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Networking and Career Fairs Term Paper

… Networking and Career Fairs


Ideally, the process of networking is not merely a first step, but something the job seeker is doing continually. Simply getting to know people of similar professional interests in college and in social interactions is a kind of networking. However, networking often feels false -- and an individual soliciting a friendship for the purpose of job-hunting alone can seem quite transparent. Networking can alienate as well as foster professional friendships. Also, networking with other graduates may mean that you are networking merely with another fellow job seeker with few professional connections! The probability of success at this endeavor depends upon the economy and the personality of the job seeker. Networking can be personally fulfilling, regardless of the result, and is vitally necessary in some professions, such as media-related activities. However, although getting to know the right people is important, it is also crucial that there is a job opening, and networking well requires a lifelong commitment to the friendships one uses to get ahead.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are terminal events, where employers actively seeking to hire individuals, solicit resumes, provide information about their place of business, and conduct preliminary interviews. They are an excellent place to know what top companies are looking to hire eager young graduates. But career fairs may often contain employers merely seeking entry-level hires, and offer positions with little hope of advancement. Career fairs tend to be disappointing for more ambitious job seekers, except for professions that desperately need new hires, such as the healthcare profession. Going to one or two can be helpful, as it is only a sacrifice of an afternoon, but cannot be relied upon as the ultimate solution… [read more]

Personal Theory of Career Guidance Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … personal theory of career and guidance counseling. In order to effectively accomplish this task, it is important to consider a review of pertinent career/vocational and career guidance counseling theories that have shaped the development of this field in… [read more]

Altered Sleep Wake Schedules Regarding Firefighters or First Responders Term Paper

… ¶ … human body have revealed new information about the importance of specific functions such as sleeping. Although sleep has always been noted to be an important component of human functioning, research into this process demonstrates that sleep provides individuals… [read more]

Ergonomic Injuries Term Paper

… Back injuries were also reduced by forty five percent in that same time frame.

OSHA continually reviews the injury rates for ergonomic injuries. They keep all information up-to-date and have felt the guidelines that are implemented are the best so far. They even provide training for employers and employees to prevent such injuries.

The guidelines are easy to follow, no special equipment need and are based on common sense factors. Examples are as follows:


Twisted Torso


Rearrange work, provide more knee space, U shape work surface


Lumbar Back not supported


Lumbar cushion, back brace (if lift heavy items), Check chair for height, new chair


Prolonged focusing


Rearrange space to provide larger view, look away from monitor every 20 min


Active Keyboarding


Wrist rests, arm rests, elbow rests


Long periods on phone


Speaker phone or headsets

Computer Monitors should be arm's length away from user at a 90 degree angle to prevent glare, right lighting should be shadowed for prevent eye problems.


OSHA Website

University of Florida Environmental Health & Safety Ergonomic Resource Page [read more]

Human Existence, Work Term Paper

… Krumboltz and Jackson (1993) view career assessment as a learning tool, not only to make inferences about how the individuals' past learning experiences may match with some education or occupational pursuits and not with others, but also as a basis… [read more]

Labor Unions in America Term Paper

… From their conception onward, unions had been tarred and feathered as communists in the American media, sinister collective and communal entities threatening the individualism of the American corporate laborer and drone.

Voss and Fantasia thus advocate a structural and ideological… [read more]

Scheduling Resources Term Paper

… Scheduling Resources and Outsourcing

In today's hyper-competitive world, efficient and effective scheduling of resources can make or break an organization. This challenge is compounded when multi-project scheduling comes into play. This paper will discuss two of the reasons why scheduling resources is such an important task and will describe how outsourcing project work can help alleviates some of the more common problems.

Every organization has a finite quantity of resources. These include human, financial, time, equipment, and other resources. Yet, the efficient and effective scheduling of these resources is important, for two primary reasons: profitability and productivity. First, if resources are not scheduled correctly, productivity falters. Reduced productivity means a loss of competitive advantage and can be a leading factor to a company's ultimate demise. Likewise, inefficient and/or ineffective scheduling of resources can lead to decreased profitability, which can also lead to organizational failure.

When an organization is faced with the challenge of having to schedule resources for multiple, simultaneously occurring projects, the strain on these limited resources is compounded. Now, not only do the needs of one project have to be taken into consideration, but two or more projects will be competing for the same resources. As an example, the objective, for project managers in a manufacturing facility using machines with a specified capacity constraint, are challenged to schedule their resources so that… [read more]

Labor Unions and Their Decline Many Modern Term Paper

… Labor Unions and Their Decline

Many modern observers believe that labor unions have outlasted their usefulness in a free-market economy, where people can seek the highest compensation for their labors and know that they will be protected by a wide… [read more]

Career Planning Term Paper

… Three years later I obtained my journeyman's license and continued to practice my trade for another two years. Unconvinced that my father's decision about my occupational future had been correct, I left not only the occupation he had chosen for… [read more]

Super's Theory Population Mental Disability Term Paper

… Super's Career Development Theory: Population - Mental Disability

Super, a professional career psychologist developed a theory of career patterns particularly emphasizing attention to students still in school. His theory of vocational development or career development emphasized life long learning, change… [read more]

Donald E. Super Term Paper

… In essence, Super's theory may suffer because it fails to adequately consider individual characteristics and the characteristics of specific occupations.

Review of the Literature

As noted earlier, Super's Life-Span theory of career development has its roots in the work of a number of influential psychologists. His work is likely-based partly on Parson's understanding of vocational choices as based on an individual's match between abilities and work best suited for those abilities (American Psychological Association). Hull, who argued that theories must be based on explicitly states assumptions, and that Edwin Thorndike, who developed major laws of learning (Gredler) were likely influences. In addition, Bandura, known for the development of social learning theory (Gredler) likely influenced Super's work.

Since the original publication of Super's theories, a great deal resources have been developed that are designed to help young people develop an understanding of self-concept. A number of psychometric measures, including vocational tests, intelligence and academic aptitude tests, and personality inventories are available as aids to defining self-concept.

Over time, the ideas contained within Super's Life-Span theory have been expanded to include personality topology theories where personality types determine career choices. Other career development theories have tended to focus on other aspects underlying career choice and development. Krumboltz' Social learning theory of career selection suggests that career choices result from an outcome of learned responses that exist during a life time. Other career choice theories focus on career choices in the contest of the social status of specific occupations. Further, the human capital theory suggests that occupational selection is based on calculations of the investment of human capital and returns on that investment (Marini and Brinton, 1984).

Today, Super's Life Span theory remains largely respected. The American Psychological Association describes Super's approach as "well-formulated and well-supported." It is highly applicable in many settings, including helping adolescents to make effective career decisions (American Psychological Association).


