce activities. Not only did it focus on highlighting its e-commerce business, the company also focused on reaching the customers and making them aware about BASF's newly established e-commerce.

Customers were given easy online access to BASF's product information. More so, the customers are given access to the safety data sheets of the company and even with the portal where they can obtain technical help regarding the company's products. This made the customers feel that BASF's e-commerce business can go beyond 'simple order processing system' (M2 Presswire, 2004).

Name a company that has been a failure in e-commerce. Why did it fail?

Boxman Company, on the other hand, is one among the few, who failed in the e-commerce business. It must be noted that Boxman was selling CDs, games and copies of various films over the internet (Telecomworldwire, 2000). The products itself were the very reasons why Boxman's e-commerce business was a big failure.

CDs, games and films can be easily copied, much less, forwarded or sent to a lot number of people. One buyer is enough for the whole product to be replicated over and over again. This may be called piracy but people are really doing it now. Moreover,…… [read more]

Small Business Term Paper

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Small business is an essential component to economic progress in nations throughout the world. The purpose if this discussion is to focus on the following perspectives, the theory of small business, the definition of a small business, and the advantages and disadvantages of small businesses. In addition, the discussion will explore the small business plan and the development of such… [read more]

Successful Business Strategy Implementing Term Paper

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Business strategy implementation should thus incorporate organizational goals and objectives that have to do with maintaining and observing customer loyalty, satisfaction and preferences over time as a result of key initiatives related to implementation and progress.


The successful implementation of a business strategy can be accomplished when members of top and middle management, and key employees work together in a manner that is supportive of company objectives and goals. For a business strategy to be implemented successful, management and employee buy in is a critical component toward success. In addition, corporate objectives and goals must be developed that are directly linked to the implementation process, so that managers have a mechanism for monitoring process during each stage of the implementation process.

Open communication is another vital element of successful implementation. When employees, customers and managers are well informed, problems are less likely to occur during key implementation phases.

Lastly, for a business strategy to be successfully implemented it must be monitored over time and it must allow the company to connect in some manner with the customers. The customer will ultimately provide feedback regarding business strategy implementation and allow top level managers to assess whether or not the company's goals and objectives were adequately satisfied during the implementation process. Customers can be surveyed in order to gain information about the implementation process.


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Retrieved 10, December 2004: http://www.birnbaumassociates.com/implementing-strategy.htm

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Tactica Consulting. (2000). "Strategies." Tactica Consulting Group LLC. Retrieved 08,

December 2004: http://www.tacticagroup.com/strategy.htm…… [read more]

Consumer Web Site Design: Purchase Term Paper

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Practitioners as Audience

Web developers, consumer-oriented web sites, and companies with heavy Internet-reliance for market share results will benefit greatly from increased quantitative and qualitative research into this area. In spite of the byzantine and clearly confusing statistical tracking process currently in place, billions of dollars of discretionary money was spent online in the fourth quarter of 2002 and that… [read more]

Company in America With Headquarters Term Paper

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Conversely, the company lacks physical presence like other retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, where people are able to see and touch the products while buying them instantly (Jurevicius, 2013). The other weakness is the problem of currency exchange rates across the globe that may fluctuate over a day hence leading to change in spending preference. Again there are clients… [read more]

Cultural Distance Essay

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This means it would be less expected to acknowledge a higher organizational culture as McDonalds (Tallman, 2007). In any case, the popular fast food organization devised a workable plan to succeed and survive the Nippon market courtesy of some strategies.

The first issue of the company was that the Japanese social order is well-known for consuming rice throughout the day… [read more]

External and Internal Environments Term Paper

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are present in all the target markets where McDonald's operates. These top-notch competitors serve the same consumers around the Globe and offer similar products and provide highly efficient customer services. In the presence of this threat, it is harder for McDonald's to attract all the potential consumers towards its products. Some competitors also offer these products at comparatively lower price… [read more]

E-Business We Have Experienced Financial Market Meltdown Research Paper

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We have experienced financial market meltdown and global banking crisis. Why is e-commerce important in these difficult economic times?

There are many positive aspects of e-commerce that lessen the shock of economic turbulence and uncertainty. The financial market meltdown and global banking crisis could have been worse without the efficiency, security and high level of auditability all attributable to… [read more]

Corporation Under the American Legal System Corporations Essay

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¶ … Corporation

Under the American legal system corporations are generally divided into two basic categories: 1) for profit; and, 2) nonprofit. The form that is most popularly used is the profit category and it is the form used to form most businesses in the United States. Corporate organization is governed by state law but under most state laws corporations… [read more]

Promising Phenomenon Dissertation

Dissertation  |  101 pages (26,560 words)
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¶ … promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem solving and production model already in use by for -- profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a… [read more]

Starting Online Store Term Paper

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Online Store



TYPE of Business: More consumers than ever before are jumping online -- and buying online. That's because more consumers are comfortable buying goods via Web sites. In fact, recent studies indicate that even consumers with three or fewer years of online experience feel at ease making Internet purchases. My business idea is an online store.

