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Friends Describe You? Research Proposal

… ¶ … friends describe you? Do you agree or disagree? Why/Why not?

If you want a friend who will tell you that the sun is shining when the sky is dark, do not solicit my opinion. If you want a friend who always agrees with you, whether you are right or wrong, I am not your ideal confidant. However, if you want strength, support, and unswerving determination, I will be there for you, and not just in fair weather.

Here are some of the adjectives often used to describe me: opinionated, an over-achiever, dynamic, independent, and a natural leader. I have lived in many different countries over the course of my life, yet these words have emerged again and again in the character studies of friends and acquaintances who have tried to encapsulate my character in words.

I was born in Korea but have traveled and lived all over the world. My need to adapt to new environments has made me resilient and tolerant yet also unafraid of what others think. I emerged from my wanderer's life fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English and the cultures of Asia and North America. I am familiar with many different ways of life but have always had the instinctive knowledge of how to preserve my essential sense of self. I think that is why my early career focused on the fashion industry: the idea of holding true to one's personal style yet constantly having to reinvent one's image fascinated me.

Perhaps not surprisingly, given my career in fashion, I have also been described as a perfectionist -- to realize a creative vision requires nothing…… [read more]

Causal Analysis Argument About the Media Essay

… Media Influence: Gender-bending, Fashion-Spoofing, On the Streets and in the Elite Malls of California

The interactive web feature is entitled 'Street Fashion,' and is a catalogue of teen and twentysomething images, as encapsulated by a wandering L.A. Times photographer. Twenty-one-year-old USC student Ja'Lon Johnson beams at the camera. He is wearing a Forever 21 necklace and Diesel jeans. Such a look, proudly sported by this young man, would never have been celebrated twenty, even ten years ago. Because of the greater ubiquity of fashion and the democratization of fame through the Internet, modern identity has become more plastic, more shape-shifting than ever before.

Firstly, the nature of the feature shows the degree to which the Internet has made fame accessible to many people, simply on the basis of their appearance. To retain readership of their newspapers, many traditional content sources such as the L.A. Times are introducing online features, such as "Street Fashion." This segment focuses on impromptu shots of ordinary Californians in various self-designed ensembles. The feature reflects the belief that anyone can be a celebrity and worthy of news attention, provided they dress like one, and also shows the modern fascination with fashion in general amongst all segments of society, young and old, male and female, gay and straight, white and non-white. As instantaneous fame is more accessible than every before, more and more people are 'dressing the part' in hopes of being discovered by a passing cameraman.

Forever 21 is a fashion store that focuses on young girls. But Johnson wears a necklace from the store proudly. This shows the gender-bending embraced by twentysomethings today. Fashion is about not accepting gender labels, or being confined by style. The media's embrace of more flexible sexual norms, and allowance for a greater range of masculine types is shown in Johnson's love of Forever 21. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy made feminine fashion for males acceptable, even for straight 'metrosexuals' (Coleman 2005). After the airing of the show: "Entertainment syndicate Zap2it reported that The Fab 5 had a profound affect on the nation's shopping habits. According to a retail industry poll, men were now 50% more likely to go shopping following a new episode of Queer Eye than on other days of the week' (Dossi 2004, p.2).

The inexpensive Forever 21 necklace paired with the pricy Diesel jeans shows how expensive jeans are another 'trend' and the merging of high and low culture as manifested in Johnson's ensemble. Only in a media-driven culture could expensive blue jeans become a hot commodity, and command prices once reserved for formal wear. Only with the media assurance that it was cool to blend expensive and inexpensive and male and female together would Johnson's ensemble seem hip rather than square. Expensive jeans are an affordable luxury -- a luxury that is perhaps ideally suited for advertising today. Jean brands convey images that can be sold online to captive young viewers like Johnson. "Luxury brands apparently need to create high-priced anchor items in order… [read more]

Product Decisions Pricing Strategies and Distribution Channels Thesis

… Product Decisions, Pricing Strategies, And Distribution Channels

"Avon calling China:" Avon's marketing and launch in the Chinese market

The Avon Corporation is one of the oldest purveyors of makeup in the world. The familiarity of the slogan 'Avon calling' and… [read more]

Cosmetology Code of Ethics Essay

… Cosmetology Code of Ethics

Cosmetology is a profession that most Americans are familiar with. If you've gone to a hair salon or barber shop and had your hair cut, then you've been under the care of a cosmetologist. However, cosmetology goes beyond simply hair care and includes complete body care. Skin care, nail care, spa services, styling, and even fashion all fall under the auspices of cosmetology ("You have," n.d.). The fact that cosmetology centers on the very subjective concept of beauty is what draws me to this arena. By undertaking this critique, I hope to better understand how the complex topic of ethics interrelates with such a subjective field.

Moral Issues Prevalent in Cosmetology:

There are a variety of moral issues prevalent in the field of cosmetology. One of the most common is the need for licensing for people performing cosmetology services on friends and family. Perhaps the person performing the services was formerly trained, but is either no longer licensed or never obtained their license. In this specific moral quandary, the person likely isn't being paid for their services, so the ethical challenges of paying the appropriate taxes is not a consideration. Instead, the person providing the cosmetology services is operating outside of the laws and regulations established in their state, which is the basis of the moral issue.

Another moral issue that frequently appears in cosmetology is a licensed cosmetologist performing services from her or other's homes, as opposed to a licensed salon. Given that many cosmetology services can be performed with few implements, the temptation to have a client come to the cosmetologist's home, or for the cosmetologist to travel to the client's home, is strong. Again, this leads to the services being performed outside the control of the regulations and laws of the state, plus can add to the taxation ethical challenges of cosmetologists being paid 'under the table'.

Maintaining the health and safety of clients is another moral issue cosmetologists must contend with. Communicable diseases can be transferred through many cosmetology practices, including fatal diseases like HIV / AIDS. For this reason, sterilization, sanitation, and knowledge of skin and scalp diseases are imperative for cosmetologists.

Moral Principles Reflected in the Code:

Looking at Florida's Regulation of Professions and Occupations, Chapter 477 Cosmetology the moral principles reflected in this code become clear. The primary purpose of the code is to protect the interest of public health, where cosmetology is concerned. The code seeks "to protect the public from significant and discernible danger to health" ("477.012," 2009).

In response to the moral issue of maintaining client health, even providers of services as simple as hair braiding must complete state mandated training regarding communicable diseases and disorders. Cosmetologists are required to take board approved classes concerning education in communicable diseases, includnig HIV / AIDS, sterilization, sanitation, and diseases and disorders of the skin and scalp ("477.0132," 2009). As clients place their health into the hands of the cosmetologist, this regulation is considerable.

Where cosmetology services can be… [read more]

Commodity Chain Thesis

… Commodity Chain -- Carpets in North York, Toronto

In this era of rapid change, more and more home owners choose hardwood floors and some of them prefer to leave these floors uncovered and no longer purchase carpets. The situation may… [read more]

Blue Jean Research Proposal

… ¶ … social or cultural significance as Davis presumes, most people wear jeans simply for comfort and budgetary reasons. Blue jeans seem synonymous with youth, vitality, and style, but that was not always the case. At their roots, jeans were "working men's" clothing, signifying the working class, hard work, and good value. Today, jeans may be a status symbol for some, but for most of the world, they are affordable, comfortable, and just make sense for day-to-day living.

Sometimes, people simply read too much into a work, whether it is a piece of fiction or an article of clothing. Learned individuals must root into the origins of a work, attempting to delve into the mind of the manufacturer, whether it is Edgar Allen Poe or Levi Strauss. Often, these individuals create alternative meanings, reasoning, and purpose in a work, dissecting it down to its very warp and weft, leaving no stone unturned to find out just what the sociological and societal ramifications of the piece can actually be. Sometimes, they think too much, and add too much meaning to a simple, straightforward item. That seems to be the case with Davis' assessment of blue jeans. While designer jeans certainly have become a status symbol for many, they are out of reach for a majority of people around the world, and yet, many of those people wear jeans. For example, in the film God Grew Tired of Us, which tells the story of some of the Lost Boys of Kenya, when the boys arrived in the United States, many of them were wearing blue jeans donated by relief organizations. The boys wore them because they were donated, of course, but also because they represented comfort and utility at a time when they needed both. They wore them in the camp in Kenya where they waited to begin their new lives, as well. Watch any Discovery Channel or National Geographic production, and you will certainly see natives of Third World countries wearing jeans, as well. This is not because they want to be trendy or stylish, but because the clothing is affordable, comfortable, and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently. Jeans have certainly risen in status and stature around the world, but for the majority of people, jeans simply make good sense.

Davis follows the history of jean use through their rise in popularity in the 1960s, and indicates for the most part, the fringes of society adopted them throughout the 30s through the 50s. He notes, "All of these groups (each in its own way, of course) stood strongly in opposition to the dominant conservative, middle-class, consumer-oriented culture of American society" (Davis 103). What Davis overlooks here is that each of these groups is also economically challenged, and they may not oppose that "consumer-oriented culture," they may just not be able to participate in it during their present circumstances. Davis seems to have to put a "spin" on jeans that matches his own perceptions of what they mean to… [read more]

Guess Jeans, Liz Claiborne Fragrances, and Obsession Essay

… ¶ … Guess Jeans, Liz Claiborne fragrances, and Obsession cologne, including favorite and least favorite ads in this group. Each of these ads uses a different formula to make their items more appealing and attractive. Each of these ads illustrates the different markets these products are attempting to attract, and what type of consumer they are looking for. These consumers are young, concerned about their appearance and their fashion statements, and they want the lifestyle these ads suggest.

