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Computer Systems Article Critique

Article Critique  |  8 pages (2,506 words)
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The realization that intrusion detection has a number of false positives is a significant one (Bace, 2000; Coit, Staniford, & McAlerney, 2001). Until that was realized, there was little advancement in the way intrusion detection worked or how it was changed or adjusted. In short, the technology was "stuck" in that particular area, with little advancement seen (Haines, et al.,… [read more]

History of E-Commerce Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (1,447 words)
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The current consensus regarding cloud computing among the academic community reveals a conflicting worldview, with much of the research on the efficacy of cloud computing lauding the advancement as revolutionary in nature, while a significant number of studies focus on the glaringly low implementation rates within major technology firms and other multinational entities. As with any pioneering technology, however, cloud… [read more]

Virtual Technology: Social Interactions Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,698 words)
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Virtual Technology: Social Interactions

Traditionally, people attached a significant degree of importance to social interactions. Such interactions were considered the backbone of humanity; they came in handy in decision making and ensured that relatives and friends stayed connected to each other. The internet may, however, be slowly destroying all this; well, at least that is what the detachment brought about… [read more]

Incident Response and Computer Forensic Investigation Research Paper

Research Paper  |  12 pages (3,228 words)
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¶ … Computer Forensic investigation

Making an initial assessment about the case.

Identifying the risks.

Mitigating or minimizing the risks.

Determining a preliminary design or approach to the case.

Creating a detailed checklist.

Determining the resources needed.

Establishing the Chain of Custody.

Obtaining and copying an evidence disk drive.

Analyzing and recovering the digital evidence.

Investigating the data recovered.

Completing… [read more]

Computer Dependence the Story Essay

Essay  |  6 pages (1,586 words)
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Green energy solutions are feasible. Medical breakthroughs have increased life expectancy, provided cures and improved preventive care.

Our day-to-day lives are made easier by having instantaneous access to information through compatible user interfaces. Regardless of pros and cons, people continue to adapt as technology continues to advance." Although this appears to make sense, this author falsely equivocates advancement with computers and well being.


While the inherent benefits or disadvantages of computer technology are certainly subjective and relative, it cannot be argued that a certain dependence has been created. Material possessions and computer technology have made life become wrapped up in ideas and morals that do not represent the more spiritual and esoteric factions of human existence. It is clear that this is a result of a need to connect digitally and not emotionally.

Dependence is different than preference and can be distinguished by the emotional intensity that arises when dependency is denied. Evolution and change must incorporate the human ability to shed its past failures and move on to bigger and brighter things. Our dependence upon computer technology has the ability to hide or at least distort the natural and balanced ways of our more sublime features.


Bator, M. (2009). Are young people becoming too dependent on the Internet? The Chicago Tribune, 5 Feb 2009. Retrieved from http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2009-02-05/news/0902060228_1_teens-internet-distractions

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Schirtzinger, J. (2012). Pros and Cons of Technology. The Guardian, 19 Oct 2012.…… [read more]

Information Security in Cloud Computing Platforms Research Paper

Research Paper  |  18 pages (6,099 words)
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Cloud Computing


Cloud computing manipulates and alters our way of understanding of how current computing systems are aligned. The economics of cloud computing are re-ordering the enterprise software industry globally, bringing greater value at a lower price to companies needing to stay in step with customers (Ambust, et al., 2009). The continued growth of… [read more]

Anonymity in the Internet Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,257 words)
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Many times, nevertheless, the balanced voices are too scared. A brief visit to a different website elicits concerns because Internet users are posting a variety of sensitive comments without mentioning their identity. Conversely, there are high chances that the few who mention their identity, tend to use a falsified identity. The government has implemented many different systems of commenting in the previous years trying to come up with a safe environment where readers can interact. Similarly, the government can bellicosely keep track of the posts to depict and evict the spoilers. Nevertheless, those who are determined to making use of that space as a blank wall with verbal graffiti proceed to harden the capability of cleaning up. They come up with another alias.

Those who have accounts on Facebook use their real identities, and many readers already have accounts. Currently, a quarter of Internet service users use their Facebook accounts. Those who are not lucky to have an existing account can create new ones simply free. For those who wish to send and share news tips anonymously, the government has already developed a forum for them just at the top of the comment unit for this respective purpose. We are well informed with the fact that the move on Facebook commenting is not the resolution to the whole controversy. Some users still have the instincts to create new accounts filling in fake information about their identities.

Review of Why Anonymity Exists and Works on Newpaper's Web Sites by Steve Yelvington (Nieman Reports: Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard)

As many newspapers continue to embrace online and print operations, editors in print media are increasingly facing a new world that is strange; whereby all the familiar rules and regulations are being broken. Letters that are being directed to the editor, and are in print must have a signature and stories must be in news form; identify the sources, except for areas with different specifications. When newspapers go online, persons in chat sessions, comments, or forums tag themselves by communicating through abusive and injurious languages.

Newspapers are supposed to conduct their website in this manner. If there is a necessity of names being put in print, similarly identity policies should apply to online publications. This means that ethical and moral concerns are absent.

It is not that easy. Pseudonimity and anonymity are not that popular to the culture of the Internet. This is a considerable history based on legal and ethical foundations. During the early days of pre-Web, most of the discussions on the Internet took place on a Usenet system. Common messages had signs and real identities and were from senders based in educational institutions and legitimate research. Some exceptions were inexistent and often considered a joke. Early forums for public online like the whole earth electronic link and many other CompuServe interest groups, and were dominant to real identities. The first ever newspaper site, in Minneapolis at the Star Tribune, required a real name to be identified.

However, a different… [read more]

Domain Name System DNS Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,565 words)
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com and paypa1.com. The latter website could be used for malicious purposes. This is because the website could have the same graphical interface like that of the genuine website.


DNS is a vital tool for internet technologies without which it would be impossible to navigate through the internet. DNS servers have made it easier for people to remember domain names instead of cramming numbers. Domain names are quite easy to remember as compared to numbers. With the advancement of IPv6, the future outlook for the internet is great. This is because IPv6 provides better security and will allow for many more devices to be connected. It would also be able to eliminate the security issues experienced with DNS servers using IPv4 addresses. This would be able to handle the rapid growth that has been experienced in the internet.


Ballard, J. (2005). Dynamic DNS Keeps Names Up to Date. [Article]. Network Computing, 16(19), 63-68.

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Vixie, P. (2009). What DNS Is Not.…… [read more]

How Social Norms Transforms as a Result of Information Age Research Paper

Research Paper  |  4 pages (1,839 words)
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Sociology -- How Social Norms Transform as a Result of the Information Age

How Social Norms Transform as a Result of the Information Age

Social media is a double-edged sword that has transformed social norms by allowing instantaneous global communications with multiple facets, tools and consequences that can improve, harm or even destroy people's lives, depending on how it is… [read more]

Computer Systems Administrator Literature Review Chapter

Literature Review Chapter  |  4 pages (1,661 words)
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Computer System Administrator

Systems Administrator

Computer systems administrator

A computer system administrator is a person employed by an organization to operate and maintain computer systems as well as computer networks (Henderson, 2009). They are also referred to as it system administrators or simply system admin. Computer system administrator is usually a member of an information technology or a communication department.… [read more]

Bahrain Ministries IT Service Studying Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  10 pages (3,512 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 10


Second, the information was all stored on one server so it could be shared very easily with everyone in the company (Voorsluys, Broberg, & Buyya, 2011). The idea of cloud computing is the same thing, but on a grander scale. Many companies can use the same server, but they are not able to access one another's information. There are also… [read more]

Computer Science VOIP Systems Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (708 words)
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VoIP Systems in Action: A Visit to Cincom Systems

Description of the Event

A visit was arranged to the regional office of an enterprise software company, Cincom Systems. This company operates in seventeen nations and has over 800 employees, and is considered by many to have one of the most comprehensive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) configurations in the enterprise software market. Visiting their regional office and speaking with the it Director who has responsibility for this area of the country, the extent of VoIP customization completed by Cincom was explored in addition to the future of this technology area. The role of VoIP has progressed from cost control to performance improvements in call fidelity, security and mobility access (Cannon, 479, 480). The costing aspects set the foundation for a realistic Return on Investment (ROI) and also fuel more economical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which are in turning driving greater innovation throughout the industry (Juan, Pluckebaum, 70). The Regional it Director for Cincom said that these economic factors of VoIP will make it even more cost-affordable and drive greater multichannel support on a global scale. Skype, he said, was just the beginning and today there are entire Web Conferencing Systems running on VoIP for example (Heron, Warren, 158, 159).

Why This Visit Was Arranged

In an attempt to learn more about how VoIP is actually used in an enterprise, the visit to the regional Cincom office was arranged. Cincom has a global outsourcing business throughout India, in addition to having development centers through the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Their extensive use of VoIP forms the backbone of their it strategy to have a "follow the sun" development strategy as the regional it Director called it. This is a strategy of deliberately keeping software development running in the Ukraine, Europe, Asia including India and throughout the United States. In addition to these efforts the company is continually developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to drive the next generation of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. All of these heavy requirements are driving Cincom to partner with at&T globally for their VoIP needs. Cincom is using their…… [read more]

Information Technology a Home Network Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,182 words)
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Information Technology

A home network is a local area network or LAN that is set up at home. A network is the interconnection of hardware and devices for sharing data and information electronically. A home network can be used among family members for simple mobile computing, entertainment and recreation, and more usefully, for doing simultaneous computing work that have varying degrees of complexity. Five components that would be connected to a network would be the personal computer or laptop; paraphernalia, gadgets and other mobile devices that can be connected with the computer or laptop; a wired or wireless modem that allows for Internet access for multiple users; a router to enable multiple access to the Internet service; and when necessary, a server to efficiently address data transmission and storage requirements of the home network. One of the security issues that would highly likely occur in a home network has to do with its wireless Internet service. WiFi services tend to be unstable and unreliable especially in specific kinds of weather, in addition to the challenge of ensuring that the service is exclusive only to the home network and will not be hacked or accessed by users outside of the home network. In terms of exclusive access to the wireless Internet service, the best option would be to include passcodes/passwords in all access points to the Internet service and even the home network's hardware and other connected devices.

2. People's personal and online privacy can be threatened and how the threat can be mitigated through the following: (a) Swiping of magnetic cards such as credit cards and personal IDs. Devices were used to "copy" or replicate information swiped electromagnetically, making the individual susceptible to identity theft. This can be mitigated by ensuring that credit cards are used in credible stores or establishments, in addition to remaining vigilant about business/purchase transactions made everyday; (b) Accessing social networking sites and providing personal information to gain access to specific games and/or applications. User privacy is at stake whenever personal information is freely given just to gain access to games and applications. As with credit card use, lessen the frequency of usage of online games and applications or be more discriminating with the kind of applications and games subscribed to, to limit the probability of being victimized by insecure and high security risk web sites and pages; and (c) Online scammers and fraudsters who have the computer programming skills and technology to hack and use personal information of online users through their email accounts. Users are thus encouraged to use difficult passwords so that the 'detection rate' would be lower when hackers and/or scammers try to access personal information through these e-mail accounts.

