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Networking and TCP/IP and Internetworking Term Paper

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But this also presents another problem wherein person C. could, after accessing the messages being sent between A and B. can alter, without the persons being aware of it, the content or the sequence of these messages. This makes Internet users realize that security should encompass the authenticity and the integrity of the messages sent by the users of the… [read more]

Library System: Formal Analysis Term Paper

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The bargaining power of customers is also significant. Customers in this sense may be considered patrons of the library. They have a very influential bargaining power because they utilize the information systems present within the University in large volumes; thus they are likely to have heavy influence over changes and demands for upgrades over they system. A concentration of buyers exists within the student population and other populations served by the library system. The type of information system being utilized is of grave concern to the consumer, also increasing the power of consumers to make changes and recommend systems improvements.

One of Porters other 5 factors should also be mentioned, the threat of new entrants. In a rapidly changing market place, the likelihood of new technology creations and competing entrants is high. There are some barriers to entry evident in the information systems market for large library systems however, which include possibly economies of scale such as the minimum size requirements for use of materials, and brand loyalty (this is perhaps the largest barrier" (Recklies, 2001).

Analysis of Porter's forces reveals that the market for technologically advanced computer systems is attractive. There is much profitability to be gained from utilizing this type of technology. The PEST analysis combined with Porter's findings reveal that of all the factors influencing the information system structure at the University, technological and socio-demographical changes are likely to weigh most heavily in any decision to change current operations.

From the perspective of students who are looking to compete in a global marketplace and utilize the most technologically advanced library information systems available, the library system in place currently contains a catalog or database containing thousands of books and journals. Critical success factors for future success of the information system includes the ability of the system to adapt and change related to technological advances, and continue to provide expedient, reliable information to students. Clients, in this case the students are easily able to access the system to search the catalog and retrieve the information they need to succeed. A SWOT analysis would reveal the following strengths related to the features and capabilities of the current system: easy usability including help features and documentation, strong reliability and reduced frequency of failure, adequate performance and response times. Opportunities for improvement in the competitive market include adaptability and maintainability. In the face of rapid technological advances, consumers will continue to seek out technology that will provide them with the fastest response times and most up-to-date availability. Perhaps other features such as Science Direct might enhanced and added to the system to increase the technology available to students and researchers looking for niche specific information.

The strategic information system available at the university might be considered a precursor to an enterprise resource system which would combine technology to provide greater access to information outside of library resources. This would be the best move for the University. Value chain analysis shows that the primary activities involved with the information technology currently used… [read more]

Simulated World: The Emergence Term Paper

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Through the Internet, business transactions are easier to conduct, especially when shopping for specific products, allowing users to access information about a product, and be able to see it at the same time. Furthermore, advertisements became rampant in the Internet, leading to the increase in consumption, online and 'offline,' of commercial products and services. In addition, political propaganda found its way into the Internet, providing opportunities for government agencies and political institutions and organizations to promote their 'cause' through information campaigns that users can easily access to.

Indeed, information exchange is the primary function that the Internet offers to its users. The Internet makes use of information as a cultural artifact, and information is exactly the product and service offered by the mass media institution, an advantage that made the mass media create its own distinct niche in the Internet culture/world. Furthermore, Internet has become a culture of sub-cultures, where users, as its active social actors, create their own communities that have its unique characteristics.

In effect, Internet technology and culture for me, has brought advantages and opportunities for me as a student, who is in constant need for information. The Internet is a perfect venue for information exchange, since information is dynamic or ever-changing, and Internet adopts itself to these changes in information exchange in 'real time.' Up until now, the Internet continues to influence users and potential users, luring them to join the simulated and dynamic world of the Internet.… [read more]

Private and Legal Issues Term Paper

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Beyond that some information brokers provide their databases for a fee on Internet websites. Therefore, legal and privacy issues have become so common that more employers are conducting background checks on their employees without their permission. The problem that is occurring is that a significant percent of background checks are retrieving information that is either incorrect or misleading.

In the past, one could access the public records by traveling to the courthouse or to the government office. In recent years, however, a growing number of government agencies and court systems have made these records available on the Internet databases. It might be considered useful that the public can access government records easily via the Internet. But these open records can create havoc from the hands of miscreants, if they can access other related information from the databases. Many of the individuals, when gain the access from electronic public records, use these data for secondary purposes. The solution for IT is not to prohibit public records altogether from the Internet, but records should be selectively used so that public cannot gain access to the confidential information.

IT department can, instead, use some bogus data records to check the break-in in the databases (DeGeorge, 1986).

Though many of the financial institutions such as credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms may share their respective databases with one another, but IT department should make sure that they follow the law, as they cannot sell customer data to third parties without providing an opt-out notice to their customers (Moulton, 1986). Since some financial institutions have more than 2,000 affiliates, their marketing profiles become money-managing machines. Most individuals consider their medical information to be among the most sensitive of any information about them. But in reality, one's medical information is an open book from medical providers, to insurance companies, to self-insured employers, to laboratories, and to payment companies, medical transcriptions, pharmacies and pharmacy benefits systems, government regulators, and more. Therefore, our main concerns for IT department becomes who is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of information and who has the authority to make changes and who is accountable for errors in information and who should be held responsible if data are inaccurate and they cause harms to the third party.

The issue also involves what information should one be required about one's self to others? And what information should one be able to keep strictly to one's self? These are among the questions that a concern for privacy raises. As research indicates that invasions of privacy is often remains unknown for a long. However, once an IT department is able to integrate data from different sources, one may pay high price for the invasion of the privacy.