My favorite ads in the group were the Calvin Kline ads, which were photographed and lighted brilliantly, and gave the entire impression of youth, health, and sexuality. All of the colognes, including Obsession, were shown in dramatic lighting, and even the shape of the bottles suggests sex and male/female relationships. The sometimes color and sometimes black-and-white ads are startling, especially because of that dramatic lighting, making the people seem larger than life, and of course, perfect in every say. The implication is that you too can be perfect if you only use Obsession, which is the point, but the dramatic way they view their products is very attractive and compelling at the same time.

In the middle were the Guess Jeans ads. They use the same premise, sex, as Calvin Kline, but they are much more overt with it. The shots of jeans are usually shot from the back, with the butt the prominent feature, (the only feature, really), and some of the other fashions are blatantly sexual, as well. These are clearly the fashions to "be" seen in, and the women's fashions, especially, are extremely trendy and part of what makes the "in-crowd" so hip and fashionista. It is interesting to note that none of these products relies on professional endorsements; rather, their main points are sex, sex, sex. It is clear you don't need a professional for that, you need attractive models who show off the clothing to its best advantage and…… [read more]

Clothes Make the Man' Would You Trust Essay

… Clothes make the man'

Would you trust a soldier with a stained uniform, long hair carelessly tucked in his hat, or a doctor with dirty fingernails? What about a lawyer who came to court in jeans? Of course, none of us like to say that 'clothes make the man or woman,' and we want to affirm that 'beauty is only skin deep.' But clothing is also a medium of communication, and people must take some consideration of the impact of their attire upon the confidence of the people they serve and meet.

Of course, physical beauty, and the appearance of an individual in terms of their race, religion or ethnicity should not determine whether they are seen as competent. But it is a sign of a lack of respect not to dress appropriately for an occasion. Wearing jeans to a formal wedding draws attention from the happy couple, and puts all the focus on the disrespectful individual, trying to be 'individualistic.'

Dressing for a job interview in a suit shows that the prospective candidate knows the job entails certain professional responsibilities and competencies. No, the person who can afford the most expensive interview suit should not get the job, or even the person who fashionably matches his or her shoes with the most flair. I might hire…… [read more]

Disneyland the Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society Term Paper

… Disneyland the fading premise of Disneyland: The Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society

Postmodern society is frequently accused of being rife with spectacle. The modern assimilation of sensationalism, mediatisation and commercialism combines to create a society in which… [read more]

Art Analysis of an Advertisement: Our African Term Paper

… Art

Analysis of an Advertisement:

Our African Identity is Gwyneth Paltrow's African Identity

Denotative Description:

Advertisements make us of a wide range of visual techniques in an attempt to create an atmosphere and convey a message. The representation at hand… [read more]

Consumers Attitudes Towards the Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion Speed Term Paper

… Consumers' Attitudes towards the Environmental impact of Fast Fashion

Attitudes towards the environmental impact of Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion and the environment

Customer awareness

The issue of fast or quick fashion and the impact that this phenomenon has on the… [read more]

Hennes and Mauritz Term Paper

… Hennes & Mauritz Case Study

The many marketing challenges of competing as a clothing retailer in multiple nations has forced Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to take a customer- and cost-centred approach to managing their marketing, cost, supply chain, and production… [read more]

Betsey Johnson Term Paper

… Betsey Johnson has been a leading influence in the fashion industry for decades. Having won the Coty award at the youngest age of any designer ("Betsey Roars"), it is not surprising that the Betsey Johnson label is one of today's hottest fashion names. Part of their success has been their effective positioning in the marketplace.

Betsey Johnson has positioned itself as a provider of women's fashion items ranging from apparel to home decor items. The organization not only provides high fashion clothing items, but also has licensed products in ten categories. These categories include: lingerie, shoes, belts, handbags, cold weather accessories, swimwear, jewelry, fragrance, home decor items, ophthalmic eyewear, and sunwear for the eyes.

As Johnson stated in 2003, when the company began their licensing endeavors, "I always thought licensing was important, but it has to be done right. People who like my clothes are going to want more products from the same label. It goes with their lifestyle. The licenses should feed off each other so that your customer has many choices" (qtd. "Betsey Roars"). This licensing is an integral part of their market positioning.

Visual continuity of the brand across all product categories is quite evident. The Betsey Johnson line reflects the designer's exuberance, with her embellished and over the top creations ("Biography"). There is a sense of fun in all of her designs. From frilly dresses to leopard print tights to the packaging of the pink topped vintage art deco fragrance, the Betsey Johnson brand is energetic, unique and definitely girlie.

The Betsey Johnson website is divided into their primary categories of goods: clothing, accessories, jewelry, and handbags. From there, website users can find subcategories of the Betsey Johnson product line. From the site's homepage, these categories are easily accessible; however, the primary advertisement is for the most recent collection, with smaller nods to what Betsey Johnson outfits celebrities are currently wearing, a link to their evening wear dresses, and a current t-shirt that can be purchased in support of breast cancer.

Clearly promotion of the upcoming line is the most important facet for the organization. However, instead of showing some of the gorgeous "Prom" theme dresses on this main page, there is a large picture of Johnson herself, with the words, "Spring 2008 Collection - Check it out now" lightly phasing in and out ("Betsey Johnson"). The picture is so prominent and not really relevant, combined with the pastel words quietly slipping in and out, it becomes likely that visitors won't even see this important promotion.

As mentioned, the advertising for each product category is reliant upon simple category listings along the top of the page. Despite their…… [read more]

Textiles Influence on Architecture Term Paper

… Textiles Influence on Architecture

The objective of this work is to discuss the important influences and effects that textiles have had in architecture and how architecture continues to be influenced or 'woven' by such design.

Gottfried Semper was among the most outstanding architects during his day. The work of Egenter (nd) states that Semper "...globally documented one basic paradigm: the fact that fibrous and perishable materials are widely found in art and architecture related to durable materials, mostly as texture ('incrustation' principle) or structurally. When one investigates the similarities that exist between the art of weaving and the pursuit of architecture, one is able to see the concepts as they overlap. Anni Albers, a weaver states that: "Surface quality of material, that is matiere, being mainly a quality of appearance, is an aesthetic quality and therefore a medium of the artists; while quality of inner structure is, above all, a matter of function and therefore the concern of the scientist and engineer. Sometimes material surface together with material structure are the best components of a work; in textile works for instance, specifically in weavings or, on another scale, in the works of architecture." (Anni Alberts, on Weaving (Middletown Connecticuit: Wesleyan University Press, 1965)


The work entitled: "Weaving as an Analogy for Architectural Design" states that the "history of textile use in architecture is broad." (nd) Most visibly used today is a woven material known as tensile membrane structures. This work states that "for a textile to exist as a cohesive work, all the individual yarns and varying patterns must be bound together in a synergistic and integrated whole." (nd) Traditionally textiles were derived from fabric, clay, wood, stone and metal and were used to fashion carpets, rugs, flags, curtains, mosaics, tiles, brickwork, decorative wood panels, marble, roofing tiles, curtain wall, and articulated metal structures. Kinnane (2005) states that: "Any review of modern day tectonic theory is surely incomplete without an in-depth review of the work and ideas of Gottfried Semper. Semper viewed "the history of architecture as a process of symbolic and formal development." (Kinnane, 2005)


Kinnane states that: "The two parts of Semper's theory are "first the notion that architecture derives its essential forms from four primordial or original motives found in the technical arts of ceramics, roofing (carpentry) moulding (terracing and masonry), and weaving (walling)" (Kinnane, 2005) the second is his dressing theory; that the textile motive for the wall underwent an intricate process of formal development, as the conceptual rudiments of weaving evolved into textile wall hangings and later into solid wall dressings that emulated in style their original textile design." (Kinnane, 2005) Frampton is said to have introduced the notion of 'tectonic', which is 'derived from the Greek tekton, meaning carpenter or builder.

Gottfried Semper proposed his theory known as "The Four Elements of Architecture" in 1851. This theory states that the formative motives: the hearth, the wall, the mound, and the roof were the four motives and that… [read more]

Current Event on USA Today Term Paper

… Current Event

Singer, Natasha. "Should You Trust Your Makeup?" The New York Times.

This article "Should you trust your makeup" by Natasha Singer in the New York Times questions the validity of current federal standards regarding beauty products. The European Union and California already have stricter standards regarding levels of toxic chemicals in makeup and skin creams. California requires cosmetics companies to tell state health authorities if a product contains any chemical on several government lists of possible cancer-causing agents or substances that may harm the reproductive system. The bill was passed in the hopes that hope that manufacturers might voluntarily eliminate suspect ingredients from cosmetics, even in trace amounts. This is controversial because no studies exist that conclusively prove that the substances under scrutiny in these cosmetics are linked to disease, although some small case reports published in medical journals suggest that a few substances used in cosmetics may affect hormone function in humans.

