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International Business: Nike Corporation Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,571 words)
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VIII. Competitors:

Nike Corporations Top Competitors are LaCrosse Footwear, Inc., Brown Shoe Company, Inc. And Candie's, Inc.

IX. Future Outlook:

Nike Corporation has reported a record in future sales for the company for the first quarter of 2005.


It is vital that Nike Corporation continue to make progress in reference to working conditions in the third-world country manufacturing plants as well as adjusting the labor costs to a range that is "fair" for the individuals employed by the Corporation. Nike shoes are traditional and are still the number one athletic shoe which, barring any disastrous public relations or business decisions on the part of Nike Corporation will likely be number one in the industry for some time to come.


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2005 First Quarter Earning: Nike Reports First Quarter Earnings Per share up 23% Worldwide Future Orders Increase 9.9%…… [read more]

Competitive Advantage and International Business Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (2,209 words)
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A good example of the clusers is the movie industry in Hollywood, the automotive industry in Detroit and biotechnology in Boston. This means that the company needs to find the right geographical area to invest in order to benefit. There are many reasons why these clusters arise such as availability of resources such as minerals, soil, port facilities, favorable weather,… [read more]

Building an Ecommerce Business Term Paper

Term Paper  |  10 pages (3,920 words)
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Building an E-Commerce Business

It is important that all vehicle owners get wheels that are liked by them, at the lowest possible and within the fastest possible period. It is not enough that wheels function well as probably most wheels in the market now present do, but it is important that buyers check out how the wheels will look on… [read more]

Legal Business Form Implemented Essay

Essay  |  5 pages (1,527 words)
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I will use board of directors in my business because they will come and set up targets that will ensure that my business grows rapidly and effectively. My business will not have many positions since it's a sole proprietor business but it will consist of a management team that will ensure that the operation of the business focuses on its growth and making more profits.

Source of Funding & Financial Requirements for Treme Restaurant

Finally, in sole proprietorship source of funding comes from the business owner's savings, government loans or family and friends fundraising. Personally, my business will get funding from my personal savings and from the Lotto that I just won recently of $70,000. The financial requirements for Treme include money for sustaining it, paying the employees, buying more advanced materials, cost of acquiring what the customers need in the current market, the cost of acquiring a building for the business and marketing it (Vermeulen, 2003).


Fullen, S.L. (2005). Opening a Restaurant or Other Food Business Starter Kit: How to Prepare a Restaurant Business Plan & Feasibility Study. Atlanta: Atlantic Publishing


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Spadaccini, M. (2007). Business Structures: Forming a Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole…… [read more]

Online Venture Business Plan Four Business Plan

Business Plan  |  8 pages (2,497 words)
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Ethical Issues

There are no ethical risks involved as such because the entire process is more or less transparent and reliable.

Potential Risks

The potential risks involved in this online venture are as follows:

The cost of joining the venture and getting the membership renewed are relatively high so many customers cannot be retained.

In certain circumstance, some members do… [read more]

New Invention Business Environment Legal Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (925 words)
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This is one of the most popular forms of business for companies that a larger or that have substantial amount of capital invested in their companies. However, these are generally more complicated to run because of the added requirements necessary to organize the company as a corporation as well as the additional tax requirements in many cases.

One unique business form that bridges some of the advantages of a corporation with the flexibilities found in sole proprietorships is known as a limited liability company. A limited liability company, or LLC, is similar to a partnership but has the legal protections of personal assets that a corporation offers without the burdensome formalities, paperwork and fees; however the exact rules for forming an LLC vary by state (The Wall Street Journal, N.d.). The LLC form was introduced as a way to spur more small business investments and start-ups because it reduces the personal liability that an individual might have and therefore works to reduce the risk that would be found in starting a small business.

The LLC is an ideal way for small businesses to organize themselves. There are also similar arrangements for partnerships and corporations as well. Depending on elections made by the LLC and the number of members, the IRS will treat an LLC as either a corporation, partnership, or as part of the LLC's owner's tax return (a "disregarded entity") (IRS, 2012). However, the exact rules can vary by state as well as what type of industry that the company is operating in. Therefore it is recommended that the individual who wishes to pursue his invention seek local consultation before deciding upon the LLC form of the sole proprietorship.

Many people feel that filling a new business as an LLC is either too complex or too expensive but generally it is not either. Furthermore the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The advantages of filing a LLC include (BizFilings, N.d.):

Protected Assets

Pass-through Taxation

Heightened Credibility

Limited Compliance Requirements

Flexible Management Structure

Few Restrictions

Therefore it is recommended that the individual who wishes to organize a small business to pursue his invention do so by forming a sole proprietorship and it also strongly recommended that they consider filing as a LLC as well.


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Mcdonald's Corporation Business Analysis SWOT

SWOT  |  6 pages (1,828 words)
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Thus, in 2007 McDonald's changed to coffee supplies that have certification from Rainforest Alliance as a way of supporting environment principles. McDonald's has also gotten Repak membership, and it is presently a leading company in waste management. The company has vehicles that patrol and collect litter in areas it operates.

The company also operates its business in an ethical manner. The company believes that sound ethical practices create good business. Accordingly, the company carries out its business in fairness, honesty and integrity, and upholds high standards. This has allowed the company to attract and keep competent employees.

McDonald's tries to assist the local community by getting involved in corporate social responsibility. To this end, the company has a strong principle of giving back to the community; this goal has always set McDonald's apart from its prime competitors. The company has kept that principle to date and it has several charities that the company contributes to including the Ronald McDonald's children home (McDonald website, 2012).


Market analysis in important in improving and ensuring the success of a company, in this market analysis, we have used SWOT analysis to analysis the performance of McDonald's. Accordingly, we have established that McDonald's has continued to succeed because of its strong financial base, good and high quality products and its expansive distribution channels, good location, and good customer orientation are some of the strong points of the company. However, McDonald's faces challenges in ensuring that all its outlets offer similar high quality services. Government policies in various countries continue to pose as a threat in McDonalds's globalization efforts. Nevertheless, McDonald's has continued to do well in its business and it is a good company in which to invest in, because its future remains bright.


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York; Macmillan Press

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Hoover's (2012). McDonald's.…… [read more]

International Business Machines Corporation Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (2,023 words)
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It is their responsibility to instill IBM's pride, motivation and clear perception and to inculcate a strong sense of responsibility in the entire workforce. IBM offers group life insurance (1934), survivor benefits (1935) and paid vacations (1936) to its employees and officers.

Moreover, the Executive Compensation and Management Resources Committee is also governed by the board of directors and cannot decide on any matter independently without the consent of the board. (Report on Executive Compensation)

Part III: Financial Status of International Business Machines Corporation

According to the IBM Archives, the top management at the International Business Machines Corporation held stockholder's meetings in the year 2002 in the states of Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, April 30. In these meetings, the board of directors approved a total of seven- percent augmentation "of regular quarterly cash dividends" (IBM News). According to the JPMorgan Fleming American Investment Trust plc, the following percentage holdings of IBM rate as one of the largest holdings among giants like Pfizer, Microsoft, Citigroup, General Electric, AIG and Verizon.

On 28 February 2003, it had 2.10% of the total holdings

On 31 Jan 2003, it had 2% of the total holdings

On 31 December 2002, it enjoyed 1.9% of the total holdings

On 31 Oct 2002, it had 1.9% of the total holdings

On 31 August 2002, it had 1.80% of the total holdings

On 31 July 2002, IBM had 1.70% of the total holdings

Thus the holdings of IBM kept decreasing until March 31, 2002 when the reports showed its holdings to be 2% of the total holdings in the United States industry. Hence from the above figures, it is evident that though there was marked reduction in the company's holdings, the year 2003 is expected to reap more benefits for the corporation. However, the holdings of IBM as recorded on 31 October 2001 were 2.30%, much higher than to date. Moreover, the revenue data from the 2002-year-end from continuing operations reveals the following valuable information pertaining to the financial status of IBM:

81.2 billion Net income

$5.3 billion Total assets

$96.5 billion Number of employees

315,889 Stockholders of record" (IBM News)


Hence from the above discussion, it is evident that IBM along with other names like Microsoft and Pfizer is basically responsible for the entire process of automation in all kinds of offices and at all levels as is suggested by Jupitermedia Corporation. Analyzing the financial status as well as the contribution of its founders, executives and officers and considering the corporate history of IBM, it is evident that this corporation still has a long way to go and has a bright future.

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IBM… [read more]

Establishing a Corporation Corporate Documents

Corporate Documents  |  4 pages (1,005 words)
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Establishing a Corporation

It is important to note from the onset that each and every state has its own unique requirements and set of rules when it comes to the establishment of a corporation. In this text, I will be seeking to incorporate a business in the state of Alabama. This I will be doing on the instruction of my clients -- Bob Smith and Allen Smith, who have asked me to file the documents necessary for the incorporation of an entity that will be involved in the purchase and sale of vintage American racing vehicles both within the U.S. And abroad.

The very first step of incorporating a business in this particular state is selection of business name. My clients have in this case decided to call their business Brother's Automotive, Inc. The name selected in this case shall be unique and therefore distinguishable from any entity incorporated in this particular state. From the results of my search, the name selected by my clients is available, and hence it has not been used by any other registered business. It is important to note that like is the case in many other states, business entities seeking to incorporate in Alabama must make use of the recommended endings. These according to the Alabama SOS website (2014) include 'corporation' ('Corp.') or 'incorporated' ('Inc.'). The selected name is therefore in compliance with the relevant Alabama state laws.

Specific Requirements for Formation

The process of establishing Brother's Automotive, Inc. will begin on the successful filling of the certificate of formation. However, before that, I will be required to obtain a name reservation certificate (Alabama SOS, 2014). With regard to the filing of the certificate of formation, it is the county probate judge who will in this case forward to the Secretary of State a copy of the certificate (NOLO, 2014). Below, I briefly highlight some of the information I will be required to include in the said articles;


In Alabama, entities seeking to incorporate are allowed to have one or more incorporators. An incorporator in the words of Spadaccini (2007, p. 120) "is the person who organizes a corporation and files its articles of incorporation." This could hence be an individual or individuals who initiate an entity's incorporation process. In this case, the incorporators will be my two clients; Allen Smith and Bob Smith -- the owners of the business.

