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College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Term Paper

… College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial topics in modern society. Some people advocate severely punishing illegal immigrants, increased border patrols, and greater restrictions on legal immigration. On the other hand,… [read more]

Financial and Funding for International Students Term Paper

… Financial Aid and Funding for International Students

The objective of this work is to research the financial aid and funding similarities and differences for international students at private vs. public colleges and universities in the United States. This work will… [read more]

Education at Valencia College Term Paper

… A. And no experience in the field.

6. What preparation or courses did you find necessary or helpful upon entering the job? What was your major in college?

I received an A.A. In respiratory care, and I found all of my biology and anatomy classes to be helpful.

7. Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary experience?

A specific respiratory-care program will provide you with the background education that you need.

8. What is the biggest challenge you encounter?

Patients who do not want to do the therapy; I can teach them what to do and encourage them, but, ultimately, their success or failure depends upon their willingness to do the work.

9. If you were entering this career today, would you change your preparation in any way to facilitate entry?

Your school will probably provide networking and internship opportunities, and I would take any of them that are available.

10. What advice would you give someone thinking about this career?

That, because we work with many chronically ill patients, death and loss are part of the job description.

11. Would you recommend this career to someone?

Yes, I find it rewarding, it pays well, and the hours are more set than in many other healthcare occupations.

12. What do you like best about your job?

Helping rehabilitate someone after a chronic event, and seeing them regain function and get part of their life back.

13. What do you like least about your job?

When insurance restrictions keep a patient from accessing as much therapy as he needs.


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Petersons. (2013). University of Central Florida. Retrieved March 7, 2013 from Peterson's website:

University of Central Florida. (2013). Health-sciences, pre-clinical. Retrieved March 7, 2013

from University of Central Florida website:

University… [read more]

Federal Student Aid Funding Term Paper

… Federal Student Aid Funding

Department of Education makes available more than $67 billion worth of loans, grants and campus-based aid each year to students and their families to help them pay for postsecondary education (Longley 2007). These are federal student… [read more]

Improving Affordability in Higher Education Through Federal Term Paper

… Improving Affordability in Higher Education Through Federal Student Aid Availability

Higher Up

Goal to Superseding Politics

The Case Today 4

Paramount Concerns

The Door to Higher Education

Improving Affordability in Higher Education through Federal Student Aid Availability

To the Chief… [read more]

Old, Living Away From Home Essay

… I moved into my car and began doing research on physical therapy and sports medicine at the library.

Using my newfound knowledge I spent three months doing intensive rehab in the swimming pool and in lifting soup cans for weights. At the end of that time, I gained enough use of my arm to be able to work in a restaurant. Meanwhile I continued my rehabilitation for an additional eight months.

During that time of rehab and unemployment, I resided in the comfort of my 1966 VW Bug. I lived off my savings, ate canned goods, and showered at the pool after two workouts a day. Living in my VW Bug for eleven weeks and two days was an experience that will shape my life forever. It taught me the importance of resilience, humility, diligence, and the power of optimism. I know now that life gives us many obstacles we do not expect or want, but it is not what is dealt to us that is important. It is how we deal with what we are given.

I learned how to handle many obstacles at the same time and perform all to the best of my ability. I found I can handle and even appreciate adversity at different times, and sometimes at the same time, while maintaining the tenacity and vision to accomplish daily responsibilities and pursue future goals. Having learned those things will serve me well in a career… [read more]

Finance Strategic Planning and Budget Processes: Harvard Thesis

… Finance

Strategic planning and budget processes: Harvard University


Harvard is fairly balanced in terms of its gender breakdown. Of its 6,678 undergraduates 51% are women and 49% are men. 15% are in-state students, 85% are out-of-state students. Harvard is extremely diverse: only 41% are of White/Non-Hispanic origin, with the next largest group that of Asian/Pacific Islanders, at 19% of the student population (at a glance: Harvard College, 2009, College Board)


About 70% of Harvard students receive some form of financial aid, making the school more affordable than its stated figure of nearly $40,000 yearly tuition might suggest. Nearly 60% of Harvard undergraduates receive need -- based scholarships (Financial aid, 2009, Harvard College Website). Admission to Harvard is need-blind and international students have the same access to financial aid as United States citizens. Financial aid is need-based rather than merit-based. 100% of students with demonstrated financial need have their needs met with a financial aid package (Financial aid, 2009, Harvard College Website). Average indebtedness at graduation was $10,813 (Cost and financial aid: Harvard College, 2009, College Board)

Tuition is assessed in a unique fashion at Harvard. Students with financial need are not required to take out loans, and tuition of needy students is calculated based upon the income of the student's parents. "Parents of financial aid recipients are asked to contribute on average from 0 to 10% of their annual income, with no contribution expected for families with incomes of under $60,000. Those parents with annual incomes of between $120,000 and $180,000 are asked to contribute an average 10% of their income, with a declining percentage -- from 10 to 0 -- for parents with annual incomes between $120,000 and $60,000" (Harvard College Website, 2009, Financial aid). Harvard students also have attractive work study options… [read more]

Causes and Effects for Tuition Increases in College Term Paper

… Tuition Increases in Public College

The 20th Century saw an increase in tuition at public colleges which outpaced the rate of inflation by roughly two to three percent. The mid-1980s were the first time that the cost of tuition moved… [read more]

Founded in 1866 Research Paper

… com). Your starting salary may also be affected by your place of employment. The top paying cities for Information Technology are Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Boston which Washington D.C.'s median salary being the highest and reaching over $83,000 all the way to Atlanta, the lowest paying city, at just over $70,000. Nevertheless, jobs in both technology and business are not limited to those seven specific cities. These job and career opportunities are available all over the country and abroad alike. That $23,000 tuition bill isn't looking so bad now, is it?