3. The five basic computer operations are: input, output, storage, processing, and controlling. Input is the encoding or entering of data and devices into the computer, to be processed or converted to computing units within. Examples of input operations are typing into a keyboard and clicking on a button or field using… [read more]

Blogs and Social Networking Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,434 words)
Style: Harvard  |  Bibliography Sources: 8


Blogs and social media have dramatically changed the ways people use the Internet in the business and commercial sector. One obvious way that social media has changed the way people use the Internet and the Web is with activities like job hunting and networking. Monster.com is no longer the only way to find work. LinkedIn and other social networks are… [read more]

Management Information Systems -- Computer Literacy Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (660 words)
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Management Information Systems -- Computer Literacy

Management Information Systems

Assessing Twitter

Social media's pervasive effects on society, from how companies communicate and connect with prospects and customers to how schools use social media to accelerate and augment learning is predicated on real-time communication and collaboration. Twitter specifically has become a foundation of real-time communication and collaboration globally, making it possible for people of comparable interests and ideas to openly and freely share ideas, information and content (Bernoff, Li, 2008). It is allegorically speaking a publishing platform for the 21st century, responsible for the Egypt Spring movement that lifted an oppressive regime out of office in Egypt, and promises to bring greater personal and civil freedoms to Iran. This paper analyzes the value of Twitter as a communications, collaboration and learning platform, in addition to be an effective marketing platform and channel as well. Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li remind marketers however to concentrate on connecting and communicating with prospects and customers, not lecturing them on this exciting new medium (Bernoff, Li, 2008). This is great advice because Twitter can lead to relationships being formed and strengthened by sharing insights, experiences, knowledge and perspective in real time on a global scale.

Why Twitter Matters

There are many critics of social media saying it is frivolous and many who use these platforms for communication are too busy talking about what they had for lunch vs. sharing valuable, insightful content and insights. In response to these critics, consider the axiom: you get what you give. If you deliver exceptional content and very valuable insights in the form of Tweets that have shorted URLs to extremely valuable and insightful content, others will respect and share information with you. That is the most important lessons learned from being on Twitter for the last few weeks; it truly is a global, electronic ecosystem that does live by the axiom of getting what one gives. To excel in social media, one must overbalance the scales with exceptionally…… [read more]

Internet and K-12 Schools Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,726 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 8


There are interesting articles that focused on elementary school students (Hirsch, 1999; Davidson-Shivers, Shorter, & Jordan, 1999; Madden, Ford, Miller, & Levy, 2006; Tancock & Segedy, 2004)


Chapman, C. (2009). The history of the Internet in a nutshell. Retrieved from http://sixrevisions.com/resources/the-history-of-the-internet-in-a-nutshell/

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The Access Center. (2005). Computer-assisted instruction and science. Retrieved from…… [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Project Capstone Project

Capstone Project  |  25 pages (7,426 words)
Bibliography Sources: 10


It Infrastructure Project


The project reveals the strategy the Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation (OCHC) implements the latest technology to enhance the quality of service (QoS) and achieving a leading position within the healthcare industry. The case provides the strategy to connect LANs (Local Area Networks) across a WAN (Wide Area Network) using the latest technology such as Cisco 7204… [read more]

Security Computer Security, Policy, and Procedures: Practical Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (802 words)
Bibliography Sources: 7



Computer Security, Policy, and Procedures: Practical Recommendations

The rapid pace of technological development, especially in the area of information and communication technologies, has led to many changes for businesses and other entities the world over. New opportunities and faster environments are continually developing as a result of technological progress, creating the potential for more prosperity and efficiency, however these new opportunities go hand in hand with new challenges. As technology continues to grow, security policies and procedures in regards to these technologies must keep pace; if technological use moves faster than technological protections, sensitive information and company operations would be placed at much greater risk from a variety of abuses and mishaps. Given the number of components that must make up a comprehensive computer security program, achieving success in this area can be quite complex. Three specific areas that most companies could focus on include building a stronger foundation for network security, paying more attention to the development and proficiency of the human resources involved in maintaining and progressing computer/information technology security, and making improvements to virus detection and reporting techniques.

Three Areas of Change

A company or organization's network is typically a central part of that organization's overall information technology system, and thus network security must take a central place in the organization's approach to overall computer/information technology security (Greene, 2006; Bishop, 2003; Kizza, 2009). While most organizations have at least some basic understanding of the importance of network security and some of the basic components that contribute to security in this area, many could also stand to pay more detailed attention to the many different components of network security and the different types and degrees of vulnerabilities that are necessarily a part of any network system (Kizza, 2009; Cobb, 2011). Ensuring that access controls are as tight as they can be in order to prevent unauthorized access (whether purposeful or not, or from internal or external users), updating hardware as much as possible (or at least as much as is cost effective given the specific security needs of the company), and ensuring that proper monitoring and regular maintenance programs are in place are all important parts of ensuring network security (Kizza, 2009; Cobb, 2011). Taking these steps will help the company ensure greater security of its data and its communications, and ensure smooth operations.

The hardware and software components of a network security system are essentially meaningless if…… [read more]

Technology and Society All Print Research Paper

Research Paper  |  11 pages (3,364 words)
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In fact, employers have the right to monitor email and phone calls in their location or using their own telephones and computers, and also to monitor the activities of employees with hidden cameras and other spy devices, so workplace privacy can hardly be said to exist at all.

Corporate Marketing, Public Relations and the New Social Media

All of the… [read more]

Latest and the Greatest CMC Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (630 words)
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¶ … CMC

Computer Mediated Communication

Among the several mediums of communication that can be used in our case scenario, the most appropriate Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) that can be used is the video conferencing method and of late the Skype technology. This is in light of the fact that these modes encourage interactive communication between the two people or various parties involved in the communication

Video conferencing is the technology that connects the users in various parts of the world so that they can talk and sound as if they are all in the same room under the same instructor. All that they need is a computer which is the base of the whole system, a camera connected to the computer, microphone for the audio and the internet broadband. This usually works within the network or the setting of a given organization. This technology allows the users to talk and listen to each other as they also see each other on the computer monitors or projected on the wall in realtime. This gives the participants the advantage of a very well coordinated communication and exchange that the voice only cannot offer (Brown University, 2011).

This is a technology that was developed in the recent past and can be appropriate for small groups interaction like the five people or even two people, and can serve to a large crowd of people situated in different parts of the world. A good instance is when there is need to train employees of a given large organization with branches situated at various parts of the globe, they can all be trained from a common point by a common tutor through this technology. It has become a CMC mode of choice to education and business sectors as it allows the organizations to save time and most important money that would be spent on air tickets, housing yet all these…… [read more]

Policies and Procedures Reliance Healthcare Term Paper

Term Paper  |  3 pages (878 words)
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This level of information represents personal information. However, the system will also contain company information such as financial reports, policies, procedures, emails, memos, supply orders, forecasts and other information about the company. Different types of data handling and software will be needed for the different types of information that will be generated.

The purpose of the computer policies and procedures will consider security to be the most important feature. However, this must be accomplished without limiting or slowing access to the information for those who need it. Prior to set up of the computer system, a consultant that specials in system design for healthcare facilities will be utilized. Setting up an information system for the healthcare industry is different from that which is needed in other industries. Information technology in the healthcare industry is highly specialized. As a manager it is important to understand the complexities of information systems in the healthcare industry.

Reliance Healthcare


Manual Code: CPP001 2011

Subject: Employee computer policy rules and regulation


Date 12/11/11


as of: 12/01/11


Review 6/1/12





Scope: All Personnel

Policy: To communicate policies concerning computer usage and access to all personnel

Forms: None

Policy Cross Reference: CPP 001 2009

Definition: Computer access means use of the computer system as the job description dictates


1. Reliance Healthcare personnel will refrain from utilizing computer systems for personal purposes both during and after working hours. They will refrain from utilizing social networking and other non-work related websites using company computers. Prohibited websites include, but are not limited to, Ebay, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking websites that are not work related.

Any infractions of this policy will be reported to their supervisor immediately.

2. All Reliance Healthcare personnel are advised that the company will utilize tracking software to log web activity on company computers. Those caught engaging in personal entertainment during working hours will be subject to the following disciplinary actions.

a. First offense -- written warning and letter of reprimand

b. Second offense -- written warning and letter of reprimand

c. Third offense -- other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by employee's immediate supervisor, up to and including dismissal from the company

3. Personal emails utilizing company computers will be strictly prohibited and subject to the same disciplinary actions as other unauthorized computer usage.

4. If, for any reason, the employee feels that they need to access the Internet is a manner that is not consistent with these policies for work…… [read more]

Internet Browsers Business -- Information Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (841 words)
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The paper will begin with the use of Google Chrome, as it is the preferred internet browser of the author. The author visited The New York Times website first. Google Chrome operates quickly and loads page with speed. Google Chrome has great latitude of customization features for any user. If signed into my Gmail or Youtube accounts while using Google Chrome, all of the information within those profiles is linked. Other sites visited were ESPN.com, Amazon.com, Travelocity.com and Twitter. The Google Chrome experience is smooth. There are many keyboard shortcuts that allow even faster use. For me, it is a simple interface with not many visual distractions. I like my aesthetics to be personal, artistic, but simple. I do not enjoy lots of icons and toolbars. I like a fairly clean visual space while surfing the net. Google Chrome provides all of this for me. It is easy to access the Bookmark and History features and those can be displayed in a variety of ways. I also visited craigslist.org using Google Chrome and it was efficient and quick. One of my favorite reasons to use Google Chrome is that when entering text into the primary search bar, the text automatically runs on the Google search engine. This is my general experience with Google Chrome and it is why it is my default browser.

Now we will examine the experience of using Safari, the previous default browser. Safari loads quickly as well, but not as quickly or fully as Google Chrome. Safari has a sleek, modern aesthetic. It gives off an aura of cold efficiency. Websites will more flash content took longer to load. Unfortunately, impatience is a by-product of the information age; if we cannot access something quickly, we move on or change focus. This occurred when the Comedy Central website loaded. Youtube and Wikipedia took several seconds to load as well. All in all, a satisfactory experience, but with room for improvement.

