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Microsoft: The Beast Is Back Term Paper

… The idea is that everyone can be "connected" anytime, anywhere. One notable development is HailStorm. This service, has debuted its first program called Passport, which makes the Internet experience quicker and easier for those web surfers who are tired of entering the same information over and over again. According the article "passport, provides an online repository for all sorts of personal information and privileges that you can tap into from any computer with a Web browser: contacts, credit card accounts, calendar, computer appearance preferences, file space for documents, clearance to use online versions of productivity applications, an electronic ID card, and more." Additionally, Microsoft will now be shifting its efforts to focus on a huge but underserved market -- small business. Microsoft seeks to dominate the software industry for small business as no formidable applications exist and no one clear leader in this market has yet to emerge. bCentral is Microsoft's e-commerce hosting package for small business. For a mere, 25 bucks per month users receive "Website and provide e-mail services, as well as a shopping-cart setup for e-commerce transactions, credit card clearing, and customer management," explained Kathleen Herbert, vice president in charge.

D. Three heads or CEOs are better than one. What are the roles of these three senior executives, and why does it make the company stronger as a result?

The roles of the tree top executives, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Richard Belluzzo may differ but are extremely co-dependent. Bill Gates, has resigned himself to the role of software architecture which is the role that creates the "magic," Gates is responsible to keep the creative juices and innovations flowing. Steve Ballmer, CEO keeps the ship afloat ensuring that all aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently and makes necessary public appearances. Ballmer also holds the helms for marketing and strategy. Richard Belluzzo, who had made a name for himself in the industry, was brought in to manage sales, customer support, finance, and other operations. Each executive specializes in that which they do best. This specialization creates a unique synergy that will render the new and improved Microsoft a force to be reckoned with.

E. Describe the one innovative feature that will be included in the new OfficeXP software.

The digital dashboard is a new feature included in OfficeXP that will "map hundreds of activities...serve as a tool to tap into data in large-scale enterprise applications, making them easy to manipulate on the desktop." This new feature will make other systems more accessible and perhaps end the onslaught of upgrades that Microsoft users have become accustomed to. Leading companies such as Siebel and SAP have already been sold on the idea. If successful, Microsoft projects the market for this product to amount to a staggering fifty billion dollars by next year.… [read more]

Intel and Amd Computers Essay

… 5% share. If Intel processor sales for Microsoft's X-Box are included in the tally, AMD's market share was 18%. Even though AMD lost some market share, it essentially increased its ASPs sharply by selling a higher mix of higher price Athlon processors, even though their market share declined. Intel's revenues since June 30, 2001-March 30, 2002 have been as follows: (1) $985,264,000 (period ending June 30, 2001); (2) $765,870,000 (period ending September 29, 2001); (3) $951,873,000 (period ending December 29, 2001); and (4) $902,073,000 (period ending March 30, 2002).

AMD's trademark and groundbreaking invention was its Duron chip. In addition to the Duron chip, AMD manufactures the Athlon, Athlon Thunderbird, and Athlon XP chips. While there used to be a difference in processing speed between Intel's chips and AMD's chips, this difference has been sharply reduced over the past few years as each company has seen the advantages of their competitor's technology and tried to either emulate or use it.


One of the most beneficial components of the free market is the ability of new companies to enter and successfully compete in the market. Intel and AMD, two of the major manufacturers of computer processors, exemplify the meaning and spirit of the advantages and disadvantages of free market competition. One of the advantages of the persistent competition between Intel and AMD is that the price of CPUs has vastly fallen within the past 10-14 years. Likewise, the pace at with which new computer processors are…… [read more]

Communication Is Key Term Paper

… The desktop is the most common type and is set up to operate in the office. It usually includes a basic processing unit, a monitor, a modem, a CD drive, a floppy disk drive and a printer. A laptop computer is portable. A single unit will contain a combination of the capabilities shown for the desktop. It usually does not include a printer. Handheld computers, or Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), are becoming increasingly popular. These units give their owners the ability to synchronize key organizational elements with their computers.

Businesses use computers to connect with their customers and suppliers in the outside world, to record transactions, keep mailing lists, track inventory and supplies, maintain shipping schedules and billing information, to track clients, correspond with customers, and do other key jobs.

The Internet has become a very important business tool and can be used at a basic level for email and for research and it can be used at a more comprehensive level as a channel for selling products and services.

The Internet's use as a faxing medium allows users across continents to communicate without incurring the high costs of long-distance phone rates. The Internet's phenomenal growth, worldwide coverage and increasing data delivery capabilities have made possible its use as an alternative communications medium for real-time voice and fax messages.

For many businesses, email is most used online business application. Many use email to generate new business, customer service and inter-office communication. Businesses use email for communicating with customers and suppliers, and to transmit and receive data files.… [read more]

Adolescents Disclose Information in Cyberspace Research Proposal

… Adolescents Disclose information in Cyberspace vs. how they communicate Face-to-Face in real Life in the United States of America.

Administration of Survey

Descriptive Data gender and Age 11

Ethnic background

Scoring and Analysis

Adolescents Disclose information in Cyberspace vs. how… [read more]

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