In summary, Super's Life-Span theory of career development is a time-tested and effective means for understanding career development. It is useful because it can be used across the entire lifespan, rather than simply during initial periods of career choice. Given the potential limitations of the theory, it is recommended that Super's Life-Span theory be used in association with the consideration of a number of other approaches, specifically approaches that consider individual characteristics in light of specific occupations.


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Zunker, V. (1994). Career counseling:… [read more]

John Locke Employment Term Paper

… Because of his fear of monarchial tyranny, he stresses the dangers of a controlled marketplace, with obstacles to entering trade or leaving class-based positions or obtaining higher education through merit that are fixed by the by law. As money turns the wheels of trade he also inveighs against interference of the state in matters of commerce. However, what happens when the rights of the workers in the free marketplace are infringed upon through industry collusion in the form of a monopolistic setting of wages, for instance, or, as outlined in Benjamin Franklin's own life, when an employer does not honor his or her contract to provide wages or education to an employee?

Of Franklin's tenure in bonded servitude, he reflected "I fancy his harsh and tyrannical treatment of me might be a means of impressing me with that aversion to arbitrary power that has stuck to me through my whole life." (Franklin, 1723) Like Locke, the tyranny of bondage caused Franklin to hate the monarchical systems of governance. But Franklin, more astutely than Locke, noted how without proper regulation, a completely free and unfettered market could produce tyranny just as overwhelming as that exercised by a tyrant.

Of course, one could state that Franklin's experience was not that of a free market. Contracts regarding apprenticeship, where individuals labored in exchange for room, board, and knowledge necessary to enter a trade in a form of virtual indentured servitude were open to much exploitation, as is evidenced in Franklin's case, and in such cases the ethical notions of 'in loco parentis' seem complex -- on one hand, the bond is moral for a young man's education, on the other hand it is a contract regarding employment and wages. Franklin was forced into his experience by a parent whom believed he must learn a trade to survive, and many young men gritted their teeth and forced themselves to endure privation with the hopes of economic returns later on. Regardless, the existence of indentured servitude in a supposed free market shows that the 'hands off attitude' advocated by Lock and Smith does not automatically result in a fair and equitable 'set point' of returns on one's investment of time on behalf of one's employer. Such an attitude, albeit not as extreme as expressed by Franklin, might be found in the minds and hearts of some interns today, forced to 'make copies' for little pay and even less education.

An alternative view to workplace obligations between employers and employees is offered by Jonathan Winthrop's "A Modell of Christian Charity" and "A Little Speech on Liberty" highlights the need of individuals to take on moral responsibilities for the welfare of others in their employ and otherwise, beyond any obligations of commerce. The obligation of the employers to make a profit for a company's shareholders today indicates, however, that such a responsibility cannot subsume corporate profit making. Perhaps the legitimate relationship between employee and employer, therefore, is that of a balance, where the government, despite Locke's objections,… [read more]

Needs Assessment and Action Plan for Poverty Reduction in Wilson Research Paper

… ¶ … poverty' denotes a specific meaning, then, it is thinkable to differentiate poverty from a heap of various societal problems. Undertaking assessment of anti-poverty initiatives and their ranking isn't achieved conscientiously by assuming to equalize all societal aims (Watts,… [read more]

Examining the Impact of Labor Unions Research Paper

… One of the main arguments used to show that labor unions are outdated impediments to progress is the ever increasing managerial hostility and attitudes towards unions. This hostility and attitude is a by-product of negativity as well as other factors… [read more]

Multiculturalism in the Workplace Article Review

… Although these unattractive and cynical actions by management may seem to only pertain to relationships on the organizational hierarchy from a vertical standpoint, a lack of trust that permeates the entire workplace can poison interoffice communication at every level. Management must ensure that its wide-ranging strategic actions are in line with its communications to both employees and customers. Ideally, some form of participatory strategy should be deployed. Worker's opinions and perceptions must be given weight when making major decisions that affect the company. Without employee buy-in, a company cannot be effective.

Challenges to organizations in the future

One of the challenges to organizations in the future will be the difficulty of balancing the need to adapt to local cultures while still retaining a core brand identity. Companies such as Starbucks have thus far proven to extremely adept at this, tailoring their menu and store ambiance to suit the needs of, for example, China or Japan without losing what made Starbucks so successful in the first place. To do so Starbucks has partnered with local organizations to ensure that the company understands local consumer psychology and can effectively use the supply chain and other resources within the nation to their maximum extent. This requires an open mind and a willingness to communicate and cooperate on a broad level. McDonald's and Coca-Cola have also adapted their marketing strategy and product to Asian tastes. People in different cultures are "pleased, worried, and annoyed" by different things and a company must be careful not to inadvertently seem insensitive -- it must be aware that it is saying what it wants and needs to be said when projecting its message (Conrad & Poole 2013: 426).

Companies have finite resources and spend huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns and marketing. They need these elements of their product marketing mix to be effective and must be self-aware about the 'Americanness' or regional nature of their current approach. There is no universal way to market a product that suits all people, all of the time. To some extent, every product must be branded in a relatively narrow fashion but that does not mean the brand cannot be refashioned to suit local needs.


Conrad, C. & Poole, M.S. (2012) Strategic organizational communication in a global economy

(7th Ed.) Wiley-Blackwell. [read more]

Value of Developing an Electronic Term Paper

… Integration

Setting up a personalized application career portfolio is an excellent self-marketing approach; it may possibly be an incredibly efficient approach for handling one's profession, it improves one's capability to clearly show oneself with integrity. The understanding one gets in relation to oneself as well as one's possible career paths can provide the resources to make the appropriate career decisions as well as improve one's sense of safety. A career portfolio is not simply a sheet of paper much like a resume; it really is a collection of data files that in fact facilitates and makes apparent what one would like to point out about oneself. A personalized resume career portfolio not just includes career relevant data files; it could consist of one's schoolwork, data on extracurricular pursuits as well as volunteer work. Additional papers that might be integrated are biographies, referrals, accreditations, photos, one's writings, as well as overall performance reviews. An e-Portfolio may also show how "tech savvy" one is to some possible employer, particularly in case an individual is searching for employment in a specialized domain like graphic designing or animation (Haag et al., 2006).

Employers are transforming the way in which they are searching for fresh employees consequently; this can be a sensible decision in case one is searching for a job to build and own a resume career portfolio. No matter what career one happens to be in, a nicely prepared portfolio which is well presented may serve as an excellent promotional tool. An e-portfolio attracts interest to what one is attempting to convey and opens the door to numerous possibilities. Additionally, it tends to make tangible what was previously intangible; brings integrity and develops self-confidence. An e-portfolio is an excellent approach to visually convey one's story. It promotes one's skills, documents the standard of one's personal as well as professional growth and sets one above and beyond other candidates (Haag et al., 2006).