The two primary reasons I switched from Google Chrome from Safari is because of the aforementioned search bar feature and the speed with which complex (and simple) websites load. These features make a difference to me as I have many interests I research on the internet. I definitely stopped using Firefox because of interface issues and that was why I switched to Safari. This experience has taught me that I need a browser with precision and one where I can put my subtle personal touches into the display.… [read more]

Computer Technology Advancement the Pace Essay

Essay  |  5 pages (1,469 words)
Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 1


Healthcare has been greatly aided by computer technology progress, as previously fatal illnesses have become perfectly curable problems with the correct technology and doctor to perform the procedure. For centuries diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera, Chicken Pox, and certain types of Cancer plagued humanity with miserable results. Other illnesses, less ominous in nature but still detrimental to ones overall health, such… [read more]

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Web Essay

Essay  |  4 pages (1,109 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


" (Cohen-Almago, 2011) The result is that freedom of expression "in the American tradition occupies an especially protected normative position." (Cohen-Almago, 2011) The general view is that "expression is perceived as doing less injury to other social goals than action. Only when expression might immediately translate to harmful action, when one is able to prove a clear link between the harmful speech and the resulting action, is it possible to justify restrictions on freedom of expression." (Cohen-Almago, 2011)

Hate speech is more regulated in most European countries due to their experiences with the consequences of hate speech include the horrors of the Nazi's against the 'inferior races' during World War II in the form of mass murders and in the Netherlands, Section 137 of the Criminal Code outlaws the deliberate public expression of views that serve to insult a group of individuals "on account of their race, religion or conviction or sexual preference.' (Cohen-Almago, 2011)

III. Internet Service Providers and the Law

The ISP generally asserts the right to terminate service "under any circumstances and without prior notice, especially if content violates the terms of service agreement or if law enforcement or other government agencies request the removal. " (Cohen-Almago, 2011)The U.S. Congress reportedly passed the Good Samaritan provision which was included in the 1996 Communication Decency Act (Section 230-c-2) which provides protection to ISPs that voluntarily "take action to restrict access to problematic material" and specifically stated is the following:

"No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of -- (A) any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected." (CDA 47 U.S.C. at: http://www.4law.cornell.edu/uscode/47/230.html in: Cohen-Almago, 2011)

Summary and Conclusion

As shown in the literature reviewed in this study, Internet Service Providers are under both a legal and moral obligation in regards to web content however, in order that the tenants of free speech as contained in the Constitution are protected the laws regulating ISPs are such that protect the ISP from prosecution due to web content over which they have little control for having been made available on the web. The Internet Service Provider is instead held to a standard of good faith in restricting access to problematic material.


Black, Justice (1965) in: Study Guide: Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Internet (nd) Tekxam. Retrieved from: http://www.tekxam.com/StudyGuide/concepts/Ethics-and-Legal/TekXam_Legal_and_Ethical_Study_Guide.html

Cohen-Almagor, R. (2011) Freedom of Expression, Internet Responsibility, and Business Ethics: The Yahoo! Saga and Its Implications. Springer Science Business Media. B.V. 2011. Retrieved from: http://hull.academia.edu/RaphaelCohenalmagor/Papers/1074355/Freedom_of_Expression_Internet_Responsibility_and_Business_Ethics_The_Yahoo_Saga_and_Its_Aftermath

Study Guide: Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Internet (nd) Tekxam. Retrieved from: http://www.tekxam.com/StudyGuide/concepts/Ethics-and-Legal/TekXam_Legal_and_Ethical_Study_Guide.html

Turban E., et al. (2000) Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective, Prentice Hall, 2000 in: Study Guide: Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Internet (nd) Tekxam. Retrieved from: http://www.tekxam.com/StudyGuide/concepts/Ethics-and-Legal/TekXam_Legal_and_Ethical_Study_Guide.html… [read more]

Internet and Democracy Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (3,588 words)
Bibliography Sources: 12


15). All throughout the 20th Century, there was a pervasive sense that society was controlled by managers, experts and technicians over whom the individual had no control, and the new technology has made these elites seem even more distant and omnipotent. Even among many computer professionals, there has been a growing fear of the potential for using the new technologies… [read more]

High-Speed Internet and Society Cultural Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (637 words)
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In other words, if one is spending more time on the Internet that means he/she is spending less time doing other things. Perhaps, this means less time interacting with family members and friends, less time spent doing physical exercise, less time reading books, etc. Will more time spent on the Internet increase social alienation and turn us into social recluses, who sit idly in front of computer screens in sun-soaked diners vis a vis an Edward Hopper painting?

The answer is unclear. However, we know that Internet has changed the way we use and share information. And in briefly examining the potential effects high-speed Internet may have on society, a keen reader could undoubtedly conclude that high speed Internet will improve the channels of communication for both the public and private sectors. Students will have increased access to information and resources they would, in the present, not have or have limited access to. Yet, despite the improvements high-speed Internet brings, if Google is right, and we, as a society, spend more time on the Internet that means we're spending less time doing other things. Ultimately, new technology or improved technology forces society to make a choice, to continue with the routine of the past or create a new routine for the future, in this case, one must decide to spend more time online or to regulate Internet exposure, and the it's the answer to this question that cultural anthropology will investigate in years to come.

Works Cited

"Google Picks Kansas." Times Free Press. Tennessee, Chattanooga. 31 Mar.…… [read more]

Building a Computer Research Paper

Research Paper  |  5 pages (1,377 words)
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Building a Computer

Minimum Configuration for Essential Requirements


Minimum Configuration

The minimal configuration that is needed for creating presentations, preparing documents, playing multimedia games, listening to music and viewing movies, storing movies online and chatting with friends is described in this module. This configuration will also support Internet browsing both through dial-up and also through a broadband connection as well. With these goals in mind, the following desktop computer configuration is recommended.

The basis of this configuration is an Intel small form factor motherboard specifically designed to support the Intel Core i3-550 3.2GHxz microprocessor. This motherboard, designed and sold by Intel, is also capable of supporting dual-core processing, has been verified as being 64-bit compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and has the Intel H57 Express chipset integrated on the motherboard as a hardwired, not pluggable, component. This motherboard also supports L3 cache, which is 4MB in size. The systems supports up to 8GB in RAM, uses DDR3 SDRAM configurations and has a dual channel memory architecture to increase performance at the low price point of this specific configuration.

The storage control is also down on the motherboard and includes a Type 1 x Serial ATA integrated interface. Studies on Intel ATA integrated interfaces indicate that overall dual core processor performance is enhanced by having the ATA controller wired into the motherboard itself (Peng, Peir, Prakash, Staelin, Chend, Koppelman, 2008) (CRN, 2007). ATA controllers are designed to optimize data throughput rates from inexpensive disk drives that have the standardized ATA interface on them. There is also a caching controller on the motherboard for video and graphics-intensive calculations as well. Intel designed this specific motherboard with the HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology, Version 5.0 and support for the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). In addition, there is support for 5.1 channel surround sound and extensive support for network connectivity as well.

In terms of Internet connectivity, this system has a network adapter integrated directly into the motherboard, in addition to supporting the following types of data link protocols: IEEE 802.11b, n, and g with support for Gigabit Ethernet options on these IEEE protocols (Wong, 2007). The evaluation of IEEE standards performance assumes the majority of networks will also be running the TCP/IP protocol (Luecke, Li, Cuma, 2007). This low-end system also supports expansion slots including 1 free PCI Express Interface, and the standards interfaces for keyboard, mouse, display, audio and power. The software included with the system includes Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office 2010 started and Norton Internet Utility. The cost structure of these components is provided in the following section of the memo in Table 1, Minimum Configuration Pricing Analysis. This configuration will be capable of supporting the basic functions of creating presentations, playing multimedia games, listening to music and viewing movies, storing photographs and using the Internet via the Ethernet connections included in the baseline unit.

Table 1: Minimum Configuration Pricing Analysis



Intel Core i3-550 core processor


Motherboard supporting Intel Core… [read more]

Marketing Industry Comparison Term Paper

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Different computer makers take different approaches to their marketing. Apple, the industry's #5, and Hewlett Packard, the industry's #1 (no author, 2010), each compete on different dimensions. Both utilize a differentiated strategy, but the two firms choose different tactics to achieve this differentiation. Apple utilizes a brand-focused approach to its advertising, while HP is focused on a product-centric approach. These different approaches are reflected in the advertising the firms choose. This paper will analyze the advertising campaigns of both Apple and Hewlett Packard to identify similarities and differences between the approaches that these two companies take.


Apple has long believed that the key to successful differentiation is to be different in a wide number of areas. Its products are clearly differentiated from those of other personal computer makers but the primary focus of differentiation has long been the Apple brand itself, and to a lesser extent the primary computer brand Mac (Kahney, 2002). This focus is evident in most of Apple's ads, which emphasize style over substance. The famous series of television spots that Apple utilizes contrast the hipster Mac user with the nerdy PC user, for example, glossing over key performance issues and focusing on image. This reinforces the brand image that Apple has tried to cultivate over the years.

The main point of deviation for Apple is with respect to the direct promotion on the Internet. Given all the time and space it wants to spread its message, Apple.com devotes ample time to discussing the features of its Mac computers. In addition to the same slick visuals found in print and television ads for the company, there is also information provided about the specs and tellingly also the differences between Macs and competing computers, which are effectively lumped into a generic category. Shifting all competitors into a generic category, PC, frames Apple computers as differentiated. The point of differentiation is actually the operating system, but Apple benefits from this framing of the choices consumers face in the industry.

Apple has a clear target market, and this is closely aligned with its advertising, which carries a lifestyle accent. In addition, attributes such as the placement of Macs (company-owned stores) highlight the differentiation that Apple is trying to achieve. With HP, there is no differentiation throughout the marketing chain -- but with Apple there is differentiation in all elements of the 4Ps. With its own stores, operating system, unique ads and higher than standard pricing, Apple's marketing program is much better at achieving differentiation than that of HP, whose program conveys very little differentiation at any level.

Hewlett Packard

HP is a differentiated provider of personal computers. The company makes quality a focal point of its differentiation and emphasizes this more in its promotions than does Apple. However, in television advertisements, HP also utilizes lifestyle marketing, for example in the Happy Baby spot, which is geared to appeal to parents. This particular spot also serves to emphasize functionality, a message that HP often utilizes in its advertisements.

Hewlett… [read more]

How Should We Help Our Organizations to Use Internet-Based Conferencing Safely and Effectively? Essay

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Secure Teleconferencing

Assessing the Security Levels and Value of Web-Based Teleconferencing

The pervasive adoption and reliance on the Internet as a viable platform for enterprise communication and collaboration has led to rapid growth of Web-based teleconferencing. This growth has not been without risks however. The security risks that enterprises cannot easily detect yet can comprise their most confidential communications are… [read more]

Personal Statement an Internet Protocol Address (IP Term Paper

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Personal Statement

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a special kind of numerical label which is assigned to various devices such as computers and printers that are part of a computer network that makes use of Internet protocol for the purpose of communication (RFC, 1980).The functions of an IP address are; identification of host and network interface and the location of addressing.

Roles of IP addresses

The roles of IP address are numerous. It is used for the identification of all the devices that originates or receives request or to identify messages over a given network as well as the internet (which is made up of a large network groups).

Each of the IP addresses makes use of a unique set of characters which are hexa decimal in order to identify a certain network, an applicable subnetwork or a device which is located within the network.