For all of the reasons we mentioned above and so many more. Davenport University offers opportunities to succeed in the future careers of technology and business through integrating these programs together and allowing students to not only have a basic foundation but develop an expertise in both areas. What better preparation for the real world could you ask for? Even if you are convinced at this point that DU is the right place for you, we encourage you to check out other colleges and universities and use this as your comparison for all of the different programs and resources which are offered. Once you have finished thoroughly researching all of your options, we hope to see you at Davenport University and welcome you to our community., College Search, College Scholarships, Career Colleges, College Rankings, College Admissions. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. .

"Current Students | Davenport University Production." It's a New World on the Web. Davenport Is There. | Davenport University Production. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. .

"Davenport University | Best College | U.S. News." U.S. News & World Report | News & Rankings | Best Colleges, Best Hospitals, and More. Web. 30 Mar. 2011.

"Davenport University." Web. 30 Mar. 2011. .

"Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan." College Search - College Admissions. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. .

"Salary for Industry: Information Technology (IT) Services." PayScale. Mar. 2011. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. .

University, Davenport. "Davenport University Home." Davenport University. Web. 29 Mar. 2011. .

University, Davenport. "Davenport University Home Our Campus____ Life on Campus____ Student Life." Davenport University. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. . [read more]

Financial Policy: Scholarships for Athletes Times Thesis

… ¶ … financial policy: Scholarships for athletes

Times, presidents of most universities are quick to remind students, are tough. Most school's endowments are reduced in value, individual donors are cash-strapped, and the government and banks alike are less willing and/or able to extend student loans. Yet an entire class of student at many schools is attending the institution, often free of charge or at a greatly reduced rate. How is this possible? Of course, the answer is student athletes. And not just any student athlete -- coveted full athletic scholarships are often only for an elite few, usually those in the 'money' or spectator sports with a historically long legacy of support and alumni enthusiasm at the school.

The argument for scholarships for student athletes is as thus: watching basketball or football (or in some schools, hockey) draws the student body together. It creates a community, and also draws in more high-quality applications as prospective students vie for participation in that community. That is the appeal of a 'big ten school,' after all. Alumni donate to the school when the teams are doing well. Name-recognition of the school is enhanced. Some might even cite the cherished ideal of the 'well-rounded' student, excelling in classes and on the courts.

However, the graduation rate of many student athletes is dismal, and of those who do graduate, their degrees are often compromised by easier classes and time spent away from the classroom. Students are treated as athletes, not as students, which may make for a more competitive state of play -- but this competition only creates an incentive to overlook academics for the sake of sports ability, as the Division I schools must compete with schools who do the same. Bad policies and behavior creates more bad policies and behaviors in one's 'competition.' Alumni and students may want entertainment, but the school ends up siphoning money into programs that could produce the next novelist, financial wizard, or scientist -- who might also be willing to donate money to the institution. Although some students may undoubtedly apply to schools because they enjoy watching basketball or football, would not the lure of academic scholarships and more evenly distributed financial aid also be an incentive? As the financial climate worsens, resentment of the money student athletes receive in scholarship money may also act as a deterrent rather… [read more]

Whether Public College Education Should Be Free in the USA Term Paper

… ¶ … Public College Education Should Be Provided Free in the United States

There are groups and organizations throughout the United States that believe that college education should be provided free-of-charge to all individuals wishing to attend college. One such… [read more]

External Environmental Analysis the University Must Remain Thesis

… External Environmental Analysis

The university must remain affordable for its students. Currently, the university endowment and alumni donations are down. But raising tuition means subjecting cash-strapped and unemployed families of current and future students to even more prohibitive expenses. The recession is the number-one problem facing the university. It makes the school less affordable for current students, impacts the diversity of the future student body, and also limits the university's ability to pay faculty competitive salaries. Affordability, accessibility, and maintaining the quality of the faculty to give students the intimate, intensive education they seek are essential issues that must be addressed in this strategic plan.

Step 2: Strategic issues and opportunities

How can the school remain affordable without 1. raising tuition, 2. limiting financial aid and/or sacrificing need-blind admissions and 3. keeping instruction quality high, by retaining top faculty while containing salary costs?

