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Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico: Investment Analysis Research Paper

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Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo: Investment Analysis

The relevance of undertaking an in-depth analysis of the financial statements of a company prior to making an investment in the company cannot be overstated. In addition to conducting the said analysis, there is also a need for one to familiarize himself with the background of the company of interest. This text concerns itself… [read more]

CEO of Harley Davidson Research Paper

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This can be done by having an exchange of lectures, where the lecturers from the universities go to the companies and give the lectures to their workers, the CEO's go to the universities and lecture the students, and provide interns to the students who work and enhance the connections (Holiday 2006, 532-540). In addition, the companies through their CEO's may offer resources and ideas to students in universities to create in them the real concept of business out there. Through the ideas the students receive, they are able to make money for them.


The business communities, represented by either the managers or CEO's have experience in the business field, and because of this, they often find themselves engaged in public reflection. Therefore, this makes them act as insiders in the business education system, owing to that experience they have. For these people, they may also act as educators because they are able to identify major issues in the business field, and subsequently have a significant role in solving some of the issues (Gioia 2002, 142). Most of the business issues they have experienced make them well equipped when it comes to the class scenario and incorporating them as lecturers will greatly influence the business field positively. Therefore, the CEO's and managers of firms, should not only observe the unfolding of business issues, but also engage themselves as the change agents by participating in classes to help in fixing the problems before they happen.

The business schools must recognize the effect the CEO's have on the student's practical learning, embrace them, and give them a chance to change the attitudes of students towards ethical and corporate responsibility once they are out there in the fields. Most of the business schools, practice stand alone teaching in some of the MBA programs leading to inadequacy. It is appropriate for these programs to incorporate practical teaching, calling for CEO's who are well experienced to offer these lectures (Gioia 2002, 143). In addition, for complete pronounced emphasis on the practical teaching, the lecturers may also undertake practical refresher courses to teach the MBA students.


Keith E. Wandell is well experienced, and because of the vast practical experience in the business field, he can serve well as a lecturer for MBA students. In addition, he has a good education background, seen in most of the lecturers who teach such students. Since he pursued his MBA in 1979, by now if he were to further his education he would be a professor in the field of business. Overall, experience is the most important aspect in every career, and having handled workers from diverse cultures, and backgrounds he stands well suited as an MBA lecturer. Having served as the CEO of various renowned companies globally, he must have found himself in situations that require ethical decision-making, and these are among the issues that MBA students will face in practice. Through the research done for this paper, I recommend the CEO of Harley Davidson as fit to… [read more]

Philanthropic Strategy a Company Choice Essay

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Hill and Jones (2008)

posits that the company adjusted its labeling to reflect this side effect. The company went further to inform the FDA of its intention to withdraw the drug from the market. However, the FDA recommended the drug be used, but a prominent warning should be on its label. Providing the information was the ethical thing for the company, but this resulted in lawsuits by patients who had used the drug. The company was adhering to its mission of promoting health in the community, but this resulted in financial losses as the company had to settle the lawsuits.

There are many other barriers to quality health care and treatment. The company has to contend with these barriers and try to work towards eliminating the barriers. This limitation has slowed down the efforts of philanthropy as the company needs to ensure that its activities will align with its business strategies. Promoting health care and access to drugs requires partnerships with governments, healthcare professionals, donors, and nongovernmental organizations. Partnerships are closely monitored and analyzed to ensure that each partnership will deliver the long-term objectives of the philanthropic strategy. This limits the company's activities and programs as there is some red tape it needs to overcome before the partnerships can be agreed.


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Human Resources Management Legal Issues Essay

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Human Resources Management Legal Issues

Walmart legal environment

Walmart has a high standard of ethics which it tries to uphold at all times. This standard is upheld by all members of the organization including directors, suppliers, employees and contractors. The basis of this code of ethics is that it ensures that the same standards are applicable and therefore the organization is able to act ethically and in a consistent manner. This has helped the organization to have a reputation for its integrity and to act in a responsible manner that is consistent with their standards.

Since the company operates in a multicultural environment globally, there are different rules that govern each state and country meaning the business has to comply with the different cultures, laws, and customs of all its business locations. Furthermore, the laws that affect Walmart's business continue to increase in number and complexity year in year out. This makes it difficult for the company to keep up with the laws, customs and cultures in each of its business locations. In order to deal with this, the company has an in-country or regional ethics committee that is involved with handling all laws, customs and cultures that relate to the business. This committee relays its information to the global ethics office which is then involved in creating the guiding principles for Walmart. The company's Statement of Ethics is also developed by the Global Ethics Office in consultation with the regional and in-country Ethics Committees.

The set guiding principles and Statement of Ethics is then instituted and all members of the organization are required to follow it to the letter. The company also ensures that it complies to labor, health and safety, environment and immigration laws and it is required that all suppliers and contractors abide to these. This ensures that the business is operating in an ethical environment free from unlawfulness.

Current organizational policies and practices

Walmart has several organizational policies and procedures relating to human resources management. One is that of voluntary labor. The organization ensures that all workers working in the organization as well as their suppliers and contractors are providing voluntary labor that is free from bonded, slave, underage, child, forced, or indentured labor as per their different legal definitions. The company also takes a strong stand against trafficking of human beings.

Suppliers are required to ensure that all human resource practices and procedures that are in the law are implemented and that they manage human resources to the best of their ability by complying with laws on human trafficking and slavery. Workers employed by Walmart and its suppliers or contractors are also required to have and maintain control over all their identity documents.

Walmart also provides its employees with sufficient rest days and ensures that their working hours are consistent with those stipulate in the law. Workers are also compensated fairly with wages, benefits and overtime premiums that meet or exceed the minimum standards stipulated or as per collective bargaining agreements. Suppliers are also required… [read more]

Nortel Nortel Networks Case Study

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When the board of directors of the company is scrutinized, one can observe that the board of Nortel was not properly equipped with the financial knowledge and expertise that was required in a typical boardroom. This raised several issues for the proper management and monitoring of the company's financial outlook. The independent directors on the board of Nortel had the… [read more]

Networks of Boston Key Elements Term Paper

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A competitive training strategy

Competing based on knowledge will be integral for the future success of Tech Networks of Boston. The agenda for most activities that the company engages in will happen at the work teams and individual levels. However, the effectiveness of Tech Networks of Boston requires enhancing organizational capabilities to leverage and exploit knowledge. The rationale behind this organizational training strategy is the fact that Tech Networks of Boston could develop a peculiar organizational and human capital that will be hard to imitate but continuously evolving. Evidently, abilities, skills, and knowledge of employees are intertwined with the company's culture in generating unique resources that other industry players cannot apply or acquire. It is hard to imitate human capital as it is created via evolutionary procedures, which are part of a unique company culture (Armstrong, 2007).

