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Technology Improved Case Study

Case Study  |  2 pages (712 words)
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¶ … technology improved and became one of the standard paradigms for globalization, so did the idea of cyber theft and cyber-crime. Since 1985, cyber-crime has been increasing along with advances in computer technology. In fact, there is an entire new legal industry focused on uncovering and prosecuting cybercrime. Federal, State and Local Agencies are attempting to curtail Cybertheft by implementing joint initiatives. Frankly, the issue of cyber theft has the potential of affecting more individuals than any other single criminal activity since cyberspace is real -- and so are the risks (The Impact, 2010).

One company, Symantec, is a Fortune 500 organization founded in 1982 and located in Mountain View, California. The company, with revenues in 2012 of almost $7 billion, competes in the antivirus software industry, but is the most used certificate authority for software packages globally (Symantec.com; Usage of SSL, 2013). The company may be best known for its Norton Utilities and Anti-virus software since 2009, but 2/3 of the revenue is made from software designed for companies and large organizations, or enterprise software. In both cases, the overall operating paradigm for the company is quite complex. Symantec, unlike other software manufacturers, must make daily changes if not hourly in some cases as the market, threats, and virus replication and cyber-crime evolves. The work is 24/7, 265 days per year, and has the importance of keeping vast networks alive and uncompromised to the point that some say the company helps keep Internet commerce alive" (Burke, 2013).

This begs three very real questions about the company: 1) What kind of management/leadership structure most engenders optimum productivity in this type of organization; 2) What responsibilities does Symantec have as a multinational that other organizations may not; and, 3) What are the top managerial issues Symantec's executives face on an ongoing basis?

First, as a multinational, particularly as a multinational that deals with issues of global cyber-crime, Symantec has not only a responsibility to its customers, but to stakeholders globally that do not even realize their data is being protected by Symantec software. The ethical bar is higher, particularly from a utilitarian perspective, because stakeholders count…… [read more]

Hypervisors Analysis of Virtualization Term Paper

Term Paper  |  8 pages (2,390 words)
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Analysis of Virtualization Hypervisors

Enterprises are seeking to gain greater control over their information technologies (IT) costs and long-term risks, often alleviating how dependent many of them have become with hardware-based systems and platforms. Coupled with the need for getting greater operational efficiency from their existing enterprise system investments and time-to-market advantages of cloud computing, virtualization continues to experience… [read more]

Mobile Devices on Cybersecurity Research Paper

Research Paper  |  3 pages (972 words)
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com). Another aspect of smartphone usage that consumers need to be educated about is knowing fully what one is connecting to: connecting to unknown networks can allow criminals easy access to one's personal data and in some cases even control one's computer. All of these examples show without a doubt the sheer and utter necessity of having strong programs in place to make sure that consumers are properly educated. These programs need to be as mandatory as having good credit in order to get a phone. They should not be suggested as a "good idea" for consumers. Consumers need to complete them in a mandatory and required fashion.

Another part of the policies in place need to be in reaction and as a means of correcting some of the cybersecurity sins which have already been committed. For example, the Department of Defense found that "Cybersecurity is lax for some 14,000 commercial mobile devices used at the U.S. Military Academy and the United States Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center, according to a report released March 26 by the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General's office" (Mello, 2013). There need to be government policies in place which are aware of the most common cybersecurity sins for both government workers and for civilians and there need to be policies in place to correct them. For example, there needs to be a mobile device management applications in place protecting all data on these devices; a facility in place for wiping all data from a phone should it be lost or stolen; an ability to use the devices as removable media for the storage of sensitive data (Mello, 2013). Security breaches simply occur when there aren't appropriate programs in place and when people store sensitive information without protecting it. There need to be critical controls in place, not just for the mobile phones of a place like the department of defense but among all networks.

In conclusion, so many of the failures of cybersecurity are largely preventable: they stem from either careless or ill-informed users making bad decisions online with their phones. However, because these breaches of security are so preventable, they're easy to fix: users really just need to educate themselves in order to better thwart online attacks. Education which is optional is not going to be effective: policies in place about consumer education need to be created as their value is absolutely essential.


Mello, J. (2013, April 2). Army knocked over mobile device cybersecurity. Retrieved from CSOonline.com: http://www.csoonline.com/article/731079/army-knocked-over-mobile-device-cybersecurity

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Protecting Vital Resources Intrusion Detection Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,120 words)
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Its web security services are concentrated audits intended for network administrators. The third step can be performed through land-based hardware, such as Cisco or NetGear, by configuring direct and tight web security. The fourth step is the use of ads or some other tricky pop ups. Although the front door is locked, some damaging website may deceive and acquire entry by using such tricky pop ups like "ho to turn off security services on the web." It may also be disguised as asking for a choice between "yes" or "no." When an answer is made, intrusion can occur. And the fifth and last step is by installing spyware removal programs and by backing it up with a virus prevention program. The use of these 5 steps will provide sufficient protection for one's computer and get rid of worries (Iarace et al.).

Processes for Incident Response for IDPs

The form, impact and severity of the incident determine the length of processes and if some of the processes may be merged or eliminated (Kanika, 2013). The incident response cycle begins with the process of protecting personal or business information before intrusion occurs. This can be done by performing specific and documented procedures, promoting user awareness, modifying an operating system or corresponding security tools. An incident response cycle will effectively protect an organization's information from all levels. When all reports and policies are kept concise and clearly written and properly enforced by the incident response staff, the cycle can be a thorough success (Kanika).

How to Configure an IDPS

Open the realm pub-key text file in a text editor and copy the contents (Kanika, 2013). On the IDPS device, choose the global configuration mode "configure terminal" command. Paste the contents from the text file at the global configuration prompt on the IDPS device. Exit from the global configuration mode by striking the "end" command. Verify the input of the key into the configuration by striking the "show running configuration" command. Then locate the content from the text file. If the contents are duplicated from the text file, save the configuration by choosing the "copy running-config startup-config" command (Kanika).