The following are enabled by an IP address;

It enables requests as well as messages to be delivered to the intended destination.

It enables the receiving device to be aware of the source of the request or message as well as to initiate a response if need be (McAfee,2011)

The architects of the Internet Protocol did define IP address to be a 32-bit number (RFC, 1980) and the system was referred to as Internet protocol Version 4 (IPv4), which is still in use today.

Due to the exponential growth of the internet as well as the already predicted depletion of the currently available IP addresses, a new system of addressing has been devised .The new system is called IPv6 and makes use of 128-bit addressing system. It was developed in 1995 (Deering and Hinden, 1995).In 1980, it was standardized as RFC 2460 (Deering and Hinden,1998).

The IP addresses are binary numbers that are utilized in the storage of text files which are displayed in forms that are human readable forms/notations. The global management of the IP addresses allocation is carried out by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) which allocates a total of 5 regional Internet registries (RIRs) in order to allocate the IP address spaces to local internet registries as well as to other entities.

The comparison between IPv4 and IPv6

According to IBM (2011) the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 are as follows:


The addressing for IPv4 is 32 bit long which is 4 bytes. The address comprises of a network as well as a host portion all of…… [read more]

Global Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science Research Paper

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Global, Ethical, And Professional Issues in Computer Science

The field of Computer Science is in a nascent stage of development. As such, a number of critical ethical and professional issues with global repercussions currently plague the discipline. These issues have created a snowball effect by hindering the processes that the field computer science enables. The information that a country possesses… [read more]

Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions Essay

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Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions

Critical Features and Capabilities of My Netbook

As a student, I value certain specific capabilities in a laptop computer that differ substantially from my requirements of a desktop computer or a full-feature laptop suitable for general business applications. Specifically, my current needs place a premium on portability, lightness, and battery life, because I rely on my computer in several successive classes and during break in-between classes during a typical day. That makes battery life one of the most important considerations for me. A Netbook such as the Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook (http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-mini1018/pd)

is ideal for my current needs because if its lightness and prolonged (7-hour-plus) battery power. However, I have sacrificed various other capabilities in favor of lightness and battery power: my Netbook uses a relatively small and underpowered hard-drives and central processing units (CPUs) and microprocessors. They have insufficient random access memory (RAM) to run program applications other than those necessary to basic functions furnished with the Netbook.

My Netbook cannot read CD-ROMs or DVDs and its working memory cannot be expanded. It also provides a Word-compatible word processing application and an 802.11n Wifi Internet connection for email and Internet functionality. On the other hand, its 250 GB hard drive and inability to run additional applications means that it cannot compare with a full-feature computer; therefore, as a main computer, my Netbook would not be a suitable choice. However, for its principal purposes as a lightweight word processor, temporary storage device for small word files, and means of remote Internet connectivity while away from my main computer, the…… [read more]

Techniques of Computer Forensics for Preventing Email Phishing Capstone Project

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¶ … Computer Forensics for Preventing Email Phishing

It is no secret that white-collar crime has experienced rapid growth since the advent of the Internet. Reports state that white-collar crime costs average approximately twenty times more than the costs associated with street crime annually. Fraud is a "generic term" that "embraces all multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, which… [read more]

Internet and the Future of Computers in Society Term Paper

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Internet and Its Impact on Society

The adoption of the Internet as a means for communicating, collaborating and enabling commerce is leading to significant developments in the area of Web application development technologies and their use. Specifically focusing on how Web-based application development is leading to the development of more efficient and streamlined development languages including AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and… [read more]

Security Solution Essay

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Computer Security

We have achieved great strides in computer technology but there is also a corresponding rise in cybercriminals employing new and sophisticated methods of attacks. Cybercriminals do not just do it for fun or fame anymore but are getting more professional and monetizing their skills. Exploitation of web application and browser plugin vulnerabilities, Phishing, identity theft and stealing of… [read more]

Internet Gift Economy Term Paper

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¶ … Internet gift economy: Does it really exist?

A gift economy was typical of many traditional societies. In this method of economic exchange gifts, or non-monetary items, were used to cement friendships between families or tribes. Sometimes the exchange would be mutual, other times one leader might dispense gifts freely, as a demonstration of largess and power or in an apparent sign of pure altruism. Capitalism and impersonal exchange relationships based upon monetary value have replaced tribal economies. The Internet and its seismic effects upon modern social life and commerce have prompted some to say that a new gift economy has been generated online, through file-sharing, open source software, and personal donations. But the question of whether such an economy is purely altruistic in nature, or if it can supplant self-interested capitalist exchanges remains controversial.

Online, people 'give away' free content in the form of posted blog posts. Music and file-sharing is common. Attempts to place a monetary value upon shared content has met with mixed success. In some instances, as in the case of iTunes, people have proven willing to pay a fee for music. This only occurred after a lengthy legal battle between music companies, artists, and file-sharing services. Many fans found themselves facing threatened legal repercussions if they downloaded music free of charge: thus the idea that there is a willing 'gift' economy seems suspicious. Even dedicated fans are often unwilling to pay for songs by their favorite artists if they do not have to -- they do not give 'gifts' to their favorite artists unless forced to do so. Music studios are only willing to grant access to songs for a fee. In the case of premium content news websites, few users are willing to pay for added information when similar content is available for free elsewhere. Free sites are only free because advertisers pay to sponsor the websites, or the sites, such as government-run websites, have other sources of revenue. None of these function as 'gifts.' The Internet is impersonal, and can discourage voluntary donation, rather than encourage it, by its faceless nature.

Some organizations, such as Altruists International, stubbornly insist that the Internet is an ideal vehicle to create a new, modern gift exchange: "we aim to provide a system of matching up donors and recipients, in a way that is efficient, decentralized (= free of control by any small group) and uses decentralized accounting to reward generosity, and protect its users from those who…… [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Security Implementation Research Proposal

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it Security Plan & Implementation

IT Security Plan and Implementation for a Small Corporation

IT Security Proposal Summary

Small corporations often have to deal with many conflicting it and often time-consuming priorities to keep their businesses making progress and profits. Yet the lack of having an it Security Plan in place can seriously cripple any company's performance and profitability and… [read more]

Internet in Basic Terms Thesis

Thesis  |  5 pages (1,553 words)
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In basic terms the Internet refers simply to a large network of computers. The ordinary Internet or Interent1 however does not supply the necessary speed, security and other assets that can be found in a more closed and controlled networking environment. Therefore, Interent2 was created about ten years ago to cater for a more selective range of internet users.… [read more]

Impact of the Internet Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  2 pages (580 words)
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¶ … Internet was the result of some visionary thinking by people in the early 1960s who saw great potential value in allowing computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields (Howe, 2005). In 1969, it was then known as the ARPANET and was brought online by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Initially, four major computers at universities in the southwestern U.S. (UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UCSB, and the University of Utah) had allowed into their institutes. The Internet, or simply the Net, is the publicly accessible worldwide system of interconnected computer networks. The Internet also represents the foundation for a growing number of completely new business models as new approaches continue to be identified for ways to add value to products and services in an online setting. According to Eger (2006), "Internet usage statistics point to one billion users worldwide, with a growth rate of 15% per month. The World Wide Web, the Internet's most popular component, is being integrated into the marketing, information, and communications strategies of almost every major corporation, educational institution, charitable and political organization, community service agency, and government entity in the developed world" (p. 18). While the introduction of the telephone and television have been embraced by the citizens of the world, the diffusion of these technologies required a relatively lengthy amount of time. By sharp contrast, the Internet has exploded on the global scene in unprecedented ways. For example, Eger also notes that, "No previous communications advance has been adopted by the public so widely so rapidly" (p. 18). In this dynamic environment, opportunities abound of course, but there are some profound challenges involved in competing in an increasingly globalized marketplace that must be taken into account as…… [read more]

Computer Programmer Term Paper

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Career of Computer Programmer

Creating the future in the field of Computer Programming

Creating entirely new software applications used for everything from designing new buildings to defining optimized airline schedules, defining how entire companies will communicate with each other over the Internet, or creating the software that powers a cell phone, MP3 player or Blackberry are just a few of… [read more]

Computer Fluency Impact on a Career Term Paper

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Computer Fluency Impact on a Career

Computer Fluency's Impact on Finding a Career

Attaining and maintaining a level of competency in the use of computers, software, the Internet's many research sites and business tools all contribute to a person's value over the span of their careers. Computer fluency or the knowledge of how computer systems operate and how to use their applications, including the Internet via web browsers are essential for getting started in a career. Studies have shown that computer literacy can increase a persons' salary by 5.3% to 6% per year when measured by the Computing Skills index. When 75% or more of the workers in a given business have a high level of computer fluency there is also empirical evidence that men earn up to 19.2% more over their careers in this more computer-fluent organizations. It can be inferred from these findings and additional studies that the greater the computer fluency in a given company the higher the level company-wide profitability and earnings, making it possible to pay employees higher wages.

The Only Constant is Change

It is evident that computer fluency is very valuable to employers in that these skills give employees the agility to quickly re-align their efforts to processes as they change in their organizations. As process-centric change is constantly occurring within organizations, there is the corresponding need to stay continually fluent in computer skills, concepts, applications and new approaches to accomplishing tasks. The demand for new employees that are computer fluent is being driven by the need companies have for people who have the knowledge to change quickly in response to market, customer-based and internal needs for change. Computer fluency skills connote the ability to continually change and improve as an employee in addition to make immediate contributions through the use of computers, software, the Internet and its many applications and tools as well.

Collaboration Skills are Critical

Another aspect of gaining higher levels of computer literacy is the increasing reliance on collaborative technologies, which are making these combined skills also critical. Just as computer literacy is seen as evidence of a potential employee being able to stay agile, interested and learning over their careers in addition to making immediate contributions, advanced computer literacy skills are critical for the ability to collaborate on projects across departments or across continents. There are studies which have specifically measured the impact of computer fluency on the ability of employees to make significantly greater contributions through collaboration, with Computer-Email-Web (CEW) Fluency Scale being a metric that is often used to measure the propensity of employees to be able to collaborate successfully in their own companies and with other organizations that may be involved in projects.

This is the one area of skills that specifically are required for a new position in terms of computer fluency and the ability to work together in teams are assessed. Computer fluency that is indicative of the ability to work in large and small teams is a highly valuable skill set for… [read more]

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Term Paper

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Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two more popular Web browsers. What is the name of the first graphical web browser?

Found at (http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/history/fbrowser.html) 2006-09-22: Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web together with Robert Cailliau, built the first working prototype in late 1990 and early 1991. That first prototype consisted of a web browser for the NeXTStep operating system. This first web browser, which was named "WorldWideWeb," had a graphical user interface and would be recognizable to most people today as a web browser. However, WorldWideWeb did not support graphics embedded in pages when it was first released (Boutell.com, p. 1).

What cable company was established in 1858 to carry instantaneous communications across the ocean that would eventually be used for Internet communications?