Computer matching and the integration of data files into a central databank pose enormous ethical implications. On the one hand, the new information can be used to uncover criminals and to identify service requirements for the needy. On the other hand, it provides powerful political… [read more]

Security Issues for a Database Term Paper

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These attacks are carried out through the different ports that all web enabled applications have. These are used by the cyber criminals through a relatively simple port scan to look for the ports that are open. The systems have some ports that are open by default, but these can be changed by the user if he is careful. There are many ways to avoid this open access from the Internet and suitable methods have to be applied for this purpose. (Database Security)

Another important question is the inadequacy of user-level access control methods through smart cards or user passwords, as they depend totally on user names and passwords. The database is normally accessed by more than one user at the same time, and this leaves the door open for the cyber criminal to enter. He can then steal the username and password through the process of interception and hijacking. This can then be used in future attacks through the Internet to steal all the confidential resources and systems. The systems are also aware of this problem now and have developed certain protection features. The systems being provided by the Windows 2000 server are the IPSec or Internet Protocol Security, Terminal services High Encryption Security, PKI or Public Key Infrastructure, S/MIME or Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, Kereberos and L2TP or layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. (The Database Security Checklist)


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Wiedman, Blake. (2003) "Database Security" Retrieved at http://www.governmentsecurity.org/articles/DatabaseSecurityCommon-sensePrinciples.php. Accessed on 02/23/2003… [read more]

Management System Term Paper

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Ideally, during a development phase, a development team must consider features of flexibility and transparency to the different components of a system. This is to guarantee the system's compatibility to changes, and to ensure that the system has the ability to adapt to new technologies that may emerge. Basically, changes in technology are not problems to existing systems. It is a common trend in technology that any new changes always recognize previous technologies. For instance, a system that was developed in Windows '98 operating system is almost always compatible in a higher version of Windows.

Should there be changes in technology during the 10-year implementation period of Visa Commerce, they will perhaps mostly occur as improvements to current technologies. Since almost all industries use the Internet technology, as Visa Commerce will basically does, it is anticipated that the new changes will still accommodate previous technologies. Nevertheless, somehow, meeting the demands of the changing technology is a development risk to a system, especially to a system that is already functional. To mitigate this risk, an "up-to-date with technology" development team, combined with an organized process of development or enhancement procedures can meet the changing needs and trends of technology.

Organizing the Worldwide Development Activities of Visa's IT Department

An open communication between the worldwide IT Departments of Visa can facilitate the process of organizing its development activities. Ideally, every development location must have a team leader. He will serve as his location's speaker, and he must have an up-to-date communication with the rest of the team leaders in other locations. Aside from this, providing a strict set of development procedures, and periodically monitoring the development teams, can facilitate the task of organizing the worldwide development activities of Visa's IT Department. It is essential that every development activity worldwide must be tracked to provide references should problems exist. As AT& T. Labs indicates,

Systematic approach to controlling and tracking all changes to a product over its lifetime is vital to product success in the dynamic market place.


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Web site: http://www.sdmagazine.com/documents/s=825/sdm0008j/

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Retrieved on February 12, 2004, from AT& T. Labs.

Web site: http://www.att.com/spt/cms.html… [read more]

LAN Construction Carefully Outlines Term Paper

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Installing cabling can also be an expensive proposition, particularly in an existing building. An existing building has barriers such as ceilings and walls that restrict your ability to install new cabling. We have already assumed that our LAN will be a one floor network. It is important to arrange a safe way to string the cables between the workstations. Cables… [read more]

Internet Culture Through Internet Relay Research Proposal

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Content Analysis- content analysis form

2. Survey- questionnaires and interview schedule

3. Textual Analysis- textual analysis form

4. Participant- Observation- observation guides, procedures, and 'scripts' to be followed by researchers containing essential elements needed for the content and textual analyses

Units of Analysis

Primary units of analysis for this research will be chat messages obtained from Yahoo! IRC channels in the U.S. Chatters that will be selected for the survey are chatters participating in any of the channels registered under Yahoo! Surveys for chatters in these Yahoo! channels will be respondents for an online survey to be conducted after the textual analysis of the IRC messages. Lastly, the researchers of this study will also become UOA for the participant-observation method. Field notes obtained from chat participation of the researchers in the Yahoo! IRC channels will also be documented to provide further insights in the process of analyzing and interpreting the data gathered from the content and textual analyses and survey methods.

Sampling Scheme

Chat messages that will be analyzed for this research will be obtained on a daily basis for a three- week period. These chat messages will include messages from the general (group) and private (one-on-one) chat exchanges. These chat messages will be used for the content and textual analyses. Similarly, chatters for the survey and participant-observation methods will be selected through the non-probabilistic technique of accidental sampling. The selection of the Yahoo! IRC channels is chosen through the purposive, non-probabilistic sampling technique to fit the researchers' purpose of analyzing the chat environment of IRC channels in the United States.

Data Gathering Plan

The timetable for the data gathering part of this research will be based on a one-month schedule. Three (3) weeks will be used for data gathering using the content analysis, textual analysis, and participant observation methods, while one (1) week will be consumed in conducting online surveys of the…… [read more]

New Technology -- the Internet Term Paper

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In the second stage, the Internet was used for ordering the products and services, yet the payment had to be made through credit cards using a telephone service, because of the security holes in the Internet technology. In the recent and third stage, the Internet can be used for ordering the products, confirming the order delivery, and making the payment through the credit cards (Saloner and Spence, 2001). So, we believe that we are at the third stage of the Internet growth.