Conversations relating to knowledge across different levels are essential when social capital is the addressed. The conversations may occur between organizations, between employees and vice versa. Social capital is characterized as an asset embedded in the associations of committees, individuals, societies, or networks. The procedure by which knowledge is obtained and shared is unique within the company. This will make it impossible for others to copy. Organizational capital emerges from converting collective knowledge and individual knowledge acquired through the process of learning into systems, routines and processes (Evans, 2012). These are aimed at developing Tech Network's reputation, capabilities, and competence, which are rare and challenging to imitate. Human capital tends to have a symbiotic association with organizational capital in that each provides the requirements for the development and use of one another. Collective skills, individual skills and knowledge and applied to enhance databases and work methods. In turn, groups apply these as sources of knowledge and individuals in future work tasks.

For Tech Networks to be successful in the industry, it is imperative to offer employees great training on customer services. This must cover training on how solid customer services could help the company gain a great return on investment. In this case, such trainings will be an asset for the company's return on investment, as it would help minimize costs due to lower employee turnover rates. By treating customers well, employees will not be fired. As a result, the company will not need to spend a lot of money on hiring and training new workers (Armstrong, 2007). Consequently, Tech Networks will have an attractive return on investment it made on employee training in different areas. Therefore, human capital is the most critical and important for Tech Network's competitive advantage. This is because it is the most challenging, and almost impossible to imitate.


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United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundational Research Paper

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UPS will have to enter the online retail logistics and consultancy business in regional markets, those not served by Amazon or non-traditional retailers. It is not the competition within the industry that will undermine UPS' growth prospective. Competition from non-traditional competitors will be a bigger threat and has to be addressed within corporate governance policies, a vision and mission has to be re-carved by the UPS management.


UPS annual report indicates growth in revenues as well as volume of sales but operating margins of the company have got decreased as compared to the previous year. The company faced tough challenges in main maintaining profitability and sales growth at the same time. To address these challenges, entering into new and existing markets through new business models has been recommended. Competition from Amazon and other non-traditional logistics suppliers remain as contemporary challenges for UPS. Significant risks are present in external environment of the company. However, being a global service company, there growth prospects are also immense and can be leveraged if the company presents innovative solutions to their institutional customers.


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Mart Is an American Multinational SWOT

SWOT  |  6 pages (1,536 words)
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A company can effectively encounter these threats if it capitalizes on its strengths and avail the available opportunities from this industry (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2012).

Evaluation of Business Venture

Max-Mart is one of the fastest growing businesses in the retail sector. It is continuously expanding its operations through franchising and joint venture agreements. Its strong presence in the United States and other developed markets of the world is the proof of its recognition and strong brand image among customers. The company also has maintained strong relationships with the suppliers, distributors, and business promotional firms. These relationships can also reinforce its capabilities to grow and become more and more competitive with the passage of time (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow, 2010). On the basis of these strengths, core competencies, and attractive opportunities, it can be said that Max-Mart should continue to expand its operations in both domestic and international markets. It can overcome its weaknesses by learning from its past mistakes and effectively capitalizing its strengths.


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Portfolio Management the Current Business Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,773 words)
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This will guide the company to attain competitive advantage over the competitors who also have the same product line of aircraft maintenance and repair.

Secondly, the company also used to have an effective advertising strategy using its website. This section remains a successful plan in the market place. Therefore, I propose a project of aggressive re-advertising and exploration for the website project usage to keep the company top in the market. Additionally, the website product is also useful for the SBU as it will showcase the portfolio project proposed.

In the third category of the project that had initial success, I propose to support the project initiated to expand the airport stations. The project failed due to financial constrains. However, with the strategic business unit proposed, the company will attain financial stability, allowing it to re-introduce that project and make it as successful as planned before it collapsed.

Lastly is the project proposition of employing a new project to replace the outdated version project. This features the proposed portfolio project of aircraft maintenance and overhaul. The company does not have its own section of repairs and maintenance of airplanes; hence, this new project will guarantee the company savings on income as it will repair and maintain the crafts planes, replacing the outdated version of taking repair and maintenance services from other service providers. This project promises to be remarkably viable in the future. This project is as described in the proposed strategic business unit described in the text in the part of the mission and strategy of the proposed strategic…… [read more]

Business Database Technology Scenario Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (665 words)
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Staff next of Kin

Next-of-kin's Full name,

Relationship to the staff,




Telephone number.

General Work Details / Managerial Staff


Allocated to Branch Office

Branch Number

Joined Company

Date Start


Car Allowance

Bonus Payment

Typing Speed

Property for Rent

Property Number

Branch Number

Branch Office Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Type of property,

Number of rooms,

Monthly rent.

Property owners

Owner Number,

Owner's Name,


street, city,

Telephone number.

Renter Details

Renter First Name

Renter Last Name


street, city,

Telephone number.

Property Requirement Details:

Preferred Property Type

Maximum Monthly Rent

General Comments

Seen By

Branch No

Branch City

Property viewings

Date of the viewing


Property advertising

Property being advertised


Newspaper name


street, city,

Telephone number.

Telephone number,

Fax number,

Contact name.

Lease agreements

Renter No

Property No

Full Name


Address (Previous)

Tel No

Payment Details:

Monthly Rent

Rent Start Date

Payment Method

Rent Finish Date



Paid (Y or N)

Property inspections

Property Number

Allocated to Branch


Branch Number

Property Type

No of Rooms

Staff Name

Inspection Date


Entity Relationships

Entity relationships express relationships between entities of a database and the power of the ERD is the ability to accurate display information among the entities relationships. The entities of the Home Sweet Home ERD provide the following relationships.

Property -- Branch Office

Branch Office -- Staff

Staff -- Staff Next of Kin

Property for rent -- Property owner

Branch Office -- Rental Details

Staff -- Managerial Staff

Property owner -- Property viewing

Branch Office -- Property Advertising

The entity relation diagram in Fig 1 provides the complete entity relationships of the Home Sweet Home ERD design.

Fig 1: Home Sweet Home ERD


Hoffer, J.A. Ramesh, V. & Hiekki Topi, H.(2012). Modern Database Management (10th Edition) .…… [read more]

E-Strategy in E-Commerce a Textbook Questionnaire

Questionnaire  |  2 pages (769 words)
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Such firms may lack "the efficient means and locations to handle returns, unlike a brick-and-mortar firm" (Keillor, 2011).