DESCRIPTION… [read more]

Marketing Business Term Paper

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Marketing, Business to Business Marketing

Ranging from the different needs between a business and an individual consumer to the larger size of trades (both in terms of volume and in terms of financial value), the B2B marketing and sales activity differs from the B2C commerce through the different challenges it poses. This is also the case of B2B in Australia, where the challenges of B2B have brought about a tendency to choose e-procurement and online B2B a mean to increase the efficiency of the process and reduce overall costs.

The most simple instrument used in B2B is the website, where the company presents the most important details related to the activity it provides and to the products it offers. The Ford Motors website for Australia has a special section dedicated to business clients and representing an excellent example of B2B marketing (http://www.ford.com.au/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1137384211055&pagename=Page&c=DFYPage).The site splits the customers into two distinctive groups: corporate, government and rental customers; and small and medium customers. For each, the company provides information on how the clients can benefit from services provided by the Ford Business Centre and how it can qualify for a National Fleet Plan.

B2B provides several particularities over the usual B2C activity and this is also self-evident in Australia. First of all, B2B almost always implies the existence of an e-marketplace. An e-marketplace can be defined as "an electronic exchange where firms register as sellers or buyers to communicate and conduct business over the Internet." The e-market is however more than a simple electronic location for buyers and sellers to meet and commit to the exchange. A professional e-marketplace will also provide the assistance needed before and during the exchange and will create the overall conditions by which the buyer can lower his purchase cost and the seller can lower his overall cost of sale.

In Australia, one of the best examples of interactive marketplaces is the Australian Automotive Network eXchange (AANX). This marketplace is a private marketplace, accessible to a limited number of customers, and intended to ensure a "platform for conducting domestic and international business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce activities."

This e-marketplace provided the online connection between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Traditionally, vehicle manufacturers would have needed to contact a number of suppliers (most likely, they would have retained the same supplier for a longer period of time, because of high cost that change would have implied, rather than transfer to another supplier) and contract physically all the purchases they wanted to make.

With the AANX, "online data connectivity between participants for a range of applications" is made possible. Automotive producers, such as Ford Motors, Mitsubishi or Toyota are put in contact with suppliers such as Air International, Tenneco Automotive or Plexicor. This participation to the private marketplace reveals some of the important differences between the marketing and sales in the case of industrial products and sales in the case of consumer products.

First of all, the activity in the case of automotive producers is repetitive. This means that their involvement in this… [read more]

Legal Nurse Consultant Term Paper

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Legal Nurse Consultant Business Plan

First form a good plan, Franklin, (1868 (1996) stresses. Then, for an individual to help ensure his/her businesses' success, according to Franklin, (1868 (1996), he/she needs to: "make the execution of that same plan his sole study and business." The objective of the study, to make a business plan or a feasibility study for establishing… [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibilities Term Paper

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¶ … responsibility of companies has historically been defined in purely economic terms. For example, Friedman (1990) considered maximization of shareholder wealth as being the sole objective and responsibility of a well-managed company. This perspective, though, generally viewed corporate social responsibility activities as a distraction rather than a goal. From this perspective, any expenditures of resources in the interests of… [read more]

Strategic Advantage Goold and Campbell Term Paper

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In order to better understand the Parent, Goold/Campbell propose a "systematic review of its characteristics in five categories." First, the authors take into consideration the mental maps of the Parent (i.e. values, aspirations, rules of thumb, biases and success formulas). These aspects embody the Parent's understanding of the business environment, the types of businesses and the way the Parent… [read more]

Business Strategy Commonly Refereed Term Paper

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Jay Herbert, in his article "Where have all the Smiles Gone?" writes,

Whether the item is a high-tech one like a semiconductor chip or the lowest of the low-tech1/4" hex nut-supply and demand theory still operates today. And there is simply too much fastener production capacity in the world for the current demand. Thus inventories grow and prices drop.

In right to work states, specific jobs can become repetitive, redundant, and some unions do not allow workers to move from one sector of production from another. Inflexible unions in right-to-work states can actually prohibit the implementation of JIT, as well as other new ideas and theories. Although higher prices could ultimately benefit the worker through better benefits and higher wages, it is sometimes hard to initiate, especially in a tight economy where skilled, reliable workers are difficult to find.

Moving jobs overseas, where the labor market is not so tight and the labor unions are not as strong may seem like a good answer. However, this is not always the case. Moving jobs overseas can increase costs. Furthermore, many companies require skilled labor that can only be found in any quantities in the west.

New ideas can be difficult to implement, but the rewards can be great, as the Hewlett-Packard found out when it implemented JIT theory. There are many stumbling blocks in implementing any new business idea, such as cost, time, habits, and resistance to academic ideas, or labor itself. There are ways around these problems, however, and if carefully thought out, the rewards can be great for companies that are willing to take calculated risks by spending the time, money and other resources to work around the issues.

