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Museum Comparison Term Paper

… Museum Comparison

The two private art museums I am comparing are the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and the Textile Museum of Canada.

The High Museum was founded in 1905 based on a donation from Mrs. Joseph M. High and has continued to grow over the years with the financial help of various donors and philanthropists. Recently, the High further increased its size by over 300,000 square feet with three new buildings, built by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. According to the High's director, "Renzo Piano's 2005 expansion takes the High to a new level as one of the nation's great museums of the twenty-first century." (Shapiro, 2005)

The additions have allowed for an increased number of more eclectic exhibitions including three brand new exhibitions pertaining to Harry Callahan's photographs of his wife, Eleanor, and an exhibition about 19th century folk art. The High's staff is a mix of staff members and volunteers, who assist in carrying out the various exhibitions and events going on at the museum. According to the museum's director, the High has not only drawn many crowds interested in seeing various works and exhibits, but the High has also helped to revitalize the and arts and cultural feel to all of downtown Atlanta. This is an illustration of how certain the help of volunteers, and hardworking citizens alike can help to turn an area around. (High Museum, 2005)

Unlike the High, the Textile Museum of Canada focuses exclusively on the work of textiles from all over the world. In 1975, this museum started out as a tiny village art shop in Toronto, but has grown in to one of the world's most renowned collection of textile art. (Textile Museum, 2007) the museum's growth is very similar to that of the High in that much of the money generated for the museum has come from donors and those with a passion for textile art.

The Textile Museum has an administrative and curatorial staff, but also relies on the help of volunteers for the certain events and exhibitions. The museum's mission is based on their desire for individual's to gain an understanding of humanity as it is represented through textiles. (Textile Museum, 2007)

The University Natural Museums I will comparing are the Royal BC Museum in Canada and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

The Royal BC Museum has been around since 1886 and prides itself in teaching individuals about the human and natural history in British Columbia. They're growth is based on their own learning and their ability to share more knowledge as they learn more about their own region and history. (BC Museum, 2007) the museum was started based on a petition of 30 "prominent citizens" in British Columbia. They expressed the importance of learning and educating others about BC. As the years went by, the government and the private sector has built upon the vision of those citizens to carry out a number of objectives relating to… [read more]

101 Uses for Pencils Term Paper

… ¶ … Pencils

Keep score during board games, fill in racing forms, fill in IKEA shopping cards, to fill in bubble sheets for exams, vote, mark children's growth charts, mark the spot to hammer in a nail, mark where to install shelves, mark where to hem, mark where to sew a button, or to measure a length of fabric. Pencils draw outlines and shade them in. Pencils can be used to poke holes, press telephone numbers, press letters on a keyboard, turn on an appliance. Pencil erasers can be used on their own to erase or as a makeshift screwdriver. Pencils are used on hospital patient charts, janitor cleaning charts, and in crossword puzzles. Eyebrow pencils outline eyes and color eyebrows. Lipstick pencils enhance lips. Colored lead pencils serve their purpose in art. Pencils are for doodling, formal drawing, and drafting. A pencil can be used to retrieve any object from an out-of-reach crack or crevice. Use pencils instead of popsicle sticks to build little boxes. Glue pencils together into a toy raft, toy bridge, or toy car or toy plane. A pencil becomes the stem of a paper flower or a stick doll. Use pencils in a multimedia composition, to carve a figure out of, or to stir paints. Pencils can be used as path markers, to hold up weak plant stems or to dig holes. Pencils can be used instead of pick-up sticks. They can become kindling wood for fires. Pencils can be… [read more]

Business Plan Outline: (for a Make Believe Business Plan

… Business Plan Outline: (For a make believe product I evented called, VIVID)

The Company is into manufacturing and marketing of the wonder cream VIVID which has proven abilities to iron out facial wrinkles caused due to aging. The cream contains… [read more]

Sociology and Socialization: Gender Differences Term Paper

… ' From an early age girls are socialized to be 'ladylike' and feminine, as evidenced by the number of frilly dresses and soft clothing available for girl babies.

Most babies would do nothing more than spit up on the frilly dresses offered at the baby store. Girls clothing is much more impractical than infant boy clothes, given that most baby's do nothing more than eat, sleep and poop in the first few months of life. However despite this even at a young age female members of society seem inundated with the message that they need to dress up, look great, and maintain an image that is both feminine and cute. Boy clothing is much more practical and oriented to the types of activity children should be engaging in, such as playing, sleeping and tumbling about.

Social inequities are apparent from this early age. There is a far greater selection of clothing for girl babies than boy babies, suggesting early on that girls be more concerned with their appearance than boys. Miniature versions of stockings are even available for girl babies to wear. While barrettes and hair clips are abundant for little girl babies, few if any accessories exist for little boy babies.

The idea that each gender is different and has certain characteristics or behaviors that must be maintained is a concept that is supported by the social institutions we grow up in. From day one boys and girls are treated differently. It is hard to say if things would be different if infants weren't socialized from such an early age to act a certain way, dress a certain way and even play a certain way.


Shepard, J.M. (2001). Sociology, 9th ed. West Publishing Company. [read more]

RFID Chips Term Paper

… Radio Frequency identification device or RFID is recently growing technology that has the potential to drastically change and simplify many aspects of our lives. RFID is an automated identification and data collection technology consisting of tags that contain chips for… [read more]

Practical Process Term Paper

… ¶ … right cleaning products for your house can be a real hassle. Drug and department store aisles are filled with a plethora of products with fancy names and claims to work miracles. The number of selections becomes doubly as confusing when price becomes a factor. However, with the following simple practical process, selecting the right cleaning products for your needs can be a snap.

First, go to a local store that you like shopping at, one that isn't too crowded and at which you feel comfortable. You want to be able to read labels and price tags without being in a crowded aisle. Second, make a note of which cleaning chores you need to do most. If you are looking to clean more than one type of surface then you will definitely need to consider buying more than one product, as each cleaning product has specific applications.

Now what you will need to do is work one by one through your list and select the product that most fits your needs. If price is a factor, you can easily eliminate… [read more]

Hungary Term Paper

… Hungary

(a) as we will be discussing further below, we are addressing a certain category of consumers. In this sense, both socially and culturally, our consumer segment is very well defined and the new perfume will be designed to best… [read more]

Fictional Family in the Textile Term Paper

… Julianne, who had been sitting quietly until now, wanted the floor. "Father? What was it like before the fabric chemicals were invented"? she asked. "She had been going through her wardrobe earlier that morning and she loved the feel of… [read more]

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