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E-Commerce and Organizational Learning Research Paper

… eCommerce and Organizational Learning

Discuss how utilizing Information Technology in e-commerce could improve both individual and organizational learning.

The accumulation of knowedlge and insight within the context of any online strategy is beneficial to the long-term learning of an enterprise.… [read more]

Security Overview Businesses Today Research Paper

… Security Overview

Businesses today are faced with a range of security challenges unlike any of those that their predecessors have ever faced. Among these different challenges are the physical protection of the building and the protection of data and intellectual… [read more]

International Business Essay

… International business is a term that is used to describe issues that relating to a firm's operations with interests in many countries. Such firms are referred to as multinational corporations. The main important area of concern in the international business arena is cultural considerations. These include dissimilarity in living standards, law and legal systems, climate, language barriers and many others (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2010, 1-2). All of these issues need to be understood for an multinational in order to have success in a venture overseas. However, the increased competitiveness is worth the risk and the trouble of diversification by operating overseas.

Many companies and get into international business because of the existence of the competitive environment. This competitive environment compels companies to move on further rather than in staying at the same size by focusing simply quality. Another reason is the fear of loosing the customers.

If a company does not show sustainable growth then competitors will move ahead and the chances of loosing of customers will increase (ibid., 3-4). Other general reasons include the following: political changes like economic changes and those in the regulation of work and safety that include cost of production. If there shows an increase in the cost of production at home, the company has to look for places where the cost of production is reasonable for them.

Four major objectives compel a company to go for international business, including enlarging sales, to successfully acquire resources, diversification of the sources of the company's sales and to look out for diversification of supplies (ibid., 5-6). Since the 1980s, global competition has become very important for the world and its economic development. Companies that are multinational are involved processes taking place in the international business environment.

The business world has nearly always relied heavily upon contractual agreements for the conduct of business. But what happens when one takes away the physical contractual and everything is agreed upon through the spoken word? Business ethics is an old discipline and can be applied successfully to the everyday international business world. International business is similar to national business in many ways. However, there are also significant differences that on must take into account for the achievement of successful international strategies (ibid., 58-60).

The main problem in international business is to overcome the differences in national cultures that manifest themselves so often. One finds that international business operates in many countries with widely different cultures. In this way, the formal parameters of starting new business overseas can be implemented when it is used in different cultural environments. This then leads to different results.

However, international companies can face serious challenges. These include issues and solutions about what products or services should be attractive… [read more]

Growth Sustainable Business Plan Organizational Business Plan

… Thus, Systemic Software Technology sometimes experience shortage of IT staff who possess the required skill for the development of software. To address this shortcoming, the organization is always on the look out for the highly skilled IT professionals. Moreover, the… [read more]

E-Commerce, Efficiency Research Paper

… For the purpose of marketing the segment starts from people of 15 years of age and above. Since these people belong to the income group that have a high purchasing power, a large number of this people from this segment… [read more]

Sustainable Business Development Wal-Mart Research Paper

… Sustainable Business Development

Wal-Mart is one of the leading corporations at the global level and the ultimate leader of the American retailing industry. The strong position of the company within the national industry is further more attested nowadays, as the… [read more]

Government and Business Research Paper

… Despite many governmental and quasi-governmental levels of consumer protection, consumers still face a wide variety of risks. What are your recommendations, on a governmental and quasi-governmental level, for reducing these risks?

To reduce the underlying amounts of risk facing consumers, the government needs to introduce policies that will provide added protections. While at the same time, they must ensure that any kind of laws do not interfere with the ability of firms to deliver the final product or service to the markets. One possible approach that can be used to address these issues is to create a basic policy that will protect the interests of the general public. Then, you can have businesses figure out how they could cost effectively implement these kinds of provisions, as part of their business model (in a cost effect manner) (Plumber, 2011).

If this kind of strategy could be used, it will reduce the total amounts of tension that corporations will have about new regulations. The reason why, is because they are figuring out to follow these provisions without hurting their bottom line numbers. This will allow them to increase productivity and profit margins. When this is occurring, the basic guidelines will create workable standard that everyone will follow. On the quasi and governmental levels, this will help to improve the overall amounts of regulation. As this approach, is reducing any kind of animosity about possible changes. Instead, it is focused on having everyone work together to solve the larger issues. This will prevent efforts in the future to limit these regulations, as there is this will not interfere with a firm's earnings (Plumber, 2011).


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so-simple/2011/10/28/gIQA4YeSPM_blog.html [read more]

Dream Business Business Plan

… Please find a print-out at the end of this work.

Filing Office: The LLC Operating Agreement needs to be filed with the following LLC Filing Office: Department of State, Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code, 41 State Street, Albany, NY 12231, Tel [HIDDEN] Filing Fees: The filing fee is $200. The Department of State's Division of Corporations accepts MasterCard and Visa for the payment of fees. Complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit it to the Division of Corporations with your Articles of Organization. The Credit Card Authorization Form is available from the Department of State's website at or by calling (518) [HIDDEN]

Expedited Processing: For an additional, non-refundable fee, as indicated, the Division of Corporations will ensure that a document is processed within the following time frames: (1) within 2 hours for an additional fee of $150; (2) the same day for an additional fee of $75; and (3) within 24 hours for an additional fee of $25. The additional, non-refundable fee for expedited processing must be paid by a separate check or money order or indicated in the appropriate space on the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Publication of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): According to New York Limited Liability Company Law, limited liability companies that are formed or authorized to do business in New York must publish a "notice of [read more]

Outsourcing Business and Society in the Twenty-First Term Paper

… Outsourcing

Business and Society in the Twenty-First Century: A Brief History and Analysis of Outsourcing