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Steps in Mainstreaming Knowledge Management. http://www.totalkm.com2002… [read more]

Corporate Governance in the US Term Paper

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I agree with Manne's viewpoint that the law should be abolished. I believe without laws and regulations, fraud, and misconduct in companies will increase. There will be no rules to govern companies and managers as well as executives will take advantage of this fact. They will misappropriate the finances, and in the end will reduce the sales of products. This will greatly hurt the economy. However, the ethical code of conduct stipulates that abuse of office is illegal and that anyone who participates in abuse of office should be severely addressed.

He further claims that regulations failing to detect major problems must be eradicated. He says that regulations intervene in trivial issues. I believe that the lack of laws and regulations will give employees the leeway to do that which they believe it is right even when it is not. This will increase problems in corporations and will violate the code of ethics. Equality of all the members of the corporations will be disregarded. This will increase the animosity between the employees and in turn affect the performance in the end (Manne, 2003, p. 1384).

Manne also criticizes the government efforts to safeguard the rights of stakeholders and shareholders. This is in line with the moral principles that claim that all individuals need to equal treated. He supports his arguments by claiming that the government intervention does not treat everyone equally, and that it increases the administrative burden on the board as well as the management. This argument accommodates the ethical principle where everyone's decisions and rights need to be safeguarded (Ray, 2011, p. 7).

Every state is given the mandate to enact their own laws and some states such as Delaware misuse this freedom. For example, Delaware law denies the stakeholders to air out their views in the management and operations of the company. Civil law suits are shielded concerning control and management of stakeholders. For this reason, minority shareholders may be harmed. Shareholders are also forbidden from challenging the decisions made by the board. The board has control over the nomination of board members and excludes minority shareholders. For this reason, they violate the ethical code of conduct where freedom of speech is compulsory. This leads to numerous financial misappropriation cases (Manne, 2003, p. 1386).

Manne supports the unregulated system like those offered in Delaware. He claims that it gives the management the powers to control and manage shareholders. However, I do not approve of his proposal of an unregulated system. This is because it gives the management the leeway to carry out unscrupulous activities without regards to the rights and freedom other individuals in the corporation such as shareholders. Manne is interested in safeguarding the rights of investors only. However, ethical principles are vital for the smooth running of the corporation. The unregulated system that is being proposed by Manne would not safeguard the constitutional rights to prevent the manipulation of minority shareholders and investors. It would not prevent abuse of office and power (Ray, 2011, p.… [read more]

Operations Management Essay

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4) Describe the categories of operational information systems and management information systems and provide business examples of their use

Operation information systems are used for more routine and daily tasks of a business. Although routine, these daily tasks are critical to the proper functioning of a business. Categories include:

Transaction processing systems- Transaction processing systems are systems that record and process data from operational transactions. A very common form of this system is used within the financial services industry to record debits and credits on checking or savings accounts.

Office Automation systems- This system is used primarily for administrative task that involve multiple stakeholder groups. The service industry, in particular relies heavily on office automation for video conferencing, and other firms of communication. Office automation is critical for the rapid exchange of pertinent information within any industry. Examples may include, a retail conference call outlining holiday sales initiatives.

Process control systems- Process control systems are important to manufacturing firms that need to increase efficiency and volumes by reducing error. Process control systems include many of the concepts mentioned above including FMS and CIM.

Management Information systems support tactical decisions that are often unique to a particular business or industry. Categories include:

Decision Support Systems- These systems are used to help facilitate problem solving on company specific issues. This system relies heavily on models to help determine the best course of action for a company. Financial firms use this system to anticipate how changes in interest rates can impact their loan portfolios over time.

Information Reporting Systems- These systems are more specific as they provide information that can be used on daily basis to aid in the decision making process. An example would include daily sales figures for a particular retail product category.

Executive Information Systems -- These systems include more of the high level information needed to form strategic initiative for the overall company. Information such as sales demographics can be used to determine where firm's customers are located and how to properly market to them.

5) Explain the relationships between the concepts of ecommerce and business

Both ecommerce and ebusiness are intertwined in regards to their overall relationship with one another. Ebusiness relies extensive of automating processes through the internet. Aspects such as human resources, marketing, and finance can now be conducted through "cloud" based infrastructure. Through use of the internet companies can now better market their products while also streamlining processes and eliminating bureaucracy. For example, customers can now pay for products online through services such as PayPal or Google Wallet.

Ebusiness ultimately helps facilitate ecommerce. By providing the proper security and infrastructure, customers are now able to purchase however and whenever they would like. The internet also provides information advantages for particular businesses, while creating issues for others. Aspects such as price can effortlessly be viewed by perspective customers. This allows the low cost producer to benefit at the expense of the inefficient operations.

Ecommerce is business that is conducted over the internet. Common forms include purchasing… [read more]

CIO- Strategist and Executive Term Paper

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CIO as strategists uses the strong strategic plans in making financial plans and developing organizational priorities. With a prioritized plan, stakeholders are capable of articulating their demands without obstacles. This also allows engagement of new investors based on the transparency of the budget, which allows the IT department optimal time for development and implementation of effective plans. Capability comes with… [read more]

Management Wal-Mart's Challenges Term Paper

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Reports indicate that its culture and the misreading of the competitors led a series of bad decisions in the global business (Brunn, 2006).