Developing Filter Rules

A firewall should be installed at the internet connection of every network of an organization in order to filter and control both incoming and outgoing traffic of information (Ierace et al., 2005; Kanika, 2013). A demilitarized zone should exist inside the fire where the organization's web servers are. There should be an internal network beyond them, which should be many times more protected by a second firewall. This design will provide sufficient protection for an organization's internal network. More measures are, however, required to fortify this design (Ierace et al., Kanika).

The future capabilities IDPS extends to other security uses under the Unified Threat Management or UTM (Ierace et al., 2005; Kanika, 2013). This technology aims at providing security features in a single product remotely sent from a single location by users in an organization (Ierace et al., Kanika).


Ierace, N.,… [read more]

Social Media Marketing Research Paper

Research Paper  |  7 pages (2,380 words)
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The point is that companies like gun makers and energy drink others, among many others, need to make sure that they stay within the law at all times and sometimes ethics alone is a reason not to do something even if it is not technically illegal (Streitfeld, 2014).

There are some other general tactics and facts that advertisers should latch… [read more]

Detecting, Preventing and Mitigating DOS or Distributed DOS Attacks Research Paper

Research Paper  |  6 pages (1,963 words)
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The network performance is severely damaged and degraded if the router examines all packets to compare with higher layer attack signatures since the router is a network layer device. In addition, the attack signatures cannot be relied upon because attackers have the capacity to change the information on the IP header making the detected signature invalid. The best signature to use is the destination address, but this will also target legitimate traffic, thus causing damage to the real traffic (Francois, Aib, & Boutaba, 2012).


In conclusion, the distributed denial of service is increasingly becoming a threat and ways of detecting, preventing, and mitigating them are urgently required (Khattab, Melhem, Mosse, & Znati, 2006). Kompella et al. (2007) adopted the scalable attack detection mechanism using aggregation to detect this attack and introduces a technique call partial Completion Filter to identify the attack and mitigate the situation. Although this technique has its challenges, it also has its strengths and requires further research to reduce its challenges and implement it effectively. Wang et al. (2003) also introduced a very effective mitigation technique that uses tIP router. This technique has significant strengths, and if well implemented it will carry out the required quality of service differentiation and resource isolation (Chen, Park, & Marchany, 2007).

The divide and conquer strategy adopted by Chen et al. (2007) is very key essential in preventing DDoS attacks. The technique has its drawbacks and strengths, but careful implementation will bring out its best. These techniques if employed solely may fail to achieve their intended purpose, but if merged and researched further, the best solution for DDoS can be established. Distributed denial of services attackers are on the rise and are becoming rampant. Therefore, researchers also require being receptive and being ahead so that they can detect, prevent, and mitigate newly established DoS and DDoS.


Chen, R., Park, J.-m., & Marchany, R. (May 2007). A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Thwarting Distributed Denial- of - Service Attacks. IEEE Transanctions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, VOL. 18 NO. 5. 577-588

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Wang, H., & Shin, K.G. (Sept 2003). Transport-Aware IP Routers: A built-in Protecction mechanism To counter DDoS Attacks. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems,…… [read more]

Forensics Model Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,206 words)
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It is helpful that this data be reviewed through text files, which can be analyzed manually or using other tools. The Bulk Extractor, current version 1.4.1, is able to do a series of forensic analyses on data in hard drives, cell phones, usb memory sticks and computer discs. Materials managed and available through Digital Corp and downloaded at: http://digitalcorpora.org/downloads/bulk_extractor/, Instructions… [read more]

Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Term Paper

Term Paper  |  15 pages (4,509 words)
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There were 6 options for this question. The question sought to get an idea about the literacy level of the participant. The reason behind adding this question is that according to the general trend, the more a person is educated, the more he or she will make use of technological things because he or she will have a better understanding… [read more]

Web 3.0: New Research Paper

Research Paper  |  3 pages (906 words)
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Yet, Web 2.0 is limited in regards to the average user and how much of a tailored experience that user can create with the tools that are available.

Web 3.0, on the other hand, will be more about layering information in a world where all users are interactive. Here, the streaming is live, which goes beyond the shared content of Web 2.0 to a more interactive environment, Essentially, "the data will come from the user and the web will essentially adjust to meet the needs of the user," (Gaines, 2011). Search engine optimization will allow tailored ads to be shown based on what the users are searching for. Thus, it will feature open data and technologies that allow for greater sharing and individual adaptation of software depending on individual liking and needs.

Yet, there are some negatives that come along with this new age. Not everything about this new Internet age will benefit the user. Web 3.0 is being ushered in because of rulings against net neutrality, which stipulated that traffic could not be discriminate against. According to the research, "that means ISPs are now free to make deals with some services, like Netflix and Amazon, to provide faster service" (Isaacson, 2014).

Companies with more money to spend on delivery of their services will enjoy faster delivery, while other, smaller content producers will ultimately suffer from slower delivery. Those with deep pockets will thus control the delivery of content. Essentially, this means "faster delivery for deep-pocketed sites means slower content delivery for poorer online presences" (Isaacson, 2014). Thus, Web 3.0 will make the Internet a less neutral place, which will impact the way that users see and experience the world online. Moreover, there may increased charges associated with this new Internet era, that will unfortunately limit access to the best and most popular sites. Here, researchers have states tat "ISPs may begin charging customers to see certain websites. Of course, this would be couched in the language of favoring certain big players -- people could be offered 'discount' broadband, where they're only allowed access to a small number of curated sites, while content providers might be asked to pay extra for the privilege of having their content seen by even the ISP's 'discount' customers" (Isaacson, 2014). Facebook is already using this strategy in Africa, where customers who cannot afford the Internet are offered a subsidized version of only Facebook. Thus, there are some clear pitfalls with this new age.