4) IT Strategy: IT strategy of the agency is to become a quality service provider. In order to achieve this goal, the agency is required to provide the convenience and flexibility to its customers. The use of the Internet technology is an excellent tool for meeting the various demands of the customers (Laudon and Laudon, 2000).

By offering the convenience of one-stop service, the agency has begun to charge premium prices for its services.

5) Social and organizational changes (requirements and/or barriers): Despite the fact that the agency decided to use the Internet technology for servicing its customers' travel needs, the transition of the agency in adopting the Internet technology was not smooth.

Some of the older travel agents who have been in the agency over 10 years were afraid of using the Internet and were not sure of the potential of the Internet. Also, they were not sure whether they would be able to use the Internet, as these agents were quite comfortable in using the proprietary system provided by the American Airlines.

However, once management decided to make the use of the Internet, management took adequate preparations in training people and showing them the potential of the Internet for the travel agency. Besides, the company offered several incentives to travel agents for rapidly moving toward the use of the Internet technology for meeting the customers' travel needs.

Critical Success Factors: There are a few critical success factors that the agency used for switching to the Internet for travel purposes. First, the agency believed that for competing with other travel agencies it needs quick turn-around of the services. Second, the agency believed on providing superior services to its customers. Third, the agency believed on providing customized services to its customers. Finally, the agency wanted flexibility to meet the volatile needs of the customers. All of the above factors were critical success factors, since all of these factors directly affected the performance of the agency (Turban, McLean, and Wetherbe, 2002). To meet these requirements, the agency decided to make the use of the Internet as with the Internet, the agency was able to provide one-stop service, offer customized service and consultation, and give superior services to its customers.


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Multithreading Single Term Paper

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This technique, called Out-Of-Order execution is similar to how multithreading works. "The same kind of sleight-of-hand happens when you run multiple programs at once, except this time the operating system is also involved in the scam. To the end user, it appears as if the processor is "running" more than one program at the same time, and indeed, there actually are multiple programs loaded into memory. But the CPU can execute only one of these programs at a time." (Introduction to Multithreading, Superthreading and Hyperthreading)

Types of Multithreading

There are different types of multithreading. For example, "Simultaneous multithreading is a processor design that combines hardware multithreading with superscalar processor technology to allow multiple threads to issue instructions each cycle. Unlike other hardware multithreaded architectures (such as the Tera MTA), in which only a single hardware context (i.e., thread) is active on any given cycle, SMT permits all thread contexts to simultaneously compete for and share processor resources." (Simultaneous Multithreading Project)

Why Use Threading

Although Out-Of-Order execution technically goes against this principle, a thread should not change the order of a program's tasks. They change the overall timing of the operations and therefore are used to enhance performance related issues. Examples of scenarios where threading could help alleviate a problem:

Long running programs: If a program is lost in a loop, no other program could get system resources.

Background processing: Printing or backing up systems while other programs continue to work.

Creating CD's: listening to a song playing while a disk is recording.

Basically, threading is a way of keeping all programs running smoothly instead of allowing one task to tie up an entire system.


Metrics for multithreading


In conclusion, although many people know how to use computers, the concepts of threading and multithreading are not as well-known. The two concepts are somewhat different and this report attempted to explain those differences. A brief history of threading, multithreading and the respective backgrounds were covered followed with more detail of where and when threading is used. Next, a general overview of how each of the concepts works was discussed and specific details of the ideas with some comparison notes between the two was presented. The report closed out with detailed performance metrics related to multithreading.

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Wireless Network Technology Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,600 words)
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Wireless technologies will continue to invade every area of life from the control of household appliances to the monitoring of health conditions, to the delivery of complex graphic and video information.

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Graphic Design for Three Years Term Paper

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As an artist, I have participated actively in joining organizations in order to expose myself with the important developments about artworks using the computer media. As a member of the art gallery, I submit my artworks to the art gallery during meetings (held once every two weeks), where we members discuss and share our ideas about each member's work, either for improvement or help in the conceptualization process.

Apart from my affiliated organization, I also have a hobby in logo making, where my friends make up any kind of logo as part of our collection. These logos are also artworks aided by computer graphics, enhancing and manipulating our works according to our style, technique, and concept.

In essence, my experiences as a military service member, computer science student, and artist have helped me fuse two important aspects that are essential requirements in graphic design: knowledge and creativity (artistic skill). My knowledge in the technical aspects in computer helps me convert and create artworks in computer media form, which is a very lucrative activity nowadays. My artistic skills and creativity, on the other hand, keeps me in touch to focus not only the technicalities of creating artworks via the computer media, but it also taps my 'inner self,' my subjective interpretation of my artwork. Thus, graphic design is appropriate for my personality, because I am able to combine and balance the technical and creative aspects needed in the course. For me, my extensive knowledge in computer operations and programming and as an artist (logo-maker and art gallery member) is an advantage that will help me become competent as a graphic design student in the University of XXXX.

Since I have already mentioned that I served under the Korean military service program, what I deem the most important thing that I would like to inform in my application is that, despite my being an international student, I was able to excel as a student of computer science and as an artist. Moreover, my expertise in computer graphics design is another important qualification that I can say is my 'edge' as an applicant of the University of XXXX. If admitted in the University, it would be my greatest privilege, since I will be able to practice computer graphic design not only as a hobby and as extra-curricular activity, but as a profession in the field of art and computer studies as well. More importantly, I was able to go forth my plan to pursue graphic design as my course; an important decision I made that requires serious contemplation because of the additional time and effort that I will give to this new endeavor. My resolute decision to study in the United States and eventually change my course and university to apply as a graphic design major in the University of XXXX are, for me, the most important aspects of my education history, providing me solid background for my future profession as a graphic design artist.… [read more]

Security Is of Utmost Importance Term Paper

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Antivirus programs are designed to eliminate the risk of potential damage that could be caused by viruses and other kind of malicious codes that float freely on the net. They are memory resident and effectively scan all downloaded data for the presence of worms and viruses. (Ex Norton Antivirus).