The Cable Guy." A Thread Across the Ocean. By John Stele Gordon, Review found at (http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F02EED7163BF932A2575BC0A9649C8B63):

The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Company. "The hero of "A Thread Across the Ocean" is Cyrus Field, who made a fortune in the paper and print business by his early 30's and then found a bigger challenge. The worst moment was a day in 1858, after an entire cable had finally been laid between Ireland and Newfoundland and had actually carried messages, leading to wild acclaim. Then, in the middle of a message, the new cable fizzled out, probably cooked when one of the team's electrical engineers tried to blast too much electricity through it. The acclaim turned to mockery" (Parfit, p. 2).

3. What American president in 1957 created both the interstate highway system and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)?

Found at (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071003160348AAEGVJa):What American president in 1957 created both the interstate highway system and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) while responding to the Soviet threat and the success of Sputnik?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters: Eisenhower.

4. Where is the location of Microsoft's headquarters?

Found at (http://ludb.clui.org/ex/i/WA3244/)

The main "campus" for Microsoft is this decentralized, 300 acre corporate park in Redmond, with around 40 buildings housing 14,000 offices. The company employs over 60,000 people worldwide, 30,000 of them in the Puget Sound area, at the headquarters, at the nearby and smaller RedWest Campus (located on a former chicken ranch), and at other leased and own spaces in the region.

5. How many Web pages is Google currently searching?

Found at (http://labs.google.com/why-google.html.)

We currently search billions of web pages. That's a lot of information, but even that's not the whole web. And even if it were, it's still only the web; what about all the other information out there? Google's mission is to make all the world's information accessible, not just a subset of the web.


1. Top five searches for the day on its home page (http://www.encyclopedia.com/):World War II, Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Theory, Topology, Black holes.

World War II is the topic. One newspaper is the Roanoke Times & World News:

Women Working During World War Ii Is Topic of Presentation" Roanoke Times & World News; 7/6/2007; 130 words;...… [read more]

Invention and Development of the Internet Term Paper

Term Paper  |  11 pages (3,019 words)
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¶ … Internet in Response to the Cold War

The history of the computer industry, in general, has been a story of fast-paced development. Technological advancements coming in rapid fire succession has been the key development of technologies a generation or two ago were only the stuff of science fiction, such as the Internet. Today, technology and specifically the Internet… [read more]

Internet and Isps Term Paper

Term Paper  |  1 pages (332 words)
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¶ … Internet

Begun originally as a research project for quickly sharing information across vast geographic distances between universities, the Internet today has grown into a global network where the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used both for the publishing and reading of information online. The TCP/IP networking protocol forms the foundation of the Internet and is organized using the Open Systems Interconnect Model (Schuler 2005). The Internet is actually comprised of literally millions of Web servers which store and publish websites and other forms of information. The rapid growth of laptop computers with wireless concepts, convergence devices including PDAs and even cellular phones can access the Internet through the wireless protocols now commonplace. The Internet is not a network that is owned by anyone, it is actually a collection of networks that are jointly supported through a variety of approaches. These include telecommunications companies who sell specific services for gaining access to the Internet including dial-up, Digital Signal Line (DSL), Asynchronous Digital Signal Line (ADSL)…… [read more]

Computer Revolution Term Paper

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Style: MLA  |  Bibliography Sources: 4


¶ … Computer Revolution

The effects of the computer revolution can be felt all over the global culture, in communications, development, and in education as well as many other general and specialized areas. There are both good and seemingly bad outcomes that have been explored in specialties and in the general population, potential social isolation, technology fraud and/or crime, and many other issues come to mind, but on a more positive note any individual with a computer and an internet connection can have a conversation in real time with someone else with similar gear all the way on the other side of the world, exchanging information that can improve their life and alter their perceptions of the world. "Interactive multimedia systems promise to revolutionize education. In the future, it will be possible for people to learn anything, anytime, anywhere."

Halal, and Liebowitz 21) One of the most foundational issues associated with the computer revolution is the dynamic change in the manner that research is compiled, sought and obtained by any interested party. "Computers can handle very rapidly data that would take humans several years to process."

Cohen, Manion, and Morrison 385) the foundations of the computer revolution have created a research revolution that has completely changed the manner in which research can be done, the rate it can be done and the amount of material that can be available at any given time.

Research databases, once they have been compiled can rapidly collect more information than an individual needs about any given topic. The individual can seek information on infectious diseases, history, culture, sociology and with a discerning eye can formulate whatever desired outcomes they have within their context, within a matter of moments, as compared to the arduous manner in which research was done before computers. Some academics, calling back to the days of their own dissertations, where footnote reformatting required a completely new document, call the computer revolution amazing but at the same time question the ease at which information is gained and demand hard copy research from students, which is certainly fine as it reminds students of the origins of the word, and the value of the documents themselves. But it is not the majority, as more and more educators become engaged in the computer's uses and revolutionary abilities.

The big break came with the advent of the microcomputer in the middle of the decade. By the early 1980S the numbers of people who devoted a significant part of their professional time to computers and education had shot up from a few hundred to tens of thousands. By now it is in the hundreds of thousands, most of them teachers, although many thousands are engaged in the research and business wings of the world of educational computing.

Papert 161)

The individual can then take that information and type it into any of a number of word processing programs that allow them to format materials and reformat it without ever having to start over from the beginning. Thoughts… [read more]

SPAM-Project Proposal Canning SPAM: Before it Kills Term Paper

Term Paper  |  13 pages (4,281 words)
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¶ … SPAM-Project Proposal

Canning SPAM: Before it Kills the Goose

The background of this research project is the proliferation of unwanted, unsolicited junk email which is clogging the arteries of the Internet. Bill Gates predicted some years back that we would solve the SPAM problem by 2006. It has not happened, and the problem is worse than ever. Since… [read more]

Marketing Research Dell Computers: Target Term Paper

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Marketing Research

Dell Computers: Target Market

Dell Computers is among the computer companies that offer its customers great discounts particularly on online purchase. Analysing this strategy of Dell, the following is seen as the largest groups of customers targeted by Dell Computers which will provide the company with the highest number of sales.

Professionals in the Working Sector

It is a fact these days that most of the jobs we perform require the use of computers. Specifically in jobs that are bound in an office environment, computers are almost always the common tool in completing a task. The widespread use of the Internet also makes a computer indispensable especially during the need for information. Professionals in the working sector are always bound to a need for information. Aside from their profession's need to utilize a computer, a computer is also very useful in spending their leisure time.


As computers these days are becoming a necessity, it is a good target market for Dell Computers to reach the homes of many families. Having a computer at home can be useful to anyone in a family; to children who might need to do their school works using a computer, to parents who might need to bring their office works at home, and to any member of the family who just wants to browse diverse information from the Internet.


Many schools have already started engaging their students in the use of computers in school activities. As more and more schools do so, Dell Computers can focus marketing their products to schools by offering them affordable prices. Since Dell Computers is known for quality products that can be purchased at affordable prices, offering the same benefit to schools gives Dell a good chance of increase in sales.

Product…… [read more]

Internet Blogging the Changing Computer Language Term Paper

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The Changing Computer Language of a World Wide Web Diary

Ten Vocabulary Words Associated with Blogging on the Web

One of the most popular uses of the World Wide Web is that of the blog. According to the Internet computer encyclopedia database Webopedia, (2006) a "blog," is a shortened form of the original word Web log, a kind of document located on the World Wide Web that serves as a publicly accessible journal for an individual or an organization. ("Blog, Webopedia, 2006) A blog is thus one a kind of Web page. The page's unique URL or Uniform Resource Locator on the Web identifies the location of the Web page. A URL functions as the Web page's address on the World Wide Web. ("What is a Web Page?" Webopedia, 2006). Blogs themselves are often further organized and segmented in blog rolls, or chapters according to month and subject of blog entries.

The programming language of HTML defines the structure and layout, or physical appearance of the Web document by using tags and attributes. Tags and attributes are bits of programming in the language of HTML that specify how the document, or a portion of the document should appear. ("What is a Tag?" Webopedia, 2006) Because of the relative ease of HTML, bloggers (persons who create blogs) do not have to be terribly technically literate to use the technology of HTML. The popularity of blogs and email, a non-web-based form of personalized communication in the form of electronic personal messages rather than public documents has made the Web, the Internet, and other incarnations of this form of communication a ubiquitous part of social and commercial life.

The World Wide Web itself is made up of system of Internet service providers that support documents specifically formatted in HTML, or HyperText Markup Language. This language is unique, as unlike the languages supporting email or instant messaging, as it supports links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and videos. ("HTML," 2006, Webopedia)

Section 2: Fundamentals

The words 'Internet' and 'World Wide Web,' in common slang, even amongst bloggers, are often used interchangeably, but this is not technically accurate. The Internet is the networking infrastructure connecting computers together and transmitting data through a variety of languages known or protocols. The World Wide Web is one form of accessing Internet information that uses the programming language HTTP. HTTP is not the only protocol used by the Internet, but it is the protocol used to create blogs. Blogs, and Web pages in general use browsers to link different Web documents through hyperlinks. Through the use of browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, a user can surf or use his or her mouse to click on links to look at various Web pages. Web documents can contain graphics, sounds, text and videos. E-mail and Instant messaging use different protocols. ("What is the Difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?" 2006 Webopedia)

However, the Web has become such an important part of the… [read more]

Internet Addiction Disorder Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,572 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


More research needs to be conducted in further study for better understanding to be gained as well as the empirical findings focused towards in future research.


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Apple Computer 2002 Term Paper

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Apple Computer is as old as the PC industry itself, and has led that industry for a substantial portion of its history. Early Apple models made the idea of a computer in every home a real possibility. Apple's Macintosh was the first commercially successful graphical user interface and an early leader in desktop publishing. Despite its early successes, Apple suffered… [read more]

Employee Internet Abuse Term Paper

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Employee Internet Abuse

Many of today's jobs simply demand the business use of the Internet, and employees have to have access to do their jobs both quickly and effectively. However, there are always some staff members who will abuse their Internet privileges, making it difficult for management and the rest of the staff. To be completely productive and efficient, employees must be guaranteed privacy when they work online, but they also much understand the need for employers to effectively monitor their work, their security, and their productivity.