With regard to the listing requirements, the name and address of each incorporator is a requirement in this case.

There are no eligibility requirements for incorporators.

Purpose of the Corporation

Like is the case in many other states, a corporation in Alabama can be established for the pursuance of any business activity - provided it is lawful. It is a requirement that the corporate purpose be briefly stated in the Articles. The corporate purpose of Brother's Automotive, Inc. will be buying and selling of American vintage sports cars.


The minimum number of directors as per the Alabama state laws is one. It… [read more]

Apple Corporation and Ethics Essay

Essay  |  8 pages (2,499 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


But instead of taking stock of its available resources to at least reduce the already exposed and publicized abusive management practices in its supply chain, Apple chose to minimize the cost of its business practices, which even pressure suppliers to resort to cutting corners in production. The intricate designs and very high demand for iPhones in addition to low margins… [read more]

GMC Corporation Opportunities to Improve International Business in Dubai UAE Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,749 words)
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GMC Corporation

Over the several years, Dubai has quickly become a developing luxury car market with rapid growth. Part of the reason for this is because the country is known as a desert oasis that is attracting large amounts of tourism and foreign direct investment capital. This has caused the total number of foreigners to increase dramatically. Where, they are… [read more]

Small Business Management Challenges Essay

Essay  |  50 pages (16,727 words)
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B & B. Custom Woodworks, Inc. has been in operation since March of 2007 in the Chesapeake, Virginia area. It began as a sole proprietor business that specializes in custom woodwork, and personalized service business. In 2009, the business incorporated and now operates as an " S" Corporation in the State of Virginia. The focus of the business is to… [read more]

Outsourcing Business and Society in the Twenty-First Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,574 words)
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Business and Society in the Twenty-First Century: A Brief History and Analysis of Outsourcing

One of the largest and most controversial trends in the business world today is the increasing reliance on outsourcing for a variety of business need, from data entry to customer service. Increasingly efficient and reliable telecommunications technologies and other technological and geopolitical forces have made… [read more]

Corporations and Big Business Thesis

Thesis  |  1 pages (321 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 1


¶ … Emergence of the Corporation in America

The United States is a world center for commerce and capital development, owing to an expansive and entrenched corporate culture. But as the article by C.W. Carey denotes, this identity was all but nonexistent at the turn of the 19th century. In an article entitled Corporations and Big Business, Carey details the inflection point when the events of history converged to create the economic orientation after which much of the world's economy is now modeled.

Using the railroad industry as a point of reference -- primarily because it was really the first industry to necessitate corporate structure in the U.S. -- the article describes an intercession of legal and technological changes which dictated the emergence of the corporation. First and foremost, the United States government had begun to recognize the commercial importance of easing trade and enterprise limitations between states. As the Carey text tells, the streamlining of the process by which…… [read more]

E-Commerce Plan Nintendo's Global Leadership Thesis

Thesis  |  10 pages (2,844 words)
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e-Commerce Plan

Nintendo's global leadership in the development, marketing, promotion, sales and service of their best-selling gaming modules, gaming software and interactive games has also created exceptional growth for third party games, development kits and accessories. The intent of this e-commerce venture plan is to create an e-commerce business that offers Nintendo gaming modules, gaming software and interactive games both… [read more]

Computers and the Internet E-Commerce Proposal Business Proposal

Business Proposal  |  7 pages (3,039 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 8


Computers and the Internet

Internet e-Commerce Proposal

The intent of this e-commerce proposal for PZE Puzzles is to first compare the e-commerce strategies of their three dominant competitors in the U.K. including Accolade Publishing, Clarity Media, and Puzzler. A competitive analysis of their three most competitive processes as they relate to their e-commerce strategies online are analyzed, followed by a… [read more]

Ford Motors Corp -- Business Proposal Change Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  10 pages (2,714 words)
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Ford Motors Corp -- Business Proposal

Change affects all features of the every day life and probably most of these changes are due to globalization -- one of the buzzwords of the twenty-first century. Basically meaning a transfer of cultural, technological, political and economic values from one country to another, the forces of globalization have resulted in more choices for… [read more]

Business Proposal in Ghana Business Proposal

Business Proposal  |  20 pages (5,365 words)
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Business Proposal in Ghana

Giam's Clothing:

Business Proposal in Ghana

Company Description

Giam's Clothing is an apparel manufacturer which produces clothing articles for the American middle class. The company was founded in 1990 by current chief executive officer John Whitehouse. The middle size company has little over one hundred employees and an annual turnover of 1.5 billion dollars. The firm… [read more]

Ecommerce the Online Business Idea Term Paper

Term Paper  |  2 pages (413 words)
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The online business idea that I would like to pursue is a resume writing and career consulting business. With the increase importance in resume writing, the decrease ability of people to write good business writing, and the intense job market, there is a high demand for this type of business. This fact can be seen by the numerous companies currently offering such services. With the use of an Internet-based business, much of the work can be done with little to no "face contact" and the business can be opened twenty-four hours, thus attracting an international clientele.

The way the business would work is that a customer would log onto the user-friendly site and choose a specified product. Based on their selection, they would be required to enter relevant information and upload existing resumes, etc. The customer would then enter their payment information. Their order will then be placed with a professional resume writer, who would then use the provided information and contact the customer, if needed, to draft a satisfactory resume and supporting document.

The costs of setting up such a business are minimal beyond the web hosting and design and the payment of writers, who will be independent contractors. The greatest ongoing expense will…… [read more]

Dream Business Business Plan

Business Plan  |  6 pages (1,740 words)
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Please find a print-out at the end of this work.

Filing Office: The LLC Operating Agreement needs to be filed with the following LLC Filing Office: Department of State, Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code, 41 State Street, Albany, NY 12231, Tel [HIDDEN] Filing Fees: The filing fee is $200. The Department of State's Division of Corporations accepts MasterCard and Visa for the payment of fees. Complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit it to the Division of Corporations with your Articles of Organization. The Credit Card Authorization Form is available from the Department of State's website at http://dos.state.ny.us/corp/creditcard.html or by calling (518) [HIDDEN]

Expedited Processing: For an additional, non-refundable fee, as indicated, the Division of Corporations will ensure that a document is processed within the following time frames: (1) within 2 hours for an additional fee of $150; (2) the same day for an additional fee of $75; and (3) within 24 hours for an additional fee of $25. The additional, non-refundable fee for expedited processing must be paid by a separate check or money order or indicated in the appropriate space on the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Publication of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): According to New York Limited Liability Company Law, limited liability companies that are formed or authorized to do business in New York must publish a "notice of… [read more]

Government and Business Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,636 words)
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Despite many governmental and quasi-governmental levels of consumer protection, consumers still face a wide variety of risks. What are your recommendations, on a governmental and quasi-governmental level, for reducing these risks?

To reduce the underlying amounts of risk facing consumers, the government needs to introduce policies that will provide added protections. While at the same time, they must ensure that any kind of laws do not interfere with the ability of firms to deliver the final product or service to the markets. One possible approach that can be used to address these issues is to create a basic policy that will protect the interests of the general public. Then, you can have businesses figure out how they could cost effectively implement these kinds of provisions, as part of their business model (in a cost effect manner) (Plumber, 2011).

If this kind of strategy could be used, it will reduce the total amounts of tension that corporations will have about new regulations. The reason why, is because they are figuring out to follow these provisions without hurting their bottom line numbers. This will allow them to increase productivity and profit margins. When this is occurring, the basic guidelines will create workable standard that everyone will follow. On the quasi and governmental levels, this will help to improve the overall amounts of regulation. As this approach, is reducing any kind of animosity about possible changes. Instead, it is focused on having everyone work together to solve the larger issues. This will prevent efforts in the future to limit these regulations, as there is this will not interfere with a firm's earnings (Plumber, 2011).


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so-simple/2011/10/28/gIQA4YeSPM_blog.html… [read more]

Sustainable Business Development Wal-Mart Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,061 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


Sustainable Business Development

Wal-Mart is one of the leading corporations at the global level and the ultimate leader of the American retailing industry. The strong position of the company within the national industry is further more attested nowadays, as the economy poses immense risks for the companies. In this setting nevertheless, Wal-Mart continues to thrive and to register increasing revenues and profits (Website of the Wal-Mart Stores, 2012).

The success of Wal-Mart can be attributed to two specific elements:

The ability to attract consumers through the offering of the lowest possible price, and the creation of scale economies and competitive advantages that help it operate in an efficient manner to minimize costs and maximize results.

In other words, the business approach implemented by Wal-Mart was one based on operational efficiency and cost reduction to a minimum. This approach allowed them to provide customers with the lowest possible price, attracting as such millions of price sensitive consumers in America, but also across other global regions as well.

Still, the business model implemented by Wal-Mart has widely been criticized. In other words, stakeholders from both within as well as outside the firm have pin pointed to numerous shortages of collaborating with Wal-Mart. These are best centralized in Robert Greenwald's 2005 documentary Wal-Mart: the high cost of low price. In it, the following issues are forwarded:

Wal-Mart cut personnel costs to a minimum by offering its employees minimum wages and not providing them with adjacent benefits, including adequate health care

Wal-Mart asked its employees to put in long hours and did not pay them for the extra effort. One employee recollects that she would often be asked to complete hour long tasks, ten minutes before her shift was over. Since the task had been assigned during her shift, she would not be paid for the additional time spent in the firm.

The Wal-Mart employees have also argued that they felt discriminated against, especially when competing for managerial positions. The company has the good habit of promoting its own employees into middle management functions, but they seem to prefer white males rather than any other category.