Most of the substances are in…… [read more]

Apparel Industry Term Paper

… Apparel Industry

On the first of October 2001, the North American Industry Classification System defined apparel as belonging to the Manufacturing Industry under the code 315. The apparel industry was then delimited into eight subcategories, based on the particular types… [read more]

Diesel and Benetton Advertising Term Paper

… Diesel/Benetton

Diesel vs. Benetton -- the selling of an image (which may require purchasing some expensive clothing to achieve)

On a purely functional level, clothing is a basic necessity, just like food and shelter. But very much like these commodities,… [read more]

Art Design: Minimalism Term Paper

… Art Design: Minimalism

The objective of this work is to research and examine "interiors and minimalism" and to answer the questions of:

How it would create a new direction in the interior design field?;

How interior design and minimalism will… [read more]

Marketing Retail Store Visit Term Paper

… Marketing Retail Store Visit


Evaluation Criteria

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and includes several different retail formats: discount stores, supercenters, neighbourhood markets or Sam's Club. The visit was made at one of the numerous discount stores, operating on an average surface of 100,000 square feet, in the city's outskirts. The location was picked so as to benefit from a wider parking area and to increase the number of potential customers for the store. The Internet was not necessarily a key factor in promotion and sales strategies, but the shop did benefit from the general Wal-Mart approach to e-shopping, including online shopping at the capacity to track one's orders online. One of the main characteristic of any Wal-Mart store is the ability to deliver a wide range of merchandise at a consistently low price. Discount retailing was the main function of the visited store. In this sense, the targeted market segment resided mainly, in terms of revenue, on the category of consumers with incomes up to $60,000 a year. Generally, the targeted category of consumers included middle-aged individuals (age perspective), with a high school degree (educational perspective). The unique competitive positioning of the store is based on the company's uniqueness: the ability to offer low-priced quality without prejudicing customer satisfaction.

2. Products/Merchandise

The store includes a varied range of merchandise, such as garden items, automotive-related products, electronics and computer systems, home furnishings, family apparel and sporting goods. The quality of products has been influenced by the tendency to provide most of the store's supply from China, where the labor costs are much lower than in the U.S. Nevertheless, a decrease in product quality due to an increased emphasis on price influence has been noticed. In this sense, the examined store has chosen to provide, first of all, its consumers with low-priced products and concern itself with quality later. As any Wal-Mart store, the analyzed store has chosen to offer "generic brands," cheaper alternatives to name brand products. This has concluded with good results on the targeted market segment.

3. Pricing

Wal-Mart stores have spread the idea of managing to offer high quality-high priced products. As previously shown, this is rather impossible in the competitive economic environment of today. The Wal-Mart store has decided to choose a low-priced - medium/low quality policy instead, opting for heavy Chinese supplying. For the targeted market segment, this is a policy that may have significant chances of success in the future as well.

4. Promotion/Presentation

The store relies greatly on the actual presentation of merchandise within the store rather than on getting to know store brands to other customers. As such, the Wal-Mart store boasted wide aisles, allowing for the larger carriers to get around, as well as a good lighting of products on the shelf. The products were arranged on the shelf with the most advantageous ones at eye-level. Special sales were generously marked, both in the brochure found at the entrance of the store and inside the store itself,… [read more]

Oscars Traditionally, the Oscars Have Been Seen Term Paper

… Oscars

Traditionally, the Oscars have been seen as the awards show to watch. Receiving an Oscar used to mean that the actor, director, etc., was at the top of his or her form and that there was no one better. However, there have been concerns of late that some of what the Oscars provide is simply a show - Hollywood glitz and glamour, but no actual test of talent and work that has gone into a project. Some of this undoubtedly comes from four different areas of the Oscars - the host, the clothes, the freebies, and what happens behind the scenes. All four of them will be discussed here in an effort to show that the Oscars have strayed far away from what they used to be, which was a wholesome if somewhat glamorous show, and into the realm of 'reality TV.'

The Host

The host for the Oscars this year was Chris Rock, a frequently R- and X-rated comedian (Harwood, 2005). Shortly before he was asked to host the production, Rock stated comments such as the fact that Jennifer Lopez's behind was so large that she would need an extra limousine for it, and that the Oscars were only a fashion show (Harwood, 2005; Chris, 2005). While the comment about Lopez may have been offensive, the idea of the Oscars as being nothing more than a fashion show may ring truer than many individuals that are associated with it would like. However, Rock still agreed to host the Oscars, even after all of the derogatory comments that he made about them.

Previous hosts such as Billy Crystal were very family-oriented in most of the material that they presented, and many of the jokes that they used were somewhat tired, not on the cutting edge of what is appropriate or not, such as the jokes that Rock uses in most of the stand-up material he works with (Harwood, 2005). The idea of getting Chris Rock to host the Oscars came from the idea that most people were getting tired of seeing the same old thing and that the ratings for the show were beginning to slip. It was hoped that something fresh and new, such as Rock, would allow for a boost to the ratings and therefore put the Oscar show back on its feet once again.

The joke largely ended up being on the executives at the network, however, because many of the public statements that Rock made about the Oscars before the show were very rude and not in favor of the 'glad-handing' that the show often indicates (Harwood, 2005). Another issue significant to note about Rock was that, although he generally kept his language clean during the Oscars, he still managed to offend many people, and those people may not watch the Oscars again, which could hurt its sagging ratings even more (Garron, 2005). Despite this, though, Chris Rock is not really the largest issue when it comes to the Oscars. The biggest issue, at least… [read more]

People and Styles of Dress Term Paper

… For example, many people believe that the business suit functions as a magic amulet that protects them during the rite of passage to a new role as an executive (Solomon Pp). In fact dressing for success "spawned an entire industry devoted to providing the workforce with appropriate sartorial symbols and a heightened awareness of the power of clothing to influence outcomes in all types of settings" (Solomon Pp). Solomon points out that while "fashion has always meant personal expression, esthetics and, above all, constant change, the new emphasis upon strategic business clothing emphasizes conformity, rigidity and continuity" (Solomon Pp).

However, regardless of the research, many major American corporations are instituting dress-down policies (Henricks Pp). Even in Japan, one of the most conservative business climates on earth, colored shirts, plaid trousers and even sneakers are now being worn in corporate offices (Henricks Pp). And corporations that have adopted casual dress codes report positive results, such as better morale and improved customer relations (Henricks Pp).

(Johnson pp).

Laurie Ouellette points out that the "Scots and Irish were forbidden to wear the kilt by their English conquerors because it was seen as a potent symbol of Celtic identity' (Ouellette Pp).

Recently, Virginia lawmakers tried to pass legislation to impose a $50 fine on anyone who wore their pants so that their underwear is visible, however, the bill was killed by two days later (Johnson Pp). The punk style of today, such as the bookstore guys, "can be seen as a ferocious attack on 'normal' standards of beauty" (Ouellette Pp).

Work Cited

Ouellette, Laurie. "Cracking the dress code."

Women's Review of Books; 5/1/1994; Pp.

Henricks, Mark. "Informal wear: does dressing down send productivity up?"

Entrepreneur; 1/1/1996; Pp.

Johnson-Elie, Tannette. "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Tannette Johnson-Elie column." The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; 2/16/2005;Pp

Solomon, Michael R. "Dress for effect; Paris creations, power suits or punk put-

ons, your style affects both you and your public."…… [read more]

Prim and Proper to Provocative Term Paper

… Conde Nast Publications is an integrated network of magazines that work together to drive income for the company. Sarah Chubb runs Vogue with the help of Goli Sheikholeslami, Senior Vice President and General Manager. They receive guidance and instructions from management of the publication group. According to Suzanne Grimes, Vice President, Conde Nast Media Group,

The overall objective is to drive ad revenue for the company, but to do so in a way that differentiates us from the other big publishers in town ... [the publications should impact advertisers with a] meaningful, measurable contribution to their business objectives. (Grimes, 2004, p. 74)

Driving revenues for the company has proven very successful as circulation numbers increase not just in Vogue but in other Conde Nast Publication magazines. With an average of more than 1.5 million copies sold per issue, Vogue is one of the preeminent magazines not just in the beauty and fashion niche but in the magazine industry as a whole.

A search of the internet and related databases reveals some interesting things about Vogue magazine or at least about what information the company wants to keep private. One of the most obvious points is the lack of information about the company and its key executives. However, circulation information is obtainable revealing that the company generates annual revenue of more than $75 million in just magazine sales alone not counting the revenue generated from selling advertisement space in the pages of the publication.

As a workplace, Vogue is a progressive and family sensitive organization with a wide variety of employee circumstances to consider. Some of the flexibility that employees enjoy depends on their position within the organization and, like any workplace, the benefits that employees enjoy relate to their importance in the organization. With mail room employees, hair and makeup professionals, marketing and sales professionals and models, Vogue must make a benefits package that is appealing and flexible enough to meet the needs of such different types of employees.