One aspect of employee Internet abuse that can be extremely costly to a company, but is not often thought about, is sexual harassment claims because of e-mails or Internet content being used inappropriately. One study shows, "According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the number of sexual harassment claims it processed in 1998 was 48% higher than the number processed in 1992. [...] an increasing number of these cases involved claims of sexual harassment resulting from inappropriate Internet sites or e-mail messages" (Parsons, 2000, p. 58). Thus, while employees must be guaranteed privacy and security, with…… [read more]

Evolution of Email and Internet Computer Term Paper

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Evolution of Email and Internet

Computer and digital technologies had changed the life of millions in some two decades as they were massively introduced into different spheres of man's activity. First being used only for military purposes in easing difficult and complicated calculation, later on being modernized and advanced their application is seen everywhere where the work relates to data-processing,… [read more]

Life Without Internet Term Paper

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Life Without the Internet

The Impact of Information Technology and the Internet on Human Life

The advent of Information Technology and the Internet has brought about a dramatic transformation in the way we live, work and play. So much so, that it is now virtually impossible to conceive of life without the convenience and benefits of computer technology. In fact,… [read more]

Internet Access Term Paper

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Internet access is not uniform throughout the world and this has led to some social disparities that lead to economic gaps between developed and under-developed countries. Because of wider availability of technologies, men and women in developed countries enjoy greater access to Internet. Asian countries are trying hard to keep pace with technological revolution by making Internet as widely available as possible, yet there are some important issues they need to address before they can become competitive in this field.

Internet is certainly not a luxury anymore since it is redefining everything from business networking to socializing to job hunting and working. But for some countries, Internet is still a luxury that only the rich can afford. This is because these countries are characterized by growing poverty, lack of educational facilities and an increasing dearth of sincere effort for revitalization of technological infrastructure. These countries thus lag behind when it comes to using computers and accessing the Internet. This technological disparity that allows industrialized countries to have greater access to Internet and computers compared to some less-developed nations is termed as digital divide or disparities in Internet access. It is defined as "the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not."(Arrison, 2002) in specific terms, Digital Divide refers to the persistent gap between individuals, societies, countries, and social classes in their ability to access the Internet and other technologies. Income and education are considered the two most important social factors determining the extent to which digital divide affects a certain household or socio-economic group. Some other important variables are racial background, language, age, gender etc. However the difference is not limited to households and social groups only, it affects the entire world and is more pronounced between developing and industrialized country.

The way Internet has been affecting our lives; it is clear that we can no longer function without new and better technologies. From the way we do business, to the way we gain knowledge to the manner in which we communicate have all been influenced by the advent of Internet and related technologies. But unfortunately while the number of Internet users is rapidly increasing, the gap that exists in the number of people using the Internet between various groups within the country and between different countries is growing steadily. Fabian (2001) writes: "Expansion of the digital divide has been exacerbated by the rapid development of technology. The adoption of the Internet as a mass media -- defined as time required to reach an audience of 50 million-was…… [read more]

on HP Compaq and the Computer Industry in 2001 and Beyond Case Study

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¶ … HP, Compaq, and the Computer Industry in 2001 and Beyond

The HP-Compaq case study addresses the main issue of the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer Corporation in 2001. The merger's primary objective is to make HP-Compaq the new leader not only in selling computer hardware, but also in providing consultation services among its corporate consumers. With HP leading in computer imaging and printing industry and Compaq, specializing on consultation services to small- to medium-sized companies. Thus, it becomes evident that HP, as the main proponent of the merger, has tapped Compaq in order to bring with it its advantage on specializing in the computer services and consultation industry.

Looking at the individual performance of each company prior to the merger, data from Garmer Dataquest shows that HP is the world leader in the production of printers and imaging services, capturing 40.4% of the market. Compaq, meanwhile, is at second place to Dell in the personal computer service market. Unfortunately, both HP and Compaq trail behind other computer companies when it comes to capturing the it services market, with a low 1.1% and 1% share respectively, trailing far behind IBM, which has already 5% share of the said market.

Thus, the HP-Compaq merger is both companies' business strategy to launch its plan to dominate the it service market. With the combination of HP's financial capabilities, wider scope of the consumer market in the computer industry, and partnerships with various computer companies specializing on it management, and Compaq's experience in it servicing and consulting will allow HP-Compaq to have a stronger business strategy in coming up with effective plans in order to launch the new company not only as a personal computer and imaging and printing services provider, but also as an information technology servicing and consulting company.

Analysis of the performance of both HP and Compaq shows that with the large number of players in the computer industry, specifically it servicing, the new merger faces the challenge of trying to break in an industry where image branding and establishment of a solid and loyal clientele are vital for the company's survival.

Apparently, HP's it services has a wider scope than that of Compaq's. Its partnership with independent software vendors allows it to operate on specific aspects of it servicing and consulting. The HP Netaction allows the company is created to 'create,…… [read more]

Computer Security Term Paper

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Some organizations have found it necessary to lock their computer drives to prevent any downloading of files from the classified system. If an individual wishes to download and retransmit an unclassified file from a classified system, the file must be downloaded and processed by the system administrator to remove electronic traces of other files before it is retransmitted (Denning, 1988).

Secrets in the computer require the same protection as secrets on paper. Information can be recovered from a computer hard drive even after the file has been deleted or erased by the computer user. It is estimated that about a third of the average hard drive contains information that has been "deleted" but is still recoverable.

Encrypting sensitive data is another method that prevents the unauthorized access of data. This mechanism is offers value so that none other than the genuine person can take measures for data modification (Bhargava and Gadia, 1990). It also inhibits unauthorized dumping and interpretation of data, and enables secure authentication of users.

Presently, information security encompasses a number of measures such as communications security, computer security and radiation security (i.e. emissions from devices such as monitors and printers). Then there are other measures such as the use of security PINS and audit trails of transactions that change the system's state when sensitive data are accessed (Bjork, 1975). Other measures that can be taken are the use of the software that detect, prevent and enable the investigation of malicious software. The use of network disability also ensures that the users cannot access secure data from the networks (Bjork, 1975).


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Denning, Dorothy E. (1988). Lessons Learned from Modeling a Secure Multilevel Relational Database System. Database…… [read more]

Prioritization of it Functions Term Paper

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All of these major projects are evaluated by the following criteria as follows

1. The project drives (or creates) more revenue for the corporation.

2. The project cuts the cost of doing business.

3. The project is mandated by Federal, State, County, or local laws or executive orders.

4. The competitor has undertaken a similar project.

A list of pending projects, including an evaluation of each project against the above criteria follows in Table 1 below; all four criteria may or may not apply.

Table 1. Evaluation of IT Priorities.

NA=Not Applicable/Unknown*; 1=Low Priority; 2=Moderate Priority; 3= High Priority

1. The project drives (or creates) more revenue for the corporation.

2. The project cuts the cost of doing business.

3. The project is mandated by federal, state, county, or local laws or exec. orders.

4. The competitor has under-taken a similar project.





This evaluation clearly shows that email would be a high priority for any university given its cost-effectiveness and ease of use by almost anyone. The ability to transfer documents and data in an virtually instantaneous manner makes this an indispensable part of any IT function. The intranet function came in a close second, but there were constraints involving the added expense of purchase, implementation and training. Finally, the ERP function could be viewed as potentially the most valuable IT function for the university, but this would be long-term since there would be a transition period involved that would make this function the most complicated and expensive of these IT initiatives.


Dearstyne, B.W. (April 1, 2001). The view from the fast lane. Information Management Journal, 11(3), 121.

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Miranda, R. (2001). ERP and financial management…… [read more]

Computer Adult Learner an Employee Term Paper

Term Paper  |  13 pages (3,459 words)
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itrainonline.org/itrainonline/english/office.shtml, http://www.findtutorials.com/and http://aect.ed.psu.edu/viewlets/prerequisite.htm. All three of the above sites go from the very basics to the more advanced operations questions and offer concrete examples of low cost to free options for the individual learner.

Yet, without the guidance of an Internet proficient user many internet guided tutorials might be useless. The format could serve as a starting point for a… [read more]

Computer Clustering Term Paper

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When it rejoins the cluster, it acquires resources in the normal way. In most cases, STOMITH operations are performed via smart power switches that are controlled through either a network or serial connection, which remove power from the errant node for a brief period of time.

The most appropriate method for avoiding split brain, resource-based fencing or STOMITH, depends upon… [read more]

Gender Inequality and Internet Term Paper

Term Paper  |  6 pages (1,772 words)
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Secondly, under-representation of women in more professional fields such as science, mathematics and computing also plays an important role in existing gender inequality in the cyberspace. Traditional roles assigned to women also influence their frequency and intensity of Internet usage. It is believed that a whole new perspective is needed to bridge this gap. Greater participation of females in professionally oriented degree programs can improve their representation on the Internet.


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11. The American Internet User Survey --…… [read more]

Computer Is a Device Essay

Essay  |  1 pages (333 words)
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Using computers can be another way to commit either larceny or fraud.

However, there are three new major classes of criminal activity created by computers:

unauthorized use of a computer, which might involve stealing a username and password, or might involve accessing the victim's computer via the Internet through a backdoor operated by a Trojan Horse program.

A creating or releasing a malicious computer program (e.g., computer virus, worm, Trojan Horse).

A harassment and stalking in cyberspace.


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23 Nov. 2003. http://www.rbs2.com/ccrime.htm.… [read more]

Information Technology Skills I Acquired Term Paper

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The list of technologies that emerged from American military research is endless, many of which are now common products, such as computer mouse, flat-screen displays, night-vision goggles, and satellite global positioning.

Since research funds started drying up after the Cold War, some defense experts predict that a major increase in U.S. government-sponsored research would reverse the decline in commercial spin-offs." (Freedburg, 1378) Without information systems, the U.S. military would still be blasting away at the landscape in a large-scale barrage of ammunition.

Navy Secretary Gordon England griped to his staff about the piles of paperwork on his desk and asked whether it could all be computerized. Everything needs to be computerized, properly organized and properly stated so that there is no guarantee of a mistake." (Loeb, 16) Perhaps this is why I am so interested in information technology.

Information technology is becoming the norm. Companies are developing new systems that cover the spectrum of business and provide IT answers to a number of problems. The Internet is becoming more integral to individual usage as well as to the operation of companies; the movement of information from one place to another is still a key to competitiveness and business advantage.

The trend for companies may be toward network systems that offer massive storage capabilities without the necessity for the company itself to house that storage. There are several companies that are pushing in this direction for both businesses and individuals. How well they do may depend on other developments in the industry, such as the development and implementation of systems with higher bandwidth.

After analyzing my experiences in the Navy and on the job, I have learned to take all the evidence before me and shape it into something meaningful and accurate. The solutions to problems in developing new information technology will require a trained workforce and I believe I can be of help.

I am seeking new knowledge obtained from my training and experiences in the Armed Forces, which will allow me to continue on and complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. This degree will then allow me to begin a new career in the civilian sector of information technology.

Works Cited

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Technologies Are Tested in Battle." The Washington Post. 26…… [read more]

Ethics of Discarded Computers Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,071 words)
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Moreover, the odor of burning plastic is so strong that classes at a nearby school are forced to close at times. Sixty percent of students and as many teachers cough and have breathing problems (Fackler 2002).