Customers have often complained that the quality of the products, as well as the services at Wal-Mart is decreased. The low quality of the services could be pegged to the low levels of satisfaction on the part of the staff members, and the low quality of the products could be pegged to the fact that the company strives to import products from the most cost effective regions and to save on transportation as well. The quality of the products tends to decrease throughout these transportation and long storage processes.

Local farmers often point out that their fresh produce are being lost as a result of natural decay as Wal-Mart imports its fresh produce, allowing the local crops to rot and subsequently causing impressive financial losses to the farmers

Customers and employees alike have complained that Wal-Mart filled its stores with cameras and security agents to prevent any thefts,… [read more]

Growth Sustainable Business Plan Organizational Business Plan

Business Plan  |  7 pages (2,555 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


Thus, Systemic Software Technology sometimes experience shortage of IT staff who possess the required skill for the development of software. To address this shortcoming, the organization is always on the look out for the highly skilled IT professionals. Moreover, the organization always provides in-house training for employee to ensure that they serve organizational needs.

5: Resources Required for the Plan… [read more]

International Business Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (904 words)
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International business is a term that is used to describe issues that relating to a firm's operations with interests in many countries. Such firms are referred to as multinational corporations. The main important area of concern in the international business arena is cultural considerations. These include dissimilarity in living standards, law and legal systems, climate, language barriers and many others (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2010, 1-2). All of these issues need to be understood for an multinational in order to have success in a venture overseas. However, the increased competitiveness is worth the risk and the trouble of diversification by operating overseas.

Many companies and get into international business because of the existence of the competitive environment. This competitive environment compels companies to move on further rather than in staying at the same size by focusing simply quality. Another reason is the fear of loosing the customers.

If a company does not show sustainable growth then competitors will move ahead and the chances of loosing of customers will increase (ibid., 3-4). Other general reasons include the following: political changes like economic changes and those in the regulation of work and safety that include cost of production. If there shows an increase in the cost of production at home, the company has to look for places where the cost of production is reasonable for them.

Four major objectives compel a company to go for international business, including enlarging sales, to successfully acquire resources, diversification of the sources of the company's sales and to look out for diversification of supplies (ibid., 5-6). Since the 1980s, global competition has become very important for the world and its economic development. Companies that are multinational are involved processes taking place in the international business environment.

The business world has nearly always relied heavily upon contractual agreements for the conduct of business. But what happens when one takes away the physical contractual and everything is agreed upon through the spoken word? Business ethics is an old discipline and can be applied successfully to the everyday international business world. International business is similar to national business in many ways. However, there are also significant differences that on must take into account for the achievement of successful international strategies (ibid., 58-60).

The main problem in international business is to overcome the differences in national cultures that manifest themselves so often. One finds that international business operates in many countries with widely different cultures. In this way, the formal parameters of starting new business overseas can be implemented when it is used in different cultural environments. This then leads to different results.

However, international companies can face serious challenges. These include issues and solutions about what products or services should be attractive…… [read more]

Security Overview Businesses Today Research Paper

Research Paper  |  13 pages (3,366 words)
Style: Turabian  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


Security Overview

Businesses today are faced with a range of security challenges unlike any of those that their predecessors have ever faced. Among these different challenges are the physical protection of the building and the protection of data and intellectual property. This may sound like a relatively easy mission; however, each of these two types of security has a number… [read more]

E-Commerce and Organizational Learning Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,199 words)
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eCommerce and Organizational Learning

Discuss how utilizing Information Technology in e-commerce could improve both individual and organizational learning.

The accumulation of knowedlge and insight within the context of any online strategy is beneficial to the long-term learning of an enterprise. The breadth and depth of learning that is achievable from the accumulated experiences of initiating, maintaining and continually improving e-commerce strategies is significant both from a financial and operational standpoint (Abrahams, Singh, 2010). Individual and organizational learning is enhanced and strengthened by the accumulated investment of time and resources to improve transaction workflows, increase the level of pricing accuracy, and fine-tune catalog management and merchandising innovation (Fomin, King, Lyytinen, McGann, 2005).

Learning benefits from a personal standpoint accrue rapidly for those involved in the daily management of these initiatives internally, as e-commerce platforms often require an intensive level of cognitive, financial, marketing and Web-based knowledge to succeed. These four areas are where individuals involved in e-commerce discover their innate strengths over time and master specific aspects of e-commerce strategy and system execution. Individual learning is also accelerated from the standpoint of defining which specific strategies generate the highest and lowest levels of trust with potential and existing customers as well (Ratnasingam, 2005). All of these factors contribute to the learning experiences of individuals, and are accelerated and clarified by the role of information technologies used in e-commerce. Over time, organizations move rapidly down the experience curve of their specific e-commerce strategies and gain a core competency in them. Organizational learning is more long-term in scope as the intelligence, insight and knowledge needs to permeate the culture and processes of an organization to make a significant impact on institutional and corporate learning in aggregate (Ratnasingam, 2005).

A secondary aspect of this learning process is the development of core competency and expertise in specific process areas as well. An effective e-commerce strategy is actually comprised of a series of highly complex, integrated and often it-constrained business processes that must work together for the online strategies to function correctly. The need for process-based expertise at the individual level and corporate-wide is also a very strong catalyst of organizational learning. The integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems into e-commerce processes and strategies is critical to their success, and presents many opportunities for individual and corporate learning due to the critical and complex nature of these systems (Tsai, Hung, 2008). Individual and organizational learning is therefore achieved by the continual need to translate lessons learned in using these systems to the actual functioning of the e-commerce sites themselves (Gunasekaran, McGaughey, McNeil, 2004). Translating lessons learned into knowledge a company can use also forces a level of discipline and focus on both individuals and organizations to ensure learning is translated into competitive advantage through knowledge transfer at the enterprise system level (Tsai, Hung, 2008).

Describe how e-commerce could help in creating and operating a team learning environment.

The use of e-commerce today including the insights and intelligence gained from integrating systems, processes and extending these… [read more]

Mcdonald's Corporation How Recent Economic Trends Essay

Essay  |  8 pages (2,505 words)
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McDonald's Corporation

How recent economic trends are influencing the business

The recent global financial crisis that hit America the hardest affected almost all industries and sectors, including the fast food industry. However, looking at the financial performance of McDonald's the company only suffered slight decrease of revenue in 2007, but recovered the following year and has continued to show a… [read more]

UPS Corporation Business Analysis Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,837 words)
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UPS Corporation Business Analysis

The business that UPS or United Parcel Service is in is a matter of being able to satisfy customers, and remaining ahead of competition. It was FedEx who first introduced a wireless network application in order to keep track of the document as well as parcel shipments, but this forced UPS to come out with a… [read more]

E-Business to Customer E-Commerce Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,555 words)
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Business to Customer E-Commerce, or B. 2 C. As it is commonly known, is when companies sell products or services to the customer, over the Internet. Amazon.com, the online bookseller that launched its operations in 1995, and rapidly established itself as one of the most important retailers of books on the World Wide Web, and it is one of… [read more]

E-Commerce and Organizational Learning Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,184 words)
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eCommerce and Organizational Learning

Improving the Performance of an Online University Using e-Commerce

Making the most of e-commerce platforms and technologies in the context of an online university needs to include strategies for increasing operational performance across the courses offered to helping students attain the educational goals they are enrolled to achieve. From the strategic aspects of integrating e-commerce platforms into each departments' information systems, to the support for the many suppliers an online university relies on an e-commerce platform just have the ability to support a wide variation in business models and processes. The value of e-commerce platforms and technologies is in unifying diverse business models and making them more centered on and responsive to customers' needs (Chung-Shing, 2001). The greater the integration and cohesive experience delivered by an e-commerce system the greater the level of trust customers have in the services promised and products sold (Beatty, Reay, Dick, Miller, 2011). For an online university, all of these factors are critical to its success, from the back-office integration to the student experience online, and the inclusion of services to support both students and faculty. The intent of this analysis is to define strategies for improving both individual and organizational learning by using e-commerce. The ability to tailor individualized learning programs to students, a technique called scaffolding, is enabled with the latest generation of e-commerce technologies (Najjar, 2008). Combining e-commerce and e-learning shows significant potential in this area as well.

Accelerating Online University Performance with e-Commerce

At the center of what makes any university successful is the ability to transparently and quickly share both explicit and tacit knowledge throughout the organization. As the university's core business model is providing students with the most efficient means possible to get to their educational goals, the underlying e-commerce systems must integrate the diverse back-office and customer-facing systems so real-time analytics and data can be quickly shared. One of the most powerful aspects of having a unified, enterprise-wide e-commerce platform supporting a services business is the ability to make every interaction with a customer (and student) count, contributing to greater growth (Goldberg, Sifonis, 1998). Creating a highly efficient enterprise begins by integrating legacy, 3rd party, financial, operational, customer and student-facing systems around a common set of objectives and metrics (Barsauskas, Sarapovas, Cvilikas, 2008). For the online university to excel at e-commerce there needs to be a common set of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that the entire organization is galvanized around and believes in. These metrics and KPIs, reporting on dashboards internally, will explain hwo well the university is doing in orchestrating the many functional areas of the business model. This is the core foundation of any successful e-commerce business model, despite what many believe based on what they see on the veneer or surface. It is the real-time integration of these diverse systems and processes that leads to greater cost reductions, higher levels of efficiencies and greater customer satisfaction as a result (Kumar, Petersen, 2006). For the university to succeed with its… [read more]

Corporation Definition a Business Entity Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (711 words)
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Corporation Definition

A business entity can take the form of one of several legal organizations, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The four basic business entities include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Furthermore, these companies can be divided into non-profit and for-profit organizations depending on the goals of the company. Corporations are unique in the way that they are structured and the power that the entity possesses, as opposed to other organizations.