One of the largest and most controversial trends in the business world today is the increasing reliance on outsourcing for a variety of business need,… [read more]

Small Business Management Challenges Essay

… B & B. Custom Woodworks, Inc. has been in operation since March of 2007 in the Chesapeake, Virginia area. It began as a sole proprietor business that specializes in custom woodwork, and personalized service business. In 2009, the business incorporated… [read more]

GMC Corporation Opportunities to Improve International Business in Dubai UAE Research Paper

… GMC Corporation

Over the several years, Dubai has quickly become a developing luxury car market with rapid growth. Part of the reason for this is because the country is known as a desert oasis that is attracting large amounts of… [read more]

Corporations and Big Business Thesis

… ¶ … Emergence of the Corporation in America

The United States is a world center for commerce and capital development, owing to an expansive and entrenched corporate culture. But as the article by C.W. Carey denotes, this identity was all but nonexistent at the turn of the 19th century. In an article entitled Corporations and Big Business, Carey details the inflection point when the events of history converged to create the economic orientation after which much of the world's economy is now modeled.

Using the railroad industry as a point of reference -- primarily because it was really the first industry to necessitate corporate structure in the U.S. -- the article describes an intercession of legal and technological changes which dictated the emergence of the corporation. First and foremost, the United States government had begun to recognize the commercial importance of easing trade and enterprise limitations between states. As the Carey text tells, the streamlining of the process by which… [read more]

E-Commerce Plan Nintendo's Global Leadership Thesis

… e-Commerce Plan

Nintendo's global leadership in the development, marketing, promotion, sales and service of their best-selling gaming modules, gaming software and interactive games has also created exceptional growth for third party games, development kits and accessories. The intent of this… [read more]

Computers and the Internet E-Commerce Proposal Business Proposal

… Computers and the Internet

Internet e-Commerce Proposal

The intent of this e-commerce proposal for PZE Puzzles is to first compare the e-commerce strategies of their three dominant competitors in the U.K. including Accolade Publishing, Clarity Media, and Puzzler. A competitive… [read more]

Ford Motors Corp -- Business Proposal Change Research Proposal

… Ford Motors Corp -- Business Proposal

Change affects all features of the every day life and probably most of these changes are due to globalization -- one of the buzzwords of the twenty-first century. Basically meaning a transfer of cultural,… [read more]

Business Proposal in Ghana Business Proposal

… Business Proposal in Ghana

Giam's Clothing:

Business Proposal in Ghana

Company Description

Giam's Clothing is an apparel manufacturer which produces clothing articles for the American middle class. The company was founded in 1990 by current chief executive officer John Whitehouse.… [read more]

Ecommerce the Online Business Idea Term Paper

… ECommerce

The online business idea that I would like to pursue is a resume writing and career consulting business. With the increase importance in resume writing, the decrease ability of people to write good business writing, and the intense job market, there is a high demand for this type of business. This fact can be seen by the numerous companies currently offering such services. With the use of an Internet-based business, much of the work can be done with little to no "face contact" and the business can be opened twenty-four hours, thus attracting an international clientele.

The way the business would work is that a customer would log onto the user-friendly site and choose a specified product. Based on their selection, they would be required to enter relevant information and upload existing resumes, etc. The customer would then enter their payment information. Their order will then be placed with a professional resume writer, who would then use the provided information and contact the customer, if needed, to draft a satisfactory resume and supporting document.

The costs of setting up such a business are minimal beyond the web hosting and design and the payment of writers, who will be independent contractors. The greatest ongoing expense will… [read more]

E-Business to Customer E-Commerce Term Paper

… E-Business

Business to Customer E-Commerce, or B. 2 C. As it is commonly known, is when companies sell products or services to the customer, over the Internet., the online bookseller that launched its operations in 1995, and rapidly established… [read more]

UPS Corporation Business Analysis Term Paper

… UPS Corporation Business Analysis

The business that UPS or United Parcel Service is in is a matter of being able to satisfy customers, and remaining ahead of competition. It was FedEx who first introduced a wireless network application in order… [read more]

E-Commerce Communications Electronic Term Paper

… Types of internet-based EDI: Internet e-mail can be used in place of value added network to support the transfer of data in EDI. Alternatively, companies can create extranet systems through which trading partners can exchange information in web form, whose… [read more]

Internal and External Environments for Amazon Term Paper

… These would be aimed at countering threats of new entrants and reducing the intensity of rivals. Using any of these moves would allow the company to expand its operations and market presence. The possibility of entering into new industries or… [read more]

Ecommerce Essay

… Over the past 12 years, the Internet has changed the way we buy and sell goods and services and by definition, e-commerce means the buying or selling of goods and services over the Internet; according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 66% of the adults online have purchased something over the Internet and this figure is increasingly growing (Roos, 2007). Ecommerce has become so ubiquitous that many of us do not know or cannot remember what it was like to purchase things like airline tickets without access to the internet.

The two companies that worked to transform ecommerce in the mid-1990s were definitely Amazon and eBay. Amazon was successful because it was price competitive and offered an enormous selection. Furthermore users can connect with other users to read reviews and find helpful information to make purchases. eBay served a different niche that allowed individuals to sell their own items as well as users to purchase from other individuals. This revolutionized the market and created a new market for resale opportunities as well as home-based businesses. Individuals had the opportunity to compete with other mainstream sites and this was a popular alternative to direct ecommerce options.