3. Explain why UPS defines itself as a "technology company with trucks" rather than a trucking company with technology.

It is important to note that over time, UPS has invested heavily in technology. Regardless of its experience in trucking, one could say that technology has played a central role in the growth of UPS and it is for this reason that UPS is convinced it is a "technology company with trucks." Technology comes in handy in the control of the company's operations.

4. Under what situations might the outsourcing of EC services not be desirable?

To begin with, it is important to note that it is appropriate to outsource ecommerce services when the said services do not happen to be the core activities of the business. Such a move allows the business to concentrate or focus on its core activities. However, when the concerned ecommerce services are critical to the functioning of the enterprise, it may not be advisable to outsource them. Secondly, it should also be noted that outsourcing of EC services enables some specific tasks such as chargeback management, fraud minimization, and order management to be handled by a specialist service provider. This affords the business great convenience and could result in significant cost savings. However, when the outsourcing exercise is not cost effective, it may not be advisable for a business to embrace the same.

5. Why does it make sense to use a consultant to develop an estrategy?

The development of an estrategy should ideally be based on not only the needs of the business but also on scalability and effectiveness. Ecommerce consultants make use of their technical expertise to study the specific needs of the business and come up with a strategy that is both cost effective and appropriate. For instance, on this front, ecommerce consultants could come in handy in the development of an effective marketing campaign that makes use of social media marketing.


Doerberg, R.L. & Hinnekens. L. (1999). Electronic Commerce and International Taxation. Cambridge, MA: Kluwer Law International.

Keillor, B.D. (2011). International Business in the…… [read more]

Cobit IT Governance Processes Corporations Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (727 words)
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The firm focuses on utilizing shared services in achieving either economies of scale or customer responsiveness. The firm's IT principles insist on re-use and sharing of system, process, data, and technology modules. The organization typically depends on IT governance design. It introduced IT governance mechanisms to tackle the tensions between local control and enterprise-wide control. These mechanisms entail service level agreements, IT-business relationship managers, and IT process team members. The company's IT governance utilizes duopoly plans across its entire IT governance decisions. Operation council and information technology are the key mechanisms in its duopoly system (Brand & Boonen, 2007). The operation council makes investment and IT infrastructure decisions. It also organizes frequent meetings that serve outcomes for input in the business strategy. By so doing, the company permits IT capabilities to influence the company's business strategy in a similar way the strategy is used to influence IT.

To promote re-use and development of the business process modules, the organization relies on its local business operations for innovation. Country managers are responsible for developing detailed product proposals of introducing new products. All business units are incorporated in a thorough review of the new business process (Selig, 2008). This selection process results in an international standard instead of an isolated local solution. This approach supports the organization's desirable IT activities and behaviors of standardizing applications, building modules for re-use and attaining universally compatible processes.

An effective IT governance framework will not happen accidentally. Companies should determine their needs for autonomy and synergy identify the limits of their corporate structure and carefully develop IT governance plans, as well as mechanisms that foster intended behaviors. IT governance requirements are subject to change as companies change their perception of the need for synergy and autonomy. This happens in the course of altering the connection between business units and learns the role of IT through governance mechanisms.


Brand, K. & Boonen, H. (2007). IT governance based on CobiT® 4.1: A management guide. Zaltbommel: Van Haren Publishing.

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Global E-Commerce Strategy Implementation Issues Questionnaire

Questionnaire  |  2 pages (971 words)
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If the government control over the institution is not strong, this can lead to corruption and loss for the firms doing international transactions.

It is quite obvious that as the distance increases, the probability of more economic profit decreases. It has harder to travel and maintain smooth economic relations. The transportation cost for the company would also increase and thus prove more burden than profit. Difference in time zones and climates can cause adaptability issues for the employees and thus lead to more and more conflict.

Lastly we look into the economic dimension. It is seen that increased high per capita income for the residents of the country can lead to increased labor costs for the firm. Also, the firm needs to be aware of the resources and lack of resources in the area can further aggravate the condition.

E commerce and old method

The old methods of funding required more effort and manual labor. The data and processes weren't all set and people had to work harder. Old methods of funding also put a standstill to the amount or sorts of products that were to be sold. A company has also to compete to sell the product. In other words, the number of customers is not that much. E-commerce and globalization together has led to more and more variety and more customers as well. In the old method of funding, the firms also had to analyze careful and make sure that they didn't make a mistake in any step. With e-commerce, firms have gotten more alert and are more organized about their strategies.

Espenlaub et. al (2003) also stated that new economy or e-commerce works better and increases the stock options for a firm. This method of funding therefore makes the entire organization more efficient and increases the productivity of the company. The firm can reach out to more customers and offer more products. There is more planning required and this leads to decreased chances of error. In this way, the firms can compete with websites and have complete access to the customer. Because the dealings are taking place online, the firms can be in contact with the customer and increase their advertising and dealings with the customer.

If seen at a macroeconomic level, then all the technological revolutions have peaked really high and then went down and collapsed. That is one possibility with e-commerce today. The CAGE dimensions discussed earlier are another reason why this new method could fail. Furthermore, over allocation of scarce resources is yet another reason why e-commerce could fail.


Kraemer, K., Fibbs, J. And Dedrick, D. (2002). 'Impacts of Globalization on E-Commerce Adoption and Firm Performance: A Cross-Country Investigation'. [e-book] Irvine: University of California. http://www.crito.uci.edu/papers/2002/JIBS.pdf [Accessed: 16 Sep 2013].

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Operations Management Business Ethics Ethical Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (721 words)
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Each of them fills a critical need for a business, and the four processes work together to ensure a successful business. Strategy development because "strategy defines how an organization chooses to compete with the framework dictated by the external environment" (John Wiley & Sons, 2013). In other words, strategy serves as the blueprint for the company. Product development is also important. Without product development, a business would have no established means of generation ideas and plans for the services and goods it provides to consumers (John Wiley & Sons, 2013). Systems to produce goods and services are critical because, the best ideas in the world cannot become profitable and drive a successful business if the business does not have the means of producing them. Order fulfillment is important because customers are seeking products and services; being unable to purchase them will drive many customers to choose other businesses.

Of the four processes, I believe that product development is the most critical for business success. I think about the company Apple, which recently announced that it would launch two new iPhones. The company has had tremendous success with its "i" products, so that it could release a single iPhone 5 version and anticipate high sales. However, when one looks at the different features of the two products, it is clear that Apple has listened to customer feedback about phone features and offering products to address multiple areas of concern.