Gaines, Kendra. (2011). A brief introduction to Web 3.0. Web Designer. Web. http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/design/web-3-introduction/

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Spivack, Nova. (2014). Web…… [read more]

HR Software Case Study

Case Study  |  2 pages (628 words)
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IT Solution Myra Haircut

Any solution to any problem begins with contemplating the internal situation. Myra's biggest problem is that she is not using her labor to her fullest advantage. It appears that her general human resources management approach is seriously lacking and could use some information technology resources to improve her competitive advantage and reduce costs. By addressing the customer and employee scheduling problem, the most significant area of improvement is being addressed.

To alleviate this problem, it has been recommended that a new human resources software program be installed to ensure that scheduling is addressed as the main problem for Myra's establishment. Myra has consulted Atlas Business Solutions to help provide a software program that lessons the impact of her problems. This is an online solution that uses the cloud to help manage the problem. The software may help cut scheduling time by 75% and can be hosted by the contractor or by Myra herself. The software has been used in other similar establishments for 20 years and has strong reputation of delivering promises.


High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A)

Explanation for Ranking

(minimum 2 sentences for each, linked to specific technology solution proposed)



It is very important that this software is easy to use and understand. It will be used every day and will become an important aspect of this business.



Maintaining this software is important, but should not need much upgrading or alterations. As long as there is time to react maintenance is not as important as some other aspects.



Reliability / Availability


If this software crashes than problems will arise. This software must be available at all times and reliable. The cloud format of this software may help in these areas.



The main problem with Myra's business is scheduling. The software does not have to do much…… [read more]

Internet Control Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (927 words)
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Access Control Mechanisms

Online security has now become a very contentious issue worldwide. The ubiquitous nature of the internet provides individuals with access to information irrespective of location. Information can also be gathered seamlessly and effortlessly, thus creating efficiencies for society. Although the benefit of the internet overall are as difficult to explain as they are to enumerated, disadvantages still exist. For one, security and privacy is a concern for countries, governments, and individuals. Data breaches, viruses, identity theft, and other privacy issues cause concern for all internet stakeholders. In particular, businesses, who are tasked with the oversight of personal information, must contend with an every growing threat of security. To mitigate these concerns organizations often use various access control methods to help deter unwarranted access. These security methods vary in both scope and ability in regards to deterring unwanted access. As such, these methods are constantly updated to help stay ahead of criminal activity (Rhee, 2003).

Generally speaking, an access control system relies on credentials to verify an individuals identity. When a credential is presented to a reader, the reader sends the credential's information, usually a number, to a control panel. This control panel, processes the readers information through electronic means. The control panel then compares the credential's number to an access control list. Depending on the result, the control panel either grants or denies the presented request, and sends a transaction log to a database. This form of access control is called a single factor transaction. Although this transaction may prevent unwarranted entry online, it can easily be manipulated. For instance, credentials can be stolen or inadvertently given to an individual who should not be granted access. As such, passwords or numbers can easily be manipulated by criminals (Rhee, 2003).

To prevent this occurrence, many online companies use two way authentication procedures as a means of access control. There are four main types of authenticating information in regards to access control .

1) The first factor is something the user knows, such as a password, pass-phrase or PIN. Mutiple passwords of phrases help prvent unwanted access while controlling those who have the ability to enter

2) The second factor is something the user has, such as smart card or a key fob. These items are particularly helpful when used in combination with a password or other authenticating apporatus. Although these physcial access controls can be stolen, it will be difficult to use without a corresponding password.

3) The third factor is something the user is, such as fingerprint, verified by biometric measurement. This particular factor is gaining favor within the online community for its unique nature and application potential. Mobil phones use this technology to allow or deny entry into the phone. In some instances laptops allow fingerprint passwords to control…… [read more]

iPad: A Greener Option? Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (1,953 words)
Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 6


iPad Problems

In spite of e-books sales growing in international markets, technological changes causes devices to be obsolete within a few years. Apple is retiring the iPad2 after four years, Monroe (2014). Numerous technological changes cause more devices to be discarded each year and increases the environmental impact if they are not discarded appropriately. Other issues with iPads can include being heavier and bulkier, temptation to navigate the internet, and higher theft temptation, as well as breakage from accidental breaking. The sustainability of the iPad can also be decreased with print publishers gaining in sustainability efforts.

6. Conclusion

The iPad is a greener option depending on consumer usage in reading e-books, which is difficult to calculate, and manufacturer sustainable practices in reducing toxins. At this point, sustainability in materials and CO2e emissions has proven to be increasing with each upgrade, especially with frequent technological changes, which increases the emissions as well as materials usage. In order for the iPad to be a greener option, manufacturers would need to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and toxins from materials. Consumer usage would need to contain a high amount of e-book reading, more than ten e-books a year, which is hard to calculate due to so many variables involved. How the e-books are purchased, new, used, rented, or shared will also influence the viability of the iPad as a greener option.


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Vihayaraghavan, Akhila. Amazon's Kindle Reports Biggest Sales Ever, But How Green Is It?…… [read more]

Cybercrime Afflicting Retail Outlets Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  4 pages (1,714 words)
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Compliance is only a part of the overall security needed for the POS endpoints.

The solution proposed is unique as it encourages the application of two different methods for intrusion detection. Instead of having only one method, the proposal is to implement both statistical analysis system and expert system analysis. Statistical analysis will have definitions for normal behavior while the expert system will have definitions for proper behavior. Having an intrusion detection system that employs both will provide increased security to the network and POS endpoints.


[1] B. Qawami, B.Z. Talaich, and M.J. Farrell, "Enabling a Merchant's Storefront POS (Point of Sale) System to Accept a Payment Transaction Verified by SMS Messaging with Buyer's Mobile Phone," ed: Google Patents, 2012.