Destroying Small Businesses

By becoming the leading global retailer, Wal-Mart is obsessed with numbers. After all, the company is the leader and pursues the entire world market for further success. In the international market, the larger size… [read more]

Supply Chain Management in Fmcg Term Paper

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The focus of business in terms of reaching out to new opportunities for growth is also a notable factor in reducing business challenges faced in current environment. Large product volumes and increased customer preferences effects global manufactures and distributors. The internal and external factors influence business performance. The developments in technology have also enabled the manufactures to perform mass customizations… [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Research Paper

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They are also responsible for reducing the cost of production that is being borne by the society generally known as social cost. In addition to that the organizations are also responsible for increasing the efficiency of the labor force at the local level. ("On principles of," 2006)

Development of personnel: The organizations are responsible for making a decent investment in… [read more]

Sole Propriatorship Sole Proprietorship Changing Term Paper

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Changing a company organization from a sole proprietorship to a corporation


The main advantage of transforming a sole proprietor business into a corporation is because of its liability protection. When a business exists in the form of a corporation, it shifts its responsibilities over debts and liabilities to a more generalized avenue. Corporations, just like LLCs, have a higher chance of welcoming more investors and partners to the business unlike with sole proprietors. Corporations are more secured and flexible to work with unlike sole proprietors. Corporate businesses have more than one owner. In such a case, business activities are done over a wide field through different owners who participate in relaying success to the system that makes up the corporation. Moreover, business corporations offer self-employment tax savings, unlike sole proprietorships. Apart from having a continuous life, corporations are endowed with easy ways of raising money. It becomes easy when transferring interests of a corporate business (Spadaccini, 2007).


Establishing a business corporation is more expensive than owning a sole proprietor business. This comes in the form of establishment capital and maintenance finances. Corporations have many formalities to be left at hand in order to have a secured continuity. For instance, tax payments for documentation and existence are necessary. Moreover, corporations, unlike sole proprietorship, are liable to unemployment insurance.


Sole proprietorship is a one way of establishing corporate companies and LLCs. Companies should move from a sole proprietorship to LLCs in order to stand continuity, security, and expansion in the market. It is hard for sole proprietor businesses to be established under single ownership. Therefore, the challenges embraced during transformation are of influence as compared to the benefits accrued when the company has a well established LLC or corporation in the market.


Spadaccini, M. (2007). Business structures. Irvine,…… [read more]

International Political Economy Research Paper

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Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 20


International Political Economy

The issue of multinational corporate ethics in the area of sustainable development has forced the hand of many CEO's to act in what is perhaps against the better wishes of their shareholders, but perhaps not of the stakeholder. The question many embattled CEO's must continuously ask is the following. As the executive leader of this company, should… [read more]

Liar's Poker Organizational Behavior Term Paper

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Liar's Poker

The Salomon Brothers and Michael Lewis' Liar's Poker: An Inside Look at Organizational Structure and Culture

The recent economic downturn that the world experienced -- and is still experiencing, in many parts of the world and indeed globally, according to many theorists -- has led to renewed reflections as to the regulation of and watchfulness over financial markets… [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Issues in E-Business Research Paper

Research Paper  |  16 pages (4,099 words)
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role of information assurance on improving trust and efficiency in e-Business.

IT issues in E -Business

The field of Information technology has affected the way business is conducted across the whole world. There are however certain issue that affect this mode of conducting business and transactions. Fears of data loss and information security do dominate the field. In this paper… [read more]

E-Business Term Paper

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The Networking component of the infrastructure was to be designed so as to deliver the best networking capabilities that were appropriately installed in the server. The key objectives in the mind of the designers of this component were aimed at interdepartmental linking, real-time protection from virus, an automated back-up system and an internal emailing platform. The internal email was to be delivered using an ISDN line and a high speed LAN modem that would enable a fast and easy sending of drawings, receipts, digital photos and emails to and from the customers and suppliers.

The website was designed to be designed by a company called Catseye Internet Solutions and was to be appropriately launched and Search Engine Optimized in order to increase the popularity of the company on the internet. The popular search engine sites have become very popular and easy to use to an extent that they can complete the sales process by themselves ( Laudon and Traver, 2007,p170).

The website was meant to then pass the customers to the nearest dealers so that they could complete the sales process


In summary, the key challenges for the Combilift were to make necessary investments in the purchase and maintenance of the IT infrastructure that would necessitate growth of their business. The currently ongoing implementation of the e-business has already resulted in significant contribution to the company. All these are aimed at positioning Combilift for continuous growth of their business.


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Economics Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Term Paper

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3. Corporations must also maintain elaborate corporate records.

2. What are the advantages of becoming a franchisee? The main advantage of owning a franchise is that there is already a business model in place. Franchisees don't have to start from scratch. They are taught how to train employees and the product that they sell is already established.

3. Why do people start cooperatives? Cooperatives are started to distribute the profits from the sell of goods amongst a community of individuals who are members of the co-op.