A sole proprietorship is run by a self-employed individual "who operates a trade or business where all the tax consequences fall to that proprietor, including liabilities, debts, profits, and losses" (RMS Accounting, 2001). A partnership requires that two or more people enter into a contractual agreement as to how the business is to be run and how profits and losses will be shared. While a partnership is a separate entity for tax purposes, the partnership does not pay taxes as it is "a form of a conduit where income, losses, credits, and certain deductions are passed along to the partners' tax situation instead" (RMS Accounting, 2001). Like a sole proprietorship, partners in this organization do not have liability protection. A limited liability company (LLC) combines features found in a partnership with those found in a corporation. In order for an organization to qualify as an LLC, it must incorporate at least two of the main components of a corporation such as continuity, centralized management, and/or transferability of ownership.

A corporation can be defined as a "separate, legal entity formed through a state charter using articles of incorporation" (RMS Accounting, 2001). A corporation is authorized to perform all the basic business activities that an individual can perform "such as filing and paying taxes, signing contracts, and making loans" (RMS Accounting, 2001). Furthermore, a corporation is often formed through the issuance of stocks or securities, which help to generate revenue for the corporation. While a corporation can exist indefinitely and does not need to be dissolved after a management or ownership change, as a partnership could, it can be held liable for its actions and be prosecuted and punished if it…… [read more]

Legal Structure of Business Case Study

Case Study  |  4 pages (1,397 words)
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A franchisee who gets involved with McDonalds as a corporation still has risk. Corporations are not licenses to get away with anything and simply walk away free and clear when things go bad. For example, it generally costs between $500,000 and $750,000 to invest in and be awarded a franchise. McDonalds will not franchise to people (or corporations) that have no capital. If something goes wrong, the corporation (and thus the people or persons owning and operating it) could easily lose that money. If the corporation has other assets, they could also be taken and sold to pay off debt or satisfy the judgment of a lawsuit. However, the advantage that franchisees have when they open a franchise as a corporation is this: the liability is generally limited to the corporation. That means that personal assets like cars and homes are generally not able to be taken. The law is complicated and there may be some exceptions to this rule, but overall there is no real concern that a franchisee who owns his or her franchise as a corporation can be held personally liable if there is a problem with the franchise itself. Corporations do not protect their owners 100%, but they are often believed to be safer. Of course, they also cost more to operate.

The cost of incorporation can be quite high. Depending on the nature of the business, the legal requirements in a particular state, and other issues, thousands of dollars can be spent setting up a corporation. Then there is the matter of profit. With a sole proprietorship, the profit is all going to go to the person who owns the franchise. A partnership will see the profit split between partners. In a corporation, there may be many people who have to get paid. Running a corporation, especially if it is a larger one and/or experiencing growth, is a full-time job. It takes more than just a couple of people, and each one of those people has to get paid for what they do. That seriously cuts down on the profits that the franchisee will receive, but he or she might feel as though that is a fair trade-off for the protection afforded to him or her by the more complicated corporate structure.

In the end, all McDonalds franchisees, and franchisees of any other company have to decide what is best for them. If they have many assets they want to protect, and they do not want the liability risk of operating a business where things could go wrong on a serious and expensive level, then they should consider incorporating. The lower amount of profit they will receive is generally mitigated quite nicely by the fact that their personal assets are not at risk if there is a lawsuit against the franchise. Anyone considering opening up a McDonalds franchise would be wise to consult with a lawyer and discuss his or her options thoroughly. That way, the best and most logical decision for that person can… [read more]

Impact of Big Data on Business Strategy Term Paper

Term Paper  |  20 pages (5,673 words)
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¶ … Big Data on Business Strategy

Business Strategies

The competitive nature of today's business environment is driving companies to use technology driven business strategies (Berman & Hagan, 2006, p.28). Big Data and technology are undoubtedly impacting on business strategy progression. The research indicates that Big Data offers real-time application, which allows businesses to move information to analytics tools from… [read more]

Harvard Business Case Analysis Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (1,962 words)
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Appex Case Analysis

Summary of Significant Problems and Issues

Appex Corporation has experienced hyper growth as a result of favorable market dynamics in the management information systems and intercarrier network services industry for cellular telephone companies. The company founder and CEO, Brain Boyle, who was primarily a technologist, was not prepared or trained for the many leadership and organizational challenges… [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

Business Plan  |  15 pages (4,891 words)
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As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat… [read more]

Business America Is a Nation Term Paper

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In relation to American business culture, the hierarchical chain of command surpasses individual relationships (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

Furthermore, individual competence, professionalism, and responsibility for personal performance are significant in American business culture. For this reason, subordinate seek help from managers incase of complex cases. These are concepts that also contribute to extremely work ethic often faced in America. As opposed to some Asian countries, America is reluctant in supporting the development of personal relationships within business culture. In America, the general goal of business is to preserve a quality deal, thus, developing company relationships are of significant value. Americans are very clear in making distinctions between the workmates and friends in their daily life. In America, business meetings remain formal and minimum time is for nurturing social relationships (Law 145- 9).

Greetings / handshake

It is customary in America that meetings starts and ends with a concise and firm handshake. In addition, business people should maintain direct eye contact during the greetings or handshake in order to portray an aspect of sincerity, interest and confidence. In addition, the exchange of business cards is a normal affair in America and this does not require any rules or rituals in the course of the exchange. Business cards in American business environment are a resource for future information. This process of exchange takes place mostly during introductions or at the end of business deals (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

In the process of making business negotiations, it is imperative to note that the main agenda of most business discussions is entering into a contractual agreement. Negotiations serve as moments of solving business problems based on shared benefits and individual strengths. For that reason, emphasis should focus on the financial position and power. Further, those conducting business in U.S. should also understand the significance of the set business rules and guidelines (Ball, Et al. 132- 146)

Finally, Hofstede dimensions play a significant role for most of the American businesses. The first dimensions that business persons should embrace is the Distance Power Index (DPI) dimension. This is relative to individual equality between groups of other persons. The second dimension covers the aspects of Individualism (IDV). Indication of high scores portrays a powerful sense of individual independence and accountability. The next Hofstede's cultural dimension is the Masculinity (MAS). This dimension covers two significant aspects. One of the aspects is gender sensitivity. According to this dimension, the values of women remain similar in all areas. Women are capable of conducting business like men and they should have equal opportunity (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

On the other hand, this dimension demonstrated that the values of men vary. This is because men are assertive and portray competitive qualities. In this case, the dimension that constitutes the world averages is 50. This average is similar to Canada's world average. This clearly indicates that there exists comparative balance between female male qualities in this country. China reports 66, Australia (61), and USA (62). The fourth and dimension is… [read more]

Environmental Issues, Business Ethics Research Paper

Research Paper  |  10 pages (2,756 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 5


In addition, Lebanon lacks analogous regulatory elements that uphold ethics programs. Companies in the region focus on their initiatives that contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company.

Corporate integrity and ethics can also fall on this focus, but they hardly focused on it. The type of business here aims in moneymaking. The initiatives include good governance within the company… [read more]

Business and Society Social Performance KG Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,467 words)
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Business and Society: Social Performance

Primary stakeholders refer to a group or people that engage in economic transactions, with a business firm as it carries out its daily business activities of providing the society with goods or services. These primary stakeholders engage in a unique relationship with the firm, or a two-way exchange. These people comprise the customers, employees, suppliers,… [read more]

Advise for Business Structure Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (1,613 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 7


Business Structure

John and Fred are thinking about going into business together. To facilitate this, they need to first figure out how they would like to organize the business. The business is going to be related to their mutual hobby of picture framing. They plan to open a small shop in Surry Hills, where they can handle the retail side… [read more]

Multinational Corporation Expansion Wal-Mart Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (2,537 words)
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The flexible monetary system will make the new Wal-Mart store to be opened in Australia to do well, because the value of money will be determined by the market forces. In this case, there will be few incidences where individuals or powerful businesses determined the value of the Australian dollar vs. The American dollar. This form of monetary exchange system… [read more]

E-Commerce How Do Business-Oriented Networks Questionnaire

Questionnaire  |  2 pages (746 words)
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Experience management team is likely to avoid errors that could otherwise cripple the operations of the business organization much further (Doughty, 2001).

3. In Chapter 10 read the Opening Case on pages 514-515 and answer the following questions:

a) What sort of micropayment system should it use in order to run this business profitably?

Closed-loop systems/account-based systems or product. Under such a system, consumers of online products are expected to open an account with the online-based company that facilitates exchange of products and services between the consumer and the business organization. Some effective plans allow the consumer to make purchases to a given total before cumulative deduction is done. On the other hand, other effective plans operate on the prepaid basis. Such options are viable to such a business (Bidgoli, 2002).

b) What types of business and legal issues would it encounter in this business?

The business may not make economic sense in the end as some consumers may decide to share or redistribute the products acquired to others. This may be done freely or at a lower cost. For example, a single consumer may access a whole book or part of the book and redistribute it to others in the iTunes or e-books (Bidgoli, 2002). It is like that infringement of patent rights and the number of infringement lawsuits are may rise.

c) Besides the book and music business, describe some other online business where micropayments are or would be critical to success.

Micropayments are equally critical for the success of businesses dealing with the sale of online games and software. The penetration of ICT and more so internet-enabled devices has seen the demand of software skyrocketing. The challenging that has faced developers of software application is on how to sell their products to consumers located at diverse location across the globe. However, with the advent of online micropayment systems such as PayPal, which allow transactions of less than $12 to take place, the challenges are being eradicated.


Bidgoli, H. (2002). Electronic Commerce: Principles and Practice. New York: Academic Press.

Doughty, K. (2001). Business Continuity Planning: Protecting Your Organization's Life. Sydney: Auerbach Publishers.

Wang, K., & George, K.L. (2006). Knowledge Enterprise: Intelligent…… [read more]

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies: Nestle Research Paper

Research Paper  |  6 pages (1,913 words)
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In order to maintain its market share and customer base, Nestle has to consider all these competitive environmental forces while designing and implementing its strategies. On the whole, Nestle is more competitive in its differentiation strategy while Unilever has achieved cost leadership in most of its product categories.