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[4] N.B.W. Mlitwa and D. Birch, "The role of intrusion detection systems in electronic information security: From the activity theory perspective," Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, vol. 9,…… [read more]

GIS Client / Server Systems Case Study

Case Study  |  12 pages (3,482 words)
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This particular tool provides the agency's officers, including managers and technical staff, "with a readily accessible tool to run queries and reports and generate maps vital to the efficient management of drinking water programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act" (ESRI, 2014). As the author further points out, in addition to accessing high-resolution imagery, employees of the agency can also… [read more]

Advances in Electronic Communication Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (605 words)
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Yes, I have heard of the email scam in which a member of the royal family of Nigeria has attempted to contact me, so such a scam definitely sounds familiar. However, there are other ones as well. There is another frequently found example of email fraud or some form of identity theft in which individuals will hack into someone's personal email account and have access to those emails. Then, that same person will begin sending emails to people who are in that persons contact list. Or, he or she will simply find people who the person whose email they hacked into has received an email from or sent an email to, and begin sending them fraudulent emails.

Quite typically, the type of emails that such a white-collar criminal will send involve claiming that the person who's email account has been compromised is on vacation in some remote part of the world. Then, the criminal will fabricate some fictitious mishap -- such as the person was wounded in an accident and is hospitalized, or perhaps was merely robbed at gunpoint while eating dinner. The email will then state that the injured or robbed person requires money in order to extricate himself or herself from that position. There is usually an odd means of sending the money -- such as a wire transfer -- in which the recipient of the email will need to compromise his or her personal information. These types of emails are usually identifiable by the odd circumstances in which they claim someone is in desperate need of money.

There are other crimes that are commonly perpetrated through the use of email and internet communication. Another frequently occurring one is to receive emails from entities claiming to be PayPal, yet emailing individuals from an account that is not PayPal's.… [read more]

Challenges and Solutions to Cloud Computing for Enterprises Research Paper

Research Paper  |  10 pages (3,196 words)
Bibliography Sources: 10


To alleviate the security concerns and challenges, cloud solution providers have not only ensured that customers have similar security and privacy controls about their application and services but also provided evidence on security of their enterprises. Improved security controls have involved the development of more efficient security software in order to address the inefficient security approaches. Moreover, enterprises are increasingly… [read more]

Survivable Next-Generation Internet Research Paper

Research Paper  |  7 pages (2,202 words)
Bibliography Sources: 5


If fellow colleagues have some sensitive information present on their laptop, another employee can send that information to the rival company. By this way, they are not only harming the individual user but the company as well. Therefore, the company and the individual user are both at risk for breach of sensitive information. These sorts of breach can harm the… [read more]

Value Creation and Marketing Essay

Essay  |  7 pages (2,505 words)
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Social media has become a useful tool in the nonprofit business strategy devised for reaping maximum rewards. All the strategies employed must be used for completing the goals of the organization (Danah and Nicole, 2007). There are number of social media platforms available to make use of. Their relevance depends on the situation. The questions here are (Pacific Continental, 2010):… [read more]

Competitive Advantage Through Technology Business Proposal

Business Proposal  |  4 pages (1,157 words)
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The graphics engine will integrate the user interface and the operating system at the logical level and the hardware level ("OSdata," 2006).

Telecommunications -- Both local connectivity and internet access will be required for this solution. The current IS plan is to use only data (not voice or video). The internet connection must be operable for the emailed schedule change requests to be received by the software scheduling system.

Facilities -- The hardware will be housed at the UMUC Haircuts. A very limited number of support staff will engage with this system, and they will operate in the existing office space in the shop that is currently used for bookkeeping, payroll, and scheduling.

IT Skills & Services

A part-time social media manager (presumably a communications major from the local university) will maintain blog content and engage customers and potential customers in conversations via social media networks.

Business / Managerial Resources

Maintenance and repair services will be contracted with an external vendor of ITM services. Initial training on the software system will be provided to the shop owner and a long-standing employee by a vendor recommended by the software developer.

V. How the Technology Solution will Improve the Process

The employee scheduling business process will be improved through the use of a software system primarily by enabling interactions between several elements of the software, and the provision of a user interface that makes those interactions appear seamless. The interaction of the software elements will yield a composition at a different level of abstraction. The interactions between the software elements include a potential schedule of employees that obtains their preferred days and times for working from emails and the employee profiles in the scheduling database. The user interface hides the component implementation, and yields a populated calendar reflecting employee schedules, with any potential conflicts indicated. Moreover, as a composition of software elements, the populated calendar updates as information changes -- prior to a specified cut off point of a time certain.

VI. Support for Strategy for Competitive Advantage

The formation of a marketing partnership could address each of the three aspect of the competitive strategy that Myra hopes to employ: marketing, shop locations, and advertising leverage through a partnership. While Myra is unlikely to enlist the cooperation of rivals in her target market, she should be able to engage the participation of some small companies that are in related businesses. Some potential enterprises that Myra could approach for a marketing partnership include beauty supply shops, gyms and spas, and coffee cafes or teashops. Although these businesses have a different focus than UMUC Haircuts, they sere the same target market (Bucklin and Sengupta, 1993). The marketing activities of these partnerships could include prospect referral, jointly created marketing collateral, joint advertising campaigns, and service combination packages -- a concept that uses existing talents and company assets to create new service constellations (Bucklin and Sengupta, 1993). Any one of these strategies has the potential to increase brand awareness through wider exposure, to result in referrals… [read more]

Antitrust Practices and Market Power Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (715 words)
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Meanwhile, oligopoly is still considered better that monopoly because it allows free competition and its practice may not violate antitrust law.

Despite the benefits of the antitrust law, some economics have lost enthusiasm for the antitrust policy. For example, antitrust policy has discouraged many useful merger especially vertical mergers.

"Antitrust laws have prevented many useful mergers, especially vertical mergers. A favorite tool of legal buccaneers is the private antitrust suit in which successful plaintiffs are awarded triple damages." (Stigler, 2013 p8).