User authentication using a password system is the most commonly used security system for restricting access and for preventing impersonation. Passwords are secured using various types of encryption techniques so that even if a snooper manages to intercept it on the net he cannot meaningfully interpret it. Currently 128-bit encryption is the industrial standard as it provides the greatest security. The latest protocols ensure the security of online transactions by encrypting data at the sender's end and decrypting the same at the receiver's end. At present most ecommerce companies use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The SET (Secure Electronic transaction) and PCT (Private Communication technology) are other emerging technologies.

Effecting security of information is a complex task, which involves coupling a variety of security systems like firewalls, Antivirus programs, Intruder detection systems and secure…… [read more]

Security System Analysis Paypal Term Paper

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SSL handshake protocol on the other hand determines the session key or the secret key. The SSL handshake protocol initiates the transaction process by sending the SSL version number and other data such as the cipher settings to the server. The server, in return, sends its SSL version, cipher settings and a digital certificate to the client. Once the certificate… [read more]

Internet Revolution Has Touched Term Paper

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Yahoo also requires the user to understand and accept the disclaimer with all the relevant stipulations. Yahoo also recognizes the fact that some jurisdictions do not recognize certain exclusions and so, some limitations under Sections 17 and 18 may not be applied to the users. At the same time all the stipulations in these sections are to be acknowledged by users with the intention to invest using Yahoo services for stock news, alerts and information about companies and should be taken at their own risk, taking into account the fact that Yahoo is not liable or responsible for the information's usefulness. Further, Yahoo gives the trademark information relating to its services and requires the users not to misuse them. Yahoo respects the users' right to their own intellectual property rights and if any copyright violations are reported by them, Yahoo's Copyright Agent, on being provided the relevant information that are listed in the TOS would take the necessary action to protect the users' interests.

The TOS is an agreement between the user and Yahoo that governs the use of the Service and it overrides any former agreements. Additional conditions and terms shall apply when affiliates of the services or content or software of third-party are used. The jurisdiction that governs the Terms of Service and the relationship of the user and Yahoo with regard to the agreement between them comes under the State of California. The exclusive and personal jurisdiction of the courts in the Santa Clara county of California shall apply to the agreement and any dispute shall be addressed there and claims should be filed in the courts within one year of the concerned claim.

Thus while Yahoo endeavors to protect its interests by the TOS, the various provisions for reasonable grievances also protect the users' interests. Yahoo requests users to bring to its notice any violation of the TOS agreement. In short, it is a comprehensive instance of TOS agreement for such a net-based service, in the modern interconnected world.


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Web Design for a Few Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (911 words)
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Text Equivalents - Every element in a web page, such as clickable buttons, graphics, animations, and maps, must have equivalent text representations. Web Site Sample: http://www.ssbtechnologies.com/

Independency to colors - As much as possible, avoid using too much colors. Take into account that there are users who are color blind. When using colors, use those that have high contrasts between each other (i.e. light and dark colors).

Web Site Sample: http://www.webaim.org/

Use of style sheets - Information must be organized ensuring readability even without the existence of associated style sheets. Web Site Sample: http://www.bunnyfoot.com/

4. Control of changes in display - Until the user allows to do so, avoid screen display to flicker, automatic screen-refresh, animations. Or, if included, avoid looping such elements. Such may disturb those with learning disabilities. Web Site Sample: http://www.adaaccessnow.org/

5. Embedded user interfaces - Allow interfaces such as scripts and applets directly accessible to the user. Web Site Sample: http://www.webaim.org/simulations/lowvis.html

Device independence - Ensure that information are accessible without dependency to associated devices (i.e. provide a keyboard shortcut to buttons that are clickable by mouse) Web Site Sample: http://www.e-bility.com/shortcut.php

Alternatives for information provision - Provide alternative mode of information such as audio, visual, and text output. These are useful especially for the visually impaired and those with hearing disabilities. Web Site Sample: http://www.webaim.org/simulations/lowvis.html

Consistency in web page layout - Avoid changing the layout design of each web page in your web site. This is to allow a continuous flow of access of user in your web site. Web Site Sample: (http://aware.hwg.org/)

9. Interim solutions - Avoid pop-up windows or redirection to other URL without informing the user. Web Site Sample: http://www.effective-e.com/

Browser friendly - Web pages must be viewable with any browser even on text-only browser such Lynx (Marlene, Bruce).

Sample Web Site: http://www.paciellogroup.com/


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New RNIB Video Shows How to Net 8.5 Million New Customers.

RNIB. 11 June 2003. http://www.rnib.org.uk/whatsnew/pressrel/wtw.htm… [read more]

Technological Trends of Wireless Communication Term Paper

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Pocket PCs, a handheld product, enables users to browse his email anytime and anywhere through its connection with a wireless network service. Among the network service provider in the U.S. is the Motient Corporation. Motient is the provider of wireless email services such as eLink and Blackberry,

U.S. military soldiers are now equipped with the wireless technology. Their "Universal Handset" allows them to communicate through a variety of methods such as voice call, Internet access, and motion-videos.

The United Parcel Services had also invested for the advancement of their technology into a wireless one. A $100 million dollars was invested for the implementation of WLAN in their hubs worldwide. This automates capturing of data from packages through a ring scanner worn by their package sorters. This device utilizes Bluetooth technology combined with WLAN for the transmission of data to their worldwide network.