A career portfolio provides the hiring manager a definitive impression of who one is as well as what one is able to give to the work environment. They are characteristics of the person's character or professionalism and reliability which may go undetected if one uses a standard resume; however, it can be a lot more distinguished in a career e-portfolio (Haag et al., 2006).


Lastly, this task has taught me the significance of developing a career e-portfolio. I discovered that by developing an e-portfolio, it assists one to show potential business employers one's achievements, skills, perceptions, activities and abilities. I discovered that career e-portfolio may also function as a promotional tool which offers prospective business employers with a review of my abilities. One of the key lessons uncovered is the fact that we all should be cautious about the way we make use of social networking websites simply because as soon as one places anything online it can be extremely hard to remove it.


Grasz, J. (2013).Thirty-seven percent of companies use social networks to research potential job candidates, according… [read more]

Supply and Demand for Labor Term Paper

… Also, many workers have trouble meeting weekly and monthly expenses and a tax refund at the end of the tax year does not provide assistance in coping with these problems.

Independent of the pressures generated by a formal rise in the minimum wage, some retailers such as Costco have found that it actually behooves them to pay workers more money on an hourly basis: this increases the quality of the work they perform and also improves worker retention. Higher wages reduce escalating costs related to training new workers, given that low wages and poor working conditions tend to generate a 'revolving door' effect in terms of worker attrition. Poorly paid workers also tend to be less conscientious about serving a company that is treating them unfairly, and this attitude inevitably spills over in terms of how they treat customers. The average Costco worker "makes $22.82 an hour, gets health benefits and a pension plan" (Fox 2013). In stark contrast, the median wage of a fast food worker is $9.05 an hour "or about $18,800 a year" and the current grass roots protests of fast food workers were lobbying for a wage of $15 an hour, still below what Costco pays (Fox 2013). Traditional fast food employees' hours are often kept to a level below that of full time quite deliberately so the company will not have to offer benefits.

However, critics of the Costco model point out that Costco tends to target more affluent shoppers and not all consumers can afford its $55 annual membership fee. This high-wage business model may not be sustainable for all enterprises. Regardless, "sales at Costco have grown an average of 13% annually since 2009, while profits have risen 15%. Its stock price has more than doubled since 2009. During the same period, discount retailer Wal-Mart's sales grew an average of 4.5% each year, profits rose 7%, and its stock price increased 70%" (2013).

Raising the minimum wage may incur some initial costs to companies, but the costs to society of not raising the minimum wage may be much greater. Minimum wage workers are often forced to 'make ends meet' by supplementing their low incomes with money from food banks and rely upon public assistance such as Medicaid for healthcare. In effect, the federal government is subsidizing the low wage model of companies like Wendy's and Wal-Mart. Ultimately, Bernstein argues, raising the minimum wage will reduce the need for such social services and the overall toll this takes on the government. The government would also receive more in taxes from higher salaries and, ideally, higher profits gleaned from companies employing more satisfied employees. Purchasing power in the short-term would increase as well as purchasing power in the long-term and workers would have better options in terms of allocating their financial resources if they were not living hand-to-mouth.


Bernstein, J. (2013). The economics of a higher wage floor. The New York Times. Retrieved:

Fox, E. (2013). Wendy's versus Wal-Mart vs.… [read more]

Adjustment for Iraqi and Cuban Research Paper

… Surface traits are useful in situational adjustment, thereby required in their adjustment to work environment. The career counseling in this theory focuses on identifying, assessing, and developing surface and source traits and matching them with work skill requirements.

Lastly, in the theory of work adjustment, career counseling for Iraqi and Cuban immigrants will identify and label process variables. This implies the definition of work behavior, to describe the quickness of the immigrant worker's initiative in interacting with the work environment. The goal of the process is to denote the level of an immigrant's effort in expanding their interaction with the work environment and workplace culture. This also involves the identification of the pace, or the pattern of interaction between immigrant and the work environment (McMahon & Patton, 2006). Pace is identified in terms of cyclical, steady, or erratic. Lastly, is the identification of endurance, which is the amount of time the immigrant will remain in this interactive relationship. These variables represent the assessment variables a career counselor can use to evaluate the success of counseling through the theory of work adjustment. Overall, the goal is to assist the Iraqi and Cuban immigrant brings out their best abilities and values to satisfy their work environment. This also involves assisting them in utilizing reinforcers in the work environment like salaries, employee equal rights of employment, and other benefits to enjoy working in America.


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McMahon, M. & Patton, W. (2006). Career Development and Systems Theory: Connecting… [read more]

Orientation and Career Management Employee Essay

… Career Management: Q1. Ultimately, the employee is responsible for managing his or her own career. If an employee feels dissatisfied and unchallenged, he or she should seek out new opportunities by either looking for new work or talking to his or her supervisor; seeking additional education; or pursuing other options elsewhere. Employees must keep abreast of developments in their fields by seeking out membership in professional organizations, networking, and looking for additional formal or informal training to ensure their skill sets remains relevant. Employees must be aware that their interests and the interests of the organization where they are currently working and not necessarily perfectly aligned, and cannot simply passively wait at their desks, hoping that conditions improve or that things will stay the same in the industry and require no additional labor or education on the part of the worker.

Q2. However, organizations can make a powerful contribution to employee's career management in a manner that is an asset for the organization as well for employees. Tuition assistance and flex time allows employees to gain additional skills and qualifications. This can improve the quality of employee output and not simply improve the employee's own career prospects. If HR creates flexible employee schedules and benefits packages that allow for educational opportunities; time off to attend professional conferences; subsidies for work-related enrichment; and is willing to consider in-house job searches and training to fulfill open positions rather than looking outside of the organization, workers will feel more loyal to the company. Ultimately, the organization must support the principles of employee learning and growth, otherwise it will not be able to retain top-quality employees. "We must invent and develop institutions which are 'learning systems', that is to say, systems capable of bringing about their own continuing transformation" (Schon 1973: 28, cited by Smith 2001).


Bruce, Steve. (2011). Bonus to quit. HR Daily Advisor. Retrieved:

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Retrieved: [read more]

Employment at Will Doctrine Research Paper

… 3. Scenario involving labor and laws:

Every company has some set standards or the code of conduct which is obligatory for each worker to follow. They modify and determine their behavior for every matter. Since there is possibility that the personal priorities and the professional necessities can have a conflict somewhere, henceforth the business ethics play their role here.