The alleged antitrust suit against Microsoft for violating the antitrust law on the ground that the company bundled the IE (Internet Explorer) with Microsoft Window operating system thereby requiring computer manufacturers to integrate and distribute IE in the Window 95 was unjust. The ruling of the court barred Microsoft from bundling the IE with Windows on the ground that the Microsoft action attempted to eliminate the Netscape from competitive landscape. (Lenard, 2000). Although, the Appeal Court overruled the ruling of the District Court, overview of the Microsoft's integration of IE in the Window showed that Microsoft increased consumer's welfare because the company allowed consumer to use IE free of charge while the Netscape charge $20 to use the browser. Moreover, the Microsoft charges computer manufacturers the average of $40 for integrating its operating system in their computers. The price was ridiculously low compared to a static monopoly price.

Theoretically, monopoly exists when a firm charges price above marginal costs. However, Microsoft low and give away price is not to monopolize the market. Rather, the company was trying to improve the consumer welfare by charging low or give away price for its software. (Reddy, David, and Albert, 2000).


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Stucke,…… [read more]

Pirating of Software Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (815 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1


3. Have you any experience with teleconferencing? What do you see as the pros and cons of teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing is method of having a meeting using video and telephone equipment with people located in different locations. I have had some experience with teleconferencing. The teleconference was conducted using the software called Skype, and I was communicating with people located in other continents. Teleconferencing increases the user's efficiency in a profitable manner. It is equivalent to having a face-to-face communication with a person. When communicating with someone using videoconferencing, the person will respond in the same manner as though you were in the same room. Teleconferencing reduces the amount of travel. Using teleconferencing companies that have employees located in different locations can hold meetings using the technology without having to meet physically. There is no body language during a teleconference. Since the video only captures the person's face, it is not possible to read their body language, which denies the other users vital clues in regards to the meeting direction. There are technological interruptions that will occasionally occur during the meeting. The participants should be prepared for interruptions that are beyond their control. Unlike in a boardroom meeting, the users might regularly be interrupted by other people during the teleconference.

4. What if your supervisor had access to your PC including your files and daily work

This would be an invasion of privacy, which would make the other person very uncomfortable. Privacy is a major problem that faces many employees. The supervisor who can view an employee's file as they work on them would lead to continuous correction and taking note of the mistakes been made. The user been monitored at all times might not be productive, and they will not perform their work as expected. If this were happening at the workplace, it would be difficult to deal with since the supervisor would be legally allowed to check on the employees at all times. Encouraging the employer to reduce the monitoring would be better and explaining to them how it affects employee morale. This would affect the employee's productivity, as they would have to ensure that they do not make any mistakes with their work.


Siponen, M., Vance, A., & Willison, R. (2012). New insights into the problem of software piracy: The effects of neutralization, shame, and moral…… [read more]

Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,210 words)
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This model can also rapidly update or change its materials and can be used in different web platforms. On the other hand, obstacles in the use of this type of patient education and intervention program exist and can deter or cancel its success and benefits. These obstacles include the lack of access to a computer or patient computer skills, lack or limited hardware or software logistics, and the high cost of the program. These obstacles, fortunately, are viewed to cease in the future. Current studies also found that education and intervention programs like this are quite acceptable to smokers and patients. This encouraging finding can help improve their health condition and that of the public in general (Huley et al.).

Data Collection Sources

A needs assessment set of anonymous 20 questions pertaining to tobacco use may be distributed to patients for a given schedule (Huley et al., 1998).

The Method and the Findings

The method used was both qualitative and quantitative with the questionnaire as basic instrument. There were 97 participants as sample at an age range of 29-79 years old with a median of 54 years old. The sample majority was white and male at both 89.1%, respectively. About 92% of them obtained a minimum of high school education. Of this sample, 41% expressed interest in the course or program in a computer format. In contrast, 52.6% expressed the opposite. Those who expressed interest were significantly younger than the other group (Huley et al.).

Potential barriers to the success of this program include time and distance and class schedules (Huley et al., 1998). About 23.7% of them lived at least 40 miles away from commercial or urban areas. Another barrier was the class timing of 27.8% of them. The lack of access to a computer was presented by 30% of the participants as a barrier; the lack of access to a modem by 45%; the lack of experience or use of a browser or are not confident of its use at 50%; beginners or non-computer users at 50%; those who need maximum positive personal interaction and motivation to quit smoking at 20%; and those uncomfortable with the computer format or computers in general at 12,5% and 27.5%, respectively (Huley et al.).

Results show that this type of education and intervention program for smoking cessation may be globally convenient in a web format, it also presents significant barriers that limit the benefits of the format (Huley et al., 1998). The specific finding that a significant 20% of those who signified interest in the program need maximal personal and direct interaction and motivation to encourage them to quit smoking is strong factor against the effectiveness of this type of program. It strongly implies that computer programs cannot substitute for individual personal counseling. Savings are not likely to be a benefit of the program, as a large 50% had not used a browser in their lives and another large 27.5% are uncomfortable with computers. Computer trainers and clinic terminals are needed. Time,… [read more]

Strategic Choices Case Study

Case Study  |  2 pages (659 words)
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Their revenue is fairly small and their profit, while consistent, is even smaller. Over the last four fiscal years, they've arced between $300 million and $397 million with the last complete year (ending June 2014) being $332 million. Gross profit over that same time frame has hovered between the $60 million and $71 million mark. They're not losing money but they are not breaking any records either. However, they are beloved and enjoyed by the people that do use their site. Two stages that can quickly be ruled out are stages one and four. They are not growing consistently but they are not on the verge of collapse either. This would leave two and three. In the grand scheme of things, it is pretty clear that Overstock is in stage three. They are on the cusp of making some strides and perhaps entering the fourth stage somewhere in the future, but they really do need to diversify and focus their business on what can make them money. They are a bit limited in that online giants like Wayfair, Amazon and even Wal-Mart's online division are ubiquitous and dominant. However, Overstock's ventures and collaboration with PayPal, Bitcoin and others show they are stage three (Yahoo, 2014; Ning, 2014).