Performance in the Slow-Cycle and Fast Cycle Markets

Nestle and Unilever are equally competitive firms in the foods, beverages, and personal care products manufacturing industry. They possess strong financial position, brand loyalty, and large customer base which can help them survive and compete in all types of market conditions. The cost leadership strategy of Unilever can give it a competitive advantage in both slow cycle and fast cycle markets (Paley, 2006). On the other hand, the differentiation strategy of Nestle cannot give useful results in the slow cycle market situation. Reason being, consumers tend to expend less amount on their favorite products when there are tight market conditions or slow competitive efforts by the key industry participants (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong, 2010).

Unilever can take advantage from its highly efficient manufacturing capabilities in order to maintain its low cost leadership whereas Nestle can survive if it succeeds in persuading its potential consumers to prefer its products which are unique, innovative, and of the best quality. The fast paced environment can pose some additional threats to both these manufacturers by requiring them to react faster and more cautiously to the rapidly changing consumer demands, industry patterns, supply and demand conditions, and strategic investments by other industry participants (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009).


Blythe, J., & Megicks, P. (2010). Marketing Planning: Strategy, Environment and Context, 3rd Edition. U.K: Prentice Hall

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Nestle, (2012). Creating Shared Value. Retrieved on May 26th, 2013, from

Nestle, (2012). Compliance. Retrieved on May 26th, 2013, from

Paley, N.…… [read more]

Business Plan for an Imaginary Software Company Business Plan

Business Plan  |  16 pages (5,030 words)
Bibliography Sources: 16


¶ … business plan for an imaginary software company, Techno soft which aims to enter South Asian market as a part of its international business expansion strategy. The paper is divided into different sections. The first section presents an ample introduction to the company; its location, products, mission, vision, and strategy, the source of competitive advantage, and the nature of… [read more]

Zara Marketing and E-Commerce Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,783 words)
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Virtual stores can be visited unlimited number of times and items can be received either at home or a nearest store within 2-5 days. According to Lopez and Fan "Zara's vertical integration of design, just-in-time manufacturing, delivery and sales; flexible structure; low inventory rule; quick response policy and advanced information technology enable a quick response to customer's changing demands" (Lopez and Fan, 2009, p.281). Consumers can customize their products online and place an order which can receive by them in a very short period. Zara's new e-commerce growth strategy is perfect not only for the new markets but also for its loyal customers who know the brand, its quality and the comfortable fit that Zara has provided them for years.


Deatsch, K. (2012). "Zara will add home goods to its U.S. e-retail ensemble." Internet Retailer, Portal to E-Commerce Intelligence. Published Sept 28, 2012. Retrieved Dec 05, 2012.


Dishman, L. (2011). "H&M and Zara Duke It Out for U.S. Online Sales While Urban Outfitters Moves on Face book." Forbes. Published Aug 31, 2011. Retrieved Dec 05, 2012.


Jing Daily. (2012). "Zara Jumps On China's E-Commerce Bandwagon." The Business of Luxury and Culture in China. Published Sept 4, 2012. Retrieved Dec 05, 2012.


Kenna, A. (2011). Zara Plays Catch-Up with Online Shoppers. Bloomberg Business-week Magazine. Published August 25, 2011. Retrieved Dec 05, 2012.


Lopez, C and Fan, Y. (2009). Internationalization of the Spanish Fashion Brand Zara. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. Brunel Business School, 13:2, 279-296.

Murphy, R. (2008), "Expansion Boosts Inditex Net," Women's Wear Daily, April 1

Zhenxiang, W and Lijie,…… [read more]

Business as an Ethical Calling Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,383 words)
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One of the greatest sticking points for many companies is that of the ethics of employing workers in developing nations for low wages. Using lower-wage workers enables the company to sell products at a lower price point, making them more accessible to a wider range of American consumers. But critics contend that it is unfair for large, wealthy corporations to pay workers a pittance, while they make products for the first world which they could ill-afford to buy themselves. Large companies also do not necessarily invest in the infrastructure of the developing world nations out of which they operate. However, others believe that such labor can help workers. An example of a beneficial arrangement is the college sports apparel company Knights Apparel, which opened up an 'experimental' factory in the Dominican Republic which pays workers a living wage. "Paying the 120 workers the 'living wage' -- or $500 a month -- means the factory's cost will be $4.80 a T-shirt, 80 cents or 20% more than if it paid minimum wage. Knights will absorb a lower-than-usual profit margin, selling the shirts for $8 wholesale, with most retailers marking them up to $18" (Conor 2010). However, because Knights Apparel is a privately-held company, it does not have to answer to shareholders.

Ethical conduct can have an important role in 'branding' a company in a manner that can be salutary for the company's long-term future. Competing on the low-price model alone is not the only way to build a brand name. A good example of this is Whole Foods, a company which sells organic produce with no artificial ingredients. Although Whole Foods is priced at a higher price point than general supermarkets, it has still proven to be extremely popular. Whole Foods advertises that it is an ethical business, as well as offers ethical food. According to Whole Foods: "Our Whole Planet Foundation fights poverty through micro-lending in communities around the world that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products. We underwrite the administrative costs so every dollar donated goes directly to those who need it most" ("Community giving," Whole Foods, 2012). Its 'branding' of ethics is essential to its success -- else why would people pay more to shop at Whole Foods? Of course, the problem is that when Whole Foods has been criticized for its moral behavior, it looses more brand credibility than Wal-Mart or another organization that advertises itself primarily upon its price point.

The mission statement of Whole Foods and companies with a similar vision underlines the idea that the 'ethical' behavior of a firm must take into consideration the need to be profitable, but also the fact that the firm operates out of a community context, on which it is dependent. It is also dependent upon the good will of the community and must earn the community's trust. As well as being legally compliant, firms must honor their existence within a community of diverse stakeholders. "Normative ethical stakeholder theory articulates the view that a business firm ought… [read more]

E-Commerce, Efficiency Research Paper

Research Paper  |  10 pages (3,311 words)
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For the purpose of marketing the segment starts from people of 15 years of age and above. Since these people belong to the income group that have a high purchasing power, a large number of this people from this segment are smart phone users. iPhone and Android are especially gaining popularity among youngsters. This provides immense scope for Brokerage house… [read more]

E-Commerce Communications Electronic Term Paper

Term Paper  |  20 pages (6,773 words)
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Types of internet-based EDI: Internet e-mail can be used in place of value added network to support the transfer of data in EDI. Alternatively, companies can create extranet systems through which trading partners can exchange information in web form, whose fields correspond to the fields in EDI messages. The third option is for companies to make use of the services… [read more]

Online Business Expansion Plan: Hot Research Paper

Research Paper  |  14 pages (5,114 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 14


If customers cannot be properly reached, or if the message that gets to them is not clear or appropriate for the target audience, the company may find that it is not getting orders and bringing in new customers (Allison & Kaye, 2005). It may not actually understand why this is taking place, which is a serious concern when it comes… [read more]

Featuring an Analysis Research Paper

Research Paper  |  13 pages (3,772 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


In addition, a large proportion of the firm's products come from coffee, and other beverages. This suggests that with the rising prices of coffee bean, the company takes advantage and increases the consumer products. In so doing, the competitors have realized this weakness. For instance, McDonald and Dunkin Donuts, who are the main competitors, have used this weakness to their… [read more]

United Airlines Term Paper

Term Paper  |  7 pages (2,508 words)
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¶ … information technology help a company in competing with its rivals. It focuses on United Airlines and discusses its performance in the field of competition. The paper also discusses Porter's model of five forces according to the situation of the company and the industry. The paper also emphasizes on various systems and their applicability on the company. In the… [read more]

Disney Corporation Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (989 words)
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¶ … Disney Corporation and its approach to motivation. The Walt Disney Corporation was founded in 1923 as Walt Disney Studios. They produced animated and live action films at the company, and grew after the stunning success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1939. Today, Disney has branched out into theme parks, merchandise, film studios, and television networks. They are a huge, worldwide corporation that offers a wide variety of goods and services, and they have a long history of business success.

Their finances are extremely healthy at the Disney Corporation. Their 2009 earnings, (all earnings are in millions), were $36,149, 2008 were $37,843, 2007 were $35,510, 2006 were $33,747, and 2005 were $31, 374 (Selected Financial Data, 2010, p. 28). They rose in every year except 2009, even rising in 2008 when the first affects of the current recession took effect. It is the 60th largest company in the top 500 rankings, and it is well diversified in many different media areas. Disney employs hundreds of thousands of people in its many divisions, and for many, it is an extremely rewarding and positive experience.

One of the motivational items Disney has over its employees is the Disney name. Just about everyone knows about the "Magic Kingdom" the characters, the rides, the excitement, and the enjoyment. Working in one of Disney's theme parks captures all those things. In fact, theme park workers are known as "cast members," and potential employees are referred to as "Disney employment clients" (Scott, 2005, p. 6). They have a complex employment system because they manage so many operations with very different job duties, from film production to entertainment, creative processes, media and journalism, and even sports. Those employees who work in the parks represent the original Disney core values of employment. They follow strict guidelines as to how they interact with guests and they must meet high personal standards. A news analyst writes, "The system is old and paternalistic, lacking modern employee involvement facilities, and depending on substantial pay differentials for length of service and management selected career development" (Scott, 2005, p. 13). A majority of the park cast members are part-time workers, and there is a great interest in working for Disney. For many cast members, it is their "dream job," so working there is motivational in itself. Disney's corporate Code of Business Standards stresses that the guests come first in the Disney equation. They note, "It is the responsibility of all Cast Members and employees who come in contact with our guests and customers to be courteous, to be knowledgeable about our products and services, and to help our guests and customers enjoy the highest quality experience we can provide" (Code of Business, 2010). The Code also has provisions regarding the ethical treatment of all the employees, diversity, and teamwork and communications.