Step 3: Core values

Learning: Creating an educational environment where the best students are welcome, not simply those students who are best able to pay

Diversity: Multiple perspectives are necessary in the classroom. A diverse student body creates a more complete education for students outside of the classroom

Intimacy: Creating close faculty-student relationships in a way that fosters learning and enhances the personal learning journey of every student

Step 4:… [read more]

Budgetary Checklist: Rutgers University Project Enrollment, Tuition Thesis

… Budgetary Checklist: Rutgers University

Project enrollment, tuition, and likely financial aid needs

The economic crisis may result in higher rates of students accepting offers of admission, as students who would ordinarily attend a private institution may now seek out a scholarship at a public institution such as Rutgers. While increased enrollment will result in increased tuition if the university expands its capacity, increased enrollment will also mean increased costs. Many new and current students may need or desire financial aid or scholarships, more so than in previous years. Financially strapped students from outside the state who are shopping around for the best college prices will require housing, as they cannot commute to school like many Rutgers students have done in the past. Rates of increased enrollment cannot be predicted definitively, given the unique nature of the current crisis. But reviewing past recessionary years may provide some guidance as to the possibility of precipitous spikes in enrollment, so the university can plan accordingly how much tuition it will receive, financial aid needs, and likely capacity-related student costs such as housing.

Salaries and wages

This is one of the largest parts of any university budget. Rutgers may need to hire more adjunct faculty and part-time instructors, given that these teachers are not eligible for benefits and receive lower salaries than PhDs. Some administrative jobs may need to be consolidated -- additionally, allowing work-study students to assume some responsibilities originally covered by full-time administrative assistants will help students who are cash-strapped, and allow the university to pay a relatively lower salary for these positions. Conducting a human resources 'audit' of the organization is essential.

State appropriations

While New Jersey recently received a windfall of revenue from a state tax amnesty program, designed to encourage individuals who owed 'back taxes' to pay what they owed at a… [read more]

Mortgage Industry Impacts on New College Graduates Term Paper




This letter serves the purpose of transmitting the technical report entitled: "Mortgage Industry Impacts on New College Graduates: Student Loans,… [read more]

Role of Mystery Shoppers in Performance Appraisal Term Paper

… ¶ … role of Mystery Shoppers in Performance Appraisal

In the retail history of the past, mystery shoppers have often been used in brick and mortar stores, like the Gap, Burger King, and Office Max to provide valuable feedback to employees and their managers, as well as to act as instruments of quality control. However, one useful venue for mystery 'shopping' that has not been explored is the use of mystery shoppers on computer and other appliance help lines. When a consumer has a problem with his or her computer, Internet service, or other technological product, quite often he or she must call a helpline to solicit data for assistance. The quality of assistance may affect his or her desire to purchase more products by the company.

However, as anyone who has ever tried to call such a line well knows, the quality of advice and support can be extremely varied. Many times, it is not uncommon to call back again at a different time, get a different operator, and to have a completely different experience! Of course, the phone calls can be monitored for quality control by recording some of the calls. But mystery shoppers could also call up the lines and ask specific questions that the company wants to make sure the help lines can answer. Also, the manner of the individual and demeanor could be assessed by the mystery shopper. Simply recording a phone conversation does not always provide the emotional feedback about what it is like talking to a particular employee while he or she helps a caller figure out a problem. The mystery shoppers could try to make the call especially useful to the company by being particularly emotional, provocative, or confused, to see how the caller handed the issue. Also, the company might get an idea of potential problems about 'snags' in the company script that were not really helpful in talking a caller through a problem. The call center workers could be rated on accuracy, professionalism, and helpfulness. They could also be rated as to the extent to which they offered helpful information that the customer was unaware of, like a new deal, or a more advantageous cell phone or Internet plan that suited the customer's needs better.

In contrast, using mystery shoppers at a university would seem to… [read more]

Reevaluation of Tuition Fees in Quebec State Canada Term Paper

… ¶ … Tuition Fees in Quebec State, Canada

Tuition represents the fee charged for educational instruction by formal institutions of learning. These educational institutions charge this fee in order to support financially the staff of the faculty, the lab equipment,… [read more]

SAT Controversy the Application Term Paper

… One meticulous literacy analysis elucidated two admission plans, one applying just the high school record and the other applying high school record and SAT-I marks. A huge number exceeding 90% of the admissions decisions were the very same under both… [read more]

Can a Student Excel in Classwork and Sports? Term Paper


Argument/Persuassion Essay on a Topic in the Field of Education

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is charged with the regulation of athletes, and all athletic programs in affiliated universities and colleges… [read more]

Student Retention and Attrition Research Paper

… Student Retention and Attrition Student Retention

Student retention is an important area of concern for modern educational theory and praxis and can be described as, "...the area of research concerned with determining the forces that shape student persistence in institutions… [read more]

How Markets Work Thesis

… Opportunity Cost

How Markets Work

All economic decisions involve opportunity costs: no one can have 'it all,' contrary to the message conveyed by some popular commercials in the media. An undergraduate degree, for example, is a substantial investment of time and money. With the rare exception of an individual who goes back to college later in life to obtain a second baccalaureate, most people can only obtain one BA or BS degree, thus they must choose very carefully where and how they achieve it. "When economists refer to the 'opportunity cost' of a resource, they mean the value of the next-highest-valued alternative use of that resource" (Henderson 2009). In other words, a student cannot simultaneously work full-time and get an online degree from the University of Phoenix, and also obtain a more traditional degree from the University of Arizona, going to school full-time. Any university student will sacrifice the other goods and services that could be bought with tuition dollars, as well as the time devoted to obtaining that degree. The time could have been spent working, pursuing a hobby, or engaged in other meaningful pursuits (travel, fitness, learning a musical instrument).