Overstock is doing fairly good for now but they need to find their own unique niche and identity. If they do not, they will potentially end up as a mark for acquisition or even liquidation at some point. Circuit City really only had Best Buy as a direct competitor, for example, but they couldn't even get a company to buy them. This is not imminent with Overstock, but the clock is ticking and Overstock needs to make some strides soon.


Ning. (2014, October 2). Grand Strategy Choice. Mastering Business Strategy.

Retrieved October 2, 2014, from http://strategycapstone.ning.com/page/grand-strategy-choice

Yahoo. (2014, October 2). Yahoo Finance - Business Finance, Stock Market,…… [read more]

Is Mandatory Access Control Research Paper

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Essentially, it hinders the building of code books because it requires users to store 4096 entries for all the possible password versions. Additionally, it also helps stop identical passwords from generating entries that are identical to each other because users must use a crypt (3) for each salt that comes up. The use of a crypt (3) is extremely time consuming and so it greatly increases the time spent working to uncover the password options. Ultimately, it makes it harder for potential threats to break passwords.

Question 4

The RBAC model has four major components, SSD and DSD being two of them. These both set constraints based by a specified role. Yet, there are some clear differences here between these two components. Thus, "the difference between SSD and DSD is that while an SSD constraint limits the roles for which the user can be authorized, a DSD constraint limits the roles that a user can activate in one session" (Li et al., 2011). Thus, the limitations each component places on the user are different in configuration.

Question 5

The current system was said to have "integrity of the organization's Web server," ultimately meaning that the design system in place is strong and has sufficient organization to allow the system to run smoothly. However, the fact that the website has also been said to have the threat of "hacking and defacement of the Web server" directly threatens the security of the website. This means that there are security gaps which could allow for hackers to jeopardize the security of the site or deface the visual elements of the site. Ultimately, it is this threat that takes a greater precedent because it jeopardizes the security of the site and all content added in by users.

Risk Category

Risk Name

Risk Number



Risk Score


Action By







Increase Security measures using encryption with salt characters

IT Security Team







Increase scrutiny used in non-discretionary system so that there are more security layers needed to go through to make any adjustments to the actual site.

IT design team







Keep the organizational structure and design as already is and just keep up routine maintenance in order to spot any potential problems as they may arise

IT design team


IBM. (2004). Securing UNIX applications using Trivoli Access Manager for operating systems. Developer Works. Web. http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/tivoli/library/t-secpol/

Li, N., Byun, J.W., & Bertino, E. (2011). A critique of the ANSI Standard on role based access control. CERIAS and Department of…… [read more]

Apple: Finance and Globalization Term Paper

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Hence, the market capitalization of Apple was possible due to Steve Job's prized contribution (Apple Inc.: The Steve Jobs Effect, 2012)

Moreover, culture globalization has seen a phenomenon where people form a fetish for Apple products. A growing number of consumers consider it classy and trendy to have Apple products. They have given more significance than is necessary for Apple… [read more]

Cybersecurity Vulnerability What Are Vulnerabilities? Research Paper

Research Paper  |  10 pages (2,738 words)
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Therefore, secure coprocessors are restricted to low power, restricted bandwidth devices unable of processing at high output.

Strategy for Hardware Trust

Because of hardware weaknesses electronic design automation (EDA) and Computer-aided design (CAD) implements are crucial to the efficiency and achievement of circuit design. These tools, nevertheless, ignore IC supply chain glitches. This section describes ways to improve design tools… [read more]

Apple Case Study

Case Study  |  3 pages (1,067 words)
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Apple Computer's financial performance the past three years

The profitability of the company has increased steadily in the past three years. The company's revenues have also increased from $156.5B to 170.9B (Al-Debei, Aloudat, Al-Lozi, & Al Asswad, 2014). This increase indicates the company's performance and sales have been on the rise. Great innovation and product offering are the main contributors to these increases. Competing in a global market has not been a hindrance to the company, but rather it has contributed towards its competitive advantage. This indicates that the company can compete effectively in local and global markets Apple has seen a decrease in its current liabilities, and an increase in current assets. There had been some downturn in 2012, but the company was able to recover effectively. The efficiency ratios and debt turnover has increased over the past three years, and this does indicate that the company's credit sales are reducing and cash sales are increasing. Debt to equity ratios have remained the same over the past three years, but the company has seen some small fluctuations. These fluctuations indicate the company can effectively balance between shareholder wealth and current liabilities.


The recommendations would be for the company to maintain the same trends and look for other avenues of improving on their product offerings. The product integration employed by the company for its products is effective, which has allowed the company can compete with its rivals. Keeping its technology secret and not licensing its operating software to developers has ensured the company can keep its software intact and reduce incidences of viruses or other attacks. The company should increase its software bug fixes, to ensure no attacks occur. This will strengthen its consumer confidence and increase its sales. Increasing its investment in R&D will allow the company to determine future trends and stay ahead of its competition. The costing of its products is high, which has ensured the company can maintain its revenues, but this has been hindrance to low-income consumers. The company could develop products that target specific consumers in the low-income levels, which would increase its market share.

The step taken with the introduction of the iPhone 5c, which was a cheaper smartphone based on the iPhone 5. The pricing strategy employed by the company could be its biggest danger. This is because the competitors have managed to produce products that suit different consumer needs. Nokia has developed a high-end smartphone, which it has targeted towards low-income earners in India. Continuous innovation should ensure the company could maintain its current market share. Innovation should also be used to increase the market share especially for the personal computers market.


Al-Debei, M.M., Aloudat, A., Al-Lozi, E., & Al Asswad, M.M. (2014). The Role of Value Networks in the Design of Mobile Platforms: The Case of Apple iPhone. Approaches and Processes for Managing the Economics of Information Systems, 123.