Motivation for the employees is generally in the form of benefits and Disney "magic." Full-time employees can get health benefits, educational reimbursements, free…… [read more]

Business Types Business Forms and Their Advantages Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (1,793 words)
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Business Types

Business Forms and Their Advantages

Sole Proprietorship:

This enterprise is owned by one person and easiest to create by filing for a business license with a business name, and setting up a business checking account. The owner has full control of the business decisions and realizes all its profits and losses. His expenses include any salary he pays… [read more]

Business Organizations: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Research Paper

Research Paper  |  7 pages (2,186 words)
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¶ … Business Organizations: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and the Corporation

A common issue that all organizations will go through is how to effectively structure their business. Where, the various benefits as well as drawbacks of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations can be confusing. In business the way that an entity is organized will speak volumes about a business' structure, duties… [read more]

Disintermediation Why Has Disintermediation Through E-Commerce Essay

Essay  |  8 pages (3,206 words)
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Why has disintermediation through e-commerce not occurred to the extent some authors predicted? Do you think disintermediation will be more common in the future?"

Word limit (excluding List of References):

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The concept of disintermediation or the consolidation of supply chains, distribution channels and service chains due to the impact of disruptive technologies, including the Web, served… [read more]

Ecommerce E Commerce What Are Metrics (Financial Essay

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E Commerce

What are metrics (financial, customer, internal business process metrics & learning and growth metrics)?

Metrics are various benchmarks that have been established for the implementation of the business. In the case of an e-commerce website, they are serving as a way to determine how successful the organization is in relation to the business plan. This is because various objectives will be established from the very beginning, to determine how successful a business will be in future. As a number of different elements will be examined including: the possible returns on investment, how the organization will be able to make a profit, the target audience that is going to be selected, how the business will be able to stream line costs (in an effort to maximize profits) and what managers / executives could learn about possible changes that are taking place in the market. This is important, because these factors will determine how successful the business venture will be in the future (based upon proven economic principals). (Holden, 2010)

Why are they important to e-commerce managers?

They are important to e-commerce managers because they will tell them if the business model is economically viable (in both the short- and long-term time horizons). At the same time, it will tell executives how the company is performing, in relation to these different benchmarks. Once this takes place, it will point out to managers, how quickly they need to be adjusting for the changing market conditions. When you put these different elements together, this showing how they can help executives to understand the way the company is: performing and that some kind of action may required (if it is falling short). Once this takes place, it will help to increase the odds that the company will be successful in the future.

What is the Performance Dashboard (strategic analysis. business model, marketing, implementation, and…… [read more]

Cango Final Report Business Proposal

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CanGo Final Report- Rev2

In 2006, Liz Bennet realized the lucrative and efficient scope of Ecommerce. Liz established an online entertainment company, CanGo Inc. that provided online video, audio, book and gaming-based entertainment. This business had a scope of capturing mass market of various market segments as it provided cheap entertainment opportunities in the current era of economic crisis and… [read more]

Interview With a Business Owner Interview

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Interview with a Business Owner

Interview with business owner

Zahorsky defines a sole proprietorship as the most basic of all business legal structures. It is a business of one without corporation or limited liability status. The business owner is the company's representative both fully and legally. This business form includes part-time businesses, direct sellers, new start-ups, contractors and consultants.

Felicia Robins started her small, local catering company a bit over five years ago (F. Robins, personal communication, October 18, 2010). She had been a stay at home mother since she got married over fifteen years ago when she decided to do something different in her life, that she enjoyed while making a bit of money on the side. She had experience from working at her parents' diner where she practically grew up picking up a few things here and there. Her parents' business however closed down after her father died and her mother sold the diner. The idea came about when she offered to help a friend cater for her mother-in-law's birthday party which had a large number of guests. The success of the party made the two women to consider going into catering together. They did a few jobs together so as to check the market and decided that it was a business that could thrive. When it was time to bring in the capital though, her friend backed out due to personal reasons and since Felicia wanted to start a business, she decided to do it alone with the support of her husband. Her company caters for small gatherings like birthdays, small weddings, and private parties among others. She never takes jobs that will require too much manpower as it is only part-time and the only people she can hire to help cater are her friends. She also does not want jobs that will overwhelm her thereby making her perform poorly as she gets her clients through word of mouth from one client to another or by referrals from friends.

One of the advantages that Mrs. Robins gave was that the cost of setting up and operating her business was low which made it easy to start due to the limited capital he had at hand. She had wanted to set up a partnership but the person she was to get into business with backed out at the last minute which had, at first, made her to reconsider starting a business. Her husband then advised her to go ahead with her plans as she could run the business on his own and hire a few workers whenever the workload was big. She said that if she had gone into a partnership, the business would probably have failed due to the personality differences she would have had with her partner. Another advantage she gave was that when it comes to her finances, she is the only one who is responsible for her salary and only has to consider other peoples salary when there is a big catering job to… [read more]

E-Commerce Thesis

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The following pages focus on discussing the necessity and the advantages of addressing the ecommerce as a mean of expanding the customer horizon, which further leads to increased sales and profit, and better visibility and availability.

The development of an ecommerce dimension is a successful strategy for most companies. In this case, concerning a cosmetics producer, the implementation of… [read more]

Costco's Business Model? Is the Company Research Proposal

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¶ … Costco's business model? Is the company's business model appealing? Why or why not?

Costco (NASDAQ:COST) is one of the leading mass merchandisers who operates using a membership warehouse business model that is heavily reliant on the efficient functioning of its globally-based supply chain. Based on the scalability of its supply chain, initial success with the Canadian market led to the company expanded into the United Kingdom and Japan in 2003. The company also has operations in Seoul, South Korea and in Mexico, where the Costco has successfully relied on a joint venture to gain market entry and sell successfully. The Costco supply chain is highly unique in that the company seeks to create the majority of their product mix form private label products (Field, 2006) which gives them more accuracy and control over costs (Boyle, 2008). As national brands are also stocked, Costco relies on advanced supply chain techniques including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that distribute the risk equally between supply chain partners. The supply chain serves the main warehouse business in addition to Costco Home, the home furnishings business, and Costco Business Center. Memberships include Business, Gold Star and Executive members.

Costco concentrates on the uniqueness of their product mix in conjunction with exceptionally strong cost controls of generic brands. This has given the mass merchandisers the ability to stay profitable even in the midst of a global recession. Second, Costco has been successful in creating a high degree of customer loyalty throughout their base in the U.S. And is beginning to see their online site, Costco.com, generate significant revenue as a result of cross-channel shopping by its most loyal customers (Steverman, 2008).

The Costco business model is inherently appealing in that it concentrates on streamlining the supply chain through continually seek to innovate core processes including order management and inventory turns management (Chu, Rockwood, 2008) in addition to creating exceptionally loyal customers, and successfully branching into higher-end specialty jewelry and luxury products that the company has found to be exceptionally successful with affluent customers looking for a bargain (Sherman, 2008).

Due to all of these factors, the company's business model is appealing and profitable. What is one of the more significant aspects of their business model is the consistent ability to generate consistently high levels of Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Investment (ROI) in addition to keeping one of the most watched measures of financial performance in retailing, Revenue per Employee significantly growing over time. For a financial analysis of Costco during the time period of the case study, please see Table 1, Costco Wholesale Corp Ratio Analysis, in the Appendix of this document. As can be seen from the analysis, Costco has been successful in transforming the efficiencies of their supply chain (Boyle, 2008), advanced strategies for lean supply chain risk mitigation and shared risk ownership (Chu, Rockwood, 2008), consistent high levels of customer loyalty (Steverman, 2008), and an emerging strength in selling higher-end merchandise through its retail stores and online (Sherman, 2008).… [read more]

Portfolio Project Thesis

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Information Technology

Portfolio Project

Humana Inc. is a health and supplemental benefits company headquartered in Louisville, KY. The Company offers an array of health and supplemental benefit plans for employer groups, government benefit programs and individuals. The Company operates in two sections: Government and Commercial. The Government segment consists of beneficiaries of government benefit programs which include: Medicare, Military and… [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

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Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose… [read more]

Business Plan for Slow Wing Aircraft Research Proposal

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Business Plan for Slow Wing Aircraft

This business plan provides an environmental assessment of Brazil, and identifies major logistics and supply chain management issues associated with setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil. Recommendations concerning the best city to establish a manufacturing and supply chain operation to meet the long-term goals of the company are provided, as well as… [read more]

Business Plan Concept History Marketing Plan Legal Business Plan

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Business Plan

Concept History

Marketing Plan

Legal Requirements

Form of Ownership

Organization, Management & Staffing

Special Considerations

Industry Analysis

Cornerstone Books and Gifts is a retail store selling music, books and gifts. The idea came about because I noticed a need for this type of store in town that was not being met. The store not only will be profitable… [read more]

Business Plan Funeral Services Business Problem Proposal Business Proposal

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Business Plan Funeral Services

Business Problem Proposal: Funeral Services Organizational Recommendations

The proposal which is to follow will concern an often unconsidered but fully essential set of services related to funeral arrangements and burial. As the economy changes, so too does this age old business. To my personal experience, as the field alters, so too must its practitioners. With smaller organizations such as the one with which I am affiliated, for instance, the discussion hereafter will speak to a pressing need to rethink business strategy and market approach in order to remain above water.

The funeral services industry has traditionally been founded on family-oriented enterprises. Funeral homes have typically been owned and operated by succeeding generations within one family, helping to stimulate a close relationship between such establishments and their communities. Due to the sensitive nature of the funeral service trade, its practices differ in many ways from those of other profitable businesses. Particularly, price-based competition is rarely employed as a business model. Another unspoken rule of decorum which governs the business is the general abstention from advertising which most funeral service enterprises will abide.

Since the 1980s, the funeral service industry has taken on a new form. The abstention from competition and the perpetual need for the services provided in all communities created a circumstance in which many funeral homes were operating beneath their potential and while simultaneously many were stretched thin by an over-saturation of business. This atmosphere prompted an industry move toward the consolidation of ownership, with large funeral service corporations assuming a dominant role in attempting to coordinate the world's funeral service industry under certain standards of cost effectiveness.