Villagers are becoming richer, however it is at the health of their neighbors as well as their own. This region now has an estimated 2,500 computer waste businesses. The majority of them are family owned, employing as many as 100,000 people, many of them are migrants from other parts of China. Where once they picked through pig bones and duck feathers, now they deal in integrated circuits, e-trash (Fackler 2002). Most villagers welcome the computer trash, even though it does poison their water and creates an unnatural, unsightly landscape of circuit boards and hard drives. The salvage businesses have meant employment for rural areas (Fackler 2002).

The National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center has indicated that recycling firms handled 275 million pounds of old computers in 1998. This accounts for only 11% of an estimated 20 million central processing units that became obsolete that year (Fackler 2002).

Mill's theory that the rightness or wrongness of an action is determined by its usefulness in bringing about the most happiness of all those affected by it, is somewhat taxed on this issue. However, this form of consequentialism can certainly be applied. Given the information above, it is all too apparent that man has again created a mess he can't clean up. Does man never learn from history, from past mistakes. We have yet another dilemma on our hands. What to do? Stop making new computers? That is hardly an option, given the industry new product growth and the insatiable appetite of the public to own the newest and fastest computer available. According to Mill, our consequence should be our answer. If we are creating more toxic waste for our planet, then our pleasure and desires should take the back seat. Perhaps the industry should limit new models to every other year or every three years. However, one could apply this to many consumer goods such as automobiles and appliances. Mill would insist on more data, from independent as well as private agencies to show the extract trail of e-trash and the consequences it brings to all involved. However, Mill advocated political and social reforms for the good of all. And surely this issue falls under this category.

Works Cited

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Internet Has Resulted Essay

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On another note, platforms such as Twitter and Quora have literally eliminated the need to carry out field research (The Next Web). Why spend a whole day physically distributing questionnaires when you can make a posting on Twitter and obtain responses from a wide range of participants; and then gather and poll the same without having to leave your apartment?

A few years back, one had to physically visit their favorite restaurant or food joint to pick up their food. Now, this is not the way 'Millennials' operate -- thanks to such apps as Foodler, Seamless Web, and Groundtub, all one has to do is pop into the service, sort through the list of restaurants subscribed to the same, make categories on the basis of price and food type, and make the order to have food delivered at the doorstep without having to leave the apartment (The Next Web). One could call it convenience, but then they need not question why obesity is becoming so serious a concern the world over.

On a different note, social media has made it so easy to stay in touch with friends and family. Why pick up your phone to check on a long-lost friend, yet you can make a quick posting on their Facebook wall (The Next Web)? Why bother leaving your apartment to attend a group discussion for a class assignment when you can coordinate the same on Forecast or Plancast (The Next Web)?

There is no doubt that the internet has made it easier and more convenient for individuals to go round the fixes of life. However, as the examples above depict, we may be getting so immersed in technology to the point that we forget 'how to live' quality lives. We may be bringing up a generation that is not only lazy, but also inclined to always find the easy way out.

Works Cited

Rampell, Catherine. "A Generation of Slackers? Not so Much." New York Times 29 May. 2011: WK3. Print.

The Next Web. "11 Ways Tech has Made Us Lazy." The Next Web Inc., 2011. Web.…… [read more]

Security Risks Associated With Mobile Essay

Essay  |  5 pages (1,654 words)
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5. How might artificial intelligence play a role in the evolution of the future Web?

The Web is always changing and evolving. What was common a year ago is not as common today, and there are drastic differences seen when several years are looked at in conjunction and comparison with one another. It is important, therefore, to continue to look ahead at what the Web might produce in the future, in order to be more prepared for it. One of the areas that should be more carefully explored is artificial intelligence, because it could play a role in the evolution of the Web as it is currently seen. This could take place through the massive amount of user-generated content that is currently seen on the Web. People write it now, but there is no reason that artificial intelligence could not be used to write it in the future. If that were to be the case, it would be possible for nearly anything to be written about in almost any capacity. Massive amounts of valuable content could be produced, and human writers would not be required. Whether artificial intelligence would be as good at the job would be something that would have to be studied, though.

Another way artificial intelligence can change the Web is through customer service. This could work well for something like the chat function many websites have for customers that need assistance and have to get a question answered. Using artificial intelligence to answer these types of questions and deal with common customer issues could be an excellent way to cut down on the number of employees needed to operate a business. It could save money in the long run, as long as customer satisfaction stayed high. If there were problems with the customers not getting the right help or information, adjustments would have to be made. With as quickly as artificial intelligence options are developing, though, it is likely that the technology could soon be used to help customers and to make sure quality…… [read more]

Value of Providing Access Essay

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One example of this would be a team of people who are all located in different parts of the country or the world using a service like Skype to collaborate on a project. This works very well for projects where everyone involved does not have to physically touch the project for it to be successful. Instead of each person showing up from nine to five, Monday through Friday, to work on something in the same room together, it is possible to pick the truly best people for the job no matter where they are located (Peters & Manz, 2007). Very large projects work well like this, because designers, writers, and other types of people can be hired from wherever they are, and they can simply work together by sharing ideas online. There is a great deal of value in that, since it does not restrict talent to a particular geographic area.

The idea of using virtual collaboration is not for every project, however. Some projects really do require people to be hands-on, and they all need to meet in the same room in order to have the right level of success with the project (Peters & Manz, 2007). That is a perfectly understandable issue for a number of projects, but many of them can be completed in other ways. By thinking outside the box, companies can often save a lot of money through virtual collaboration (Peters & Manz, 2007). There is no need to fly people back and forth for meetings, and no need to have all of them together for many (or all) of the components of the project. If their personalities clash, they live all over the world, or there are other reasons why they cannot work in the same room or do not…… [read more]

Mobile Telephony Security Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography  |  2 pages (580 words)
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22). Currently, Company Z. simply discards all internally generated paperwork concerning customer accounts and applications. Therefore, it is recommended that Company Z. improve its physical and environmental security by shredding all internal fax sheets and identification codes for telephony applications (Zirille, 2009). According to Zirille, "Some thieves, known in the trade as "dumpster divers," go through garbage dumpsters looking for such proprietary data" (2009l p. 22).

Company Z's security network is also deficient in virus detection and protections for its VoIP services, an issue that has assumed increased importance in recent years (Bagchi & Tang, 2004; van Burken, 2013). According to Panettieri (2009), "More than 100 viruses now target smart phones running mobile operating systems from Microsoft Corp., PalmSource Inc. And Research in Motion Ltd. To name a few" (p. 18). As an example of how such viruses could disrupt Company Z's operations, Panettieri cites the Cabir and Commwarrior worms that target mobile telephones. For instance, Panettieri advises, "Consider the Cabir worm, which targets mobile phones running Symbian OS and Nokia's Series 60 user interface. Once triggered, Cabir uses Bluetooth to send itself from one phone to another" (2009, p. 19). Likewise, the Commwarrior worm also uses Bluetooth and multimedia messaging service to achieve the same outcome that adversely affect network operations and consumer convenience (Panettieri, 2009). In addition, Unuth (2013) reports that, "VoIP is particularly vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, in which the attacker intercepts call-signaling SIP message traffic and masquerades as the calling party to the called party, or vice versa. Once the attacker has gained this position, he can hijack calls via a redirection server" para. 3). Other common types of security threats to… [read more]

Ethics and Computing in Computer Science Term Paper

Term Paper  |  5 pages (1,821 words)
Bibliography Sources: 3


And these giants can track anyone, such as voters, to enable them to approach him for their purposes. This is how they promote the industry and how privacy is being taken away. This is how they are turning the internet against democracy (McChesney)

These giants each have their continents and they are again out to colonize the un-chartered realm of the internet (McChesney). These few giants now monopolize the internet and to their sole advancement. They use their immense profits from the internet to assault the other continents They follow the authoritarian theory, which builds the power upon economic and political resources and advantage (McChesney).


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Window Security Implementation Research Proposal

Research Proposal  |  6 pages (1,851 words)
Bibliography Sources: 5


Moreover, the company should design enforcement policies to ensure that all employees who do not follow the company rules are punished.

Apart from the Window security policies that the company implements, the NextGard should also employ physical security policies to deter unauthorized access into the company IT department, and other department that may hold sensitive information. Moreover, the NextGard should display banners to display security information and remind all employees that they are obliged to protect the company information from unauthorized access. The banner should also remind employees about their security responsibilities. Using these strategies, the company should be able to protect its Window system from holes and vulnerabilities. (Popa, 2013).

Vulnerabilities of the Microsoft Windows are on the increase because the many organizations use the Microsoft Windows as their operating systems. Despite the wider use of the Microsoft Windows, the systems are still at risks of vulnerabilities. NextGard Technologies is currently envisaging upgrading and providing security to its Microsoft Windows. The proposal provides several Window security guidelines that the company should follow to enhance effective Window security. The paper identifies effective security policies that the employees should follow to prevent vulnerabilities into the company computer systems. The paper also suggests the use of cryptographic method using encryption and digital signature as effective Window security system. The paper also suggests the use of antivirus program against security threats such as virus, Trojan horse, and worms. More important, the proposal suggests the use of firewall to prevent an unauthorized traffic into the company network system.

The paper recommends that the company should carry out effective training program for both experienced and inexperienced employees. Moreover, the company should implement Microsoft Window audit using external IT expert to detect unauthorized access to the company information systems.


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Computer Forensics Computers Data Analysis Chapter

Data Analysis Chapter  |  4 pages (1,280 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 2


Computer Forensics

Computers and the associated dimension and craft of computer forensics has allowed for the collection for of direct and circumstantial evidence that was not possible or realizable before. However, now that the technical revolution is upon us, the evidence that can be extracted, even from things like damaged hard drives that people tried to destroy and the email/traffic logs of internet service providers (ISP's) has made it more and more difficult for people, criminals or not, to cover their tracks in the digital world. Two cases that exemplified the upsides and downsides of using digitally made and collected evidence were the trials of Casey Anthony and John Deutch. While the world of digital forensics works in great favor of the police and prosecuting attorneys, it is nto a panacea and can actually backfire or otherwise not work out for law enforcement and for a number of reasons.

The Casey Anthony Case

The Casey Anthony case achieved some of the notoriety largely not seen in the media and public spheres since the OJ Simpson case in the 1990's. Another similar case was the Scott Petersen murder case in which Scott Petersen was accused of murdering his life and dumping her off his fishing boat over the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately for the prosecutors of the Casey Anthony case, while the case against Casey was very much circumstantial like it was against Scott Petersen, the outcome ended up being against the prosecution unlike what turned out to be the case with Mr. Peterson, who was convicted. In the end, it was decided that too much reasonable doubt existed and thus Casey Anthony could not be convicted, not unlike what happened with George Zimmerman. No one doubted that Mr. Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin but the forensic evidence seemed to indicate that Zimmerman was being accosted by Martin at the time of the fatal shot, so the legal burden for murder or manslaughter could not be imposed against Zimmerman and there were no direct witnesses that could attest as to who the aggressor was at the time of the shot.