Goasduff, L., & Pettey, C. (2012). Gartner says worldwide smartphone sales soared in fourth quarter of 2011 with 47%… [read more]

Facebook Value Chain SWOT

SWOT  |  9 pages (2,871 words)
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Given that, Facebook has both its potential angles covered as people can share stories or items or whatever else whether or not there is Facebook integration on the site in question.

Weaknesses of Facebook include the fact that many users seem to think that Facebook has a burden to protect users from their own insipid and foolish behavior. Some immediate… [read more]

Routers as Security Mechanisms Term Paper

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Router Security

Understanding Network Security

In this day and age, sending confidential data over the Internet is becoming more commonplace. Some people and organizations, e.g. commercial banks, are completely dependent on electronic transmission of confidential data. Hackers mostly target networks as their primary point of infiltration, whether it is internal or external from a private network. Attacks have evolved over… [read more]

How to Enter the IT Security Field Research Paper

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Information Technology Security Certifications

IT Security Certifications

As made clear by the recent Target and Home Depot retail breaches, information security is very important and it can literally affect millions of people at once when it is not done correctly. Given that, information technology certifications are seen as a way to established whether someone truly knows what they need to… [read more]

Qualification Level to Purchase on This Website Term Paper

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Qualification level to purchase on this website would be Qualification Level B

There are three qualifications listed on the website, those qualifications include; 1) Level A, 2) Level B, and 3) Level C Individuals who wish to order from Pearson must first establish their credentials. Depending on what level they establish, opens doors to various products. Those individuals who are qualified on Level A, can only purchase the most basic items, and are prohibited from purchasing items that require some type of education to use. Level A qualifiers need no type of educational experience and no "special qualifications" (Pearson, 2014). Individuals who wish to qualify for purchases for Level B products must prove their educational background by providing proof of a Master's degree "in psychology, education, occupational therapy, social work, or in a field closely related to the intended use of the assessment" (Pearson, 2014). The individual could also have received formal training in ethical administration, scoring and interpretation or certification by or full active membership in a number of professional organizations that requires training and experience in the assessment's area. Two other methods of verification for Level B purchases include a degree or license to practice in the healthcare field, or formal educational training specific to assessing children in a number of areas. Level C qualifications are few in number but are the most arduous to obtain. Level C qualifications include; a doctorate degree in "psychology, education or closely related field with formal training in the ethical administration, scoring and interpretation of clinical assessments" (Pearson, 2014) or a license or certification to practice in the applicant's related state. One additional method for Level C purchases is the "certification by or full active membership…… [read more]

Security of Data Research Paper

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Information Technology

How can a web site distinguish between lack of capacity and a denial-of-service attack? For example, web sites often experience a tremendous increase in volume of traffic right after an advertisement with the site's URL is shown on television during the broadcast of a popular sporting event. That spike in usage is the result of normal access that… [read more]

Factors That Make Up an Information Society Essay

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¶ … validity may the term 'information society' be used today?

It has been typical for more than ten years to say that those living in developed and progressive social orders, for example, in Japan, North America, and Western Europe inhabit an "information society." This claim is made regularly by legislators, academic class, and industrialists, and each is concerned about… [read more]

Schools of Evolutionary Computation Creative Writing

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Schools of Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary Computation is a field of artificial intelligence that is used to solve many real-life problems. It is based on the biological evolution process that uses many optimization techniques like self-organization, genetic algorithms, swarm intelligence, evolutionary programming, genetic programming, cultural algorithms and harmony search algorithms. Yao (1999; p.1) has explained evolutionary computation as, "Evolutionary computation is the study of computational systems which use ideas and get inspiration from natural evolution and adaptation. It aims at understanding such computational systems and developing more robust and efficient ones for solving real-world problems."

In the world of computer science, evolutionary computation is used to make search more precise and effective. These different techniques make it possible to get accurate results for the given set of keywords. This improved search can make a huge difference because of the voluminous amount of information that is available around the world. These techniques also help to reduce the amount of time for each search. Out of the different evolutionary computation techniques, genetic algorithms, genetic programming and evolutionary programming are more extensively used.

Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithms are based on Darwin's Theory of Evolution. It was developed by John Holland during 1960s at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This algorithms follows the principle that the best or fittest model is the best way to design a robust system that is adaptive to changing needs.

In this algorithm, a basic set of solutions are taken and this is called the population. The individual solutions are the strings or chromosomes. Out of these, the best and fittest chromosomes are taken to form new populations to produce a set of solutions that are better than the previous solution. This iterative process is continued until a solution that matches the specified constraints is obtained. This is a simple, yet powerful means of finding solutions for a problem.

The distinguishing features of the genetic algorithms are its three features -- the representation: bit strings, method of selection: proportional selection and the method of producing variations: crossover. (Back, Fogel & Michaelwicz, 2000). Another salient feature of this type of algorithm is that it uses the time-tested principles of evolution, namely mutation, selection and reproduction. One major advantage of this algorithm is its parallel processing. The offspring work in a parallel fashion making it faster to get accurate results and less time-consuming than serial processing. This also makes it possible to solve problems without knowing anything at the start of the process. So, it works well in most of the situations and has a lot of real-world applications.

Genetic algorithms is used in a wide range of industries like automotive design, robotics, telecommunications and routing problems, gaming, encryption and even in investment ideas and strategies. Each of these applications has a different process and a different goal. In the automotive industry, it can be used to come up with the best design and materials for different race cars to get the best performance from them. While the robotics industry… [read more]

Norton Anti-Virus, Made by Symantec Corporation Research Paper

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Norton Anti-Virus, made by Symantec Corporation, competes in the virus protection segment of the Internet industry and is a complementary product to Norton Internet Security. The company markets to through three primary channels -- consumer, security and compliance, and storage and server management. In 2008, the security software market was estimated to be $13.5 billion. Symantec held the number one position in this market with a 22% share, equating to $2.968 billion in revenue in the segment. The main competitors are McAfee (10.9% share), Trend Micro (7% share), IBM (5.1% share) and EMC (4% share). The other 50% of the market is highly fragmented (Gartner, 2009). In the consumer market alone, Norton holds a 52% share, compared with 18% for McAfee (Weiner, 2009).