When the company is going through the phase of peek working time and of course thriving, no worker is allowed to take off. However if somebody has a genuine problem then he can be granted a leave but with the consent of the management and the officials. But it is fair and square that company can't afford to give off to any of his employees in that busy period of performance. The issue here is what somebody is does it and even without the mutual consent of the supervisors, like in the case illustrated here. It is suggested to fine her, deduct the pay and make her known about the loss the company had to face as a consequence. Make her realize the important of the trust that company does unto her related to her work. Even if it was religious holiday, the company's matters should be her priority or she could even talk to the management if it was too necessary. Since she did not do either of the things, she is accountable. Furthermore she has got no rights to push the work mates for such acts. Or else, the management would have to think seriously about her presence at the work place and it obviously considers the things which are in the best interest of the company.

4. Scenario involving policies and procedures:

The general conscience supports the statement that the personal relations are ought to be kept away from the professional priorities. But since the gender attraction is something unavoidable therefore there is a proper written policy regarding that. Every company or the organization sets that and defines for its employees. For the case being discussed above, the girl had the offers from her supervisor but initially she was on denial. Later on her friend supported her and gave her the psychological feeding that she should consider his offers. But in the new employee orientation, she was informed that none of the worker is allowed to date her supervisor. The company's policy does not support it and action can be taken against such couples. Later on, she gets involved in the consensual relationship which is not appreciable but at least not as bad as the dating thing that she was initially going to do.

Since she is new and vulnerable, but the supervisor is not, therefore he must be called in a private meeting making him realize about the sub-standard things he have been doing and that the company would keep a check on his relationship habits if they are in anyway associated with the company (Sandefur, 2010). There is also a possibility of him being hooking up… [read more]

Practice? Theory Building Is Requisite Term Paper

… ¶ … practice?

Theory building is requisite to the arranged production of knowledge that is in occupational therapy. Theory nurtures both the expansion of expressed knowledge and the organization of knowledge for practice and education. A diversity of hypothetical and… [read more]

Fatal and Nonfatal Workplace Accidents Term Paper

… S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010, "Number of nonfatal"). Contact with objects or equipment was a significant risk with 241,160 reported injuries and 208,470 falls, both leading cause of death were prevalent among workplace injuries (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,… [read more]

Sociology Take Home Final Unequal Term Paper

… (Bowe, 71). Thus, when considering future measures to correct power imbalance in employment relationships, it is important to consider non-property related factors as well as property-related factors such as bargaining power. Such non-property factors can exacerbate and perpetuate the original… [read more]

Social Work Acquires Its Name Term Paper

… The profession must be ready to address the changes brought about by globalization. The number and diversity of cultures comprising the displaced needing services has increased and this means that social workers must be ready to handle the different these… [read more]

Ergonomic Risk Assessment the Human Research Paper

… Research statistics prove the viability of conducting an assessment also as perfecting ergonomics in the workplace have been shown to reduce insurance claims. Unfortunately exact data on that reduction is not available. By looking at all of the actions that make up a particular job function, an assessment can be made that will determine what changes need to be made to more perfectly meet the body's requirements for that job (IAPA, 2007).


It is not an OSHA requirement that businesses conduct ergonomic assessments, but it is a recommendation (Environmental Safety, 2012). Because repetitive and overextension injuries are so prevalent in workplaces (across all workplace types), an assessment works to reduce eventual costs to workers and the workplace. The research revealed that claims can be reduced by performing the assessment for two reasons. First, the workers are more satisfied and careful in their jobs, and second problems are addressed that may cause actual injuries if they are not. Since money lost is a primary concern of all businesses, this would seem to be a needed intervention.


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Life Coach Congratulations for Choosing Essay

… "If there's a single idea that permeates the coaching movement, it's the importance of uncluttering your environment, your schedule, and your thinking," (McDaniel, 2000, 4). You can only invite a partner into your life when there is room for that person to move. Make room by literally uncluttering your space. Get rid of junk, and soon you can rid yourself of the emotional junk too.

The long-term effects of achieving your goal will be profoundly transformative. I predict that in a few years, you will return to me with your next set of objectives and relationship stability will not be on that list. You will have reached a point of deep security and satisfaction that comes from having fulfilled your goal of maintaining a meaningful and deep connection with another human being. The relationship with your future partner is not dependent on your relationship with your life coach. You will continue to confide in me about your anxieties related to your job or creative abilities because that is what I am here for. "A recent survey of coaching clients found that 50% confide as much in their coaches as in their spouses, best friends, or therapists" (Weaver, J.M. & Weaver, A. n.d.). As you develop richer relationships with your partner, the other important relationships in your life will fall into place too. I predict that improved mental and physical health will come as a result.

Finally, I see that you are committed to reaching your goals. Your commitment level is high, based on the simple fact that you signed up for future sessions and are on your way to meeting goals in every area of your life. Now, shout it out. "To be more than a fantasy, a dream needs a commitment. That means announcing it to the world," (Martin, n.d.). I want you to tell everyone close to you that you ready to meet your life partner. Get the ball rolling, by going to every party that you are invited to so that you can meet more people. You never know when you will meet that special someone. To get out of your shell, you need to motivate yourself. I cannot come over to your house and drag you out. A good friend might be able to do that for you, though, and if you do have friends who are willing to coax you out more then I hope you start hanging out with them. You can achieve every goal on your list, beginning with the key one of clearing away your emotional baggage to make room for a satisfying romantic partnership. Once you succeed in clearing the clutter from your life, you can welcome your special someone with loving arms. Your attention will be free to think about the creative pursuits you wish to achieve in your career.


Martin, N. (n.d.). 5 simple ways to change your life. Retrieved on EBSCO: 4/4/2012

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Nobodies in the Conclusion Book Report

… Herein lies the problem with the libertarian, free trade argument. Its advocates do not live in the reality that they trumpet about. Rather, it is a fantasy world with no basis in reality. However, this is what is being sold to justify the tremendous human suffering and slavery that is a part of the system of globalization. Somehow, if we are just patient, things will get better.

Bowe is absolutely right about a global minimum wage. There has to be a way alleviate the sufferings of the common people of the world and halt the falling of real wages. Otherwise, America will become just another third world country and slum once all of the jobs are outsourced and Americans are forced to accept the full effect of falling wages like every other poor person in the world.

As Bowe argues quite effectively, this may be complicated, but we have not other choice. We may already have passed the point of no return where revolution is inevitable and violence will be involved to try to solve the problem. As he states well: "Why, one wonders, is it so hard to imagine that some combination of these approaches couldn't or shouldn't be encouraged in the Third World? Instead of a It might be tedious. And it might be difficult. But there really isn't much of an alternative (ibid. 274).