Vogue is an amazing American success story. The magazine has shown its adaptability and willingness to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, Vogue has shown its creativity and ability to push the envelope. It is anticipated that Vogue will continue on with its pattern of success especially given its recent foray into the electronic world. Vogue will continue to amaze and excite the public with its willingness to show consumers both the informational and naughty side of American fashion.


Connect (2000). Adweek, 41, 68. Retrieved on December 10, 2004 from Business Source

Premier database.

Grimes, Suzanne (2004). How Leaders New to Their Jobs View Their Priorities. Folio: The

Magazine for Magazine Management, 33, 74. Retrieved on December 9, 2004…… [read more]

Elizabeth Arden the Founder and Company Term Paper

… Elizabeth Arden

The Founder. Florence Nightingale Graham was born on December 31, 1878 in Woodbridge, Toronto, Canada to William and Susan Graham of Scotland. She was fourth of five children and her mother chose the powerful name for her. She… [read more]

Mark Ames, an Expatriate Living Term Paper

… Old Navy, on the other hand, is counter-cyclical in that it markets to the budget-conscious consumer and has the potential to thrive even in hard times.

Because retail space is one of the largest components of a company such as Old Navy's cost, market segmentation makes plain sense: Old Navy stores tend to be large and in strip malls whereas Gap stores predominate in malls. In this manner, Gap, Inc. is able to rent or purchase retail space more effectively as incomes are highly correlated with geographic factors and pedestrian traffic in places such as shopping malls. Demographic factors also play into the location of Gap Kids and Baby Gap outlets; these are more often than not found in malls where middle class families may stroll and browse shops in a comfortable attitude of relative safety.

Banana Republic is slightly more upscale than the Gap and targets upper middle class consumers. Instead of featuring TV advertisements, it focuses on subdued print advertisements targeted at professionals. Banana Republic can often be found along trendy shopping streets in upscale pedestrian areas such as New York's SoHo or San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.

Many people consider the Gap's product line to be too bright and cheerful; Gap clothes seem more feminine than other product lines targeted at the Middle Class such as Land's End, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean or Swedish middle class clothing retailer H& M. However, Gap counts on its mainly female customers to capitalize on this silliness, as reflected in its marketing campaigns. The recent "Feelin' Groovy" campaign, which followed its successful "Crazy Stripes" campaign last winter, is described by Money magazine as being another hit with its customers. Gap marketed its brightly colored apparel to young middle class women successfully last year with its "Crazy Stripes" theme, which featured popular winter accessories such as striped scarves, woolen caps and gloves. Money quotes Ellen Schlossberg, a retail analyst with William Blair & Company, as saying "The striped sweaters and scarves blew out of the Gap stores over the holidays."

Money goes on to say that the new campaign, which is set to the Simon & Garfunkel tune "Feelin' Groovy" features female models wearing Gap Stretch pants when they're caught in an "everyday" moment, like getting splashed by a puddle of water. The well publicized open casting call for extras, a first for the Gap, was also a new strategy designed to foster inclusion. William Blair's Schlossberg noted "It's really pegged to the reality TV trend that's big right now, and it's a good idea," she said. "The real question is whether it will have an impact in terms of unique product positioning."

Gap ads are usually light hearted. TV ads featured stars such as L.L. Cool J. To Aerosmith. Khaki commercials included ones with titles such as Khaki-A-Go-Go, Khaki-Country and Khaki-Soul. One Gap commercial asked: "Are you a jean or a khaki?" In three ads with dance routines modeled after West Side Story. Old Navy commercials are similar, featuring a colorfully dressed… [read more]

Estee Lauder Inc. New Promotional Term Paper

… This is very important as no personal product can be thought of without the packaging. Would you like to buy your shampoo, or hair dressing gel, or cream, or shaving lotion in a flat square volume efficient bottle? No one… [read more]

Cultural Review Art Term Paper

… Some fifty museums from more than twelve countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have participated in this striving exhibition, contributing to national treasures that have been hardly ever been displayed and exhibited outside the boundaries of the art institutions.


Goodness provides a ground for the public to learn about this important art movement, which influences not only visual art, but also happenings and literature. This exhibition features new paintings made by Wong Shun Kit. In the era where digitalization exists, Wong tried to revert to simple painting, ranging from composite means of creation, to installation and diverse media and to simple brushes and sketches.

The exhibition although is not much focused and tuned according to the recent style, yet it touches human nature, and capture feelings and expose emotions. For example, one of the paintings is "diary" that in a more direct and free manner reflects the lives and captures one's thoughts and present sketches of emotions and feelings. Thus, Wong as adapted the concepts of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy depicted all his thoughts and emotions in the form of art works.

Another inspired and limelight in the exhibition was the depiction from the clothing of ancient Greece to modern evocations such as Madame Gres's symbolic creations and Versace's neoclassical loincloths. These traditional and outstanding dresses has overwhelmingly inspired and influenced art and design over the millennia. Comprising of clothing, prints, photographs, and decorative works of art, ranging from the 18th century onward, the exhibition illustrates many styles in which classical dress has undoubtedly become a truly everlasting style.

Thus, the exhibition features more than 200 items on exhibit, which also includes clothing from the Directoire and Empire periods. The show has lent vintage and contemporary designs from international fashion design houses as well as from private collectors in addition to the works from the permanent collection of The Costume Institute. The designers participated in the exhibition include Paul Poiret, Madame Gres, Christian Dior, Madeleine Vionnet, Fortuny, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Gucci, Halston, Issey Miyake, Yves Saint Laurent and Yohji Yamamoto.…… [read more]

Media by Term Paper

… In order to sell their products several companies depend on televisions and magazines and resort to advertisement strategies. They make a feeling in the minds of women, particularly teenagers that an ideal body is a thin body and their appearances are quite unattractive. Women try several techniques of rigorous strain to achieve their goal of an ideal body. But the image, which women try to achieve, cannot be attained for a majority of the population. Because of the influence of the media by way of advertisements negative effects are being placed on women and they end up having eating disorders and other physical and mental disorders. The gravity of this problem has been underestimated. This matter has to be brought to public attention, basically the hazards of women engaging in satisfying and becoming unsuccessful in achieving their goal of an ideal thin body.


Posavac, H., Posavac, S. And Posavac, E., Exposure to media images of female attractiveness and concern with body weight among young women. Sex Roles, 38 (3/4) 187-201, 1998

Chang, Maria L. Walking A Thin Line: Celebrities, Mass Media and Eating Disorders, Science World, Dec 14, 1998

Aguinaldo, T.A. The effect of media on women's body image. California Polytechnic State University. 1993.

Kilbourne, J. Still killing us softly: Advertising and obsession with thinness. New York: Guilford Press. 1994.

Wilcox, K.L. Media imagery and body dissatisfaction: A study of…… [read more]

How Did the Obama Care Website Fail Case Study

… Technology continues to matriculate rapidly throughout society. It is now becoming omnipresent, with disparate business embracing both its costs and benefits. Even the government is no immune to potential pitfalls of technology its repercussions for society. The Obama care website is a classic example of how technology can quickly alienate individuals and society in very dramatic ways. The failure of the Obama care website is not unique however. Many of the risks embedded in the project are many of the same risks other organizations face. What makes the Obama care website a unique situation is how it did not effectively mitigate these risks and continued with the uncertain project anyway.

As mentioned in the introduction, significant risks were embedded within the Obama care website. The chief risk, was the massive integration needed to make the website function properly. According the Washington Post, the website attempting to align 112 different computer systems across the nation. In so doing, the website required the assistance of a least 50 separate contractors. This possesses significant risk in regards to quality standards and the overall delineation of responsibility. First, with over 50 contractors there is no assurance that all 50 will adhere to the same quality standards as it relates to their work. In fact, there is a temptation to not have high quality standards due to the contract structure in place to create the website. In many instances, contractors were paid based on the time they spent on the project as oppose to other metrics. This provided many contractors with the incentive to prolong the construction of the website. This misalignment of incentives caused the website to malfunction on its first day as visitors were unable to access needed materials in a timely fashion. Second, with over 50 contractors, roles and responsibilities were difficult to coordinate. The complexity of the project made it very difficult in regards to overall oversight of the project. If one contractor was lacking for example, it had an impact on the other 40 contractors. With lack of oversight, correction action took much longer than it should have. This system of bureaucracy has plagued government organizations for decades, as they are unable to efficiently and quickly adjust to changing market dynamics. Such was the case with the website. Third, similar to the first point, contractors did not test the system sufficiently. Instead, they haphazardly pieced together a website, that was spurious at best. Private contractors even testified in congress that the administration went ahead with the website…… [read more]

on Abercrombie and Fitch Essay

… A&F Case

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (A&F) is a prominent specialty apparel retail chain, with four exclusive lifestyle brands, namely- Abercrombie & Fitch, Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie Kids, and Hollister Co. Instituted in the year 1892, A&F was incorporated in 1996 in Delaware, and via its subsidiaries (A&F, with its subsidiaries, are together denoted as the "Company" or "Abercrombie & Fitch"), it runs retail outlets and direct selling to customers under its four brands (Abercrombie & Fitch, 2011).