The Norton product is positioned as a mass market product. It offers security that, while promoted as being strong, is not unusually robust. It is marketed towards the average computer user with average security needs. Typically, this is achieved through the OEM distribution channel -- Norton Anti-Virus is installed on new computers, leading to subscriptions from purchasers. As such, Norton has a two-step sales strategy. The first target market is comprised of the OEM producers. These computer manufacturers build their machines with a set of pre-installed software, one of which will be a security package. Norton must first target the OEM producers to become the security package of choice. To some extent, this ties the growth potential of Norton to the growth of their OEMs. The second step in the sales process is to convince the end user to purchase the product.

The target market in this case is more easily defined by psychographics, since the mass computer market cuts a wide demographic swath, such that the demographic profile of the user would be so vague as to be useless. The psychographic profile is broadly any computer user concerned about the security of their machine, but perhaps lacking in the savvy or motivation to explore their security options. These users will opt to pay the fee for Norton rather than shop around for better products or better price points. Such users are likely to still use Outlook…… [read more]

How Virtual Collaboration Technology Changes Term Paper

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Virtual collaboration is a new concept which has its origin in with the invention of the internet. It has its roots from the basic structures of video conferencing technologies that take place over the internet. It involves the real time interaction of two or more persons over an internet link. The persons involved could be in involved in the accomplishment… [read more]

Natural User Interface Essay

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Natural User Interface

What is Natural User Interface?

Natural User Interface is a technology that enables users to perform actions on the computer without the visible use of any artificial control devices. In other words, users will be able to operate a computer with speech or hand gestures instead of a keyboard or mouse. These user interfaces will be able to read the gestures or identify the speech and perform actions accordingly. This the latest revolution in the field of computers and many companies are looking to explore this new concept.

Bill Gates, in his last Key Note speech at International CES, identified three important technologies that will contribute to the second digital revolution. One of those was the natural user interface like speech recognition and screens that can recognize hand gestures. (Olenick, 2008). This clearly shows the importance of this technology for the future of the digital world.

Costs and Benefits of this technology to organizations

Every product has a benefit and a cost associated with it and Natural User Interface technology-based products are no different. One of the primary benefits is the flexibility it gives users in terms of its usage. It has brought about a paradigm shift in the interaction between man and machine and this simply means more and more users for the product. This technology is in its nascent stage and as it improves, it is likely to gather a lot of momentum and the usage is only going to up. This product will be a great boon for the retail and service industries. It will enable people to walk into stores and look for whatever they want through these computers. This personal touch is a valuable experience for users because "without physical interaction, information on computers can become very abstract. Surface computing changes this; it makes working with digital information much more personal and physical." (Harris, 2008. p.22). All these factors, in turn, can give a huge boost to the sales and revenue of the company manufacturing these natural user interfaces and this is one of the main reasons a lot of technology companies want to manufacture this product.

The cost associated with this product is also very high. It is a cutting edge technology that requires a lot of specialized manpower to build it. "Surface computing uses a blend of wireless protocols, special machine-readable tags and shape recognition to seamlessly merge the real and the virtual world." (Derene, 2007: para: 4). This requires complex technology and the right kind of people to put it all together and this is going to cost a lot of money. Besides, the research involved in creating this new technology is also quite staggering. All this means increased cost of production for the business and this in turn can translate to lower demands. However, the technology is a huge leap and it can revolutionize the way machines operate in the future, provided the costs are brought down by the companies.

Current Products

Natural User Interface is an emerging… [read more]

Microsoft Company Background Microsoft Is a U.S Research Paper

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Company Background

Microsoft is a U.S.-based provider of personal and business software solutions, video game consoles and Internet media. The company's core product has long been its Windows operating system, which has seen a number of variants over the years. Microsoft's marketing share in operating systems is very high as a result of licensing to a broad range of… [read more]

Network Fundamentals Research Proposal

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We welcome the opportunity to work on this proposed solution according to the Olympic rowing venue alongside this organization committee. We have studied the materials provided. Accordingly, we have a better understanding of what needs to be completed in the time allotted to accomplish your goals.

We will combine materials from the… [read more]

Product Life Cycle Norton Antivirus Software Research Paper

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Norton Life Cycle

The Product Life Cycle: Norton Antivirus


In the late 1980s, the fast-paced advance in the use of personal computers in the home and business contexts would also lead to an advance in the use of malicious and/or invasive programs called viruses. Designed in order to breach security, steal information or simply disrupt computer functionality, viruses have come to represent a serious threat to the privacy of computer use and to the economic prosperity generated thereby. This would promote the recognition on the part of software company Symantec of the need for a viable software solution to said threat. Thus, in 1990, Symantec would purchase Peter Norton, the company responsible for developing and refining Norton Antivirus. A smaller software company, its strength would be found in the research and development of what is largely considered today to be the technological template for finding, archiving and removing viruses found on systems where it has been installed. (Wikipedia, 1)


The merger between the two companies denoted above would initiate the introduction of Norton Antivirus to an increasingly broader audience. Indeed, research emerging from this merger denotes that the sale of Peter Norton would be based on the particular suitability of Symantec to the demands related to introducing the product. Namely, the article by Fisher (1990) indicates that "one big attraction of the deal was Symantec's large corporate sales force, Mr. Norton said. Peter Norton was creating a direct sales team and will now be able to benefit from Symantec's team." (Fisher, 1)


This denotes that Symantec would also be possessed in the resources to sustain the product's growth over the course of the following decade. Pairing itself with many Windows…… [read more]