Such is the environment that begat the "John Doe" funeral services corporation. Its central core of leadership initiated a business strategy for the corporation in the mid-80's that centered around acquisition and expansion rather than traditional local market orientation, with the corporation spending the next decade expanding its operations to hold funeral homes and cemeteries all over the world. My interest in the business orientation of the field is especially served well by this model, which demonstrates a clear path outside of those traditional single-location family owned operations. The capacity for operational consistency would here be apparent.

Indeed, John Doe's growth would be rapid and its success in meeting its original vision of constant expansion appeared to be assured. However, there is evidence that the company grew too fast to maintain a constructive path of augmentation. A view at its closest competitor, Anonymous Funeral Services, reveals a fundamental error on the part of John Doe's leadership. The rapid increase of the company's holdings recognized only the potential for great profitability in such expansion. It did not tailor its strategy of acquisition to integrate new holdings into a broader corporate culture, instead leaving them as disparate and decentralized strands of the company. This fell short of the industry-directed impetus on coordinating acquisitions to meet standards of cost-effectiveness.

Another issue, which shareholders expressed succinctly when they forced a change… [read more]

Internship Report: Crowley Maritime Corporation (Cmc) Research Proposal

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Internship Report: Crowley Maritime Corporation (cmc)

CMC Background

Thomas Crowley, the grandfather of current Chairman, President and CEO Thomas B. Crowley, Jr., began Crowley Maritime Corporation (CMC) during 1892 with the purchase of an 18-foot Whitehall boat he used to transport personnel and supplies to ships anchored on San Francisco Bay. In Two Men at the Helm, an historical account… [read more]

Strategic Management Able Corporation Wants to Embark Thesis

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Strategic Management

Able Corporation wants to embark on international expansion. This paper gives a cursory overview of a selection of the steps they will need to undertake in order to prepare their business plan. These include defining a mission statement for the company; setting a philosophy for implementation; defining measures; and examining legal and ethical issues pertaining to an overseas expansion.

Able Corporation, with successful operation in the United States and Canada, wishes to embark on an international expansion. In order to undertake this venture, the company needs an appropriate strategy. This strategy will incorporate an assessment of where the firm stands today and where it wishes to be in the future. A strategy will need to be formulated with this knowledge in mind, and an implementation plan created in order to execute the plan. Additionally, the progress of the plan will need to be measured, and the cycle begun over again if the progress is not on track, or no longer in line with the firm's internal and external environments (.

Mission Statement

Before Able Corporation can embark on its expansion strategy, it must first have a sense of what it hopes to accomplish. The first step in this process is to define the company. The firm must have a sense of mission. Typically a mission statement is used to communicate the firm's mission both internally and externally. It is important to remember that the firm's mission may have changed from the time of its inception. Hence, it is important that each time a major strategic undertaking is begun, the mission statement should be renewed to ensure that it still reflects the company's mission (Radtke, 1998). The mission statement should reflect the distinctive nature of the business (David, 2008). For Able, the existing mission statement may be contained in the annual report, but if not it can be determined by looking at the nature of the company's business, and reflect where they want the business to go. Thus, we already know that the mission of the company is to market tools housewares around the world.

Implementation is the most difficult step in the strategic management process (David, 2008). Prioritization of implementation steps will be based on the principles of process design. Process design is the ideal method because it is based around harnessing limited resources within finite timeframes. The key resources in this case will be the employees at Able and the business processes that exist within the company (Boyce, 2007). Undertaking any complex endeavor requires skillful and timely deployment of scarce resources. This will require mapping out timeframes and resource requirements for each step. This will guide the implementation process from start to finish.

In this business plan I will include a variety of feedback…… [read more]

E-Business and E-Commerce Identify Thesis

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E-Business and E-Commerce

Identify and explain briefly three consequences that increased information density can bring selling and buying products online.

Of the many consequences of increased information density on selling and buying products online, the three most prevalent are defined in this short essay. The first is the need on the part of those companies selling online to guide their… [read more]

Business Plan Lazar Tag Facility Business Plan

Business Plan  |  8 pages (2,042 words)
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Business Plan Recreation and Leisure

Business image

The following pages focus on providing an overview on starting up a new family entertainment center, called the Quasar Lazar Family Fun Entertainment Center, which will be referred to as the Lazar Tag Facility.

In order to best understand how the new family entertainment center will be positioned, one must first be presented… [read more]

Hess Corporation Purchase Order Process Improvement Survey Term Paper

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Hess Corporation Purchase Order Process Improvement Survey

The Hess Corporation needs to develop a plan and organizational module that is highly efficient in order to maximize accounts payable purchase orders to be processed efficiently and in a timely manner. This strategic plan may include perhaps the making of a structured eform where individuals can fill out all the information needed to process a pre-requisite and should include full quotes from vendors. A structured form needs to be made available along with an approval system in the workflow process to move pre-requisites along for purchase order (PO) creations which in turn will be communicated to the vendor so that our orders will be fulfilled and received within 48 hours of submission of pre-requisites.

Survey Proposal:

The proposed survey here is designed to determine how Hess may best improve its vending processing system. By engaging the vendors who process their purchase order systems through Hess, we hope to determine what experiences have characterized the process for them. Specifically, the survey instrument has been designed in order to quality and quantify in a variety of ways this experience.

For instance, the categorical survey questions offered here are intended to measure the perceptions of the businesses surveyed on the relationship between their operations and the process of ordering.

With nominal questions, respondents have been asked to circle the number (1-4) identified with the category that best describes business operations in subjects relating to type of sales made and types of clientele sought. With the ordinal questions, a Likert scale has been used, asking respondents to identify levels of agreement by number associating with statements regarding the purchase order processing needs of the business. This should serve to illuminate for decision-makers at Hess the profile or the clientele which would be effected by the changes prompting the survey research.

In consideration of quantitative data, a set of interval questions are asked of respondents relating to the percentages of clients which account for various online ordering factors and a set of ratio questions are asked of respondents relating to financial figures both overall and relating to online purchase order processes. These should help to illuminate the economic scale of client needs for decision-makers with Hess.

The survey questions appropriately request of respondents information that formulates an umbrella set of terms such as economic scale, client behaviors and client expectations. This helps to establish the basis…… [read more]

Promera Inc. - Business Expansion Plan Business Plan

Business Plan  |  22 pages (5,753 words)
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Promera Inc. - Business Expansion Plan

Recent trends in America focus on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Americans are becoming more conscious about what they eat and where it comes from. I was fortunate enough to be the sole heir of a farm that my grandfather started more than 50 years ago. The farm's primary area of… [read more]

Australian E-Commerce Website Evaluation Term Paper

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Australian E-Commerce Website Evaluation

Evaluation of an Australian E-Commerce Website

For purposes of this analysis the Australian e-commerce website, Angus & Robertson (http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/b2c/init.do),aleading e-commerce website dedicated to reselling books throughout Australia and New Zealand is analyzed. This website successfully intermediates knowledge and content management features and applications including sophisticated search functionality in conjunction with a design that is aimed at intuitive navigation. As the site is focused on selling books over the Internet, the distributed order management integration to book wholesalers for purchasing in bulk then breaking down the inbound shipments to single unit shipment requires an intensive level of supply chain expertise and supply chain management expertise managed over the Internet (Kaarst-Brown & Evaristo 2004).

Core Components of e-Commerce

The content management system that the website is based on requires a high degree of integration between the supplier, publisher, pricing, and Angus & Robertson accounting systems to make sure an accurate financial reporting of all transactions are captured from the website. Supply chain management and the ability to integrate distributed order management systems with multiple wholesalers, automating the order, returns and pricing processes to support real-time transactions need to be the catalyst of the entire e-commerce strategy of Angus & Robertson (Gunasekaran, Lai, Cheng 2008). Integral to any website's infrastructure that ensures a high level of integration to suppliers, which in this case are book distributors, there is the corresponding need for making sure there is an enterprise-wide content management system as well. Enterprise content management systems form the foundation of online catalogs that provide the specifics of the products offered on the websites (SMR Editors 2007). The combining of supply chain integration and enterprise content management systems driving online catalogs is an exponential increase in the number of books which can be offered (Goldstein & Goldstein 2006). Online catalogs need to have the integration links built directly into the content management systems of the online retailer to ensure the products shown on the website are in fact priced correctly, described correctly, or taken off the website when they are discounted. The triad set of integrations between supply chains, content management systems, and the online catalos form the foundation of any successful e-commerce website (Kaarst-Brown & Evaristo 2004). Once this foundation is in place, companies pursuing e-commerce strategies begin to concentrate on the breadth of books and ancillary products to attract the smaller yet highly profitable products that the website makes accessible to smaller audiences globally (Goldstein & Goldstein 2006). Once these components are in place, the priority shifts to the graphical user interface and its efficient design including the development and launch of user interfaces that are intuitive yet powerful enough to manage search, ordering, order capture, and return process workflows (Zou, Zhang, Zhao, 2007). In addition to these factors, the development of a secure online ordering set of applications is essential as this aspect of any e-commerce site leads to higher levels of trust over time (Jones & Leonard 2008). Enterprise content management is also integrated to… [read more]

Business Data Analysis - Writing SWOT SWOT

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Business Data Analysis - Writing SWOT and Recommendations

Business Data Analysis

The Blue Cut Fashion activates in the apparel industry and so far, they have implemented traditional strategies, based on traditional approaches to the market and the stakeholders. Recently however, the chains' chef executive officer, Mr. James Frost, has decided to implement several changes meant to improve the quality and efficiency of the business process. These changes revolve around modifications in the approach to customers, products, suppliers, intermediaries, partners and sales. A major modification is prone to occur in the chain of distribution and it implies that the company will commence to distribute their products online, through internet based applications and electronic commerce.

This decision has numerous strings attached, both positive as well as negative, gathered up in the SWOT table. Blue Cut Fashion relies on its internal core competencies and external opportunities to launch a new business venture, which will increase the company's revenues, its recognition and market share by allowing it to enter new markets.

The threats and weaknesses refer to the risks to which the company is becoming exposed and the additional financial efforts they will have to undergo. The manufacturer will have to hire software programmers to develop and actualize the website and databases and will have to ensure the delivery to the online purchased items to the destination requested by the client. This will increase the company's expenditures.