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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (2013). Race/color discrimination.

Retrieved September 18, 2013 from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website: http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/race_color.cfm… [read more]

Business Law and Christian Ethics Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (690 words)
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Jesus did admonish his followers to render taxes to Caesar, although that phrase is often taken out of context, because it was more of a political statement by Jesus that he, not Caesar, was King of the Jews, rather than a bald admonishment to pay taxes without question. Despite that caveat, the reality is that Fred is living in modern America, not historical Israel or Judea; he lives in a time and place where taxes are an established legal obligation. Moreover, unlike in Jesus' times, taxes do not simply go for the benefit of the ruling class; taxes provide food, shelter, and medical care for the needy. Taxes help educate the populace, and provide for the infrastructure that will allow Fred's customers to access his business. Therefore, it is important for Fred to meet his tax obligations.

However, it is equally important to keep in mind that the modern U.S. Tax Code is very complicated and is structured in a way that a company's tax burden is only fair if the company is taking the available deductions. Moreover, these deductions are an honest, existing part of the tax code, and using them does not require Christians to be dishonest or evasive. It is not a simplistic structure, and paying the maximum possible tax will not provide substantial assistance to the government at the same time as creating an untenable burden on the taxpayer. "The basic distinction to be made is between "tax avoidance" and "tax evasion." It's okay to minimize taxes by taking advantage of legal provisions of the tax law, or even taking a sensible position on a vague question of law. But we cross the line into tax evasion, which is a criminal activity, when there's no sincere claim of truth" (Scalici, 2007).


Pakroo, P. (2013). Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships. Retrieved September 24, 2013 from NOLO website: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/limited-partnerships-limited-liability-partnerships-29748.html

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Technology and Social Change Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (1,205 words)
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Q3. Business Decisions

One of the strengths of a family-owned business includes the fact that it often has a strong clientele of loyal patrons who appreciate its personalized service. A good family business will also strive to offer a unique service, whether it is hand-thrown thin-crust pizza, a tennis specialty shop, or even a local hardware store that contains hard-to-find items. A family business can offer discounts and special offers to beloved loyal customers, unlike franchises hemmed in by the official stores' policies.

However, the weakness of small businesses is that because of their small sizes, small businesses often struggle to price their items competitively. Chain stores and big box stores can offer very low prices because they are selling at large volumes, and unless the consumer is persuaded that the items offered by the smaller store are worth the costs, he or she may use his or her purchasing power at Home Depot instead. "The National Retail Hardware Assn. estimates that the number of hardware stores in the U.S. has fallen to about 20,000 from more than 25,000 in the late 1980s. In the last few years, the average size of home improvement stores has grown about 10%, while the number of independent mom-and-pop stores continues to fall" (Gouras 2003). Small stores may also struggle for name recognition. However, disenchantment with the ethics and labor practices of chains, as well as specific concerns (such as the health of mass-produced fast food) does open up many opportunities for some small businesses. However, the threat of the unstable economy means that quite often consumers will look at price more than quality, uniqueness, or even a persona relationship with a business.

Q4. Performing a SWOT Analysis



Starbucks has strong name recognition and an increasingly dominant international presence. Consumers are comforted that they can get a decent cup of coffee or specialty beverage in so many locations and for many consumers; the experience of drinking Starbucks coffee is an 'affordable luxury' either at home or in stores.


Other companies are selling coffee and encroaching into the specialty coffee drink market. Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds offer premium-branded coffee, but at a fraction of the price. There has been criticism of Starbucks' beverages as overhyped and not worth the additional money. Starbucks offers a kind of 'middle range' coffee drink -- neither high-end for luxury foodies, but not cheap enough for middle class consumers to be considered a bargain.


The developing world offers considerable potential for expansion for Starbucks, given that it has an untapped market of consumers hungry for 'American-style' products, even in nations that are not traditionally coffee-drinking nations like China and India. "Capitalizing on the favorable trends in same store sales, the Company will open about 1300 stores world-wide in fiscal 2013. About half of the stores -- around 600 -- will be opened in China" (Loeb 2013).


Saturation of the marketplace has caused a backlash against Starbucks in many areas. People are looking at cheaper fast… [read more]

Rocking the Boat an Agent Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (781 words)
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A publically-traded company sells shares to stockholders, who then gain proportional ownership in the company. Also, their earnings would be 'taxed twice' -- given that corporations are fictional persons under the law, the earnings of Edible Expressions would be taxed as income, along with the salary Dan and Carla paid to themselves. Incorporating can also be expensive because of the red tape and bureaucracy involved.

However, a sole or joint proprietorship, while relatively simple to open because of the straightforward tax policies regarding such entities, leaves the earnings of the owner or owners liable for the losses of the business, which would be extremely unwise given that so many businesses fail during their early years. Also, this could leave Carla's brother and sister-in-law and even their daughter liability for the business' debts, if they are all partners. One way to deal with this problem is to create a limited partnership. "In limited partnerships (LPs), at least one of the owners is considered a 'general' partner who makes business decisions and is personally liable for business debts. But LPs also have at least one 'limited' partner who invests money in the business but has minimal control over daily business decisions and operations. The advantage for these limited partners is that they are not personally liable for business debts" (Limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, 2013, Nolo).

However, Dan and Carla would still be liable for the business' debts. Thus an LLC would likely be the best option for their enterprise. "Another kind of partnership, called a limited liability partnership (LLP) or sometimes called a registered limited liability partnership (RLLP), provides all of its owners with limited personal liability. LLPs are particularly well-suited to professional groups, such as lawyers and accountants. In fact, in some states LLPs are only available to professionals" (Limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, 2013, Nolo). Becoming an LLC is relatively uncomplicated, legally speaking, the resulting entity does not sell shares, and none of the participants would be liable for the company's debts.