Works Cited

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Valve Corp Term Paper

… The other core process is market development. This is a source of competitive advantage because having an installed base of customers -- and a large number of concurrent users -- is critical to success. The more people are using Valve, the more people will be attracted to Valve, especially in the case of MMORPGs. It is entirely possible that only one or two companies will be able to exist in this space in the long run, given that revenue is needed to invest in technology, and technological leadership is a key success factor. Thus, building out the market supports everything else the company does. There are tremendous opportunities overseas, but there are also major competitive threats. Valve might be established as the leader in North America, but a company that establishes a similar position in the massive Asian market could easily challenge Valve for global dominance.

3. The two alternatives have been laid out: Market expansion or product expansion. One involves getting more customers; the other involves getting more out of existing customers. Market expansion requires significant investment in infrastructure and human resources, the other more investment in technology and games. In terms of benefits, there is a bigger upside ceiling to market expansion. Moreover, market expansion cuts off potential threats down the road, making it harder for new companies to enter the market. Product expansion might increase revenue in the short run, and come with a lower cost, but it does not have the same long-run upside because there is only so much additional revenue to be squeezed out of the existing customer base.

4. Market expansion is the recommended course of action for Valve. The company is in the market leadership position, but might face significant competition from new entrants in Asia if it does not establish itself in that market. Moreover, this option has the bigger upside. Valve probably has healthy finances to pursue this market, and still has the IPO hammer if it really needs to raise capital to go big internationally. So for Valve, the market expansion option is the best one in terms of building out the company in the long run, establishing a strong global competitive position, and putting the company on a long-run growth trajectory. Product expansion is more of a low-risk short-run growth strategy, but since the company is already the market leader, a slow option is definitely not as positive going forward. Market expansion is precisely what Valve needs to growth revenues at double digits for several more years and get itself into the big leagues of gaming… [read more]

Global Business Environment ATandT Inc Research Paper

… This strategy enables the company to realize the diversity of the world's businesses within its cultural traditions and social customs hence embraces these challenges with diverse approaches. In order to embrace technological challenges, AT&T grows its branches different parts of the world, and strives to understand the diverse technological advancements within the countries it serves (Victor, 2009). This understanding aids the company in establishing a healthy and fruitful competition within the telecommunications industry. To further manage both technological advancements and environmental issues, AT&T set various agencies to help it understand the diverse world economies, governments and political climates, as well as the socio-cultural characteristics of the countries it serves through its diversified branches (Sonny, 1981).A related technological strategy is also brought to light when the AT&T Mobility Company pronounced it aims to shore up its wireless range capacity capacities and utilize it in high-speed long-term evolution network. This was proved after striking deals in order to procure a batch of an advanced wireless service alongside 700 MHz license from Oregon's Bend-Broadband.

AT&T's lobbying and political contributions have earned the business much efforts in winning the right to profit through the provision of broadband internet access within the entire U.S. (Sonny, 1981). According to the 2010 reports from the Center of Responsive Politics, AT&T Inc. was the second largest donor to the U.S. political campaigns, and also served as the American to corporate donor. Similarly, during the period 1998 to 2010 (Victor, 2009), AT&T expanded approximately $135 million on lobbying within the United States. Moreover, AT&T Inc. has a commitment to make the world the best place via a corporate social responsibility, and it has been recognized worldwide for its corporate citizenship. Through its standing efforts towards the global corporate citizenship, AT&T ranked in the annual list as the best company on corporate citizenship. This strategy aids the company in creating ability for the provision of inspiring programs, and the engagement of a high number of employees helps in its sustainability commitment that reaches across the entire globe.


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Array of Reasons Why Corporations Essay

… d.). Moreover, it enables a business to focus on employee development initiatives such as training and would be a crucial employee-retaining strategy (Preis, n.d.). Thirdly, enterprise architecture significantly enhances the development of business support standards (Preis, n.d.).

A corporation's enterprise architecture is developed through a six-stage process which is overseen by an enterprise architect. First, an assessment is done to determine the state of IT at present and how technology has been deployed across the various organizational segments (Preis, n.d.). Once this has been established, initiatives that are currently ongoing and those that are being planned for are examined, and the future state, based on these is documented (Preis, n.d.). This is then compared against the organization's desired state, and the 'gap' between what is documented (Preis, n.d.). This gap represents "the difference between where the IT organization is heading and where it would like to be" (Preis, n.d.). A transition plan, in the form of suitable projects and initiatives, is then formulated to bridge the gap and drive the organization towards the desired state (Preis, n.d.).

Enterprise architecture comes in handy in the shift from the Google App suite of online messaging to the Productivity Online Standard Suite. Architects realized that it was possible to combine SharePoint Online's collaboration, search, and file-sharing capabilities with Microsoft Exchange Online for enterprise level messaging. This basis was used to improve Google Apps (Microsoft, 2014).

Question Five

The cost of software is the total cost incurred in the development, installation and maintenance of software (Cascella, 2002). It begins at the planning phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with the identification of the types and quantities of resources needed to finance testing activities, training sessions, hardware and software, and infrastructure (Cascella, 2002).

Apart from the cost of software, a number of factors have to be taken into account when making software choices for an organization. These include;

i) The scope of business - the expected expansion and growth; software that fits perfectly today may not be as effective one year from now (Cascella, 2002).

ii) The modules included - determine, for software that fits the organization's scope, the models that are covered in the base price, and those that entail additional costs (Cascella, 2002).

iii) Portability and access -- any software installed on a network server would be effective if an organization has a single location, and does not expect any location changes in future. However, if this is not the case, internet-based software would be a better option (Cascella, 2002).

iv) The knowledge required -- do-it-all software, regardless of its power, would be useless if the organization's workers are not able to use it. The employees' education level should be compared against prospective software's technical levels, when making software choices (Cascella, 2002).


ASCO. (2009). Strategic Planning: Why it Makes a Difference and How to Do it. Journal of Oncology Practice, 5(3), 139-143.