The Future of Wireless Communication

The wide range of areas of application in the globalization of wireless technology is shaping the course of convenience and user productivity in the field of communication. However, the future of wireless communication depends on what it can offer in terms of information and data integrity. Based from Security Issues, with web site at http://bear.cba.ufl.edu/teets/projects/ISM6222S303/sklarmd/sixthpage.html, regarding wireless network security,

The popularity of wireless networks has been increasing over time, but not by as much as it should. Research indicates that consumer insecurity of wireless networks is a huge inhibitor to future market growth."

Some companies have shown an increasing success in the market of wireless technology. In 2002, the leading worldwide vendor for Pocket PC was Hewlet Packard. From the report of Gartner Dataquest, from HP's Press Release, http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2003/030127d.html,

The data shows that HP sustained positive quarter-to-quarter growth sequentially worldwide and remains the No. 2 PDA vendor around the globe. According to Gartner, HP shipments totaled more than 1.6 million for the year.

From the third quarter to the fourth quarter in 2002, HP grew faster than the overall market, with shipments increasing from 292,850 to 438,069, according to Gartner Dataquest."

Meanwhile, the largest share for cellular/handheld device in Europe in 2001 was Nokia. Compaq and Casio on the other hand increased their market share for devices that run in Pocket PC OS.

Job Market in Wireless Industry

With the expansion of the wireless industry, the need for expertise that will provide assistance to the increasing demand of wireless capabilities proportionately increases. Professionals with knowledge and skills in various fields, who deal with the development and expansion of wireless technology, such as information technology and engineering, are currently in demand. Based from Technical Education Center Osceola, speaking on the job market of wireless communication professionals, web site: http://www.proxim.com/learn/library/casestudies/cs2002-02-14.html,

Graduates receive a Wireless Communications Engineering Certificate, enabling them to compete for starting salaries of $40,000+ in high tech positions both locally and worldwide in this fast-growing, cutting edge industry."


Press Release. (2003). Hewlet Packard. Retrieved 17 April 2003.

Web site: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2003/030127d.html

Security Issues: 802.11i. Retrieved 18 April 2003.

Web site: http://bear.cba.ufl.edu/teets/projects/ISM6222S303/sklarmd/sixthpage.html

Market. Info… [read more]

Com Industry Crash Term Paper

Term Paper  |  40 pages (11,033 words)
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On October 1st 1969 a researcher at UCLA attempted to send a message across the network to a researcher at Stanford. The network abruptly crashed. Needless to say, they got it up in running over the following months and gave birth to the Internet.

Through a combination of improvements in hardware, networking and software the use of the fledgling Internet… [read more]

Audience This Overview Is Intended Term Paper

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Some may find the TouchPad more cumbersome than the mouse, but the Presario 700 has a serial mouse port in the back on the back of the machine if this is the case.

Easy Scroll Button

The Easy Scroll Button below the TouchPad is the same as the right, left, up and down buttons of the scroll bars that appear on the side and bottom of your computer screen when using a Windows application. It allows the viewing of other areas of a document or browser window.

Power Button

The Power Button is the round silver button located on the bottom of the front of the computer. This button should be used to turn the computer on. However, do not use this button to shut the computer off as is allowed with some olderdesktops. Instead, shut down the computer by selecting the Start menu from the task bar and select the Run Off Computer Icon.

Optical Drive

The far right hand side of the picture shows the optical drive open with a CD in it. The optical drive is used for inserting and removing more modern forms of media such as CDs and DVDs. Like the PC, the Presario 700 allows for floppy discs via a removable floppy drive which is on the left side of the computer. As was the case with floppies, CDs and DVDs will need to be taken out by pressing an eject button which is located on the disk drive itself.

Microphone Jack and Headphone Jack

On the left of the optical jack are two jacks. The first is a microphone jack and the second is the headphone jack.


Underneath the computer (not shown) is the battery compartment. The battery will last for about two and a half hours of use. To recharge the battery all you have to do is plug the computer in, it does not have to be powered on.

PC Card Slot

Also, not shown on the picture, is the PC Card slot which is on the left side of the computer. The PC card may be inserted there for adding a modem or network interface card.… [read more]

Online Video Business Model Term Paper

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This could prove to be a major shift in business models for the movie industry and for movie viewers.

It is likely that if this technology caught on with consumers, many video rental chains and movie theatres would go out of business.

Online video also has much potential for corporate communications and distance learning.

By enabling companies to use streaming video for internal communications instead of expensive personal meetings, the technology allows companies to save money on training costs and costly business travel expenses. One commentator explains:

Streaming [video] saves big bucks in corporate communications and distance learning. Mercedes-Benz USA estimates its use of Microsoft Windows Media Technologies to train dealership technicians in its STARMARK service program cut $1.5 million per year. Oracle Corporation estimates that its cross-enterprises use of RealNetworks is saving nearly $20 million a year.

Thus, many corporations will likely begin to use online video to cut costs and cut down on training and development expenses, and they will also likely use the technology to cut down on costly business trips.

Streaming video could also have a major impact on the television industry. The whole idea behind the invention of streaming media was originally that broadcast television could be viewed over the Internet:

The streaming technique would eventually allow users to watch videos without having to download large video files to their computers, which takes up valuable space on hard drives. Streaming and video compression were seen as integral to the convergence of television and the Internet that some thought could result in the airing of broadcast television over the Internet.

Thus, streaming video is likely to have a significant effect on many different types of communications media.