A University of Phoenix online degree enables an undergraduate to get his or her degree at a relatively low cost, while still working at the same time. Even if the student must pay full tuition, he or she will not have the added burden of dorm room costs, a meal plan, and activity fees (the cost of your online degree, 2009, Votech). Additionally, the University of Phoenix can handle a higher volume of students, due to the fact it is an online institution, so it can enroll more students to 'spread' its costs around and charge less. Plus, a highly competitive student can often more easily obtain scholarships and an attractive financial aid package. In general, if a talented student goes to a high-quality but slightly less competitive institution, he or she is more apt to receive merit-based aid, as well as more generous need-based aid.

However, there is a substantial opportunity cost in going to an online school that must not be discounted. The student will experience the loss of the full college experience, of spending time in a dorm room, talking about classes with friends afterhours, having face-to-face contact with… [read more]

Reliability and Validity Research Proposal

… Reliability and Validity

A test to aid in the university admissions process would need to consider a number of different factors. The test should measure the candidate against established precursors for university success. Such factors can include personality traits such as leadership, creativity and resiliency (Tomsho, 2009). If the test is able to quantify these traits and measure them against a database of historical data, then candidates can be evaluated for their chances of success.

The first step to ensuring reliability is that the measures against which the students are evaluated must be established over multiple tests in multiple university settings. There must be an extensive body of work illustrating that these traits in these levels are precursors to university success. This requires repeated successful trials (Colorado State University, 2009). Another key to ensuring reliability is that each candidate must be given the same test. Variance in the tests can result in variances in results, so establishing internal reliability… [read more]

Consumer Behavior and Utility Maximization Term Paper

… ¶ … Employee

Consumer Behavior: Maximizing Utility in College Decision Making

Perhaps the first major 'purchase' every college student makes that uses the economic principle of utility maximization is that of selecting a college. Economics is often called the dismal science because it is the study of finitude, in other words, no one has infinite time and money. Resources are scarce ("Utility maximization subject to an income restraint,"2003, Net-Textbook). The scarcity of time is a critical issue when selecting a college because no one can go to two schools at once, or at least, no one can derive the same value from their undergraduate experience by going to two schools at once, unless they find a very unique program!

The chief determinants of college selection are usually that of value and quality of education. For example, say a college student gets into a state university and a rather mediocre private institution. He or she will likely choose the state college, because it will provide the same quality of education, at a lower cost. However, if the student gets into an Ivy League school that costs as much as the mediocre private institution and more than the state school, the decision becomes more complicated. Yes, he or she may need to take out student loans. But the quality of education and opportunities granted by the Ivy League institution may outweigh the burden of paying off the loans. Also, he or she might be able to get a better job upon graduation, and thus justify the added cost of going to the Ivy League school.

There is no perfect calculus for all students when choosing a college, just as there is no one, ideal budget for all consumers to maximize the utility of their purchases at the grocery store. Every student's decision is unique. Say that a student wants a particular major, such as nursing, that is not available at all schools. In that case, his or her utility will be maximized by getting into a school that provides such a… [read more]

Expanding Diversity Issues Without Violating Term Paper

… Individual departments will have meaningful diversity in visits and letters to both domestic and international groups. They will also encourage students with disabilities to apply for various handicaps that have been donated to the college for this purpose. Letting all students know there are ways to attend the university and to ask for help with this. There will be ways to encourage different minority groups to attend the university. Letting students know the different opportunities that are available and encouraging them to sign up for the type of classes they want is an important part of diversity.

Communication with students is vital in diversity. Friendliness, empathy, concern, and the ability to show the students that the school wants them to be a part of the community is vital in getting students from diverse backgrounds to attend. It is important for all parts of the university to undertake a review of their part in getting students interested in attending the university. One way of doing this is to incorporate detailed information about the college. Understanding diversity and making it a priority is vital in achieving the goal of having a diverse body of students. The creation of a welcoming and inclusive climate is increasingly difficult but it can be done with everyone working together.

Diversity can be done with staff showing students that they are an important part of the university. Hospitality between students and staff is a great method of doing this. Invite students to eat with you at the cafeteria. Take time to listen to them. Show empathy when students are having a difficult time with a subject. Communicate, communicate, and communicate. The basis of diversity is found in the word communication.

This school can be more diverse by staff communicating with a variety of students. Several open house invitations during the year, visiting, follow-ups, and communication are the keys ways to bringing diversity… [read more]

Analyzing Future Life Plan Essay

… Future Life Plan

At some point in life, every individual will ask him/herself the question of what to do with their lives. As a senior in college, it is now high time for me to seriously reflect on this matter… [read more]

What Makes a Good Education? Essay

… ¶ … education?

Compare and contrast: What makes a college good?

The college admissions process can be viewed in either a data-driven or a subjective and impressionistic fashion. The question of what is the 'best' college can revolve around assessing hard cold facts as a way of justifying the time and expense of seeking a university education, or it can be based upon more emotional questions of what is the best social 'fit' of a college for a student. Nicholas Confessore's 2003 article from the Atlantic Monthly examines the college rating 'industry, ' specifically the influence of U.S. News and World Report as a way of asking what makes a college 'good' -- can it be objectively determined or is it entirely dependent upon the needs of the student?