4. Assuming you want to open one of the following new businesses, what form of business ownership would you choose for each business? DVD Rental -- sole proprietorship, party planning business -- partnership, Furniture manufacturing company -- corporation and Online car insurance service -- Corporation.


Choosing a Form of Business." http://www.legalline.ca/business/businessbody.html

Market House Books Dictionary of British History. Market House Books Ltd.…… [read more]

Self-Employment the Lack of Stability Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,698 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


The new EU Privacy policy, dealing with the European Union Data Protection Directive, came out last year and its purpose was to protect data about individuals that is entered into website, stored on the Internet, or disseminated over corporate intranets (Rogers, 1998). " There is a real need for improvement in privacy policies, but the level of protection [required by the Directive] is above and beyond what the U.S. would require," (Rogers, 1998).

Self-employment as a whole is increasing. I believe this is because people are realizing the benefits involved. The largest one being that when you start your own business, you are the boss... your own boss. Also, the satisfaction of earning your own money and being successful because of your hard work is so rewarding. But not all small businesses are success stories. Many new small businesses, whether in a store, a home, or on the Internet fail with in the first year or two. To prevent this a lot of hard work and planning is involved in the first stages of creating a business. I think that the statistics given above from all of the sources indicate that self-employment is the way of our future. And home-based businesses and electronic commerce will be the ways that people will prefer to do business.

Structural mobility, changes in the number and kinds of jobs available in a society, has shifted control to the worker. As technology allows many of the jobs of old, in factories, assembly lines, etc., to become automated, workers today must become educated; obtain knowledge, to become good producers. Individuals now have power, as they own the means of production, and the means of consumption has become the way to make money. Those that own the means of consumption will become top dogs.

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Internal Revenue Role Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,197 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


Role of IRS

The Role of the IRS in for-Profit and Non-Profit Businesses

A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin states that "nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes." The fact that, at least in the United States, the certainty of taxes is as great as the certainty of death can be attributed to the enormous and powerful agency known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to its website, the stated mission of the IRS is to "provide America's taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all." While Congress is the body responsible for creating tax laws and policies, the IRS bears the brunt of educating the public about these laws, collecting the appropriate taxes, and levying punishments against those who do not comply. It is a complex job; in 2010, the IRS processed over 230 million tax returns, and collected tax revenue of over $2.3 trillion (www.irs.gov).

While many Americans are familiar with the IRS through the yearly ritual of filing their personal income taxes, the IRS is also tasked with overseeing the tax liabilities of for-profit and non-profit businesses. The tax code for these entities can be complicated, and an understanding of the IRS's role in controlling and collecting these taxes is crucial for any business owner or non-profit director. One important consideration that guides how the IRS interacts with a business is how the entity in question is structured. For small businesses and corporations there are several types of incorporation, each of which impacts tax liability.

The main types of for-profit business structures for IRS purposes are sole proprietorships, general partnerships, LLCs, S corporations, and C corporations.

The simplest type of business for tax purposes is the sole proprietorship. This is the structure is generally chosen by people who are in business for themselves with no other employees. Income generated by the business is considered personal income, and is taxed at personal income rates. The IRS monitors the taxation of sole proprietorships by having business owners file Schedule C, Profit or Loss for Business (Sole Proprietorship) along with their 1040 personal income forms (Mancuso, 2010). In addition, the sole proprietor must pay self-employment taxes (Medicare and Social Security).

General partnerships are similar to sole proprietorships, but have more than one owner. To stay compliant with the IRS, general partnership companies must file the IRS Form 1065, and each partner must file the Schedule K-1 in addition to their 1040s. Like the sole proprietorship, partners in a general partnership are also responsible to the IRS for their self-employment taxes (Ibid).

LLCs, or limited liability corporations, are an appealing option for many business owners because they offer some of the benefits of sole proprietorship while mitigating some of the risk. While LLCs are "pass-through entities" in terms of their tax liability, meaning the income of the business is considered personal income of the owner or owners, LLCs protect the owner(s) from… [read more]

Improving Corporate Governance in Small- to Medium-Sized Research Proposal

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¶ … Improving Corporate Governance in Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises

When some people hear the term, "corporate governance," they likely associate it with major publicly traded domestic corporations and multinationals. The need for good corporate governance, though, also applies to companies of all types and sizes, including small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well. For example, O'Sullivan reports that, "Corporate… [read more]

Management Compensation in Relation to Corporate Failures Thesis

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Management Compensation in Relation to Corporate Failures

Corporate governance refers to the way in which directors and auditors manage their responsibilities towards shareholders. Common corporate governance measures consist of: appointing non-executive directors, create constraints for management power and ownership concentration, and insure the financial information and executive/management compensation's disclosure to the public. Corporate governance's role is to provide investors and… [read more]

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Impacts Term Paper

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Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Impacts on Post and Pre-Using Case Examples as References

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

During the past few decades, the number of white-collar business fraud cases seemed to increase dramatically. Due to an immense interest and press investigations, these crimes were brought to the publics' attention, causing them to lose their confidence in the fairness of… [read more]