With all of the potential of streaming video, some commentators caution that we should not think of the streaming video industry as a distinct market per se.

Suppliers and customers increasingly understand that streaming is not a "market." Customers pointed out time and again that streaming is a delivery strategy for content, applications, and services.... A segment of suppliers provides streaming-focused infrastructure, and a separate group provides streaming-related media services. The streaming format, though, is a means to an end, and not a separate market in itself.

This is a word to the wise for companies seeking to enter the streaming video (or audio) industry.

Companies should not stake their future simply on the streaming technology unless they literally focus on simply providing the technology; rather, companies would do well to view streaming video simply as an infrastructure that allows them to offer new and better products and services.

QuickStart." Online Video Service. December 10, 2002. http://www.onlinevideoservice.com/support/quickstart.html#1

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Saunders, Christopher.… [read more]

TCP/IP Protocol Suite Term Paper

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In addition to the protocols already mentioned, the ISO/OSI model also supports MIME, BOOTP, ASCII, IEEE, IGMP, and MTU protocols, just to mention a few. 6

The framework of TCP/IP is composed of an Internet layer, a transport layer and an application layer. Components of the Internet layer include ARP (responsible for the resolution of the address), ICMP (which provides diagnostics on errors or conditions) and IGMP (which is responsible for multicast management). The transport layer consists of TCP and UDP (which provides transmission of small amounts of data). The application layer of TCP/IP includes HTTP (which is used to transfer the language of the Internet), FTP (which is used for the transference of files), SMTP (used to transfer electronic mail and attachments) and Telnet (which is necessary for remote logins).7

As shown, TCP/IP has many uses and creates an incredible variety as far as what can be sent, downloaded, viewed and accessed across the Internet and networks alike. With all of that variety and availability, one has to wonder about security. TCP/IP does have standards, though. These standards are called Requests for Comments or RFCs. RFCs "describe the inner workings of the Internet... TCP/IP standards are always published as RFCs, although not RFCs specify standards."8

It may seem like information overload to some, and the end user can leave most of it running in the background. TCP/IP is easily installed on most computers, if the computer doesn't come with it installed already. Important to the user would be his or her IP address, especially if working remote.9

Businesses, universities, and households benefit tremendously from the availability and success of the TCP/IP protocol. Because of its flexibility to work within several networks, such as LAN and WAN, and its ability to function with computers regardless of network or computer specifics, the TCP/IP protocol has become one of the most important factors that makes the information highway work.


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Wireless Lans Replace Wired Lans? Term Paper

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As explained under the "WLAN technology Options" section most WLAN systems use spread spectrum radio signals for data transmission, which are inherently difficult to decipher for those who do not know the exact hopping sequences of the transmission or direct sequence codes used. (Rysavy, 1998). This makes WLAN transmissions secure as far as unintentional over-hearing is concerned. It is easy,… [read more]

Windows Me vs. Windows 2000 Term Paper

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When Windows 2000 Professional is used in conjunction with Windows 2000 Server, the IntelliMirror function enables easy storage and access of information from a central computer while working on a desktop computer. (Kennedy et al.)


Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 is included with Windows 2000 Professional. The browser includes AutoComplete and AutoCorrect features, which help reduce the need to repeatedly enter information into the browser. Its main feature is its consolidated search capability that makes it easier to perform highly targeted and refined searching. Also includes Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) facility for up to ten additional connections from a single connection to the Internet.

Comparison of Windows ME and Windows 2000 Professional

The main features of the two Operating systems have been summarized in the following table:


Windows 2000 Professional

Windows ME


Fast Boot Support

Hot docking

Multiple user profiles

NetMeeting (audio/video conferencing over the Internet)

Unified PC Help (combines and integrates Help resources)

Win32 Driver Model (supports device driver compatibility for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me devices)


Multiple monitor support

Plug and Play support

Power management support


USB 1.0 and IEEE 1394 support

Universal Plug and Play support

Integrated Security Support

Encrypting File System (EFS)

Yes (NTFS 5 only)

Network authentication protocols supported

Kerberos 5, EAP, NTLM

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Smart Card support

VPN support



Core system file protection

Windows File Protection (WFP)

System File Protection (SFP)

Driver signing and authentication

Real-mode MS-DOS support

Protection against errant Windows 16- and Windows 32-bit programs

Reduced Reboot Scenarios

System Restore

Windows Management Interface (WMI) support


Active Directory (a directory service for information about objects on the network)

Group Policy


Synchronization Manager


DVD support

Yes (new interface, new functionality)

Image device support (WIA provides browsable image device support and native image capture support)



WebTV for Windows

Windows Media Player (Media Player 7 was developed for Windows Me but is also being made available for other Windows operating systems)

Yes (Version 6)

Yes (Version 7)

Windows Movie Maker


File systems supported

File Allocation Table (FAT) 32, NTFS 4, NTFS 5

FAT 16, FAT 32

Hardware autodetection and configuration during installation

Runs MS-DOS and Win16 programs

Most (emulator)

Runs MS-DOS and Win16 device drivers

Virtual DOS

Ease of Use

Automatic detection of local file and printer shares

Home Networking Wizard

Internet Connection Sharing

Network Connection Wizard

Personalized menus (adapt to user's work habits; displays programs and features selected most often by user)

Source: "Windows 2000 Professional vs. Windows ME." Vectors Dell Highlight


It must be remembered that the Windows ME and the Windows 2000 Professional are operating systems that were developed by the same company, i.e., Microsoft Corporation at about the same time (in the year 2000); therefore they are not each other's competitors. They are targeted at different markets. Windows 2000 Professional is based on the Windows NT core, with stability, networking, and system management functions as its key features, which makes it ideal for business and… [read more]

Software Engineering Requirements Are Volatile Term Paper

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To make matters more foreboding, he asserts that by adding programmers to a late project, the product is likely to be even later because efforts devoted to communication and administration becomes larger.