US News and World Report has become a kind of template or touchstone for all subsequent college rating systems. Says Confessore in praise: the magazines America's Best Colleges edition "offers a wealth of factual, specific, and objective information about more than 1,400 colleges and universities -- a nice departure from the bland, cheery, and vaguely propagandistic brochures and videos that most of those institutions send out through the mail" (Confessore 2003). High schoolers seek out college guidebooks as a way of finding certainty in an uncertain process. Because colleges know the weight that is attached to such ratings guides, the universities often try to shape their admissions policies to secure better ratings, as well as strive to fulfill their traditional mission of providing a good education to students. U.S. News ranks colleges based upon peer assessment, retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, per-student spending; and the alumni-giving rate. However, critics contend that this method of rating does not take sufficient consideration of good teaching, special programs that might be of interest to specific students, and subjective measures of student happiness. Ratings guides encourage colleges to emphasize the items that are 'rated' by the magazines rather than other aspects of the university experience that might convey more value to students.

Students should look behind the guides, critics contend, but they often do not. The reason for this, says Fallows (et al. 2003) in his introduction to Confessore's piece in the same edition of the Atlantic Monthly, is because happiness, and even preparation for the working world are no longer the primary motivating factors behind the game of college admissions, for many students and their parents: "Status competition is natural to people, and exclusive affiliations have always been valued for their sheer exclusivity. Otherwise there would be no such concept as the a-list. The mystery in college admissions is how one factor in choosing a desirable college -- the appeal of selective schools simply because they are hard to get into -- became the factor for an… [read more]

Bureaucracy at Njcu There Is a Growing Essay

… Bureaucracy at NJCU

There is a growing problem at NJCU. Most people would concur with the New Jersey City University's web site that points out that the school "promotes an institutional culture which values excellent teaching, scholarly achievement, creative activity, and life-long learning." The problem is that there is a dysfunctional administrative process in place that is more popular for keeping students out of classrooms than for putting them into them. There are too many examples available regarding average students attempting to use this nightmare of a bureaucratic resource in order to follow up on financial aid, confirm an add/drop with the registrar or to have whole personal files mysteriously disappear to not take this more seriously. This short essay reveals a few of the observed daily problems and suggests some potential improvements. There is little doubt that addressing these concerns will make NJCU's promise to provide a broad opportunity in higher education to a broad spectrum of people more believable.

NJCU's administrative bureaucracy is a completely unorganized organizational structure that mismanages routine procedures and basic protocols. One of the biggest concerns is lost documentation. This includes all aspects of day-to-day educationally-based occurrences. For example, students have to regularly take tests over because of fact that originals get misplaced, destroyed or mislabeled. Another serious concern is related to the fact that financial aid documentation is lost regularly. Many students have lost financial aid for whole semesters because the documentation either did not make it to Trenton on time to get student's their funding. Improving these two problems alone would greatly enhance the educational experience of a large percentage of students. There is no excuse for an administrative function to miss student's financial aid deadlines or entrance registrations if that is… [read more]

Strategic Plan Strategic and Other Indicators Identify Thesis

… ¶ … Strategic Plan

Strategic and other indicators

Identify which indicators you would utilize to measure progress towards achieving your stated objectives. Explain your rationale for choosing them.

Economic, ethnic, and racial diversity of the school: Although ethnic background is not directly related to socioeconomic status, maintaining the affordability of the school can be measured to some degree by its diversity. Socioeconomic diversity is desirable in terms of the contribution it makes to the education students receive inside and outside of the classroom, and if only students without financial need feel able to apply, matriculate, or remain at the university this is a warning flag that the university is not upholding its ideals.

Do not increase tuition at a greater rate than the overall rate of inflation: To ensure affordability, especially in the wake of reduced access to loans, this is essential.

Find ways to strategically cut aspects of college budget that does not significantly impact quality of instruction or student life: If the economy does not improve, and the endowment does not significantly increase, finding ways to cut costs are required to maintain affordability and need-blind admissions.

Maintain high level of faculty instruction: Ensure that top-rated faculty, based upon student evaluations are retained, despite needed salary and staff reductions overall

Step 7: Evaluation

Describe ways you might implement the CASH model for evaluating your strategic plan.

Comparison: Compare composition of student body in terms of its diversity and tuition with similar, small universities without large endowments.

Given the financial situation of the university, comparing the school against aspirant universities with larger endowments would not be useful in terms of setting feasible goals. For example, while increasing faculty salaries on par with aspirant schools would be a potentially desirable strategy to draw top talent, this is currently not possible. Competitor universities may have different financial situations that likewise make them less useful as comparative models, even if they attract a similar student demographic

Average: Assess average financial aid package, tuition and budget of universities across the nations, as well as average expenditures in areas designated for cuts. Can students get a better 'deal' elsewhere, at comparable institutions? Comparing projected expenditures on areas designated for cuts such as food services can give an idea… [read more]

Federal Student Tuition Loan Limits Term Paper

… In addition, the Coalition calls for the freshman student loans to start at $4,000. Down the road, the coalition would like to increase the freshman limit to $10,000.

Surveys show that more than 90% of college students today support increasing the limit on federal student loans.