But all the expenses and investments will either be compensated by a reduction of the costs in stores, either will return in the form of increased revenues, profits, market share and interest from investors.

2. Recommendations

Before actually launching into the electronic venture, Blue Cut Fashion must first ask themselves if this is the efficient direction for them. What do they expect to derive from such actions and why would this distribution strategy service them? If the answer is a definite conviction that electronic commercialization of their products would increase their sales revenues by allowing them to approach new markets (O4), with little losses and controlled risks, then they should commence the actual launch.

The first steps to be taken revolve around conducting marketing researches to identify the demand for online sold Blue Cut Fashion products. Then, since the company has limited experience in the domain of internet based applications (W1), they should hire the best software technicians (O2) to develop their website and constantly maintain it up-to-date (W2). Also, they must invest financial resources in purchasing the latest technologies available, in order to make the website easy to access and user-friendly (W3).

In launching their commercial website, Blue Cut Fashion should develop a strong marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of the company's product. The items sold online will meet the same quality standards as the items sold through stores. The company's brand name and international recognition will represent the promise of high quality (S1).

Another thing they must consider when engaging in online activities is the fact that the customer does not physically come to pick… [read more]

Information Technology (IT) and Business Term Paper

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¶ … Business

Select a particular web site that does e-commerce. Identify the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase elements. Characterize these elements and assess the convenience and security of this website, based on this analysis.

The site chosen for this analysis is Dell.com, which has advanced e-commerce, pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase elements included as foundational elements in the site's design and organization. Dell has architected the site to make the process of learning about the company's products convenient and multi-role based. On this second point, Dell has defined four key market segments including Home & Home Office, Small & Medium Business, Large Business, and Government, Education, Healthcare and Life Sciences and given site visitors the convenience of either navigating the site from a product- or segment perspective.

The e-commerce strategy at Dell is based on the company's unique ability to customized personal computers including laptops, desktops, and servers. This is a business model typically referred to as mass customization (Mylonakis 2004). Dell is considered to be one of the thought leaders in this arena, specifically due to their ability link e-commerce strategies and manufacturing execution using product configurators online (AMR Research, 2003).

The pre-purchase elements of the Dell site are designed to create loyalty and "stickiness" with prospects, as defined by Malcolm Gladwell (2006) in his articles and books on the subject. Dell's commitment to building a conversation with prospects is evidenced by the Dell Community launched this year as well (Altus 2007). The pre-purchase elements vary by each of the four segments, yet all are aiming to provide "stickiness" and relevance to prospects visiting the site.

In terms of the actual purchase elements and workflows, each is predicated on first defining a computing platform (laptop, desktop OC or server) and then through the use of product configuration software the company created internally for use on their website, provides guided selling assistance to customers. The process workflows relied on for these specific steps are well-defined and easily navigable back and forth between steps to allow customers to learn as much as possible about products before purchasing them.

The post-purchase aspects of the site also are supported by the Dell Community, which has message boards and interactive chat capability (Altus 2007). In addition, Dell has increasingly made public the Premier Pages concept that began as a service offering only for the largest accounts. Premier Pages is a program where Intranet sites are created for the convenience of customers getting larger, more complex support problems resolved for entire organizations (Business Editors & High-Tech Writers 2000). Dell has been criticized in the past for also relying too much on call centers and not enough on personalized support. To counter this criticism the company has also increased the use of interactive communication tools and began allowing employees to post blogs for the first time this year.

As a result of these factors and the market position Dell is working to sustain and grow as a technology innovator, it's website is very convenient, and also secure… [read more]

Business Management and Business Policy Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,740 words)
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Business Management and Business Policy

Review the Strategic Management Model (figure 1-2,-page 11) and the Strategic Decision-Making Process (figure 1-5, pages 22-23). Compare and contrast the two models, and reconcile the strategic decision-making process with the strategic management model. Do the two models complement each other or do they clash? Explain your answer.

In any strategic planning process the need… [read more]

Promoting Trust in E-Commerce: An EU Perspective Term Paper

Term Paper  |  12 pages (3,480 words)
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Promoting Trust in e-Commerce: AN EU Perspective on Quantifying Trust

The intent of this thesis proposal is to define a model for evaluating online trust initiatives as they relate to the growth of both B2C and B2B e-commerce transactions in the EU. The fact that EU-based B2B and B2C e-commerce has immediate global implications further brings the urgency of the… [read more]

Online Businesses Term Paper

Term Paper  |  11 pages (2,846 words)
Style: Turabian  |  Bibliography Sources: 15


Threats to Online Businesses

The internet has forever changed the manner in which people operate in our society. The internet has also had a profound effect upon the ability of business owners to have instant access to consumers on an international level. As a result, the presence of online businesses has increased dramatically in the past five years. The new… [read more]

International Business Essay

Essay  |  8 pages (2,683 words)
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A good example of this can be seen with their partnership with Gallant Precision Machining. As, the company formed this alliance to: provide support and distribution services for the products that they are selling in areas such as Latin America as well as Europe. This helped Acer to be able to maintain their low cost structure and effectively market their… [read more]

International Business Business Proposal

Business Proposal  |  5 pages (1,285 words)
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This will allow everyone to: work with the Gulf Cart and see what the product is like. Once this begins to take place, it means that people will begin to have favorable perceptions of the product. This is point that social cultural acceptance will become common, with it becoming very popular among the tourist and the local population. ("The Bahamas," 2011)

Legal Environment

In general, the Bahamas is considered to be very business friendly. The reason why is because, the government has engaged in a policy of reducing trade barriers and taxes. This has helped to spur the increase in tourism and foreign direct investments. At the same time, this has allowed the financial service sector to expand. There are no income taxes in the country, with revenues collected from: taxes on sales, excise and tourism. These different elements are important, because they are showing how this can help to support the industry over the long-term. ("The Bahamas," 2011)


The competition would be limited to mainly foreign-based golf cart manufacturers (who are targeting select segments of the population). What would make the Gulf Cart unique is that we are creating a domestic market vs. importing one into the region. This will help the company to be able to undercut competitors and seize a substantial amount of market share from them. Once this takes place, it will help the corporation to establish a long-term presence in the region. ("The Bahamas," 2011)


Like what was stated previously, there are a wide variety of economic factors that will help to support the establishment of the brand. However, others that are worth mentioning include: low interest rates (5.25%), inflation (2.4%) and a labor force of 184 thousand. This is significant, because it is showing, how this will help the company to establish the brand and a new marketplace. The reason why, is due to the fact that interest rates and inflation are low. This will help with large equipment purchases (i.e. financing). While the labor force is indicating that there is no shortage of skilled workers. Over the course of time, this will allow the brand name to develop and it will create another market for the Gulf Cart. ("The Bahamas," 2011)

Political Climate

The political climate is considered to be very similar to that of the Great Britain. Evidence of this can be seen with how the government is structured based upon the Westminster system. While at the same time, the there are two political parties (the Free National Movement and the Progressive Liberal Party) that are supported one special interest group (Friends of the Environment). This is significant, because it is showing how the country's political system is considered to be stable. ("The Bahamas," 2011)

The Strategy for Marketing the Product

To determine the most effective strategy for marketing the Gulf Cart we will use the four P's of marketing.

Product: The product that is being sold is considered to be competitive. As we can aggressively target the tourist sector… [read more]

Small Business Idea When Starting Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,292 words)
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A corporation is a good form of organization for any company that expects to have employees, so that the owners are not subject of legal action in the event of problems created by their employees. S-corporations are only typically not publicly-traded, and therefore are not subject to the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley and are not obligated to follow FASB guidelines for financial accounting. This is because the income flows through to the owners, and is taxed on their personal income tax returns (IRS, 2010). There are specific limits on the structure of an S-corporation, including limits on the number of owners, the types of shareholders, the classes of stock and some types of businesses cannot be S-corporations. A food truck would probably be eligible for incorporation as an S-corporation due to the nature of its business.

AC-corporation is a separate tax-paying entity according to the IRS (IRS, 2011). It is a distinct legal entity as well, for the purposes of risk. The company is taxed on its income and then whatever income remains after tax can be reinvested in the company or it can be distributed to the shareholders. Thus, shareholders in a C-corporation may be subject to double taxation whereas shareholders in an S-corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship are not. C-corporations have the same risk characteristics as any other corporation, meaning that only the corporation bears direct risk, not the owners or their assets. It is recommended that C-corporations file their tax returns according to the principles of FASB and GAAP. AC-corporation is only subject to the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act if it is publicly traded, which is not likely to be the case for a food truck.

It is recommended that the food truck business be organized as an S-corporation. There are two main reasons for this recommendation. The first is that the incorporation carries with it the ability to limit liability for the proprietors. This is important, because there are risks associated with food service such as health risks to customers and risks associated with the fuel and equipment used in cooking. Incorporation reduces the liability of the owners to only their stake in the business. Being incorporated also gives the company the ability to expand if the business is successful. It is also easier to hire employees, because of the limited liability.

The other main benefit to the S-class corporation specifically is the taxation. The income from this operation flows through to the shareholders and is taxed on their personal income. This allows the company to avoid double-taxation, something that other forms of corporation face. Because of the limits that are placed on S-corporations, the business will not be obligated to follow complex accounting rules, but will rather show income at the personal level. Nor will the company faced any legal obligations such as those of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The combination of flow-through income for taxation purposes and limited liability makes the S-Corporation the ideal method of organizing this business. Incorporation is more costly and time-consuming… [read more]

International Corporation Discussion L'oreal Is the World Essay

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International Corporation Discussion

L'Oreal is the world's leading cosmetic group operating all around the globe in 130 countries with 66,000 employees. It generated 19. 5 billion Euros of sales in 2010 and its tangible and intangible assets amounted to 677.9 million Euros. Its worldwide procurement spend is approximately 1 billion Euros a year. It registered 612 patents in 2010 (L'Oreal… [read more]

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