The case against Casey Anthony was much more ambiguous and hard to prove. There was the problem for Anthony of the cadaver dog finding a sent in a car trunk and the fact that the allegation against the strange woman turned out to have little to no evidence behind it. There was also Ms. Anthony's apparent ambivalence towards her responsibility as a parent in favor of living out the phrased tattooed on her body, "Bella Vita" which translates from Italian to "Beautiful Life" that she actually got while young Caylee Anthony was missing and several other circumstantial facts (Mann, 2011). The problem, and the reason Anthony got acquitted, is that the case was too circumstantial and while the digital forensics damned her, there was not a lot of physical forensics that proved anything, or at least did not prove that she was the person that perpetrated Caylee's death.

In the end, the inability… [read more]

Audit and Accountability Case Case Study

Case Study  |  6 pages (1,901 words)
Bibliography Sources: 6


Audit and Accountability Case Study

Researchers have discovered that spear phishing is the most common method used by sophisticated attackers to compromise highly value targets. Unlike classic phishing that uses a net casting approach, spear phishing employs social engineering mechanisms to create a targeted invitation to open an attachment or click on a link containing a message. Recipients who open… [read more]

Data Collection Includes Survey Form Term Paper

Term Paper  |  4 pages (1,446 words)
Bibliography Sources: 4


The awareness to legal and ethical considerations regarding the social media is also observed through statistical analysis of the results. The conclusion and recommendation will also base the survey results to analyzemost important aspects of the training required by law enforcement agencies (Fresenko, 2010).

Question 3:

Role of Social media's in spreading lawlessness: Case study of London Riots in 2011.… [read more]

Information System for the Chicago Police Department Essay

Essay  |  3 pages (1,043 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


¶ … information system employed by the Chicago Police Department. It examines a large number of technologies that the Chicago Police Department implements. This study assesses and analyzes the information technology needs of the Chicago Police Department. It explores a recommendation for the Chicago Police Department to grow and meet new information system requirements.

Needs Assessment & Analysis

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) employs a large number of technologies. According to CPD (2007), the CPD "is recognized as an international leader for its use of technology." The CPD (2007) reported, "Today [2007]the Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting suite of applications (CLEAR), remains the largest transaction police database in the nation."

The Chicago Police Department Information Services Division release a 2007 Technology Update to describe its the information systems and applications employed by the police department. Some of these information technologies, referred to as the 2007 Technology Bundle hereafter, included the following: Advanced License Plate Readers (ALPRs), Automated Incident Reporting Applications (AIRA), Blackberry Devices, CLEAR-Tip, CLEAR-Map, Crime Scene Reporting, District Intelligence Bulletin System (DIBS), Enhanced Name Check, in-Car Cameras and Video. The CPD (2007) describes each of these technologies.

• ALPRs represent " a new server software application [that allows] the mapping and tracking of read plates through the Department intranet (CPD, 2007)." The ALPR assisted officers "in recovering more than 658 stolen vehicles and making 292 arrests [within nine months]."

• the AIRA allows "all data entered by an officer [to go] directly to the Automated Arrest Database."

• "The new Blackberry devices allow enhanced capability for (I-CLEAR) searches [and] advanced mug shot look-ups."

• "The CLEARTip application records and shares crime information tips" the application "saves Detectives from having to sort through paper work while trying to correct information."

• "CLEAR-Map integrates alerts into a comprehensive new public crime mapping tool that also provides the ability to search for crimes and crime alerts by address, beat, park, and save community area."

• "The Crime Scene Reporting application automates paper crime scene reports for the Chicago Police Forensic Services Division."

• "The District Intelligence Bulletins System (DIBS) is a web-based application that utilizes various data sources to provide an enforcement road map, including District-based intelligence that assists in enforcement citation."

• "The Enhanced Name Check system goes beyond standard have check features and provide an automated search for: Arrests, Warrants-both Adult and Juvenile, Investigative Alerts, Sex Offender Database entry and Missing Persons."

• in 2007, the Department planned to "install in-car cameras into an additional 280 squad cars, at a cost of $2.2 million."

B. Needs

The CPD has the following needs.

• Current technologies, deployed by the CPD assert a high level of effectiveness. Expect the CPD to maintain and continue to enhance the 2007 Technology Bundle.

• Expect an increase in the availability of hardware devices. For example the Santa Barbara Police Department, "utilizes 150 desktop PCs, 6 notebooks, 47 mobile data computers, 16 handheld parking computers, 32 laser printers, and a myriad of other peripheral… [read more]

Entomology of Village Life Essay

Essay  |  15 pages (4,732 words)
Bibliography Sources: 11


¶ … Entomology of Village Life," there are different characters who are friends. There is Buddy and Colin who are great friends. Colin and Buddy encountered a scenario that made them witnesses in the essay. The two wanted to spend some time together and as the routine was, Buddy had come for Colin. Buddy would go to Colin's place, make… [read more]

Internet Protocols Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (631 words)
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Telnet is a powerful and useful internet protocol that makes very good use of the power of technology. Remoteness is a key component of Telnet protocol as this system of programming allows the user to log in to any computer just as if you were at that physical location of the actual computer being accessed. This type of protocol usually requires special kinds of software to make full use of this method.


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) are related but differing protocols that are often associated with one another. These protocols are often "stacked" together to carry out specific tasks. TCP / IP is used to refer to groups or suites of sub-protocols that work together put perform different tasks. IP is used to route information to proper web addresses as TCP is used for creating packets of information that is used by IP processes to eventually move it.


There are many more protocols that are being developed routinely which will soon outdate and make these systems mention above obsolete. Protocols themselves are simply laws and rules that act for specific functions. When these specific computing functions themselves become obsolete, the protocol associated with that function will most likely fade as well. Opposite to that fact is the idea that protocols will always be needed to help explore the potentials of the interconnectivity that the internet provides.

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Works Cited… [read more]

Internet Information Quality Whitehouse.gov Research Paper

Research Paper  |  2 pages (536 words)
Bibliography Sources: 1+


Instead, a more reasonable approach is to understand the quality and ways of looking at source material for the appropriateness of use based on the subject matter. There is no absolute "right" way of handling every situation that occurs, instead, it depends on the level of depth, the quality of research needed, and who writes the article. When one gets to more advanced levels, secondary source material should be used only as a research review -- looking at primary sources (original documents and/or new research studies) are the norm, with the expert interpreting those sources. Not all reference materials are created equally, however, and one needs to view them in the same manner as other source: credibility of author, publisher, and sense of time (when written and for what audience), as well as a greater basic understanding of the topic (See: Sanchez, et al. (2006; Harris, 2007).

Part IV -- Formulate a search report on arthritis drugs and clinical trials. Must the manufacturer disclose the side effects to potential patients:

A) Arthritis drugs clinical trials "FDA approval criteria"

B) FDA approval and public disclosure

VI. Verifying Case Law

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On Learning Sciences. International Society of the Learning Sciences. 662-666. Retrieved from: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1150130… [read more]

Smartphones and Tablets Research Paper

Research Paper  |  8 pages (2,484 words)
Bibliography Sources: 8


Smartphone and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

History of Technology


Desktop PC

Cell phones


Smartphone and Tablets

Advantages of Smartphone and Tablets in Private and Government Organizations

Communication Options

Web Everywhere

Device Merger

Endless Applications

Disadvantages of Smartphone and Tablets in Private and Government Organizations





Improved Capability and Mobility

The technological advancements have caused the… [read more]

FCC Broadband Essay

Essay  |  8 pages (2,179 words)
Style: APA  |  Bibliography Sources: 8


Other advertisements rate broadband speeds as "up to" a certain speed. However, many organizations have found that the speeds advertised in this ploy are virtually never available to the consumer. As a consequence this serves as a form of price discrimination as consumers do not receive what they are paying for.

Figure 1 - Distribution of users by actual broadband speed (Anderson, 2010)


The stakes are very high in this ongoing debate because of the internets value to individuals and society in general. The internet is becoming more ubiquitous and a wide range of special uses regarding areas ranging from political, social, economic, entertainment, and many others. The internet can be used as a major tool in nearly every aspect of life. Therefore, the control over this technology has the potential to serve as one of the most important social issues of the future. By keeping the technology neutral it will allow for more innovation because nearly anyone can compete with larger market players. However, if companies are allowed preferential treatment in regards to consumer access then this well un-level the playing field. Large corporations will be able to get preferential status boosting them to the top of the list.

Furthermore, this also stands the potential to have profound impacts on other aspects of society. Imagine if such a system was implemented in regards to political parties and had preferential treatment in promoting different candidates. If political groups became the main funding of an ISP channel they could further rig the already money driven political process and inhibit democracy. Therefore many groups have strongly advocated that net needs to stay neutral for far more pervasive reasons than simply the price structure. Giving corporations control over such a platform skew inequality in the U.S. society even further.

Corporations have argued that creating a more fair pricing structure in terms of usage would allow them to further develop markets which would provide a greater incentive for innovation. However, this argument has a fundamental flaw in the fact that if these companies had already had a substantially deregulated environment and the proof of the inefficiencies of this system lie in the fact that the U.S. rates relatively poorly compared to other countries. It is likely that greater control of this technology will allow companies to circumvent the competition on the internet allowing them to virtually maintain their dominance rather than spur further innovation.

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Internet Rulings, Laws and Regulations Essay

Essay  |  2 pages (733 words)
Bibliography Sources: 2


A good example is cookies, which enable the user to recall his or her shopping cart as he or she moves from page to page on the site. Other are those cookies used in counting visitors to a website and serving advertisements, consent is required. The U.S. data Protection Act and the amended U.S. Internet regulations have failed to provide a definition to the term 'consent'. However, the Directive on Data Protection defines consent as any informed or freely given indication of her or his wish. The U.S. data Protection Act has effectively implemented this directive (Brown, Warner, & Portman, 2010).

The requirement on consent is subject of debates since the publication of the revised directive on E-privacy. Protection regulators, the federal government of America, and other authorities across EU members' states have aired their conflicting perspectives on how the requirement on consent should be practiced. These authorities have voiced differing opinions on whether consent should be given before placing cookies. It has been challenging to see prior consent complying with the details of the U.S. Internet regulations. Informed consent can only be achieved if prior information regarding the purpose and the sending of cookies is provided to the user (Brown, Warner, & Portman, 2010).

Before the publication of the new Internet regulations, the Commission in charge of information published guidelines on when and how people can give consent. The guidelines have provided different methods of obtaining consent; it has not provided definitive guidelines on how compliance can be achieved. It has left it to organizations and businesses to revise their application of cookies and develop ways of obtaining necessary consent. The American federal government has failed to rule out the usage of browser settings in achieving future compliance. A working team has been set up by the government comprising of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla to come up with technical solutions. For now, businesses and organizations have been advised to use other means in obtaining consent (Smith, 2011).


Brown, D.W., Warner, R.E., & Portman, J. (2010). The California landlord's law book: Rights & responsibilities. Berkeley, CA: Nolo.

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