The Coalition also proposes to increase the overall limit of undergraduate borrowing to $30,000. Sophomores would be able to borrow up to $6,000. Students who need more loans could draw from a "flexible borrowing account" of up to $20,000 to be used for the remainder of their college years.

To ensure that students do not borrow too much and get mired in debt, the Coalition proposes to place a $10,000 limit on borrowing during their junior and senior year.

These Coalitions already have networks and campaign activities in place. However, they do need much help in order to generate support for these measures in Congress. We can thus assist in these campaigns, by helping in information dissemination campaigns. For students still in college, local networks must be established in order to bring affected students together.

This will have the added benefit of helping students in danger of dropping out a network of support and a sense of community.

Additionally, even those who are no longer in College could still lobby their representatives in Congress.

After all, the task of increasing these federal limits still rests in the hands of Congress.

In summary, the current limits on federal student loans are inadequate compared to the rising costs of education today.

The current limits threaten to keep students from lower- and working-class families out of college, and to change education as an enclave of the wealthy. In order to ensure education remains a… [read more]

Tuition in Higher Education on Graduation Rates Research Proposal

… ¶ … Tuition in Higher Education on Graduation Rates

Introduction/General Description:

One of the problems that universities often face is the decision on whether or not to raise tuition rates. Rising costs of maintaining the university, lower private funding gifts, reduced public funding, and increased salaries due to rising costs of living can mean that simple budgetary costs are not enough. For this reason, many universities look towards increasing tuition for their students as a means of offsetting these increased costs and reduced incomes. However, there are consequences beyond the budget when tuition is raised. Increased tuition costs directly affects students and their ability to attend university. The question then becomes -- What are the effects of increasing tuition for higher education on graduation rates?

Major Research Question:

The problem that will be studied will be how tuition increases affects graduation rates in higher education. Specifically, this research will look at both incoming enrollment rates, which will directly affect future graduation rates, as well as continuing enrollment of students and graduation figures, once tuition rates are increased in comparison to historical figures. By comparing these figures, and the anticipated increase or decrease in these figures before tuition rates were increased, the study will be able to determine if the increase in tuition had an effect on student enrollment and graduation numbers.

Review of Relevant Literature:

Trombley (2003) highlights the fiscal problems that many universities are facing. Using data from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, Trombley notes that state spending for public universities has been declining in recent years, across the United States. To make matters worse, many states also have reduced their student financial aid programs. The economic recession has negatively affected nearly every state and as is continued to grow worse as appropriations for higher education continue to be cut from state budgets and student financial assistance is reduced even further. Appropriations dropped in 2003, in 14 states, with the worst being an 11% drop in Oregon. Raising tuition has been a common response to these decreases in funding.

At four-year public universities tuition rose in 2003 in every state in the country. In Massachusetts, tuition increased by 24%. Texas, Missouri and Iowa all saw tuition increase by 20%. North Carolina had an increase in tuition of 19%, while Ohio saw an increase of 17%. In the end, 16 states had tuition and fee increases of more than 10% in that one year alone. According to Trombley (2003), New York's 2003-2004 State University budge was cut by $184 million, resulting in then Governor Pataki suggesting a 35%… [read more]

Losing Ground Is an Analysis That Examines Thesis

… Losing Ground

is an analysis that examines the affordability of higher education in the United States. The report is published by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (herein referred to as NCPPHE or National Center), a non-profit,… [read more]

Casual Argument Essay

… English Literature

Casual Argument

The current Pell grant system helps students pay for college. The system makes it easy to start college, but not to complete it. Thirty-seven percent of college student's end up dropping out, with thirty-five doing so… [read more]

Low vs. High Discussion "Low Tuition/Low Aid Thesis

… Low vs. High Discussion

"Low tuition/low aid" versus "high tuition/high aid." Which pricing model best serves the colleges and universities of the 21st century?

Once upon a time, a high tuition / high aid model was accepted as the best way for private institutions to function and to realize their educational goals. Institutions such as Harvard, for example, would demand high tuitions of students whose parents could afford to pay the full costs for attending the school. The high price tag of attendance would subsidize the scholarships for poor students, or students from historically disadvantaged groups. Middle-class students would receive a combination of loans and scholarships, the former of which they could presumably pay for with the high salaries their educations would surely command upon graduation.

This model is growing increasingly problematic. Firstly, the availability of credit and student loans has contracted, making it more difficult for middle-class students to secure additional outside aid. Also, these students are often frustrated that they must work hard at work study jobs, often compromising the quality of their education, while the children of wealthier parents do not have to balance the… [read more]

Grad School App it Is My Desire Term Paper

… Grad School App

It is my desire to focus my future studies and endeavors to learning how and then implementing an integrated design model in to a worldwide community, that would allow for communications on a global scale. It is… [read more]

Analyzing Technology for Decision Making Essay

… Technology for Decision Making

Information is of key importance in any company. For any organization to succeed, high quality information has to be produced. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are information frameworks that are based on computers. The manner in which… [read more]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Research Paper

… Mobutu Sese Seko Zaire/Drc Congo

Mobutu Sese Seko Zaire/Democratic Republic of the Congo

This report focuses on Mobutu's ruling in Zaire and its effects on the nation. Major happenings in Zaire during Mobutu's time in power from 1960 to1997 are… [read more]

Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Development Plan a Sports Complex Business Proposal

… Commercial Real Estate Development Plan: A Sports Complex

Services and Facilities

Due to a lack of a properly maintained facility in the U.S., more specifically in DC, Virginia and Maryland region, children are unable to learn and/or even play field… [read more]

Startsups and Smes in Thailand Dissertation

… Business Development of Start-Ups and SMEs with the use of Technological Advancement in Thailand

Factors affecting business success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Definitions of key terms

Factors affecting business success of SMEs

Virtual and augmented Reality impact on… [read more]

Personal Admissions Statement Term Paper

… 0. How could this be the same student, one might ask?