" It is high time that these words were heeded, before it is too late to make a difference.


In the conclusion to his book Nobodies, John Bowe has argued that the vast inequalities of wealth and power in the globalized world make the common arguments for "free markets" and "free trade" highly suspect. As we have see, he sees labor coercion as well as environmental degradation as the likely result if global regulations are not placed over the global marketplace. Unfortunately, as we have also seen, the "free market" critique of this that so often wins the day does not live in the third world slums that make America's goods. Until the misery index in America reaches the threshold of the third world, it is unlikely that support for Bowe's policies will be forthcoming. Until then, slavery will march on in the name of freedom and we will continue to reap what we sow in terms of lost jobs and falling wages.


Bowe, John . Nobodies. New York,… [read more]

HR Planning: Defining the Organization Case Study

… For example, if the drugs being manufactured are bottled at a separate facility, the proximity of the manufacturer to other links in the supply chain can substantially reduce costs.

However, when recruiting members of the sales force, the manufacturer must focus upon recruiting talented employees who can present a persuasive 'face' of the product. Individuals must be self-motivated, competitive, and able to work independently without being closely watched by a supervisor. "Managed care has a big impact and everyone is scrambling for access to physicians. It's not as easy as it appears to be" (Personality is key in pharmaceutical sales industry, 2012, Med Reps).

Q3. Interns provide a source of low-cost labor, and college interns are often seen as particularly desirable because they are eager and willing to learn, yet are also highly educated. They often have the most cutting-edge knowledge of technology, particularly social media, and have new, fresh ideas about the industry (Rigoli 2007). From a company's perspective, interns can fulfill many of the tasks of an administrative assistant, while they use the program as a way of potentially recruiting highly desirable candidates straight from college. Also, if an intern selects the company at which to spend his or her time, unpaid, he or she obviously has positive feelings about the company and will 'know the ropes' once he or she is hired. However, it is important that the company remember that interns must be truly educated during the internship and not simply used to 'make coffee.' According to the law, regarding internships: "The training is for the benefit of the trainees [and] the trainees do not displace regular employees, but work under their close observation (Indiviglio 2010)


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Review. Retrieved: [read more]

Human Factors Engineering Case Study

… Human Factors Engineering

There is no doubt that the proposed changes Dr. Bill plans are indeed necessary if the company is to survive in the 21st century business world. There are, however, several human factors engineering concerns that will have… [read more]

Pynes Casey Reactions to Casey Reaction Paper

… Pynes Casey

Reactions to Casey; Pynes & Lafferty

The Educational Value of Democratic Voice by Leo Casey

Teachers are among the most frequently challenged collective labor groups in the United States. Teachers unions often face considerable pressure from public office holders, from budgetary decision-makers and from members of the public. Such pressures place into direct contrast the goals of education and the professional rights of educators. As Leo Casey's chapter reports on, this contrast emerges between what teachers require to provide meaningful education to their students and the limitations imposed upon them by salary freezes, pension pilfering and diminishing classroom resources.

This is central to the chapter's overarching thesis, that the power of teachers unions to engage in collective bargaining on behalf of educators is essential to the ability of teachers to defend the priorities of education against political and economic imposition. Casey reports that in spite of criticism levied against them, teachers unions are necessary apparatus in our current educational system. To the reader, the most valuable assertion to emerge from Casey's argument is that "a proper understanding of the ways in which teachers unions promote the common good of their members demonstrates that they do far more than look after the narrow economic self-interest of their members, as their critics charge. When unions function as instruments of solidarity, they provide what one might call 'democratic voice' for members." (Hannaway, p. 182)

This denotes that the union is intended to function as a vessel through which the profession can channel its frustrations, so that rather than be controlled by political processes, educators themselves can engage in such processes.

Striking in the Public Sector by Pynes & Lafferty

The right of a labor union to strike is considered one of the core functions of the democratic process. The ability of workers to engage in collective… [read more]

Compensation Scenario Background -- Jack Research Paper

… More and more, healthcare services understand that they also need to be flexible, and some are even open evenings and weekends. An employee can control absenteeism if they can make the conscious effort to be at work. They cannot control… [read more]

Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations Reaction Paper

… ¶ … collective bargaining and labor relations from the standpoint of teacher quality, it is easy to see that there are multiple issues being faced by both sides of the argument. Teachers are not the only people facing issues regarding collective bargaining agreements, however. Many others who serve the public are seeing similar difficulties. Most notably, there was a work schedule issue with police officers in New Jersey. The work schedule was changed for a particular division without any discussion or agreement from that division, which was in violation of several clauses in the union's contract (Defillippo, 2009). The argument from the Chief who had changed the schedule was that it was done to meet a need for more officers on particular shifts and was allowed under the current contract's guidelines because it was for the good of the public. Naturally, that argument was not acceptable to those whose schedules had been arbitrarily changed. They fought back, and the case moved forward into arbitration (Defillippo, 2009).

The issue with this is similar to the issues that are faced by teachers. While their work schedule is usually not significantly adjusted, there are many ways in which their working conditions, pay, and other factors are addressed and changed - often without any kind of consent on their part. When these kinds of decisions are made with no discussion, the collective bargaining and labor relations negotiations are severely derailed. That happens because it becomes clear that there is no desire on the part of the employer to work with the employees and the union to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved (Kearney, 2001). Another significant factor in the derailing of relations between employers and unions comes when there is no communication between the two sides. These two issues are very closely related, and can happen almost simultaneously, but they can also be separate issues that must be dealt with in their own right in order to protect everyone who is involved in the negotiations and whose needs must be met for a peaceful resolution.

The goal of collective bargaining is to improve teacher quality. However, that is not always the end result. One of the main problems is that the duty to bargain and the good-faith… [read more]

Labor Unions Since Their Inception Term Paper

… A perfect example of the disadvantage that has been created can be found in the side-by-side comparison of two similar projects. The first of these projects is The Empire State Building in New York City. This massive structure was constructed using mostly non-union laborers. The construction began in 1929 and was completed in 1931 . Workers knew that they had to work hard, rapidly and efficiently in order to be awarded future considerations and job assignments. Conversely, a more modern case study would be the similarly massive structure that is currently under construction in New York City: the new World Trade Center. Unlike the Empire State Building which was built using mostly non-unionized labor, the new World Trade Center building is being built using only unionized labor. And even though these contemporary laborers have state of the art machinery and materials, recent estimates have concluded that the process will take approximately 18 times as long (36 years) as the construction of The Empire State Building . This reality highlights the way in which society has come to suffer at the hands of labor unions in the modern world. I certainly appreciate the helping hand this movement gave to struggling citizens during the first half of the 20th Century, but these costly institutions seem to do more harm than good from a contemporary societal perspective. Many jobs have already been outsourced to other geographic locations and joblessness continues to rise. I think it is time for another approach. While labor unions are good for their members, they are not so great for society. We need to create a system that is beneficial to both.