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Ethics Must Be Global Essay

Essay  |  12 pages (3,966 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 10


The countries including East Asian, Asian, and Middle Eastern states are notable for unethical business polices in terms of government and corporations not following the code of conduct. The argument that the local business ethics are different from the ones upheld in most of the developed world is not valid in global business context. It requires a uniform approach for… [read more]

Kodak and Fujifilm KG Term Paper

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Kodak and Fujifilm

Kodak and Fujiflim

In 1884, George Eastman discovered the Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak was one of the first companies to soar in photo technology in the 1990s. Surprisingly enough, it was also the first company to make a digital camera and rule the camera business throughout the 1990s. Their popularity and use got so widespread that the… [read more]

Information Networks and Business Intelligence A-Level Coursework

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Health Care -- Information Networks and Business Intelligence - Case

The Marchfield Clinic and Exclusive Resorts cases offer a number of Business Intelligence lessons. Even without considerable it education and experience, there are at least 10 discernible lessons presented in the accounts of their BI developments. There are counterarguments to all the lessons; however, those counterarguments are refuted by research… [read more]

Blackberry Playbook: Critical Evaluation Term Paper

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The screen resolution and size of the display is essentially designed to provide adequate support for business professionals. The target market of the product is also facilitated through the presence of front and rear cameras enabling the users to communicate effectively using the product.

Nature of Product:

The products are segregated in two major categories including consumer and industrial products.… [read more]

Privacy Laws Are a Big Research Paper

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Privacy laws are a big part of Business Administration in ensuring the business is in compliance with law and ensuring the privacy of sensitive information, both for customers and employees. Businesses have a legal obligation to protect sensitive information of their customers and employees[footnoteRef:1]. It is important to be aware of all areas of privacy law that pertain to the… [read more]

Mariott Marriott and Their Labor Essay

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By offering employees attractive perks, flexible work schedules, and a fun atmosphere, the companies can attract and retain the top talent necessary to generate new, innovative technological products. They too are in the 'service' business to some degree -- and also in the idea business. Without a steady influx of new, fabulous ideas, a technology company will fold. This is why the commodity of talent is so vital and so coveted.

Organizations which tend to be less service-oriented often value people less. Ironically, this is often true of budget retailers like Wal-Mart and McDonald's. Although consumers may notice surly employees, fundamentally buyers are attracted to shop at these entities because of low prices, and are willing to tolerate disgruntled minimum wage workers so long as the commodities that really attract them to the store are cheap. Of course, these corporations make an attempt to teach workers a formulaic manner of civility, but so long as the workers are not openly abusive to customers, it does not matter if they go 'above and beyond' the corporate script. In fact, the companies actively discourage deviation from this script.

Marriott is not a budget line of hotels, and it is often in fierce competition with other chains of similarly prestigious status for customers. Customers will choose Marriott if they believe it can offer 'something extra,' and the only way that employees will offer that 'something extra' is if they are treated well. Marriott's attitude towards its employees may be laudable, but fundamentally it is not rooted in compassion, but in the realities of the marketplace. The process may not be 'capricious' as Krugman alleges, but it is carefully designed to enhance the company's bottom line.


The Accidental Theorist. (1998). New York: W.W. Norton.

Business values. (2013). Marriott. Retrieved:


The Spirit to Serve. (1997). New York: HarperBusiness.… [read more]

Whirlpool Whirl Pool Supply Chain Case Study

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The requirements of the new system were identified in collaboration with IT depart of the organizations. The system requirements and desired results were clearly communicated by the business management. These efforts revealed quantifiable results and improvements in business performance. The business performance results can be stated as following.

Business Performance Results:

The availability of products was increased from 83% to… [read more]

International Human Resources Culture, Political Essay

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45-58). The management of this hotel can do an agreement with Pepsi for soft drinks, and other specific vendors for other fast turnover items, this approach can also help this hotel to convert its global presence into competitive advantage. In short, we can clearly state that creating critical mass in selecting items or fast turnover items can be helpful for… [read more]

Business How Would You Characterize Research Paper

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At present, this ownership is more than $500 billion. International auditing standards therefore helps the U.S. economy

Subsidiaries of foreign companies in the United States are using these standards.

The international accounting standards are, in other words, used as the language of go-between of Americans who work in foreign countries and of foreign companies who are located in the U.S. And do business from within the U.S. Corruption of development of these standards will hurt the U.S. economy in that it will have a more challenging time communicating in accounting terms in other countries and it will discourage subsidiaries from relocating to America. In both cases, impediment will be placed on American businesses moving abroad and conducting business with foreigners and on foreigners conducting business with Americans. (CPA)

4. Which countries have institutional infrastructure most conducive to growth of equity securities markets?

Countries with more sophisticated financial structures and that engage in more trade and appear to be better integrated with other economies have an institutional infrastructure that is most conducive to growth of equity securities markets. These are also companies that look at and consider their long-term interests and in all cases show a tendency towards globalization. Peter L. Rousseau and Richard Sylla (2003) provide the examples of Dutch Republic, England, the United States, France, Germany, and Japan over the past three centuries. Each of these shows an institutional infrastructure that is most conducive to growth of equity securities markets

Domestic financial development promotes the capital inflows from abroad that are associated with emerging markets and capital-market globalization. The two are complementary. (Peter L. Rousseau and Richard Sylla (2003), p.402)

You need a good domestic financial development and system for growth of equity securities markets.


CPA The Development of International Standards on Auditing http://www.nysscpa.org/cpajournal/1999/1099/Features/F141099.htm

Peter L. Rousseau and Richard Sylla (2003), Financial Systems, Economic

Growth, and Globalization


Corporations and Charities Division


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IFRS Questions & Answers - IFRS Discussion Forum

http://www.ifrsanswer.com/… [read more]

Operations at Lowes Ethics Accompanying Term Paper

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The audience must always be respected. This is what I referred to in the opening remarks of this paper with regard to the descriptions of the intended audience. The presentations intent is certainly to spread ideas. Moving people takes some luck and talent because to stir others into change, big or small, is no small feat. The presentation at least attempts to do this in spirit even if it does not succeed in this respect overall. Helping people see what I am saying is such a great and helpful rule. This reminds me to use PowerPoint as a visual medium and exploit its greatest visual advantages. It helps me organize my ideas as well as communicate my ideas in more than one way, specifically orally and visually.

Visual aids also lend themselves better when a person wants to persuade as well as inform the audience. On a very basic level, by helping the audience see what I am saying, I am helping the audience understand my ideas and hopefully agree with them, or critique them in a productive manner. Practicing design and not decoration is a tough rule for people to abide by. I have seen many PowerPoint presentations in my time and hardly any them were aesthetically pleasing and effective. I want to keep my designs simple and consistent. I am going to make choices that create patterns that demonstrate an overall style for the presentation. It is easy to get overwhelmed or even just plain stuck in the details of creating the presentation. People want their work to look good. Sometimes the desire for a good looking presentation interferes with the presentation getting done, and often too much or too little attention to the design detracts from the presentation, even if the information is great. Her fifth rule is exactly why I chose to combine the Lessig and Hardt presentation styles. This approach reduces on screen text. This approach makes the presenter have to stand up and present, rather than hiding behind slides. This approach requires lots of speaker notes and practice of delivery. These rules combined with the style chosen put me in great position to make a highly effective and high quality presentation, despite the topic.