The retailer was purchased by The Limited in 1988. In 1992, Michael Jeffries was hired to supervise the chain's operations. Jeffries desired to shift course from the 70 years and above demographic, and focus on a youthful, fast-growing market segment in the age group of 14-24 years. Tweed suits were, thus, replaced by T-shirts and denims. This strategy worked in the store's favor. When it was spun off in 1998 by The Limited, A&F had already become a sensation. Sales figures soared from 165 million dollars (1994) to 1.06 billion dollars (1999). Likewise, the number of retail outlets of A&F also spiked climbed from 36 (1992) to 230 (2000). A&F was ranked at the 6th position in a survey of coolest brands among kids in 1999, outranking both Nintendo and Levi's. In summer 1999, A&F's status as one of the youth culture icons solidified, with LyteFunkie Ones' (LFO's) hit pop number, whose lyrics state how they liked girls looking "like Abercrombie and Fitch" (Olson).

Changes in strategies that would allow these two companies to better position themselves in the minds of consumers?

J. Crew and Banana Republic position themselves as brands for yuppies. Their sites attract consumers towards their garments, styles and hues. Both websites' backgrounds are white, which doesn't distract and divert viewers' attention. Both sites have straightforward, appropriate formats; this offers no motivation to viewers to explore and stay longer on the website. In case of both companies, emphasis is given to the item on offer, and not their models. However, A&F is exactly opposite in this respect. Its site focuses on models and revolves more around models' looks than the apparel itself. Models are showcased in highly appealing positions, with a charcoal dark website background serving to elevate their features. A&F's model club, on its website, enables viewers to look at previous models. J. Crew and Banana Republic could increase their market share by drawing ideas from A&F's website design to make a more attractive background. They could also develop a club (even if not for models, then at least for group administrators, challenges, and/or special occasions), i.e. anything that may serve to keep viewers' attention longer on their websites, and cause viewers/consumers to connect with the company, and feel involved with the brands. They should also utilize Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as social media makes them more visible, and consumers can feel more included.

What can department stores do to make themselves more relevant to the youth subculture?

To modify store images and make themselves more suitable and appealing… [read more]

According to Thomas Kuhn How Does Science Normally Progress Essay

… ¶ … Thomas Kuhn, how does science normally progress?

Thomas Kuhn was one of the most notable scientists of the 20th century. The most famous scientific piece of literature he produced is entitled The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. This work provides Kuhn's seminal viewpoint on the way that science progresses. It is not limited to one particular science, but rather attempts to produce a methodology for how the scientific field as a whole -- and all of its various components -- evolve. In this work and others Kuhn advanced the notion that science progresses in a series of shifts, which are inherently dependent on a consensus of opinions and the input of a larger community.

Kuhn believed that scientific knowledge was not confined to progression in a simple, linear fashion. Instead, he theorized that it evolves based on paradigm, or models that pertain to the degree of knowledge and authority on a particular subject. Those models form the basis of popular or contemporary scientific research. It is vital to understand the importance that Kuhn assigned to the scientific community in his conception regarding scientific paradigms. These paradigms effectively influence the thoughts, sentiments, theories, and work of scientists within a certain field. In fact, one can argue that a true paradigm cannot be established without multiple people employing it -- hence, the need for a scientific community.

The point of departure for Kuhn's theory -- and for the progress of science as well -- is that inevitably, there will be scientists who are part of a larger community who come up with results or employ methods that are at variance with the popular paradigm at the moment. Such conflicting viewpoints, Kuhn, argued, were integral for the progression of science because they reveal that there is some form of incompatibility with…… [read more]

Renaissance Current Can Be Dated Book Report

… Perhaps one of the most important differences between the Northern and Italian Renaissance clothing was the Northern tendency to distort, through clothing and fashion, the figure and stature of the individual. Primarily, this was done by padding that was added; particularly to the sleeves (including arms or shoulders) or to the thighs. Several of Henry VIII's portraits are eloquent in this sense.

The padding was not entirely adopted in Italy, where the preference was for slender clothing that would show the shape of the body, in the tradition of the close-fitting previously discussed. Even if this was not the primary reason, the climate could have also played a role: the warmer weather in Italy would not encourage such fashion extravagances and the Italian creativity went in a different direction.

The materials that were used to make the clothes differed from Italy to Northern Europe primarily because of the weather conditions and the climate. Italy benefited from a milder, Mediterranean climate, so the preference for fine linen and similar materials could be successfully valued in the fashion production of the country. At the same time, Northern Europe was exposed to a harsher climate, with colder winters. The main material used here was wool, although linen was not necessarily entirely left out of the fashion industry.

As presented, there were several common elements of Northern and Italian fashion during the Renaissance, resulting primarily from the main objectives of fashion (to showcase richness and the position of the individual in society). However, differences appeared, particularly considering the weather and climate, but also the political differences that followed with the Reformation process in Germany and the Northern countries.… [read more]

Indigo Bookstore Reflections Research Paper

… ¶ … Bookstore

Description of the Visit to Chapters Indigo

The bookstore I visited was a Chapters Indigo store in a busy upscale shopping mall, which includes a Starbucks, a multiplex with 8 movies currently showing, high-end eateries, a designer clothing store and an ice cream shop. The chain bookstore is fairly predictable as to what it offers in terms of best sellers, budget books, and accessories. This Chapters Indigo was very similar to what one might expect with a couple of exceptions, which will be pointed out in this paper. Chapters Indigo has a huge banner posted inside the glass at the entrance promoting the "American Girl Speciality Boutique" inside the store. Right next to that banner is a sign letting customers know how they can "Win Isabelle," who is "Girl of the Year" -- so customers are greeted not with a best-selling book, or a juicy "tell-all" book, but a boutique for young girls. The advertisements explain that only one doll will be won in each "participating location" of Chapters Indigo. Once inside the automatic sliding doors, I was met by an attractive young women (probably eighteen years of age or less, dressed conservatively) handing out an entry form for the possibility of winning the "Girl of the Year," who is named Isabelle (although there are more than 80 dolls in the collection). She reminds us that "every girl can have a doll as unique as her…" and I accepted the form.

At the front of the store there are large displays of current best-selling books. These are hard-back books, including, "Natchez Burning," "The Goldfinch," and "Orphan Train." Boldly prominent as you enter the main portion of the store are celebrity books. The Robin Roberts book is right next to the book by Hillary Clinton ("Hard Choices"); near to those are books by retired New York Yankee closer Mariano Rivera and by Michelle Knight ("Finding Me") one of the women who was kidnapped and kept as a sex prisoner for five years in Cleveland. These books are located in the most visible place for a customer's eyes to see as he walks in. The Canadian bookstore is not reticent to put books by…… [read more]

Technical Description of Pilot G-2 Roller Ball GEL Ink Pen Essay

… 8 x 5.8 inches. The Pilot G-2 gel pen consists of parts: top and bottom sections of the barrel, soft grip, clip mechanism, spring, ink refill, top, and accent rings.

The Pilot G-2 offers several barrel designs and vibrant gel ink colors. The options for barrel designs for the Pilot G-2 include the original translucent barrel, the Fashion Collection, the Breast Cancer Awareness pen, and two business-oriented designs, the G-2 Pro and the G-2 Limited. The original design pen comes in black or blue plastic with a translucent hard plastic barrel, except where the black rubber grip and the retraction button are located.

The Pilot G-2 Fashion Collection features barrels with stylish floral design in a variety of colors. In this collection, black grips and clips indicate black ink, and colored grips and clips are associated with gel inks in coordinating colors. The Pilot G-2 Breast Cancer Awareness pen features a pink ribbon imprinted on the barrel, a pink rubber grip, a pink plastic clip, and is available with black ink or pink ink. The Pilot G-2 Professional Styles are available in two refined barrel designs that retain an effortless, light feel characteristic of the original G-2 barrel. The professional design G-2 pens are available with deep-toned metal barrels set off by sophisticated metal accents, a premium matte finish, and black rubber comfort grips. The clips and accents of the G-2 Limited are stainless steel, with six color options for the barrels and color-coordinated rubber grips.

The model number of the Pilot G2 is G27-BLK. The Pilot G-2 is available in four different point sizes, 15 different gel ink colors, and a variety of barrel designs and colors that work well across any number of settings, from casual to professional.

The pen is available in packs of 4, 5, 10, and 12.

Sources:…… [read more]

Fabric Analysis When Constructing Bridges Term Paper

… Fabric Analysis

When constructing bridges, planes and other constructions, engineering designers create elaborate plans on electronic computers and use stress analysis to figure out the effects of all the likely forces. On the contrary, textile products and textile fabrics are… [read more]

Gendered-Stores and Shopping: Express Term Paper

… Gendered-Stores and Shopping: Express for Men, An Examination

Store Design

The twilight zone refers to the physical space just past the entrance doors. This space is what Underhill refers to as the decompression zone and it's a space that is… [read more]

Organizational Design Model Essay

… There is no need to spend money enforcing official corporate policies, no need to administer complex hierarchies designed to take care of bureaucratic measures -- employees can even work largely online in a relatively non-supervised context. In one Internet-based organization cited in the article, there are no official leadership titles -- all employees are 'associates' and the focus of the organization is upon fulfilling its mission, not upon reinforcing hierarchical divisions. This encourages information-sharing between employees, a vital component of the technology-driven economy, and discourages unhealthy workplace competition.