"Empire State Building." 2010. / (accessed October 13, 2011).

Feiden, Douglas. "World Trade Center Project Won't Be Finished Until 36 Years After 9/11." April 2009. (accessed October 13, 2011).

Hannan, Michael T., and John Freeman. "The Ecology of Organizational Founding: American Labor Unions, 1836-1985." American Journal of Sociology 92, no. 4 (January 1987): 910-943. [read more]

Private Labor Union Enrollment Has Substantially Decreased Reaction Paper

… ¶ … private labor union enrollment has substantially decreased, public sector unionization remains robust. According to Chapter 2 of the text Collective bargaining in education: Negotiating change in today's schools Henry S. Farber points out that while in the private sector only 8.2% of the population is unionized, more than 37% of public sector workers are unionized (Faber 27). Unionization has substantially declined in the private sector, while unionization amongst all workers in the public sector has substantially increased.

One reason for this is reduced demand for the highly skilled 'blue collar' workers in the modern industrial era that formed the backbone of the modern labor movement. Also, it has become far easier for companies to re-locate in 'right to work' states or abroad. In contrast, public functions of government cannot be so easily outsourced -- New Jersey, a state with one of the strongest unions in the country, cannot outsource the education of its children to China. Efforts to reduce the public employment population may encompass the use of outside contractors or providing funding for children to go to boarding school, but the economic model of 'breaking' the union by using alternative sources of labor remains more difficult to implement in the public sector. With the growth of the population, demand for services and public workers substantially and steadily increases (Faber 36).

The U.S. has also shifted to a more 'white collar' dominated nation, in terms of highly-skilled workers. The skilled blue collar workers with specialized skills who had leverage to unite against their employers are now increasingly being replaced by low-skilled, replaceable service workers with little leverage. Members of public sector unions also tend to be more highly educated, articulate in their beliefs, and more open to engage with the political landscape to advance their interests. Because public sector workers are largely irreplaceable… [read more]

Importance of Labor Cost Management Possible Reasons for Inconsistencies Research Paper

… ¶ … Labor Cost Management

Let us discuss about how the profitability of the food and beverage operations at 'The Tenney' and 'Melancon Convention Center and Hotel' can be achieved. This can be achieved only by firstly raising the customer attendance and secondly by cutting costs. While the fixed costs involved in the operation cannot be curtailed, the variable costs can be cut down. Some of the frills that are not customer attractions can be got rid of. However the major cost that can be cut is by removing wage cost and employee costs. Labor costs are consistent and will keep on rising. The problem will then be reduced to how a labor intensive operation like the food and beverage department can be made cost effective. Full-service hotels must meet the food and beverage needs of their guests. The community residents and others are also likely to consider a hotel along with its restaurant and want to have a new and very specific dining experience. This means that the food and beverage operations are important but must be done with minimum costs. We may see that as the volume of the guests increase there will be a corresponding increase in the food and beverage operations calling for very specialized management of these operations. (Ninemeier; Perdue, 2004)

To remove the labor costs means to remove some or most of the labor in some way or other. Today there are requirements from the side of the labor and the management that some how tend to redefine employee relationship. There thus ought to be a newer definition of employee relationship. Legally it is a contract that creates rights and obligations for both the employee and the employer. Thus from a national point-of-view the… [read more]

Labor Relations in Public Sector Assessment

… Public service employment can at any time be terminated in good faith when there is no need of that service, when the contract terms had expired or when the financial position of the economy require government on cost cuts. However, it is illegal to discharge an employee to replace it with another employee performing equal amount and nature of work done. Thus according to the New York State law it is illegal to eliminate or terminate positions by subcontracting the service if the service remains necessarily the same.


The Public Employment relations Board employ intermediaries like Peace Corps and lawyers who can assist local government in the process of conflict resolution. Although PERB is the small body with voluminous responsibility in their domain but they can work more effectively with allied groups and associated bodies responsible to function the respective area and assist the government to meet its objective of labor relationship management. According to the Taylor law the public sector employees have given the opportunity to fight for their rights through the formalized procedure of collective bargaining with the formation of unions and negotiations with the public employer over the mandatory issues. This process has over shadowed… [read more]

US Labor Force Essay

… U.S. Labor Force

Labor Supply and Demand

In June, the U.S. Department of Bureau and Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 9.1%. 45.1% of this number are 6.2 million long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over), an increase of 361,000. Not included in this number are 8.5 million involuntary part time workers. According to the BLS, these individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job. Also not included in the unemployment rate are 2.2 million persons who were marginally attached to the labor force. The BLS reports that these individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months; however, they were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.

These statistics indicate a high rate of unemployment, which equates to a high supply of labor. According to the law of… [read more]

Identity in Emerging Adulthood Research Paper

… In this age group, the individual will have finished their bachelor's degree in some specific discipline, and is actively seeking employment. The data will be collected using a semi-structured interview of the participant. The data will then be analyzed using… [read more]

Career Counseling Using Social Cognitive Theory Research Paper

… Career Counseling Using Social Cognitive Theory

The case of Alex ultimately requires career counseling on two important components in his life: (1) adjusting to a new life with his family in North Carolina, and (2) providing direction to his career that has gradually stagnated in the past two (2) years. These two events in Alex's life are critical to strengthen the career counseling plan that will be developed. The career counseling plan will be anchored to Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory.

Using the social cognitive theory as the platform from which the career counseling plan will be developed will help the counselor evaluate Alex's case based on the correct context, which is best determined through this theory. In social cognitive theory, the interplay between the individual and his/her social environment is the central focus, specifically on how the latter influences the individual's personality growth and development. According to Bandura, the proponent of the social cognitive theory, the theory "provides a conceptual scheme…based on the reciprocal interplay of personal attributes and the characteristics of the social milieus…People can make chance happen by pursuing an active life that increases the number of fortuitous encounters they are likely to experience (Bandura, 1999:11).

Further into understanding Alex's current situation and psyche, social cognitive theory as applied in understanding and studying personalities take into account the fact that human personalities have the following characteristics: (i) has a tendency to self-organize, (ii) complex system's internal organization can give rise to coherent, stable patterns, and (iii) self-organization can take on any of a large variety of final forms (Cervone: 2001:35).