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Cascella, V.… [read more]

Particular Types of Businesses Case Study

… How should Federated respond to customers who are strictly focused on price? In your view, what are the points of difference that Federated should illuminate in the customer value proposition?

Strictly focusing on price seems like a good idea until something actually happens and then the need for more comprehensive insurance becomes apparent. Statistically demonstrating the risk of specific industry-specific liabilities which might occur can be a persuasive tool to encourage businesses to more significantly invest in insurance. An injured worker, a major theft, or the illness of the business owner are examples of events which can potentially bankrupt a small business which lacks adequate insurance. A small business may think that because it has fewer financial resources it should try to 'get away' with insuring itself less. But because it has less ability to absorb the costs of a loss (unlike a large corporation), it is in fact small businesses that cannot afford to be under-insured.

Moreover, unlike a large corporation, the owner of a small business may be legally liable for the losses generated by the business. Sole proprietors and joint owners stand to lose their personal assets in the case of a damaging lawsuit. Also if a sole proprietor becomes ill and the business suffers, there is no other person to step in and to assume his duties. Additionally, if the sole proprietor has poor health insurance his personal difficulties can become the business' difficulties as the money may have to be diverted from the business for personal expenses ("Sole proprietorships," Nolo). Either way, under-insuring (for example, purchasing health insurance with a very high deductible or under-insuring regarding casualty insurance) can swiftly bankrupt a small enterprise. All it takes is one serious illness or one frivolous lawsuit about a faulty product and the company could be crippled.

Furthermore, as a company which provides a wide range of insurance services, Federated already provides a certain cost value simply via 'bundling.' "Purchasing separate policies from different insurers can result in higher total premiums. A BOP combines typical coverage options into a standard package, and is offered at a premium that is less than if each type of coverage was purchased separately" ("Buying insurance," SBA). This can make the purchase of more comprehensive insurance packages far more affordable.


"Buying insurance." SBA. [12 Feb 2014]

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International Business Economics the Resource Term Paper

… International Business Economics

The Resource-Based View (RBV) theory suggests that a firm must protect its resources which are valuable, rare, inimitable, and non-substitutable in order to transform its short-term competitive advantage into a sustainable competitive advantage. A typical firm possesses… [read more]

Adidas Business Plan Business Plan

… The project team has been developed, and each activity is established. The schedule, duration, and budget of each activity are established.

Work Breakdown Structure

Market study -- 2 weeks

Project team creation -- 1 week

Project team discussions -- 1… [read more]

Staples Digital Advertising Project Marketing Plan

… Thus, the key goals of applying the digital campaign include, growing sales. The online market is broad and capitalizing on sales from online purchases, which is the emerging trend in business, will foster the company in growing the sales. Secondly,… [read more]

E-Commerce Term Paper

… There are major gaps internationally with respect to where Apple sells and what it sells, so these gaps can be addressed with stronger e-commerce technology, especially for those markets that are not earmarked for an Apple store.

In conclusion, e-commerce has been highly successful for Apple. The company has utilized two models, depending on the product in question, and its execution of these models has by and large been successful. Apple entered the music industry and became a major player very quickly through its e-commerce strategy, and Apple has been able to be one of the world's largest clicks-and-mortar players by developing a strong e-commerce strategy for its consumer electronics products. The strategy also succeeds because Apple has been able to progress beyond simply selling computers to a holistic approach that features customer relationship management software and the ability to meet the needs of customers for whom visiting a bricks-and-mortar store would be difficult. By using e-commerce to reach new markets and new consumers, Apple has successfully used e-commerce to enhance its existing business, adding billions of dollars in revenue while cannibalizing little.


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Business Plan for Online Retailer Business Plan

… Business Plan for Internet Site Selling Women's Clothes

Business Plan for Online Retailer

Any firm willing to initiate its business operations at the online platform needs to conduct a full-fledged analysis of its internal and external environment. Similarly, it has… [read more]

International Business South Korea Essay

… 2. Price:

U.S companies will face a big challenge while designing the pricing strategies for their products. The local companies in South Korea offer products at very competitive prices due to readily available raw material, low labor, energy, and overhead costs, and favorable governmental behavior. On the other hand, U.S. is one of the most expensive markets for business organizations. However, the South Korean customers have the same perception for price-quality relationship as the U.S. customers. Therefore, U.S. companies will be able to charge a high price if they sell their products under well-recognized brand name, use top quality raw material in manufacturing, and provide efficient delivery to the final customers (Wild, Han, & Wild, 2011).

3. Promotion:

Companies in the U.S. use all the major marketing mediums for the promotion of their products. These mediums include; electronic media, print media, social media networking, and bill boards, trade shows, etc. On the other hand, the most widely used marketing medium in South Korea is newspapers and magazines (Central Intelligence Agency, 2013). The trend for holding seminars, trade shows, cultural events, etc. is grater in South Korea as compared to U.S. Keeping in view these facts, it can be said that U.S. companies that wish to expand to South Korean market will need to focus on print advertisements and promotions.

4. Place:

The network of local partners, suppliers, distributors, and business development firms is spread throughout the United States. In contrast, local and international businesses in the South Korean market find these strategic business partners and supply chain members in the major cities and town only. Therefore, they face difficulties in delivering their products to the potential customers in small towns and villages. The weather conditions and overall climate in South Korea remains quite favorable for all types of businesses throughout the year. However, the seaports and trade routes are not as developed as they are in the United States (Lee & Trim, 2008).