In another model, "chaordic organizations formed by the development of chaos and complexity theories are self-improving and self-organizing structures resembling a neural network instead of a hierarchical structure. Chaordic organizations have the capability to keep pace with the technological developments and globalization to the highest level" (Yildiz 2012). These organizations are made up of very separate parts that still work in a mutually beneficial and interdependent fashion. The goals of the organization are diverse, and may differ slightly between their distinct components, but through the connections of technology, mutual learning and service is possible.

After defining the new organizational models, the article concludes that specialized division by labor will increase -- however, rather than this segmentation leading to division, the organizational models will actually facilitate greater cooperation. Older models defined by rigid hierarchies and enclosed processes are not sustainable and employees that can deliver unique value yet who are also flexible enough to work in a cross-disciplinary fashion are required for organizations to thrive in the new millennium.


Yildiz, M. (2012). The future of organizational design: A forecasting…… [read more]

Women's Magazines Has Income Research Paper

… On the other hand, male magazines touch less on such subjects and include more articles that address self-esteem issues and relationship contacts at a different level, suggesting improvement and not actual creation or mending as in the case of women.

Finally, studies have been conducted in terms of the impact glossy magazines and the subjects they address on males and the image men have over women from this point-of-view George and, Uhlenbrock, 2010). In this sense, the advertisements presented in such magazines present women in a limited manner, with a certain type of physique and usually uni dimensional. Studies have concluded that men, after reviewing such advertisements from glossy magazines are more prone to consider women uni dimensional. This type of attitude however tends to harm the image of the woman in the work place and in the society and creates certain preconceptions that reflect in the way in which women are eventually considered valid for leadership or top management positions.

At the same time though, there are situations in which glossy magazines support a more feminist approach which empower women. For instance, different types of advertisements and articles present women in such a manner that inspires a more motivational approach and a powerful image of women (Mark, 2012). However, these are only isolated cases and are of recent date.

Overall, despite the fact that women magazines tend to focus on the general problems facing women in general, from personal issues to social and work relations, they provide an image on women that most often affects negatively their self-esteem and through advertisements, promote a type and model of woman that very rarely actually exists in reality and in the natural environment. However, women that are the targeted audience of such magazines are influenced by the articles, the pictures, the advertisings and constantly compare themselves with models and with aspects presented in the magazine as compared to their own life style. Such comparisons are often in the detriment of everyday women and thus influence their self-esteem negatively. Even if there are cases in which the effects of the empowering articles are positive, they can barely compensate the generally negative impact of women magazine on their self-esteem.


Mark, K. (2012)"The Impact of Cosmo Magazine on Women's Sexual Attitudes." Kinsey Confidential.. Available at

George, J and Michelle Uhlenbrock. (2010)Effects of Advertisements on Perceptions of Women's Leadership. Available at

Kramer, M. (2011). "The effects of women's magazines on body image." Available at… [read more]

Business Plans Legal Effects Term Paper

… Legal Effects upon Businesses - Currently, I won an online women's accessories boutique and am looking for a storefront. Because of the numerous laws that affect consumer safety, there is a large potential impact on the type of storefront I find, not just for consumer safety, but for protection of the business, privacy issues, convenience issues, and of course, the ability to service customer needs.

First, there are access laws, meaning that anyone should be able to enter the storefront. This means that both the store and the access needs to be wheelchair accessible; so the aisles must be of a certain size, the changing rooms must have appropriate bars and access, and the restroom must be handicapped equipped. This can result in considerable expense unless it is included in the build-out with the landlord, and depending on the State we decide to use for brick and mortar operations, local restrictions as well.

Additionally, in a clothing store, we must have changing rooms for clients. In contemporary culture, though, people are very privacy conscious and need to feel like their environment is safe. This requires doors or locations that allow for that privacy to occur as well as the convenience of the client -- but at the same time, discourage shoplifting and allow for store security. In the same light, many customers use credit cards now, and need to know that any personal information we keep must be secure. If we keep a database of clients so that we can send out newsletters, for instance, we must protect that data by having a secure firewall, and personal financial information should not be stored. The credit card machine should print out only the last 4 digits on the receipt so the…… [read more]

Women Pea Coat Major Components Research Paper

… In addition, the double-breast gives it a traditional design that has been proven to be most attractive throughout the years. Considering these features, the coat is well priced and offers both style and comfort to the wearer. The pea coat is a classic, and can be worn to various out door functions in the cold weather. However, the quality of the shell is less likely to offer total protection against cold weather. The blended wool with 48% polyester, 45% wool, 4% acrylic, 2% rayon, and 1% nylon is of a lesser quality compared to other high end pea coats in the market.

Quality Analysis

Garment: Women's Pea Coat


Brand Name: Wool-Blend Pea Coat

Retail: $62.80

Target market: Young women

Size: Small- Height: 5'10," Bust: 32, Waist: 25, Hip: 35

Information found on the care label: The care label of this product reads 48% polyester, 45% wool, 4% acrylic, 2% rayon, and 1% nylon. The lining is 100% polyester and washing instructions as cold and dry flat.

Care and TFPIA Labels

It is a requirement that apparels such as the Wool-Blend Pea Coat sold in the United States of America must have a label attached to them. The label must have information on content of the fabric, country of origin, dealer information as well as care information. This labeling law is enforced by the Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Trade Commission. Therefore the care label on this product is legal and indicates the correct type of fiber and fabrication.

In addition, the care label procedures are appropriate for the product and intended customer. This is because it clearly indicates the appropriate sizes, type of care as well as quality of the fabric. This information is critical in maintain the product and target market is most likely to benefit as unlike other pea coats that may require dry cleaners, this coat can be well cared for domestically.

Federal Trade Commission enforces the legislation that requires labeling of specific information that includes content of the fiber. The act stipulates that each fiber that makes the textile must appear on the label alongside their percentage of the total textile content. These must also be listed by their generic names starting with the largest quantity first, then second largest quantity second, until all are listed. The act also stipulates that content less than 5% can be represented as other fiber. In addition, everything that is part of the textile must be labeled as well as the name of the manufacturer and country of origin. In this line, the Wool-Blend Pea Coat has all this information and is correct according to FTC regulations.

Style Suitability to the Target Customer

Pea coats are very popular winter wear for most young women. Many prefer high quality pea coats with higher wool percentages which are considered the top of the line winter wear of all time. However, the Wool-Blend Pea Coat is a perfect substitute, with its low wool percentage (48%); it does appear stylish… [read more]

Coach, Inc. Stock Analysis Business Plan

… The company has a loyal following which makes it a solid investment. In addition, merchandising teams employ a customer-centric approach in designing products that is based upon consumer research and a solid understanding of the customer base.

Despite the recession, the multi-tiered pricing strategy (rare in the luxury market) and emphasis on quality and value, has helped Coach, Inc. weather the storm. The company's balance sheet shows little to no debt allowing it to finance operations without relying on creditors. A strong cash advantage over competitors is an asset -- another reason why I view it as a stable investment poised for continued growth as the economy improves. I would anticipate an increase in stock values as Coach's earning improve.



After Hours: 57.750.00(0.00%)

Nov 6, 4:57PM EST

Currency in USD







Vol / Avg.


Mkt cap











Inst. own



(2012, October 24). Stocks…… [read more]

Advertising Applying Goffman to Modern Essay

… There is a two page ad by Tommy Hilfiger. Though it is a group photo, more than half of the models are male. There are a few males on the floor, in reclined positions, touching each other. There are also males who are standing upright and looking directly into the camera. There are two males that are touching themselves in the way Goffman would call the Feminine Touch. Therefore, this photo is dynamic in its display of gendered roles, as it falls in line with some of his ideas and also opposes them at the same time. None of the women in this ad fall into any of Goffman's categories of female representation, making this ad all the more interesting to analyze. This ad both engages Goffman and rejects him at once.

D. There is a one page ad for a brand called Valentino. In it, there are two women, both dressed completely in red, one in the foreground and one in the background. The one in the background looks as if she could be male. Her body is barely female and her suit is androgynous. Her positioning is what Goffman would classify as typically male, including her facial expression and hand placement. The woman in the foreground, though wearing a short dress, also has been styled to look more male and her only femaleness registering in the positioning of her hands with respect to the purse she holds. Otherwise, her body and face are traditionally male as well.

3. Conclusion & Reflection

It is not at all challenging to apply Goffman's aging categories to the magazine of my choice or to the average magazine available contemporarily. His analyses are both dates and relevant. Once an idea is formally published into the collective memory, it is instantly dated. Yet, because there have not be a large quantity of significant strides in the equal representation of ethnicities, classes, sexes, and genders in media, his work remains relevant in the 21st century. Certainly, because of some the evident global cultural changes, his ideas may have to be tweaked some or modified to more appropriately align with modern cultural norms and practices. Goffman's fundamental ideas, hypotheses, and techniques continue to remain useful and productive, yielding keen insights into the interactions between capitalism, culture, advertisements, perceptions, sexuality, power, hegemony, and behavior.