Offshore Financial Centers Term Paper

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Offshore Financial Centers

Info: Definition

Offshore Financial Centers or OFCs are areas that choose reduced taxes or lenient financial controlling administration as a shield in case of overseas investors. (the future for offshore financial centers (OFCs))

IMF defines OFC as an area that fulfills the norms as stated below: it is a location marked by a large number of financial… [read more]

Worldcom: The Ethics of Whistle-Blowing Term Paper

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There was intense pressure that came not just from external investors and analysts, but also from within WorldCom from the CEO himself, whose financial well-being was precariously dependent on WorldCom's stock price. CEO Ebbers pledged his vast holdings of WorldCom stock as collateral for loans to finance the purchase of his personal outside business interests. If WorldCom's stock price fell… [read more]

Shareholder and Stakeholder Values Term Paper

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Shareholder and Stakeholder Values

It makes sense for our modern world to have a foundation of a market-based economy because there are inherent conditions in the competitive market system that efficiently helps to meet the needs of consumers. These are not modern inventions or recent revelations. Adam Smith held concepts based on an invisible hand which was suggested as early… [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

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"The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking… [read more]

Superior Customer Value Term Paper

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-What are the implications of this research to the discipline?

This research study will help the readers to know about the strategies, which could be implemented by the organization .The paper ahs analyzed the success factors of the SAP organization and the strategies which are implemented by the organizational authorities of SAP software.

-Do your findings support or reject your hypothesis?

The information and findings have been collected by various websites and these websites are an authentic source of information. The findings and information do support the hypothesis and these information declares that delivery of superior customer services is an essential factor to gain success and prosperity.


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12 Million Users. 69,700 Installations. 1,500 Partners. http://www.sap.com/company / On May 15,2004

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Business Structures Corporation Essay

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It is also very important to properly share profits with others, partners must decide how they must value each other's skills and time and to achieve something like this requires extreme amount of coordination and patience which is something not all partners might be willing towards.

Because decisions are shared many disagreements could occur, partnerships are usually set for the longer term and if any dramatic change occurs in the business environment then it could lead towards a traumatic split up between the partners and this is something which McDonalds can not afford at all. Partnerships usually have many limitations which are due to the mutual agreements of their contracts, this could greatly affect the firm as it might hinder its prospects of becoming an even larger organization.

It is also seen that partnerships have a limited life, it might even end because the death or withdrawal of a single partner, therefore in a sense it is also regarded as a very volatile structure of business. Therefore McDonalds could not risk to fully adopt the partnership model since the sudden absence of a single partner might hurt the overall business of the firm greatly.

Now, since we have focused on the models of sole proprietorship and partnerships and have seen how they are not appropriate for McDonalds, let's focus on the corporation structure and see why it is the best model for our chosen firm.

Corporation business structure

A corporation business structure is created by law and is defined as a separate entity from the owners of the business i.e. The shareholders and stockholders. Here are some of its advantages. It has a lifespan which is completely independent from its shareholders or stockholders (owners), for a firm like McDonalds it is extremely important that it does not rely on a single person too much for its finances or different operations. It is also observed that the fringe benefits costs are usually tax-deductible.

In corporations the personal assets are generally protected from business liability, this comes as a great advantage for the main owners of the business when the firm goes into severe losses. Another key advantage of corporate structure is that ownership is made transferable through sale of stock, here it is seen that in many cases when an owner is unable to carry on his duties or just want to quit then the stocks could determine the next potential owner which may have more power or other great ideas that might influence the business for good. These owners are also seen to have more capital therefore they could end up doing more benefit for the firm. It is also very easy to increase the operating capital and this can be done through sale of stock.

The corporate structure also allows the flexibility of change in ownership without affecting the firm's daily management. This could greatly benefit a firm like McDonalds which has a huge employee and revenue base and all of this must not be disturbed because of the… [read more]

E-Commerce and Business Technology Essay

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Several of these disruptive innovations, including more efficient and strong Wi-Fi networks, greater agility and speed of mobile phone and tablet PC processors, and most significantly, the disruptive shift in content, are all working together to fundamentally reshape how the world uses the Internet (Laudon, Traver, 2011).

The greatest of these disruptive innovations has emerged as the Apple iPad. According to market research firms including International Data Corporation (IDC), Gartner and others, the sales of tablet PCs are close to eclipsing PC sales today and will most likely completely eclipse them by 2015 (Currier, 2011). The arguments that the iPad and related tablets will eventually replace traditional laptops are pervasive throughout the industry press today, mentioning the pervasive availability of Wi-Fi and the need for entirely new classes of devices to keep up with knowledge workers' increasingly mobile work styles (Currier, 2011). Apple has the majority of developers building applications for their mobility devices compared to any other competitor, including Google (Currier, 2011).

The stage is set for a highly disruptive series of innovations for tablet PCs, where the predictions of their overtaking PCs seems inevitable. Despite all of these forecasts however, there are specific key tasks that table PCs will not be able to replace in the short-term. The role of the PC as knowledge center, where it is used for generating content and advanced analysis, will not be replaced in the near future by tablets. As a tablet PC, specifically the iPad, is designed to support content consumption, PCs will always be needed for their power, portability and the ability to use them to create and modify advanced content from documents to numerical analysis.