Munter's Guide to Business Communications (2011) has been of exceptional assistance and utility regarding this presentation. Her ideas are simple. Her ideas, even in the table of contents, are presented very well -- simply, directly, and clearly. This material from the course has really helped me improve the clarity of my presentation, ideas, and words. People are receptive, and they are relatively open, but it is the responsibility of the presenter to deliver ideas that are as accessible to the audience as possible, so that the acceptance and adaptation of the ideas is intuitive and effortless. Munter's guidelines have made me really focus and get down to the most important and/or fundamental ideas and points. The readings and the course overall have made me truly visualize my presentation from start… [read more]

IT Project Business Strategy Alignment A2 Coursework

A2 Coursework  |  2 pages (726 words)
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Communication is key to the successful alignment of an IT project and business strategy, and it is foundational to IT project development and management. Evidence in support of this assertion can easily be found in project documentation that addresses the gathering of requirements for the project from stakeholders and decision-makers. A proactive step in project planning is to ensure adequate time for collecting information from stakeholders and requirements from subject matter experts (SMEs) (Gube, 2008). Taking the initial stand that un-scoped changes are not permitted, and arguing against changes by conducting a point-by-point comparison between scoped and un-scoped features, can at least reduce the incidence of un-scoped changes (Gube, 2008). An extension of this position on un-scoped changes is to clearly and concisely outline exactly what the project will entail, and include a caveat about the need to renegotiate terms for requests that outside the defined and agreed upon project scope (Gube, 2008). The development of an IT project scope must include careful research about the context and the enterprise so that estimates are well within the ballpark (Gube, 2008). Stakeholders and decision-makers will be more forgiving when a project is completed within scope than if a string of un-coped changes develops over the project duration (Gube, 2008). Also, it is important to consider the inherent tension between being an agreeable person who makes accommodations for every other nice person -- within the enterprise -- whose actions result in feature creep, and being the master of a project that comes in on-time and under-budget (Gube, 2008). The latter is likely to result in repeat business, the former may only expand one's social circles.


Gube, J. (2008, February 8). Eight Tips on How to Manage Feature Creep. Retrieved January 13, 2013, from Six Revisions: http://sixrevisions.com/project-management/eight-tips-on-how-to-manage-feature-creep/

Haughey, D. (n.d.). Project Planning A Step-by-Step Guide. Retrieved January 18, 2013,

from Project Smart: http://www.projectsmart.co.uk/project-planning-step-by-step.html

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Fictitious Business That You Created Research Paper

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Total operating costs per month then are: $140,000 (employee wages) + $40,000 (variable costs) + $180,000 (production costs) = $360,000.

Each unit sells for $32/unit: $32 x 6000 = 192,000/month revenue.

Based on these calculations, this company is spending nearly twice the amount to produce the item vs. The amount earned on each item.

4. Recommend how the company can improve its profitability. Then, develop a brief plan to implement the recommendations.

There are several ways that this company could potentially improve their profitability. Below is a list of recommendations for improving profitability.

* Lower the daily variable costs. To do this the company needs to inventory these costs and make a determination as to which of these costs could be lowered or eliminated.

* Lower the daily fixed costs. Second, an inventory of the company's fixed cost needs to be developed to needs to inventory these costs and make a determination as to which of these costs could be lowered or eliminated.

* Consider lowering employee wages, reducing the number of employees, or removing and hiring new employees at a lower wage.

* Evaluate production costs to determine if these can be lowered by substitution of products, lower the number of units produced per day, or explore modifying the product in some way.

* Consider raising the price of each item sold from $32 to $60/unit.

5. Assess the circumstances in which the company should discontinue operations. Provide a rationale with your response.

As things currently stand with this company, my recommendation would be to discontinue operations. If a complete evaluation of the company's operating, variable and fixed costs cannot be reduced then the company will continue to lose money. If on the other hand, it is possible to implement any of the above recommendations and reduce the total operating costs to below 190,000/month then I would recommend the company to continue operations. Alternately, if it is feasible to increase the selling price per unit to at least $60.00/unit, I would again recommend continuing operations.


1. Planning Resource Center. What is an Environmental Scan? Retrieved from http://work911.com/planningmaster/faq/scan.htm.

2. Minnesota Management and Budget. Internal and external environmental scanning factors. Retrieved from http://www.mmb.state.mn.us/keyinfo3/1708-internal-and-external-environmental-scanning-factors.

3.…… [read more]

Financial Analysis of Lehman Research Paper

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It further closed its offices in three states which were related to its mortgage business. By now, it was becoming evident the claims of the CFO of the form remain to be untrue as firm was being drastically affected by the slump in the housing market. The firm still continued to remain one of the major contributors in the mortgage… [read more]

Lithuania Business Culture Term Paper

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Catholic beliefs and LGBT rights

In 2009, Lithuania passed the Law on the Protection of Minors from the Detrimental Effects of Public Information, which "bans publicly disseminating material deemed harmful to the mental health and 'intellectual or moral development' of minors" (Dapkus 2009). However it more recently passed the Provision of Information to the Public law, outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation (MEPs welcome Lithuania's new progressive law on advertising, 2011, Intergroup on LGBT rights.). This Roman Catholic-dominated country has thus shown a somewhat schizophrenic attitude towards LBGT rights (Doing business in Lithuania2011, Communicaid: 1).

Unemployment rate: Lithuania

The unemployment rate, defined by the number of people actively looking for jobs who cannot find work as a percentage of the labor force, was 12.3% in the third quarter of 2012 (Lithuania unemployment rate, 2012, Trading economies). However, historically, unemployment in Lithuania has been very high. "From 1998 until 2012, [the] Lithuania Unemployment Rate averaged 11.7% reaching an all-time high of 18.3% in June of 2010 and a record low of 3.9% in September of 2007" (Lithuania unemployment rate, 2012, Trading economies). Economic conditions since the 2008-2009 international credit crisis have been improving in Lithuania, albeit slowly. The combination of a workforce eager for employment, relatively similar cultures, a relatively punctual and European-like attitude towards work, and relatively close proximity to Europe makes the nation potentially attractive to international businesses from the U.S. And the EU.