The reasons are less academic than they are personal, although I do believe that I have considerably improved my work habits as a student. However, at the first school I attended, my grandmother passed away quite suddenly in the middle of my studies. My mother fell ill shortly after, suffering a severe depression for almost half a year. I wished to leave school to care for her. Well-meaning friends and family advised me to stay and finish as best as I could, but my mind was never fully occupied with my studies, only with her. I left George Brown, soured to the place as a whole because it was so full of memories of a past I would prefer to forget.

After helping my mother through the difficult process of recovering from a major depression, I have become a mature human being as well as a more appreciative student. I have cared for my mother as she cared for myself, when I was a child. Now I am ready to become a student again, but not simply to have fun once again and to forget about life 'on the outside.' Unlike many first time students, I have learned to deal with personal problems in conjunction with my studies and work.

I have overcome obstacles both personal and alone, as well as helped my family through a time of crisis. Going back to school and helping my mother recover was difficult, but my 4.0 GPA and my current resolve are evidence that I have accomplished what I set out to do when I applied to Humber College.

I hope to attend York with an eased emotional burden, but full of renewed determination and an appreciation for the life of university that I lacked as a… [read more]

Current Trends in 3D Printing Research Paper

… ¶ … Printing

While very much still in its nascent stages, 3D printing has created a whole new world of possibilities. These possibilities range from the hobbies to medical applications. However, there are still some known and very present risks… [read more]

Analyzing the Brics Situation Case Study

… BRICS nations are made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The nations have become increasingly significant in international business for the reason that they are not only the fastest growing markets but also the biggest emerging markets.… [read more]

Market Analysis of Entercard SWOT

… ¶ … Swot

EnterCard is a finance company operating in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The core product are credit cards, with consumer loans being offered in Norway, retail instalment payment plans in Sweden, and check the credit in Denmark (EnterCard,… [read more]

Fiorina S Changes at HP Research Paper

… Change effort that Fiorina implemented was only somewhat effective. Her change effort was ambitious, as she was described as wanting to change the entire company at once, rather than build the change incrementally. Thus, there were some initiatives such as… [read more]

Laws About Llcs in North Carolina Business Plan

… Forming a Limited Liability Company in North Carolina

What industry are you doing business in?

This company competes in the service industry as a private protective service.

What state are you doing business in?

North Carolina

What is your business… [read more]

Working at a Hotel Chapter

… Internship Report in Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun

Brief description of the job 1

The training received

Tasks actually performed and job skills developed on the job 3

Internal customer profile

External customer profile

Actual experience in relation to the expectations

Positive… [read more]

Analyzing Firm Selection Research Paper

… Firm Selection and Background

The two publicly listed company selected are Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. These two companies compete and are the biggest players in the mobile phone industry. In particular, these two firms are major competitors in the… [read more]

Transforming a Contractual Recall Obligation Into a Profit Center Research Paper

… Transforming a Contractual Recall Obligation Into a Profit Center

The field of operations management is primarily focused on transforming various types of inputs into outputs through the use of physical resources in order to produce the desired outcomes for purchase… [read more]

Effects of Employees Managers Interaction on Employees Attitude Towards Their Company Thesis

… ¶ … Employees'-Managers Interaction on Employees Attitude towards their Company

In the contemporary turbulent business environment, executive managers are very critical for the success of an organization. (Florescu, Stela, & Marian, 2014). A quality of a manager is to have… [read more]

Problem of Domestic Violence in American Athletes a Marketing Perspective Research Paper

… Domestic Violence and Marketing in American Sports Leagues

In 2014 Ray Rice, an NFL player, was given an indefinite suspension and released from his contract with the Baltimore Ravens (Bien, 2014). With the event starting in February of that year,… [read more]

Analyzing Ltl Company Business Plan Research Paper

… Living the Lingo

Company Profile Summary

Market Research Summary

Marketing Summary

Finance Summary

Company Profile

Business Overview

Living the Lingo

Living the Lingo defines itself as a social enterprise and consequently claim to pursue a goal which contributes to the… [read more]

International Business and Ethics Essay

… Business Ethics -- Movie Commentaries


"Inequality for All"

The Plot

Documentary by Robert Reich, a political commentator who served in three presidential administrations: Gerald Ford's; James Carter's; and William Clinton's as the U.S. Secretary… [read more]

Analyzing Understanding Business Drivers and Improving Business Forecasts Essay

… Business Drivers and Improving Business Forecasts

Understanding Business Drivers and Improving Business Forecasts

WidgeCorp is making consideration to branch out into cold beverages. The following paper encompasses deriving a regression model to predict monthly sales involving cold drinks for the subsequent fiscal year. In order to forecast the result, a simple linear regression has an explanatory variable and a response variable (Harrell, 2015). In particular, a regression model is calculated through the following equation:

y = ?0 + ?1x + ?