As a first step to helping Alex improve his perspective about his career is to help him strengthen his relationship with the immediate support groups he has in North Carolina, particularly his family. Involving his family as part of the 'solution' to Alex's… [read more]

Labor Unions the Relationship Between Companies Research Paper

… Labor Unions

The relationship between companies and their employees is usually characterized by tension. With companies having the power position, this leaves little room for manipulation from employees. Therefore, labor unions are formed in order to negotiate employees' needs and requirements with companies' management. Labor unions also negotiate with the government when establishing national labor conditions. In certain fields of activity, labor unions are very well organized and benefit from sufficient power to allow them to obtain rights for the employees.

The most important tool that labor unions can use in the attempt to win their disputes with the management is represented by strikes. Such strikes take place often when employees are dissatisfied with their wages and work conditions. Some of the strikes are somewhat peaceful, usually referring to refusing to work, while others become more violent and the intervention of state forces is required. Such an example is represented by the Homestead Strike that took place in 1892. The strike occurred at Homestead Steel Works in Pittsburgh. The strike took place between the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers (the AA) and the Carnegie Steel Company (Gale Encyclopedia, 1999).

There are several reasons for which the strike presented major importance for all stakeholders involved and for the strike to be considered one of the most important actions in the U.S. labor history. This is because the strike was important for the AA that intended to increase its efforts in unionizing steelworkers. The number of union members was increasing, but union leaders thought they could improve the situation by persuading a greater number of workers to join. They probably considered that by proving their force through a strike of such proportions and by managing to convince the company's management, they could easier convince other workers to join the union. In addition to this, the violence associated with this dispute determined the importance of the strike.

However, there were several factors that determined the Homestead strike. For example, Carnegie Steel was making significant investments in technical innovations that allowed the company to produce more steel, faster and easier. By expanding its production capacity, the company required a significantly higher number of workers. As a consequence, the company was hiring many workers, but most of them were less skilled. This situation was not approved by skilled union members that deciding to go on strike in order to protect their position within the company.

As mentioned above, the role of labor unions is to negotiate with companies' management and to try to reduce tensions between the company and its employees. But in Homestead Steel's case the situation was quite different. Initially, the AA worked on negotiating national uniform wage levels, regulating working hours, workload levels and work speeds, and in improving working conditions (Goldner, 1997). The AA also involved in staff hiring, given the fact that the company had difficulties in recruiting employees for certain job positions.

The AA organized an important strike in… [read more]

Laboratory Technologists Essay

… Health Care

Laboratory Technologists

Clinical laboratory analysis plays a vital function in the discovery, finding, and handling of disease. Clinical laboratory technologist's who are also known as clinical laboratory scientists are or medical technologists are the ones who carry out the majority of these analyses. Clinical laboratory employees look at and examine body fluids, and cells. They examine for parasites, bacteria, and other microorganisms; match blood for transfusions; examine the chemical substance of fluids and test for drug levels in the blood that show how a person is reacting to treatment. Technologists also organize samples for assessment, tally cells, and look for irregular cells in blood and body fluids. They use microscopes, cell counters, and other high tech laboratory apparatus. They also make use of computerized tools and automated devices able of carrying out a number of tests concurrently. After examining and investigating a sample, they examine the outcome and convey them to doctors (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2010).

With rising computerization and the utilization of high tech knowledge, the job of technologists and technicians has become not as much applied and further systematic. The difficulty of tests carried out, the intensity of decision desired, and the quantity of accountability staff assume based upon the amount of learning and experience that they have. Clinical laboratory technologists frequently carry out additional compound tasks than clinical laboratory technicians perform. Clinical laboratory technologists execute compound biological, chemical, immunologic, hematological, microscopic, and bacteriological investigations. Technologists microscopically look at blood and other body fluids. They create cultures of body fluid and tissue samples, in order to find out the occurrence of parasites, bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms. Technologists investigate sample for chemical substance or a chemical response and conclude application of compounds such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2010).

It is feasible to replace part of the instruction requirements for clinical laboratory technologists with pertinent employment knowledge and on the job education, although the standard is a bachelor's degree centering on the life sciences or medical technology. Medical technology curriculum is obtainable through both universities and some hospitals. Biology, statistics, mathematics, microbiology, chemistry, and more complex lessons in clinical skills make up some of the mandatory classes to get a bachelor's degree in medical technology. Business administration and computer classes are accessible by a number of programs. The least amount required to carry out sophisticated clinical tests is an associate degree as directed by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Technician Career, Job and Employment Information, 2010).

Clinical laboratory technicians are often taught on the job, although the preponderance get their associate degree or certificate by way of an assortment of resources, including vocational schools, junior colleges, hospitals, or the military. There are… [read more]

21st Century the Contract of Employment Remains Assessment

… ¶ … 21st century the contract of employment remains fundamentally a means of legitimising an uneven power relationship between master and servant. Critically evaluate this statement.

From the time that Australia first became a penal colony of Great Britain in… [read more]

Setting and Achieving Career Goals Research Paper

… Setting and Achieving Career Goals

In the article, Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want (Wrzesniewski, Berg, Dutton, 2010) the authors contend that the recession is forcing more employees to stay in their current positions rather than move forward with their careers. This is occurring due to the compound effects of employers not wanting to risk hiring new workers while at the same time, employees do not want to risk entering an uncertain new job situation. Both combine to stifle the growth and eventually the initiative of employees.

To overcome this impasse, each person needs to take responsibility for their own career advancement by concentrating on growing their skill sets, educational, training and experience levels to progress their careers when an opportunity eventually is available. The gist of the article is that career development can never be just a part-time effort; it needs to be an integral part of any career strategy. Second, career development is as much about who much someone knows as it is about how they relate and get along with others. The authors are careful to point out that balance in how a person gets along with their workers can mean even more than what they know. The point is made that the longevity of employment is increasing due to the lack of new opportunities opening up in other companies, and as a result, alliances are more critical than ever to grow and maintain over time (Wrzesniewski, Berg, Dutton, 2010). The authors show through examples why this is more important than ever, and how social networks are making the reputation a person achieves in one company rapidly spread across an entire industry (Wrzesniewski, Berg, Dutton, 2010). This point is made to illustrate why the focus on social… [read more]

Career Counseling and Development-2008 by Wendy Patton Research Paper

… ¶ … Career Counseling and Development-2008 by Wendy Patton and Peter McIlveen. Specifically, it will contain a summary of the article. This article appeared in the Career Development Quarterly, a professional career development publication, as a recap of important developments that occurred in the career development process during 2008.

