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Foster Care Canada Essay

… Foster Care in Canada

There is a darker side (injustice, bureaucracy, insensitivity, discrimination) and a brighter side (family-centered reform, more parental training, etc.) to the discussion of foster care in Canada. This paper will review the many sides of the… [read more]

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults Research Proposal

… Criminal Justice

Should Juveniles be tried as Adults?

The juvenile justice system in the United States has conventionally emphasized individualized treatment and rehabilitation. This focus has shifted over the years, however, and while juvenile courts are still directed at reform… [read more]

Shaken Baby Syndrome Thesis

… Shaken baby syndrome, a type of child abuse, is investigated by law enforcement officials as a criminal assault in the United States and in many countries around the world

("Shaken Baby…," ¶ 3).

Shaken Baby Syndrome Statistics/Symptoms

Each year, approximately… [read more]

Children's Literature Sass's the Cat Thesis

… Children's Literature

Sass's the Cat in the Hat and The BBC's Baby Penguins

Personification and Moral as Indicators of Different Intentions in Children's Literature Over Time

In children's literature, personification is often used in order to make characters more interesting… [read more]

Criticism of Television Shows Thesis

… TV Show Critique -- Gossip Girl

TV Show Critique of Gossip Girl

Media plays a powerful role in the development of a teenager's personality and on teen culture, as a whole. Celebrities and popular personalities on television, radio and magazines… [read more]

Ethnic Studies Gangs Term Paper

… Ethnic Studies - Gangs

Today's diverse groupings of ethnic youth in the United States are individuals of a wide range of characteristics and never has this group been quite so diverse. These groups are comprised of individuals who do not… [read more]

Developing as an Individual Children's Understanding of the Earth Thesis

… ¶ … individual- Children's understanding of the Earth

Teaching abstract concepts to children can be a challenging task. Without a salient or familiar representation of a non-concrete object like gravity or the earth, it would be difficult for a child… [read more]

Developing as an Individual Thesis

… ¶ … Individual

The so-called "object concept" is the knowledge that objects continue to exist even when they are out of sight. This knowledge, of course, is central to all human activities; we simply cannot function without it. As trivial… [read more]

Risk and Abuse Thesis

… Risk & Abuse

Child Abuse Through Three Studies

The raising of children is an intimate practice in which social, cultural, religious, and ethnic beliefs are often a part. Though the fact that different ways of raising children exist is certainly… [read more]

Developmental and Growth Norms: Music Play Therapy Research Proposal

… Developmental and Growth Norms: Music Play Therapy With an Infant

Play therapy with six-month-olds often involves encouraging them to perform basic developmental acts, such as rolling over, either unassisted or with assistance, depending on their physical development. Children in this age group often delight in initiating contact with adults by making noises, or engaging in 'signed' communication like 'bye-bye.' However, music therapy has also been shown to be effective in enhancing premature infants' and full term infants' developmental responses and parents' responsiveness to the children's needs. In informal musically-oriented play, infants encouraged to respond to music "by gazing, smiling, vocalizing, cooing, kicking, tapping, waving, and reaching out to touch the mother's face or musical toy when the mothers initiated music-play actions," showed significantly greater responsiveness and engagement with adults in one study (Walworth 2009).

For the six-month-old involved in my play development exercise, activities involved encouraging the child to touch a musical toy (a plastic drum), encouraging the child to slap the drum to improve…… [read more]

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