Part C: Ethical Issues

Transparency to the Stakeholders:

It is quite difficult for the investors to assess the performance and growth of foreign businesses that operate in their local country. Therefore, it is an ethical responsibility of these foreign businesses to present a fair and transparent picture of their business affairs, practices, and financial performance to their investors and key stakeholders. Transparency is becoming one of the major ethical issues in the business world due to the increase in frauds, misrepresentations, and deceptions by unknown firms. Therefore, it is vital for the U.S. companies to keep in view these ethical norms while entering into the South Korean market (Wild, Han, & Wild, 2011).

Ethical Marketing Practices:

Ethics are also found in marketing and promotional activities. In order to avoid criticism and legal actions against them, U.S. companies will need to design their advertisements and promotional campaigns which do not harm the social, cultural, or religious values of the South Korean customers (Hill, 2013). For example, they must not use ingredients in their products which are forbidden in… [read more]

Business Plan for a Company Business Plan

… Business Plan

IDC Interiors aims to open a small business venture with the aim to attract clients as much as this venture can of both types of customers (residential or commercial) by offering unique, comprehensive, environment-friendly and comfortable, interior design… [read more]

Consumer Protection Term Paper

… These aspects, much like those mentioned above, can be very costly. Companies therefore, must account for these costs in the overall pricing of their products. Unfortunately, these cost increases are often transferred to consumers in the form of higher product prices.

Assume that U.S. retailers do have legal liability for defective products. What steps could U.S. retailers and manufacturers take, when using products imported from China that would minimize their liability exposure?

To begin, U.S. retailers must have closer relationships with both vendors and suppliers within their supply chain. Vender and supplier relationships are integral to the overall quality and functional expectations of a product. Particularly for items imported from China, strict standards must be in place to effectively screen incoming products. For instance, retailers could test product regarding prespecific standards. If these standards are not met the item will be rejected, subject to a pending revision. If a supplier has multiple products that fail to meet these standards, the supplier is then eliminated from the chain altogether. Ample communication with consumers will also be needed on the part of retailers. Clear, concise, and comprehensive information regarding potential threats of the product are essential. Warning labels, information on handling the product, and information on the correct use of the product all help reduce the potential liability of a corporation (Alan, 1990).

An item that has been recently recalled by the CPSC is that of Trident Diving Equipment. In this instance, the item has the propensity to cause drowning in those who use it. Trident has received one report of the hose leaking. No injuries have been reported due to the use of this product however. If the product has not been recalled, the manufacturer would have been liable for the drowning death of those who use the product. According to tort law, a duty of care is a legal obligation which is imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. In many instances, consumers must be able to prove an act of negligence. In the instance of the Scuba diving air hose, the manufacturer should have done considerable research in order to maintain the air within the hose. When diving into water, consumers have a reasonable expectation to assume that the hose would not leak. Providing consumers with a leaky hose that could potentially result in unsuspecting deaths could be deemed as negligence. The claimant must be able to show a duty of care imposed by law which the defendant has breached. According to research reports, the actual causation of the leak was due to falter materials within the hose itself. Again, this could potentially be negligence on the part of the manufacturer. In this instance, the materials used would less expensive and lower quality as oppose to those of other manufactures. The lower quality material and craftsmanship resulted in a faulty product that could cause death to users through drowning. Naturally, the manufacturer could… [read more]

Australian Corporations Law Director's Duties Case Study

… AUS Corp Law

HP Case Qs

Assuming the facts of this case as presented are true and that there was no deception on the part of any party mentioned in the case, the breach in this case is limited to… [read more]

Global Business Current Business Events and Their Essay

… Global Business

Current Business Events and Their Implications on Australian Business

Two recent events and their analysis have implications on Australian government and businesses operating here and internationally. The first is the continual struggles to get an IBM payroll and… [read more]

Google Groupon the World Essay

… " Eventually the people at Google did come back in late 2012 where the deal is currently stalled.

In mid-December 2012 the financial world began to see the effects of this near-deal and the ramifications that were presented by this movement. Lachapelle (2012) explained what happened during this time. She argued that "Instead of selling to Google for $6 billion in 2010, Chicago-based Groupon chose to go public last year. While the shares surged 23% on Dec. 7 amid speculation Google might still be interested, a bid isn't likely given Groupon's slowdown and because Google may find it cheaper to invest more resources in its own coupon business."

The mere rumor of this merger sent the market into an interesting period. The implications of this merger on stock prices began to show what this potential move might mean. Lachapelle (2012) claimed that "After initially winning a market capitalization exceeding Google's offer, Groupon's stock has lost 79% since its debut amid accounting missteps, more competition and growth that failed to meet expectations. The shares fell to a price-sales ratio of 0.7 on Nov. 13, a record low, according to data compiled by Bloomberg." Wilson (2012) also added that "Groupon currently has significant cash amounting to $1.2 billion on its balance sheet coupled with almost $820 million merchant payables and accrued expenses. This leaves net cash of ~$400 million for Google if it acquires Groupon. Also, we need to factor in the benefit of $600 million in form of accumulated tax losses for Google once the transaction in complete."


Mergers and acquisitions rarely work out in all stakeholders' benefit. In this case there seems to be no real winner in this deal. The net present value of Google, the difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows would not see any positive change in this case. Groupon, on the other hand is a company in dispair and is reeling since this failed merger attempt. The NPV of Groupon continues to fall, making the merger that more unlikely.

Coontz (2004) shed light on the economic impact of mergers and acquisitions on acquiring firm shareholder wealth. His review of this subject suggested that this deal would not have worked out for either sides' stockholders. He claimed in his study that "I find that, on average, merger or acquisitions, in the 15 firm sample, do not, on average, improve shareholder wealth of the acquiring firm; rather, it actually decreases it. This is important be-

cause the function of a company is to make money and transfer the profits to the stakeholders and risk takers of the corporations, the shareholders. If the goal is to maximize shareholder wealth, why would a corporation want to merge or acquire another firm if data suggests that it actually worsens shareholder wealth? " (p.69).

