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Hostile Take Over the Modern Business Nightmare Term Paper

… Hostile Takeover -- the modern business nightmare

Globalization means many fundamental changes to business practices around the world. Culture plays a significant role in defining standard business practices in a particular area of the world. As the world becomes more… [read more]

Initial Public Offerings Term Paper

… ¶ … Public Offerings

Morningstar's & Google's model of raising capital through online auctions- should it be followed by a Corporation?

Morningstar's announcement of taking the online auction route to raise capital in its Initial Public Offering - IPO didn't… [read more]

Lenovo and HP Websites Comparing Two Business Term Paper

… ¶ … Lenovo and HP Websites

Comparing Two Business Websites

The intent of this document is to review the e-business models, channel utilities and conflicts, security strategies, payment processes and initiatives to instill trust in the Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo websites.… [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communications Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations: A Chapter Term Paper

… Cross-Cultural Communications

Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations: A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations

In chapter's one and two, the authors Hendon, Hendon & Herbig (1999) provide an overview of what they refer to as the "art" of negotiations, suggesting negotiations are the… [read more]

Information Technology to Transform a Company Term Paper

… Information Technology to Transform a Company

Transform Company

Before going into the factors that are holding back Teltron from growth, it is worthwhile to have a brief introduction in the realm of Telecom Expense Management --TEM on which this Case… [read more]

Philosophy (Modernism) in the Age Term Paper

… Philosophy (Modernism)

In the age of modernism, which occurred after the Second World War, there occurred an increase in migration among people who were the direct casualties of war, particularly nations in Eastern Europe. This mass migration created sub-cultures in the American society, and acculturation happened among immigrants. Ultimately, this mass migration phenomenon led to the development of a multicultural society in the West, making the United States 'possesses' a special mandate over nations who have sought rehabilitation aid (military and financial aid) from the country. As a result of this mass migration, U.S. became superpower after World War II, giving it the political, financial and even military mandate to provide aid to countries experiencing the effects of World War II, as well as the Cold War. Thus, through the Modernist Project, America helped create and establish the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). In effect, the mass migration in America allowed it to be a superpower and promote the American propaganda that is the Modernist Project.

As a response to the increased development in technologies during the age of modernism, the proliferation of film as an art form developed to become a medium of expression because of the increased clamor for the experience called "persistence of vision." This experience was developed out of the potential that photography held for its audience, wherein the public realized the potential for real events to be recorded at a continuous pace with the help of film and photography. As a result of increased development in technology, and the growth of mass media and popular culture, photography became a continuous art, and later developed as a mass medium, after the emergence… [read more]

IBM International Business Machines Term Paper


International Business Machines

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is one of the largest and well-known enterprises worldwide. The company's success is based on its tradition, innovation capabilities, and high quality products and services. Ever since IBM's establishment in 1911,… [read more]

Business Law Discuss the Doctrine of Promissory Term Paper

… Business Law

Discuss the doctrine of promissory estopple and how it might apply in a business setting. Provide an example.

Promissory estoppel is the doctrine by which a technically non-contractual promise may be made legally enforceable to avoid an injustice,… [read more]

China Cultural Review Term Paper

… CHINA-Cultural Review

Touching upon the delicate issue of cultural discrepancies, Geert Hofstede (2003) has stated:" Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster." In order to… [read more]

Corporate Veil Businesses That Are Incorporated Typically Term Paper

… Corporate Veil

Businesses that are incorporated typically shield principals of the corporation from being held personally responsibility for the debts and liabilities of the corporation. However, under special circumstances, those to whom the corporation is liable will attempt to "pierce the corporate veil," the legal term used to describe an action to have the corporation set aside for purposes of the litigation such that personal liability attaches, and personal assets can be reached (Larson, 2004). The facts and circumstances that may result in a piercing of the corporate view depend upon state law (Lawson, 2004), but generally the plaintiff has to prove that the corporation was set up to either perpetrate a fraud, or show that the incorporation was merely a formality and that the corporation never held proper shareholder meetings to distribute profits as dividends (Piercing the corporate veil).

Factors courts take into consideration to determine if a corporation is legitimate may include (Piercing the corporate veil):

Grossly undercapitalization… [read more]

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