And, it may be difficult to reset budgets to obtain additional resources once a project is underway.

Projects can't necessarily count on the use of new software productivity/quality… [read more]

Telecommunications Act of 1996 Term Paper

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Broadcasting with digital is all or nothing. The best analog picture can never compare with a digital picture. Digital signals produce clear and crisp TV pictures unlike any available from analog technology. High-definition television will offer as many as 1,080 lines of resolution, compared with analog's 480. DTV will display a wider, more cinematic screen shape. The aspect ratio-of existing… [read more]

Messaging or Short Message Service Term Paper

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By text messaging, people can communicate 'quietly,' and with more convenience on the receiver's part. Also, SMS technology is cheaper compared to phone calls, and the receiver has easier command from the sender because messages can be 'manipulated' and shortened without the fuss and long wait (even emotional harassment) when dealing with 'compromising situations' that often happen with phone calls. SMS technology also encouraged the proliferation of mobile phone models that offer user-friendly programs and functions, and these mobile phones are also becoming more trendy and flexible in style, which means that phone companies are becoming more flexible in suiting their products according to the customers' (diversified) taste. More importantly, SMS technology made it possible for constant communication to happen between families and friends, since it is cheaper and easier to use. However, SMS technology has its disadvantages. One disadvantage of the said technology is that in the same way it makes communication constant and easier for the user, the constant irritation of messages received from unknown senders is one negative result of the said technology. Also, false messages and chain messages (similar to chain letters) are proliferating in this new communications technology, and one cannot really verify the truth or falsity of these received messages. Nevertheless, the advantages of SMS technology clearly outweigh its disadvantages to the people/consumers. Because of this, many people around the world are now enjoying the advantages of SMS technology, which makes people communicate, nationally or internationally, across nations, societies, and cultures, without spending so much money, effortlessly, and without too much time consumption. Indeed, text messaging is a revolutionary innovation that today's technology had contributed advantageously in America's (and the world's) contemporary culture.… [read more]

Protection of Personal Rights Term Paper

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Third, the law requires for them to tell the person how they will protect the individual. Each person has the right to "opt out." The individual should notify the company that they want to " opt out."

The fact is there is very little that is private anymore. Almost everything about a person can be obtained from some site on the Internet. It is like opening a diary of a person's life and learning all there is to know about them. Nothing is private if it has been placed on the Internet. Even health records are no longer private. "With the continued growth of third person health maintenance organizations (HMO's), doctors are required to share their records with each other and the HMOs. Employees, health and life insurance companies, and even different drug companies can easily access the private health records of an individual (Privacy 1).

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has taken various steps to protect the rights of different individuals. They have filed several lawsuits to try to force governments to reveal what information they may have about individuals. The FBI can obtain almost any information that they want about an individual even if they have done nothing wrong. "The Federal Communications Commission has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a federal law that regulates telemarketing and fax advertising. The notice requests comments on creating a national do-not-call list, and on regulations for autodialers and prerecorded voice telemarketing" (EPIC 1).

There are many laws and court cases concerning the rights of privacy, but it is not enough because people still can get private information about a person. A person should have the freedom to use the computer in one's home without worrying about others learning personal facts. A person should be able to order products without worrying about other junk-mail companies obtaining information.

A person cannot even order something from an 800 number without having their information sold. "Avoid calling 800, 888, 877, 866, and 900 numbers unless you already have a relationship with the company (like your favorite catalog company). When calling these numbers, your phone number can be recorded by a system called Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and then sold to marketers for mail and phone solicitations" (Privacy 4).

The best way to keep a person's privacy is to be an advocate of your own privacy rights. Be aware of the laws concerning privacy. Speak up for one's rights. Be aware of the statements about privacy on back of credit card statements.

Works Cited

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New Rights to Privacy: You Now Hold the Key to How Much Information Financial Institutions Can Share" FDIC Consumer News Winter 2000/2001. Available… [read more]

Mock Research Experiment: The Generation Lab Report

Lab Report  |  7 pages (2,784 words)
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For the recognition task, false alarm rates differed between the two test conditions. There was a false alarm rate of.13 in the generate test condition and.07 in the name test condition. To analyze this data, recognition performance was calculated by subtracting false alarm rates to new items from the hit rates to old items. These numbers are known as the… [read more]

Dobson Farm Products System Analysis Term Paper

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The software choice will need to be customized for the perceived needs and further consultation will be needed to select a software package that both accomplishes management goals and integrates well with other departmental software.

Information Isolation and Integration

Various departments will transmit information and reports via a company email system. A password system will be established to ensure that… [read more]

Return of Microsoft Term Paper

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0 this can be seen to be true with Windows 3.0. Therefore, when Microsoft strategists call the company Microsoft 3.0 they are stating that they have now reached a stage where they are in the perfect condition to provide the best software for the customer through a reinvention of itself and its ideals.

A d.

What are some of the efforts Microsoft is doing to help small business increase their productivity?

Microsoft has learned to develop new ideas and products that are aimed at the small business, with appliances such as Xbox machine, PDAs, PocketPC architecture, cell phones and Internet appliances small businesses are urged to invest and gain an insight into the new Microsoft.

A e.

What is the WindowsXP and how is it different from OfficeXP?