This article is an overview of updated techniques and procedures in the career development process. It helps keep career development professionals in touch with new techniques and practices, and it helps them serve their clients more effectively. The article is really a review of all the articles published on career development throughout 2008, and the authors had the task of reviewing all these articles and then choosing the most relevant. They note how they made their selections, and why they chose the articles they chose to highlight in this review. They rated articles in a variety of categories, including: "Professional Issues; Career Assessment; Career Development (focused on children); Career Theory and Concepts (including a focus on Career Constructs); Career Interventions; Advances in Technology; Employment- - Personnel Selection, Placement, and Retention; and International Perspectives" (Patton & McIlveen, 2009). They touch on each of these categories as the article progresses.

One area the authors touch on that is quite important in developing the career development process is understanding the needs of all clients. They note different perspectives on working families, mothers, and multiple cultures. Each of these clients has different needs, and it is important for the counselor to understand those needs. The authors write, "Perry's study found that career planning and positive racial internalization (with low levels of dissonance) influenced the school engagement of urban youth of color" (Patton & McIlveen, 2009). This is extremely important because counselors often engage with children at key points in their plans for the future, and if they can understand the importance of multicultural career planning, and… [read more]

Financial Analyst Research Paper

… Financial Analyst

I feel that a good career for me would be as a financial analyst. I have chosen this career because I believe that it would be a good fit for me, given my skills. It also is a… [read more]

Investigation Into the Knowledge and Skill to Get Things Done Literature Review

… ¶ … knowledge and Skills to get Things Done in the Past

Principal of management

The theory of management was developed by Fayol whereby he considered managerial excellence as a technical ability which can be acquired. His principals and theories… [read more]

Labor Scholars in the Early 20th Century Thesis

… ¶ … labor scholars in the early 20th century recognized that "the overshadowing problem of the American labor movement has always been the problem of staying organized." Why is staying organized a problem? What should unions do to increase their success in organizing new employees and in staying organized?

The American labor movement has met with innumerable setbacks since the early 20th century. Staying organized has been difficult for the movement, partly because of its diversity and demographics. Poor leadership models plagued the movement, causing it to virtually disintegrate at times. Organized labor membership plummeted, from representing more than one third of all non-agricultural workers in the 1945, to a mere fraction of that in 2010 (Silverman). Thus, the term organized labor came to connote something of an oxymoron.

Both internal and external forces have contributed to the reasons for why labor has had trouble staying organized. Internal forces include the inability to create cohesive political goals for members and the inability to work with, rather than against, the diversity of the labor force. The members of labor unions "most reluctant to organize" include what have ironically been also the fastest growing demographics: women, service industry workers, and college-educated workers ("The Labor… [read more]

Personnel Management the Faulty Tank the Decision Essay

… Personnel Management

The faulty tank

The decision made by the managerial team at Ford Motors has nothing ethical about it. It is a clear case of corporate profits outweighing human life. There is of course the possibility of passing the… [read more]

Posted Job Description Thesis

… ¶ … posted job description for the job I am seeking, a marketing manager, reveals the need for diverse skills ("Marketing Manager"). Responsibilities include planning, strategy, competitive analysis, branding, budgeting, sales tool creation, Web site development, customer references, library and store content management, public relations and event management. This paper discusses how useful the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Department of Labor were in researching the marketing manager job and compares the information their Web sites offer to that provided by the United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a wealth of information regarding the marketing manager position ("Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition"). The mean annual wage for this occupation is $118,160. However, this site reveals that pay varies greatly by state as well as industry. Top paying states for marketing managers include New York ($146,520), New Jersey ($137,730), California ($136,040), Delaware ($133,480) and Virginia ($129,450). Top paying industries for this occupation include satellite telecommunications ($154,020), motion picture and video industries ($151,430), other financial investment activities ($145,470), scientific research and development services ($144,720) and other information services ($144,280).

Though wages are good, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also reveals that the field is highly competitive, but that growth is about the same as the average of all occupations ("Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition"). In 2006, there were only 167,000 marketing managers. Project employment for 2016 is 192,000, representing a 14% increase for this ten-year time frame. Growth drivers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, include domestic and global competition in products and services offered to consumers and increasing activity in television, radio, and outdoor advertising. Also, the… [read more]

Labor Relations Case Studies the Effectiveness Essay

… Labor Relations Case Studies

The effectiveness and proficiency of labor unions in dealing with the practical issues that arise in the workplace has been a matter if great debate since these organizations were first founded, and the question is still… [read more]

Job Placement Essay

… Job Placement

Describe four sources of occupational, job, and labor market information. Discuss how each of these can be used in the job placement process.

In the age of the internet, for college students, these centers can put job-seeking students in touch with alumni contacts in various fields and provide information about careers where alumni have been successful in the past. They can also provide resume and job-searching tips. In short, these centers are excellent networking opportunities.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook also provides online information about different fields, notes if those fields are expanding, what skills and education are needed to be competitive, information about salaries, and subspecialties. Its URL is easily accessed at and can be used for research.

Internet job boards are also useful even though they may not be good sources for jobs, Internet job boards provide descriptions of different profiles for jobs that can be helpful when listing skills on one's resumes and tailoring resumes for specific fields. They can be used for resume-building.

Professional associations are important sources of jobs, information, and contacts and can be used for networking and job information.

Describe and discuss three important factors related to each of the following: Methods of Job Placement, Methods of Job/Career Development, and the Job Club (for someone with a disability)

Clients must be aware that their job search techniques must be varied, and cannot be confined to the Internet. Temporary assignments or internships can be good 'lead-ins' to permanent positions, and cold-calling companies or other places you want to work for even if there are no jobs advertised can be valuable -- focusing on several desirable options is a better strategy than sending out thousands of generic resumes.

Methods of Job/Career Development involve obtaining a certain level of education is necessary in some fields for entering the profession, in all fields cultivating knowledge and contacts through continuing educational efforts at professional associations, conferences and tradeshows is valuable, as is subscribing to professional newsletters and keeping abreast of industry news on the web.

For an individual with a disability, a job club provides a source of varied contacts, emotional support (sometimes in a real-life context, depending on the club), and individuated advice. This is particularly necessary for someone with a disability, who may have additional challenges in his or her search.

List four major components of… [read more]

Labor Union and the American Worker Essay

… Labor Union & the American Worker

Membership in American labor unions has been declining for the past fifty years but the rate of decline has rapidly picked up momentum in the past few years. This decline in membership has been… [read more]

Labor and Union Studies Thesis

… Labor and Union Studies

Define and discuss the term "collective bargaining." Include and discuss [showing relevance or applicability] a current web-based news item/magazine article about a real life example of a collective bargaining action. Write a succinct and complete summary… [read more]

Problem Solving Process Research Proposal

… Problem Solving Process - Why a Standard Work Schedule Does Not Work for Every Federal Employee in the National Capitol Commuting Area

The modern day employers are faced with rapidly evolving issues. If in the recent past they sought ways… [read more]

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