The bottom line is that PCs are not going away anytime soon. Tablet PCs will mean that more content gets consumed; it will not however signal a shift in content creation. The majority of people I personally know when iPads spend more time taking pictures and reading and videos, not typing or analyzing data. That distinction will continue for the long-term and PCs will always be a core part of computing as a result.


Bakker, E., Harland, C., Knight, L., & Zheng, J. (2008). Putting e-commerce adoption in a supply chain context. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 28(4), 313-330.

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Business Limited Liability Corporation Essay

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Corporation vs. S Corporation, n.d.).

A partnership begins by design when two people agree to manage a for-profit business with one another. There are no papers that need to be filed with the state in order to operate as a partnership. "However, LLC's are required to file articles of organization, also known as a certificate of formation, with the secretary or department of state where the LLC operates. An LLC's articles of organization contain general information about the business, such as the legal business name, principal address and the management structure of the company. The fee required to file articles of organization with the secretary or department of state may vary from state to state" (Carter, 2012).

The partners of a partnership are accountable for running the every day dealings of the business. Partners are answerable for the dealings of the other partners. In other words, if a partner commits a careless act, the other partners of the business are similarly answerable. Partners in a partnership business take identical liability when it comes to managing the company. On the other hand, an LLC may be administered by members of the company, or non-member managers may be hired to supervise the company's day-to-day activities. LLC's that are run by its members function more closely like a partnership because the owners of the business add in managing the company's every day affairs. An LLC that is run by non-members functions more like a corporation because the owners of the business do not add in managing the company (Carter, 2012).

Partners of a partnership have limitless liability against business lawsuits, debts and other business responsibilities. Each partner is evenly responsible for the company's debts and obligations. The personal assets of partners may be apprehended to satisfy business lawsuits and debts, if the partnership's business assets are not adequate to cover the company's existing commitments. This is not the instance in an LLC since members are not personally accountable for business debts and obligations. Each member of the LLC is legally responsible for business lawsuits and other requirements only to the degree of their ownership interest in the company (Carter, 2012).

If I were establishing my own business and the running of the business was going to consume a lot of my time and energy I would set the business up as a LLC so that I could get all of the hassle of setting it up out of the way and then be able to concentrate on just running my business. If on the other hand the running of the business was not going to consume all of my time and I will have time to devote to a partnership along the way, I would set it up that way.


Carter, C. (2012). Limited Liability Corporations vs. Partnerships. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/limited-liability-corporations-vs.-partnerships-4430.html

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) FAQ. (2012). http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/limited-liability-company-llc-faq-29144.html

Sole Proprietorship vs. Partnership vs. Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs.… [read more]

E-Commerce When Conducting Business Term Paper

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When conducting business as an e-commerce, with your main lines of sales and marketing being over the Internet and through email, there are many unique concerns that must be addressed prior to the business in launched. When the business plans to conduct business both domestically and internationally, these issues become even more complex. For instance, besides issues of how to set up your business, there are issues as to what law governs a transaction, the effectiveness of electronic contracts and the enforcement of warranty disclaimers.

One of the first steps a start-up e-commerce business must take is to decide what type of business entity they want to be. One choice is the partnership, which is a form of business entity where partners (or the members of the business) share with each other both the business' profits and losses. The benefit of this type of entity is that the partnership structure eliminates the use of the dividend tax, which is a tax on the profits realized by the business owners. Instead, the partners are only taxed once, as individual taxpayers and thus the partnership itself is not taxable. However, in a general partnership, the individual partners are in charge of managing the business and thus can be held personally liable for their (and thus the partnerships) debts.…… [read more]

E-Commerce on Business Strategy Term Paper

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The 21st century began with a dot-com bust as opposed to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s. It is estimated that 520 e-commerce businesses either stopped operating or declared bankruptcy in the years between 1999 and 2001. These closures and bankruptcies resulted in the layoffs of almost 100,000 employees, according to Fortune Magazine. Eventually, a number of e-commerce sites… [read more]

Apple Corporation and Ethics Essay

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But instead of taking stock of its available resources to at least reduce the already exposed and publicized abusive management practices in its supply chain, Apple chose to minimize the cost of its business practices, which even pressure suppliers to resort to cutting corners in production. The intricate designs and very high demand for iPhones in addition to low margins… [read more]

Establishing a Corporation Corporate Documents

Corporate Documents  |  4 pages (1,005 words)
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Establishing a Corporation

It is important to note from the onset that each and every state has its own unique requirements and set of rules when it comes to the establishment of a corporation. In this text, I will be seeking to incorporate a business in the state of Alabama. This I will be doing on the instruction of my clients -- Bob Smith and Allen Smith, who have asked me to file the documents necessary for the incorporation of an entity that will be involved in the purchase and sale of vintage American racing vehicles both within the U.S. And abroad.