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rights. Retrieved: http://www.lgbt-ep.eu/press-releases/meps-welcome-lithuania-new-progressive-law-advertising/… [read more]

Management &amp Analysis Business Essay

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There could have additionally been more substantial acknowledgement or awareness of how the secondary data used is flawed or potentially how the analysis may be distorted or flawed specifically due to the data resources referenced.

C. What is the research design proposed by Daboub, Rasheed, Priem, & Gray (1995)? Defend your position.

D. What modifications or adjustments were made to the concepts, constructs, and measures identified by Clinard & Yeager (2006,1980) by either Boies (1989) or proposed by Daboub, Rasheed, Priem, & Gray (1995)? Defend your position.

Hint: Are Boes' definitions and measures that Boies obtained from C&Y used to measure the same concepts that C&Y measured?

E. 1. What is the degree to which the Clinard & Yeager (1987) data really matched the purposes of the secondary studies conducted by Boise (1989) and proposed by Daboub, Rasheed, Priem, & Gray (1995? Defend your position.

E. 2. What is the degree to which the archival data (the Clinard and Yeager (1987) data) were really suitable to the secondary studies conducted by Boise (1989) and proposed by Daboub, Rasheed, Priem, & Gray (1995)? Defend your position.

E. 3. What is the degree to which the secondary studies conducted by Boise (1989) and proposed by Daboub, Rasheed, Priem, & Gray (1995? were designed around the availability of data (Clinard & Yeayer (1987) rather than around a clear theoretical model? Defend your position.

F. What is your overall assessment of the utility of secondary and archival data? Defend your position.

My overall assessment of the utility of secondary and archival data is that there is a definitive use and value to it. Secondary and archival data are assets. I think researchers should aim for using present data in conjunction to secondary and archival data for a greater context within which to consider and understand the data, in additions to the implications of that data. Secondary and archival data can provide additional context and relativity. When applied well, this can boost the efficacy and power of a research project and design. When researchers use archival and secondary data sources, a bit of the work in their research is done for them. Of course, it is up to the researcher to use that data well, or better, or in a new or interesting way, yet, some of the work has been done to the extent that some of the data has been collected or at least located and organized. This allows researchers to focus upon other aspects of the research, or in other words dedicate their time to other parts of the research besides that part of the data collection. Sometimes researchers are fortunate in their search for secondary and especially archival data in that the previous data collectors may have had more expertise with data analysis and statistics than the researcher him/herself.

Archival data opens the mind of the research to aspects to the data (variables, patterns, etc.) that s/he may have not considered or been available to before locating the data. Such an… [read more]

P Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,141 words)
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In order to determine the factors that enabled these enterprises to succeed, Kanter outlines the benefits of guidance systems, identifies the various mechanisms that have enabled these companies to establish and maintain high standards, and how these companies have helped to push other companies to do the same. The implementation of guidance systems by these small enterprises have made adaptation a competitive necessity in addition to being a benefit to society and the environment. Kanter found that shared values, principles, and platforms; creating global networks that can be utilized across to collaborate across long distances as well as in close physical locations benefits enterprises; the empowerment of partner-enterprises promotes autonomy; promotes localized innovation; builds a stronger and broader foundation for partnership development; and encourages the exploration of opportunities. This article finds that implementing standardized values, practices, and principles encourages individuals to focus on the development of localized innovations that can then be implemented on a global scale. Additionally, this article promotes the belief that small enterprises are successful due to the mutual respect that is developed between them and their employees and them and their partners, as well as inclusion to the values they live by.

In this article, Kanter sets out to define and analyze the pillars of a new model of doing business as has been established by small enterprises such as IBM, CEMEX, Proctor & Gamble, Omron, and Banco Real. Kanter found that these enterprises have become successful by creating guidance systems that can be adopted by other enterprises across the globe.

Among the pillars that makes these enterprises successful are shared values, principles, and platforms. Through the standardization of business practices and procedures, enterprises eliminate time-wasting activities and shift focus to "higher-order concerns." Shared values that are established help to guide the choices and actions that are taken by employees and a strong sense of purpose allows people to effectively communicate and collaborate. The integration of values and principles also facilitates collaboration among diverse people across diverse situations and cultures. Another pillar discussed is empowering individual branches to be autonomous, which in turn enables them to meet customer and community needs at a local level in addition to a global level; meeting these needs can lead to innovation. Kanter contends that through these pillars, and the establishment of strong guidance systems, small enterprises gain power and become more effective when it comes to selecting and working with external partners, who are also expected to share the enterprise's values.

While Kanter contends that these pillars help to promote guidance systems, it is difficult to ascertain how effective they are among people of differing educational and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, the small enterprises that Kanter references are examined out of context; how does Kanter define the size of an enterprise and how would a medium or large enterprise be defined, especially in a global context? Kanter needs to further develop how these "pillars" impact enterprises at different levels within an organization/enterprise and how these levels influence networking and collaboration… [read more]

Sports Bar Business Research Paper

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The time to raise the amount of money necessary to begin may be extensive. Patience and dedication are important attributes in this phase of the plan..

The theme of an Irish bar with the name "Shamrock Pub" seems to suit my personality as far as a concept. This theme or concept of the bar is important. Developing this theme will help cater to the customer base I desire and make the job enjoyable. Theme and the relationship to location should also be taken into consideration for this part of the plan. Some locations are more suitable to this theme than others, and selecting the best location is extremely important.

Acquiring the right materials and labor is the next step of the plan. Relationship building skills become very important in this part of the development. Dealing with bartenders, venders, customers and government officials will be a part of everyday work in this type of job. Hiring good workers who represent the establishment can be challenging and risky. It is important to realize that the people who you hire are a direct representation of the ownership and interests of the bar itself.

Advertising and attracting customers is the final and never ending phase of the plan. The demand for people's entertainment dollar is very high and it is not hard to buy alcohol at any store. The need to drink at the Shamrock Pub is a message that needs to get across to the potential customers. Being open to different methods of communication is important in this step of the plan due to the many ways to promote a bar. A certain amount of the budget should be allocated to this part of running a bar due to its importance in attracting new customers and keeping the bar flowing with money.


While it is important and necessary to examine the objectives needed to accomplish a difficult task as opening up a pub, it is also important to have a personal opinion about the task as well. Business.com asked five questions to those aspiring to this specific task to determine if it is a good personal fit: " 1. Do you like people? 2. Are you willing to work nights and weekends? 3. Can you handle your liquor responsibly? 4. Do you mind babysitting adults? 5. Are you prepared to navigate local liquor laws? " These questions, in my opinion, are more important than profit margin. To endure any type of serious entrepreneurial adventure one must be fully prepared to risk certain parts of their lifestyle and family. These issues challenge the normal and typical career paths way of working and need to be given thoughtful attention before beginning with the first step of the plan.