Windows XP is an operating system and is the latest in the line of system to come Microsoft, it follows on the heels on the old systems of Windows 95,98, 2000 and Me, the XP stands for experience, and is designed to give the user a new experience in the design and concept of a remarkable new software and operating system. Moreover, Office XP is a software product designed to be used mainly with Windows XP however it can be used with other windows operating systems such as Windows Me. Office XP contains many new features such as smart tags and task panes that allow for…… [read more]

Microsoft: The Beast Is Back Term Paper

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The idea is that everyone can be "connected" anytime, anywhere. One notable development is HailStorm. This service, has debuted its first program called Passport, which makes the Internet experience quicker and easier for those web surfers who are tired of entering the same information over and over again. According the article "passport, provides an online repository for all sorts of personal information and privileges that you can tap into from any computer with a Web browser: contacts, credit card accounts, calendar, computer appearance preferences, file space for documents, clearance to use online versions of productivity applications, an electronic ID card, and more." Additionally, Microsoft will now be shifting its efforts to focus on a huge but underserved market -- small business. Microsoft seeks to dominate the software industry for small business as no formidable applications exist and no one clear leader in this market has yet to emerge. bCentral is Microsoft's e-commerce hosting package for small business. For a mere, 25 bucks per month users receive "Website and provide e-mail services, as well as a shopping-cart setup for e-commerce transactions, credit card clearing, and customer management," explained Kathleen Herbert, vice president in charge.

D. Three heads or CEOs are better than one. What are the roles of these three senior executives, and why does it make the company stronger as a result?

The roles of the tree top executives, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Richard Belluzzo may differ but are extremely co-dependent. Bill Gates, has resigned himself to the role of software architecture which is the role that creates the "magic," Gates is responsible to keep the creative juices and innovations flowing. Steve Ballmer, CEO keeps the ship afloat ensuring that all aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently and makes necessary public appearances. Ballmer also holds the helms for marketing and strategy. Richard Belluzzo, who had made a name for himself in the industry, was brought in to manage sales, customer support, finance, and other operations. Each executive specializes in that which they do best. This specialization creates a unique synergy that will render the new and improved Microsoft a force to be reckoned with.

E. Describe the one innovative feature that will be included in the new OfficeXP software.

The digital dashboard is a new feature included in OfficeXP that will "map hundreds of activities...serve as a tool to tap into data in large-scale enterprise applications, making them easy to manipulate on the desktop." This new feature will make other systems more accessible and perhaps end the onslaught of upgrades that Microsoft users have become accustomed to. Leading companies such as Siebel and SAP have already been sold on the idea. If successful, Microsoft projects the market for this product to amount to a staggering fifty billion dollars by next year.… [read more]

Intel and Amd Computers Essay

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5% share. If Intel processor sales for Microsoft's X-Box are included in the tally, AMD's market share was 18%. Even though AMD lost some market share, it essentially increased its ASPs sharply by selling a higher mix of higher price Athlon processors, even though their market share declined. Intel's revenues since June 30, 2001-March 30, 2002 have been as follows: (1) $985,264,000 (period ending June 30, 2001); (2) $765,870,000 (period ending September 29, 2001); (3) $951,873,000 (period ending December 29, 2001); and (4) $902,073,000 (period ending March 30, 2002).

AMD's trademark and groundbreaking invention was its Duron chip. In addition to the Duron chip, AMD manufactures the Athlon, Athlon Thunderbird, and Athlon XP chips. While there used to be a difference in processing speed between Intel's chips and AMD's chips, this difference has been sharply reduced over the past few years as each company has seen the advantages of their competitor's technology and tried to either emulate or use it.


One of the most beneficial components of the free market is the ability of new companies to enter and successfully compete in the market. Intel and AMD, two of the major manufacturers of computer processors, exemplify the meaning and spirit of the advantages and disadvantages of free market competition. One of the advantages of the persistent competition between Intel and AMD is that the price of CPUs has vastly fallen within the past 10-14 years. Likewise, the pace at with which new computer processors are…… [read more]

Communication Is Key Term Paper

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The desktop is the most common type and is set up to operate in the office. It usually includes a basic processing unit, a monitor, a modem, a CD drive, a floppy disk drive and a printer. A laptop computer is portable. A single unit will contain a combination of the capabilities shown for the desktop. It usually does not include a printer. Handheld computers, or Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), are becoming increasingly popular. These units give their owners the ability to synchronize key organizational elements with their computers.

Businesses use computers to connect with their customers and suppliers in the outside world, to record transactions, keep mailing lists, track inventory and supplies, maintain shipping schedules and billing information, to track clients, correspond with customers, and do other key jobs.

The Internet has become a very important business tool and can be used at a basic level for email and for research and it can be used at a more comprehensive level as a channel for selling products and services.

The Internet's use as a faxing medium allows users across continents to communicate without incurring the high costs of long-distance phone rates. The Internet's phenomenal growth, worldwide coverage and increasing data delivery capabilities have made possible its use as an alternative communications medium for real-time voice and fax messages.

For many businesses, email is most used online business application. Many use email to generate new business, customer service and inter-office communication. Businesses use email for communicating with customers and suppliers, and to transmit and receive data files.… [read more]

Adolescents Disclose Information in Cyberspace Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  9 pages (3,422 words)
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Adolescents Disclose information in Cyberspace vs. how they communicate Face-to-Face in real Life in the United States of America.

Administration of Survey

Descriptive Data gender and Age 11

Ethnic background

Scoring and Analysis

Adolescents Disclose information in Cyberspace vs. how they communicate Face-to-Face in real Life in the United States of America

Research has benn displaying that Taiwanese adolescent males… [read more]