The very first step of incorporating a business in this particular state is selection of business name. My clients have in this case decided to call their business Brother's Automotive, Inc. The name selected in this case shall be unique and therefore distinguishable from any entity incorporated in this particular state. From the results of my search, the name selected by my clients is available, and hence it has not been used by any other registered business. It is important to note that like is the case in many other states, business entities seeking to incorporate in Alabama must make use of the recommended endings. These according to the Alabama SOS website (2014) include 'corporation' ('Corp.') or 'incorporated' ('Inc.'). The selected name is therefore in compliance with the relevant Alabama state laws.

Specific Requirements for Formation

The process of establishing Brother's Automotive, Inc. will begin on the successful filling of the certificate of formation. However, before that, I will be required to obtain a name reservation certificate (Alabama SOS, 2014). With regard to the filing of the certificate of formation, it is the county probate judge who will in this case forward to the Secretary of State a copy of the certificate (NOLO, 2014). Below, I briefly highlight some of the information I will be required to include in the said articles;


In Alabama, entities seeking to incorporate are allowed to have one or more incorporators. An incorporator in the words of Spadaccini (2007, p. 120) "is the person who organizes a corporation and files its articles of incorporation." This could hence be an individual or individuals who initiate an entity's incorporation process. In this case, the incorporators will be my two clients; Allen Smith and Bob Smith -- the owners of the business.

With regard to the listing requirements, the name and address of each incorporator is a requirement in this case.

There are no eligibility requirements for incorporators.

Purpose of the Corporation

Like is the case in many other states, a corporation in Alabama can be established for the pursuance of any business activity - provided it is lawful. It is a requirement that the corporate purpose be briefly stated in the Articles. The corporate purpose of Brother's Automotive, Inc. will be buying and selling of American vintage sports cars.


The minimum number of directors as per the Alabama state laws is one. It… [read more]

Online Venture Business Plan Four Business Plan

Business Plan  |  8 pages (2,497 words)
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Ethical Issues

There are no ethical risks involved as such because the entire process is more or less transparent and reliable.

Potential Risks

The potential risks involved in this online venture are as follows:

The cost of joining the venture and getting the membership renewed are relatively high so many customers cannot be retained.

In certain circumstance, some members do… [read more]

New Invention Business Environment Legal Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (925 words)
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This is one of the most popular forms of business for companies that a larger or that have substantial amount of capital invested in their companies. However, these are generally more complicated to run because of the added requirements necessary to organize the company as a corporation as well as the additional tax requirements in many cases.

One unique business form that bridges some of the advantages of a corporation with the flexibilities found in sole proprietorships is known as a limited liability company. A limited liability company, or LLC, is similar to a partnership but has the legal protections of personal assets that a corporation offers without the burdensome formalities, paperwork and fees; however the exact rules for forming an LLC vary by state (The Wall Street Journal, N.d.). The LLC form was introduced as a way to spur more small business investments and start-ups because it reduces the personal liability that an individual might have and therefore works to reduce the risk that would be found in starting a small business.

The LLC is an ideal way for small businesses to organize themselves. There are also similar arrangements for partnerships and corporations as well. Depending on elections made by the LLC and the number of members, the IRS will treat an LLC as either a corporation, partnership, or as part of the LLC's owner's tax return (a "disregarded entity") (IRS, 2012). However, the exact rules can vary by state as well as what type of industry that the company is operating in. Therefore it is recommended that the individual who wishes to pursue his invention seek local consultation before deciding upon the LLC form of the sole proprietorship.

Many people feel that filling a new business as an LLC is either too complex or too expensive but generally it is not either. Furthermore the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The advantages of filing a LLC include (BizFilings, N.d.):

Protected Assets

Pass-through Taxation

Heightened Credibility

Limited Compliance Requirements

Flexible Management Structure

Few Restrictions

Therefore it is recommended that the individual who wishes to organize a small business to pursue his invention do so by forming a sole proprietorship and it also strongly recommended that they consider filing as a LLC as well.


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Legal Business Form Implemented Essay

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I will use board of directors in my business because they will come and set up targets that will ensure that my business grows rapidly and effectively. My business will not have many positions since it's a sole proprietor business but it will consist of a management team that will ensure that the operation of the business focuses on its growth and making more profits.

Source of Funding & Financial Requirements for Treme Restaurant

Finally, in sole proprietorship source of funding comes from the business owner's savings, government loans or family and friends fundraising. Personally, my business will get funding from my personal savings and from the Lotto that I just won recently of $70,000. The financial requirements for Treme include money for sustaining it, paying the employees, buying more advanced materials, cost of acquiring what the customers need in the current market, the cost of acquiring a building for the business and marketing it (Vermeulen, 2003).


Fullen, S.L. (2005). Opening a Restaurant or Other Food Business Starter Kit: How to Prepare a Restaurant Business Plan & Feasibility Study. Atlanta: Atlantic Publishing


Siddiqui, S.A. (2006). Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis. Chicago: New Age International.

Spadaccini, M. (2007). Business Structures: Forming a Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole…… [read more]

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