Overall, I believe the risks and demands of this lifestyle are worth the sacrifice. Anything worth doing is going to be challenging and difficult regardless of the career field. The ingredients for success that would make a bar business grow are the same that would make… [read more]

Business Auditing and Testing Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (707 words)
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The capability of a business plan to deal with various situations deteriorates with time. Tests should also be done to deal with deteriorations and scenarios in order to recommend necessary changes. When the test is effective, all stakeholder and employees should be informed. Effective tests contain; effective development of realistic scenarios, successful criteria listed concise objective and a control in organization and documentation.


Business auditing to tracks various aspects of a business plan including accounting and finance. Auditing can be done before drafting of a business plan. Auditing is done after the completion of making a business plan in order to assess the economic aspects of a business plan. Auditing also assesses how complete a plan is and the up-to-datedness of a plan. Auditing checks on all the processes to ensure their smooth running. It includes communication, supply, and IT systems. Some auditing plans also include resuming normal business activities. An internal audit will include risks during the business planning. Back up is crucial in internal audit; an internal procedure should be included in the internal audit.

Business plan uses auditing as a verification tool. It verifies if the plan is compliant with policies and the required standards of business plans. Auditing helps to confirm the business plan existence and its effectiveness. It also reviews to see if the solutions are effective, or they need better solutions, in the business plan solution. IT audits can play a role of being an observer to the development and testing processes of a business plan. Audits determine the readiness and adequacy of processes scheduled to happen.


A business-continuing plan is essential for every organization. These plans ensure organizations run smoothly despite arising emergencies. Testing of these plans is essential to ensure itadequately caters for all future possible disasters. Auditing is necessary to affirm the whole processes properly drafted and followed.


Hiles, A. (2011). The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management. New York: John Willey and Sons.

Hotchkiss, S. (2007). Business Continuity Management. Atlanta: BCS The…… [read more]

Churchill Model Stages of Business Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (749 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


The third stage 'success' means that the owners of the business are able to "exploit the company's accomplishments," keep it stable and profitable with a reasonable amount of security, and use this as a platform for other actions (Churchill 1983: 4). Google, to use a contrasting Internet company, is clearly in the success stage, as it has been able to use its dominance of the search engine market to make ventures into a variety of other technology-related venues, such as the Android phone. Few Internet companies, however, are in the 'success-disengagement' stage of the model in which the company is highly profitable and the owners are simply 'staying the course' and trying to ensure there is no cash drain of vital resources but otherwise not fundamentally changing the business model. Even profitable companies such as Facebook are endlessly 'tweaking' their models -- Facebook is going 'public' soon and is expanding into the fields of email and even movies. The volatility of technology suggests that a 'disengaged' approach, even for the most successful companies, may be a thing of the past, especially in the online market.

Pinterest is a long way from the 'takeoff' stage of the Churchill model of expanded growth. There are concerns about copyright infringement regarding the pinning of the creative output of others that the company must establish more clear policies about, for it to grow and thrive in the next millennium. Its demographics seem promising however, and while still taking shape it is hard to believe that a website in which nearly a third of all users have "annual salaries of $100,000 or more, almost 70% are female and the largest age demographic represented on the site are people between 25 and 34" will not continue to generate interest amongst advertisers (Kelly 2012).


Churchill, Neil C. & Virginia L. Lewis. (1983). The five stages of small business growth.

The Harvard Business Review, 3-11/

Kelly, Tara. (2012). Pinterest popularity explained. Huffington Post. Retrieved:


Pogue, David. (2012). Reviewing Pinterest, the newest social media site. The New York Times.

Retrieved: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/16/technology/personaltech/reviewing-pinterest-the-newest-social-media-site.html?pagewanted=all… [read more]

Corporate Governance in Russia Accountability Term Paper

Term Paper  |  11 pages (3,525 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 11


There is a hope that Russian companies will finally 'turn the page on their past corporate supremacy abuses' and the need for external capital will 'open critical opportunities for the development of corporate governance.'

The first legislative attempt to give enterprises more autonomy was embodied in the 1988 Law on State Enterprises. By 1990 several statutes had been passed, both… [read more]

Dell Inc. Fraud Business Practices Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,401 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


The intense focus and stringent rules of Wall Street for companies to remain profitable consistently each and every year are something that needs serious revision. A company that doesn't get involved in some accounting irregularities might now be an exception and not a rule; since it is not possible to meet earnings targets each quarter without fail. What Dell did… [read more]

Business Valuation Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (679 words)
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Management must be competent and understanding in modeling a business process that has yet to be proven. During the past few decades "modeling and assessment of business process has become more sophisticated as enterprises pressed for their efficiency and innovation" (Caverlee, Bae, 2006). Therefore, much of the projected product success would depend almost entirely on whether the co-founders have the expertise necessary to implement the program as it is presented. These are questions that have yet to be answered, and would have to be answered in order to move ahead on funding.

Culture also plays a huge role in the healthcare industry, and in this particular project because it is attempting to make wholesale changes in that culture. Many times, when faced with such massive changes, an industry will strongly resist those changes. The resistance faced by this program has the potential to be very strong, since there are numerous stakeholders with financial concerns based on the current system.

Another aspect to this particular investment opportunity is that the financials are very robust. These financials are intriguing, especially if true. In fact, the financials could actually be a little low based on the size of the market, and the fact that this company would be the first (and likely strongest) entity to open the market. Being first into a market provides advantages that are not likely to be duplicated by other firms, but that does not necessarily portray projections that are believable.

The projections could be much more believable if specific comparisons were available. The valuation I would put on this company (based upon gathering the required information) would likely be higher than even the entrepreneur's estimates based on the overall size and scope of the potential market.


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Logistics &amp SCM Essay

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It is difficult to give specific recommendations for Euro Cast. However, given the industry trends and the competitive position of the company, it is likely that the manufacturer will have to quickly learn to fully embrace their clients' needs. There are several different strategies that Euro Cast could use to offer their clients' a more customized solution. To determine which strategy will fit their supply chain the best, the company should look to the entire supply chain through a holistic lens and determine the most efficient path based on the existing capabilities. From this point a gap analysis can be performed to determine are feasible. Repeating this analysis several times will eventually help Euro Cast to identify the right path for them to fill their suppliers' expectations while simultaneously improving their profitability.

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