where: y is the response variable

is the y intercept slope

is the slope coefficient x is the explanatory variable is the random error term

However, this particular case will employ a multiple-linear regression model. In particular, a multiple-linear regression makes use of one response and numerous explanatory variables to forecast the result, tries to discover a mathematical correlation, and thereafter displays the relationship as a straight line that best estimates all the data points (Seber and Lee, 2012). The equation for multiple-linear regression is as follows:

y = ?0 + ?1X1 + ?2X2 + .... kXk + ?

where: y is the response variable

0 is the y intercept slope

1 and ?2 are partial slope coefficients

X1 and X2 are explanatory variables is the random error term

With regard to WidgeCorp making a forecast for cold beverage sales for the following year for every month, the regression model being considered will consist of the following variables:

1. Sales Price for the new beverages. This will function as x, the explanatory variable.

2. Sales for the cold beverages made by rival companies. This will function as y, the response variable.

3. Distinctive product line unveiled into the market. This will function as an explanatory variable as well.

4. Sales of the new beverage.… [read more]

Profile of Lyft Essay

… Lyft is an app that facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing. It is a direct competitor to the much bigger Uber, and also to taxis, with whom both of the companies compete. Lyft makes its money as a facilitator, therefore, an intermediary between… [read more]

Some British Business Law Concepts Essay

… Business Law -- Winding Down a Business

a) Explain if Nikhil is liable to pay Namita the £2000 that she is demanding

Nikhil is not liable to pay the £2000 because Namita accepted £3000 as payment in full of the £5000 owed if Nikhil paid that to her right away. They had an oral contract, Nikhil kept his part of the bargain by sending the £3000 and Namita took it, so the oral contract was binding.

b) Explain misrepresentation in the law of contract and discuss whether Brian has a possible claim under the Misrepresentation Act 1967

Misrepresentation in the law of contract means that a person gets someone to agree to a contract by deliberately or innocently misrepresenting something important in the contract. Brian has a possible claim under the Misrepresentation Act of 1967 because Nikhil told him that the van used to belong to the Beastie Boys and Brian paid £5000 for the van because he is a big Beastie Boys fan. Even though the contract does not mention the Beastie Boys, Brian paid the money, so the contract duties were performed by him and he should get his money back.

c) Discuss whether a valid contract has been made between Nikhil and Vicky

A valid contract was made between Nikhil and Vicky because Nikhil advertised the van for sale, Nicky called him on March 4th and got him to agree to hold the offer of selling the van for £4000 until March 7; she tried to reach him by phone, couldn't, so… [read more]

Threat of New Entrants for Publix Research Paper

… Publix

There are two critical dimensions to the threat of new entry for Publix. The threat of new entry is considered to be moderate. On one hand, there are barriers to entry to the grocery business, but these barriers are… [read more]

Analyzing Expansion Into Turkey Essay

… ¶ … Turkey

You are the CEO of XYZ manufacturing company. You have decided that you would like to market your product to Turkey.

Fallon (2015) said that after entrepreneurs have successfully built and maintained a local customer base, they feel they are ready to take the next important step, international expansion. Becoming an international organization is one very impressive feat only a few businesses can achieve.

Reasons for Expanding Overseas

In the pursuit of better profits and a bigger market, XYZ Company investigated and researched thoroughly on the advantages of opening branches in oversea locations like Turkey and were found to be as follows:

Diversification - Different nations are presently at varied stages of their economic growth, and so is Turkey. This kind of an ultra competitive and mature market in this nation may still be in its emerging stage, or even not exist at all. This gives us a chance to be less dependent on our local economic conditions (Gordin, 2011).

Profit Advantage - Global business is more lucrative than the local ones. When we carried out a standard unit production cost, we discovered that the standard production cost for every unit will be at its lowest rate if the production plant is run at the highest capacity (Venkateswaran, 2012).

Fuelling Financial Growth - From our studies, we found out that small and mid-size companies were advised to think about their possible international entrance into smaller markets, in countries like Turkey. This market can be a source of terrific added income and profits to any firm that utilizes the effort and time required to carry out a study on the market and get involved in it cautiously (Gordin, 2011).

Growth Opportunities - In several countries like Turkey, both the income and population are experiencing a very fast growth. So, a number of firms are very eager to institute a foothold in this type of market, bearing in mind the future possibilities (Venkateswaran, 2012).

Mode of International Business

Venkateswaran (2012) opines that when trying to enter global markets, firms must decide on the right way to execute their businesses. The mode of business operation for the XYZ Company will rely on the Imports and Exports of Merchandize.

Venkateswaran (2012) comments that the sales generated by companies depend on two main factors: the interest of the consumer in the company's products or services and the consumer's willingness and ability to pay for such products and services. The customer base and the extent of their purchasing power are much higher for the whole world as compared to just one country. This will expand and increase sales by opening up branches abroad and reaching global business.

Minimizing Risks and Acquiring Resources

Opening up branches overseas can expose the company to a number of risks like the ones discussed below:

Logistical Risk - There may be doubts about the ability of this… [read more]

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