With respect to the magazine I assessed, the application of the Goffman's ideas and techniques came naturally. Advertisements retain the same kind of power, perhaps more in the modern day, than they did when his ideas were more current. It also shows to me how theories and ideas are able to endure and remain applicable though the times may change. Finally, there is still a great deal of progress to be made before societies can rightfully…… [read more]

Operation Service Management Term Paper

… OpServ

Two large and immediate scheduling problems emerge from a cursory examination of the scheduling and patient data that would create problems with long wait times. First, though it is estimated that sixty percent of all patients arrive on a walk-in basis, more clinicians are devoted to appointment care throughout the day than to the handling of walk-in arrivals. That is, more patients are in demand of walk-in assistance, but more appointment clinician-hours are being offered. Switching this, or simply making all clinical staff more flexible -- setting appointments during hours that they will otherwise be seeing walk-in patients -- would go a long way towards solving the scheduling problems and the at time issues at the clinic. In addition, it does not appear that there has been any attempt to match clinician scheduling with patient patterns, with a great deal more variability in clinic staff than in patient visits and in fact more clinicians on staff during the last open hour of the clinic, when the fewest patients come in. In other words, a very basic rescheduling plan could be put into place without any in-depth analysis and still yield dramatic improvements. Brief statistical analysis and a bit of deeper logical thinking enhance these benefits still further, however, as the accompanying spreadsheet shows. Combining walk-in and appointment staff makes it clear that there are ample clinicians available to treat students in a more timely fashion if only they were better utilized, and in fact changes can be made to make everything more efficient.


Cutting wait times to ten minutes or even less will be very simple, and determining a scheduling plan for such an outcome is not especially difficult. The exact parameters of the length of patient visits is not given, therefore this cannot be estimated with precision, however, with a given average of twenty minutes per clinician-patient…… [read more]

Information Security and Assurance Research Paper

… ¶ … Metrics are tools designed to facilitate decision making and improve performance and accountability through collection, analysis, and reporting of relevant performance-related data. The purpose of measuring performance is to monitor the status of measured activities and facilitate improvement in those activities by applying corrective actions, based on observed measurements. & #8230; (Swanson, n.d.)

Metrics are a set of security processes that, when applied to the security system, are intended to monitor the status of the security process, identify and prevent problems, and facilitate improvement by applying corrective action. Security breaches often occur due to a mixture of defective communication protocols, lack of awareness of security procedures or recklessness, defective software designs, improper procedures, bad configurations of systems, and so forth (Pedro & Ashutosh, 2010). Organizations, such as the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC), Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC), Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model (SSE-CMM), and the Common Criteria have, therefore, formulated a series of standards, or models, and metrics that are intended to identify and prevent problems and correct problem when occurring (Jansen (n.d.)). The models that formulate the metrics and the metrics (i.e. measurements themselves) help organizations in that they seek out security problems before occurring and address them if and when they do occur.

Models and Metrics

There is a difference between models and metrics. Models measure discrete factors of data at a single point in time and formulate theoretical or quantitative conclusions, whilst metrics are a result of the analysis and are an objective or subjective interpretations of the numerical data points (Chowdhary & Mezzeapelle, n.d.). Metrics are a derivation of the models. They are an instrument of the models and are used to apply the insights of the models to security systems doing so in a quantitative or qualitative fashion. By being applied in a practical way, they also test the instrumentality of the models and see whether the models do indeed work and if so in a replicated fashion. The different models -- with metrics as their offshoot -- are devised as a security process in order to identify security problems if and when they occur and to address them.

Security metrics can be categorized in various ways. You can either categorize them according to the maturity level of the process, i.e. metrics that are popularly and traditionally used of constructing and monitoring the system. These include security processes as well as procedures and training used when designing, configuring, operating and maintaining the system. And then there are those metrics that test for and denote the extent to which security is, or is not, present in a system. These include those that test the security posture of a system and the risk level involved (Pedro & Ashutosh, 2010).

The three main categories of models and metrics

1. Implementation models are used in connection with implementing information security programs, specific security controls, and similar policies and procedures. Operational metrics are developed from these measures and are usually quantitative in nature relating… [read more]

Apply a Social Psychological Theory to an Advertisement Print Media Essay

… ¶ … Learning & Social Exchange in Dolce & Gabanna Advertising

Observational learning is also called social learning. The theory of observational learning proposes a method of behavior acquisition via observation and imitation of new behaviors. The theory of observational learning occurs without reinforcement or punishment for new behaviors and learning acquisition. It is in this way that observational learning differs from other theories of learning.

Social exchange theory works well within and likely has capitalist roots. Whatever one's regard for capitalism, one cannot deny the logic and practicality of social exchange theory. Social exchange theory springs from the logic that human relationships are chosen based on a cost-benefit analysis. People weigh the costs and benefits of a person, of a relationship, of a behavior, and make decisions based on those evaluations. It is as if people and relationships are commodities, like stocks, or bonds, or trusts -- things that acquire, accumulate, and amass wealth or worth over time. People make evaluations and decide to remain or exit relationships when implementing social exchange theory. Social exchange theory, then, works well in advertising for products such as clothing and in turn the lifestyle clothing propagates.

Dolce & Gabanna is a European fashion label that often makes risque advertisements. D & G. is known for provocative imagery that often is reminiscent of orgiastic and otherwise group sexual activities. In this advertisement for the Fall & Winter 2009 collection, there is a group of models in a boxing ring. It is unclear as to what time of day it is because there are no windows and the lighting is ambiguous, though it gives off an "evening" vibe. On one platform, there are a few male models dressed in red and black suits. On another platform, there is a pair of models pretending to box. The primary action is happening on the floor in front of the platforms in the foreground of the photograph. There are six models. Five of the models are male. One male model is implied nude. The female model is implied topless. The rest of the male models are fully dressed in suits. The models on the floor are set up in pairs. The pair furthest from the camera is two males. One male is upright, holding the arm of another mail that is bent over, implying severe intoxication. The next pair closest to the camera is a male and the female. He holds her up because she is unconscious, also implying intoxication. The pair of men closest to the camera look fully sober. The one who is fully clothed stands behind the other who is sitting or kneeling and is implied nude. It is only these two that make eye contact with the camera.

The models in the background are doing observational learning. They are clearly observing the pairings and it is implied that they will mimic the behavior, or that "they got…… [read more]

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning: A Sporting Research Paper

… Market Segmentation and Product Positioning:

A sporting goods and apparel shop for equestrians

Pursuing sporting activities has become more expensive than ever before. The economy is contracting, yet the prices of coaches, gear, and the cost of living is going up. Many people find themselves forced to choose between the pursuits they love and paying for basic necessities. One of the most expensive sports is horseback riding. The proposed sporting goods store would offer a full-service riding and horse care store, with a special service of designing custom saddles and boots. However, it would also offer a consignment shop for horse show clothing, boots, and other tack, as a way of attracting budget shoppers. Also, some horse enthusiasts prefer second-hand boots and saddles as they are already 'broken in.' The proposed enterprise would thus cater to two distinct demographic segments within the riding market.

Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected

The economic marketing segment for the proposed store is extremely wide within this narrow demographic, encompassing both high-end and low-end horse enthusiasts. Higher-end shoppers could patronize the custom-made section of the store, while lower-end consumers could avail themselves of the second-hand items. However, because riding and keeping horses are so expensive, there would be considerable cross-over between the two areas. Very few people are wealthy enough not to want some sort of a 'deal' on boots, saddles, and apparel. However, they would also be able to purchase new items if they desired. Also, some lower-end consumers might wish to buy one luxury item, like a custom saddle, given that such items last for many, many years.

The store would target higher-end consumers with its service of customized saddle and boot manufacturing. For very competitive equestrians, finding the perfect gear that works with their body and the body of the horse is essential. They are willing to pay premium prices due to the fact that they have already invested so much in a show horse, they want nothing to go wrong with their equipment. Yet as well as horse owners and competitors, the store would also attract ordinary equestrians shopping for boots, saddles, breeches, and other items necessary to pursue their hobby and thus have a broader outreach than a very narrow economic segment within this hobby.

Discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted

The target market for this store will be multifaceted. The primary target will be equestrians seeking show gear in the form of customized saddles or high-end second-hand saddles. However, along with the 'luxury' image of the brand, there will also be an attraction for less affluent equestrians to buy second-hand saddles of slightly lesser quality or new, non-customized saddles. Although in some sporting categories there needs to be careful delineation between luxury and bargain merchandise, in the case of equestrian items, this is less dramatic. All consumers must have a certain income level to participate in the sport, although there is a range between casual… [read more]

Primark: History, Growth, Products Research Paper


Primark gives great emphasis to work closely with the concerned suppliers and factories that manufacture the items to be sold at Primark stores. Suppliers, factories and its own consumers are provided trainings to inculcate the ethical issues in them.… [read more]

Roadblocks the Types of Challenges My Organization Essay

… ¶ … Roadblocks

The types of challenges my organization has faced when instituting new policies or installing new systems are typical of many problems exhibited in project management. Timeliness is a particular problem. In a multi-faceted project, if one aspect of the project is delayed, the entire project can become more costly and drawn-out than originally predicted. We have tried to address this problem by targeting the most 'mission critical' aspects of the project before it begins. However, this has not entirely prevented project delays. It can be difficult to predict the evolution of a complex IT project, even when expectations of delays when beta-testing the system are built into the timeline.