There is too much risk today for Google today to complete this deal and I would recommend for Google to avoid it. Groupon, as a surviving company and… [read more]

Entrepreneur Description of the Business Research Paper

… It will be important to be in communication with officials in case the regulatory environment changes. As a result, the company should be able to perform well in inspections and avoid legal actions that could destroy the company.

There is also the tax code to consider. With flow-through profits, the taxation will be handled on the principle's person return. However, to ensure full compliance with accounting regulations, the company will pay a retainer to an accounting profession who can ensure that the statements and tax documents are prepared in full compliance with the law. The principle will also be familiar with the applicable regulations to ensure that there is a minimal amount of problems.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act applies to publicly-traded companies (Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Sec. 408). In fact, some companies sought to go private to avoid the liability that the CEO and CFO face under SOX. For this business, Sarbanes-Oxley is not particularly relevant.

For the most part, any decision that the business makes should be guided by strategy. There are few decisions that would emphasize strategy at the expense of legality. However, having an understanding of the legal and regulatory environments will ensure that any regulatory red flags are raised prior to the decision being implemented.

Works Cited: (2012). Limited liability company (LLC). Retrieved March 17, 2013 from

Johnson, S. (2007). What if IFRS replaced GAAP? CFO Magazine Retrieved March 17, 2013 from

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Retrieved March 17, 2013 from

Zanzig, J. & Flesher, D. (2005). GAAP requirements for nonpublic companies. CPA Journal. Retrieved March 17, 2013 from [read more]

Business Plan for a Software Business Plan

… 3. Promotional Strategies:

Nerd Patrol is a purely service oriented company in the Information Technology industry. In addition to a large number of potential individual customers, the significant portion of Nerd Patrol's target market constitutes high profile businesses from almost… [read more]

Business Plan for Freelancer Website Business Plan

… Before starting up a freelancer website, the owners will have to conduct a full-fledged environmental scan of the freelance business industry in order to operate the website in an effective and profitable fashion (Allen, 2012). The major environmental forces that… [read more]

IT Management Challenges Business Process Research Paper

… Nevertheless, the value chain does not explain the number of service oriented businesses in operation. Businesses can develop additional concepts of value network and value shop in order to handle different businesses (Cunningham & Froschl, 2009).

Businesses must be aware… [read more]

Business Plan Costs Preparing Documents Business Plan

… To minimize the overhead costs so that our customers could take advantage of the savings.

2. To work according to the philosophy that our customers are always going to be our top priority.

3. To never be satisfied with the… [read more]

Business Proposal Food Emporium Business Proposal

… For example, free training sessions can be conducted in schools about the benefits of eating healthy and at the same time this will help build awareness of the organization. Furthermore, children will be a key demographic as well as young parents and professionals.

Since the food services industry is so competitive and there are so many competitors it is unlikely that the company will be able to capture a large portion of the total market. The world foodservice industry is expected to reach almost $992 USD in 2014. As a result, this industry it doesn't require a large market share to be profitable. A small fraction of a percentage will be all that is necessary to make the model work. Furthermore, the market is already flooded with competitors so competition will be high however the Food Emporium will be competitive because it offers a fresh perspective on food preparations. If the business is able to capture one percent of market share within the first three years then it will be a tremendous success.

There are many barriers to entry that include items such as location, supply chain development, and marketing. The business model has already been developed in foreign markets and it has proven to work. However, there may also be some cultural barriers that the organization might encounter in Kuwait. Yet these barriers can be overcome by educating the consumer base through effective advertising. The model is so unique to the area that it should also receive a great deal of word-of-mouth advertising. The company must also be able to find a suitable location as well as develop a supply chain that can offer the freshest food and produce sources. Local vendors will be given preference in developing the supply chain.

The business plan estimates that it will require one and a half million dinars to fund the organization through its first three years of operations. This will include the entire construction as well as sufficient operating capital to cover expenses such as payroll. The total breakeven period on the initial capital investment is estimated to be roughly six years. Once the project is approved, there will be six months needed to develop the floor plan and select the contractors who will construct the various elements of the shop.








Cash flows














The vendors for the equipment and the kitchen areas will also be selected during this period. After construction is completed, it will require another three months to hire and train a staff that can service the customers in a knowledgeable and effective manner. Within a ten-year period the model could be expanded to other locations using a franchise model. However,… [read more]

Business Plan of Business Plan

… Technology implementation

Chief Technology Officer will be hired as well and would be accountable for the IT support function and all technology related issues faced by the Company.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is a legal theory which refers to… [read more]

Equipment Needed Market Analysis Situational Business Plan

… Promotion:

The following promotional measures would be adopted,

1) Brochures: Various promotional tools will be used for the product. The primary one in this regard would be the pamphlets. Pamphlets are a relatively economical form of promotion and they generate… [read more]

Business Plan for the Farmery Business Plan

… Business Plan

Product Description

Market Analysis


Regulatory Environment


Marketing Plan

Market Penetration Strategy

Advertising Media

Management Plan

Company Organization

Company Philosophy

Personnel Policies


Record Keeping

Manufacturing Plan

Financial Pro-Formas

Risk Analysis

The Farmery is a startup venture… [read more]

Starbucks Downsizing USA Impacts Global Essay

… The governmental hurdles for instance have prevented the coffee company from opening stores in the Forbidden City (The Economist, 2007).

Upon entering China, Starbucks implemented the market expansion strategy, through which it sold its already existent products onto new markets. It conducted research and an important challenge was represented by the low levels of coffee consumption in China. Then, it entered the market through partnerships with local food and beverage companies (Yeh, 2006).

From a strategic standpoint, emphasis has been placed on issues such as:

The replacement of aggressive branding with the creation of a powerful store experience; the stores were as such placed in highly populated and visible areas (Wang, 2012)

The creation of a new product line, inspired by the local culture, from coffee beans grown in Yunnan (Haoting, 2009).

3. Impact of downsizing

The downsizing process commenced by Starbucks in the United States has yet to reveal its long-term impacts upon the company's stability in the domestic and the foreign markets. Still, at this level, it is expected for some negative effects to be felt in terms of the corporate expansionist effort into China. The more notable example in this sense is represented by the damaging of the organizational image, which would then result in less trust being felt by the Chinese stakeholders. For instance, the Chinese government could come to further restrict the company's operations in the country for fear of failure. Then, the employees could also fear the loss of their jobs, and their morale and performances would decrease.

4. Conclusions

Starbucks is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world and it has ensured this leading position through a combination of powerful management and business models adapted to meet customers' needs and wants. Today, Starbucks operates globally, with emphasis falling on expansion in China, due to the great potential of the Chinese customer base.

The expansion strategy in the country is impacted by the features of the local market place, such as ambiguous legislations or different customer behaviors. Still, the company is committed to increasing its stores to 1,500 by 2015. An impediment in this plan could nevertheless be represented by the downsizing process commenced in the United States, which could decrease the trust of the Chinese stakeholders.


Fowler, G.A. (2003). Converting the masses: Starbucks in China. Global Policy Forum. accessed on October 24, 2012

Haoting, L. (2009). Starbucks pushes China sales with local brew. China Daily. accessed on October 24, 2012

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(2011). Starbucks celebrates its 500th store opening in mainland China. Business Wire. accessed on October 24, 2012

Starbucks goes to China. ABRS. accessed on October 24, 2012 [read more]

Country E-Commerce Research Paper

… Country e-Commerce

The Indian e-Commerce Market for S3 (Ski, Surf, Skate)'s Products

The Indian e-Commerce market is projected to grow from $89B in 2009 to $122B in 2016, with the B2B e-commerce market comprising 34% of the total market at the end of the forecast period (Bandyopadhyay, 2011). Of the three areas of e-commerce including Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) and Consumer -- to-Consumer (C2C), B2B continues to accelerate the fastest of the three based on the continued role of India as a global business process outsourcer. For S3 (Ski, Surf, Skate) Products the greater immediate value of e-commerce is in streamlining their value chain over the short-term and using in-country expertise to grow their customer base over the long-term.

Analysis of the Indian e-Commerce Market

The Indian e-commerce market has long had the constraint of a lack of infrastructure yet a high need for greater levels of cross-channel and cross-industry integration at the process level (Gupta, 2001). The challenges for S3 (Ski, Surf, Skate)'s Products is to find the right balance of B2C, C2C and B2B sites to ensure the success of their business in India. Clearly the market is growing quickly enough and has the profitability to support new ventures. The Indian governments' pro-business attitude continues to make e-commerce joint ventures and foreign direct investment (FDI) of all forms welcome in the nation (Bandyopadhyay, 2011).

The leading B2C websites include, Fashion&You, SherSingh and SnapDeal are among the largest websites in this category. There are over two thousands B2C websites in the country as well, many of them based on Indian-specific supply chains (Bandyopadhyay, 2011). S3 (Ski, Surf, Skate)'s Products needs to realize these B2C retailers are concentrating on creating a highly effective… [read more]

Bill Gates: A Successful Business Term Paper

… This change strategy was the result of Bill Gates' vision which made him think beyond the industry patterns and introduce something very unique to the world of Information Technology. Thus, each and every computer program which Microsoft has introduced so… [read more]

Organization Behavior Business Model Development Research Paper

… National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has specifically designed the regulatory policies for businesses in this industry so that they meet the minimum criteria for operating in the industry and contribute towards the economy and overall Global aerospace industry.

Human… [read more]

Business Models Evolution Article

… Business Models

Evolution of Business Models:

From Early 20th Century to Today - a Critical Analysis

Business models continue to grow in complexity and the level of integrative processes that are knowledge and intelligence-based. From the relatively simple production-based business… [read more]

Financing, and Marketing a Business Research Paper

… Of course, these investors also have a stake in the company's losses as well, so many of them expect to have a voice in the way the company is run, greatly limiting the owner's independence. Venture capitalists also loan money to companies that have established themselves and are looking to grow to a point where the business is attractive as a potential purchase or to go public in the next several years. Once again, being involved with this type of investor limits strategic independence for the company (StartupNation, 2012).

With funding sources in place, budgeting, analysis, and costs begin to play a role in the company's development. Using managerial accounting, the cost of production can be determined using both direct and indirect costs. While direct costs can be traced directly to the production of the product, indirect costs are more difficult to determine, such as utilities and rent (Drury, 2008, p.48). Incremental analyses should be ongoing for any company and provide a continuing look at the state of the company's finances and budget. If costs for a product are high in certain areas, for instance, an incremental analysis may determine a more effective use of funds in the budget. In this way, the company can continue to adjust the way it spends money and how products and services are priced.


Once the product has been developed it must be marketed to the public in a way that makes the product desirable. There are several steps involved in this process and they might best be illustrated using the pharmaceutical industry as a model. Initially, the marketing should be properly planned to address a specific problem, the audience being targeted, and the environment in which the marketing program operates (Weinreich, 1999, p.22). In the case of a drug, like one for heartburn, the problem and audience are easily identifiable, heartburn sufferers need to be relieved of their symptoms. The marketing environment could include newspaper, magazine, internet, and television ads.