These types of problems are generally technical in nature. However, other problems can be attributed to human factors, such as change-resistance when instituting a new system. For example, whenever a new system is adopted by the organization, new training is required of all the affected personnel. Some people will be upset if the system seems unnecessarily complicated, or represents a notable deviation from what they are accustomed to be doing, even if, logically speaking, the system is demonstrably better than what existed previously.

Security-related issues are always a concern, given the considerable damage that a breach can enact upon an organization that is dependent upon IT. These problems have been constrained to some degree by forcibly limiting employee browsing with firewalls and 'blocks' that prevent them from accessing the Internet in a manner not germane to their work. These policies, as can be imagined, have not been popular, and have generated some resentment even if they have reduced the threat of viruses and other types of malware.

Part 2: Regulating the IT environment

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has made technology a critical part of a company's compliance with U.S. laws governing the reporting of financially-related data. IT personnel must be more knowledgeable than ever before about tax and accounting policy, given that accounting staff must report how information is entered electronically, and how it specifically has enacted policies to prevent fraud using computer software. The accounting software industry has experienced a financial boom because of Sarbanes-Oxley, as it has generated -- and sold -- numerous programs to ensure compliance. There are strict legal controls regarding the documentation of data which require constant testing and IT must have an intimate relationship with the organization's auditing and accounting department. CIOs have become more significant than ever in the creation of strategic plans, given the rise of the law, and the manner in which…… [read more]

Levinson's Stage Theory Research Paper

… ¶ … Clinical Implications of Levinson's Stage Theory

What is the underlying philosophical paradigm of the practice theory? Why do you think this is the philosophical paradigm underlying this theory? Link the major assumptions of the theory to the ontological,… [read more]

AVON Case International Business Avon Calls Term Paper

… AVON Case International Business

Avon Calls on Foreign Markets Case Study

Avon's challenges to move into international markets more effectively is attributable to their lack of consistency of their global operations frameworks to the global initiatives and strategies they are attempting to attain. Beginning with the lack of congruency between their sales teams domestically and the needs of the international sales team and progressing into the variation in product requirements globally, Avon has over time completely re-architected their company to overcome these shortcomings (Hill, Still,1990). The case study Avon Calls on Foreign Markets is analyzed within this paper.

Avon is highly dependent on its foreign operations because they comprise the majority of investment in new product development. The company has worked to create a product lines that align to specific market requirements and as a result have proliferated product lines globally (Grammenou, 2009). Given this significant investment in new product development, the company has to pursue growth globally to ensure a positive Return on Investment (ROI) on their R&D and product-related costs.

The socioeconomic and demographic changes globally have led to much fewer stay-at-home moms who are often recruited to be Avon ladies. The challenge is to create marketing strategies supported by exciting, innovative products that interest younger women. While the global recession of 2009 did slow sales, the company found that selling the rejuvenating value of its cremes and lotions would do much to further the brand and sales to Baby Boomer-age women globally (Tarquinio, 2004). This had a counterbalancing effect on the recession's effects on the business. The company also pursued a "green" or sustainability effort to further strengthen its brand as well (Prior, 2010).

Avon has trust…… [read more]

H and M. Promotional Strategies Essay

… Their seasonal campaigns are also very successful.

Marketing 4P's

H & M. offers a recognized brand of clothing at a reasonable price. Most of the competitors of H & M. have prices of 30% - 50% higher (H & M, Facts about H & M, 2010). The company has stores located throughout the world and clothing can be sold online. This company has stores in many of the major cities of the world, like New York City, London, Paris and other fast pace cities. One of the main reason H & M. is able to set itself apart from its competitors is because of the product turnaround time. The company can move a product from design to hanger in only 20 days which much less than the competitors except for Zara, whose price is much higher. The company can make changes easily, such as add new looks, change looks based on demand. H & M. can increase supply and get it to their store locations very quickly. The main form of promotion that is utilized by H & M. is the social media networking online sites. This is a great way for the company to reach their target audience, and keep marketing cost effective.


The H & M. store is a recognized store in many parts of the world. The mission of the organization is to bring fashion and quality to the customers at a reasonable price. The company utilizes the social media networking sites to market to the target audience. The company is also very efficient with time managing their products. H & M. remains competitive with the competitors by staying ahead of the competitors, through their efficiency and flexibility.


Fashion Retail Promotion 2009-2010., 2009. H&M Promotion Strategy. (Online) Available at (Accessed December, 8, 2010)

H & M. delivers 10.6 M. branded impressions via MyTown promotion: panelist, 2010. Mobile Marketer. (Online) Available at (Accessed December, 8, 2010)

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Larenaudie, S., 2004. Inside the H & M. fashion machine. (Online) Available at,9171,993352-2,00.html (Accessed on December 8, 2010).

X-mas Campaigns, 2010. Retail Digital. (Online) Avaiable at (Accessed on December 8, 2010).… [read more]

International Marketing Rimmel London Is a Makeup Term Paper

… International Marketing Rimmel

Rimmel London is a makeup company that operates worldwide. It is a division of Coty, Inc. And competes largely in the mainstream sector of the market, trading on a combination of low cost and decent quality. The company's customers are 20-35 years old, skewing younger to include teenagers as well. Rimmel uses celebrity endorsement to promote its products. It often produces its products in major markets, to meet local tastes. Rimmel competes against a variety of local and global makeup brands.

Current Distribution

Generally working through local distributors, Rimmel is available in hypermarkets, department stores and drug stores.

There is sometimes horizontal conflict, as these distributors can carry multiple makeup lines.

The channels are not long -- typically a single intermediary between the manufacturer and the retailer. Local intermediaries are often used, and may even be consulted in the product development phase. In major markets where Rimmel manufactures, it is more likely to control its own distribution.

Rimmel is distributed in most major markets worldwide, with a focus on Western markets like the UK, Germany, the U.S. And Australia; and eastern markets like China and Japan. The company also has a presence in Eastern Europe. This distribution is focused on cities and towns primarily, and within a given market there could be thousands of distribution points.

All of Rimmel's products are distributed in the same manner, and are considered by the company to be a complete…… [read more]

Sleep and Bed Times Correlate With GPA? Term Paper

… ¶ … sleep and bed times correlate with GPA? Form a hypothesis about the nature of the relationship between these sleep habits and GPA. Note that this hypothesis may require recoding variables to consider what is a healthy or unhealthy pattern of sleep.

Students who, on average, sleep a greater number of hours during the week will have a higher GPA.

Students who go to bed after midnight will have a lower GPA.

The variables in question are Amount of Sleep, GPA and Bedtime. Both Amount of Sleep and GPA are scale (interval) variables, which are continuous in nature. The Bedtime variable is a categorical, ordinal, discrete variable. This variable was broken into 4 categories, with the majority of participants selecting category 2.

On average, participants in this sample received 7.2 hours of sleep each night, with a standard deviation of 2.3 hours and with responses ranging from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 35 hours. The sample reported an average GPA of 3.56 with a standard deviation of .43. Overall, GPAs in this sample ranged from 1 to 4.7. GPA has a negatively skewed distribution, while Amount of Sleep shows a somewhat negatively skewed distribution. The bedtime had a relatively even distribution between the 4 categories, with slightly more selecting the two inner categories of 2 and 3.

Histogram of GPA

Histogram for Hours of Sleep

Hypothesis 1 was examined using a one-tailed correlation test with the two scale variables of amount of sleep and GPA. The results of the analysis indicate that there is not a significant correlation between these two variables (r = .097, p = .101). The analysis was run as a one-tailed test due to the directionality built into the hypothesis (i.e. that greater sleep would predict a higher GPA). To double check for potential alternate directions a two-tailed correlation was also run, which was also not significant (r = .097, p = .202). The significance level used for these tests was .05. A correlation tells us how one variable functions in relation to another variable. A positive correlation exists when one variable goes up in relation to another and a negative correlation exists when one variable goes down when another variable goes up. Correlations can be measured on a scale of 0 to 1, with 1 being a perfect correlation and 0 representing no relationship whatsoever. We then check the significance of our correlation to determine what the chances are that we would find a correlation this strong due to chance. If we are satisfied that we would not find such a correlation solely due to chance then we conclude that the correlation is significant.

The graph below demonstrates that there is no linear relationship between these two variables.

Hypothesis 2 was tested using an independent samples t-test to determine whether individuals who went to bed after midnight had lower GPAs than individuals who went to bed before midnight.

The graph below shows the number of respondents who selected each of… [read more]

Marketing Communications Management for a New Brand of Perfume Research Proposal

… Marketing Communications Management for a new brand of perfume

Marketing Communications Management for Paradise Perfume

The modern day global trend seems to be that of creating a free international market place, in which the commodities are sold without regulation and… [read more]

Brand Comparison Term Paper

… Brand Comparison

Background of L'Oreal

In 2001 Business Wire explained that L'Oreal, the world's leading Cosmetics Company, was founded in Paris in 1907. Over the past ten years, L'Oreal has significantly strengthened its presence in the major international markets, and… [read more]

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