After this information has been gleaned, the message and materials used to convey the message are designed. These messages and materials are then tested on individuals within the target group to determine which materials best convey the intended message, in this case the heartburn sufferers (Weinreich, 1999, p.22). Once the materials have been decided upon, the plan can be implemented and feedback from the marketing program can be assessed to ensure the message is getting out to the intended targets (Weinreich, 1999, p.22). The evaluation of the marketing campaign is continuous and the materials can be changed throughout the process. A successful campaign for marketing heartburn drugs would involve an increase in awareness of the drug and, eventually, its use.

Throughout the process it is important to consider the potential harm the product could do to anyone and evaluate whether the risk is worth taking. Furthermore, it is essential that the marketing campaign remain honest and never seek to intentionally deceive anyone. Even promising that a heartburn drug will do more than… [read more]

Business Strategy Business and Corporate Research Paper

… Analysis of Strategies with Competitors

The competitive environment of Kraft Foods is fast-paced with a number of large competitors such as Kellogg, PepsiCo. And others. Like Kraft Foods, these are all food and beverage companies that rely heavily on developing innovative brands and effective marketing. However, the most significant competitor of Kraft Foods Inc. is Nestle which is the largest food and beverage company in the world (Nestle, 2012). Kraft comes second to Nestle but is aiming at narrowing the gap through its rapid acquisition and diversification strategies.

At the business strategy level, Nestle is pursuing a similar strategy as Kraft Foods. It is expanding its product and brand portfolio through innovation and research. One differentiating feature of Nestle's business level strategy is its premiumisation strategy (Nestle Annual Report, 2011). It is targeting niche markets by developing premium products and services whereas Kraft Foods does not pursue such a policy.

At the corporate strategy level, Nestle pursues geographical growth and expansion through acquisitions worldwide. It also develops subsidiaries through organic growth and investment. In contrast to downstream integration as seen at Kraft Foods, Nestle has integrated up the value chain because it sees value creation through partnerships with stakeholders upstream. In addition, it has also diversified into the health sector by the creation of Nestle Health Science (Nestle Annual Report, 2011), while Kraft Foods has diversified into the grocery segment.

A comparison of the strategies of the two competitors shows that Nestle is better positioned to attain growth over the long-term. It seems that in order to narrow the gap between Nestle and Kraft Foods, Kraft Foods is aggressively pursuing acquisition whereas Nestle is investing heavily in emerging Chinese and Russian markets through acquisitions and joint ventures.

Effect of Business Cycle

The business cycle of the consumer foods industry is very fast-paced. New products are developed and launched rapidly. Product promotion is aggressive targeting all segments of the population. Brands need to be promoted aggressively and product failure is attributed to poor marketing strategies. An important trend in the consumer foods industry is to regularly develop new market segments and to position products and brands accordingly. Recently, market segments demanding nutritional and health content in their snacks has increased. Therefore, companies have started bringing out low salt and low-calorie products.

In fast-cycle markets, companies must be quick to respond to market trends and should possess the research, production and marketing flexibility to respond with dynamism (O' Grady & Malloch, 2010). Innovative products that cater to market needs should be developed. Competitive response tends to be swift with the result that brand wars are common. Long-term growth can be achieved through investment in research, production and marketing areas along with developing diverse competitive strengths. Nestle is better positioned for a fast-cycle market because it has invested significantly in its research and innovation expertise whereas Kraft Foods focuses more heavily on an acquisition strategy.

In slow-cycle markets, significant time and effort is spent on research and development before a product is marketed… [read more]

Networking Solution a Reliable and Flexible White Paper

… Networking Solution

A reliable and flexible network is one of the most important tools that a 21st-century business can have in its competitive toolbox. This is especially true if the company is one with more than one office, and even more especially true if the different offices are geographically distant from one another. Metric Machine Parts and Supplies Corporation is being badly served by its current network provider. The system being proposed here would eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) problems with the current system while adding positive elements that are entirely absent from the current network.

The first decision -- and indeed the most important decision -- is a managerial one rather than a technical one. Does the company wish to continue to outsource its networking needs or should it shift to an onsite it department. The current network system was chosen when the business was smaller in terms of sales as well as in terms of having to communicate with an international sales force and customer base. That smaller version of the company found it economical to outsource a number of services rather than having to pay someone in-house and have him or her sit idle a great deal of the time when there was no it work to be done.

However, these conditions no longer obtain. While having noted above that the decision to outsource or move to an in-house solution is, of course, a managerial one, I would nonetheless like to offer my suggestion here, which is to switch to an in-house it department. The downside of such a move is that it is more expensive. However, this in fact may not be true. While hiring an it staff and making room for them in which to work, as well as buying updated equipment will require a not-insubstantial amount of capital outlay in a short period of time. If this outlay has to be financed, there will be the additional (and at least temporarily ongoing) cost of the financing.

However, balanced against this must be the fact that while these upfront costs are significantly higher than the monthly fee paid to the current service provider, there is the very-much ongoing cost to the firm of the current inefficient network. The company is almost certainly losing customers when they grow frustrated with the delays in placing orders and receiving products, always a serious problem but especially so when a company is expanding at this rate. Moreover, there are hidden but no doubt significant costs in terms of wasted employee time.

In addition, it professions will be up-to-date on software and hardware options, a fact that will reduce wastes of both time and money throughout the operational model.

The costs of customer and… [read more]

Global E-Business Essay

… Global e-Business: Business Consultancy

Owning a business can be a serious challenge, as can moving that business into new markets - especially if those markets are international in nature. For purposes of this paper/report, the business is a well-established organization,… [read more]

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